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Contacting Citibank Customer Service Center

Citibank is a huge banking and financial company that serves customers with credit cards, mortgages, investments, business services, student loans and other financial services. Much of the information to contact customer service is separated into banking categories.

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Contact Info

Customers can speed up the process of contacting Citibank customer service if they choose the contact information for the appropriate department. Most departments have a general customer service phone number if you’re not sure which specific department to call.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Online Banking: 1-800-374-9700
  • Online Banking TTY: 1-800-788-0002
  • Bank Account Information: 1-800-627-3999
  • Bank Account Information TTY: 1-800-945-0258
  • Bill Payments: 1-800-374-9700 #option 2
  • Bill Payment TTY: 1-800-788-0002
  • Mobile Banking Support: 1-888-214-0036
  • Application Status (Checking, Savings, CD): 1-800-745-1534 #option 1
  • Banking Customer Service (Spanish): 1-800-374-9700
  • Banking Customer Service (Spanish TTY): 1-800-788-0002
  • Home Equity Customer Service: 1-800-685-0935
  • Home Equity Customer Service TTY: 1-800-788-0002
  • Retirement Planning: 1-800-695-5911
  • Citigold: 1-888-248-4465
  • Citigold TTY: 1-800-788-6775
  • Citigold (Outside US): 1-210-677-0065 – call collect
  • Citi Private Banking: 1-800-870-1073
  • Executive Banking Accounts: 1-813-604-3290 or 1-866-213-0890
  • Citibank Credit Cards (Consumer and Student): 1-800-347-4934
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards: 1-800-950-5114
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards TTY: 1-800-325-2865
  • Application Status (Credit Status): 1-888-201-4523
  • Citibank Business Credit: 1-866-422-3091
  • Citibank Business Credit TTY: 1-800-325-2865
  • Credit Customer Service (Outside US): 1-605-335-2222 – call collect
  • Mortgage Customer Service: 1-800-283-7918
  • New Mortgage Applications (Refinance): 1-800-248-4638
  • Personal Wealth Customer Service: 1-800-846-5200
  • Investment Accounts (New): 1-877-357-3399
  • Investment Accounts (International): 1-877-836-9141
  • Private Banking Customer Service: 1-800-645-4100 or 1-888-575-3135
  • Small Business Customer Service: 1-877-462-2484
  • Online Business Banking Support: 1-800-285-1709 #option 1
  • Customer Support Current Student Loans: 1-800-967-2400
  • Customer Support Current Student Loans TTY: 1-800-846-1298
  • Loan Applications: 1-800-STUDENT

Mailing Address

CitiBank Client Services

Attn: Citi Inquiries

100 Citibank Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78245

CitiBank Customer Service

P.O. Box 6500

Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Citi Mortgage, Inc.

P.O. Box 660065

Dallas, TX 75266-0065

Citi Personal Wealth Management

Attn: Service Center

111 Wall St.

New York, NY 10043

Citibank – Student Loans

P.O. Box 6191

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6191

Official Website

In addition to visiting the official Citibank website at, you can also contact the bank on Twitter at @AskCiti.

Customer Service Email

If you need to send an email to the customer service department, you can do so using the customer service form. This form is secure, but you should not send personal banking information, account numbers, passwords or credit card numbers by email.

Our Experience

When we attempted to Citibank customer service, the first thing we noticed was customers must enter their social security number or a tax identification number. New customers must wait approximately 90 seconds before a live representative answers the call.

After the agent answered the call, we inquired about the necessary identification needed to apply for financial services? The customer care agent explained the documents needed, and then proceeded to ask if we needed assistance with any other matters. The experience was ideal, considering we didn’t have to wait long or endure a tedious automated system.

What was your take on the customer service department at Citibank?

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122 Comments on “Contact Citibank Customer Service
  1. Please send information on how I can request the due date for my credit card to be changes. I do not have long distance phone service. I would like to be able to do this over my personal computer. I have tried to send request letters via mail with no response. Please send the information to my email account. Thank You.

    Elizabeth swanson

  2. Its most awful experience with the bank over the world! I set up an account 3 days ago, putted on 1800 USD on cash to the machine. I got temporary debit card till they send normal one. I have used one day this card, taking some money from atm machine couple of times not even more then 900 USD. On next day my card was blocked so i didnt had any cash money. So there wasnt any chance to take money on cash or use this card in cafe or shop! I was calling 5 times during a day to the customer service where they told me that after my call everything will be working. But its wasnt! Every time I was need to call and explain information…spending my time to speak with unprofessional people who dont know even what problem is…best suggest was that I need borrow some money from my friends and wait till they will open! I spend whole day speaking and runnig everytime to ATM machine trying to do something. I do not understand who is responsible for that? Its worst bank ever! Whole day lost because of that, no money, explaining couple of times in cafe, restaurant, taxi that its not my fault, that superviser from Citibank was saying not true…its wasnt pleasant to be in such situation!

  3. What a huge mistake to bank with Citi. Very disappointed! I was expecting a global bank. For anyone with international banking needs, I would avoid Citibank at all costs. They have no ability and appear to be too lazy to handle customers from abroad. To offer a comparison, I am absolutely delighted with American Express. I normally am reluctant to complain. This is the first online review I have ever posted but my frustration with Citibank has never been equalled by any other company.

  4. I keep getting credit card applications from CITI which I don’t want and I have no intention of applying for anymore credit cards. My wife and I have reached an age whereby we don’t need anymore credit cards. Therefore, would yu please remove my name from your mailing list.

    Invitation #169732477479

    I would appreciate a reply from you advising me that my name has been removed from your mailing list.


  5. Hello, im citi credit card user. I want to contact ur costomer service
    By personal, but i don’t have PLDT, so can’t use the toll free service.
    Do u have bayantel toll free service or via e-mail to solve my peoblems?
    Pls.reply or e-mail me immediately…???

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi,
    I got SMS from citi bank regarding Credit card,so please call me first then provide me credit card

  7. I just checked on mortgage rates and do not want any further phone calls please. Delete my number and all info regarding this matter, thank you. Oscar J. Perez

  8. on sat may 25th i got this e-mail saying it was from citibank and that my on-line banking account was being looked into by several computers and if i didn’t give them the information they needed my account wound be terminated. odd since i don’t have an account with your bank kindly reply to this e-mail

  9. I need to talk to a person. and I do not know of any number to call To Talk to someone in the main branch.

    Denise Tucker

    • This is a complain. I asked my bank Ghana Commercial to transfer about $250 from my savings account to a friend in Uganda. Citi bank asked me to answer certain questions which I promptly did. I want to know why Citi is still holding my money and will not effect the transfer. I am a Ghanaian working on a hydropower project in Sudan. GCB did the transfer to CITI on 26/04/2013.My employers are Messrs SMEC of Australia.

  10. If you send me an e-mail, about my payment not received, and i call, and speak to your customer service, explaining the reason,than you should have the courtesy, to tell me at the same time, that you blocked use of the credit card…….your policies are not excaptable….sincerely, carry zuercher

  11. Pls. response about the said concern from me.Pls tell me if that email was legitimate and verified that it was from you citibank new york.thank you so much.I don’t know what to do i’m not sure if thats scam or not.thank you

  12. I have waited two month to get to know my application form from citibank banker. She did not call me! She scaned my utility bill from con edison, but forget to scan back:) When i was in branch she sad “ooo sorry i forget about it” “I apologize,” “I apologize” “I apologize.” If you are student do not expect good customer service or even hope to get you student forward credit card. I was very disappointed:(

  13. I have been a citibank customer since 1985 I have a loan through them know for my mortgage I am financing a second home it has been two months I have sent over everything they ask nobody has very called so this gal that works at the bank sent me over a email that said if you do not turn in your stuff by to morrow we will cancel your loan and have a nice day I have sent the same stuff 4 diff times now fax it than after here statement she sends over a survey to fill out really this is the worst looking at this comment board sounds like citi does not care about customer service..would love any body for the bank just call an exsplain why they have not received it.

  14. How can I take a block off a official check that I had put on when I was working in the UK and got it from the company I was working for and had them put it on there cause I know I was coming back to US to live. And I don’t have a account with Citibank the company I was working for did.

  15. Hai, I want to know my present status for final settlement. kindly help, its very difficult to contact the customer service, kindly help. Its urgent. Tks.

  16. I would like to thank you for the fine service I have received at your bank. I have been using the branch in Commack N. Y. and the woman who helped me was fantastic. She has gone over and above what a normal employee would be expected to do. She was helpful and patient with me . Her name is Valarie V. Please thank her for me. Sincerely, K. Percoco


  18. Worst Customer Service ever. Literally needed one fax number for Branch and client services (because they gave me the wrong number the first time. I am now on hold for 15 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor because the first person said they don’t have the number. Really Citibank doesn’t have the fax number to their own Client services that they gave me an hour ago? Yeah that makes perfect sense.

  19. Worst Customer Service ever. Literally needed one fax number for Branch and client services (because they gave me the wrong number the first time. I am now on hold for 15 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor because the first person said they don’t have the number. Really Citibank doesn’t have the fax number to their own Client services that they gave me an hour ago? Yeah that makes perfect sense.

  20. In November 2012 I updated my IRA beneficiary form and was promised a confirmation letter by December 2012.

    At the end of April 2014 I called to confirm that this information was current. The Customer Service rep did not have any information but promised an email confirming this status in 2 business days. As of May 6 I’ve no information from Citibank. My next step will be to transfer my two IRA accounts to another bank.

  21. Hello,I am Khalid from Pakistan,I request I need Citibank international head office address,email ,,so I requested send my email,thank
    My dream/my love your Citibank team,your country cities bank I very good bank in this world

  22. I know is no the section but I trie @askciiti, and it’s does not work, Could youmplease support if your customers arein this case, oor you have a bank accounbts illegal, money laundering, etc, maybe you have not realized it.
    thank you,
    Veronica Lopez

    Los Angeles Ca. Nov. 4th. 2013

    Please, receive this letter print it, and if you did not receive a postal letter yet, please, be confident in contact and/or La Haya _ Veronica Lopez/Fleur de la Forge/Miltonia

    To Whom Concern:

    My name is Veronica Lopez. I’m writing you this letter because if you, as a community or as a merchant donated/sent any gifts or merchandise to: the one who did not want to be a goddess,the NO goddess,the Illegal, the National Tresor #65,65-1,(I was called like that, etc., or any other related and you do not have receive any answer until now, please let me tell you the assylum by consensum was a fraud to the UN,to me, and to you because all the above are only one person, me, Veronica Lopez. Simon Porter, Faye Brown, Gary Jennings and others, organized everything to cancel the asylum and keep the gifts/and or merchandise to their own benefit.

    I’m not asking for a replacement or the gifts and/or merchandise,I offered to pay for it but its did not got to my hands,I haven’t received anything, if you were expecting something in exchange or you feel hustled; please feel free to contact They and La Haya are attending the case. If you are in this case or have any other matter related (immigration too).

    *This information is new to me: if you donated or offered to donate for a while or a single time a percentage of their earnings/ wages/salaries and you do not want to do it anymore, please contact and La Haya. Classes, lessons, cursos, etc, it counts too.

    I deeply Thank you for your attentions.

    Veronica Lopez/Fleur de la Forge, the Asian cousin/Miltonia

    A quien corresponda:
    Por favor reciba esta carta, imprimila y si todavia no ha recibido una carta por correo tenga la confianza de contactar y/o La Haya

    Veronica Lopez/Fleur de la Forge

    Mi nombre es Veronica Lopez. Le escribo esta carta porque si usted como comunidad o comerciante envio/dono regalos or mercancia a: La que no quiso ser diosa, la No diosa, La illegal, el Tesoro national #65,65-1, etc.(asi me decian,) La asilada magica,La psiquica, o cualquier otro relacionado con estos, y no ha recibido ninguna respuesta, por favor le comunico que este es un fraude cometido a la UN, a mi y a usted, porque todos los anteriores son una sola persona, yo, Veronica Lopez. Simon Porter, Faye Brown, Gary Jennings and otros,organizaron todo para cancelar el asylum por consensum y quedarse con todos los regalos y/o mercancia para su propio beneficio.

    NO pido que reemplacen los regales o mercancia, yo ofreci pagar por ella pero no llego a mis manos. NO he recibido nada. Si usted,esperaba algo a cambio o se siente estafado, por favor; contacte, Ellos y La Haya estan atendiendo este caso. Si esta en esta situacion,por favor a contacte interpol y/o La Haya.(inmigracion too.)

    Por favor reciba esta informacion nueva para mi, si usted esta en esta situacion o conoce a alguien que haya donado ofrecido por algun tiempo u ocasion un porcentaje de sus ganancias y ya no quiere seguir haciendolo; por favor contacte interpoly/o La Haya. Tambien si dono Clases,lecciones, cursos, etc.

    Veronica Lopez/Fleur de la Forge/Miltonia

  23. Re: Fraudulent Charge on DoD Travel Card
    I find it amusing that you (Citibank) don’t have the document password that you sent me, so now I have had to make three 10+ minute phone calls, send two emails, fill out then email and then scan a form you require just to report a fraudulent charge that we have already verified as fraudulent. Not good customer service, not good at all. All told, I have had to spend over an hour of duty time solving this issue as you’ve requested because of your poor customer service. It is like I am serving you!

  24. What is “Billed deferred finance charge ” in my bill statement. How to stop my card ? How to rembursh my poin ?

  25. Wow… you all have some very mad people regarding your customer service. I was considering getting a card… but based on what I’ve seen I do not want anything to do with you! I suggest everyone go to Capital One.. they are awesome.. respectful.. courteous… etc, etc. I have been with them for many years and they have always been kind and courteous. Hey Citi… learn some respect for your customers! I’m just glad I’m not one of them and I’m glad I didn’t apply!

  26. I HAVE BIG COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR BANK……………… After taking credit cards of your I have getting unwanted phone calls which I have inform many time but same phone call .pls do the needful & or I have to cancelled the credit cards.

  27. Citibank one of the worst if not the worst institutions I have dealt with. Their systems don’t work, try filing a complaint. If you have any thoughts about doing business with Citibank avoid it. Work with a bank that cares about their customers and has systems that actually work.

  28. I received a letter saying I was sent a check but never received it I do not have a number to get in touch with your company. Please leave a number to contact you. Thank you

  29. I have a Business and personal a/c with Citi Bank last five years.
    I was very happy with Citi Bank service doing all my banking need with this bank.

    Suddenly, Our branch manger left branch and new Branch Manger done cheating with my a/c.
    She was forcing me to close old a/c and open new one, Which I was not intrusting, Because I have long good account history, Which will finish after closing A/C.

    She opens a new Business A/C after sneak a check of $968.72 from bundle of checks we give to trailer to deposit in our a/c. This happen without our knowledge.

    After one week, One of trailer ask us , where to deposit checks, In new a/c or old a/c .
    We got shocked and asked our Branch Manger about this.
    She try to explain, That she can give us batter service in new a/c which she open without our permission , Otherwise you will not get good services in this branch. She told me to sign account open form, which I did for batter service. This sign I did after 10 days of She open a/c . She again forcing me to close old a/c and use new a/c.
    Now she block new a/c I cannot see online.

    I hope I will get Justice. Please help me in it to protect other Citi bank customers and Citi Bank reputation.

  30. I have citi bank trying to contact me to give me money. I am told that I have to give my information so you guys can transfer money from the bank of London.anyone know if this is a scam ??

  31. Because of serious hearing impairment, I prefer to use on-line banking. Today that became impossible; the system kept asking me to sign on then immediately asked for name, pin#, Account#. It would then say something did not match and start again. I did this a number of times before finally calling for help. I reached a young man who tried to help. I could not understand him. Not his fault. He transferred my call but I still could not understand the person. I finally gave up and now realize I will have to open an account locally. It is really too bad because I have banked with Citi for so many years; worked for Citi for many years and loved being able to use the system on-line But your robo voice operators, out of country service reps have become too much for me. So at the ripe old age of 80 I will have to cheerio to Citibank. PROGRESS???

  32. I have received upwards of 3 calls per day for the past 5/6 weeks. I have never had any kind of account with your bank and these calls are outrageous. They are robo calls that is so annoying and they clutter my voice mail and answering machine. Please contact SOMEBODY..ANYBODY to get this stopped. For this reason, I would never consider becoming a customer.

  33. MOST HORRIBLE CREDIT CARD TO INTERACT WITH. Keep charging and will not credit for a charge already credited and having NO resolution. I plan to cancel all business with CitiCard/Citibank and change to another. Any other must be better!

  34. We,family & I, have been Excellent Customers since the early 90’s! We have never had a problem, and never had a Late Charge! Recently, we hired a Company who was supposed to be reputable & Good! He didn’t know what he was doing, or that they couldn’t deliver the product! He had to come back & do paperwork, almost 2 months later. He forgot Us!- He did take a deposit on my Card, and on Day in Product Delivery, People showed up DEMANDING @ $7000 CASH, WITH NO PREVIOUS AGREEMENT!- The workers had wrong directions, and showed up with wrong items, many times! It turned out, their Company COULDN’T do the Job! We had to hire OTHERS, MONTHS LATER. FOR THE SAME Things, and for LESS $! We protested the Charges many times, and gave Proof of Payment to A different Firm! Again, they say, WE HAVE TO PAY THE $7000, and they take the word of ‘a Crooked Company, OVER EVIDENCE! We should not have to pay for ‘lying charges’ and they will not open case again! So, we need the LAW TO PROTECT US! They said they didn’t know the Head of Company’s E-MAIL! THey should ‘ALL GO DIRECTLY TO NAIL; Not PASS GO; OR COLLECT ONE PENNY!” This is 3rd World Tactics! I thought they were HONORABLE- They are abetting Pirates! This is True. Disappointed, Mel

  35. How is it possible that on the 21st. century a customer cannot open an online account with Citibank because:
    a) there are no regional branches in your state
    b) their website is perennially down and unavailable
    c) their chat services are equally down at all times
    d) no e-mail addresses are provided for contact even though the bank is supposed to offer online services.

    Yes, there is the option of calling over the phone, but for “small fees” I am not willing to continue attempting doing business this way, considering how much the small service fees amount to and none of this funds are actually going towards investing in a decent, modern online banking system.

  36. I’m writing because of a situation with my fiance money being wire to India. My fiance name is Mark Bonavi, and he’s in India, at this point and he can’t get his money wire to India.He’s in need of hi money soon as possible. So if you can let me know about how and when he can get his money wire to India.Mark do have an account with Canary Wharf London, branch.

  37. Just finished speaking to your customer service. Worst experience I have every had. Tried to get a new card since my expired. You need to STOP outsourcing your business. I had to spell everything to your individual. Being a customer for over 11 years, this is insane! Thought you might like to know.

  38. I have recently found out that the bank that I have been using that is most convenient to where I live is taking out the drive thru service. I for one hate this idea because it is now very inconvenient. I do not have a smart phone and don’t like the idea of using one to do my banking. I don’t understand why y’all are doing this. It doesn’t make sense to me that you have the set up and are no longer making use of it. Different isn’t always better. Now I have to park and come inside to take care of my banking needs which is a pain . I shouldn’t have to find a bank somewhere else that still offers this service teether away from home just because someone up on high decides it’s no longer necessary. Sometimes new isn’t better. I for one hate this strategy and may look somewhere else that offers the old fashioned way of doing business. Please rethink this move before you make a final decision.

  39. Worst Banking customer service I have ever had. Had to wait a ridiculous amount of time, for assistance, twice. Staff , and particularly the manager of this branch are not attentive to customers. They evidently do not know how to manage or allocate their resources. I got the distinct impression , by the absence of working staff and lack of helpfulness of those there, that this branch is actively trying to discourage people from banking in person. Just on-line., Something I was unable to do in this case.This is not my branch or my bank but I had to deal with an issue here, at this branch, that should have been fairly simple, but took waaaayyyy tooooo loooong.
    I would never choose to have an account here as a result of my horrible customer experience.

  40. did not get credit card bill for 3 months . tried to call was told I needed pass word stating with u from childhood before I could talk to anyone . so I was blocked from getting balance or paying bill. never been so mad till got late notice I have not paid bill in 2 months . owe 471 for who knows what. paid by phone last night . but still want a copy of bill. I plan to file complaints and take all legal action I can . you report the payment a day late .you will know more about the fair credit reporting act than the3 man that wrote it. more later I SWEAR TO god!!!

  41. hello its alaittin pasa l tryed to log in with my Access & Manage Your Account it didnt let to log in cuz l was using difference computer it was everything ok until l had some sicurity question which is the question was. what your favorite movie and l forgot what was my favorite movie can you please help me to access my account again THANK YOU alaittin pasa

  42. Please explain to me how to get to my account through the internet so I can see what my balance is and any other pertinent information.

    Thank you very much.

    Jacob Safra

  43. What is the fax number for getting a Savings or Checking account verified?
    There is no number listed for Verification of Deposits.

    Look forward to hearing from you as I have a number of residents who have accounts with your establishment.

  44. I am very upset with whoever at my branch is responsible for putting an entire hold on my account for a $2,500 check that had no issues of bouncing or being fraudulent. According to the customer service rep Brock, who not to mention was 5th employee I had to speak to because no one would give me a straight answer, the checks funds were supposed to be getting released slowly and the check was enroute to being completely cleared. I was not contacted by email, phone, text NOTHING!! The only reason I found out my account was frozen was because I tried to make a $7 purchase at 7 11. If the check is good and funds are being released slowly to be available(as Citibank policy states) why in the world does someone in my branch have the right to, excuse me, screw me over for an entire weekend? This was one of the worst experience’s I’ve ever had with a bank and I hold the branch manager of my Citibank personally responsible for creating this unnecessary situation. The cherry on top is that they allowed me to deposit cash funds into the account on Friday through the ATM like nothing was wrong. I am absolutely disgusted with this type of customer service and double standard policy Let me see if they would appreciate someone doing this to their account and then all they get in return is ” I am sorry for the inconvenience.” Absolutely ridiculous….

    • I am asking you, or her superior, to personally thank Ms. Shawn (SMTM 034) Missouri location for working with me on a very difficult situation. My credit card (last four- 8312) Captain Joseph L Naselli cardholder since 2013 is about to expire, and I had called four times to have a new replacement. Each time I was told not to worry it was in transit. I never did receive the card. After several frustrating phone calls I finally talked to Ms. Shawn.
      She not only guaranteed my card would be delivered the next day, which it was, but that she would continue to work on the prefix ( Captain) being on the card as it had been for years before. I have worked very hard for several years to achieve the title of Captain aboard the Cunard cruise lines and am very proud of this honor.
      We hope that this will be resolved in a few days and my new card will once again display my proper title.
      Ms. Shawn is going to issue another card to read Captain and I expect to receive it tomorrow.
      She is to be commended for a job well done, where other agents said it could not be set up in this manner, or as one agent said, “that’s the way it is”.
      Please see that she gets recognition for her good effort, and a special thanks from “the captain”.

  45. I am, and have been, trying to obtain a verification code in order to setup online access to my account. Unfortunately, I have been waiting in excess of 30 minutes for a text (that has not arrived) and two phone calls (that have not been received). I would like to have access to the points I have earned through years of transactions. Your site is NOT user friendly, nor do your ‘contact us’ options work. I would appreciate a TIMELY response from someone (who speaks ENGLISH) who can assist with setting up my online access.
    Thank you,
    Maureen K. Whitt

  46. i have to request to change address for my credit card, kindly advise customer service email address with a quick responce.


  47. I rate your service as worst. I have been provided with a credit card. It has been deactivated since delivery of the same to me. I can’t use this. Your customer service system is not in a position to accept my grievance. I can’t access any help. Is your system customer friendly?
    What service is being provided to your customer after providing him with credit card?

  48. PLease check this acct# 5424180273801644 I just located an old TRW report and checked the # on an online service to see if it was valid. It came up as valid.
    Thank you

  49. Incredibly frustrating 45 minutes both on the phone and online and still no answers. Prepaid debit card from DirecTV. Yuck!

  50. I want to pay my closed card online. I don’t have the card any more and can’t log in online as I don’t have the account/card number, except for the last 4 on account.
    I called customer service number for over 4 hours and they all state they can’t find my account. But, I still receive an email with a link to log in online.

    Anyone know where to go???

  51. It is impossible to find a customer service email address for Citi Bank and I have been dealing with a REFI rep who could care less if they get my business or not!

  52. I am an unhappy Citi Card holder.. I passed my credit card number to a Natl. Assoc. of Family Services rep. After telling me the chafe was to be $ 398 they charged my card $ 174 and passed my card number to a Benifical Legal , they charged me another $ 225. Pior to either company doing any thing I wrote to National Services canceling all services. I asked National who and where was Benifical Legal. No response ! Today a note from yourCiti Card, Sioux` Fall office telling me that the investigation was complete.Some one dropped the Benifical Legal hover you debited my account by $ 225 …

  53. I am unhappy.. I, on 27 Jan 2015 I attended an informational meeting on Faamily trusts, given by a Nat’l Asso. of Family services. Family Services quoted a service for $399. I changed my mind and I posted a letted telling Family services to camel all services. I expected that would be the end however I then found that Family Services had debited my card on 1 Jan for $174 and Benifical Legal had debited my card for 4225 on 3 Jan 2016. I had no knowledge of Benifical Legal and when I asked National Services they insured they would ask Benifical to correct the problem. Today I received a note from you telling me that the $174 was ending the investigation. In my mind there is still some investigation to accomplish. Your thoughts ?

  54. Hi there
    I’m writing about a secure credit card . Actually 4/5 days ago I applied for a secure credit card with citi bank representative . I don’t know what’s going on ! The money $1000.00 is still in my debit account ? I thought they gonna cut the money and send me a card ! Plz lemme know if there anything I’ve to do . Tnx

  55. Your branch information is not up to date. Your web site indicated that the Hewlett. NY (Long Island) Branch was open on Sundays. I traveled a good distance out of my way to the Branch to discover it was closed. A waste of my time, gas and aggravating.

  56. Dear customer service center team
    you sent a writing notice to Ms Mariam on April 2, 2016
    You have a check in the amount of $1.27 . I should cash the amount. The issued date was on 10/19/15 . I never received this check or i was unable to locate it.
    I might need a replacement check. My address is 759 Eagle Ave Apt# 8F
    Bronx NY 10456

  57. I just spent time on the phone with your customer service representative Disha (in India)… her patience and interaction with me was beyond good, it was terrific. Please let her (and her managers) know what a great, patient and informative job she does. I wish she could teach everyone in customer service (in every business) how important it is to be patient, kind and helpful. Thank her for me… and thank you for the training she received. Alice Pearson

  58. I have been trying for two days to get someone to explain the trip cancellation policy that is part of my benefits with my Citi platinum select card. I have been handed off to people in the Phillipines that I can’t understand and who could not answer my questions. The benefits used to be fully explained online but I am unable to find them. I am seriously considering canceling this card and going with a company that will award points to be used on any airline. The automated service that you provide is the worst I have ever encountered.
    Alan Cox

  59. I have never encountered worse service. Too much is automated and there is not enough personal contact. I have been handed off to people in the Philippines who continually apologize and whom I can’t understand. I have been trying for two days to find more about your trip interruption and cancellation benefit on my Platinum Select Master Card. I used to be able to find the information online but it does not go into enough detail.

  60. as member of costco I do things ONLINE

    however your setup screen keeps rejecting me

    I do not have time to sit on phone on HOLD

    Since I have no online access, I WILL NOT BE USING YOUR CARD until you resolve your problems

    please respond on how to correct this OTHER THAN BY PHONE

  61. Terrible experience. Why would you lock me out of my account, forcing me to talk to people who don’t understand English to tell me I HAVE to get a new Card when I just received one. Then tell me I’m still locked out. People have bills to pay, and now I’m can’t pay pills or see if I’m getting paid. This shouldn’t be possible to happen. Now I have to wait til next Tuesday to see if I got paid on Wednesday of this past week. All because you sent me a card I didn’t want with a new pin I also didn’t want. I song even use the card, everything is set up for auto pay, but now I can’t even if I was paid to know my auto pay is going to go thru. What a joke!

  62. Your customer service is crap. i can’t get a person to help register my card. i’ve called 3 times over the weekend and on Monday and waited all 3 times for customer support. All three times times i was on hold over 15 minutes and up to 30+ minutes. unacceptable. I hope this gets resolved ASAP. if this is the way your customer service is operating, I want no part of it.

  63. I think citi bank has gone down the drain. You cannot even call to pay your credit card without waiting hours and hours to get a representative. My main reason after 20 years with you for cancelling my business with you.

  64. I’m trying to find a cot act email of someone who I can talk to about my account balance. I was charged $80 in interest even though I didn’t pass my limit, I was still $10 off. Who can I talk to about it.

  65. I have had a fraud issue since June 7 and I have called continually, immediately cancelled card upon receiving text about a suspicious transaction and still another large cash transaction took place on that same day and I have sent my documentation ID today for the 4th time. When I get someone on the phone they refer me to other departments. Today I finally got someone ostensibly from the security department because I received a letter that said that the investigation was closed and I am responsible because I have not sent ID documentation. this person said that she cannot help me because she only answers the phone and that she is another country. I have talked to so many people including supervisors. I have spent about 3 hours on the phone between June 7 and today, July 22. I only receive contact with some people who say they have no authority to give me information. I am not sure why you hire people to answer phones when they are not allowed to respond effectively. I can prove through stamps on my passport that I was not in Mexico (where advances and fees occurred) on that date but I keep being told that I have not sent this. I have spent about $10 trying to get them there. This should not have happened. I am a very log term customer. My balance is always paid. this is beyond frustrating. P{lease do not emai

  66. I have had a fraud issue since June 7 and I have called continually, immediately cancelled card upon receiving text about a suspicious transaction and still another large cash transaction took place on that same day and I have sent my documentation ID today for the 4th time. When I get someone on the phone they refer me to other departments. Today I finally got someone ostensibly from the security department because I received a letter that said that the investigation was closed and I am responsible because I have not sent ID documentation. this person said that she cannot help me because she only answers the phone and that she is another country. I have talked to so many people including supervisors. I have spent about 3 hours on the phone between June 7 and today, July 22. I only receive contact with some people who say they have no authority to give me information. I am not sure why you hire people to answer phones when they are not allowed to respond effectively. I can prove through stamps on my passport that I was not in Mexico (where advances and fees occurred) on that date but I keep being told that I have not sent this. I have spent about $10 trying to get them there. This should not have happened. I am a very log term customer. My balance is always paid. this is beyond frustrating. Please do not email that you apologize and not take immediate action. I have had enough of that and I hope I can continue to be a customer but I will not waste anymore time on this and my credit score is not an issue for me. Please respond with some action. Tracy L Raymon Visa ending in 6199. Security word Buster24.


  68. Hi My name is Robert Scott Maly. I have a Citibank Visa Debit card that i got from Grifols. They are a plasma center and they issued the card so i can get paid when I donate. I cannot log in or register my card online because it asks for a Postal Code that came in the card package. I have no idea what that is. How can i find out or do something else to be able to log in? Thanks Robert Scott Maly

  69. I am trying to reach your Probate Dept over a dispute over a check written to my deceased husband that they denied my fitness to cash. On July 6, I faxed them all the proof they requested that i am indeed his widow and that we had a joint account at the time of his death. I have heard nothing. I tried online to verify their fax number and found no way to contact them. I am very dissatisfied with the whole situation. Please put me in touch with someone who can help.

  70. I have been trying to set up an IRA for 3 months. I completed the required paperwork but the retirement plan services representative, S. Cardenas rejected it because she was confused (or incompetent). After much angst, I agreed to resubmit the required info AND 10 additional pages of documentation. Now S. Cardenas says she didn’t receive the information and has requested I submit the requested information AGAIN!!!! When will this nightmare end? Citibank needs to address the incompetence in the department before they lose all of their potential customers.

  71. We have been Citibank customers since the bank was opened in I believe the 1970s in Concord as California Federal. We were promised a “free safe deposit box” for life as well as free checking accounts. We have been loyal customers all these years. I have an IRA I invested there over 7 years ago with Transamerica. Now I must take RMD and last year I met with the people at the branch on Treat Ave. in Concord, filled out a bunch of forms to have the RMD donated directly to charity, and in the end Transamerica sent me the check and reported it as income to the IRS. I do this with my other IRA at Wells Fargo and they have done it easily and quickly. So this year I worked with the branch on Oak Grove in Concord, I met with their people more than once, talked with Jon somebody in San Antonio who sent me papers which I filled out while on a conference call IN THE BRANCH, they still didn’t send the check. I was in Thailand for 3 weeks and they said they needed a copy of my driver’s license, so my husband drove that over there, and yesterday I received the check for the RMD made out directly to me AGAIN. I am going to have to get our rep at Wells Fargo to handle this as it is clear that Citibank cannot do it. I am going to be VERY UNHAPPY if you make me start paying for the safe deposit box I was given “FREE FOR LIFE” in the late 70s or early 80s when we were one of the first customers of your bank. I was already furious when you “demoted” me from GOLD to PRIORITY unless I deposited another $13,000 which I declined to do on general principles. If you do not value me as a customer, as it is VERY CLEAR YOU DO NOT, then I will just clear out the safe deposit box and begin the major share of my banking somewhere else. I have not heard a word from Jon in San Antonio, even though I made it ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CLEAR that I did NOT want a check issued to me directly. Not a word.

  72. On December 4, 2017 I was notified by Credit Karma that Citibank na had pulled my credit report from Equifax regarding an application for a personal loan. I have NEVER APPLIED for this and promptly called the Citibank line and spoke to Jason. He told me there was nothing he could do on my behalf until the loan was approved!
    I am hereby stating that I will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any loans fraudulently taken out using my stolen identity.
    I have taken numerous steps to stop this, including locking my credit reports.

  73. Citi just sent me a post card asking me to update my contact information. To do this, they provided me with a URL . When I attempted to use that URL it took me to multiple citi web sites, none of which were obviously the correct one to do the update. ????

  74. Just watched a CitiBank TV commercial about your support of wind powe—the closed captioning read “principle source” when they clearly meant “principal source.” Did your caption writer fail freshman English? Not amusing—you should be embarrassed.

  75. I tried numerous times, several different numbers, and was never able to speak to a customer service representative
    Can someone please tell me what ” cpx has expired” means ??

  76. try to contact customer service on phone, but your customer service phone is always busy. very poor service , wasted my time more than an hour.

  77. I called CitiBank several weeks ago..have been faithful customer for over 40 years with the Sears Citi Mastercard. Desperately need a lower interest rate but was made to feel like i needed to beg. I am primary holder of card now as my husband cannot use the phone. Was told for him to write which was more than absurd. What happened to being polite? a rate oft 27% on card is unthinkable with never any missed or -past due payments.

  78. I don’t know what 4.96 check is for or what credit card you are talking about? If it is visa credit gift card i brought from Walmart consumer affairs is looking into the matter what happened to money off the gift card, I don’t buy visa gift card no more especially from Walmart, I not shop at Walmart no more because they could not help me I brought card from. Their store if the card where no good why do they sell their hot line number is one big round. That is why consumer affairs is looking into the matter their registration is no good. Other than that card I don’t know what one you are talking about.

  79. I live in France and I have an account at the CITI bank on this account I have $ 12 to raise it every month for bank fees, so from a certain moment I have nothing I must do a resupply from France to USA, but without telling me the CITI bank to close my account and the transfer that I had made never returned to my original account

  80. I have a Sear’s master Credit Card, a citi bank card. In February 26, I were due a minimum payment due of $62.00. I made a payment of $150.00 at the local Sears store by check on the 24th of Feb. and it was received and transmitted electronically. Meantime, I’ve been getting a barrage of calls from citi bank, which I ignored thinking they were scams, since there were no messages left and I were not over due anything to any body. After dozens of those those calls I answered one and it was citi bank, claiming i were over due a payment. I attempted to point out to this foreign agent that I had already sent a payment of $150.00, but she didn’t accept my input. Meantime for the last 2 days I’ve been trying to communicate with a Human Being, non to be had. So I’ll wait for another threatening call !

    • There putting me thru hell right know. SOB’s they cashed and lost my 2100.00 check, never applied to account. WTF.

  81. I’m cutting up my card you tyrants. Using your size and all of that bailout money to take my constitutional rights away. Screw off.

  82. I just wanted you to know that I cancelled my Costco Citibank Visa with a $20,000 limit. I have also been devoting a considerable amount of my personal time getting friends, family, coworkers, and fellow employees to ditch your cards. Your filthy rich executives run around with armed bodyguards and the rest of cannot defend ourselves? Here’s an idea for your elitist executives: Get out of downtown Manhatten away from all the other rich people who drink $50 martinis and see how the rest of the country lives. The nerve of a multi billion dollar company that should have gone under a decade ago to tell us how we will defend ourselves! I will spend all year getting people to cancel your cards. Ive got a half dozen so far. Im just getting started. I dont care about any boycotts from the NRA or anyone else. This is completely personal.

  83. This company is made up of total leftist scumbags. If you value your rights avoid this company like the plague. They have sided with those who are trying to take away our freedoms. They are against the patriots who love this country and they do not deserve to be in business here in the LAND OF THE FREE !!!

  84. we receive every other day Your offer for the application for Your Credit card.
    You waist Your money just because You do not know the we already have a Citibank credit card. We are sick and tired to shredder every other day Your new offer where You are telling us that we are “selected” Even with a special selection (is that may be a lie) You do not find our two citi bank credit cards
    I lile a answer and the confirmation that You take us off Your mailing list.
    We conceder to change the bank.

  85. Stop sending offers for new credit cards
    We use two citi credit cards
    Take our Name from the mailing list and do not email this kind of offers

  86. Citi has unilaterally chosen to ‘control’ how firearms businesses conduct their business, therefore, I chose to no longer do business with Citi.
    I is a sad day when financial businesses chose to interfere with our Nations 2nd Amendment.

  87. Worst experience ever, paid off my account in full, Barclay cashed my checks, that went MIA for a long time, Citi can’t find no info on me, even after sending copies of cancelled checks, they are still adding fees to my closed and paid off account, they are the rudest people I have ever felt with and so is Barclay. I’m still fighting with them, 2100.00 MIA and all I hear is sorry. Really Big banks suck!!

  88. I find it very funny that once a fax is sent to Citi bank it takes 4 days for them to receive it. Bunch of bull, horrible, horrible company, don’t think I would call it a company, ripped me off of 2100.00, investigations still going on.

  89. i need help resting my password for my account, im trying to apply for a job position please help me

  90. Cannot locate PROFILE in order to validate my email…

    Your last statement, received today, claims an account notification email was sent to me and returned as undeliverable.

    If I cannot update it on your difficult website, I hope this message will inform you that my email address has NOT changed — it is identified below.

  91. I have changed my email and password. for more than three hours today I have tried everything but standing on my head to get the Citibank cards to accept the changes. Nothing I enter, even after talking with a representative, has worked.
    I’m not stupid. I know what to do – but the form refuses my accurate, obvious answers. I am sick to death of this problem, so I will no longer use my Costco Citicard for anything except ID. Period.

  92. Citi Bank is the WORST BANK is the world. I am dealing with my deceased sister’s account. it is now going on 3 months and I have not spoken with a Bank person, just customer reps, that do not know anything and cannot do anything. When they transfer the call to the ‘dept’ they think you need, you get disconnected and start from square zero. I have been on the phone this time, for 45 minutes just listening to their recording that all representatives are busy serving other customers (lol). I have waited on the phone as long as 2 hours, just running my phone battery down. Don’t ever deal with Citi Bank.

  93. Stop doing business with a company that is trying to erode our constitutional rights. Glad to see Louisiana is doing the right thing.

  94. At this point in time I ado no business with Citibank. But now that I know you are getting into gun control I know to NEVER do business with Citibank. And I will spread the word

  95. Trying to locate a FAX NUMBER for Citi, but all listed are 1-800 talk number. So much for a so called large gobel company. Usually have to make multi call to get anyone that can direct you to a maybe knowledgeable person/s. This is a example of such a event. Very long time customer-—charter member.

  96. I am trying to get in contact with someone concerning my account. I am unable to log in but there is no international number to call and I cannot chat because you have to be logged on. Please help! Who do I email?

  97. I am currently in Las Vegas right now and my citibank credit card has been blocked since yesterday November 6, 2018. My last purchase was at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Stores (Ralph Lauren) on November 5, 2018. I need to use my credit card here. I hope you can assist me on this matter. Thanks!

  98. I do not have an account with you, but received an email confirming that a “dispute had been resolved. I have tried to call, but that is impossible without an account number which of course I do not have. THIS IS YOUR NOTICE OF POTENTIAL FRAUD.

  99. customer service is polite but not effcient
    5 days of phone calls to make wire transfer and still not done
    executives who make a grand salary but refuse to take phone calls
    or treat customers with due respect

  100. I placed a application for a citi credit card but it told me that there was a delay in processing the card was I approved plz call me @915-777-4227

  101. Please remove from your mailing list.
    Alan Letton – This person is not at this mailing address
    Rubberlite Inc.
    2501 Guyan Ave
    Huntington WV

  102. Dear Sir / Madam,

    My credit card number is 4665 1640 0007 9139……I already made all the payments of dues.

    Hence, I request you to please CANCEL my credit card here afterwards.

    I hope you will do the needful. Here afterwards if any dues showing in this card in every month I am not going to pay.

    Thanking you,


  103. When attempting to pay for my hotel using my Citibank Government Travel Card there was an issue for some reason so it declined. I need to pay it so I called the international line since I’m in Italy. Have been on hold for 1hr and 45 minutes so far. With a 700 billion dollar contract I expect the service to be way better. Will probably get a email response before someone picks up on the phone.


  105. I called 866-775-0556 and after going thru the list I was left on the line and no one answered. I need to know if there is a cancellation of an automatic payment. I no longer an a customer of Lifestation and need to make sure that there will be no more payments from this account.

  106. my name is Marieta Seiranova and I am manager at HUD BUILDING, NEED VERIFICATION OF INFORMATION FOR MY RESIDNETS. I tried to enroll for VOD Government services and your bank asks for fees. please help

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