Contact Dallas Morning News Customer Service

Contacting Dallas Morning News Customer Service Center

Contacting Dallas Morning News Customer Service Center

The Dallas Morning News is a periodical published daily with news and information relating to the lives of customers in the surrounding area as well as the state/nation. The company was founded in 1885 as a subsidiary of the Galveston Daily News. If you want to reach out to the customer service department in order to discuss concerns or voice questions, you can connect by phone, traditional mail, mail and through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-925-1500
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-214-977-8222
  • Digital Customer Service: 1-214-745-8383
  • A.H.Belo Shareholder and Investor Relations: 214-977-2248
  • News, Sports, and Editorial: 214-977-5126
  • Wedding Guide: 214-977-8123
  • Reader Comment Line: 214-977-7060
  • Press Release: 214-977-8456
  • Denton Record Chronicle: 214-977-6836
  • Briefing: 214-977-8333
  • Al Dia: 469-977-3740
  • FDLuxe: 214-977-8081
  • Neighborsgo: 214-977-8042
  • Back Copy Request: 214-977-8383
  • Shipping and Receiving: 214-977-8073
  • Blind Reader Assistance: 214-977-7668
  • Dallas Morning News Spelling Bee: 214-977-7330

Mailing Address

Dallas Morning News508 Young St.Dallas, TX 75202

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Dallas Morning News website http://www.dallasnews.com/ have the opportunity to read the news of the day, instead of purchasing the print edition. There is information relating to local, state, national and global news; there is also information relating to business, sports, entertainment, lifestyles and opinion pieces. If you are a subscriber of the Dallas Morning News, you can access additional information when you sign into your account on the Customer Login page.

Social Media

Throughout all of the social media pages, there was news and information, similar to the content on the website. There was little in the form of conversation resolution. The conversations we did see were resolved in more than five (5) business days.

Customer Service Email

Although the Dallas Morning News provides several email address, we sent a message to the customer service department using the general customer service address. Our message centered on the hours of operation, considering this information was not available on the website.

Our Experience

We had the ability to connect with the customer service department in less than 30 second. After calling the customer support hotline, we pressed zero (0) and reached a live customer care agent. Throughout the conversation, we discussed canceling subscriptions and the applicable fees. The agent explained the cancelation process and eased our concerns. The overall experience was perfect. The agent was quick to respond and knowledgeable about the policies and procedures. Our experience was perfect, was yours? Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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19 Comments on “Contact Dallas Morning News Customer Service
  1. This morning there is another 18 wheeler accident over lake ray hubbard shutting down another roadway. When are the City, County and State leaders going to slow down these big rigs. I was on my way home on LBJ on Thursday and there were 2 cement trucks speeding in the fast lane. I sped up to them and they were going over 70mph on that tore up hwy?? How may more lives and property damages are we going to take before something is done about this situation. Most other large cities have fixed this problem when are our leaders going to do their part.
    Concerned Citizen

  2. How can consumer complain and get justice? I purchase an A/c compressor from a local business in Grand Prairie, Tx. The auto part store Sanchez Auto Parts has taken advantage of many many consumer in this area. Many consumer have file complain again this part store but can’t get justice. I purchase the A/c from Sanchez Auto Parts in Grand Prairie. When I trying have the compressor put on the car. I found that the part was damaged at the time of purchase. When went back to the Part store to let the owner that the part was damaged, he turned and that I had damage the part myself even though I paid him for the part. No customer goes to purchase a part and break. When went to a auto repair shop the would not even touch the part because it was damaged already. I had to call the Grand Prairie Police Dept. because of the way Auto part store owner. I’m looking to get justice of all the people who has complained and unable to get the replaced nor a refund. Please contact me at my Email address. Please contact the Grand Police Dept. to find out how many consumer have been taking advantage of by Sanchez Auto Part. I don’t think anyone should taken advantage of because we can’t afford to pay the cost to file a civil law suit. If I don’t speak up. How many more people be taken advantage of by these people. I was told always try and take stand for what’s right.

  3. I am so disappointed by Dallas Morning News quality of its daily as well as its Sunday paper. My family and I thought that it would be a great way to start saving money by coupon clipping. Recently during a visit to Kroger, I was stopped by a smooth-talking Dallas Morning News representative and told what a great offer Dallas Morning News had and that it’s value in coupons alone would be worth the purchase of the paper. I was told to try the paper out for one month for the low price of just $27.96 and if I signed up today I would receive four gift cards from Kroger totaling $40.00. WOW! Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, I sure thought so. Tried the paper and to my surprise the Sunday paper was nowhere near the size I thought it would be and the coupon value was terrible. There are hardly any store advertising sales paper as I thought it would be or compared to what is on the shelf at the grocery store. I was completely surprised, but would try it out for a month to see if that changed. NOT at ALL. Terrible. Well, 19 daily papers and 3 Sunday papers later. My husband reminds me to cancel, cancel CANCEL!! I call and to my surprise, the customer service rep tells me I should have read the fine print because I signed a 90 day contract for an auto draft of three payments. Oh my, yes, because all busy mother’s in hand with toddler have time to stop and read contracts when they’re running into the grocery store. Unfortunately I had fool written across my forehead, because I trusted that what he sold for full value. Another draft hit my account soon as I cancelled and what should have been only $24 in value. Cost me $55.92. I’m sure in a few years I’ll be included in a class-action law suit where Dallas Morning News scammed a few thousand busy moms such as myself into signing some ridiculous contract. Needless to say, you live and you learn. I haven’t tossed my papers. We will save them to wrap dishes, line the floor for puppy poop or something. Really expensive protective paper and it seems so unfair, but I was assured their was nothing else that could be done. Just wanted to make sure to prevent this from happening to someone else. I’ll be sharing with all my social media friends as well.

  4. The newspaper arrives later and later each day. And today, no paper at all. The guy drove by. It makes no sense taking a newspaper that I can’t read because it either comes too late or not at all. I’m certain that this comment will be ignored.

  5. I am very upset with the neighbors go section thrown in Mesquite. The paper and the editor of neighbors go has lost touch with the city of Mesquite and its residents. The papers just pile up in the yard, streets or used for fire starters in the winter. Mrs Declerk will not return calls or be as involved as the last editor was. Its like she doesn’t like us here or let us post in the sounding off section. please help!

  6. Today I received my credit card statement with the Dallas Morning News annual charge of $344.76 for my daily subscription. I noticed on the internet that your annual charge is $322.00. I called Customer Care and talked with Jackie who explained that the $322.00 amount was for new customers only. If that is true, I am deeply hurt and offended, inasmuch as I have been a loyal subscriber for 62 years, and I feel I am being punished and not appreciated for being a long-time, continual customer. Now that I am 83 years old and exist on Social Security, the newspaper is very important in my daily life, and I think my being a faithful customer should be considered.

  7. There is a scam going on by Publishers Billing Association. I received a bill from them for renewal to the Dallas Morning News for $599.95. I don’t have a subscription and never did. This is a scam and Dallas Morning News should get their legal staff to investigate this and not only sue them, but get the police involved in this and get these people prosecuted for fraud. They are also ruining the reputation of the Dallas Morning News.

  8. It is 7:00 am on Sunday morning. No paper!! 4th time in the last few weeks. I am really getting frustrated with my delivery service. We had a lady who delivered for several years who never missed a day!! Our new person is the worst!! Also the paper is often folded incorrectly or parts missing (not the delivery person’s fault). I would really appreciate a response and not an apology but what is going to be done about it.
    Very unhappy after being a customer for more than 50 years.

  9. I have sent in a request to have my subscription canceled. I talked to your representative to be sure it had been canceled until further notice and now I am sending you this email. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
    Betty Yundt

  10. I believe a $9.60 raise in the price of the paper….in one year
    is a little beyond the pale for a single widow on a fixed income.
    So with this, I offer my farewells. It’s been a great read,and I will continue the Sunday edition.Amazing! I’ve never had to cancel a paper before. What a shock! I would like to continue the
    TV Weekly,as that’s all we old people look forward to, on a daily basis.Electronic reading doesn’t interest me,and I shall miss the
    smell of paper.

  11. I have been a subscriber for over 40 years. In the past several months I have had to call to advise of no delivery. An apparent change to a new delivery person had tarnished to reputation of a reliable and caring news paper. I told Damion, Customer Service, this AM that I will now consider seriously dropping my subscription. If you care to make a serious adjustment, I will listen, otherwise, good riddance..

  12. It is beyond me how a complete paper cannot be delivered on weekend. Repeatedly the TV Weekly magazine is not in my delivery on Sunday. Why is that? Are the carriers not informed of who gets what or is it just plain laziness on someone’s part.

    If you call after 1 pm, you can’t speak with a real person. Why is that? You can’t leave a message or on the website you don’t have enough options to make it clear, and you therefore can’t submit because it is too late to get anything done.

    I know we live in an electronic age, but tin cans and strings work well also. Automation is great except the key ingredient is the human touch.

  13. Your website and customer service sucks! No people, no ability to contact and no one seems to care. Perhaps I should just find another newspaper. h my, I forgot, there is no other newspaper is there.

  14. As always received no paper today 2/24/2015 usually its a wet paper have to call for redeliver which makes it not worth reading since its to late when ask for credit on paper it never shows up on my statement bill stays the same with paper delivery or not price is still the same

  15. I have noticed after a few months that dmn has deducted twice from our bank account for the paper. I am not happy about that and as of today the delivery will be canceled. beware to all who have the autopay. CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS!!!!!

  16. decided to give them another chance after many years. still the same old problems. no paper, wet paper. everyone across the street on sunday got a paper and I did not get a paper. call and all you get is a recording. cancelling my subscription. never again. you would think after all this time this company would have pulled it together. can get everything I want online.

  17. I called customer service on 5/29/15 to terminate our service. The DMN representative(Sandra)was professional in explaining options for continuing our service on a different basis. But, she was courteous and considerate of my final decision to cancel. I appreciated her attitude and manner.

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