Contact University Of Louisville Customer Service

Contacting University of Louisville Customer Service Center

Contacting University of Louisville Customer Service Center

The University of Louisville is located in the heart of Kentucky’s largest metropolitan city. The university is spread across three campuses, encompassing more than 500 acres. There are currently more than 20,000 students attending University of Louisville. Current and future students as well as parents should contact the customer service department with relevant questions and concerns relating to admissions. You can contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 800-334-8635
  • Main Campus: 502-852-5555
  • Campus Emergencies: 502-852-6111
  • Technical Support: 502-852-7997
  • Admissions: 502-852-6531

Mailing Address

University of Louisville2301 South 3rd St. Louisville, KY 40208

Official Website

Customers, students and parents visiting the official University of Louisville website can research admission requirements, learn about the available fields of study, learn about life on campus and explore the surrounding community. In the event you are looking for more in depth information, the University of Louisville recommends visiting the Student Resource Center.

Social Media

The University of Louisville embraces social media. This is how the university keeps students and parents updated with important information. We even noticed several conversations between customer service and customers. The response time was rather quick. Questions were answered in less than two (2) minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service team asking about the timeline for submitting financial aid information. Although there was information on the website relating to financial aid, this information was not readily available. We immediately received a message stating a customer service representative would respond within 24 hours.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we listed to the automated system, and then we pressed zero (0) to reach the operator. The operator was pleasant and connected the call to the customer service department. We asked for information relating to admissions requirements and financial aid. Instead of transferring our call, the customer service agent answered all of our questions. We have to say the customer service department was knowledgeable and professional. Our overall experience was better than expected. Can you say the same about your call to the customer service department? We want to hear from you. Take a moment and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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