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Contacting Google Customer Service Center

Finding information on Google customer service is quite interesting. If you type in the official website for Google, you get the search engine, so how does someone interested in contacting Google find that contact information? Google offers a series of websites or pages with information on the company. It just so happens that those pages include corporate information, including address and contact information.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding phone numbers for Google corporate or Google customer service is a bit harder than finding general information like the physical or mailing address. We were able to locate a few phone numbers that customers may find useful.

  • Main Phone Number: 1-650-253-0000
  • Main Fax Number: 1-650-253-0001
  • Google Customer Service: 1-650-623-4000

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Google customer service is one of the easiest means of contact. We were able to locate the mailing address within seconds, while other customer service information is a bit more well hidden.

Google Headquarters
1600 Ampitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

There are other Google mailing addresses based on the country you wish to contact. Google is a global company, so contact addresses are available around the world. For more information on global contact addresses, visit the Google Offices website

Official Website

The official website for the Google is You can also visit and click the About Google link at the bottom of the page to learn more about Google, including customer service information.

Customer Service Email

We have yet to find an email address for Google customer service. This could be because there are multiple departments and websites operated by Google and each would have a different email address. The contact addresses we managed to locate include:

One of the best ways to contact Google customer service is through the Facebook page here: Simply send Google a message and wait for a response. We sent Google a message via Facebook inquiring about the customer service email address. We’ll see how long it takes them to respond.

Our Experience

Google’s customer service line is based in the USA. When we called, we were given a series of options, including extra support online and various numbers to push. By pushing 0, you have the ability to bypass the automated system. When we finally spoke to a Google customer service representative, after a wait of less than one minute, we asked questions pertaining to Google adwords and advertising. The English speaking customer service representative was extremely helpful and polite. Although we did not find an email contact, we sent Google a message through the official Google Facebook page.

Have you called the Google customer service line? Tell us your story.

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216 Comments on “Contact Google Customer Service
  1. I am not happy and donot to pay monthly by direct bebit for my account DGS Pharmatraining. I want to pay annually so can you take the full amount which is £33.00. I’ll cancel the direct debit immediately. This is more complecated and not secure as well as you taking extra payments. so please can you stop. Can you call me to discuss this using tel number 07747734950.

    thanks ghulam

  2. I don’t know what “website” means so I didn’t fillit in. MY GOOGLE PROBLEM IS=google yesterday, 7/16/2012, changed their homepage on my computer, and I have lost the bar that included “favorites”. I NEED the favorites. How do I get it restored to what the google home page looked like before 7/15/2012? I cannot find any help on all the many google pages!!!! HELP ME

  3. I don’t know what “website” means so I didn’t fillit in. MY GOOGLE PROBLEM IS=google yesterday, 7/16/2012, changed their homepage on my computer, and I have lost the bar that included “favorites”. I NEED the favorites. How do I get it restored to what the google home page looked like before 7/15/2012? I cannot find any help on all the many google pages!!!! Why have you not contacted me, dear google?

  4. ID do cliente é 661-979-7808

    My dear;

    The path you gave me the number to four, the rest does not exist or could not figure out, and look this is the least of the problems I’m having with you.

    I confess to be worn, I was three hours this morning doing a campaign graphic of a big promotion I’m doing, from modeling to boring banners AdWords setup and now I see that ALL were excluded, practically have not slept for a campaign that has set given ZERO return and almost cost me a minimum wage as early as 1 month, my numbers are horrible and besides you do not give me the STAND because, I have yet to receive rudeness by the Clerk Bruno;this is the terrible service of Brazil?Anyway i like to be brazilian.

    The greatest of all problems is that google is only prepared to meet those inside the country, is a company that works with technology, do not use online tools or contact PAYING U.S. long distance calls you can contact them, because there is a fixed or mobile phone number without being 0800 which is impossible to speak of Ireland or any or country.

    What ever spent and had 0 (ZERO) return, is nothing close to the feeling of displeasure at being ignored and treated poorly for you, but you still do not know even though I am a grain of sand near the GOOGLE, is that I have a company of Digital Marketing expert and I am doing MUCH NOISE.

    If you do not come in contact with me, I pass OR a way to talk to them NOW, that is not the mail was from my grandmother with weekly returns, I will at all sites since Complain Here to HELL, but that much of Brazil will know that true incompetence and lack of respect for the consumer it will, I’ll take two hours every day to attack you!!

    In the information age tells who dominates the DIGITAL MARKETING, not who has MONEY AND MONOPOLY.

    I like big fight!

    As the bureaucracy is great, I’ll give you until day 25/07/2012, exactly one week to resolve the issue of my campaign by means of contact listed.
    MY CELL PHONE : (353)0877099810
    If not, follow the news.

  5. I think it’s UNBELIEVABLE how easy it is for people to place personal information about other people on google. How can you remove my telephone and personal information from your site?

  6. I have lost the “slider bars” on my google email screen to move the page left/right or up/down. I have a netbook size laptop and need to be able to move the screen in order to see the entire page. How do I get them back? I have checked everything. I cannot even sign out of my email account because I cannot move the screen to get to the “sign out” bar. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  7. Why google set the language of my country /Afghanistan Pushtoo I and most people of my country don’t know Pushto please change it to Dari or Farsi .
    I hate when I can’t see my language in google /Dari or Farsi .


  8. I am shocked and sick to my stomach that my child just turned to and the home page looks to be that of an African American male running track with the back ground scene resembling a watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Scottish American and for me to immediately notice this is evidence of how blatantly racist that scene is!

  9. I am appalled that I opening my home page to Google and it is an interactive game of an African American runner on a watermelon track. I think that it is tacky and distasteful to display such a graphic. It is also racist and demeaning to all African American. What a way to strip our pride…

  10. How do I make a formal complaint about a company that advertises on Google? On July 7, 2012, I was going to purchase ShamWow from their official site, but after I entered my credit card information and saw the cost and the fact that they were trying to force me to buy extra products I did not want, I exited the page and emailed the company telling them that I had purchased the product elsewhere. Yesterday, 8/9/12 they debited my account $66.70 without my authorization and now tell me that I may be liable for return shipping & handling costs! Their official answer is that their web site does not have a Cancel button or a Buy Now button, it simply takes credit information and runs with it, even if the customer changes their mind and believes the transaction was voided on exit. I find that totally unethical and I would like to make a formal complaint not only to Google but to notify potential buyers of this underhanded practice. I’m sure I’m not the first person to get burnt by ShamWow. Please advise.

    • My email hasn’t worked for at least two weeks. I sympathize. About ready to start looking for way to return to snail mail, but am currently “locked out” because I gave too many “wrong answers.” What a total and silly waste of time

      Kontz Bennett

  11. I have a problem with my email. I don’t know if its the gmail or the persons sending it to me. I am trying to sell something on Craigslist and I get these emails with nothing said on them or I don’t know how to bring it up. I have tried to contact google by phone at multiple sites and no one answers the phone.
    I don’t know who is in charge of customer service but they should be fired. It’s about the most worthless website I have ever seen. Your help section is beyond rediculous.
    I finally got someone by phone that I couldn’t even understand and he want access to my computer which I don’t give to anybody.
    Please shape up or I’m changing to hotmail

  12. Can’t you do better than that tiny US flag on your opening page? You do better than that on any-old day of the week. Come on guys, it’s a US holiday honoring American workers, and workers in general. Find a copy of one of Rivera’s murals if you can’t do any better.

  13. DaBoth hacked. Bought Android and have internet at homeexot any of maccounts,changed cell number 3times,cleared data,and changed passwords and Gmail accts andthey still have control of google and fb.Makes me sick.this has been goingm for wks..

  14. I received an email stating that my email was selected by google and i won money. and all i need to do is give some info to them. Via phil benson. is this real or is it a fraud. please let me know. they gave me a phone number in england to call to confirm.

  15. To
    The Authority,
    Google Team,

    Dear Sir,
    Every things are good when I assess with regard to your service.
    Kindly make direct connection to quick open system of by removing protection verifying code connected to my 35 ending mobile number of Meghalaya. Presently I am residing in Jharkhand and have mobile number 9931191038. I do request you either to remove verifying code system or to register the Number of Jharkhand State. Now I am in problem to open the email Id since you need the code. I have to reinsert the SIM all the time when I need service.Thanks.L.M.Ramajan. Alternet email Id

  16. a small group GDG google developer group is using the google name for their workshop in android application and giving certificate to students
    i think they are using illegal trade mark of google for their profit

    please take action !

    thank you.

  17. I have tried and failed to remove the damned ads on my gmail page,I have opted out from this spam but this is only partly successful.I am seriously irritated that Google feels that they do not wish to be emailed by the riff raff, so their fortifications are both strong and high-but I have news for them,if it isn’t sorted very soon I for one will be an ex Googler,regardless how aloof they are.

  18. These requests to update email accounts dint stop when you have done it, plus.they ask u for private info how do we no they r genuine

  19. I am really disappointed with you. I like my regular google page. I have tried to use your “google chrome” & hate it.
    I have tried & tried to log into my google home page but it keeps saying I need to log in. I have lost my picture on my google home page …. one I took myself & I want it back. I miss seeing it & you can’t have it. If you get rid of my Google home page that I like, I will go to Yahoo or some other home page. Why mess with something people like, are comfortable with, & can work. PLEASE help me get my picture back & help me straighted out my sign in on the home page.

  20. Dear google staff,

    I couldn’t get any google email address to contact you, so I decided to contact you and to inform you that i got an email on behalf of google, which I am sure it is a fake one saying that I got sone award, please be aware of this.

    Republic of Kosovo

  21. I am really disappointed with Google. My Google account was disabled by a small mistake that I put a wrong Birthday date while upgrading. Without any warning they disabled me though I have used Google for past 9 years faxed my original birth certificate to Google fax no mentioned above. After i tried to call google several times but no response.. i have wasted my money. my google will be deleted soon. sucks!!!

    It’s better to change to Hotmail and Yahoo they give a good service to customers. Never wnna be a google customer again..coz it disappointed me a lot…

  22. Google Chrome is a DISASTER!!

    I have lost critical icons such as Windows email.I buy and sell every day on Auctions and NEED contact without switching all mail to Gmail!

    All toolbars need to be reset ( I had half a dozen). I can’t see desktop with contacts like running DVDs and ALL file contents are invisible.

    Applications provided by Chrome are interesting BUT I don’t see how to access them after downloading.

    Chrome is fast but has destroyed my faith in Google!!

  23. don’t call google customer support. there is no live customer support. you call, listen to a long voice mail set of options only to be told that the call didn’t do you any good.

  24. Google is terrible. Was on phone for more than an hour waiting for customer service. You are pigs. You have no customer service because you don’t give two s@#ts about your customers. Shame on Google!

  25. why is google erasing my emails? when I mark a star on my email, that is suppose to save my email,right? when I mark a star and copy the message, my email disappears! Explain why this is happening and how can I get my emails back! I have inportant information is gone! Contact me ASAP.

  26. Though i have produced required documents to google to enable my google account went in vien. dear all, please try to open account in yahoo or hot mail are safe as my experince. google just gave me pain………….

  27. Please remove my name from your search,i do not asked you to publish my name in Google search, immediately remove my name from your Google search.

    My Name: Monaj Sikdar
    Search Item Name: Monaj Sikdar CV

  28. I’d suppose that even after waiting and holding line for over 1 hour, google would actually either suggest that I call back later or provide an option like most tech companies do nowadays and that is that I achedule an appointment for a call instead of just holding for over an hour!

  29. OMG Google sucks. My samsung tablet is tied in with google. I cannot get ahold of them in any way.. disgusted. I just wanted to CANCEL my e-mail account which I have forgotten the username and password. So how the h____ can I put in my username Thank goodness for MSN and their easily accessible accounts. Issues just e-mail. You don’t have to search.. Page after page… Google I will get a tablet that gives me a choice of what service I want to use….

  30. i opened a google account for a google wont let usa stay signed out..more than one person uses this computer.privetic we want. google wont give it to has started to s—. i give google –10 below 0

  31. I just want to express how disappointed I am any time you click over a Google search result link and Google send you wherever it want, nothing to be with what you are trying to view but with some Ad someone else paid . Generally, the second try use to go to the place you want to see.

  32. I am disgusted by the customer service I have received from Google. I could not access my you tube account today because I had forgotten my password. Most sites email you the password to your email account within a few minutes. But I found I had to fill up to five pages of information, some questions I found irrelevant to my problem for example when did I sign up to you tube. All I wanted was my password to be sent to me, but was told by email I would have to PAY for the problem. And as well as all that I was told I would have to wait three days for any of my information to be looked at.

    I use Google alot for my work but I can promise you I will never be using your search engine again if the site can’t even give me back my password!

  33. I sought a telephone number of Google email customer service. I found a number and dialed. It turned out to be an cyber company from India who held out that they were Googles’ agents. They lured me by speaking in hindi language because I am a native of India. Then they demanded money for virus cleaning and other errors afterr scaring me of a crackdown of my computer. When I told them that I am an old retired person and have not used en 10% of the memory of my computer that is still under warranty, they reduced their price. It sounded like a rip off in the name of Google. Shame on Google

    • I do not need my address to be published but I want you to save your name from being misused and save you from exposure of an investigation by law enforcement agencies including Federal Trade Commission for being an accessory to a fraudulent conduct. I was born in India and I know for sure that that region including Pakistan and India has no business conscience. India the land where Hundres of Million people are born on side walks and die on side walks and there is no way these millions of people can vote in that “great democratic society.
      Because they have no address or a home their vote cannot be registered and thus they cannot vote. A travesy for world’s largest population!! Googles Well Wisher: Shamim A. Mirza

  34. I can’t open OUTLOOK EXPRESS or send emails. Google don’t recognize that I no longer have CUBABY8@CFL.RR.COM. I closed the account when I moved to New York from Florida. I want GOOGLE to recognize my new email.

    Even if I remember my password, which I don’t, is no help for me because the account is closed.

    Please, help me to fix this problem. Thank You

  35. I recently purchased the acer google chromebook And love it. I am having a horrible time trying to print my emails to my printer I have been given 20 numbers to calls and no one seems to know what i am calling about or have called the wrong number i have been given the number to acer they tell me they cant help and to hp which is my printer and back and forth I have been on the phone for over 4 hours on 1-14-13. And cant find anyone to help me please have number posted I am going to send the computer back to the co.

  36. i nt able 2 open my gmail account as it’s nt accepting the password which is correct. It’s “showing your browser functionally has been turned off”

  37. I am constantly receiving cell phone messages that says google authenticity failed please can you have that stopped it rings on my cell day and night. Thank you

  38. Yeah – your customer service is for crap! Trying to find an answer to why the latest “forced” update to my android phone has slowed down EVERYTHING on my phone so much and can’t. Nice going google. Maybe you should look at not forcing updates where there were no issues.

  39. Weird how a company that supplies email addresses doesn’t have its own.
    These kind of companies, google, ebay, paypal etc need to realise how much it peeves people when they click on a contact page and much to their surprise it contains absolutely no contact information. What’s the point in having a contact page?!

  40. Total Orwellian practices. Data mining. Turning user information, emails usage etc. Over to government authorities without warrants? What about due process? Of course your company can do as it pleases with your stock shares trading at 800 dollars a pop who are you to care?
    Tracking a cell phones location thru gmail, Google plus and Google search that’s also very very wrong. Had I known what I was getting into with a ” smartphone” I certainly would have been smarter and perhaps gone with apple
    Maybe even apple tracks their users too? This is just too close to Big Brother for my liking thank you very much!!!!!!”

  41. I have tried to list my business several tomes per year, for 3 year with no success. Each time they say they will send a card with an password to post my business listing. After several weeks I get the post card and password which never works. Google does not offer live customer support when you call what they claim is customer support, it is a recording that forces you to choose options that do not apply to my concern. Recently I discovered that google is not a good resource for my business because if it is a repeat customer searching for a specific business, you will only find that business listed on google maps search results a limites number of times before it no longer gives you that specific business listing in your results, forcing the customer to only see results of similar competitors. I am very unhappy that over 500 customers I have had want to offer my business 5 star reviews for our services, but can not offer us a review because all of my business listing requests have never been listed on google.

  42. Every email I attempt to replay to goes back to my inbox, or the oroginal email to which I am replying goes straight to my replay box, rather than what I am sending. Can you help me rectify this challenge?

  43. It is just PATHETIC that a company so big and known such as google doesn’t even have a company/support email for people with comments,questions and concerns to contact them. Most of all the people that need help with something and not able to use a phone at that given time. I find it to be total CRAP.It’s not your company’s fault. It’s GOOGLES. I am posting this comment hoping others probably agree and maybe over time they will find it in them to get an email for people like me and most likely many more!

  44. My Sony Ericsson (Xperia10) Google market Application doesn’t accept my Gmail Account to download Applications on my phone. What will I do to start downloading Applications on my phone?

  45. Slow, slow, uninstall, re install, change plug-ins…I have been a fan of Chrome from the start. Now I am disappointed with this browser. Had to go back to IE, fix this problem, PLEASE!

  46. I am not pleased that you no longer support Outlook calendars via Smart Phones. Outlook is main email standard for most big companies and nearly all governments. And to be frank, far superior than others including Google which is okay, but hotmail and yahoo are more user friendly. I might now move to yahoo or hotmail as the link on the smart phone is critical and for once I am thinking Google is too big and playing big brother and not working for the end user only looking out after their own wallet. It sucks. Google- boo! Bad Google…..Time for me to change my search engine from Chrome as well. Very disgruntled long term Google fan.

  47. I’m beginning to get very disgusted with you! I need help and all I get is the runaround! You’ve gotten so big you think the people who put you where you are are of no consequence! Get some balls and pick up the darn phone! EARN YOUR PAY! I need some help!

  48. Google suck had me on hold for about 1 hour and 30mins and they didn’t even pick up very upset with there service

  49. Sir,
    I deepak kumar, want to state that i have seen so many adds on google regarding part time work on internet for example 1.)GOOGLE AD SENSE ,2.) and many more which claim that we have to do a little work on internet and google pays us good amount for that. I want to know that are they SCAM OR REAL . They work really and is google associated with them or they are using Google name as fake for being famous. Please help me and tell about it. If it is real or authorised by google then i will think about it to work on these kind of home based internet work. THANK YOU
    waiting for your reply:)

    deepak kumar

  50. My phone number is +2348020733050 I want to syndicate my Google mail but it refused to do so why? Please I need urgent solutions.

  51. Today is Easter…. Why doesn’t google have something about Easter on their webpage today? They seem to acknowlege eveything and everyone else on the day of it/or their celebration, why not Easter?

  52. I am having 2nd thoughts about Google…..Their header usually has something to do with what is current that day, but you don’t have anything about Easter. Are you unaware that Easter is today? Maybe next Easter season and forever after that you can make reference to one of the most celebrated events in civilized (and some uncivilized) countries on this earth. Why have you purposely excluded it?

  53. Well, as much as I have supported Google throughout the years, they lost me today, and I have officially switchied to the much disliked Bing. I woke up on Easter morning expecting something awesome on the google page. Instead I got a picture of Cesar Chavez to celebrate his birthday. I understand you probably can’t do religious themes (you did do something special for Christmas though, didn’t you?), but even bing has a beautiful picture of Easter eggs. Google people could not have had a doodle of eggs being dyed or something? It was fun google, and I will truly miss you, but get a life!

  54. Chavez featured on Easter! Google needs to Google Easter for the greatest story ever told. Millions of Googlers and I worship Jesus. How about giving Jesus Christ the featured spot next Easter? I think that would be appropriate.

    You might feature Chavez on May day.

  55. Ihave tried numerously to get something google related staightened-out time and time again. only with total disapiontment you would think they were more efficient???

  56. Piss poor customer service, I just lost all of my information for work because someone hacked my account. I tried calling their customer support number and they don’t even offer customer support. Fuck this. Google this is one pissed off customer and you need to shut the fuck down.

  57. my university took over my accounts!!!! how is that possible? i was going to just switch over to gmail but google wants my phone number! Google can go fuck itself…i will never use them for anything but searches from now on!!!!!

  58. Hi, nobody loved u guys like I do
    I buy all your products,
    I bought a nexus 7 device that the monitor was not connected properly, I replaced it after a lot of heqdqckes
    And than after a month the speaker got bad, and office depot did not take it, I bought a new one, and now after 4 month it would not rotate anymore and got stuck stuck on rotation position , I don’t know what to do
    Please help

  59. Hi there,

    I have some images on google which were posted from myspace somehow. Can I have those images removed? I’ve deleted my myspace account and don’t want those photos on the google search engine.


  60. Just wanted to mention that the last couple of changes to the gmail page (including the most recent one in composing a letter) in my opinion is different but not necessarily better. Also don’t care for the fact that the changes are eventually forced on you, like it or not. Please don’t get into the habit of changing things just for the sake of change. My main complaint on the composition change is that now if you want to underline or italicize, etc. it now requires an extra step to get there. That’s not really progress. Thanks.

  61. I have been using Google-Voice for a few years now, and when I use it to communicate with someone–I’m still being shocked by these people saying they have never heard of Google-voice. I would like to concentrate on promoting Google-voice and get paid for my efforts. Is this possible for me? I am causally promoting Google-voice currently. Promotions and publicity are specialties of mine. Let me know.

  62. I’m really getting annoyed at the constant emails that I’m getting from Google. I tried to do it, but still getting mail.

  63. I am totally frustrated at your non ability to assist your customers by phone. I have been locked out of my domain for weeks now and have been given the go around over and over. Even when I speak to someone and obtain another number, that line rings and there is another apology of why you cannot seem to get me.

  64. I have been a google member for 1 hour and can’t get anyone to assist me; I have been given a wrong number by one tech support person and disconnected while awaiting for someone at another number.. Google is impossible to reach and I will not use it again as a search engine. I am merely trying to apply for a job and apparently I typed in my password wrong so I was told it would be sent to my email in 5 minutes which did not happen and I can’t reach anyone for help. This is disgusting.

  65. I do not appreciate google forcing me to put personal information if i want to access my account. Please stop, if I didn’t want to put it in the first six times, why would i want to on the seventh attempt? This regular occurrence is going to force me to close my account.

  66. i think you should open a platform for idea intake from innovators and also offer incentives as well as evaluation for the proposed idea.this will motivate young entrepreneurs as well as improve your competitiveness in the current market.

  67. I am grateful to Google for the ability it gives me to read and search other languages. Thank you for all you have done for me. Not to mention free texting, and MANY other free apps. BTW, I noticed most of the above complaints were user error, esp. the password complaints. :) Thanks agin, guys!

  68. I have always been a big fan of Google and your products! I thank you for what you have done to make the world a more intelligent and accessible place! I was also intrigued by the news that you are sending up “balloons”‘ to assist the folks in remote corners of the globe, to get connected. My personal issue, is the horrible connection I get, right here in the US! I have no cable and my ISP is horrible. It is considered to be “high speed” broadband, but dial up seems quicker!

    At any rate, I wish there was a way to improve MY connection, at a reasonable cost and with some needed dependability and reliability.

    Thanks for listening.

    Jef E
    Coaldale, CO

    • Hey were you able to fix your problem with google because i have the same problem i can’t download any apps because it doesn’t let me log in to the play store!

  69. Well you lost me ounce, but I missed youtube. I thought “how bad can it be, it’s just a search engine?” Tell ME what YOU think. Forced again to create accnt to get to YT. Forced to give my # to create accnt. Seven failed attempts later, I learned some carriers don’t except google txt. Mine. I’ve chosen not to have vcmail at this time for no business of ours. In such an event it is suggested I use another #. I don’t have one. Now what? What if I didn’t have a cell to begin with? What say you GOOGLE? No YT access? I was forced to bother friends/family. Reluctantly I was permitted a number. Only to be denied because they held accounts with said #. Two days later I got another, it wasn’t mine though. Isn’t that the very thing all this BS was supposed to prevent? Here’s the kicker, I’m in, it’s YT time! I try to create my channel, I cannot, and still can’t. Every time I try the page freezes. I have no recourse. You people own the free world, yet provide no customer service. None, to suggest otherwise is a farce. You want permission to access my personal email addresses but I can’t talk to a person. I can’t even get an email addy. Do you recognize what a “cluster” you’ve created. BTW nobody wants G+, you know this. Stop presenting it as some wonderful bonus. It’s “Google Globbed” on to everything and you can’t even give it away. You are loosing loyalty left and right, and you’re so big it doesn’t even matter. Lemmings they are a plenty. I however small am taking a stand. I’ve had better customer service at Walmart. MSN and I have just become exclusive.

  70. Hi Google,

    Like many American’s I’m appalled at the amount of domestic spying occurring in the US. While we all value safety, I think we can also agree that privacy and liberty are important aspects of a functioning democracy. These principles have been badly subverted in trying to reduce the chance of low probability events occurring.

    I’m aware of Google’s recent efforts in this area, especially in trying to fight the ‘gag order’ that accompanies the hundreds of National Security Letters Google receives each year. Google should be congratulated for this. However even if Google wins a victory in this regard, it does nothing to address the large amounts of data that are examined and sometimes stored as they cross communications networks.

    Unfortunately, the degree and depth of spying is so large, so much corporate money is involved in the programs, and the political will to address the problem so weak, that the prospects for reform are small. So the only way to regain some privacy is to disconnect from electronics as much as possible, and become anonymous whenever practical.

    Accordingly, I’ve begun closing many online accounts, including my GMail account and I’ve switched to DuckDuckGo as my preferred search engine. Yes, I know the government can still see this, but at least I’m not tracked by Google or Yahoo. It’s not practical to completely disconnect, but I’ll be doing what I can.

    It’s a shame really. I think US business will be significantly hurt in the coming years, especially in the cloud sector as other countries move to localize equipment within their borders. We’re almost certain to see the Internet balkanized. And companies like Google will probably be affected as more users become aware of how badly their privacy has been invaded.

    No need to respond. I just wanted you to know why I left Google.

  71. You are crap. Cannot find a phone number for human support and can’t access internet because my I pad has been closed down due to error. Now have no communication to others and no support from you. Can’t ask others for help because iPad closed down so no way forward! Need immediate access to my emails to enable me to travel soon…info sent via email I have no access to. Bring back tickets, post and telephone calls!

    Contact me Now!

    Karyn Inglis.

  72. I want to use the gmail service – nothing else. You are constantly trying to force me into “google+”, something I dont want at all. Now its almost impossible to log out from my mail account – you direct me to google+ everytime! Do I have to change – to microsoft?
    Its also impossible to get in contact with you, and when I ask questions – you try to bill me for answering what any normal company would answer for free. Your behaviour is outrageous!

  73. I’m very unhappy with your service , I have payed over $200.00 for advertising on google I have not see or , can not find my business on your site . But the money goes just as fast as I put more money . I haven’t gotten any jobs from it . So you tell me how you like sucking small business dry , and sleep at night ? I need an answer from some one . My business is Tiki Tee’s Printing in Jacksonville Florida .

  74. I am very disappointed in the amount of tim it has taken me to find my account, and then my account is still not found. I really do not like the recovery selection, it is not helpful.

  75. I’m really upset that home page is going out. That is really a bad move as far as I am concerned. I still have google email but I want to go back to my google page. I now have to go to YAHOO which I hate and it’s not the same. Shame on you to delete this site.


  76. your service becomes too big and unweildy its not customer friendly
    at all I hope your competition is paying attention eg too many processes for a simple question with no human contact one is refferred back to the web only to see a sea of info and by the time you get to the bottom you forget what is at the top

  77. When companies get to large, it is better to have different administration,staffing the proper personnel is a very difficult thing, when a supervisor or manager depend too much on their staff for making decisions, things often go wrong and who get the blame? the CEO

  78. 1. How do you think Google’s expected dominance of the online display advertising market will affect marketers who already use the Internet for marketing communications? Will its push into this market attract any marketers who aren’t currently using online marketing messages?

    Honestly I believe that people who do not rely or understand how to access advertising through Google will not benefit very much. I think Google should find a way to explain how Google works. For example can someone use Microsoft works if they were not given a tutorial? People can tinker with it and find things out on their own, but they won’t be able to use the program to its full potential.

    2. Do you think Google is investing enough in efforts to measure the effectiveness of online display ads? Are you ever influenced by these ads?

    Here is a good example that relates to the question. I am currently looking for a new guitar. I goggled musicians friend and explored the website to find a guitar in what I felt was a decent price range for what I want and my playing style. I am grateful to understand and know through experience what I was looking for. A lot of people might not be able to do that. I already had an idea about what I was looking for in a guitar and knew what would be appropriate to my needs. I was able to find general information about the guitar and what it looked like. This is a display add. What the display add could not tell me is what type of music this guitar is used for, and what it really sounded like. To a person that didn’t have much knowledge they might not know and be hesitant on making the purchase until they see and hear the guitar in person. I do understand that Google also has video. Why not have links set up on the page that can have relevant videos. Google could have a credible critic play the guitar. While playing it they could talk and show what they like and didn’t like about it. I was able to go on YouTube and hear the guitar and listen to people talk about it. Then again This was just normal peoples opinions and not facts. Other than that Google is great. The Company is headed in the right direction. I am currently going to school for associates degree through Everest University and came upon these two questions.

  79. Google sucks. I just got suckered out of $10 for a purchase I neither want nor need in a format that is absolutely not what I was looking for. I hate Google.

  80. I need to contact customer service for a refund for a purchase I did not knowingly make but I cannot find any English phone numbers!!!!!

  81. I am disgusted that I cannot find a local phone number to request a refund to my account for a purchase I did not make

  82. I don’t like Microsoft, I am beginning to hate Google (no customer support) so back to good old yahoo. You all need to shape up or you are going to lose your edge and market share.

  83. Goggle phone services is used for white collar criminals since is not easy to track down their goggle phone numbers, they never stop the harassment I got several text messages from a goggle number 224-3660694 the guy was trying to buy my pick up truck F250 without showing his face he pretended to pay trough pay pal account and get the keys before the transaction could properly posted, is hard to find where this guys are located because the goggle services.

  84. I just spent 1 hour coming up with a very important letter and as I was finishing Google Chrome shut down my email because of inactivity and asked me to take a survey about their service. IT IS CRAPPY SERVICE! This is the second time I have had this happen and I am now going to shop around for another server.

  85. I just upgraded to a s4 and I seriously think I may have to send it back bc of this. I have over 20 clients all over central LA and I have made my apple friends drool when I showed them how I could use my saved map from my computer to instantly get directions from my phone. Also being in a city I always check for alternates bc sometimes the streets are faster and sometimes their not. Google how could you do this to me you were always more accurate than my cars navigation and so much easier to use seriously I can’t believe you have left this pitiful update on since July and have not provided an option to go back to the maps we all love and rely so heavily on!

  86. Getting in touch with customer service at Google is very depressing. I called the so-call customer service number and was put on hold for 2 hours. No one came to the phone. I had to hang up.

  87. I don’t understand why it is so hard toget a live Person to help you on your Business Account. I would love someone to reach out to me to help get this account fixed

  88. Your Google home page is offensive and I am not quite sure of what you’re implying. IF it is your attempt to recognize Black History month please know these next 30 days are about empowerment, recognition of our accomplishments, and our contributions to society at large – it is NOT about freeing slaves. While we are indebted to Mrs. Tubman, surely you must know that in 2014 African Americans have advanced so much further than looking for the Northern star!

  89. I think that I stayed on hold today for 4 hours and 22 minutes waiting for customer service to answer and never having had a person help me is sad and ridiculous. I need help with a few option Google offers like directions and maps that are incorrect to my place of business and would like to know what steps to go about having things corrected. please email me if you can help. Thanks

  90. if there is a more complicated customer service system I have yet to find it. Google makes it so difficult when one of your customers , & in this case one of my holding Co. in 04 purchased 10.000 shares thru Morgan Stanley at your I P O I think in September, can’t seem to find the right # to call. this involves a question about an activity on my music account. we will allow a reasonable amount of time for you to respond to this e-mail. thank you for your consideration with this matter.

  91. I am so fed up with all of these stupid pop up adds and surveys. There was a time when I could find what I was looking for. Now most of my time is spent trying to get these obnoxious adds out of the way. I have come to hate having google chrome as my browser. I just may have to fix that, if this doesn’t stop. It’s horrible and in the way. Find a way to not annoy so many people, won’t you?

  92. Worst experience ever!! I tried for three days to reach a LIVE PERSON and it was impossible. I kept dialing the main number and tried every option – nothing. The option that said “customer service” had NO customer service. I also dialed 10 variations of the main number and got only message machines. No requests to call me back were honored.

  93. im tired of getting sales calls from google I get them atleast four times a day for google maps plus im a business man I don’t have time for your calls stop calling ps im turning this problem over to my atorney

  94. I have been trying to recover my Google/g-mail password with no luck. I have been on your web site and I can not remember the dates I started my accounts. About the only question I can answer is my fathers middle name. Need assistance please help.

    P.S. It would be nice just to talk to someone on the phone.

  95. I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry in my life! Obviously, you don’t WANT customers to be able to contact you!! OBVIOUSLY!! I have called two of the “best” numbers at the same time. On one, I have now been on hold for Three hours and 15 minutes!! Did you get that?? OVER THREE HOURS!! After a long time, I called a second number with my cell phone, which has now been waiting One hour and 16 minutes!! Do you think I’m making this up? I’m taking pictures of the phones, showing the time that has passed to prove it! The least you could do is stop having some idiot keep saying that all representatives are busy assisting other customers, and that my call is important to you and you appreciate my patience!! Bull!! What, you have one representative??? This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to hang up, and go to the recommended site on Facebook, and tell everyone their in very definite specifics, what I have just experienced when I have experienced a serious breach of security on my account. Does Google care? Obviously not, so I will let everyone else know. , I will cancel all of my Google accounts, which are many, by the way, and never do business with Google again. I guarantee you that I will also find a way to speak with the CEO of Google. You people should not be allowed to be in business if this is the way you treat your customers!

  96. The new Google maps is TERRIBLE. Does not list your destinations by A,B,C, etc. For those of us who use it daily in their sales business to map out stops it is not user friendly. Does not allow as many destinations as previously allowed.

  97. I recently bought an S4 when i tried logging in the play store it wouldn’t let me it said “Can’t establish a reliable connection to server.” because i guess my android may not be provisioned for data services! i don’t get that i have Wi-Fi at home at school and work. I already called my cell phone company and they couldn’t help i called the Samsung company and they couldn’t either, both told me that it must be Google and i should call you guys. I called and there’s no option to talk to someone about my problem!!!!!

  98. Dear Google,
    I received a letter from PWC in September of 2013 regarding an AdSense account (1998798731) in the amount of 95.52. The last login date was 04/26/2009. I signed and returned the letter however I have not received a refund. The letter states that it would take 2 to 4 weeks to process. Today is 02/28/2014 which means it has been five months since I signed and returned the PWC paperwork. I am requesting the amount of $95.52 to be paid to me ASAP.


  99. My experience has always been the same. No help at all I wish I didn’t have to have a account with you but on my android phone unfortunately I do.

  100. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Google does not maintain a one address (email address, that is) link where people can email whatever issues they are having with Google services (e.g., Gmail) and get a response. Google claims to be able to do everything else, and God knows they make enough money doing it. I am seriously considering switching to another email provider–one that actually takes an interest in helping its customers.

  101. Hay a warning just popped up on my screen it said I did something against your policies ? Maybe you could be less vague send me an email tell me what ya think I did wrong and I won’t do it again… But don’t make me guess.

  102. Contacting google supoort is frustrating, when you do finally get them they are tards and tell u they need to accelerste your case meaning pass the buck.

  103. dear sir,please note that, i am facing a problem in my gmail account.i am not able to compose,forward or reply the mail.Kindly resolve the same .

  104. This is HORRIBLE!!!! I was told by AT&T to contact Goggle to fix my cell phone account issues. All I get are recordings. May I please have a phone # with some actual personal help? They said you were a great company but this is SO FRUSTRATING! Thanks

  105. Not very happy. Ive been trying to access my google account to use pay pal someones changed pass word do not get cell phone signal here to get pass word to change the password again help please

  106. Please remove me from your telemarketing call list. I am getting 2 to 4 calls daily asking me to update my Google listing. I do not appreciate getting recorded phone calls at 5:30 A.M. or late at night. And I do not wish to update my listing so even more people can call and bother me.

    Please contact me via email to receive the phone numbers that are to be blocked / removed from your annoying telemarketing.

    Thank you.

    S. B.

  107. This site is rotten. No time when call do you ever, ever git a live body when you push the that you want customer service. I need with a phone I just purchased, but I find that customer service on the phone is just a round robin. Even if you push and of the other suggest phone tree numbers do you get any help. All automated, no live person to speak to to get your problem solved. Please get a live body to help. Automation does not help.

  108. Google employees must have homo sapienophobia. They steadfastly refuse to help customers
    over the phone and take the lazy , ineffectual , approach of sending out links…that don’t help.

  109. Reading all these comments on how bad your customer service was depressing because I was hoping for some help. I decided to change my password and that was a big mistake cus the new password I used didn’t work so now I can’t get into my account or use my email address on many other sites. I went through your so called help forum and was suppose to get some code via SMS message that I never received, and every other way you gave me to reset it, but nothing has worked so I guess I’m just screwed unless I can find someone that can help so would someone please help me

  110. i am having trouble signing into my e-mail. it tells me I have changed my password. when I go to reset my password it won’t reset. I am having trouble contacting support

  111. I am sick to death with the blasted popups from “Online Browsing Advertising in my face constantly, I have blocked, Opted out, and stopped 3rd part popups and nothing stops that miserable POPUP. I can’t even do anything on my computer without that popup hitting me in the face constantly, I hate it, how do I get rid of it and also those little boxes constantly popping up, it messes my work online constantly when I’m trying to concentrate. I know you depend on advertising but put them someplace else rather then in a irritating miserable way.

  112. Google Kids; I totally understand the security thing. Kind of keep in mind the MAJORITY of people now are over 65, WE DO NOT FOR THE MOST PART OWN SMART PHONES!!! You cannot TEXT me a code.
    Kindly come up with another way of doing this.


  114. I have been waiting (thank goodness I used my land line)for over 2 hours for customer service. I am still waiting. My call is VERY important and cannot get through to anyone.HELP!

  115. I have been waiting (thank goodness I used my land line)for over 2 hours for customer service. I am still waiting. My call is VERY important and cannot get through to anyone.HELP! I started my phone call at 10:10 cdt and it is now almost 1pm. How long do I have to wait for them to pick up their phone?

  116. Needed to speak with some one and was on hold for over an hour. Terrible for small business problems and people cant navigate complicated on line help. My small business losing money because of it.

  117. I finally got customer service and a recording that said, “Thank you for your patience. Someone will be with you in a moment.” I am 100% disabled. My hand slipped and I disconnected myself by hitting the wrong button. This treatment is disgraceful.

  118. I keep getting that I am entering the wrong password for my google account I tried there recovery it gave me a few questions to answer and then a colored little ball came then nothing I got no response I am looking for a phone number I can contact them at HELP!!!!!!

  119. OnLine to Google 060514 –Has google gotten so big that it dictates to its customers? does google patner with the government to share information? does Google track my computer address? Why is there not a Google Email address to customer service as other search engines? If my privacy is invaded in anyway, if Google gives my info to any advertiser, share any of my info of any sort, I WANT TO KNOW!!! Thank You

    kenneth e. aldhizer


  120. “Awaiting moderation??” Please. What does that mean in standard English, not in what I can only assume is “google-speak?”

  121. How does this “customer service system” work? Do you reply to me, or am I replying to myself? It does seem to me that your customer service is organized to be totally unresponsive. How do you answer my question? On the telephone, someplace on the computer, or how, please? Where do I look for a response?

  122. I need help, there’s no way to contact via e-maill to service or costumer service.
    I need help! Please, sombody?

  123. Hi! I was writing a mail and the mail desapppeared in front of my eyes. Is not the first time, I want to make a complain. please ask for an ID, when you make your report or something.
    Veronica Lopez

  124. I have been unable to use Google for the past 24 hours. Is there a problem? When can resolution be expected?

  125. I am trying to find out, if the following, is a legitimate Email from Google:

    “Google Incorporation
    Jun 24 at 1:13 PM
    Dear Google User,

    You have been selected as a winner for using Google services. Find attached email with more details.

    Matt Brittin.
    CEO Google UK.
    ©2014 Google Incorporation ®

    Google Official Winner Copy
    Download View

    Reply, Reply All or Forward | More”

    I would like to know if it is ok to download it or simply delete it.


    Andrew Davis

  126. I have been trying to contact you. You Google Search site is cute but you are not displaying a German flag. Please check and place the correct Germany flag.


  127. I’m not a fast typist either make the process of getting a google account easier or I just don’t need one that badly

  128. why do you make it so goddamned hard to contact you with email?

    I just wanted the art department and whoever to know what a great job they did on the 4th of july google logo. I always look at your fancy logos and many times I have wanted to congratulate you. Whey don’t you have a like button or a feedback box so the artists and computer people who design this can get the feedback from the people who receive this. They ought to know their efforts are appreciated. I also liked thanksgiving last year. Put in a feedback loop of some kind so everyone out there using this can express their appreciation or lack thereof. Don’t be afraid usually the stuff is entertaining and creative.

  129. In my opinion, Google’s decision not to allow advertising from companies manufacturing, selling or accessorizing legal weapons is an uneducated decision. America has a constitutional amendment which allows law abiding citizens to own firearms, and the vast majority are careful sportsmen / sportswoman.
    Your move is an insult to the 100 million people who can no longer get products and information from you. If these 100 million were not good citizens, imagine the havoc we would have on a daily basis.
    I hope you will reconsider your decision, and until then, I will no longer use any Google service.
    Robert Hamilton

  130. I was advised to download to play pureplay poker on. Have always used IE and then PP told me they were not compatible with IE. I have been unable to use google and I am elderly, alone and not smart about pc’s. Will you please help me? I have google chrome, is that the problem? Please send me instructions in simple language.I am 84. Thank you.

  131. I have been waiting for over 2hours to get tech support on the phone and am still waiting, I can get thru on my email, because you won’t accept my password and there isn’t a direct way to contact google. I certainly don’t think much of a company that advertises one thing and does not follow thru, being on the phone line over two hours is nothing but an embarrassment to any company. No wonder when we have a problem with you it is so difficult to contact you, and now I believe you do this deliberately. If I knew how to have my email switched I would. Over two hours on hold on the phone being reminded how appreciated we are is a slap in the face to god customer service. I wish you could be sued for false advertising and total disrespect for the customer .

  132. I tried your customer support number, three different times, and never got out of the “HOLD” status! These holds lasted up to and longer than two hours! I just what to know how I can print from google chrome. I have no issues printing for IE or Firefox from the same computer.

  133. I am unable to get into my email account and the back up gmail account on address is not working for verification. I call the Google CSR number and after 3.5 hours on hold I had to hang up. Very frustrating.

  134. why is it that when you type a frase in on search it splits it up in words search is worthless anymore a person cant use it

  135. I HAVE BEEN TRYING to set my password, But no matter how many times I try, it just doesn’t open, excuse me, after I give up then for some unknown reason, I’m in??? Really!!!
    Cuz it Really feels like someone is effen with me, it happens every single time, EveryTime!!!
    I’m so fudmuckin fed up!, Somebody HELPME, PLEASE,,!!!

  136. Email issues. And not with sending – with who Google was saying it was going to or coming from!

    Suddenly – now when I try to send a message from GMAIL – it has the wrong name associate with the email address. No way to correct that I can find. Tried and Tried… then thought of getting assistnace. yeah… epic fail.

    Got a message back from someone and suddenly they have a TOTALLY DIFFERENT NAME! Yeah… Tired and Tried to find assistance. Epic Fail.

    Google – you want to control… at least let us let you know that the “control” strings are wrong.

  137. I am a user of Quick Office Pro. You updated the App and now ALL of my files that are in the old App I cannot move to the new App unless i e-mail them to myself and then create the folder it was in in the old app to the new app. this is RIDICULOUS!!! Why would you update an app and then make it so difficult to move all the files to the new app. I expect MORE from Google!!!! Please provide a way for me to move my 100 0r so files from the old app to the new app without having to move mountains!!!

    Thank you,
    Kurt Swartz

  138. I have always thought GOOGLE was a up standing service until this past week, I received a email from GOOGLE MAIL AWARDS tell me I had been selected along with 9 other people to win the award. I truely believied them even my husband did and he NEVER trusts any of those awards winnings,he thinks they are all scams, Well I guess they are. I was told to give name,age,address,and they would wire the award money to my bank account. I did give them a bank routing # but account did not have but a very small amount in it. Than they wanted me to set up a off shore Bank account with the Yorkshire Bank in London where all this was taking place anyway with the amount of one thousand pounds,Well of course I did not, but now I will have to go back to my bank and close out the account. I guess I really learned a lesson NOT TO TRUST ANY AWARDS ON THE INTERNET EVEN IF ITS GOOGLE one that I have used foe a LOT of YEARS. I am a older person and do live on a budget. You had Better put a stop to this kind of scamming unles YOU are IN ON IT.

  139. Hi Today your your website is very slow…gmail account opening also slow please check your server do to something quickly…

  140. Very dissatisfied with customer service over a small $5 charge for continued storage. I explained that I did not have my credit card with my and am traveling. I will have the card when I return in 10 days. They threatened me to destroy my files, even after I offered to mail them a paper check or cash. Their answers are always the same, must be computer generated. No luck getting a real person on the phone.

  141. Sorry for the errors. I have MS and i’m not quite up to my usual self. Thank you, Melissa Craig
    (still on hold)7:06. p.m.

  142. One of my Gmail accounts has been hacked. The person that has hacked the account contacted me on my cellphone number, knew my name and proceeded to tell me all about myself. Google has done nothing about it.

    It happened on Wednesday, August 21, 2014.

    Upon contacting the police here in Maryland their response was (1) ask the person [who identified him or herself as Chris] to stop texting me and (2) unless they threaten me there was nothing Montgomery County Police could or would do.

    In a panic I opted to change my number. I have had my new number for 1 week. I will retell my story online as often as I can until someone from Google understands the severity of the situation and decides to either close initial account I have tried to fill out their near impossible security questionnaire about or contact me at the alternative email account with real alternatives.

    Whomever has control of the account is now aware of the account that I have included in this comment, naturally Google could care less. While I am not included my first name to by me some time, I am including details that are 100% true.

    I’ve filled out the security questionnaire to regain access to my account and can only conclude the person now controlling my gmail account has changed my answers. I have had the account for years, more than 6. I have no I idea when I opened it and Google online customer service could care less. I’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau and no one from The BBB or Google bothered has contacted me to date.

    The person that has begun to harass me, may very well attempt to kill me and no one will care especially Google who could have been my first line of defense by honestly looking into who has control of my gmail account.

    The only thing I have that can prove it’s my account are countless emails (over 1000) from the previous link I had set up between my home PC and Gmail but hey I guess that doesn’t count for anything since I can’t tell Google the exact Month, Day and Year I opened up that particular Gmail account.

    Had I known that in 2014, my account would be hacked and I would feel threatened and my local police department wouldn’t help me unless my door was being kicked in and a gun held to my head – I never would have trusted Gmail with any of my personal information.

  143. You guys recently changed the way you sign in and out of google crome. I don’t like the changes! Because, once you sign in to the “crome”, you leave your account info. open to the public! Why did you do this? It seems a little unfair. I’m not going to use crome for nothing now! Please put it back to the way it was. Thank you

  144. Google sucks. I really hate them!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday, we were informed that gmail had been hacked and that we should change out password. I changed it on my desktop, but when I attempted to change it on my android phone, I could not . I havae been trying to get in touch with google because I need someone to walk me through it but I can’t youu and now I am not getting mmy emails on my phone. You really suck.

  145. If you search ‘suicide’ on google you come up with ‘Suicide Methods’ on wikipedia as a link to the page ‘suicide’. I suggest that this page be removed from google altogether, as it clearly cites references to harmful material and information-Such as that available via Another site which is featured on google. I suggest that such pages are blocked via google if not removed from searches. The page ‘Suicide methods’ Wikipedia has had 80,000 views in the last 30 days. Sites such as Angelfire ‘Painless self-euthanization’ are also questionable. Please forward this to the highest relevant authority.

    Thanks for your time,


  146. dnyaneshwar polji.konadi-korgao-pedne-goa indioa 403512 .reply by sending post letter only to polji address.and not grtting your address full with phone or emails of google to send various of google not working or answering properly in first search engine or incomplte address phone giving.e.g bad postmaster of our korgao pramod korgaonkar and bad increasing population in world in my house you kill reduce directly by your own try efforts.home family members daily persecute losts me in houseandall peoples poolice ,govt looks bad faced to disfavour me.due to bad above post staff no mlm business money orders coming me in post and he made strict with e.m.o and he maybe throwiong our letters out of post box and letters too not coming me now and daiy scolds in post to me.all nude vidios,sex tubes are cheating with ansked girls .nude scene .keep reporting ,deleting click to ALL nude vidisos .even reporting same bad anasked girls,actresses or scene coming and you not listening responding to our reported messages.and again made strict for me only by cacelling tube from net .once only you showed required typed real liove general girl like krushnabai in surbanwada-pedne-goa residing near nandi cine theatre and then such girls not came on vidiosed.or much google history coming unwanted.or nuthing finding goog asked in google bus conductors in goa kill dismiss or its front right breaks the bad conductors uses and you or they made trimax named bad strict machine type ticket and no body listen our any complain or replies to complain since all where you made borned such bad peoples only

  147. I can not get into my google account i can’t access my old telephone number, are i can’t access my old email address

  148. I was on hold for 1 hour and 55 minutes with the main office number. Now I am attempting to get someone on the phone at the “customer service number.” I lasted 18 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore.

  149. Your search engine sucks!!!! It keeps causing my games to freeze and I keep losing hundreds of free game requests a day!!!!!!!

  150. Hi. I would like to comment on the person I spoke to earlier today on the phone, he introduce himself as ‘Peter’. I received a very unpleasant attitude from him. He did not answer my question and keep interrupt me when I was telling him my problem. This is the worse scenario I encounter with Google. I asked for a refund when i did not received any of the item I purchased from Google Playstore. We spoke for more than 45 minutes and yet my problem still did not resolved. The only solution he gave me was to contact the developer myself and he told me that he need to end the conversation now because he is not getting to somewhere. Google is a very well-known organization in the world, this kind of rude attitude staff i believe no one can be tolerant. Right now, I’m afraid of speaking to any of the Google staff, they don’t used to be so friendly anymore. I don’t need any reply from Google but please gave a proper training to the guy because his attitude can ruin the reputation of Google. Thank you

  151. Google has the absolute worst customer service ever. We have called and let the phone ring for 7 hours. No one answers. That is ridiculous. The message says the usual customer service message. Please wait for the next available agent who will be with you shortly. We appreciate you waiting. You are important to us. What a crock!!!

  152. this is the second time in a week that someone has used my debit card to purchase google apps. i own an i phone which doesn’t take your apps.
    i called last week when the first time it happened and the gentlemen said he could not help me see which account used my card.
    it has now happened again.
    i need to know how we can get this credited

  153. OMG. I set up a google voice account and need help switching the number from a landline to a cell phone. Based on these comments, I think I’m screwed. Anyone have any suggestions? Wish I had researched google more before signing onto their services. Yikes. Live and learn.

  154. Hi. I forgot my google accounts password so contacted the company through automated answering. I was given a six # password that immediately did not work. Tried twice more with the same result. I hate jumping through hoops and would like to speak to a human being and bypass the frustration.

  155. I recently installed Google chrome and now I have a lot of pop ups. WORST MISTAKE OF MY COMPUTERS LIFE!!! Why are you letting this happen! This really irritates me and makes me realize how bad Google really is.

  156. I wish I had read all of these comments prior to opening my g-mail account. It seems like you guys aren’t listening to your customers. I guess I should not expect you to care what I had to say.

    Anyway, my gmail account will be closed shortly and I certainly WILL NOT get involved with anything Google in the future. Good luck staying in business.

  157. Why is Goole just taking money out of my mothers bank account? I would appreciate if someone will email me with a REAL contact number.

  158. I loaded a Google play card that has never ever been used. It’s balance was $25.00 I haven’t purchased anything. I tried today and found my balance to be $0.0. I called customer service and only got a voice recording. Someone needs to contact me asap Are you working to take my money.

  159. Hello.
    google services nice.
    different arrangements should be made to the search engine.
    such as video calls.
    image search engine (photos, pictures, web cam) as.
    Making a call can only be achieved through pictures.
    Search button can be used more effectively.
    I can give you a lot of ideas.
    good work.

  160. google the main menu.
    “Do you mind” what is.
    can be added.
    allows users innovating ideas.
    Share your own ideas in the main menu.
    Ensure that honoring people.
    They offer you more ideas.

  161. means new ideas.
    innovation means.
    people love the new.
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    Means the continuity of the company.
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  162. I have let google in ever place in my world, personal and business. Largely because they have remain one of the few companies who have stooped so low to start using my personal info for their own gain. This has all changed and for two weeks now I am getting marketing calls on the only phone I have, interrupting my work place and personal life. If it isn’t corrected, and I expect an apology because I feel quite violated after so much trust!! I DO know where to post and tweet all this for full exposure! SAD after so much trust!! Eric

  163. I received an email from Google that I have won ‘The-Google-Award-2015. It is from the UK and claims I won 750,000 pounds sterling.

    I am sure it is a scam but because the logo looks official, I wanted to check the validity.

    Can you help?

    Thank you,

  164. VERY disappointed with the upgrade which includes the generic little guy in the tool bar. I use Google Chrome at work and for personal use but this little toolbar thing that I CANNOT remove is pointless. When I tried to remove it I lost every bookmark I had. Seriously? How is this user friendly? I will be deleting Chrome from my work computer and will go back to Internet Explorer if I have to and am discussing removal of Google from my personal use with my husband. I understand everything being linked to create easier browsing or whatever, but what about us that DO NOT WANT THAT. Shouldn’t we get a vote? For such a large company you would think you had more of a grasp on your users.

  165. There was no live person to talk to. It took me 1/2 hour to find the google phone number and then just to find out there is no LIVE SUPPORT.

  166. Help I have tried to get my mail in Outlook it seems to be Blocked I try going through the settings to unblock it that didn’t work so can you just unblock me I am a trucker in Canada On and PQ provinces it says I been stop to prevent a hacker but I am the one trying to get at my mail and being stopped what can I do to bring back my mail to outlook box cant even send or receive mail

  167. I dont understand why the notice on my email comes up saying i am out of storage.and asking me to it from google or scam.I cleared most of my emails

  168. I can’t get into gmail account because I used it with my phone and authenticate app. Old phone is lost and I am unable to use alternative email option. Please help

  169. Someone changed ALL info on my gmail acct. haven.t been able to contact Google. Phone just keeps sending t web, which doesn’t.t allow me to solve my problem. Totally locked out.

    Worst customer svc ever. Can.t even find an email address for them.

  170. you’re taking Google Talk away from me because my phone is got it downloaded in it when they purchase it from Verizon I cannot delete it out and is part of the phone system on my android phone so if you take it out there’s no way to get in touch with my boss or anything else quickly do not take Google Talk away

  171. you’re taking Google Talk away from me because my phone is got it downloaded in it when they purchase it from Verizon I cannot delete it out and is part of the phone system on my android phone so if you take it out there’s no way to get in touch with my boss or anything else quickly do not take Google Talk away

  172. I am truly sick of google. I have tied to get help several times.Nothing
    works. I think I’ll just use other companies from now on. Yahoo is pretty
    good; so is Duckduck. Or maybe Bing… Well so long-

  173. Google suspended our account due to the expiration date on the credit card. Most companies will ask for updated information before not accepting a card. I have fixed it, but still don’t know when the company will have email. There is no way I can talk to anyone before 8AM Pacific time. Poor customer service.

  174. I’m VERY UPSET and DISGUSTED!!!! My daughter, has an account that has been “mysteriously” hacked after a recent break-up. I’ve tried calling and leaving VARIOUS VOICEMAILS, EMAILS that her account be removed or taken down due to the DISTURBING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT LANGUAGE that was used and can be seen when you look her up. I encourage you all to do so…Goggle Raelynne George. That’s MY daughter who is ONLY 14 yrs old!!!!! I’ve since out a statement on there and hopefully that will deter ANYONE from adding or changing it back. But I’m highly DISAPOIINTED that I haven’t had any assistance from Goggle CS in addressing this matter!!!!! As a parent it upsets me greatly!!!

  175. I have been trying for hours to be connected to customer service regarding the google primer music account subscription; I have been paying monthly for google music play…each time I want a song I have to pay for it!!!! So why the H…, do I need a subscription? I want all music charges from Jan 2015 on to be credited. This is the worst service ever; each response I get to the same issue is always different…get on the same page folks.

  176. I am absolutely appalled by your customer service representative today. He called regarding a business posting and proceeded to cut me off mid sentence while I was speaking, then proceeded to hang up on me!! I cannot believe a company like google has people like this working for them or would allow their employees to speak to customers like that. It is a good thing you have so much money, because you sure wouldn’t make it in small business!

  177. Why is it so difficult to get an email to google Tech support. Every email I try to send not applicable. When you loose your chrome browser on your android cell phone, you are messed up! No more contacts, no more history, can’t do any chrome browsing and now my other browser is also google. I am on my windows 8 computer now. How can you fix your cell phone from computer when it recognizes you, and you password from your computer. Can get text messages, but can’t follow links from phone. Google, you need tech support or at least a valid email that can accept messages that someone actually reads them. Not sending me choices. Shame on google. This has been going on for 2 weeks! CAN ANYONE HELP!!
    This is my 1st comment, this is not a duplicate, if so, give help
    call me or send to my alternate email account.

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