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Contacting Citibank Customer Service Center

Citibank is a huge banking and financial company that serves customers with credit cards, mortgages, investments, business services, student loans and other financial services. Much of the information to contact customer service is separated into banking categories.

Contact Info

Customers can speed up the process of contacting Citibank customer service if they choose the contact information for the appropriate department. Most departments have a general customer service phone number if you’re not sure which specific department to call.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Online Banking: 1-800-374-9700
  • Online Banking TTY: 1-800-788-0002
  • Bank Account Information: 1-800-627-3999
  • Bank Account Information TTY: 1-800-945-0258
  • Bill Payments: 1-800-374-9700 #option 2
  • Bill Payment TTY: 1-800-788-0002
  • Mobile Banking Support: 1-888-214-0036
  • Application Status (Checking, Savings, CD): 1-800-745-1534 #option 1
  • Banking Customer Service (Spanish): 1-800-374-9700
  • Banking Customer Service (Spanish TTY): 1-800-788-0002
  • Home Equity Customer Service: 1-800-685-0935
  • Home Equity Customer Service TTY: 1-800-788-0002
  • Retirement Planning: 1-800-695-5911
  • Citigold: 1-888-248-4465
  • Citigold TTY: 1-800-788-6775
  • Citigold (Outside US): 1-210-677-0065 – call collect
  • Citi Private Banking: 1-800-870-1073
  • Executive Banking Accounts: 1-813-604-3290 or 1-866-213-0890
  • Citibank Credit Cards (Consumer and Student): 1-800-347-4934
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards: 1-800-950-5114
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards TTY: 1-800-325-2865
  • Application Status (Credit Status): 1-888-201-4523
  • Citibank Business Credit: 1-866-422-3091
  • Citibank Business Credit TTY: 1-800-325-2865
  • Credit Customer Service (Outside US): 1-605-335-2222 – call collect
  • Mortgage Customer Service: 1-800-283-7918
  • New Mortgage Applications (Refinance): 1-800-248-4638
  • Personal Wealth Customer Service: 1-800-846-5200
  • Investment Accounts (New): 1-877-357-3399
  • Investment Accounts (International): 1-877-836-9141
  • Private Banking Customer Service: 1-800-645-4100 or 1-888-575-3135
  • Small Business Customer Service: 1-877-462-2484
  • Online Business Banking Support: 1-800-285-1709 #option 1
  • Customer Support Current Student Loans: 1-800-967-2400
  • Customer Support Current Student Loans TTY: 1-800-846-1298
  • Loan Applications: 1-800-STUDENT

Mailing Address

CitiBank Client Services

Attn: Citi Inquiries

100 Citibank Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78245

CitiBank Customer Service

P.O. Box 6500

Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Citi Mortgage, Inc.

P.O. Box 660065

Dallas, TX 75266-0065

Citi Personal Wealth Management

Attn: Service Center

111 Wall St.

New York, NY 10043

Citibank – Student Loans

P.O. Box 6191

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6191

Official Website

In addition to visiting the official Citibank website at, you can also contact the bank on Twitter at @AskCiti.

Customer Service Email

If you need to send an email to the customer service department, you can do so using the customer service form. This form is secure, but you should not send personal banking information, account numbers, passwords or credit card numbers by email.

Our Experience

When we attempted to Citibank customer service, the first thing we noticed was customers must enter their social security number or a tax identification number. New customers must wait approximately 90 seconds before a live representative answers the call.

After the agent answered the call, we inquired about the necessary identification needed to apply for financial services? The customer care agent explained the documents needed, and then proceeded to ask if we needed assistance with any other matters. The experience was ideal, considering we didn’t have to wait long or endure a tedious automated system.

What was your take on the customer service department at Citibank?

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27 Comments on “Contact Citibank Customer Service
  1. Please send information on how I can request the due date for my credit card to be changes. I do not have long distance phone service. I would like to be able to do this over my personal computer. I have tried to send request letters via mail with no response. Please send the information to my email account. Thank You.

    Elizabeth swanson

  2. Its most awful experience with the bank over the world! I set up an account 3 days ago, putted on 1800 USD on cash to the machine. I got temporary debit card till they send normal one. I have used one day this card, taking some money from atm machine couple of times not even more then 900 USD. On next day my card was blocked so i didnt had any cash money. So there wasnt any chance to take money on cash or use this card in cafe or shop! I was calling 5 times during a day to the customer service where they told me that after my call everything will be working. But its wasnt! Every time I was need to call and explain information…spending my time to speak with unprofessional people who dont know even what problem is…best suggest was that I need borrow some money from my friends and wait till they will open! I spend whole day speaking and runnig everytime to ATM machine trying to do something. I do not understand who is responsible for that? Its worst bank ever! Whole day lost because of that, no money, explaining couple of times in cafe, restaurant, taxi that its not my fault, that superviser from Citibank was saying not true…its wasnt pleasant to be in such situation!

  3. What a huge mistake to bank with Citi. Very disappointed! I was expecting a global bank. For anyone with international banking needs, I would avoid Citibank at all costs. They have no ability and appear to be too lazy to handle customers from abroad. To offer a comparison, I am absolutely delighted with American Express. I normally am reluctant to complain. This is the first online review I have ever posted but my frustration with Citibank has never been equalled by any other company.

  4. I keep getting credit card applications from CITI which I don’t want and I have no intention of applying for anymore credit cards. My wife and I have reached an age whereby we don’t need anymore credit cards. Therefore, would yu please remove my name from your mailing list.

    Invitation #169732477479

    I would appreciate a reply from you advising me that my name has been removed from your mailing list.


  5. Hello, im citi credit card user. I want to contact ur costomer service
    By personal, but i don’t have PLDT, so can’t use the toll free service.
    Do u have bayantel toll free service or via e-mail to solve my peoblems?
    Pls.reply or e-mail me immediately…???

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi,
    I got SMS from citi bank regarding Credit card,so please call me first then provide me credit card

  7. I just checked on mortgage rates and do not want any further phone calls please. Delete my number and all info regarding this matter, thank you. Oscar J. Perez

  8. on sat may 25th i got this e-mail saying it was from citibank and that my on-line banking account was being looked into by several computers and if i didn’t give them the information they needed my account wound be terminated. odd since i don’t have an account with your bank kindly reply to this e-mail

  9. I need to talk to a person. and I do not know of any number to call To Talk to someone in the main branch.

    Denise Tucker

    • This is a complain. I asked my bank Ghana Commercial to transfer about $250 from my savings account to a friend in Uganda. Citi bank asked me to answer certain questions which I promptly did. I want to know why Citi is still holding my money and will not effect the transfer. I am a Ghanaian working on a hydropower project in Sudan. GCB did the transfer to CITI on 26/04/2013.My employers are Messrs SMEC of Australia.

  10. If you send me an e-mail, about my payment not received, and i call, and speak to your customer service, explaining the reason,than you should have the courtesy, to tell me at the same time, that you blocked use of the credit card…….your policies are not excaptable….sincerely, carry zuercher

  11. Pls. response about the said concern from me.Pls tell me if that email was legitimate and verified that it was from you citibank new york.thank you so much.I don’t know what to do i’m not sure if thats scam or not.thank you

  12. I have waited two month to get to know my application form from citibank banker. She did not call me! She scaned my utility bill from con edison, but forget to scan back:) When i was in branch she sad “ooo sorry i forget about it” “I apologize,” “I apologize” “I apologize.” If you are student do not expect good customer service or even hope to get you student forward credit card. I was very disappointed:(

  13. I have been a citibank customer since 1985 I have a loan through them know for my mortgage I am financing a second home it has been two months I have sent over everything they ask nobody has very called so this gal that works at the bank sent me over a email that said if you do not turn in your stuff by to morrow we will cancel your loan and have a nice day I have sent the same stuff 4 diff times now fax it than after here statement she sends over a survey to fill out really this is the worst looking at this comment board sounds like citi does not care about customer service..would love any body for the bank just call an exsplain why they have not received it.

  14. How can I take a block off a official check that I had put on when I was working in the UK and got it from the company I was working for and had them put it on there cause I know I was coming back to US to live. And I don’t have a account with Citibank the company I was working for did.

  15. Hai, I want to know my present status for final settlement. kindly help, its very difficult to contact the customer service, kindly help. Its urgent. Tks.

  16. I would like to thank you for the fine service I have received at your bank. I have been using the branch in Commack N. Y. and the woman who helped me was fantastic. She has gone over and above what a normal employee would be expected to do. She was helpful and patient with me . Her name is Valarie V. Please thank her for me. Sincerely, K. Percoco

  17. What is “Billed deferred finance charge ” in my bill statement. How to stop my card ? How to rembursh my poin ?

  18. Wow… you all have some very mad people regarding your customer service. I was considering getting a card… but based on what I’ve seen I do not want anything to do with you! I suggest everyone go to Capital One.. they are awesome.. respectful.. courteous… etc, etc. I have been with them for many years and they have always been kind and courteous. Hey Citi… learn some respect for your customers! I’m just glad I’m not one of them and I’m glad I didn’t apply!

  19. I HAVE BIG COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR BANK……………… After taking credit cards of your I have getting unwanted phone calls which I have inform many time but same phone call .pls do the needful & or I have to cancelled the credit cards.

  20. Citibank one of the worst if not the worst institutions I have dealt with. Their systems don’t work, try filing a complaint. If you have any thoughts about doing business with Citibank avoid it. Work with a bank that cares about their customers and has systems that actually work.

  21. I received a letter saying I was sent a check but never received it I do not have a number to get in touch with your company. Please leave a number to contact you. Thank you

  22. I have a Business and personal a/c with Citi Bank last five years.
    I was very happy with Citi Bank service doing all my banking need with this bank.

    Suddenly, Our branch manger left branch and new Branch Manger done cheating with my a/c.
    She was forcing me to close old a/c and open new one, Which I was not intrusting, Because I have long good account history, Which will finish after closing A/C.

    She opens a new Business A/C after sneak a check of $968.72 from bundle of checks we give to trailer to deposit in our a/c. This happen without our knowledge.

    After one week, One of trailer ask us , where to deposit checks, In new a/c or old a/c .
    We got shocked and asked our Branch Manger about this.
    She try to explain, That she can give us batter service in new a/c which she open without our permission , Otherwise you will not get good services in this branch. She told me to sign account open form, which I did for batter service. This sign I did after 10 days of She open a/c . She again forcing me to close old a/c and use new a/c.
    Now she block new a/c I cannot see online.

    I hope I will get Justice. Please help me in it to protect other Citi bank customers and Citi Bank reputation.

  23. I have citi bank trying to contact me to give me money. I am told that I have to give my information so you guys can transfer money from the bank of London.anyone know if this is a scam ??

  24. Because of serious hearing impairment, I prefer to use on-line banking. Today that became impossible; the system kept asking me to sign on then immediately asked for name, pin#, Account#. It would then say something did not match and start again. I did this a number of times before finally calling for help. I reached a young man who tried to help. I could not understand him. Not his fault. He transferred my call but I still could not understand the person. I finally gave up and now realize I will have to open an account locally. It is really too bad because I have banked with Citi for so many years; worked for Citi for many years and loved being able to use the system on-line But your robo voice operators, out of country service reps have become too much for me. So at the ripe old age of 80 I will have to cheerio to Citibank. PROGRESS???

  25. I have received upwards of 3 calls per day for the past 5/6 weeks. I have never had any kind of account with your bank and these calls are outrageous. They are robo calls that is so annoying and they clutter my voice mail and answering machine. Please contact SOMEBODY..ANYBODY to get this stopped. For this reason, I would never consider becoming a customer.

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