Contact Customer Service

Contact Customer Service

Contacting Customer Service Center offers customers custom engraving products ranging from cell phone cases to business cards. Customers simply have to visit the website, choose the product they want engraved and the engraving they want on the product and the order is complete. Custom engraving with company logos, contact information or personal phrases must be entered on the website of uploaded to the website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for customer service. The company operates exclusively online. We checked the registration information for the website and we found a general address, but the phone number field is filled with a generic phone number – not a real phone number for the company.

Mailing Address

It may be difficult to write to customer service as the address listed on the website registration is rather generic, but if you must write the letter you can attempt to send it to:

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1

Official Website

We do have an official website for customer service located at The website is a sales website with a single contact form as a means of contacting customer service. The front page is dedicated to showing visitors the newest customizable products, including dog tags, cell phone cases and aluminum business card cases. The company also offers money clips. All products are engraved using a laser engraving machine.

Social Media customer service is socially connected on two major social media pages and one photo-sharing website. You can send messages to the customer service team via social media.

Customer Service Email

The only piece of contact information listed on the customer service website is a contact form. The company clearly prefers email contact over all other means of contact. Many companies choose email contact because it is cheap to maintain and fewer customer service agents are needed to answer email questions.

If you’d rather email the customer service department directly address your email to

Our Experience

We have no contact phone number for customer service. There are testimonials from customers who loved the products they purchased from the company, but we want to hear from you. Do you have experience with Leave a comment below detailing your buying and customer service experiences with the company. If you have a contact phone number or address for the company, feel free to leave that in your comment as well.

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