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Contacting Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Service Center

Buffalo Wild Wings is a corporately owned and franchise restaurant specializing in chicken wings. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual, where customers can come as they are. The company began in the early 1980’s and has since grown by leaps and bounds. Buffalo Wild Wings now has more than 650 locations across the United States.

Since the lure of the company is the customer experience, Buffalo Wild Wings values the opinions of its customers. When a customer has questions or concerns, the company provides multiple avenues so customers can contact the customer support team. Customers can connect with the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-499-9586
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-952-593-9943

Mailing Address

Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Headquarters5500 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 1600 Minneapolis, MN 55416

Official Website

Visit the official Buffalo Wild Wings website to order gift cards, find promotions, shop, review items on the menu and have fun. The main page allows customers to play interactive games and also find out invaluable information relating to the company. Customers without a local Buffalo Wild Wings can search the store locater in order to find a location near you.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to communicate with the customer service department by email can do so here: The company allows customers to voice questions and concerns which are general or specific to particular location. We asked a relatively general question, what are the hours of the customer service department. We received an immediate automated response stating a representative would respond, but no time was provided.

The customer service department can also be reached on the Twitter page and the Facebook page.

Our Experience

One of the better customer service experiences we encountered was with Buffalo Wild Wings. Although the customer care hotline featured the traditional options in order to better direct the call, we were able to connect with a live agent in less than 30 seconds. Typically, we wait several minutes prior to speaking with a customer service agent.

We asked the customer support team how to check the balance on gift cards. The agent gave us a link on the website which shows the process as well as the phone number which provides customers with their balances. In total, our call lasted less than 90 seconds. We enjoyed our customer service experience. How did the customer support team handle your concern? Take a moment to let us know in the comment section.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

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58 Comments on “Contact Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Service
  1. I am contacting you in regards to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Carmel, Indiana. Someone should get a hold of that restaurant before it closes down due to very poor service. It’s a shame because the food is pretty good, but the service is terrible. We go there quite frequently, hoping that the service will get better, but never does. I was just there with my family last night, Sunday May 19th, after a day at the track. Where do I begin…We stood up front waiting for someone to even acknowledge that we walked in. After about 15 minutes, someone greeted us. We were sitting at our table for 20 minutes or so before our waiter even took our drink order. We all got our drinks except for my husband. He ordered a beer and had to end up going up to the bar to get it. The waiter never brought it to him. I refilled my kids drinks twice on my own which is something I thought our waiter was paid to do. I wouldn’t have minded that so much if we didn’t have other problems throughout dinner. Our wings finally came out and neither one of our kids had sauce on their wings. so, those went back to the kitchen. They brought them back out and only one kids order was right. The wrong sauce was put on my daughter’s wings so it had to go back again. By then, we were ready to leave and she hadn’t even been able to eat. We complained to the manager and I was not impressed with him either. I am not sure what kind of training they go through, but he was not very professional. We basically got most of our meal comped, which was okay, but I felt I needed to notify someone of this fiasco of a restaurant. In my experience, it’s the managers responsibility to keep up the tables if the waiter/waitress is overwhelmed and make sure you are staffed for business. Someone was not doing their job. Unfortunately, I overheard two other tables complaining as well. It’s a shame because my husband and I really enjoy the food there when we do get good service, but they will be in trouble if they don’t get their stuff together soon.


    • Jenny,

      if it is so horrible why do you keep going back there? The place was obviously really busy. Who exactly will be in trouble?

    • March 5 I was working and had a comp that was from table that I had cashed out wrong. My gm manager talked to me in the office telling me im wrong for me costing him 50 dollers and began to tell me what is it ill transfer your tables after my tables had there food if not already rang up.tables were transfered .

  2. MY family and friends just ate at Buffalo wild wings in Fayetteville, AR. We were all very disappointed in our service we received. First our wings were under cooked More that one wing was bloody at the bone. Under cooked in any bodies book!!! Second, all of our wing flavors where mixed together in the same plate. We had 4 different sauces. Two of the flavors were in opposite ends of the hot spectrum. Honey Barbecue and Jamin Jalapeno. Between the two you could not tell the difference. In the big platter they mixed 4 flavors and they were not labeled we did not know what was what. The management said it was a corporate decision to group flavors together. Another bad decision!!!!! Medically you could kill someone mixing hot and mild together!!!

  3. I recently ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tucson, Arizona. I never seem to have good service there. I ordered 4 burgers ToGo and they were all messed up. So I called back and told a manager I didn’t have time to come back but that when I did I would call. So I called today because I was going to go get the order. When I told the girl that answered the phone about this situation she told me they were very busy but she was sure they would replace the order if I came in and then hung up. I didn’t want to do that so I called back and asked for a manager. I was passed around to 4 or 5 people, put on hold and passed around again. By now I’m extremely irritated. The last person I talked to was Mario, a manager, who told me I needed a receipt, to get Corporates number on-line and hung up on me! What kind of service is this?! Over 4 burgers! Now really, don’t u think if I wanted to lie about getting my food replaced that I would call back or choose some of those Wings? C’Mon.

  4. Visited for the first time in palm bay Florida. Hostess was a train wreck and the rest of the Staff was so drugged up couldn’t even complete a thought. Will never go back. Waste of time and horrible experience, would never bring a child there.

  5. I usually buy wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, who have great tasting wings. I usually get my wings from Knightdale, NC but this time I went to Garner, NC and they had the worst tasting wings they did not have any flavor. I emailed Buffalo Wild Wings through their website three times and never received a call or email back from them.

  6. I was given a gift card by a friend for Christmas. My wife and I went to BWW at hwy 153 Hixson tn. When we finished our meal I gave the gift card to our server. She promptly returned and informed us that the card didn’t match the number on the receipt. I took what little cash I had and paid for our meal. I called my friend and he took the card and receipt to the restaurant the next day 12/ 27. He called me and informed me that the manager couldn’t give him another card but instead gave him 10 $5 paper coupons which were limited in their use. I was to take the $5 coupons on my next visit and explain to my server how the coupons should be allowed on any purchase and she would in turn explain to the manager on duty ETC—-. I told him to just forget it . it isn’t worth the hassle. . What poor management . I’m not sure there will be a next time.
    My friend just came by and handed me a new gift card. He has made a total of 4 trips to your Hixson Tn location trying to get this resolved. The person who gave him this new card offered no apology whatsoever. He should have been compensated in some way. I will try to use this card and if it doesn’t work . I suppose I will have to wash dishes or sweep the floor . I will go broke next time and see how this works out. It seems that management doesn’t care because it’s the way the corporate
    operates. Glad I’m not an investor.

  7. I went to the location in Torrance California .the worst experiencwe made reservations. (paid) for super bowl …and they accidentaly gave our table away

  8. I am very disappointed by the restaurant buffalo wing at west chester ,ohio . Tuesday, 2/11/2014 I ordered my lunch which was wedges with cheese, and boneless wings . it is found that most of wings were not the real meat they were chicken skin with the crispy thing around them, that why Wednesday, 12/02/2014 when I was ordering again, I gave as instructions to check the wings ,i do not want the same as last time . I arrived the order is not finished and I made my order half an hour in advance. they bring me my order,I went to the car, when opening I found that there is no cheese on the wedges , I took the order and I returned to the restaurant, when the waitress saw me ,she get angry and wonder what happened.i explained to her the situation and she took the order to the kitchen and come back after 30 seconds and gave me food,it was so embarrassing because people are behind me waiting, I take my food and I left the car where I opened and saw just a layer of cheese on the wedges without melting. I could not go back because I only have 30 minutes for my lunch that is why I ordered online 30 minutes before i go , so at the end I left the store at 12:22 and could have a chance to eat my food.i don’t this that i am going there again and it is a shame that i am going to miss my favor restaurant.

  9. We ordered food on new years eve for a early dinner at 10525 S 15th St #100, Bellevue, NE 68123 when we picked up our food we found multiply hairs in it. not just one of the dinners but all of them. I called down to the store and spoke with Jeff, he offered to replace the food. I let him know that although I understood why it would take 45 min for replacement i would not wait again, and that maybe down the road. Jeff while very nice agreed to credit my credit card stated that later down the road I could always call in and get my order replaced as a way of assuring me I would continue to use this establishment. At that time. I was convinced that it must just been a bad night there and accepted that offer. On this date 2/13/2014 I called down there first asked to speak to jeff, he is on vacation, I then asked to speak to to another manager, Damion I beleive is how you spell it. I spoke with damion and let him in on what jeff had told us and the only respose I got back was there is nothing written down like that in the office, I then actually gave him more time to make this right, he did not, i asked him when jeff would be back, he stated next tuesday, I said i will talk to him then and not be so happy about it since he didn’t hold up to his end of things and make a note of it. Damion procedded to just say ok and that ended the phone call, While I am not asking for you to give me something your manager offered his solution (mentioned above) I took it and and take it? I am really offended by this. It is not like the order was $10 … we had 2 orders of mild boneless, 1 order of 12 wings 1 order of 12 boneless and fries. and what appeard to be hair in all our food. like almost 60 or 70 dollars worth of food in the trash and 1 hour of our time, not to mention us having to go some place else to get dinner. I would hope you don’t treat all your customers like this.
    Dave Loftus

  10. I went to the BW3’S in Elyria, Ohio. First mistake. I took 3 children and 3 adults. They added 18% gratuity which should only be applied whit parties of 8 or more. Then the service was horrible. Took 45 minutes to get our cold food. I then filled out the complaint form on the website. The manager called me and argued with me about the service and the gratuity. I wasn’t asking for a handout. I wanted to go be every Tuesday. I will not. How do you argue with a customer?!?!? My bill was 70.00 after gratuity was added. Another loss in Elyria.. Go figure. HORRIBLE!@!

  11. As my family and I come to eat dinner we picked one of are most visited spots
    We asked for a both and we walked to a booth that had more trash on the floor then a trash can could hold
    The wait staff was cleaning up the area with a vac so we sat ordered our drinks and a appetizer, wait was long for as many people were here I counted 22 in the resturant
    so to say it was really slow. I started a timer just to See how long till it was seen by the wait stuff it took 12 mins and are meal was ok are wedges had to be remade do to the first one way over cooked. All and all my dining experience here tonight was NOT a great one and I will probably not be re visiting your location.

  12. On april 1st around 5:52 pm, my colleagues decided on buffalo wild wings for dinner. I was just there the evening before and I didnt mind going again because I love BWW! Unfortunately my second visit was not as pleasant. We were greeted in thd bar area in ample time and a spunky waitress named Hannah greeted us and patiently took our order. The order came out in good timing unfortunatly we all sent it back to get them “retossed” in our favroit sauce. The fries were old and at this point I’m getting a little impatient. I asked Hannah to speak with her manager after she informed me that we were all charged for extra sauce, I made sure to let Hannah know her service and spunky attitude was greatly appreciated. When the manager approached our table her demeanor seemed rushed, I intoduced myself and explained how the quality of the food this evening was very dissipointing. She responded by asking me, do I want it taken off my bill- insunuating that im just looking for a free meal. I informed her it wasnt about the money and I realized she was not listning to a word I said, she was rude and did not handle our conversation the way a manager should. Myself being in human resources can say that Lindsay Nelson lacked some core customer service skills. Needless to say I was charged all the way down to the sour cream I used on my stale fries.

  13. This in regards to my experience with BW3s in Valparaiso, In. As of this email, no contact by the owner… is the experience:

    I have eaten at this restaurant many, many, many times. I have scheduled private parties in their party room. I have spent literally thousands of dollars eating and drinking at this restaurant. I am a blazzin hot wing junkie. However, after all this, I have to write about the negative experience I just had. I am so disappointed and frustrated I just don’t know what to do other than this I guess. If I do not hear from a caring individual responsible at this location, I will never, ever, eat here again.

    Here it goes.

    I called the Valparaiso BW3s today to book their awesome party room for 5/17. My son is graduating from VU and going on to Notre Dame as a graduate student (we just got the acceptance letter) so I wanted to celebrate my son’s awesome achievements with our family and friends at our favorite wing and beer joint.

    I called to book the room and was told – “no can do.” Huh? I have to book the room 2 weeks in advance. ????? I questioned is the room already booked? No sir, it is not. So we are 11 days away, the room is not booked and I cannot book it? The answer was “no”. Of course I asked “why?”…….The answer, because they have to have a private server for the room.

    Ok, the last time I booked the room we didn’t have a private server and there wasn’t a 2 week notice either. Well now they have new owners. Ok, I understand you have new policies with new owners. I will pay a late booking fee, ok? The answer No, we don’t do that. I next said, ok since providing a private server is the issue, I will guarantee my server a minimum $250 tip – do you want to ask your servers or whoever if they want to work for a minimum $250 tip for working 3 hours? The answer, “No” we have a 2 week time frame.

    Ok, so now I am really upset – no, no, no. is what I am getting. Not “sir I am sorry the room is already booked”, not “sir, let me check with our staff to see if anyone wants work for the generous minimum tip offer you have given and let me get back to you in 48 hours”, not “sir, we very much appreciate your business and all that patronage you have brought to us here in Valparaiso, let me give you a gift card (or something, or nothing)”.


    I sent the email an hour ago. No response. I promise, if I get a caring owner who can remotely show an ounce of concern I will change this rating.

    All I got was a dry, uncaring, I don’t care, I won’t try, BS attitude from the manger. And I saw they are posting for an Assistant Managing Partner at this location. Specifically for customer complaints and customer relations. Based upon the horrible, unconcerned manager I just spoke to – they need this position filled yesterday. I am hot enough to weld. Hey server, I’m so pissed at this point – $500 is yours if you read this. Tell your manager.

    Call me Mr. Owner………_Please.

  14. Went to bufflo wild wing’s last nite their food in horrible jason team manager can resolve customers problems I feel like this if you can’t resolve problems shall not wrk for bufflo wild wing I need management that can resolved their horrible food is soo sad

  15. I deceided to watch the Wizzrds playoff game and enjoy a meal at Buffolo Wild Wings. I am a retired record company exc. I understand providing a service for the publc is a demanding an exiciting venture. I applaud your success on both fronts.

    On April 28 20014 at approximatley 7pm I sat down for an enjoyable meal and game. The server was professional and inviting. I was served promptly with my order. I found myself unable to finish my meal. I then went to the mens room. I am disabled and move slow. Upon my return to my seat I met the manager [ Eon Hummell ] walking towards me with my food in his hand. He stopped and handed me my food and asked what I was drinking. He obvously threw my drink out. When I asked him what he was doing with my food he stated he was taking it back to the kithen. When I asked why he told me he was about to throw it out. All of this took place after the server told him I had not left. When I enquired for a third time an exlanation he shruged hs shoulders. I told him I would place complaint in witing he again shruged his shoulders.
    I do not this is the policy of your brand. I was embarrased and made to feel uncomfortable going to the mens room because of my sow gate. I would appreciate a response to this matter.

  16. Second time coming to the Brooklyn, Ohio location on Tiedamen its sad that u cant even order a piece of bread with our meal… what restaurant doesnt have bread….

  17. It is extremely frustrating to be charged $.60 for a tiny container of ranch dressing! At most restaurants, if you need or want more dressing, you get it! Even chic-fil-A gives you as many sauces as you want! Hope the charge is worth losing 2 customers that have spent over $50/week at the Conroe location! I was also told by the manager, Lisa, that they were giving back to the community by doing the $.60 wings on Tuesday and Thursday so they HAVE to charge for ranch because they lose too much money! Seriously???? Don’t nickel and dime the customers….or you’ll lose them!

  18. I was at Buffalo Wild Wings at Fort Bliss, June the 24th. I serve was not that great; as for the food everything was salty. The lights went out, we ask our server for our check. He stated that he couldn’t, due to the fact that the lights were out, and that he could tell use the told of our check, because he didn’t know how to do it. We waited for an hour and the lights were still out. We decided to add up our total. After another 15 minutes our server came back with everyone’s check. His total was 4 -6 dollars more than ours. I told him that I had added a different amount. He rudely responded I’m not going to argue with you and this is your total. Can you imagine how much they added to those people that left their credit card information? Needless to say I will not return to BWW.

    I know the lights going out is out of their hands, but they should have a back up system. Or teach their workers how to add up people’s tab and add the proper tax, when their system is down.

  19. I will never eat at your establishment again! The server took my food away without asking me. And I didn’t even eat one bite. Spent $60 and the manager didn’t care. At the Belleville illinois store.

  20. I went to BWW in Ashland, Ohio and requested a beer. I was asked to show my I.D, no problem, I’m 25 and was denied because it was a British I.D. I am on vacation in the USA so only have British I.D. I was then told by management it is ‘state law’ to not accept overseas I.D. I was then told I can apply for a US license and come back. Who was this guy…. I lived in the USA for 8 years and am aware that that’s clearly incorrect. Once they were aware their reasoning was complete nonsense, they then said it is a corporate rule. I’m writing to try and get an answer on this. If its incorrect, that location should be made aware of that, if it is the rule, then I would like the opportunity to speak with upper management. My drivers license, and passport, which grants me the ability to move around the world and drive around the world doesnt equate to subsequent evidence or right to drink an alcoholic beverage tells me that BWW corporate has something to answer for. Its prejudice and demoralizing as a customer to be told anything but a USA I.D is sufficient. Who do you guys think you are?

  21. We recenently visited one of your francises in Horsheads NY.
    We were greeted and promply seated with menus. We were told someone would be around shortly for our drink order. That was the extent of the service. We decided what we wanted to order for our entrees and waited, and waited and waited. We waited aprox. 25 minutes and no one showed. We watched as people that had come in after us were enjoying their drinks and appetizers. I also watched as other workers fumbled around like they were looking for something to do, even glancing our way several times. We finally just got up and walked out. On the way out we were greeted again, asked how we enjoyed our visit and asked to come back soon. It will be a cold day in Hell when I or anyone else I know will step foot into another Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a wonderful dinning experience!

  22. I wanted to let someone know at the head quarters that I believe Buffalo Wild Wings in independence,KY is by far the worst restaurant around. The place used to be great a few years ago, I’m talking great food, great service, great atmosphere. We always give them the benefit of the doubt that it will be better every time me and my girlfriend go, and we always leave pretty aggravated. Our food is always wrong, and I mean always, so much me and the manager should be on a first name basis. Something needs to be done, either our food is wrong and they say they will take a percent off the bill and then don’t do a thing, or waiting on service while watching your waiter or waitress eat there food right in front of you. All of my friends go there and the same complaint, we left last night 10/5/2014 bout 6:30pm , couple friends go up about an hour later and same thing, screwed up ones order not once but twice and on the second time , served him raw wings. The only reason we go there is to watch the games and have some beer, but honestly I’m fed up with spending on average $50.00-$70.00 and having crap food and or service . Hope this message is actually heard by someone in a higher power and something is done, because I know my friends and I are done with Buffalo Wild Wings of independence, Kentucky , until something changes . I’m not the type of person to ever complain but this is just out of control. Thanks for listening, and hope the company makes some changes.

  23. Hi BWW,

    My name is Antonio Rangel, I am a manager at Finish Line, and I go to BWW at The Outlets of Orange 2-3 times every week (Tuesday, Thursday, and whenever my friends want to go). I went from being a regular to now having triple thoughts about stepping into another BWW again. The customer service of the “shift leader” Teddy was just selfish and unsatisfying.

    It all started with a simple glitch when I asked for a mall discount because I was wearing my Finish Line uniform. My buddy and I were going to pay together, but our check was split, so I asked if our check may be combined. Nelly, our server, was happy to do so. She did an excellent job by the way. So when we received our combined check it read $33.?? (with some cents) while our original check was $32.12. I thought to myself, how is it possible that we are going to pay more when we get combined? The mall discount should either make the check the same or less, but it was more! I asked Nelly to get the manager so I can talk to him.

    I explained the situation to him, but he said there is nothing he can do. He can’t override the computer, which I find BS. Please excuse my language. He was watching over himself rather than the customer. He said, “I am just a shift leader I don’t want to get in trouble when i asked asked why I did it.” I responded, “You’re taking care of the customer, your DM will understand.” I literally argued more than 20 minutes just to get a $3.12 mall discount. This isn’t the first time either! But the first time the manager, at the time gave us a $5 inconvenience discount just because our food took more than 45 minutes. That is why I came back. In fact I always come back because of the good service. Take care of the customer, the customer will come back! I do not know if I’ll be back. I had manager friends from Zumiez and other Finish Line locations. My friends were upset also. The gossip will spread. Our party was a total of 6, but that 6 may turn into hundreds. That’s business!

    Nowadays it is all word of mouth. Social media is a plague. One person knows and posts something, next thing you know 300 people know. Please fix this.

    It is 3:05 AM, I open my store tomorrow morning (in a few hours) and I am writing this complaint. I would like to know how this may be resolved, because I am really upset.

    Thank you,

  24. Dear Customer Service,

    I had lunch today at the Fairfield Buffalo Wild Wings on Travis Boulevard. After completing my meal
    I attempted to pay with my MasterCard debit card. My payment was declined at the register so I called
    my customer service number to check my balance and was told I had a balance of over four hundred dollars.
    I was unable to pay for my meal as I was not carrying cash. Upon returning to Vallejo I went to an ATM to check my balance again and was shown a balance of over four hundred dollars again. Why did the system at Buffalo Wild Wings fail me and cause me to have an unpleasant and embarrassing dining experience?

  25. I was @ Your Oregon Ohio Location Sunday October 12th to watch football and Eat….i was served an Odoules Bottled Beverage and when i took my first sip from the Beverage…I took in a piece of glass from the chipped neck of the bottle…cutting my lip and my finger getting the chunk of glass out of my mouth….It was brought to the Managments attention….and they replied…”wow…we’ll comp you another”i wasn’t expecting to get my butt kissed…but no one made an effort to stop by our table to see if there was anything they could do..or even ask about the issue….being a Small Business owner in the people pleasing Business…(Auto Glass)..i know what i would have expected out of me as a manager or others….i frequent that establishment atleast 2-3 times a week…with many others and will no more…Frickers here in Toledo is as or as good or better…and mite have handled this situation a littlt different….try to learn from this….Matthew sell

  26. Hello. My daughter worked at the Bay Area Boulevard location in Webster Texas and they fired her for no reason she worked as a hostess there her name is Kristen Boodt. She worked when they wanted her to she didn’t have any problems there till she changed her availability because she’s a Senior in high school and that’s when the managers started giving her a hard time. They were looking for a reason to fire her any reason. She’s delayed by 3 years and has a learning disability I feel like they discriminated against her because of her disability. Now she is having a hard time finding another job. All last summer she would come into work when they needed her when she wasn’t scheduled and she would pick up for people and this is the thanks she gets. Plus on top of them firing her for no reason she can’t go in there to eat for 90 days that’s ridiculous!! When a kids in school you should be understanding when it comes to their availability!!!! School is more important than any job. Now she’s struggling financially & we are trying to figure out what were going to do. Poor kid she really needed that job!! Thanks for screwing her over!! She’s such a great person to.

  27. Very Poor customer svc relations at the Wilmington,Ohio loc. and beligerant dist manager when asking for help on gathering info on a hit-skip accident in there parking lot. and was told not to return to there store after speaking to them repeatedly to gather information about the situation.

  28. I went to BWW in Racine, WI on October 26 with my son and husband. We arrived and got seated at a timely manner. However, it did take 15 minutes for anyone, let alone our server, to greet us. After we ordered, our food arrived really quickly. And we have not seen our waitress after that. Well, until she brought us our check. Basically, the issue was that it took forever for ANYONE to greet us. I have wrote a complaint about this that day and got contacted by the manger that works there. A little odd though. He was more concerned if I was the sister of a former employee there. But anyways, he told me that I would receive something in the mail for my bad service and I haven’t. It has been well over a month and this is getting ridiculous. Is this how you treat your customers? I have loved BWW and was excited when they finally opened one up in my home town. I have gone there a bunch of time and this is they first time I have been treated this way.

  29. I could not get waited on. Thomas was my waiter. This occurred at the ttlyersville and sneider location. Finally Thomas and the manager came over and were rude and prejudiced. They were poor representatives of your company. This kind of threatening rudeness should not be allowed in America 2015.

  30. I am an employee that work at location 11803 westhiemer road Houston Texas. Okay the management there is horrible they only care about Buffalo wild wings; they don’t care about the employees the people that is actually running the business, here at this location we experience working 7 to 12 hours with no break at all nothing to eat they won’t even let us grab a bite to eat, managers are not on one page. Just recently they hired a guy and I’ve been at this location for two years never had to worry about anybody stealing my tips off my table and even went in ladies purses & took cash money and we have proof and evidence and witnesses but the managers on his side Saying we’re picking on him its just a mess and I really need someone to come in & do their job, because apparently the staff you all hired can’t handle it. Also I’m not WCT but why am I training??? Ask them that. All they worried about is who eating on the clock. Keep this up, only staff that’ll be there is management. Like to see how that’ll work out.

  31. First of all, I want to say that I am surprised and disappointed to read all of the complaints that have been posted. I had always heard great things about BWW. I hope that I never have one of these experiences.
    My comment is more along the lines of management: I was privy to a conversation between two managers (?) at the new Great Falls, Mt. location. One of the employees there was told by one of the managers that he would be getting promotion. The other manager was saying that he wanted to promote a different employee. It was my understanding that the first employee has an great record for getting along with other employees, coming to work for all of his shifts (on time and even early), etc. The other employee (who is a friend of the second manager) has had at least 4 no-call, no-shows for shifts that he was scheduled to work. This makes me wonder what criteria is used to determine who gets promoted. In reading all of these complaints, it looks to me like the corporation needs to “clean house” in the management department. If you don’t have good managers you won’t have good employees.
    I have had good experiences at BWW here, but I am concerned about the future.

  32. Update to my note on 2/6/15 @ 11:45 AM:
    The guy that had all the no-call, no-shows quit his job but the other guy is still not going to get a promotion. “The company can save money by not promoting him”. So! How is that going to help them when he quits? This really sucks. This guy really likes his job and put forth extra effort to show them what a good worker he is (I thought that is how you get promotions: Going above and beyond. But, evidently, not with this company)but after all of this he is probably going to look for another job. Your loss BWW.

  33. Your stores are currently during a promotion “MAKE LUNCH HOUR THE BEST HOUR” This was the worst experience I have had in a long time. My co-worker and I called an order in for (2) of the new SW Prime Rib Sandwiches and when it was picked up they were both actually pulled pork sandwiches. Neither of us consumes pork products.
    Thusly we had to return to the store (killing our lunch hour) to pick up replacement sandwiches that where terribly presented. We completely understand that a fact an advertorial picture of a product is generally going to be slightly different than the real life presentation in most cases, however the picture and what was served was of an entirely different quality.
    The picture represents what appears to be carved prime rib and what is offered is more of a ground meat quality. When mentioning this difference to the Manager “Kevin” his response was that’s just what we get. We don’t do anything but heat it up. If you don’t want the sandwiches we can take them back. We had already been terribly inconvenienced by initially receiving the wrong order with the explanation of “This new menu is confusing everyone in the kitchen” Then to go back and have what we actually ordered look plain nasty, I would rate the experience less than a (0)!!!!

  34. I came back from ordering take out on a Friday night at the Buffalo Wild Wings located in Rockaway, NJ. The two girls who took my order were unfriendly and incompetent; when I ordered the cherry limeade, they both looked at each other and asked me if I was sure it was on the menu. It is indeed on your menu. As for the atmosphere, it seemed very hurried and three men that night were chatting and blocking the entrance to the door showing no regard to being a complete nuisance for any customer wanting to get in there. When I brought the ultimate nachos that I had ordered home to eat, I was immediately disappointed. It consisted of mostly lettuce and tomato and very little chili and poco de gallo and cheese. The cheese itself didn’t taste fresh and looked runny and processed. I found my receipt which for some reason the girl placed on top of my food inside the container not just in the bag like anyone with any ounce of intelligence should have done. As I started eating, I found a plastic tag fastener in the middle of the nachos and when I looked further I found a small black hair as well. That was it for me. I would have stopped eating regardless because the food tasted awful but finding those two things made me vow never to come to this place again. I tried calling the manager but he gave me an apparently rehearsed line that things like this happen sometimes which is useless to me cause I could have potentionally choked if I hadn’t looked at this food.

  35. I had sent an email serveral times about how unprofessional the Chicago ridge, il management staff was when my order was not complete the supervisor was very rude and when I asked for the manager she approached our table and said yeah. I explained the situation to her and even thou she was very rude from the beginning I still gave her the benefit. Nevertheless I wasted my breathe. I wish someone had contacted me about thos but no no one has. I was not rude to the server he was awesome. But we all said this will be one place that we can not visit anymore. Thank you for the opportunity to excuse myself yet once again. We were BWW loves but we all have said we will not dine in or carry out from this place again.

  36. I was thrilled when my husband got a job at a new bww that was opening in Georgetown my family went to the grand opening food was great. That all changed and they were serving mediocre product in short order. But then they decided to fire my husband over get this…. A TEXT MESSAGE he supposedly sent that referred to another team member in a derogatory way? This is untrue and he was denied unemployment and we tried to call the store for info on how to reach corporate the operational gm Nicholas Jordan called the police and had them call me talking about harassment??!!!! Ironically Mr Jordan was also the manager who fired him for this supposed text please steer clear of this evil corporation and their morally deficient management

  37. Stone crest Mall, Lithonia! Awefull, terrible, horrific, nasty! Spent $35.00 and management only offered $20.00 credit , never got on the phone, had me waiting! So not a good eating experience! Shameful!

  38. I’ve been to Seremonte’s Buffalo Wild Wings in Daly City. Two times out of the three, my food was cold. Today I went for my friend’s birthday. My other friend also did the BWW challenge which was cool because she finished it in 5 minutes. However, we didn’t get our food until an hour later. They never offered us a refill. Never gave us napkins. When someone did ask for a refill, they didn’t get it until 20 minutes later. Even if they did ask for a refill from another server, they never got it. The fries were stale, so we got them to take it back. However they never gave the “fresh, cooked” fries they promised. I didn’t get utensils after asking for some for my coleslaw. Their yelp reviews are similar to my experience. Someone needs to go and check it out, because something is obviously wrong with this picture. I’m a fan of buffalo wild wings, but todays experience was definitely not okay. We talkes to management and they basically laughed in our faces.

  39. I’m very upset at my first visit to the buffalo wild wings new restaurant in Casa Grande,Arizona on 9/18/2015. I planned a special lunch date for my Wife and I celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary and soon as we got there a female name ” Teresa”, all the sudden started flirting with me and asking me when do I go to work several times etc and I told this is my Wife several times and she still continues to talking to me and flirting with me and saying that she be up on my job to see me. My Wife and I stood waiting for a table for more than 20 minutes because of what this girl was saying to me and being very disrespectful to my Wife and I. Finally we got seated and then we had to wait awhile for our food. They need to have better customer service without the flirting with ” Married People”……… And serve the food on time!!!!!!!. I also asked a gentleman if he could change the tv to basketball game and he came back and told me No. And they are having technical difficulties and then just left. Our first visit there was terrible!!!!!!!!!! I am a MARRIED MAN and I don’t appreciate that ” TERESA” was Flirting with me at all.

  40. On November 9,2015 I visited the Homewood, IL location. I was referred to as a bitch by a server named Marcus. I have been trying to contact Buffalo Wild Wings, but for some reason I am not able to submit my complaint. Management did next to nothing to rectify the situation. I am beyond upset and hurt that this establishment clearly allows such behaviors. I hope someone reads this and is able to contact me

  41. Sally Smith…don’t forget that I warned you about Diversified Restaurant Holdings pulling down the whole company, read the reviews about them, the complaints, stealing money, closing stores! WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!

  42. You should enter buffalo wild wings in search engine on Facebook and read the article from a newspaper at the Hot Springs, Arkansas franchise. There is a lot a controversy about it and pictures of the establishment. It would be a really good idea for corporate to look into what the allegations are before someone else does.

  43. At the Texarkana location, o my god they are so nasty. Service is wack and the server take they time coming to serve anyone. Pulse all our food was cold. I will never go back and none of my family members will not be going to Buffalo wild wing anymore

  44. BBW in Victorville Ca, I was there last night and the attitude of bartender and manager was completely unprofessional, on top of that the burger was horrible and only choked a bite or two down before sending it back, manager did not acknowledge me nor had the capacity to apologize for his kitchen staff. Today I’m suffering from food poisoning. Thanks BBW Victorville CA, your manager should spend more time managing and less time playing pat that ass with the bartender.

  45. Hello my name is Claudia and im writing about the BWW in grand prairie, texas. I was there yesterday evening with my family we got there right before 9pm and very disappointed that it took a very long time to even get a drink the waitress got on the floor to take our orders and the food came after 10:00pm. over an hour. When we got our wings they were over cooked (hard) we didn’t get our dressing nor napkins. had to wait again over 15 min to get refills. I had about enough of this looked around for our waitress (since we now haven’t seen her in a while, I flagged another waitress down and explained to her the situation. She then got I suppose he was the manager but he did not introduce his self. just asked if anything could be done. I was so pissed that I just wanted to leave after I told him he stated if there is anything else he could do. I looked at him and told him I just wanted to leave to bring me my check. (it took forever to bring) Another manager came around the corner but asked nothing did nothing. I frankly could have just walked out but my sig. other at this point had to again flag the manager just to pay. while paying one of the employees walked up with toothpick in her mouth. I just couldn’t believe how unprofessional all of them where. I go here on a weekly basis with family and friends and this was totally uncalled for. I am still very upset about this entire evening. I didn’t get home until almost midnight.
    I immediately filed a complaint as soon as I got home last night. And guess what no one has even bothered to call me or return my call
    SHAME ON YOU BBW….. very pissed off customer

    • I ate at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Worth around 1 with my sister for lunch. My salad that I got had gross lettuce that tasted old, and my wings had a lot of fat on them. The server, Ilsa, was rude and only came by our table maybe once after taking 15 min to ask for our drink order. I was very unsatisfied with the food and service I received. I still have my receipt from today if you would like me to send any information from that. I did not want to tip her but seeing that I am a nice person I did. I don’t plan on returning to this location and would like my money back.

  46. The reason im commenting as a customer and bar grill restaurant fanatic, it disturb me so much that when dining at this location Texas
    your team leaders or general managers are very rude, loud spoken to their employees in a mean way, as me and my family witness, they are not friendly especially Mr. Eddie and Mr. Dave, we saw dave taking food to the back doors as we confronted and ask one of the employees if they pay for the food and was advised from the employee that because they are managers perrty much can do as they pleaes… well there is more to say as the employee confessed to us… we as consumers should have not have seen this kinda of behaviors or have a mistrust on your company how the team leaders behave or act towards their employees. they should be more of mentors or setting an a positive an example towards their staff… the employees are great and have an awesome cusyomer experience.. unlike your GMs you guys hire…. Really bad service on their part and we would never set one foot on your locations… food is great but not your hideous team leaders.. and one last final thought we are not recommending your services to other consumers and will have our local media be aware of the actions your team leaders are doing in front of the public.

  47. I am watching the Penn State?Indiana football game right now on TV. Just saw a commercial where an African American man starts talking and high fives an A/A woman as he walks through your restaurant. He doesn’t t/t or acknowledge any white customers. Then a white male appears and is dressed in an Roman outfit. The white male is very weird and odd. He is made to look very uncool and foolish as he eventually is confronted by a Roman Gladiator. I have purchased over $1,000 of your store gift cards for my nieces and nephews in college. I will no longer be buying them until your company pulls this very racist add off TV!


  49. Hollywood Blvd location
    Worst customer service experience in YEARS.
    I knew there would be issues when I first walked in as there was a tablet behind the unattended greeting counter dinging for customer service.

    The party stood ungreeted for ~3-4 minutes before finally being seated. The server clearly didn’t know his menu (one party member asked how many wings were in the smallest order, he had to go look it up, claimed BWW recently changed their quantities.)

    We had to wait excessive amounts of time between ordering drinks, receiving drinks, ordering dinner (he didn’t take our order when he delivered drinks), and then he wouldn’t split the check. We pushed him on this, he said we would have to tell him who ordered what items (then walked away.)

    The food was as expected, but the server was clueless, unhelpful, and there wasn’t anything resembling a manager’s presence. I will not revisit BWW for a long time.

  50. I just visited Zone 3 and my order number was 10037 they messed up my order, they gave me a philley cheese wrap instead of the steak and cheese sub the 2 hostesses were busy going into the back and coming out in front of the customers chewing because they were more worried about eating than making sure their customers were taken care of, we sat and waited a total of 45 mins to get our food because they had to make the sub, we should have been given the sub instead of having to pay for it. You need to contact this store about their customer service.

  51. Sir/ madam, I have rec. Call from no. +15073209642 ..Mr.Paul Brown CEO of Buffalo Wild wind .. I don’t no this no. True or false ..plz reply me ….My name is Narender Singh from India.. My no. Is +917043644294.It is very urgent for me..I mentioned my email also ..nnn_rajput@yahoo.

  52. Never received a response to my email concern about our dining experience. Although they did add my rewards back on for an error made but no response to my other concerns. I ordered the featured beer which is always a discount price and suggested my husband order the featured mixed drink. It was maybe 3. Inch in a glass..when we get bill its 9.00 ! Never would have ordered , feel misled and don’t understand why price wouldn’t be on menu.. also ceased dressing a bit tart but I wasn’t going to bother much with that complain. Thanks for listening!

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