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Contacting AmeriCredit Financial Services Customer Service Center

AmeriCredit Financial Services, also known as GM Financial, is an alternative loan company providing services to customers throughout the world. The company operates under the banner of the four I’s, Integrity, Investment, Innovation and Information. Each piece of the puzzle links back the main focus of the company, the customer. In the event the customer does have a question if concern, AmeriCredit Financial Services provides several line of communication including phone, email and traditional mail.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can call customer service during regular business hours. The hours of operations are Monday through Thursday 8am to 9pm EST, 8am to 8pm Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday.

New/existing customers: 1-800-284-2271

Corporate Office: 1-800-644-2297

Mailing Address

AmeriCredit Financial Services provides several locations in order to send traditional communication to customer service.

Corporate Office
801 Cherry St. Ste. 3500
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Canadian Dealer Operations
FinanciaLinx Corporation
2001 Sheppard Avenue East, Ste. 600
Toronto, Ontario M2J 4Z8

Official Website

The AmeriCredit Financial Services website provides new and existing customers with information regarding financial tools, investor relations and contact information. The website also explains the origins of the company and the corporate philosophy. Existing customers can sign into their account and new customers can create an account.

Customer Service Email

AmeriCredit Financial Services provides a 24-hour a day email service designed to answer customer complaints and questions. The email form is found here or customers can email The general inquiry system sends an automated response to the email address stating a customer care representative will respond within a 24-hour period.

We send an email inquiring about the necessary information needed in order to apply for services. We are awaiting a response.

Our Experience

In a financial downturn, several finance companies are weary of lending to potential customers. If you are an existing customer, AmeriCredit Financial Services is more than willing to speak to you about your account. Fortunately, the company is an alternative lender and is willing to discuss the products available. When we contacted the company, we experienced a automated system easy to navigated which direct us to the various product and services available from the company. After waiting approximately 2 minutes, we were able to speak to a customer care representative. We asked questions regarding applying for financial services.

The representative gave insightful answers and was professional. AmeriCredit Financial Services is a customer centered company which provided top-notch customer care. Our experience was pleasant. Was your experience similar? We want to hear your story. Share your insights below.

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13 Comments on “Contact AmeriCredit Customer Service
  1. good afternoon, i had spoke to a very nice women at the office of gm financial named sue. she was more than helpful understaning mine & linda clasper’s reason for the fall back on our loan payments and was willing to work with as much as possiable, as linda is still trying seek employment and roughly ten days after the purchace of our car (chevy hhr) through your financial company as we wereon our way to rebuilding our credit. sue who i had spoke to on 8/14/12 for apprx. an hour was very helpful in trying to place 2 ballon payments on the rear of the the loan and pay a fee of $197.31 at my next pay day as i get paid bi-weekly. and defir or gerinitty septembers payment and would be responceable for oct.5th payment of $334.60. if that women sue that worked on this problem im up against. as per (state ins. fund) (workens comp) i thought i was reciving a check on 8/16/12 but came to find out it was being prossesed that day and will recive it on or apprx. 8/23 or 8/24/12 and will be able to make a payment of that $196.31 then will work from there to make our best interest from myself and linda to catch up on any past payments to then be on top of this loan. thank you for your corpstation in this matter. its a shame that good people to get caught up in bad times too. with 6 kids including my 10 year that his convined to a wheel chair with CP since birth and we cant afford to lose this car. thank you again, kenneth sergio

  2. Overall, I have had no problems with Americredit/GM Financial. But I can almost never get through. I call during business hours and the recording always tells me the business hours and to call back during business hours. This is the worst on Saturdays. I talked to someone earlier this week who said specifically that she will be working this Saturday (today). I have been calling for about an hour, have emailed and still has not been fixed. I really wish they would fix this. This is not the first time I’ve had the same issue and I’m sure it’s not the last.

  3. I spoke with Manuel in bankruptcy dept. He was extremely rude he talked over me would not let me get a word in he was not sympathetic about anything the man was a total jerk. I will tell every one I know not to go through AmeriCredit. I will also twitter and facebooK my experience with Manuel and his lack of customer service. Its to bad that AmeriCredit let’s people like Him represent them makes me think all there reps are like that,!

  4. I am very impressed with the level of customer service that I recieved from Clint, one of your Customer Service Representatives. I had the unfortunate luck of falling behind on a medical bill, which was turned over the AmeriCredit for collections. When I recieved the voice mail (which was extremely professional, also) I thought “oh great..i heave to deal with a mean collections officer”. But, when I called and spoke with Clint, he put me at ease right away through his very calm and professional demeanor. He and I talked and he offered up several payment options that were very accomidating to the situation.
    A lot of businesses that are in the customer service industry should take note as to how your Customer Service Represenatatives treat and interact with customers. Very well done, Clint!

  5. who are you people and how dare you change the amoumt of money i earned with irs? i dont know you and dont appreciate. thanks for making my already poor exsitence even worse

  6. purchased a automobile on Friday October 17,2014 and its not what the payments we thought it would be so contacted the dealership and Americredit to return the car but Americredit don’t have any paperwork and seem like we are getting a run around with trying to talk to someone. One man told us not to make a payment and let them come pick it up as a repoe it!!!

  7. AmeriCredit sucks. They harassed everyday when I trying very hard to setup a payment plan because my ex husband left hanging with his car that was in my name. They start calling early in the morning, and late as 9 0’clock at night. That car was only 13,000 when he purchased. I ended up paying AmeriCredit 22,000 dollars. Their customer service stinks, the reps are very rude, and they harass the heck out you if a payment is late. I never deal with again.

    • Hello I want to if refinance auto I old customer you finance a car for me about 8years ago I want to if can refinance my car 2008 BMW 328 i only have 54000 miles thankyou Jose Argos

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