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Contacting Costco Customer Service Center

Costco is a wholesale warehouse store. In order to shop Costco online of offline, you must pay for a membership. In some cases, the warehouse will offer new customers a temporary membership for one to two weeks to test out the warehouse shopping experience. Some of the items available for sale online can be purchased from home and picked up in a local Costco warehouse, but others require shipping to your home.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are a few numbers customers can choose from when attempting to contact Costco customer service.

  • Costco online member services: 1-800-955-2292
  • General member services: 1-800-774-2678
  • Costco travel customer service: 1-877-849-2730
  • Costco pharmacy: 1-800-607-6861
  • Business customer service: 1-800-788-9968

Mailing Address

We found two addresses for customer service contact. One is a mailing address for the corporate office and the other is the physical address for the Costco corporate office building.

Costco Corporate

P.O. Box 34331

Seattle, WA 98124


Costco Corporate – Physical Address

999 Lake Drive

Issaquah, WA 98027

Official Website

The main page of the official Costco website is Customers can choose to log in to their shopping account using the link at the top of the page. You can also check on your order using the order number included in the verification email.

Customer service contact information is listed under the Customer Service tab. There is no contact us page.

Customer Service Email

Instead of offering a customer service email address, Costco offers a contact form The form asks for the subject of your email, details of the message and some personal information like name, email and contact phone number. You can also add your membership account number or order number if desired.

We sent an email to test the response time for a simple question. When we receive a response from the customer service department we will update our experience.

Our Experience

All of the customer service phone numbers for Costco customer service are for members, unless you want to learn more about membership. We called the general membership line to test phone customer service. We were given the opportunity to press 0 to talk with a representative during the automated message. After pressing 0 we were placed on hold (with music) to wait for the next representative. The total call was less than three minutes. We asked about membership pricing and the customer service representative answered without pause.

As one of the largest companies in the United States as well as the world, we expected customer service from Costco to be top-notch. Costco definitely lived up to it’s reputation. We erceived a response to our email inquiry with 4 hours from a customer care representative. They answered our question as well as provided additional information not requested. See below:

From: Costco Customer Service
Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Other [#3592290]
To: Richard B

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your e-mail to Costco Wholesale.

No, you do not have to be a member or purchase a membership online to place an order, however all non members will be charged a 5% non member surcharge except California state residents.

Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Note this message was submitted through the web site customer suggestion page on 03/24/2012 10:43:19 PST
Comment/Suggestion/Request/Question Text:
Do I have to purchase a membership to buy an item online?

Personal Information:
First Name: Richard
Last Name: B

What is your experience with Costco customer service?

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231 Comments on “Contact CostCo Customer Service
  1. Please email my receipt from my online purchase of wall bed, pots, house sign. It was all one order. Thank you

  2. MEMBERSHIP #111768368335
    ORDRE NUMBER:249693637

  3. I was at the Fullerton store to buy a tommy Bahamas down alternative
    Blanket but could not find this item. Which Costco can I find the item?
    Thank you

  4. Love Costco, consider myself a Costcoholic….do not like your new toilet paper…does not pull apart cleanly, actually shreads

  5. Just come from wayne costco. We are very unhappy
    this staff was very disrespecful to us. this was 2nd time. Very upset….

  6. I was here in fremont auto mall Costco want to take a passport photo and get one hard copy, I was standing there couple minutes,nobody serves me, two people are chatting and one young man with little long hair was walking around didn’t ask me wether I néed help. Then he stood behind counter ask me what me want without looking at me once. I told him what I need he just said “no, no.” I was confused, I can’t take passport photo? And even no more words just “no” and ignore? Even when I ask” do you know where can I do it?” He said nothing just do his business. I feel so sad, that’s not the service i expected. I hope everything is good with Costco, and i understand maybe there is reason why today is like this, I still believe Costco can give me good service.

  7. I am trying to apply for Costco employment at your New York Avenue or Wheaton store and need to send my application to you for consideration. How can I do this and make sure you obtain my application? Thank you for your response.

    • Dear Cynthia,

      I believe you have applied for three positions at Costco in Florida. By a mistake, you have registered with my email-adress – most likely due to a spelling mistake. Therefore, I have received confirmation for you applications from Costco. I recommend that you contact Costco as soon as possible and give them your correct email-address. If not, you might miss a job offer.

      Wish you the very best for the new year.

  8. You’ve got to be @&¥€#% kidding me, you expect me to drive to the nearest Costco to verify your gas prices, Gas Buddy isn’t always right and you can’t even tell your customers over the phone if what I’m seeing on Gas Buddy is correct the mom and pop station around the corner from my house is always close if not the same as your prices and I can call them and get their prices over the phone. I won’t be renewing my membership this is a bad way to do business your aisles are too small and your store is always too crowded with inconsiderate shoppers who clog up your aisles at your food sampling station and none of your employees even bother to try to help move the traffic along. I’m joining Sams Club.
    John Morris
    Canyon Country Ca.

  9. Where is the “Pastrami” As a long time Costco Customer I am again disappointed in another “Meat product elimination” from the Jacksonville Fl. Costco Warehouse Store. I have tried to ask several people in the store, about the missing Pre-Sliced-Pastrami from the Meat Department’s Case’s. To-date I have not yet got a definite answer to satisfy my disappointing feeling of WHY is it not available?. This item is missing from your meat case since late September 2012?. As your customer I want you to know I travel my 100 mile round trip to get this product, that I have grown accustomed to buying at the Jacksonville, Fl. Warehouse? why was it discontinued?. Perhaps a customer survey might be in order?. I vote yes to re-stock this item. MarcM.

  10. I am very disappointed that Costco has taken a strong stand for OBAMA. Giving him huge donations and speaking at the resent convention. The very people that you need to be doing well to spend money at your stores are the ones you are voting against. OBAMA has plans this time around and that is higher gas prices as if double in 4 years isn’t enough and more taxs on the averge person. Good JOB GUYS!!! I no longer will shop at your stores

  11. Hello,

    It’s been more than 2 months since you stopped having Mountain High Plain Yogurt original and low-fat at Rancho Cordova Costco. It is still available at Folsom Costco. I would really like to make an request on behalf of many members who buys plain yogurt in jumbo size from Rancho Cordova Costco on regular basis. We love the fact that Rancho Cordova Costco has many quality products available. The fact that it has variety of samples available even on weekdays is the best part. That’s the reason we visit that particular costco frequently.


  12. Dear Costco,
    We are here in central Michigan, Lansing (zip code 48823) area in particular are in need of Costco warehouse the closest one to us is 1 hour away. Is Costco contemplating the idea of opening a warehouse in here? I think it would be good idea to open one in East Lansing Okemos area.
    We certainly would like to shop at Costco warehouse. Since we only have one warehouse which is Sams club.

    Just a thought
    Thank you.

    Issa Ali

  13. Can you tell me if Costco is building a store in Athens, GA? So many people are talking about them going into an large new shopping area going up. Thank you Love your store and we have had a Business Membership for years.

  14. Today, 10/25/2012 I received the peanut butter recall notice dated
    Oct 9, 2012. Not a very prompt notification.
    Mr. Craig Wilson suggests returning the product. You expect me to
    drive 75 miles of mountain road to return the jar of peanut butter?
    Mr. Wilson says for more information contact Sunland Inc.
    You purchased this product and put the Kirkland name on it –
    it is your responsibility.

  15. Your decision to support Ref 74 is wrong. You say this will increse the economy.

    Proverbs 14:34
    New King James Version

    34 Righteousness exalts a nation,
    But sin is a reproach to any people

    Please stop your supporting ref 74.

  16. Discontinued Item: Kirkland DRIED CHERRIES, 20 oz. Resealable Bag

    This product has been a main staple in my family’s diet for the past couple of years and we have been unable to find a suitable substitute since the Costco Newport News store removed them from the shelves in the past month.

    Please let us know if this item will be returned to the store shelves and, if not, if you can suggest where we might another similar product.

    • I’m another one who uses the Kirkland dried cherries. Costco in Nanaimo didn’t have any lady. Will you be restocking, or is this another product gone the way of the dodo and carrier pigeon?

    • I am another who is a juge fan of your dried cherries. Yhey have been unavailable here in the Lethbridge, AB store. I was buying at least a bag a week and had just started getting others addicted. The blueberry ones are terrible in comparison. Now I’m forced to buy safeways version at five times the price for the same amount. Please, please bring them back.

      • Our family is a huge fan of the Kirkland dried cherries. We’ve been looking for them since October and still not available at our Costco. Will they be coming back? Thank you!

    • The Kirkland Dried cherries are one of my kids’ favorite things to eat. In early Oct we bought a ton of them, but now we’re running low and have been unable to find them in any store in Northern or Central Virginia.

      Are there plans to restock any time in the near future? Honestly, the cherries are one of the primary reasons we have maintained a Costco membership since we’ve moved to rural central Virginia, and it is likely that we will not renew in the future if more of these products disappear.

      Any information will be greatly appreciated.

      • BRINGBACK THE KIRKLAND DRIED CHERRIES — as the others have said — we bought them more often than anything else you carry. The new Cherries are AWFUL — have you tasted them? they are loaded with sugar and taste like chemicals (prob loaded w these also).
        PLEASE bring them back or tell us where to buy them if teh distributor is marketing them under a diff brand. WHY FIX something that ain’t broken??????

      • OK Guys, I have finally found a reasonable substitute for the Kirkland Dried Cherries…its the ONLY replacement we’ve been able to find anywhere that my kids will eat. Its the Peterson Farms Blend of Sweet and Tart dried cherries.

        They are available at Amazon for about $20 per 14 oz., or at about half of that in Sams Club, if you happen to have memberships both there and at Costco. We have a family member that shops at Sams, so we’re having them pick up the stuff there for now…

    • After several trips to the Costco here in Richmond and not finding the Kirkland cherries, I decided to visit the Costco customer service page and discovered that the dried Montmorency cherries had been discontinued since October or November of last year. Very unfortunate. More unfortunate was the fact that my most recent trip to Costco included the discovery of the substitute and subsequent purchase. It was not the move to say the least (a more detailed description of my actual reaction is not appropriate for a public forum) and I won’t be getting those again. I won’t speculate about why the change was made, but unless there is a completely different collection of consumers who don’t know any better (it can and does happen) and just snap the substitute product off of the shelf, I can’t see it being a product that will be carried for a long period of time.

      • Our family also misses the Kirkland Montmorency Cherries. We bought the Estella’s Pantry dried sweet cherries at Costco last week. They are not good at all! Please bring back the originals.

  17. I am in need of a duplicate invoice for the 11″ patio umbrella we bought this summer. It is having challenges.
    Thank you in advance.

  18. Five days after hurricane Sandy I am still trying to find out if costo in Wayne, NJ is open for business. That store is very quick to flood and slow to drain out. Calling the store, all I get is a busy signal, and I have searched extensively on line cannot get this information from costco on facebook or the costco website. The Willowbrook Mall where the store is located gives up-to-date information regarding their status,and they say they are open, but they advise that individual stores at the mall may not be open, and to call them to be sure. So the only way I can find out is to expend scarce gasoline to take the 15 mile drive to the store. I am a long time member of costco and a very loyal customer. Please fix this soon! Thank you.

  19. Kirkland Abuelita Tortilla Strips are extremely salty but the sodium content show 90mg which is lower than most. I find this salt content hard to believe. Also, once opened, these chips get stale very quickly even in with a tight seal well before the freshness date.

    The Kirkland freezer pack boneless skinless chicken thighs are the worst. Hardly get a complete thigh that’s in once piece and by the time I trim remaining skin, what’s left is a shredded chicken thigh mess.

    Other than these two products, I love everything Costco.

    I’ve made a suggestion to my local Costco there should be a sign with appropriate shopping behavior at the front of every Costco store, ESPECIALLY at Christmas… posted like the Ten Commandments. My local store wins the award for the rudest store during the holidays.

  20. after returning two eden-pure heaters to costco by public transportation. I am displeased that no one at costco’s main customer service contacted me. Also that my time returning two defective heaters was not addressed it was also told to me by an unnamed employee that many of these heaters were returned as defective this is not a case of customer error. I should be taken care of for my inconvience as I really wanted one of these heaters. now even if I want one It is not affordable to me. gee thanks for an inferier product

  21. I am a customer of your store and have been one for a long time, I called for a simple price on goods and first was stuffed around for an hour hour by your automated crap then to be told no???????????? Just for pricing for my business?????? you can take your membership and stuff it!!!!!!!!!!!!! worst kind of service that I have ever encountered!!!!! I am glad that you train your staff this way.

    good day to you and you will never have my business ever again.

  22. I have purchased Shitake-ya gourmet mushroom blend a while back. I now want to use them but the use by date says 061411, it’s now 112212. These are a de-hydrated mushroom blend. How can they go bad?? When searching the internet I find there was a recall but it said only those with a use by 2013 date on them. Can I still use these in my Thanksgiving Stuffing without killing or making people sick?

    Thank You

    George Telles

  23. Trying to call customer service via their service phone number is crazy. After 30 minutes and still cannot reach anyone. I wish they allow us to leave our phone number so someone can call us back when we’ve reached our turn.

  24. Will you please sell Calbee Shrimp Chips it’s from Calbee Co
    We do shopping in Costco Alhambra lots of Asians are looking for it. Please sell it. Thank you so much .

  25. I am in love with Costco.As mater of fact if I want anything I check first to see if Costco carries. Costco always provide great customer service. I recently made a hearing Aide appointment for my Dad. I decided to take him to Costco because I trust them. T made the appointment with the Costco on Normal in Escondido California. When my Dad and I arrived there, they couldn’t find our appointment. I am sure of the appointment because not only I made it I also put it on my Calender.I had to wait three weeks for the appointment because I wanted to be present during the test. Now j have to wait another two weeks and I am not sure if they will have me on the appointment book. The lady claims the they had a trainee and she might have messed up. This is unlike Costco and I hope this is not a sign of Costco deteriorating.

  26. last night we arrive home in pittsburgh under pouring rain to see that there was a soaked cardboard box sitting in front of our door.
    your order has been delivered 505257786

    all the tapes had come loose and inside we found the pants which “very unprofessionally” and “negligently” and without any individual packaging dumped in the box. they were wrinkled and some water already inside the box.

    the items are dry clean only. please issue check for dry cleaning at $10.00 a piece so i will keep them. thank you.

  27. Just spent $622.89 at Costco and had the worst customer service ever from Carlos Reyes, Middleton Wisconsin REG#9. We have a Corporate Costco account and have always been able to pay with our Corporate AMEX. But today Mr. Reyes informed me I couldn’t do this, so I had to put it on my personal card. The thing is, he wouldn’t even listen to me or respond to my questions about why the change, wouldn’t even look at me – all of a sudden he doesn’t speak English. Rude, Rude, Rude, Rude, Rude – time to switch back to Sam’s Club.

  28. Just spent an hour and a half gathering items for a Holiday office party, about $250. After scanning all the items, I attempted to pay and was told my corporate Mastercard could not be used. My only option was to sign up for Costco AMEX. The cashier just said,”Thats how its always been.” No apology. Well, I haven’t always been a member and I no longer will be. I had to leave the cart very frustrated and go spend my businesses money at Walmart.

  29. I went to the Southlake Costco today to buy 40 large size Poinsettia plants for my customers. As a real estate agent I do this every year in appreciation. I had went to several stores yesterday and they were sold out. This time there was GORGEOUS ones…..I asked if there were more as there were 20 out on display…the manager, Emily Shipman, not only checked but had an employee bring a 3- tiered cart of them to me from the back….AND then they helped me to the checkout…AND her and another employee loaded them into my truck. My husband and I do this every year and this year it was not a chore…it was a wonderful experience. Emily is VERY aware of the importance of Customer Service. She asked for my card and will have the plants available for me next year. I AM IMPRESSED and will recommend to everyone to shop at the Southlake Costco. Thank you Emily and Costco….Merry Christmas from a happy RE/MAX agent in Dallas Texas.

  30. Link to customer service form provided above does not work on my computer. I get a message that says Internet Explorer unable to display web page.

  31. I am so dessapponted, I have been waiting for a simple return levels for more than 9 days, 6 calls and I am steel waiting. The coustomer service is really NON PROFESIONAL

  32. Dear Costco,
    My name is Farid Abbasi Borojeni and I want to cancell my fax number and i dont want to be a member!
    Now I am not in the country and I dont need your services for the moment!
    My number member is 111811648949.
    All the best,
    Farid Abbasi Borojeni

  33. I enjoy your products but when it comes to getting any info. on how & where to return the mailed items its a long & frustrating procedure. Please just post the dang return address on the invoices like everyone else. Make it easy for your customers. While I have been writing this I have been on hold on the phone waiting for ANY reply for 33 minutes! Its 7:17am on a tues. is anybody working? HELP!!!!!

  34. I ordered two things on Thursday. The confirmation and my account status and what I ordered were all different. I immediately called and was on hold for a long time before getting disconnected. I tried online and had trouble there. Finally, I got through with a complaint that was answered, via email that “they would try to stop the shipment” and let me know within 2 days. Never heard from them. Trying to call today and the line is busy. VERY FRUSTRATING

  35. I just canceled my Costco membership but need to know the details of surveillance camera that I ordered on line a few months ago. Since I’m currently out of the country and could not view my house via online from my surveillance camera. I had contacted Q-See but they must know the details of model that I bought in order to help me properly. Please help and respond via email. Thank you for your cooperation.

  36. / / / Costco’s customer service portal flipping fails when used via an iPhone.
    Impersonal CService interface and…
    Frustration on top of frustration.

    M# 111781739803

  37. I have purchased garage doors, they were installed and they were dented during that install. Now I have had the costco company installer out on two other times to replace the damaged doors, but each time they show up the new door have been dent on arrival. This is getting old. Each time I have to be home for the installer, time better use doing something better. First time door were install was back in August 4, 2012, it is now January 3, 2013.

  38. Received a gift membership from my daughter. Today she had to drive me to our nearest costco 45 min away to have my picture taken. I will not ever go back I don’t think. The cashier was rude kept asking my daughter if she lived with me She only bought bananas strawberries and chips and I gave her my new card. I spent $250.00 and found out I could not even use my discover or visa card therefore I really don’t feel I want to be harassed everytime my daughter drives me and tries to purchase a few things. She belongs to Sams club and I always go with her and have a separate order no harassing. I will tell other people about my experience today. Thank you.

  39. I went to pick up my prescription on 12/31 at the pharmacy that I ordered over the weekend and unfortunately and much to my dismay the Bountiful Costco Pharmacy has let me down yet again. I arrived at 5:03 and had to wait 14 minutes to pick up my prescription. There were 5 people in front of me and about the same amount behind me. I am going to take my prescription business elsewhere. When the technician/clerk Scott attended me he told me it was my last refill. My reply was that I was glad because “you folks seriously need to get some help at this counter.” His reply was yes we know we keep asking but can never get more help. I told him I was glad it was my last refill and I was never getting it filled there again. I don’t wish to be contacted by the pharmacist at this location, I have already spoken to him before about the wait times. You have lost me as a customer in that pharmacy and I will get it filled with Walgreens or another location that is more customer friendly.

  40. bought poulan snow thrower from costco used 10 times and throddle lever vibrated and sheared at engine. poulan will not cover warranty on this so any polan products will not be bought from costco again.

  41. Hi Costco Quality Control Department:

    I am writing to bring your attention to the quality of the products your stores have been selling, especially in the fruits and fresh produce department. Over the last week, right after the turn of the new year 2013, I bought a bag of “Cuties” and some bananas. The bag of Cuties contained a few molded ones only after 2 days at home. However, the green bananas took a long time to turn yellow and become sweet – over 5 days, and even so, they were not quite sweet, still tasted unripe.

    This is not an isolated incident. We have had the same thing happened before, And the quality management of your products is being called into question.

    Costco’s business model builds on convenience, good quality and reasonable price. If one of these tripod legs is missing, your business will be deeply affected.

    I hope that you can do a better job in managing this.

    Thanks for your attention!

    ML Chan

  42. I have been experiencing not so good customer service at your 384 building. I do love Costco and worked for you for almost 17 years and still shop there. Recently when I go in to fill a prescription after I called ahead to give ample time to fill, when I arrive 2 hours later, it is not even been filled yet. They always say on phone” no problem mrs bowers we’ll have that ready for you”. But every time I get there I have to wait 20 minutes to be filled. Please talk to the employees there and get them to have better customer service. I’m still lovin my Costco tho!

  43. Hello. Every month I must go to Walmart, buy a cash card, then go to Sam’s Club with our church membership card and buy coffee supplies. My wife and I are the committee chairs for our Hospitality Committee at Bee Creek United Methodist Church in Spicewood, Tx. Unfortunately, Sam’s carries pre measured coffee packet/filters. And, they carry dispenser containers for creamer, and other necessary items. Costco does not. If you could start carrying these products, our church and I would have no reason to ever go to Sam’s or Walmart again. Feel Free to call me if you like. Thank you, Ron Neva

  44. Hi! I just would like to know Costco’s email…so I can send them even I am not a member

    I just want to know that when The TEDDY BEARS are going to come out
    I had been wait to buy it
    last year , I was late so.
    pls sell these again
    pls THANK U!

  45. We are not happy with the quality of fruit and vegetables department. We love shopping at Costco, but we can buy fresh fruit and vegetables rarely, because they are not fresh. And why is Costco getting so expensive???? Every time I go there I notice price increase!!

  46. I have a special request for you to open a Costco store in Youngstown, Ohio.
    This town has started to see big changes with the coming of the shale industry and a new large casino to be completed by next year.
    We only have a Sam’s Club which I do not care for. My family out of state all have Costco’s and we love the merchandise and selection Costco has.
    Please consider building a Costco in Youngstown. I have the perfect location on South Avenue and Route 224, in an old Value city Store. And… its right off the highway and right around the corner from a Sam’s Club, so we can put them out of business.
    The building has been vacant for a few years and the rent should be cheap. The rent will only be going up as more and more industry and people continue to move into the area in the next year or so..
    We only have a Costco in Pittsburgh 1 hour 15 minutes away, which we joined but then let it go, because it was just too far. There may be a Costco in Cleveland but again, same distance 1 hour 15 minutes.
    Please forward this to corporate for consideration.
    Thank you sooo…. much.
    Kind Regards,
    Karen W.

  47. Some if the staff are very rude over the phone at the Costco on Barnes rd. CO Springs,we’ve been very loyal customers for years & are very disappointed & thinking of switching back to SAM’s club!!!

  48. I am moving to the VIllages in FLa. an could not believe you do not have a store there. I Think it would be worth a buisness study . They have a SAMs club but Costco is the preferred store with most especially senior citizens. I presently live in augusta ga. Where you opened a new store a year or so ago and appears you are doing great. Most of my friends dropped Sams an go to Costco. I hope you consider this because I think it would be a good fit for that part of fla.
    Earl Turner.

  49. The Costco contact form would no accept my comment. It would only show an error code: “Error:The web templates system was unable to process your request” Very frustrating. Here is the feedback I wanted to share with them.

    What has happened to the USDA Choice Boneless Ribeyes at the El Centro store? They are now at least 1/3 fat and gristle. I have always been impressed by the quality of the products at Costco. It used to be I could eat every bit of the steaks I buy there, but recently they have been no better than the so-called “choice” steaks at Wal-Mart. I stopped buying those long ago. I am hopeful that this is just a one time fluke.

  50. I usually have great customer service but not today at the Issaquah was location. I received 4 baby boy outfits for my son in a size to small. My mom got these as a gift. I took them to customer service to hold while I look to see if theybhad bigger sizes. They had what I needed and was told to pay at check out. Came back to the customer service and they asked when and where they were bought. They are the same exact outfits I just bought in a bigger size, I received them the day before. I gave them the name of my moms card, then had to call Her and ask where when and what card was used. Strange the steam is in store I always get cash back for gifts questions asked. He took fifteen minutes searching my moms account. I finally got them returned. Why was this so difficult? I will no longer buy gifts at Costco since I am on a business cardcand no one would know the name to get” proof of purchase”. We sighted up for a family account today and will be canceling tomorrow.

  51. Just rec’d the following email. Is this true??????

    “Costco stocking their meat counters with “Halal” meat.”
    I shopped for groceries at my local Wal-Mart. As usual, I bought a bag of frozen chicken breasts, but this time I checked to make sure the meat was not labeled “Halal.” Here’s why:

    Halal is the Islamic term that basically means the meat is lawful to eat for a devout Muslim. What makes it lawful or acceptable is that the meat has been processed in a very specific way. Unlike kosher food, where the physical processing of the meat is the focus, for Islam it is the spiritual component that makes the meat lawful.

    For lawful (halal) meat in Islam, the animal must be killed while the butcher faces Mecca , and either the butcher cries “Allah Akbar” or a tape plays the words over a loud speaker.

    Ann Barnhardt is a cattle commodities broker, has more about “Halal.”

    NEVER buy meat that is marked as “Halal.”
    I am in the cattle business, and believe me when I tell you that Halal kill plants are CONSTANTLY being cited and shut down by the USDA for horrific infractions. Most of these plants are in Michigan and upstate New York …

    One of the things that halal kill plants are notorious for is putting already-dead animals in the human consumption line. They will go pick up a dead cow off of a farm or ranch and instead of putting it in their rendering tank where the resulting “tankage” is worth pennies on the dollar as pet food or industrial products, they will shackle the dead animal on the normal kill line and process it as human food which is the highest-dollar product.

    Halal plants are also notorious for general citations for filth and uncleanliness. I have toured normal cattle slaughter plants, and guys, you could eat off of the floor. Everything is white and men walk around with water hoses and steam guns constantly keeping everything in a state of spotlessness.

    Halal plants are filthy. A lot of Halal meat is also labeled as “organic.”

    Again, don’t be fooled into thinking that “halal” means “better.” It isn’t. I would never, ever knowingly eat halal meat purely from a food safety perspective.

    THIS IS COMING AND LOOK OUT FOR THIS INTRUSION IN U.S. and CANADIAN MARKETS… “Halal” meat… are you aware of this? Take a look and forward to your friends and family. Do Not buy this meat!

    June Stein
    Costco Member
    Elk Grove Village, IL

  52. The new yellow packaged Audubon Park Natures Blend bird seed is terrible. It is full of cracked corn. Only pigeons like cracked corn.

  53. Our Costco in Lancaster, Ca, stopped selling the fresh made calzones a few months ago. They said they stopped them to offer other items, including fresh deep dish pizza. Well glad for new options, but the calzone was such a great value AND portable. Hard to replace a hand held calzone with a piece of deep dish pizza! BRING BACK THE CALZONE (and who can I push do get these back)|?)

  54. I have a question about membership renewal. filled out this form and site asked if one of your FAQ could help. so selected that and lost all the info I had typed and didn’t get anywhere as well as lost what I had typed. so how do I directly email my concerns to you??

  55. Please stop putting in so many nuts in your Crunchy Snack Mix. The almonds are not enjoyed by many of us. The good tasty snack mix is lessened and lots of peanuts and almonds added. It is not the same. Go back to the original Crunchy Snack Mix and put in more little rye toast and those broken up pretzels, another crunchy item that is most enjoyable. Many of our card playing ladies aren’t enjoying this snack mix anymore. Thanks.

  56. Costco,

    I just left Costco in Burnsville ,MN 55337, and I have honestly never been treated so rudely in my life. My daughter in law was buying the groceries for our family. The cashier said she could not use her credit card because it was not American express. We had to leave our groceries behind,she kept rolling her eyes at us and very rude. I have never written to any company but tonight was just an awful experience. I shop there at least 5 times a month and makes me reconsider my membership.

  57. Hi love your Kirkland Crinkle Cut Chips. It is absolutely delicious and has the right crunch that I look forward to in a bag of potato chips. There’s only one problem…I have to skim off the top layers of the bag because of the oil that accumulates at the bottom of the bag. There’s usually about 15 to 20% waste. I tried to blot out the oil with paper towels but that didn’t work either. Please fix this problem on an otherwise great bag of chips.

  58. Hi, I am a long time member and frequently shop at your online store and usually I like to read the product’s customer reviews before I decide on what to buy. Just ordered a computer and also presently looking for other items I am interested in – external hard drive and etc. But, for some reason, I can’t load user reviews anymore. I can load product details, specification, shipping & Terms and Return Policy, but not Reviews! I have no problem viewing reviews on all other stores, and I had no problem when I tried it with my wife’s computer. It only happens with my computer and only with your store. I tried two different browser with same result. Can you please help?

  59. I would like to contact Costco Travel directly regarding a proposed Panama Canal Cruise. Would you advise me how to do this?


  60. I ordered 2 Depend Women’s Large 72ct, purchase order# 00847001598593, customer order # 245753193, and the costco item # 580385, on 4/13/12 and just finished using them.

    I have written to Depends to no avail regarding the fact the items were changed about a year ago or so and are not the same.

    The product pad comes away from the panty and adheres to the skin. These were purchased for my mother 85 yrs old who has

    been wearing the product for over 10 yrs. I could not return them as she continued to wear them due to the cost.

    Please be aware that there is a problem with this product. I’ve been a member of Costco, since it was called “Price Club” in Denver, Co.

    I have always been pleased with the products until now.

  61. I have been trying to send e-mail to Costco for the last 2 days and cannot find a proper e-mail address for customer service, can someone send me the proper address for them In Canada.

  62. You have a HUGE HUGE problem in your palm desert optical department.. I have been observing the customer service in that department for three years…and today I had it..The wait is not acceptable and the employees could care less. I confronted management in that store and they said they would look into it. That optical department is extremely busy and no one seems to notice how bad the service is. Everyone waiting is shaking their heads in disbelief how very very bad it is.. I love Costco and the great service that the rest of the store provides, but the optical department is like another world… Not up to costcos high standards in service. For the time being I am forced to by my contacts and glasses elsewhere. I speak for evert person that I see in line and how unbelievable how that department is handled.. It is AWFUL… I know I am just one customer, but I know that everyone who goes to this department feels that way. Today I went in there at 10:30 a.m. I took number 107 and they were on 91. With two employees just trying to fit glasses, answering the phones and talking to each other. I left.
    I hope someone cares enough to re organize this department….there are alot of retired people in palm desert and I know that they use Costco for the great deals, but we should not have to be treated so unprofessional…I hope someone reads this…..I never complain, but this is a really BAD situation…. Thank you…

  63. I have been Extremely offended by one your Door NAZI Employees On Two Separate occasions. I Called The Store Mgr. From The parking lot Just To Be Told In An Unapologetic Tone That I Need To Do What She Tells Me!!!! I’m A customer My Entire Family Are All Members But After This Horrendous Lack Of Customer Service I’m Good To Go To Sam’s Club To Shop!! Pathetic That I Have To Go To A Walmart Compay To Get Better Service. I Understand That People Have A Job To Do But It Should Never Come At The Expense Of Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

  64. to whom it may concern,
    i been a costumer of costco for over 25 years, so im here to give you a suggestion you a very good rotisserie chicken i was hoping you would add somthing to i thing that would sell very well it need the fixings like hot stuff as an example mashpotato, greenbeans,corn, and etc.if you can please look in to it so i can stopp going to boston market an spen ove $50 for a meal. please let me know if it a good idea. thank you and you do a great job.

  65. Hi can someone contact me and let me know if I have to sign up in order to purchase items at Costco? Or can I just walk in like a regular store and pay for the items?

    I’m asking this question because when I went to Costco with one of my cousins, I picked up some items that I wanted to buy and when we got to the cashier my cousin told me that she would pay for it because she has a Costco card.

    I would like to go there on my own to purchase some household items, so if someone could kindly let me know if I have to sign up and be a member in order to purchase items at a Costco store?


  66. So, I go into my local Costco store to grab gift cards ($100 in value for $79.99) but they tell me at the front desk that they’ve pulled the cards???? What the heck?? For the last 3 years I have used gift cards & now no more! BOO!

  67. For the past year I have gone into my neighborhood Costco to purchase several boxes of Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation. To my surprise and dissatisfaction it has been removed from the shelf. Is there any way I could purchase it on line thru It was on sale last week and gone this week…..
    I’m not too happy…….

  68. Costco is my favorite store. Today I was at the gas pump and the man in front of me had messed up the AMEX machine. The Gas employee ANTHONY, came over and stayed until all was right with it. To me, all of the Costcos have excellent employees with huge smiles and great attitudes and I just wanted to give Kudos to this extra special service from ANTHONY and all the people at my SLO Costco!! I am a minor stockholder since 1983, as well, so it is appreciated.

  69. I questioned if Costco had an open house for non members such as I am a current Sams club member, and I saw in Facebook they are currently having an open house for members as well as non members therefore I questioned for quite awhile if you did so as well being there is also a Sams club right near my current Sams club and intrested in seeing which club is more quality and worth paying for so I ask this question please let me know this info, thank you.

  70. Terrible customer service today at cash out at Broadmoor Costco in Sherwood Park Alberta. Two cashiers were scanning an item at the bottom of the customer’s cart in front of me. First one of them said “fuck” and the other ones rear-end was on display for all to see (how can you not realize this is happening?). Then one of them said to me “where’s your card?”, not can I get your membership card from you, just “where’s your card?” I have never had such service on display at Costco in 20 years. April 26 at approximately 5:30 pm

  71. For about two years now, I have been trying to purchase the 3-pack of Gillette Series in white foam. Not gel, but this is all you seem to carry as of late. I have to keep going to my local Shop-Rite to buy it. And what is so funny is that we were all talking about it this past Sunday at church. Six of us are all members (and have been for over five years) and we all complained that Costco does not carry simple Gillette shaving cream. We all agree that we do not like the gel at Costco, and purchase it in other stores. Please tell you buyer to purchase the regular foam. Who uses gel anyway? Thank you, John Guarracino

  72. Hello I’m a member of Costco and I love it. But trying to search for items on your website is very difficult.
    I tried to do the FAQ’s suggestion of being general but still not finding what I am looking for.
    I did find the items on the Instant Savings hyperlink. But wanted to look further into it so I searched for something and tried for quite a while before giving up and email you.
    I again would like to say that I love Costco, but when the developers thought of the end consumer and searching for items I believe they would benefit from using synonym’s with in the build to make it easy for customers to find products.
    Thank you in advance for your time.

  73. Tried to contact Costco via their website but unable to “submit”

    For the past few years the Costco located in Nampa Idaho has offered self-checkout. Today while shopping there I was told this service had been removed. I was told this was because they are too busy. Exactly! I have no choice but to shop at Costco on the weekend; purchasing 10 or so items. There is no greater waste of my precious weekend time than to stand in line behind someone with 20 or 30 items. I am intelligent enough to quickly and easily check myself out. I have been a business member since 2002, but unfortunately unless Costco offers a service to those shoppers with fewer items I will NOT be renewing my membership in June.

  74. I am a customer at the Burlington Costco. I shop at your store 2 a month spending at least 700 a month. I am very disappointed with an associate at your store. I was shopping for a shirt for my husband when an associate rudely came to me and said “You know we probably have a hundred shirts already unfolded in here you don’t need to add to the mess and unfold more”. In fact that was the only shirt I unfolded and we bought it. So there was nothing left behind. I don’t make messes in stores. This was appalling to me. Then when I looked around there were no shirts unfolded and when I went to ask her to help me find one she ignored me and gave me a look. Normally the customer service in this store is phenomenal but this day I left feeling poorly and unhappy with Costco.

  75. Dear sir or madam
    I’v been a costco costumer for years,without any complains,but there is always the first time.I’m diabetic on the needle,and I purchase all my meds @ costco,I’m in need of a container to dispose of my needles,such containers are provided from all pharmacies that you shop at,but not at Costco pharmacy,when I asked for a container I wase told that it costs $3.59 I know the cost is not an anormous amount,but whe you R on a fixed income and can’t barely afford the membership,than any little amount it counts,further more by not providing such container does not promote loitering in our enviroment?I will keep on shopping at costco because we love it.this wase more of a heads up
    Yours truly

  76. I was so excited a few months ago when I decided to join Costco because of the large variety of organic products they had to offer at the Commerce Township, Michigan, Costco store. Already, just a few short months, and they no longer carries several of the organic items, i.e.,
    1. the big bags of organic coffee beans
    2. organic whole wheat flour
    3. Kirkland’s Organic Strawberry Spread
    4. Organic raisins

    and now I understand that Costco will no longer be carrying the Seeds of Change Quinoia. I am really very disappointed.

    I was a Sam’s member for over 15 years and will be going back. I’ll have to do my organic shopping at Hiller’s Market.

  77. I am very disappointed with the costumer service at the Carmel mountain tire center I am a long time costumer of that location but the way I was treated today I will not go back I was there to put new tires on my car they brook one of the lug nut and basically told me it was not there fault and that I have to pay for it myself that is not good costumer service in my book thanks Costco

  78. So sorry to hear that your dried cherries r dc’d.
    Thry were awesome. Now I sm seeking out a replacement.

  79. I have been a member for several years and spend a lot of money every year at Costco. A year ago I asked about wall to wall carpeting but was told you did not have a vendor for my area but was working on it and would keep me informed. I was supposed to get a call from customer service in May from your home office. You again failed me. No call while I wait. I expect to hear from you

  80. really is a joke. If a retailer does not have web processes to support online orders, then they have no business offering that service. I placed an order from my iPad supplied an address. It was not until I received my email confirmation that Costco used a 5 year old address for the shipping address. I had no idea it retained old addresses since I haven’t placed an online order since then or how it got attached to my order. I immediately called Costco and send a communication via their contact system to get the address corrected. I did not hear any confirmation of my contact form or phone call. I called early the next day and was told Costco could not do anything about it. When I asked what happens to the order the explained it would be delivered to the wrong address that they had ample time to correct but their internal processes don’t allow updates. So even though they say on the website and the phone you can cancel your order, you can’t. It’s been weeks since I placed this Oder and they have no idea where this item is and expect me to pay for it which is ridiculous when it was not received.

    I would never order from Costco online again and I’ve been a member for over10 years.

  81. After purchasing tires for my vehicle(s)for 43 years, I can honestly say my experience at Costco tire center yesterday (06/20/2013)was the WORST experience of my entire life. Not ONCE was there an apology or a promise from their tire service employees to “make it right” or compensation for the HELL they put me through – only EXCUSES for their CRAPPY unprofessional behavior, INADEQUATE service, grave inconvenience they caused, he emotional duress they put me through as well as unnecessarily making me “jump through hoops, and their unprofessional and unacceptable service.

    Making EXCUSES rather than showing remorse is a vulgar display of indifference and lack of empathy.

    To add fuel to the fire, NONE of the links to contact Costco Customer ‘No’ Service are functional (small wonder).

    The obscene service I received at Costco tire ‘service’ was HORRIBLE and, to encompass the sordid experience, really deserves written documentation rather than encountering some telephone jockey and engaging in a verbal encounter consisting of words that vanish into thin air who usually gets little of the information correct, the customer having to repeat themselves repeatedly only to end up with a bunch of erroneous “he said, she said”.

    For the most part, Costco was one of the merchants at the top of my list. Yes, there have been problems which I took with a grain of salt but the obscene experience yesterday (& the week leading up to the final ‘event’) was the pièce de résistance and NOW not even the ability to send a written communication was the final nail in the coffin.

    Yes, I can send personal correspondence by “snail mail” but, unfortunately for me, the “work” (which was sordidly botched by Costco’s tire center) requires that I make ANOTHER visit in which they will – hopefully – FINALLY get the job done AS REQUESTED AND AGREED ON.

    I do NOT want to subject myself to another emotionally traumatic event by going back there without at least pleading my case to someone at Costco that will ensure the job will be done AS AGREED, performed professionally, in a timely manner including professional treatment of their customer (ME) with a display of some sort of apologetic behavior.

    I would just as soon as sever my ties with Costco and pay another merchant to FINISH the job CORRECTLY rather than subject myself to a sequel to the nightmare I just went through.

  82. We were at Costco in Citrus Heights, CA. today shopping and stopped to have a mocha. Your tables are disgusting, dirty with spilled food and very unappetizing. It seems to me that it is a health dept. issue. There’s stuff on the floor and like I said the tables are disgusting. Perhaps you can hire someone to go around and pick up after the unmannerly people that make the mess. Thank You.

  83. On my last visit to COSTCO on6/28 I saw Estée Lauder products for the first time. What a great opportunity to save on products I use regularly. Unfortunately I’d made an Estée purchase a week ago. I imagine COSTCO is aware, but wanted to reinforce that these products might appear to not sell well. Estee products are EXTREMELY long lasting. Look forward to purchasing them in the spring!

  84. I have been a member since 1996. I have owned my own retail store (s) for over 20 years. I think that the buyers for Costco are The Best in the Business! The marketing stays fresh and brilliant. Being in retail so long you learn to recognize and appreciate when it is done So well.
    That said, I would like to offer a observation that could be useful to a organization that is smart enough to use a good idea when presented with it.
    When I go to my Costco store I want to buy all the products and skews that I might need all there at once, HOWEVER,,,when it comes to things like dairy and frozen foods and especially ice cream I cannot buy them in fear that they will survive the trip home. Unlike a grocery store that may draw its customers from a maximum radius of 5 miles. Costco must have a drawing radius from about 15-20 miles.
    So may I suggest that Costco start to sell insulated bags. To position them near the freezer and refrigerated section,. I guarantee that this would substantially increase the sale of these perishables! And through attrition members would start to bring their bags back with them and perpetuating the usage until it becomes a routine. Not to mention the sale of the thermal bags themselves that can be used by the members in their everyday use.i would go so far as to make them the unmistakable colors of Costco itself, not stopping at the possibility of putting the costco logo on it to help prevent them to be used in a competitors store. Thank you for all that you do so well!

  85. I just wanted to commend Kevin Whitehead, who is a lot attendant at the Sudbury Costco store, for turning in my purse when I left it in the cart in the parking lot. There was over $500.00 in cash and all my credit cards and everything thing was still there when I picked it up. I would like to say thank you to Kevin and hope you can reward him in a special way as I could not give him a reward. I would like to thank the Costco Company for “the keep it honest program”, I love shopping at your store and now I love it even more because of my experience and a chance to learn about how you treat your employees. All I could give Kevin was a big hug, but I hope you can see that he gets proper recognition. Thank you for you honest people.

  86. I notice that the legendary Costco quality is deteriorating. I had to return heating vents because they do not fit standard 3 x 10 duct outlets, I also had to return pier solar lights that were leaking and were put out of service after a rain, even though they were mounted on a wooden beam well out of water! I had to return a shower head, because it was way to heavy and thick to safely being held in a wet hand, the list goes on and on.
    Also I find your form of packaging for electronic gadgets getting out of control, if I brake the blade of my cutting knife! We leave in an age of environmental awareness, please develop new solutions and help us to reduce this absolutely unnecessary waste and hassle!

  87. I bought Salmon at Costco store on Staten Island, brought it home tried to cook same day, it was completely rotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now have to return it, it also is not the most inexpensive food you can buy, it cost me $30. Shame on Costco

  88. A few weeks ago our smoke alarms went off. We searched the house for a fire but couldn’t find anything. We immediately went to Costco to pick up some fire extinguishers… We bought two packs… two extinguishers in each pack. We got them home and my husband took them out of the box. The first box one was discharged and one full. He opened up the second box. Same thing.. One discharged one full. We were distraught!!.. We took them back to Costco and he even spoke to the manager… We think a recall should take place. It would be terrible if you went for your extinguisher and found it empty!.. The manager said he would take care of it. We were in at Costco this week. We walked back to the Extinguishers. My husband picked up the first box and opened it.. One was discharged.. one wasn’t. He picked up the next box.. One was discharged one wasn’t… REALLY????????????????? Why aren’t they recalled?..

  89. I just came back from #673 Costco at Henderson, Nevada. I never had any issues while shopping or paying for my items; I think that the buyers for Costco are The Best in the Business and the employers are professional too.. However Today I had a cashier (Angelica R. Reg#17) very Rude, unprofessional and perform below contrary to the standards expected by COSTCO. I hope that I will not experience this treatment again.

  90. I have some kirkland pecans that the bag has puffed up on them. I was wondering if they are alright to eat.
    What would cause this to happen?

  91. When will you be building a costco in State College, PA??????
    Everyone wants one here. The closest one is in Harrisburg. I am a member and love the store.

  92. Costco pharmacy is awful. They left out almost HALF of my prescription (WHICH I NEED) and when I pointed it out they accused me of lying. They didn’t want to help me. They were very rude and I will not be returning to Costco ever again.

  93. Need Kirkland Borghese line of products. Moisturizer SPF 15, Face Serum, Night Cream. Where are these products? Pat wrote an article in your Costco magazine that informed all of us about this line of products. I LOVE THEM ALL. Why are you planning on discontinuing them?

  94. I LOVE Costco!!! I have been trying to find contact information and I hope this gets to corporate. Your meats and fish absolutely cannot he beat, simply the very best. I now shop exclusively at Costco for these and more. Kirkland coffee as well….I love your products….keep up the good work!!

  95. For years you have carried the Moana Macadamia nuts from Hawaii they were always fresh and delicious. I was informed today you no longer carry them. I got a “bag” today at my local Costco by Savanna from Africa. They are hard old and extremely disappointing. I know that I have the receipt and can return them. However, I will not be able to get the wonderful product that you have supplied for years. I am truly dis appointed. Please rethink this and buy American!!

  96. I want to write a commendation letter to you for the outstanding service I have received for many years form Juan Garcia at Warehouse # 107. Can I mail it to the Costco Corporate Office , PO Box 34331 in Seattle?

  97. To whom it may concern,
    Hello, my name is Juancarlos Guerra and I am a frequent customer and member of Costco. I have had nothing but great experiences with Costco. The food and service are excellent! My family and I travel a lot and we have gone to various locations. Recently I was very disappointed with my purchase. I had purchased uncooked chicken(a usual for me)and when i arrived home to prepare the meal, the chicken had a very sour smell. I took long looks at the poultry and did not understand why it had such smell. it came to the conclusion that it was gray and pasty. I was not happy with this! It was an awful experience and wish not to confront it ever again. It has disappointed me and my family and after such thing, i am not sure whether or not to go back. If anyone can kindly respond to this email it would kind, my family and I will greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your concern!
    Disappointed Member…
    – Juancarlos Guerra.

  98. I recently shopped at one of your norwalk stores. The ct ave location to be exact. I would just like to say that the customer service department was very patient and attentive with me. I was in a bit of a bad mood an having a bad day , but the team was patient. Please commend them for their patient and helpfulness

  99. The new pharmacist refused to fill my prescription at first and when she did they refilled it with a generic my insurance will not pay for generic. They know that. I have been going to this pharmacy for years now.

  100. We’ve been a members about 2 yrs now and yesterday when we went to your store in Chicago the Clybourn store we had a very bad experience with your cashier upon paying our purchase we hand her cupons than out of no where she was so rude and des respcetful towards us saying that the cupons needed to be in the book and not detached but she said this a very rude manner?
    Just to let you know this happen yesterday 10.8.2013 around 2:00 P.m.

  101. Wow Costco isn’t perfect but its light years ahead of the competition. My wife and i drive there, 140 miles each way, and we are just grateful to be able do six that every five six weeks. After reading some of these posts some of you need to practice a little gratitude. The customer its not always right. No, i don’t work there.

    Thanks for the large selection of non preserved or processed foods and the fabulous prices. Some of you need to be stuck with Walmart like us.

  102. Can not remember the date but it was the month of August when I asked the pharmacist for a Shingles vaccine. He told me to come back in half hour which I did, then he said again to come back in 5 minutes, to my surprise when I entered the patients room , as he had told me to do, there was a small tray and an injection on the table, he came in after a few minutes and took the injection to vaccinate me! I told him that patients are suppose to see the new needle in their original package and that they are suppose to be opened in front of the patient, we do not know who entered that room or who touched that needle, this was very unsafe and I am still very upset at this incident. The pharmacist said he had to prepare it and that all was fine.
    He should know better, as a pharmacist, that in these days with all the maladies around he should follow the rules.
    I do not trust the pharmacy anymore! I am furious with him and myself for accepting that vaccine. Contrary to what Costco is, the pharmacist of the Costco Kendall area in Miami, Fla. has my worst rating.

  103. Literally, most disrespectful workers I have ever come in contact with. The manager was the worst of them all. I wanted to call Costco and complain about the way they talked to my child, but I have no idea what the phone number to reach them is. Horrible.

  104. Our complaint goes to Food court Manager, Jackie (she refused to provide her last name) at Fremont, CA Costco.

    We waited more than 15-20 minutes to purchase the hot dogs, While people were complaining the slow services. I told her that we should not wait for 20 minutes just to buy hot dogs. The first sentence she said that I was lying that it never happened for 20 minutes. I showed her my receipt that we were out of cashier lines about 20 minutes ago. Instead of apology, she was extreme rude and say she did not need to serves anyone if she does not like. She even told us that she can kick us out from Costco if she wanted. When we asked to talk to her manager, she said she is the manager and there is no one bigger than her at this location.

  105. I just wrote a comment somewhere on this site it was a nice compliment, and one complaint about Kirkland Rice Crackers with Nuts, they tasting terrible I can’t get anyone to eat much more then one. And wanted to know what those little green ones are, they are the worst. Kirkland you dropped the ball on those Rice Crackers very bad.

  106. Please bring back Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts. This brand is sooo much better than the brand you are now carrying. The current brand, Savanna Gourmet Dry Roasted Macadamia nuts, are grossly over salted and poorly roasted.

    Holiday entertaining is just around the corner. Hope you will have Mauna Loa brand in time! thx.

  107. I and several other loyal Costco members were stunned today to find you have replaced item #936226 Stuffed Grape Leaves with a very inferior item #733354. The replacement item doesn’t even begin to compare to the quality of what you ripped out from under us. Who, may I ask, was the genius who did the product research/comparison before making the switch???? Obviously not anyone who loves grape leaves. Do you know what one of your employees said to me when i asked where the grape leaves were????? She looked at me, put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a plastic bag with three grape leaves for her lunch. She said “they discontinued them and I bought all that was left on the shelf”. If that is not testimony enough, I don’t know what is. I am so tired of finding the brands I have come to rely on (ie: Dr Praegers Veggie Burgers, frozen Organic Corn, etc) pulled from your shelves all for the sake of your bottom line. If you don’t realize by now that your customers are willing to pay a few more cents for the products and quality they have come to expect in your store then maybe I should consider not renewing my membership and do my shopping at Whole Foods. You have one very disappointed member here in FL.

  108. I have been using mostly sweet low sweetener. Recently I purchased Kirkland brand. Yesterday, I tried it in my morning dunkin donut (mild and melo) coffee. It made the coffee taste very bitter (half a packet as I have used of the sweet low). Thinking that it was a problem with my taste, I poured the remainder of the packet in the cup and it just made it more bitter. Later in the evening, I decided to make another pot of coffee to see if my taste had changed. It had not. It was still bitter and was verified as being bitter by my wife and a neighbor. This morning I tried a cup of the same dunkin donut coffee, one with the Kirkland and one with sweet low. I am sorry to tell you that your sweetener does not sweetin. To the contrary, it makes coffee bitter. I feel that it is my responsibility to give you this information. Regards, Charles elliott

  109. I tried to locate an email contact for your public relations department without success, so I will express my concerns here. I have just learned that Costco sells Bibles marked as “Fiction”. Really? That may be your opinion but it flies in the face of at least half of the American public.

    I have been a member of costco for over 10 years and have spent a great deal of money in your stores. I will not be renewing my membership this year or any year thereafter.

    You have offended me deeply and many others I know who will be doing the same. Your discounts will never override your complete and utter disrespect for Christians world-wide.

    Shame on you.

  110. I am so proud that I have a membership with your Augusta store especially since you have gone against what other retailers are doing by being closed on Thanksgiving Day. This is great for me as a consumer and your employees. It shows you care about your employees and understand consumers want to be with their family as well.

  111. Costco Location: Pompano Beach, FL (Sample Road) 1/3/2014

    Today has been the WORST I have ever seen at this location. Packed with people, parking lots full, hard to navigate down the aisles or through an aisle and lines to check out just unbelievable. I usually steer clear of this location due to the above mentioned reasons, but today needed a few items. There was almost a fight at the checkouts between a young woman and older woman just for placement in lines. No Management in sight…no one controlling the stampedes in the store, no one trying to organize the lines, etc. I know this store is high yield in sales, but someone needs to send representatives from the corporate offices to witness all of this and be sure you do it unannounced. Does not matter the day or time of year, this store is a disgrace. I will now only shop at the Boca Raton, FL location. Feel free to contact me.

  112. Your current pricing of regular gas is too high in Boca Raton, Florida and is consistently 6 or more cents higher than the Costco in Coconut Creek (Sample Road)

    There is a 3 cents tax in our county, but you are much higher than that charge. It is time to stop gauging us here in Boca Raton.

  113. What a pleasure to be a member of costco community. We purchased a membership with the sole purpose of buying a entertainment/firelace center we saw online, unfortunately it was not working properly. We called the manufacturer he immediately sent a new one out and also a $200 dollar gift card to costco. Now is that customer service or what? We originally thought we would go to costcos maybe a couple of times a year because of the distance, but in the 3 months we have had the card we have been shopping there on a regular basis.

  114. What a pleasure to be member of the costco community. Bought a entertainment/fireplace center for half of what the other stores where selling the same item for. We had a little problem with it; called the manufacturer he sent a replacement plus a $200 gift certificate. Our experience has been so positive on all levels customer service, quality of products sold, ect ec t ; what we thought was going to be a once in awhile shopping trip, because of the driving distance has turned out to be our go to store on a weekly basis

  115. My name is Samantha Curry i shopped at my local Costco yesterday afternoon (1/26/14). MY fiancee and I bought a 4lb contaier of fresh fruit containing strawberries, pineapple, mango, cantaloupe, and honey dew. I opened it this morning for breakfast and there was mold on most of the strawberries. This is nasty someone had to of seen this!

    • 07/08/2014 I saw your news release this morning. Your organization supported obama big time. That is just fine. But you cancelled a book that explains that obama hates the usa and the author of this book “America” loves this country and shame on you for taking his book off the shelve. Anyone who doesn’t agree with obama, isn’t a good person. Thank you. I pray your organization suffers big time due to this decision. I guess you hate the USA too. I will never shop in your store again, ever.

  116. 1-31-14
    My monthly Costco shopping was very stressful… Looking for a Cheese in bulk. They always carry it… went through the Red Vest’s to the store Mgr. looking for it. Took so long that I gave up, and went to the check out line, it was in stock somewhere, per their computer. While in line to check out.. The Store Manager comes up to me with the product !!! I was all smiles.. High Fiving him !! This is in the check outline, at your Kirkland Store. In front of his staff, and customers. Just want you to know this.

  117. i was shopping at costco in summerlinn nv, on feb 12 2014, i wanted to order a party tray of sandwiches….the music in the deli was so loud that i couldnt hear the person talking to me….but the worst part was this….i am african american,,,, and the music playing in the deli was shouting the “n” word along with bitch and several offensive inuendos….what a downer…will NEVER shop there again

  118. As a long time very satisfied Costco shopper, I have felt that everything I purchase there is a great value ranging from TVs to meat to clothing to even a great deal on a car rental

    But recently on my last two visits, you really dropped the ball on avocados from Chile. They never ripened properly, were all filled with a stringy black substance and basically were inedible and had to be tossed. I do have three suggestions: first and I cannot believe you do not do this,is that you must sample them before you put them in the warehouse to make sure they are up to the Costco standard of excellence. Second, you may consider Mexican avocados if they are out of season in California. finally, you may allow customers to sample them in the warehouse so customers are not disappointed.

    Finally, this is not about a refund or cancelling my membership. I still love Costco, but just am disappointed when I am craving some guacamole or some avocado for a salad and anxiously slice one open only to have to throw them out. Thank you for your consideration.

  119. I was at costco in harrison st.sf last mainly concern here is the cashier name “LAURICE” was really rude!!i bought a bottle of ciroc and when the time i pay my total i was just short of money and borrowing some cash to my cousin and this lady name laurice make it a big issue about this!first of all if your being a smart ass i am the caremembership owner and you took my I.D at the first my why in the world u still interogating my cousin about her I.D since she not the one whos buying the of liquir??i mean its ok with us if she ask for my cousin I.D but the attitude that she giving us is very unpropessional..we are very very disappointed of this experiece!!my concern is can costco management can do anything about this?

  120. Every time I go to Costco Bedford park il 7000 s. Cicero they never have any working mobile shopping carts for handicap people. I can go to SAMs club & they have at least 7 carts. Why does Costco not support their handicap customers & have working carts for them. Please advise

  121. Charmin bathroom tissue is starting to skimp. The roll looks awfully small on the paper holder. They are also cutting the number of sheets on the roll. The width went from 4 1/2 inches to 4 inches. The manufactures that make the holders will complain about the width as will many homeowners who have the holders. The rolls look skimpy! Charmin seem to be going the same route as the Hershey, Butterfinger and Babe Ruth candy bars not only in size but cost. Tell them to increase cost a few pennies but keep the width at 4 1/2 inches.

  122. decided to go in to spotsylvania mall va cosco was informed by a very very rude employee that we needed a membership to go to snack bar. I asked since when she barked A MONTH AGO. Funny we went last week without a problem. I was going to resign my Cosco membership but I dont appreciate MISS BAD ATTITUDE AT THE DOOR so BJ’S HERE WE COME…. You guys will probaly disregard this E mail but if this was my buisness I would want to know.. Signed really disapointed

  123. I was quite upset to read that Costco decided to dump millions of dollars worth of peanut butter in a New Mexico landfill. What a waste. It should have been donated to a local food pantry. So what if the oil had separated. All you have to do is stir it up when you open it. It was stated that there was nothing else wrong with the peanut butter. If that’s the only reason why it wasn’t donated to a food pantry, than shame on you!

  124. I was wondering g what happened to the Kirkland brand paper towels they were amazing I got every one in my family to use them but in the past few months they are terrible they fall apart easily and I use so much more of them now I no longer buy them and have gone back to my original brand as has everyone else please go back to your original all ones they were high quality which is what you expect from your products

  125. We want to purchase “Quaker Oats Old-Fashioned Oatmeal (10lb)”,how to contact with you to get the product?
    Please contact to me soon!

  126. Your employee name Sandy J ( customer service at Oxnard,CA) was extremely rude and the worst customer service.

  127. To whom it may concern

    We spent $486.57 and had the worst customer service ever from Sandy J at Oxnard,CA. She was extremely rude and unprofessional.
    Sandy J doesn’t know how to treat the customer to bring the business in. I’m so upset and disappointed with this employee.

  128. To whom it may concern

    I spent lots of money at Costco and had the worst customer service ever from Sandy Y at Oxnard,CA. She was extremely rude and unprofessional.
    I’m so upset and disappointed with Sandy Y because she doesn’t know how to treat the customer.

  129. To whom it may concern,

    We spent lots of money at Costco and had the worst customer service ever from Sandy Y at Oxnard,CA. She was extremely rude and unprofessional.
    I’m so upset and disappointed with Sandy, and I don’t want to shop anymore at Costco.

  130. Raves! for your “Women’s Premium Pima Cotton Crew Neck” T-shirts!
    The first thing that caught my eye was the extremely reasonable price of $9.99. (I thought at that price, I couldn’t go wrong!)I bought one in each color (except white ~ ’cause I’m a slob). The weight is wonderful.
    When I got home and tried on the first one I was amazed! (I’m long waisted) It was a great length! Long enough to tuck in or short enough to leave out.
    I’m hoping that with such a fine product, you will consider offering them in other colors (primaries: red, navy, etc.)
    I’ve received compliments on them ~ when was the last time anyone complimented someone on a t-shirt??!!!!
    Love ‘em! Love, ‘em!
    Thanks for taking the time to ready my rave!

  131. Re: vitalife chicken tenders.
    After buying and giving my dog these treats a month ago she got very ill and a $400. vet bill, she was very ill for a week, and even after blood tests and an x-ray the vets could not find any thing, but she kept throwing up until I scene an add about chicken treats from foreign country’s and then never gave her no more, she then started getting better and is ok now.
    Take this crap of your shelfs.

  132. “It is my understanding that you are pulling the book “America” off your shelves because of your allegiance to Obama. You have within your budget plans to open a new store in Tulsa, which I was excited about. I planned to shop once again at your establishment, however you have drawn a political line which shows your hypocrisy towards a free America that enabled you to make your millions, yet deny we the people the same opportunity by your actions which is a blatant disregard for freedoms. I will NEVER Shop at any of your locations and I will do all within my power to convey the same message to all my friends and colleagues.

    If I have misconstrued your intentions you can notify me directly. Unlike President Obama, I will admit when I make a mistake.

  133. What bad customer service! I sent one of my employees to purchase goods with the $175 rebate for last years purchases and with her cart full, the sales clerk would not allow her to use coupon and told her that only I can use it.
    What I suggest is that you reduce my membership to the $50 category as the 2% rebate is not worth my personal time to shop at your store.
    While I am writing you should fix your store’s signage as most department have deffierent hours than what is posted in front of the stores like Hearing aid department

  134. Freedom of speech. If you remove America from your store, you can remove my membership as well. FREEDOM!!!

  135. 07/08/2014 I saw your news release this morning. Your organization supported obama big time. That is just fine. But you cancelled a book that explains that obama hates the usa and the author of this book “America” loves this country and shame on you for taking his book off the shelve. Anyone who doesn’t agree with obama, isn’t a good person. Thank you. I pray your organization suffers big time due to this decision. I guess you hate the USA too. I will never shop in your store again, ever.

  136. Since this president hates the USA, I guess you do too. Your organization supported him, big time. You should not take that book America off the shelves. Some of us love this country. Read the book and see that it is a great book about how great the USA is here and in the world. Anyone who hates the USA is only jealous.

  137. You won’t answer the phone, guess you are afraid of what people will say to you. Shame on you. I will never shop in your store again. You don’t believe in the freedom of speech, all you care about is what the president wants. When socialism really takes hold, no one will be able to afford your deteriorating products.

  138. I am looking for Dinesh D’Souza’s America, Imagine a World Without Her. I heard you had this but might pull it from your stores. Why? Do you have it available?

  139. As a customer of Costco I am very disturbed by the removal of the book “America,” authored by Dinesh D’Souza. I will not step back into another COSTCO store until this book has been placed back into customers options to purchased.

  140. Your censoring Dinesh Dsouza’s book is outragious.

    I will limit my purchases with you


  141. cannot believe that you are censoring books . d’souza’s book needs to be reinstated . if you don’t understand this comment then send it to mr. seniegal and get it fixed ………. am seriously considering dropping my membership due to costco’s support of a socialist regime .

  142. Due to Costco’s anti free speech and anti American act of removing Dinesh D’souza’s book America from your stores I will never enter a Costco store again. I will encourage all the people I know to do likewise. If you cannot tolerate a difference of opinion and a free exchange in the marketplace of ideas I can no longer tolerate shopping at your stores. Thank you.

  143. please advise me on the results of posting comment #123 & 124 dated july 8, 2014 at 1:20pm &123pm respectively .

  144. R.i.P . Guys I going to stop shopping in your store till you bring back the book America .i feel like I’m back in Cuba . If you don’t we’ll good bye :(:(:(

  145. Costco has removed book by Dinesh De Souza…to protect ‘Progressives’ from ideas other than their own.
    Thank G-D, because those poor babies just can’t handle that!

  146. I am sad to hear that you have removed the book AMERICA from your shelves. Since this book seems to be an offense to you, it is troubling to me to see that Costco only deals with products that are politically correct. In the future I will no longer purchase any books from Costco.

  147. I just received notice that you have banned the book “America”.
    Only a traitor to our country would do such a thing.
    I do NOT buy from a traitor!

  148. My husband and I have been members at Costco for quite a while. I am writing to voice my concerns that Costco is a democratic store,tThat other views in books are not tolerated. The D’nesh D’sousa book was removed. from their shelves.If Costco does not change it’s policy, we will change stores.
    Marta Goodrich

  149. Please restock your stores with ‘America” by Desousa. Please do this by tomorrow. It is a disgrace that this patriotic book has been removed from your shelves. Really makes me want to shop at Sam’s Club or Walmart. Surely you are not anti American?

    Thank you,
    Suzanne Grantham

  150. Due to you pulling conservative books off of your shelf’s i will n o longer shop at Costco. this is just like the IRS targeting the same, shame on you Costco. not another dime!!

  151. What were you thinking? Pulling a best selling book “America” off your shelves is an insult to all Americans. Obama must be very proud of your political bias. Unfortunately your customers are NOT. We have a large family and we will be doing business elsewhere. You guys should wake up and fire the people who made this stupid decision.

  152. I have lost my respect for Costco. Your taking the book “America” from book sales said a lot about your company.

  153. This morning I learned on the news the book America has been pulled from your shelves. Is Costco into censorship now?
    I will be telling all of my friends about this, and will consider not shopping at your business in the future if the book is not reinstated.
    Thank You,

  154. I have visited your new store in Fort Wayne, IN three times.

    I was preparing to buy a membership till I found out on the news that you support the Obama administration. Your decision to pull D’Souza’s book, “America”, and claim the Bible is “fiction” clearly shows your alliance with the worse President we have ever had. Your alliance now seals my alliance with Sams Wholesale Club.

  155. I was recently in a Costco looking for Dinesh D’Souza,s wonderful book about AMERICA. There weren’t any to be found, I couldn’t believe it…it is a best seller!
    Anyway, on the news days later I here the founder of Costco was a rabid Obama supporter and would not allow the book because D’Souza is a conservative…
    This is flat out censorship.I will not be going back to Costco, I have already got a membership to Sams!

  156. Good morning, Shame on this company for removing the book America, Imagine Life Without Her. Our family saw this movie last evening in Mashpee, MA. and it was equal to or better than “2016”. Costco, in cahoots with the worst potus in my life time? You’ll never find us in any of your locations! Sincerely, Jennifer McNally

  157. Have been waiting excitedly for Costco to open near our home. No rush now–I would not shop Costco if it were in my backyard. I HATE any company that uses its power to intimidate and shut down free discourse. Although “America” is NO. 1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List, your liberal bias caused you to yank it off your shelves. It’s Sam’s Club for me and my extended family. We will NEVER enter your stores again! Bye-bye, Costco, and you can say bye-bye to thousands of dollars. Idiots.

  158. My comment is “awaiting moderation,” is it? Ha. What that means is that it will NEVER show up because you’ve already proven you are deceitful and anti-American.

  159. Obviously Costco is run by a political hack who believes he knows best what his customers should read or hear ans so he bans D’ Souzas book. That would only serve to make them as ignorant as you appear to be.

  160. Mr. COSTCO,
    You have, apparently, decided to introduce politics into your business model by removing Danesh D’Sousa’s book, America, from COSTCO stores.
    What you sell is your business.
    Where I shop and who I trade with is MY business. You have successfully lost a customer thru this action. I do not choose to have COSTCO monitor or control what I read.
    I am suspending my participation with COSTCO immediately.

    Louisville, TN

  161. I purchased a set of tires for my car from Costco on 5/16/2012. I have used only 3/32 of the tread according to the Costco employee and the tires are supposed to have a warranty down to 2/32 remaining, which should mean I am at 29/32. I picked up an object in one tire on 7/7/2014 and it was deemed as unfixable by Costco. The road hazard warranty would cover the replacement, I was told. However, Costco prorates based upon remaining life of the tire. The tire cost to replace is $200.99 and I was charged $78.83 for the use I had put on that tire! I have put a grand total of only 14,000 miles on that set of tires. They are sold with a warranty to 50,000 miles. But, Costco based my cost on the measured wear only, as the car is in my garage an hour away from their store. I do not see how they get a cost that high. In short, their road hazard warranty is a joke and a rip-off. Had I purchased these same tires from Les Schwab Tire Center, I would be fully covered for replacement with no cost to myself for the entire 50,000 miles. They also have many more convenient locations and I do not have to make an appointment to have work done. In short, with this kind of treatment, this is the last time I will ever buy tires from Costco. I am making it my mission to spread the word to everyone I know as well. I work hard for my money, as do most people, and to have this happen upsets me. I feel like a fool for purchasing my tires from Costco. I will take all my future tire business to Les Schwab instead.

  162. I am canceling my Costco membership. The decision to not offer the book America in your stores SICKENS me. I don’t need Costco if these are the decisions the owner, CEO or whomever makes such stupid decisions. How can you be so BIAS? Wow! One customer gone!!!I am sure there will be many more.

  163. Shame on Costco for removing Dinesh D’Souza’s book “America” from all Costco stores. Costco’s excuse was the book was not selling. If a book does not sell, then why is Hillary Clinton’s book still be sold at Costco?. I go into Costco two to three times a week. No one is buying Hillary’s book. In the Paradise Valley Costco, the same two stacks of books and audio version have not moved or decreased in weeks.

    The reason Costco removed “America” from the stores is political. The co-owner is a progressive liberal who supports Obama. He cannot stand the truth that Obama is being exposed as a failure and a fraud. All books, whatever their political slant should be available. Let the public decide with their dollars if the book will be a success or failure. Costco in removing D’Souza’s book is acting like the Nazis and other political regimes that want to silence any dissent they do not agree with.

    My membership is up for renewal in a few months. I will not renew my Costco membership. I have been a member since the early 1990’s. I plan on signing up with Sams Club. I will also inform my circle of friends on the gestapo tactics Costco has done to its members.

    Please pass this to your top management.

  164. I understand you made a decision not to stock a conservative’s book. But, have reversed it and will stock it.
    I’ve been a good customer for years. If you start doing political stuff like this, I will boycott Costco, drop my membership, and advertise negative things about you. Pathetic and unbelievable!
    I would guess you have plenty of liberal crap on your book shelves. Wake up or take a chance of losing 50% of your customers.

  165. I didn’t realize how liberal the owners of Costco are. I am a Republican and will not tolerate your political stance. Regarding the removal of the conservative book, it is pathetic. Though you have started stocking it again was a wise decision, but may be too late with a lot of customers.
    If you continue your political crap, you will lose me as a customer and I do a lot of buying at your store.
    I know a lot of folks who say they will boycott you because of your political choices. It is pathetic!

  166. We spend about $6,000 per year at Costco for many years and are satisfied with the service but would prefer they use plastic bags like Sam’s rather than boxes. I was very offended about hearing that D’Souza’s brilliant top selling book was pulled because of no interest. If that was true why wasn’t Hillery’s book which no one is buying pulled. We will be shopping Sunday at Costco. If D’Souza’s book is not on the shelf we will cancel are membership and shop at Sam’s for ever more even though it’s inconvenient.

  167. I have attempted to contact customer service without any luck. I posted a comment on here, but it was pending moderation, and now it is just gone. I guess nobody at Costco wants to acknowledge that I am upset with your policies on tires. I feel I have a valid point, but I am not being heard by anyone. Why?

  168. Costco has removed the book “America-Imagine a world without her” from stores apparently as some sort of political statement. As a former congressional administrative assistant and lifelong Democrat, I resent the action. Anytime a national public company removes any book, liberal or conservative, from stores when the book is on best seller lists such as Amazon or the New York Times it is an act of corporate censorship. The action reflects a lack of respect for customers and our ability to make our own choices. If it is a best seller and not porn, there is no reason to remove it.

  169. I just learned this evening about Costco pulling the “America” book on July 4th. I was going to turn in my card tomorrow morning. Then I saw the Fox News report that you recinded the decision. I would think this would have warrented an e-mail to every member. What was management thinking?

  170. I am a NY state resident but have a winter home in North Fort Myers. When I am in Fort Myers for the winter I am, excuse me I mean I was a loyal Cosco customer. That will now change upon the news of you at Cosco removing the book America. You go right ahead and spin it all you want I am not stupid. This was a political move and you at Cosco know it. How stupid this was, you executives at Cosco must live in a liberal bubble. Wake up and see what this president, the most divisive president we have ever had, is doing to this country. I voted for him in 2008 but learned of his narcissistic, arrogant, ways. Look what he had you do, despicable. I will leave you with a saying that certainly applies. There are none so blind then those who refuse to see. I won’t be shopping ever again at my favorite store, Cosco Cypress Lake Drive. You people greatly disappoint me, how ignorant and biased you are.

    Sent from my iPad

  171. DearCraig Jelinek, ,

    My wife and I are writing to inform you how furious and disappointed we are as Costco Members to have heard of the pulling off our shelfs the Book “America” by Dinesh Souza on the 4th of July. We and everyone we know, are looking forward to seeing the movie AMERICA which is not at our local theaters as of yet, As the book is a companion to the movie – we will be purchasing it as well. I guess we’ll order it from Amazon instead of picking it up during our biweekly visits to Costco.

    Are you planning on restocking it immediately so we can recommend our friends to buy it?
    Are you planning a special promotion with theater ticket discounts coupons with every book purchased?

    You could turn this Edsel, I mean New Coke of a PR blunder around by simply applying some of your otherwise brilliant marketing = how about including 2 Movie Theater Discount Coupons with every book sold, and You could let it slip that you are reading the book, and planning to see the movie, and then you can personally write a book / Movie review to be included in your next monthly Magazine,

    That would be a authentic mea culpa, What will you do to right this wrong?

    Ted & Cassandra Andrus
    Maui, Hawaii

  172. We received a phone message from both Costco and the fruit company that issued the recall on peaches etc.. My husband has been on hold for over an hour trying to contact the fruit company. We purchased peaches and I made a pie which my husband had several pieces. Anyhow, during the night he became violently ill. We had no idea what caused it until we got the recall notice. Who would have guessed peaches. Now no one answers the phone so we can ask questions. I threw the left over peaches away but they were in the vegetable bin in our refrigerator. Do I throw away any veggies that came in contact? Obviously contacting this Winnona or whatever their name is, is not going to happen. This is a product you sold so you must hold some responsibility and I need some questions answered. He just hung up, he has a dead phone…

  173. Re; Panama store Bakersfield CA, The manager Dennis is an attribute to your Company non stop hands on manager always roaming the aisles checking everything assistive helpful & greeting people as a former assistant supermarket manager I can spot a dedicated hard at work employee,getting served is also quick no long waits or lines.Unfortunately we went to Walmart yesterday for an item only they carry,a packed store with only 3 checkstands open,there is absolutely no respect for shoppers whatsoever they are the exact opposite of Costco where we have been members since Price Co opened the 1st store on Morena boulevard in San Diego & where my wife knew Sol Price personally.Glad that you kept the tradition alive of both Costco/Price Co,we remain your devoted members.

  174. I recently rented a car at Avis in St. Cloud, Minnesota with a Cost Co reservation. Upon arrival I was treated rudely and condescendingly by the own. Stated He did not have to honor any coupons or discounts as he was only agency in the area. I was also instructed I had to wash car and vacuum out before returning car. Will not use this agency again. Agency Is poor representation for Avis.

  175. I live near the Nanuet Costco, and am very happy with the store. However, I wanted to ask if you would consider carrying more organic fruit. At my store, I only see apples in that category. I would like to be able to buy organic berries and perhaps peaches and other stone fruit.
    I hope you will consider this request as it is my belief that there is a market for it.

  176. I live near the Nanuet Costco, and am very happy with the store. However, I wanted to ask if you would consider carrying more organic fruit. At my store, I only see apples in that category. I would like to be able to buy organic berries and perhaps peaches and other stone fruit.
    I hope you will consider this request as it is my belief that there is a market for it.

  177. We purchase 2% milk in a gallon jar from Costco located in Elkridge, MD we find that the milk splits and curds even well before the printed sell by date. We have to throw the milk and have done so on several times. the milk is kept in a well maintained temperature. Milk from other stores remains fresh.
    Costco needs to refrigerate the store milk and see for yourself what happens. Either supplier or USDA need to address this serious issue of milk going bad well before the sell by date.

  178. I love Costco. I really liked there water. Recently they must have changed their supplier because the water is terrible. Please go back to your old water vendor. Much better water before. I am buying my water elsewhere right now

  179. I bought a bottle of Palmolive Dishwasher Soap from Costco (Naperville). From my 5 minute drive home, half bottle of Palmolive soap spilled into my car! For some weird reason, the cap of the dishwater soap came off, which never had happened before. I am now left with $2700 damage to replace my stereo system and navigation system of my car. Why is the quality of the bottle so poorly designed that it doesn’t screw on correctly? The soap has seeped into my stereo and it’s impossible to clean it. Please contact me so we can discuss some compensation for this damage. I have never had a cap come off over the years I bought Palmolive Dishwasher Soap.

  180. To: Costco Customer Service PHOTO Dept,
    I have been buying my photos from the Kennesaw, Georgia store for years, including our annual family Christmas Photos. So easy to upload, download, send and pick up the next day and be on my way BUT the photo dept was removed from my store and now the process takes 3-5 business days! Why would I do that if I can go to Walmart or CVS to get my grand baby photos to put on my refrigerator?! Today was my last trip to the Photo Dept…boo hoo…. PS: Having the packages out where anyone can pick up didn’t feel comfortable to me.

  181. I just purchased the Chicken Alfredo from the deli at Costco. There was not enough sauce which made it very dry. Would not purchase this product again.

  182. I purchased two side (dining) chairs at the San Luis Obispo Costco Warehouse that were covered in bonded leather. They were not used often but in a very short time the bond started to fail and the black so called leather came off in large pieces. I have ended up throwing the chairs out. Does all bonded leather do this?

    Bruce Stuart

  183. To the Top MGMT of Costco:

    Hello Sirs, Ma’ms,

    First of all my Good morning. My suggestion is, please accept the VISA Credit Card as the method of payment also. And most important is, I feel your sells proceeds
    Will increase for sure and more people will join Costco.

    Best regards
    Biswa Chatterjee

  184. I am shocked at the price of your butter. It is practically double the price of 2013. In addition, your supplier is adding too much water to the butter. You can tell when you heat it and the butter spatters. Never had this problem until recently. Consider a new supplier.

  185. I filled a prescription for the first – and last time yesterday! It was at the store on Stephenson Hwy. in Michigan. I came to pick up a prescription which my doctor had called in. It wasn’t ready so I came back & waited in a long line, only to be told they needed my insurance card. I came back A THIRD TIME – long line again & finally received the medicine. However, I told them right at the beginning that I wanted a non-childproof cap. I got a childproof cap, which I could not open!

  186. Why is there a BONE in the bag of Sachs peanuts I just bought? Disgusting!

    Your email form is unavailable in Chrome because it thinks your site is a security risk. I tried to call you about this and got tired of being on hold. I contacted the FDA. I guess they’ll get hold of you.

  187. I have been a loyal patron of Costco for more than 15 years. I have generally had a good experience with Costco’s customer service. I was therefore appalled and saddened to see the rude and racist behavior of cashier Diana J on 10/30/2014, register 7 at costco Tustin in CA. She was nice to all other customers except me. She ignored my warm greetings and smile despite my saying hello three times. She natched my costco card and flung it in my face after the transaction was complete. She was rude and mean and hasty in her demeanor but extremely warm with all other customers. It might have been the fact that I am an Anerican Muslim wearing a headscarf. It is disheartening to be treated so poorly when you are a tax paying, loyal US Govt worker. I have spent thousands of dollars on Costco and even bought food for charity and homeless shelters from here. Diana J’s crude behavior left a blemish in my memory. It is a true case of racial profiling where she saw my head scarf as a problem. I recommend that Costco implement cultural sensitivity training on all staff so that this behavior does not affect its bottomline given its diverse customer base. Many thanks

  188. I’m your number one fan. You do most things flawlessly. Here are two things that could use some attention. #1. Your Salem, Oregon store has the Exit crowd crossing in front of the Enter crowd making it quite a confusing and difficult task to navigate entering your store. Item #2 stop screwing with the Apple Pie. It was much better before you started putting the sugar frosting on the lattice crust…plus who needs the extra calories. Thanks for listening. Mike

  189. I just had the most unpleasant experience at Costco in Chino Hills on 11/16/14 at 17:43 p.m. at Register8 (info from my receipt).
    My daughter is paying for my grocery as a thanksgiving gift for me, She used her AMEX.
    After Sandy-the cashier swiped the AMEX card, she said that the manager has to approve the purchase as my daughter is not a member.
    Sherri-the manager then came approached me rudely and said she’ll let it go this time but don’t let it happen again. The rudeness in her voice and her attitude are unacceptable. We didn’t know that we couldn’t use my daughter’s AMEX, it was an honest mistake but the way that Sherri deliver the message is unprofessional.
    Perhaps Costco needs to provide additional customer service training to all of their managers.

  190. This email is direct specifically at the buyer(s) of men’s clothing. Please following the directions below –
    1. Take the Costco corporate credit card and drive to the nearest Brooks Brothers retail location (not an outlet store).
    Once there buy all sizes of men’s button down TRADITIONAL FIT shirts.
    Have them duplicated in China /Thailand/Bangladesh/Vietnam or where ever it is that you buy the much too tight shirts that you have been selling for years. I recommend these shirts (which) are made over seas just like the fitted shirts you now sell so there no excuse to sell a 2XL men’s shirt that I can not button when a 1XL Brooks Brothers Tradition fit shirt works.
    (Personally I need 2XLs that fit my apple shaped belly.)

    American men are neither super thin nor gaunt. We have been eating and enjoying it.

    2. Get some Lee’s Jeans Stretch or Wrangle Stretch Jeans as the ones you sell are like cheap hotels – No ballroom.

    Around a third of Americans and probably a greater percentage of your customers are overweight to obese so get shirts and pants that have “a skoosh more room” so that I don’t have to return them or get dressing rooms so that we can try the stuff on in the store.

  191. On December 14/ 2012 I purchased a TwinStar Fireplace Home Theatre Stand. On November 22/ 2014 i went to my Rec. room turned on the fireplace and nothing happened. I checked my home outlet and it was fine. I proceeded to try and contact the Manufacturer and I have to say it was the WORST CUSTUMER SERVICE I have ever encountered. The only advise that the SERVICE TECH could give me was to unplug the unit and plug it in again. I have dealt with Costco for many years and would like to say that every product and the service at my nearest location has been positive, however if this is the kind of product and service Costco is selling I will be taking my business elsewhere. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with anyone from Costco or Twinstar. I hope this makes Costco aware that Products and Service offered by Twinstar will ruin the Reputation of Costco.

  192. I just wanted to express my appreciation to those in charge who elected to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day. For a store to put family values ahead of making a buck–you must be commended & will surely get my Christmas dollars (& beyond).
    We are thankful for your good decisions.

  193. I am very disappointed with Costco right now. I placed my order and got an email that it had shipped on Dec. 8th. It has still not been delivered by the morning of Dec 23rd, 15 days later. It was supposed to have been delivered prior to this amount of time. I called customer service and spoke to a few ladies who(some were more helpful than others and less rude than others) could not help me find out when my package would arrive. I tied the photo center but the line kept beeping repetitively without an option to hold or leave a message. I thought that I had given Costco enough processing time before Christmas, but perhaps not. I cannot believe that my order would take almost a whole month to arrive from ordering it through delivery, and will probably also be late for Christmas resulting in us spending even more money (our order was already over $200) to ship almost all of them! Definitely not impressed with Costco right now.

  194. A heartfelt plea from a good Costco customer to your head buyer. Please Google and watch a video entitled “Racoon Dogs” I must warn you it is terribly graphic, it is stunning evidence the torture that animals in China are put through to make Faux fur for products sold in the US. Petty much anything that says Made in China that has Faux fur comes from the exploitation of these animals. Killing animals for human use or consumption is normal, however it is quite another thing for the animals to die an excruciating death. I am not a PETA fanatic, but I am an animal lover, NO animal should be tortured like this. Even if you are not an animal lover yourself…I promise if you watch the video you will surely decide for yourself that it is so wrong. There is lots of evidence of animal treats that come out of China have caused pain, suffering and death in US pets. They do not have the controls or overseers in China that we do here. Costco has tremendous power and leverage, won’t you please take a stand against something that is so wrong. I am not asking for money, just a few minutes of your time to see for yourself if what Im telling you is true. Thank you …I would love to receive a positive reply if you have the time. Thank you

  195. Please consider opening a Costco in Northern Michigan. There is a perfect site at four mile road in Grayling. Another site to consider is the west side of the city on 27 towards Traverse City. You would have I75 access off and on; instant workforce, tourist – travelers, summer residents, etc., coming to the UP (Mackinaw City, Ste St Marie, Traverse City, etc.) and many people I have spoken to would love a Costco that is not hours away. Thank you.

  196. 1st of all I love to shop @ Costco, but a member ship of $60.00 is alot to pay each year especially for me a senior on disability. I have to renew my membership every other year. I wish you had other membership programs because I noticed must people get there moneys worth or cartfull of Items. I usually go there to get the baked chicken which is really a good deal and accasonily bananas’ and every now and than a food Item I couldn’t resist from the samples given. When I bought my recription there when my member ship ran out they only charged me about 5% more. wish you had a program that if you didn’t have a card you would pay 5% extra on store items, or a card which was cheaper to use, Lets say one that would only allow you to spent only up to $500.00 per year or only 5-7 visits per year, regulated or on a punch card. I think alot more low income people on food stamps EBT card would be interested because I don’t drive I can’t carry that much out at one time.

  197. The other day I went to the Costco store in Kelowna BC in order to use a cash card given to me as a gift. I used the card to gain entry to the store. The greeting employee directed me to the front desk to obtain permission to use the card. The person behind the counter demanded to see my driving license before issuing, what he called, a day pass.
    When I asked why he needed this sort of ID, he replied it was required in order for him to give me the day pass.
    Could you please explain why Costco needs this information? What if I did not have a driving license? Would that render the gift card useless? I look forward to your response.


    Ken Ashton.

  198. My husband and I shop at the Costco in Boise, and also the Nampa ID one. We’ve noted with delight that over the past months you have increased the amount of organic, gluten-free, and even dairy-free products. This has made our lives a lot easier, and we’re always on the lookout for new things. This week we found organic Campbell’s soup in cartons, not cans. We were dubious but decided to take it home to try. We love it, and it even tastes great! If it is a success for you, we’d love to see more flavors. The only one you carried was vegetable. We’d love to continue to see more products that are organic, GF, DF, or GMO free. Thanks for paying attention to what your shoppers want and need. I can now buy a huge amount of products that I used to have to go to a specialty health food store for, right at my local Costco. Nampa especially is giving a lot of attention to stocking these great products.

  199. Your killing me I have grown accustom to those artisan breads you used to bake .Why are they gone there were so much better than the replacements.I pass up Sams and drive 20 more min to get to costco just for the bread.If you don’t go back I don’t have a good reason pass up Sams any more.
    David Oleske

  200. Sent an e-mail earlier in the day ,never received any answer.
    This regarding a Dyson50 I purchased & was surprised to realize it was 2013 when I thought I was purchasing a new one . It is totally different from the Video on Dyson. I wasn’t aware Costco ever did that with products . If they do, they should be truthful & make customers aware of this. I have been a member for many years & never knew this .
    Donnie Nichols

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