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Contacting Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Service Center

Buffalo Wild Wings is a corporately owned and franchise restaurant specializing in chicken wings. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual, where customers can come as they are. The company began in the early 1980’s and has since grown by leaps and bounds. Buffalo Wild Wings now has more than 650 locations across the United States.

Since the lure of the company is the customer experience, Buffalo Wild Wings values the opinions of its customers. When a customer has questions or concerns, the company provides multiple avenues so customers can contact the customer support team. Customers can connect with the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-499-9586
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-952-593-9943

Mailing Address

Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Headquarters5500 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 1600 Minneapolis, MN 55416

Official Website

Visit the official Buffalo Wild Wings website https://www.buffalowildwings.com/ to order gift cards, find promotions, shop, review items on the menu and have fun. The main page allows customers to play interactive games and also find out invaluable information relating to the company. Customers without a local Buffalo Wild Wings can search the store locater in order to find a location near you.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to communicate with the customer service department by email can do so here: http://listening.buffalowildwings.com/contact.php. The company allows customers to voice questions and concerns which are general or specific to particular location. We asked a relatively general question, what are the hours of the customer service department. We received an immediate automated response stating a representative would respond, but no time was provided.

The customer service department can also be reached on the Twitter page and the Facebook page.

Our Experience

One of the better customer service experiences we encountered was with Buffalo Wild Wings. Although the customer care hotline featured the traditional options in order to better direct the call, we were able to connect with a live agent in less than 30 seconds. Typically, we wait several minutes prior to speaking with a customer service agent.

We asked the customer support team how to check the balance on gift cards. The agent gave us a link on the website which shows the process as well as the phone number which provides customers with their balances. In total, our call lasted less than 90 seconds. We enjoyed our customer service experience. How did the customer support team handle your concern? Take a moment to let us know in the comment section.

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8 Comments on “Contact Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Service
  1. I am contacting you in regards to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Carmel, Indiana. Someone should get a hold of that restaurant before it closes down due to very poor service. It’s a shame because the food is pretty good, but the service is terrible. We go there quite frequently, hoping that the service will get better, but never does. I was just there with my family last night, Sunday May 19th, after a day at the track. Where do I begin…We stood up front waiting for someone to even acknowledge that we walked in. After about 15 minutes, someone greeted us. We were sitting at our table for 20 minutes or so before our waiter even took our drink order. We all got our drinks except for my husband. He ordered a beer and had to end up going up to the bar to get it. The waiter never brought it to him. I refilled my kids drinks twice on my own which is something I thought our waiter was paid to do. I wouldn’t have minded that so much if we didn’t have other problems throughout dinner. Our wings finally came out and neither one of our kids had sauce on their wings. so, those went back to the kitchen. They brought them back out and only one kids order was right. The wrong sauce was put on my daughter’s wings so it had to go back again. By then, we were ready to leave and she hadn’t even been able to eat. We complained to the manager and I was not impressed with him either. I am not sure what kind of training they go through, but he was not very professional. We basically got most of our meal comped, which was okay, but I felt I needed to notify someone of this fiasco of a restaurant. In my experience, it’s the managers responsibility to keep up the tables if the waiter/waitress is overwhelmed and make sure you are staffed for business. Someone was not doing their job. Unfortunately, I overheard two other tables complaining as well. It’s a shame because my husband and I really enjoy the food there when we do get good service, but they will be in trouble if they don’t get their stuff together soon.


    • Jenny,

      if it is so horrible why do you keep going back there? The place was obviously really busy. Who exactly will be in trouble?

  2. MY family and friends just ate at Buffalo wild wings in Fayetteville, AR. We were all very disappointed in our service we received. First our wings were under cooked More that one wing was bloody at the bone. Under cooked in any bodies book!!! Second, all of our wing flavors where mixed together in the same plate. We had 4 different sauces. Two of the flavors were in opposite ends of the hot spectrum. Honey Barbecue and Jamin Jalapeno. Between the two you could not tell the difference. In the big platter they mixed 4 flavors and they were not labeled we did not know what was what. The management said it was a corporate decision to group flavors together. Another bad decision!!!!! Medically you could kill someone mixing hot and mild together!!!

  3. I recently ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tucson, Arizona. I never seem to have good service there. I ordered 4 burgers ToGo and they were all messed up. So I called back and told a manager I didn’t have time to come back but that when I did I would call. So I called today because I was going to go get the order. When I told the girl that answered the phone about this situation she told me they were very busy but she was sure they would replace the order if I came in and then hung up. I didn’t want to do that so I called back and asked for a manager. I was passed around to 4 or 5 people, put on hold and passed around again. By now I’m extremely irritated. The last person I talked to was Mario, a manager, who told me I needed a receipt, to get Corporates number on-line and hung up on me! What kind of service is this?! Over 4 burgers! Now really, don’t u think if I wanted to lie about getting my food replaced that I would call back or choose some of those Wings? C’Mon.

  4. Visited for the first time in palm bay Florida. Hostess was a train wreck and the rest of the Staff was so drugged up couldn’t even complete a thought. Will never go back. Waste of time and horrible experience, would never bring a child there.

  5. I usually buy wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, who have great tasting wings. I usually get my wings from Knightdale, NC but this time I went to Garner, NC and they had the worst tasting wings they did not have any flavor. I emailed Buffalo Wild Wings through their website three times and never received a call or email back from them.

  6. Just left the Kenosha WI location due to rude staff AGAIN! We were there on 10/31 for a football game that they could not turn the volume on for… It was the only game on that night & that is why we go to, or went to bw3, they played music over the entire game, the server didn’t get the manager til the end, who was useless and did not address the problem. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, we went back today only to have some snotty young girl give us an attitude because we wanted to be around a certain screen. The table was open but apparently not in her area. I’m sick and tired of this “the world owes me something” attitude and shit customer service. I will never go to bw3, especially this amazingly rude location, ever again. There are other much better options where we can be treated respectfully as customers.

  7. I was given a gift card by a friend for Christmas. My wife and I went to BWW at hwy 153 Hixson tn. When we finished our meal I gave the gift card to our server. She promptly returned and informed us that the card didn’t match the number on the receipt. I took what little cash I had and paid for our meal. I called my friend and he took the card and receipt to the restaurant the next day 12/ 27. He called me and informed me that the manager couldn’t give him another card but instead gave him 10 $5 paper coupons which were limited in their use. I was to take the $5 coupons on my next visit and explain to my server how the coupons should be allowed on any purchase and she would in turn explain to the manager on duty ETC—-. I told him to just forget it . it isn’t worth the hassle. . What poor management . I’m not sure there will be a next time.
    My friend just came by and handed me a new gift card. He has made a total of 4 trips to your Hixson Tn location trying to get this resolved. The person who gave him this new card offered no apology whatsoever. He should have been compensated in some way. I will try to use this card and if it doesn’t work . I suppose I will have to wash dishes or sweep the floor . I will go broke next time and see how this works out. It seems that management doesn’t care because it’s the way the corporate
    operates. Glad I’m not an investor.

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