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Contacting Windows Live Customer Service Center

Windows Live is a Microsoft company. There are multiple services offered under the Windows Live moniker, including Hotmail, Skydrive, Messenger, Essentials and more. If you have concerns or issues with a Windows Live product or software, you’ll need to use the support page available from the main page of the Windows Live website to access customer service options. Windows Live is notorious for avoiding personal, one-on-one contact via phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find a phone number for Windows Live customer support, but we did find a number outside of the Windows Live website. The number is listed as OneCare and there are hundreds of comments from consumers having used the number for customer support. Check out the Our Experience section to see how we faired with Windows Live customer support.

  • OneCare: 1-800-642-7676

Mailing Address

You are not going to find a mailing address for Windows Live customer service, so your best bet is to send your communication to the Microsoft headquarters. It may take some time to receive a response, but keep sending letters and eventually someone will respond.

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Official Website

Windows Live offers an official website at This website is the central point for all Windows Live applications, software and customer support. The Help Center is available for customer support. According to some consumers, Windows Live phone support will tell customers they need to log in to the Help Center to find answers for their questions.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email for Windows Live. Most of the products offered by Microsoft under the Windows Live name are free, so customer service is difficult to come by. Your only option is to visit the Windows Live Help Center and search for questions similar to yours. You should be able to find a similar question as there are thousands of responses. You may need to choose a specific Windows Live product or service before searching for your question.

Our Experience

There is no contact phone number for Windows Live customer support. According to Windows Live and Microsoft, the parent company, most of the services provided by Windows Live are free to the customer so there is little income to support having a full call center. Customers who have issues with any of the Windows Live programs can access the support center online. There is also a customer support forum for additional support.

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81 Comments on “Contact Windows Live Customer Service
  1. i havent been able to access my email lately. it says that i havent logged in for a long time and that i need to verify my account and myself. however, i check my email everyday. furthermore, it gives 3 options to verify myself, i.e. another contact email address, the secret question and the customer support. but, none of these have worked. at the end it still gives the same page were supposedly i havent logged in for a while. can you please help????

  2. Hello. I received another email to verify a recent change of email address, but I was away from home for a week and the email expired–please send another email so I can verify the changes. Thank you

  3. Dear Windows Customer Service: I got a phone call (213-221-3528, Sam Wilson) Sep. 14,20012 saying that my computer is sending messages to other computers to clog them up and that I should go to my computer and he would tell me how to eliminate it, if not my computer would crash in a few days. I told him I’d think about it.
    PS He said he was calling on behalf of Windows.
    Thank you

  4. i need help to sign in on my live account but it says it’s blocked i think if they could unblock it because im trying to recover the account i made years ago i remember the hotmail
    adress and password and the email is mine they thougt it was someone else
    because i used that email on my ipod so nobody else know the email but me
    so can the windows live team unblock it because the email is my xbl email so i need them to unblock it

    • Im also having the exact same problem. I have entered every specific field including the security question and the last five digits of my prepaid card. All it does is send me an email giving me two options which are to 1. Send to an email address that no longer exists or 2. Ask the same security question as it did before only to tell me that the answer was wrong. If you have recieved any help at all would you mind contacting me.

  5. My computer is 5 yrs old. It was purchased the week Vista came out. They actually sent me the Vista upgrade dvd a week later.Fast foward!!!!! vista deactivated on 11/17/2012. That’s right deactivated. now Windows will not even back their product. 50 plus hrs of tech run around. There was no product key with the DVD sent to me way back when. Now all I want is for my computer to work. Windows is a inch from losing a life long customer. With no help I will switch to Mac. Windows needs to step up to the plate and get me a new DVD, a new product key, whatever. their product failed and they have set up their support in a way that pushes the problem to the next level, the next level cost $$$$ why should I have to pay for the same thing TWICE. NEED HELP WINDOWS, NOT TECH SUPPORT. I need a responsible party.

  6. I have recently had my account blocked, for a completely unknown reason… i used it everyday nothing had changed on my computer settings or my web settings.
    I followed all the instructions but it leads to the same end which is, a blue toolbar with the only option being to sign out. how can i follow the instructions to unblock my account when it gives me no option.
    I’m am really unpleased as i have emails i cant read i have no idea if some one has hacked it or not. I would love some help if that’s possible.
    kind regards Paul

  7. some guy from windows called me and con me in to pushing whatever on my computer and next thing you know hes controlling my computer from wherever he was…i told him at the beginning of the call,that if it cost anything i wasnt interested…next thing you know,,,hes telling me the will be a fee…so i told him to get off my computer…when i got control back of my computer he had removed the icons on my screen,,,not cool…this guy should be made aware of what he did..i would like to know whats up with that…

  8. Talked to windows who sent me to windows live support who sent me to windows live ID support who sent me to xbox PC support who said they can’t help me because it is windows live supports job. Close at 3:00PM on weekends so even though I started at noon they couldn’t help me. Problem not resolved. Lastly, they have none of the phone numbers or emails on the website and want you to look at their preset questions even if your problem doesn’t fall into that category. Also they don’t have any of my devices in their check compatibility section.

  9. I have been hacked to my inhale2dadome windows live by someone I lend my phone too they’ve been invading my privacy and not only that I feel I been raped and didn’t know about it until my bank an phone bills started tranfering to a diffrent location I need ur help to delete that account asap please

  10. No puedo habrir mi correo porque dice que la clave esta equivocada pero es mi cuenta de toda la vida y ahora no puedo usarla por favor ayúdenme ….

  11. please i need a activation code for my window phone.please your help. my phone model is htc hd7 t9292, name htc hd7 t9292

  12. there was a problem setting up my window live id on my phone [35519500000001701]I urgently need an activation code to finish my set up

  13. Yesterday I was working in wordpad (composing an important letter to my solicitor) and after almost nearly an hour was almost finished when wordpad just closed down then Windows updates message appeared, ther had bbe no prior warning. I expected to return to my work once the updates had been completed but no – my work was lost!! This is not acceptable

  14. Please my email account has been temporarily blocked for the pass two days now for on known reason to me. please open my email account is my personal account and am not using it for any fraudulent activity.

  15. this is the worst software company and customer service i have ever encountered in 50 yrs!!!
    upgraded to windows 8.1 (for the life of my i cannot tell you why) now because the installation INSISTED on completing it through a microsoft account. NOW i can’t get into my account BECAUSE, GET THIS, i need a computer to change my freakin password. WELL some of us ONLY have one freakin computer! SORT OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE??!!
    yes i have a smartphone (which is more than i can say about the customer service somewhere in the middle east) and can do it there but WHAT IF I DIDN’T? What a concept microsoft should THINK this one out a freakin bit! Not everyone has multiple computers and gadgets. BTW windows 8 needs to be replaced by something that doesn’t crash every 3 months!

  16. Imei 354004041000799.pls I need an activation code to complete my account pls in the name of God.iv gone through a lot to get it.

  17. I have a Nokia Lumia 520 live window the only thing I hate about the phone are ur games. You have guides only for Hay Day. What good are the guides if you don’t have the game. I was told when I got this phone everything would just switch over. Then I found out I can’t play Hay Day. So for the phone I give it a ZERO. No games I really like. Get Hay Day by Super Cell then I’ll give phone higher ratings.

  18. Hello. My computer processor is Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @1.60GHz 1.60GHz. So, this processor can run Windows8?

  19. Now that I have spent money buying this computer windows 8.1 and all of it’s accessories, it keep DISPLAYING the message of “not able to access the internet” an intermittent message my other computer works with the wifi, I am able to access the internet so it has to be 8.1 HELP PLEASE IS THIS THE KIND OF SERVICE I WILL GET USING WINDOWS 8.1 I SURE HOPE NOT THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  20. I received a phone call from a foreigner that was initially a female but the call was then given to a male by the name of Lee. Halfway throught the phone call I began recording because the call started to feel suspect due to the individual wanting me to go through all these commands for my computer. The male even provided me with my computer license number and verified my home phone number and address (which is also listed in the phone book) however he was not able to provide me with my computer ID number. I then became suspicious of the call because he informed me of the computer license being registered to someone that does not live at my house and hasn’t lived there in over 2 yrs. I informed the man that I would need to call the Service Center directly before I was going to be able to follow any other commands on my computer. The male indicated that he was with Windows Service Center in Texas and provided me with phone number ext 103. I first attempted to call the number back that appeared on my caller ID, and received a Verizon Wireless disconnection message. When I called the number, it was a direct line for someone named Josh Brusellus and NO ext was needed or required. I then attempted to look up the number for Windows Customer Service or the Service Center to then realize that the call was indeed a SCAM.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I purchased dell Model No. P11F having an genuine windows 7 home premium Operating System,Due to some technical problem to my existing HDD, i purchased new HDD and want to install my genuine windows 7 home premium operating system on new one HDD, kindly support me in this regards.

    Pankaj Yadav

  22. have been receiving calls from persons with a foreign accent telling me that I am having problems with my computer. I do not give or communicate any of my information with them. I usually just hang up. Are they legitimate? I would not think that Windows would be calling me randomly like that. I have not been having problems and certainly don’t want a hacker to give my any. Please reply.

  23. Please am on able to open account with windows live, and even when I enter my hotmail account into windows live it demands for activation code. Please how or where can I get my activation code to open my windows live account or hotmail account. Thanks for your surport. Gold Patrick

  24. I have been dealing with MS Store since 26 Dec 2015 and then MS Care Support since 26 Jan 2015 and I am still not getting any help. I got the wrong order twice now. Agents never call you back, my incident has been escalated now 4 times. A agent told me I should seek legal advise. If anyone knows who at MS I can mail or call please let me know. I bought the Surface Pro 3.

  25. I have install windows insider application on my Lumia 730 bt I haven’t updated my phone yet and I’m not able to open some apps which is installed on my sd card soo plz give me some suggestion to fix this I’ll able to open that apps again

  26. Hai….i am using Nokia Lumia 730.I am facing problem in my selfie camera when I take selfie it’s not getting saved in pictures I don’t know why this is happening from last two days and even my facebook and social network pics are not saved.please help me to solve this problem.

  27. Am having problem activating my windows id .when ever I tried they said they need activation code so hoppin to hear from u soon.thank you

  28. I have an email as listed above yet every time I attempt to login I’m denied because the email isn’t accepted. Since I can’t login I can’t speak to anyone to get the problem resolved and I really don’t want to create yet another email address….

  29. Am experiencing problems getting signed onto Facebook website. Was able to get on there yesterday. Can get on to Yahoo. I go through Firefox and have in the past without experiencing any problems.

  30. I need to change my phone number on my account so I can confirm my email account since I just refreshed my computer. Could you please advise as me as to how to do this please? Thank You. I also have problems going through other account since I cancelled Windstream since I moved and I no longer use them.

  31. I can’t open a Microsoft account with my phone, what is the problem or I should just stop using this window phone if the Microsoft account is not accessible.please help me out

  32. You do not give an e-mail address, but you ask for mine. You have not had a good program since windows 7, or windows live. Your Windows 8 failed fast, and
    8.1 didn’t last long either. I was considering going to windows 10, but there has
    been too many complaints, and problems with it. My wife got windows 10, and it is even worse than my windows 8. I am considering changing my computer to the old windows 7, or even 98 was better than what either of us have now. Stop sending messages on my computer to install windows 10, you are very annoying
    I may even change over to Apple or Mac.

  33. have been on hold for nearly 2 hours now waiting for an agent!! what gives?!? I am experiencing serious issues with my desk top since I allowed updated windows onto it recently!!!!!!!!!

  34. I downloaded windows 10 and it wont accept any of my passwords.telling me I need a disk to access my now my computer sits un-used. Thanks for no warnings that I was gonna have this problem

  35. just noticed running windows firewall and comodo firewall on my lonovo windows 8.1 should I and if not what shoud and how do i

  36. Hello, Windows 10 did an update on our desktop and laptop on 12/16. EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING on our desktop was lost ~ EVERYTHING!!! We are taking it into a repair service to see if they can retrieve anything. Our laptop was ok.?? The desktop tells us we were only ‘temporary users’…REALLY! for 2 years we were only TEMPORARY users!! I didn’t know how to get this to your higher management but this comment needs to reach them!! Their product S@#$! and we will be advertising for you. Because this computer will be at the REPAIR SERVICE due to your lack of knowledge before placing a product on the market, we can be reached at 320.444.0631

    Very Unhappy Customers,

  37. Cant access my window live id. When i trying signing in they tell me we were trying to activate your phone without troubling you about it. But something went wrong contact your costumer service for activation code pls help me.

  38. my son has a pc with windows 8 ,when we try to update to update to windows 10 he received a message will notify when available . how long before he will be notify he can download windows 10 .

  39. I DO NOT want windows 10. It continuously pops up on my desktop and messes up everything I am working on. How do I get rid of this for good. VERY Annoying to say the least. Now it is telling me it is scheduled to download on the 26th. Absolutely NOT. Please HELP!

  40. Pls improve the windows live service for easy downloading of apps because it has not been accessible for months now in Nigeria

  41. I cannot access my Live email. I see others have a similar problem. Previous to this, they always text a code to my phone & it’s really easy, but, for some reason, they’re not texting me the code. I finally did the email option, answered tons of questions & have to wait 24 hours. Why am I not getting the code? Is there a limit on how many times I can change my password so they’re not sending me a code anymore? How many times can I try to log in with possible passwords before they block me? Thanks, Cheryl

  42. I can’t download anything coz it says I have reached the maximum account required for a windows please can U help me so I can download anything

  43. Worst customer service support system I’ve ever seen!! Someone hacked my account and when I try to reset password I get the cyber runaround. I need to get into my Hotmail account desperately but Microsoft is no help at all. Very disappointed and angry over all my memories and pictures were not protected and now are inaccessible. Poor business

  44. Dear Sir or Madame,
    My name is Agung, need your help support for my acer m220 windowsphone.
    I have a problem that my windowsphone can not using store and when the phone asked about my email account, i also can not sign in.
    So, please help my case and thank you.

    Best regards,

  45. good day,i have a problem with my hotmail. i can not open on web,hi is working on mobile phone. thanks for your comprehension.

  46. I am so fed up w/ Windows Live blocking certain examples of mail…who the Hell do you think you are? STOP IT & FIX IT.


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