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Contacting Yelp Customer Service Center

Yelp is a relatively new company. The company was founded in 2004. The main focus of the company is connecting customers and businesses. Customers utilize the company to submit reviews online. Businesses utilize the company to advertise products and services. Yelp is not just for desktop computers, customers can interact with the service using smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers can reach the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-415-908-3801

Mailing Address

Yelp706 Mission StSan Francisco, CA 94103

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Yelp website can create a free account and start submitting reviews of local businesses. You have the ability to change locations and search for relevant businesses. You can locate friends using Yelp and post messages. If you prefer to utilize mobile technology, you can download the Yelp Android, Apple or Blackberry application. If you have not used Yelp in the past, we recommend reading through the Yelp FAQs prior to contacting the customer service department.

Social Media

Yelp is a social company. Regardless of the social media platform, you will notice interaction between the customer service team and customers. The average response time was less than two (2) minutes. The most efficient social media platform was Twitter.

Customer Service Email

Although there was only one email address for customer service, customers can use several categories for specific departments. Customers can send feedback relating to business development, general inquiries, missing reviews and questionable reviews. We sent a message relating to the hours of the customer service department. We hope to receive a message within two business days, as stated in our automated response.

Our Experience

We called the customer service department at the corporate headquarters. This is quite an exhausting task. We called, listened to the automated system and never connected with a live agent. We repeated this process several times and eventually connected with a live agent. We asked several questions and by the end of the call, approximately 75% of our questions were resolved. We have to note our overall experience was not the best. Not all experiences are as bad as our experience. When you contacted the customer service department, what was the outcome? We would love to hear your Yelp customer service story. Share your story below in the comment section.

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31 Comments on “Contact Yelp Customer Service
  1. How do I cobtact Yelp? $50 was taken out of my acct for a restaurant that is closed. I need to speak to a human that can refund my account.


  3. Your latest download is full of zombie buts….It didn’t finish downloading….I can’t delete YELP, and then re-install it. Right now it is worthless.

  4. A client just spent $2000 in my shop and left me a five-star review which I have posted below… Your algorithm saw fit to remove it…. Every time I get a five-star review you remove it…. You are disgusting I’m going to speak to an attorney and see if I can file a class-action lawsuit against you…..

    Patrick G.
    Monterey, CA
    0 friends
    1 review
    5.0 star rating 10/16/2015
    I have been a customer for a few years. I have had many a comment on quality and workmanship on the pieces I have. It is nice to have local jeweler where women or men can find such individual pieces. HE’S THE BEST ON THE PENINSULA.
    Report review
    Steve S.
    Comment from Steve S. of Steve Saunders Master Jeweler
    Business Owner
    10/20/2015 Thank you Patrick. It was a pleasure to serve you. Be rest assured that if you ever have a problem… Read more

  5. I have tried to update my hours of operations 3 times and nothing happens!!! Can someone please take care of this? Monday thru Sunday 11am to 8 pm. This is for the burger factory in Pensacola Florida

  6. Hey, stop mistreating the citizens and contributors to your site. You are denying me access to your site. I have not been able to write a review. If you dont allow me to write my reviews, i will sue your company for discrimination. Stop the abuse and attend to your business. Ok!

  7. I claimed my business two weeks ago. No confirmation email. I tried to log on. Won’t accept password. Tried to reset password. Again, no email. I have a bad review that is in retaliation for an argument I had with an individual and I have no way to respond to it. If you are going to put negative reviews about my company, you should provide a way for me to respond. Your customer service is non-existent. I should sue you for defamation.

  8. You give no phone no, for your customer service dept, Seems like several people have complained of lack of service from YELP however I am legally blind and 90 years old and want to set up an account and have a couple of easy questions for anyone who cares at your company.

  9. I’m a new business owner and completed my online account for my business ( Just For Me – A Concierge Medi-Spa) and the app will not allow me to put anything in the bio section. I tried even one word and it says it won’t accept it due to too many letters/ ratio
    Please advise as I want to put a brief description of my business on the site asap. Thank you so much for your time!
    Brenda Stavish

  10. TERRIBLE< I wish your site would go away. I own a business and all of our information is incorrect on your ridiculous site. I have tried to reach someone, meaning a PERSON for 3 months. Your company should review yourselves!

  11. I had a comment about my experience working at a child daycare center and you took it down. My experience could help people not take there kids there because of the condtions there. Very upset you took it down. I will have to contact someone about taking my free speach away from this site.

  12. Tried to post a review for a colleague, established a Yelp account, found I was logged into someone else’s account! Tried for an hour to contact Tech Support through the site–no luck. Tried to call Customer Service at 3:30 PM PDT today, nobody available. Now what? Yelp needs serious work, do not feel safe using it for any purpose. Over to you, if anyone bothers to read this!

  13. does not care about fake users who abuse the platform. I just saw a review that was removed for my business from a client I never had several years ago with my business being defamed. Yelp removed the review under their own guidelines several years ago. My clients review me on superior sites with Five Stars. Also, another fake review is still on my Yelp page. These are from three years ago, and these so called “yelpers” are not even active with current reviews.

    Now I also went to Yelp and gave my business a five star review. Obviously the algorythyms are not working. Yelp has lost its integrity. I have friends in my field that are so mad with fake reviews hurting their business. It is because Yelp only cares about money and revenue, not peope. You should be ashamned!!!

  14. You posted my name on a review that belongs to someone else. That issue is not addressed in your support center.

  15. We represent Freeman Built and feel a slander law suit against yelp if they don’t look into a complaint against my Client and remove it from their site. This complaint is invalid and Yelp should have contacted our client immediately. It is further requested that you release the person or entity that has committed slander in this nature of false witness against our client so we can take further action to the fullest extent the law allows.

  16. Not good. Sent me a “no reply” e-mail that Yelp was dropping a recent review.. 4 years and 63 reviews on Yelp! I’m a senior woman and a writer. I have my own business. Please change your logarithms to stop dropping my reviews when your merchant “rebuts” my claims that I wasn’t his client. I had to interact with him and his broker several times. Ongoing because now they have kept my Credit Report. I spend a lot of my precious time! (right I’m a senior and older than you!) and don’t appreciate your algorithms review.) There are some bad ethics here with this agency.

    Please ask someone to call me.
    Thank you,
    Maggie Smith

  17. Right now, We apply our company on the yelp, it says about within 2 days will be approved it. can you help me check it? If have any problem, connect us please. The company name is Newcentury tranaportation.

  18. It is worth noting that, since I joined Yelp (some time ago) I have received robo-calls about once per week. It is the same robo-call, simulating my area code and a cell number prefix. As soon as I say, “Hello”, the robot is activated, with a female voice saying “Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and you recently stayed in one of our resorts.” And going on to describe how I qualify for free time at some other resort. I have learned to hang up on anyone who says, “Hello, my name is Elizabeth…”. But I thought Yelp should know of this leak.

  19. I want to make a suggestion/request. There is NO option for that.

    First Suggestion/Request – give us the option to make suggestions/requests.

    Second Suggestion/Request – add a “sort” feature on the review page. I don’t really care what a business did in 2014 yet I have to scroll past all the older posts. We should be able to sort the reviews such as “sort by date.”

  20. I do not have time to spend on the phone and need to get my account corrected. We DO NOT HAVE general hours and your requirement for these is CAUSING NEGATIVE IMPACT on our business. Legal counsel has asked that I reach out, but you offer no other means but telephone. PLEASE REMOVE OUR HOURS and leave the PLEASE CALL comment.

  21. I’ve been on yelp for years. Lately I noticed that some of my reviews are going into the NOT RECOMMENDED reviews and its pretty frustrating. Do you want HONEST reviews or not. I dont understand why you post some of my reviews but not others. Please advise Thank you for your help

  22. I was notified that my yelp review had been removed because Connect Hearing said that I was not a valid customer. I have bills and cancelled checks to prove that I am. I bought my hearing aids from Connect Hearing in Fernandina Beach, Fl but we moved to Murfreesboro, Tn last November. I commented that there is no Connect Hearing here and the closest were in Atlanta and Memphis. Although they supposedly guarantee my aids for 3 years with free batteries, I cannot take advantage of this guarantee. If you wish, I will send you documentary evidence that I AM A VALID COSTUMER!! THIS SHOULD BE ANOTHER REVIEW!!

  23. I think it’s quite ironic that the majority of comments for YELP are negative. You review every other company in the world to be YELP reviewed except yourself, kinda cowardly don’t you think? I’m frustrated because we are a new business one year old. For some reason, you’ve allowed a competing dentist to dump his old reviews under our new business name. He’s claiming they are not his reviews because he just came to that practice, but being under the umbrella of a coorperation they actually are reviews tied to that company name for the other dentist he shares the office with. Somehow, he contacted you and had you move those bad reviews to our new practice?? Why I’m the world you allowed that is beyond me. It’s not the same name, those reviews are written prior to us even opening, and they are for a dental speciality that we don’t even do (orthodontics)!! We’ve tried to change this with you are you will not help us at all!!! My review for YELP is a BIG FAT ZERO STAR review.

  24. Whats the deal YELP, you people are as Bias as our Fake News Media, I am nice enough to join your website and leave reviews, but I noticed all my reviews are being filtered out. Whats the deal, you clowns taking payoffs from your business owners to filter peoples reviews … then you try to contact your customer service, and its impossible to reach anyone…JOKER WEBSITE…Time to delete my page, you people are of no help period … if you want to be fair, STOP FILTERING OUT PEOPLES REVIEWS…

  25. YELP is the worst company! It’s a platform to allow people to say whatever they want with absolutely NO consequences. They allow people to trash businesses with no concept of how their words can destroy the business owner. They allow you to post people’s full names. They don’t check or verify reviews they don’t remove companies no longer in business. In a nut shell they are horrific and should be removed from the Internet.

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