Contact Virgin Atlantic Customer Service

Contacting Virgin Atlantic Customer Service Center

Virgin Atlantic is the airline division of parent company Virgin Group. The company is based in the United Kingdom and has destinations across the world, including, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Customer service is a primary focus of the company which services more than 5 million customers on a annual basis.

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Contact Info:

The majority of the customer support departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers needing special assistance will need to contact the department Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm local time.

Customers wanting to explore additional options to contact the customer service department can do so by phone, traditional mail, email or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Reservations 0844 209 7777
  • Flight Information 0844 209 7770
  • Special assistance: 0844 412 4455
  • Virgin Headquarters: 0844 8110 000
  • USA: 1 800 821 5438
  • Special assistance: 1 888 747 7474
  • Australia: 1300 727 340
  • Special assistance: 1300 727 340
  • Caribbean: 1 800 744 7477
  • Barbados: 1 246 228 4886
  • China: +86 21 53 534600
  • Cuba: +53 7 204 0747
  • Ghana: +233 302 215 215
  • Flight Information: +233 302 215 215
  • Hong Kong: 852 2532 6060
  • Flight Information: 852 2181 8888
  • Special Assistance: 852 2532 6060
  • India: 1800 102 3000
  • Special Assistance: +91 124 4693030
  • Kenya: +254 20 278 9100
  • Special Assistance: +254 20 278 9100
  • Flight Information: +254 20 822 111
  • Japan: 03 3499 8811
  • Flight Information: 03 3499 8811
  • Special Assistance: 03 3499 8811
  • Nigeria: +234 (1) 4612747
  • South Africa: 011 340 3400
  • Flight Information: 011 978 6000
  • Special Assistance: 011 340 3400
  • United Arab Emirates: +971 4 406 0600

Mailing Address

Virgin Atlantic – Customer RelationsP.O. Box 747DunstableLU6 9AHUK

Customer ServicesVirgin Atlantic AirwaysThe OfficeManor RoyalCrawleyWest SussexRH10 9NU

Official Website

Go to the official website in order to find flights, book flights or check on existing flights. Customers can also check into existing flights. Customers wanting information relating to booking a complete vacations should visit the customer support page.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer service department through the email here Considering this is the general email, customers can address any question or concern. We sent a message asking for information relating to making a flight safe for passengers with peanut allergies. We are still awaiting a response.

We noticed customers could also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page, the Twitter page or Live Chat.

Our Experience

The customer service department call was better than expected. The automated system was detailed and directed us to a live agent. We were on hold for less than 3 minutes. We asked the agent for information relating to canceling reservations. The agent explained customers must contact the reservations department a minimum of three hours prior to the departure of their flight.

Our experience was good, but how was your experience? Comment in the field below.

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10 Comments on “Contact Virgin Atlantic Customer Service
  1. I would like to put a name forward to name virgin atlantic,s new 787 aircraft.i have been travelling virgin atlantic this last 21 years ,
    and i have a Richard branson book signed and commented by 30 different virgin atlantic flight crews . I think the new aircraft should refere to where virgin atlantic originated from,and also the 2 hubs virgin atlantic has plus the capital of our great country .

    I can just picture a 787 with (London calling) etched below the scarlet lady ,also wherever in the world this aircraft is what a nice little advert promoting our home destination .

    I would love to send my book over for Richard to see ,im sure he would recognise lots of names from the past .

    all the best to everyone at virgin atlantic .

    desi hunter .northern Ireland

  2. Dear Customer Service,
    I just can not say enough about your staff!! I flew from Rome on June 3rd arrived BA 8:45am and picked up my bag and went to terminal 3 where I was greeted by a lovely gentleman named Dave….I said I think I have
    a problem and he said will I am going to help you solve the challenge….my suitcase was over weight…we went to a scale and he opened and closed my suitcase three times and we solved the problem! he is an angel and so helpfu! the crew on board the flight were great and one flight attendant moved me to a seat with
    more leg room as the flight was not full…..but they were marvelous with some very rude passengers and the
    Passengers were removed from the flight and we had to wait for there luggage to be removed! the passengers were so rude and everyone in contact with them …..handled them beautifully…
    warm regards, and I hope the crew and Dave hear about my comments I was on flight VS 23 June June 3rd
    London / Los Angeles

    Peggy Larson

  3. Dear customer service, I think I started traveling with virgin air line with my family twenty odd years ago to date. Infact my last daughter,first flight at age two weeks Old, was on virgin airlinefrom USA July 6th 1996. I think it demonstrate the gooD service u provide to us as customers. But recently I try to update my milage from 29 November 2009 to 2014, and finds that my details had been mixed up somehow. I made several effort check it, then today I had go to heathrow airport and was supported to speak with your staff. She was very helpful. ( ONE MS Diane at premium Desk) Now I still have my mileage from 2009 to 20014 updated. Name:Murphyolayori/George Dr . I hope my request will meet favourbly with your kind approval. Thanks to all virgin staff on all international routes.

  4. Your customer service rep, Laura x32363, was the best! She was so helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. Thank you so much for your help with my mum’s travel arrangements.

  5. I have always fly with you and enjoyed doing so . I have booked a return flight from Barbados G7XDW4 unfortunately through medical I am unable to make the return journey. I was told I would have to pay to hold my flight for a later date. Can you please help me and waive that fee. I cannot give any date at this moment. I am waiting on the doctors.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  6. Customer service rep Patricia Scott (Trish) has been so helpful with our booking to the US for next year. Nothing was too much trouble and her patience was amazing! Can’t say enough about this lovely lady thanks so much Trish you truly are fantastic at the job you do!

  7. Hello, I am writing to enquire about regaining my points as a customer. I am writing on behalf of my parents Mrs Deborah Farayibi and Mr Isaac Ayotunde Farayibi we have both been flying with Virgin for over 25 years. We would like to find out if we’re entitled to any rewards for being such loyal customers.

  8. What is happening at virgin ???
    i have 3 return flights booked and everyone has been changed resulting in me having to change plans and incur costs .

    The one leaving on Wednesday had the return flight from Atlanta cancelled resulting in having to stay another day costing accommodation cost ,car hire cost and extended UK car park cost .
    The one booked to Miami was extended by 4 hours resulting in getting to my accommodation in fort lauderdale later than i wanted ,the one booked for april as now come back with alterations , 3 in a row ,WHY /
    i have been a customer for over 20 years and never had this changes before

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