Contact Universal Studios Customer Service

Contacting Universal Studios Customer Service Center

Universal Studios is an amusement and entertainment park located in Florida. There is also a Universal Studios Hollywood, but that one is located in California. Though Disney also operates parks in Florida and California, Universal is a different different company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Despite being a huge amusement park, Universal Studios does not have a long list of customer service phone numbers. We found just a few phone numbers travelers could use to find out more information about the park or contact Universal Studios customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-407-224-4233

There are customer service agents available at the above number from 8:30 AM to 7 PM every day of the week.

  • General Information: 1-407-363-8000
  • Ticket Purchases: 1-407-224-7840
  • Reservations (Dining): 1-407-224-4233
  • Vacation Packages: 1-877-801-9720
  • Vacation Packages TDD: 1-800-447-0672
  • Hotel Reservations: 1-888-273-1311
  • Group Reservations: 1-866-360-7395
  • Merchandise Inquiries: 1-888-762-0820
  • Lost and Found Department: 1-407-224-4233
  • Loews Portofino Bay Hotel: 1-407-503-1000
  • Hard Rock Hotel: 1-407-503-2000
  • Loews Royal Pacific Resort: 1-407-503-3000

Mailing Address

You can contact Universal Studios by mail. There is more than one available address.

Universal Orlando Resort 1000 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, FL 32819-7610


Loews Portofino Bay Hotel 5601 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819


Hard Rock Hotel 5800 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819


Loews Royal Pacific Resort 6300 Hollywood Way Orlando, FL 32819

Mail communication should be reserved for general customer service, complaints and compliments. Booking and reservations are handled by phone and email, not standard mail.

Official Website

To learn more about Universal Studios you can visit the official website at The site does a great job of showing visitors the attractions the park has to offer while easing the process of booking rooms and vacation packages.

Customer Service Email

If you loved your visit to Universal Studios or you hated the time you spent there, customer service needs to know. There is a general email address listed on the Universal Studios website. Emails about billing or problems with credit card or bank statements should not be sent to this email address.

Our Experience

Call the General Customer line and press number 3 for the Guest Services department. You will be placed on hold for the next available operator. When the agent answered the call we inquired about processes in place for visitors with disabilities. The agent was happy to address our concerns. She spoke clearly and never pressed for personal information.

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6 Comments on “Contact Universal Studios Customer Service
  1. Please remove the comment/post. I don’t want my phone number and stuff up because this was a question for Universal not a review. I sent a message.

  2. Hi,
    I lost my eyeglass today in mummy tunnel.. İf you find it (mont bilanc) plase contact to me this email address.

    Bahtiyar Karagöz

  3. Discrimination and bad treatment is what we receive during our visit. and for the resolution of the complaint they offer us something and do not fulfill it.

  4. My family (kids 8 and 12) stayed at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort (LRPR) from Monday 10-12 to 10-15. Immediately the staff took care of us when we dropped our bags and headed for the park. We got full day in and ate at Jake’s that night with great service.

    But that night our youngest had a stomach bug (he constantly has his hands in his mouth / chewing his nails…) and was throwing up that night and into the morning.

    Blurry eyed the next morning I went gift shop and the person there was very helpful (sorry I failed to get her name). She suggested i get some crackers from the restaurant and pointed out what they did have to help….I went to the front desk of the Island’s Restaurant and the manager (Barak) reacted like it was his own kid dashing off. I saw him rummaging in Jake’s in a committed way, was gone for a bit and returned out of breath. He apologized for the delay and said he had to run upstairs. He had a bag with crackers and a bottle of Perrie water and said no charge. I reached for my wallet to give him a tip and he backed away waving me off saying his pleasure and hope my boy feels better.

    The morning we left we tried breakfast, but the youngest made a few trips to the bathroom holding up our server “Z” for quite a while. He also went out of his way to help and catered a 3 mini muffin breakfast to suit his small appetite and kept our coffee hot.

    The rest of the staff to the boat crew were always in a great mood and lifted spirits when we feeling tired and making the best of the trip. Just wanted to say thanks for that personal touch and extra effort. It meant a lot to all of us.

  5. I should have added – the stay at the LRPR was worth it for the Express Pass and we still made use of the pre-paid meals even with the hiccup in how hungry the youngest was. Well worth the money and would stay at one of these resorts again for the service and convienence it provided. Thanks!

  6. We visited Volcano Bay yesterday for the first time and I have to say, We had a great time until after riding everything and going for the last ride. Upon entering the cue, the very rude female employee didn’t ask but demanded that I remove a neckless that I have never removed from my neck since it was place by my late grandmother before he passing. When I attempted to ask why after riding all of the other attractions including all three of the drop slides that I was being told I had to remove it for a simple slide as OH NO, She rudely told me to take it off or get out of her line. when I finally removed the neckless and placed it on my wrist as advised by the rude employee, I tried to show her that by placing it on my wrist it was more of a risk of getting caught on something since it was loose and would risk falling off, she told me that I could either put it on my wrist or not ride. After placing it on my wrist and trying to secure it under the tapu tapu bracelet and doing the ride, I came out of the pool area, I noticed that my neckless had fallen off, I went back to tell the rude girl that the neckless had fallen off and to ask if there was a way to look for it. She told me that it I shouldn’t have worn it on the ride. Upon asking for a manager, I noticed several other men going up the steps to the slide that were wearing necklesses. And when I tried to ask why those people were allowed to just walk through without removing theirs she ask me to step out of the cue and allow the line to continue moving. I have lost something that is not only valuable but very sentimental and cannot be replaced. Is there somewhere that items lost in the rides are taken such as this? or are the items just lost in the filter systems forever? As a season pass holder, I am not sure that I will ever renew my pass, bring family and friends to the parks again. I work for Westgate resorts where we sell a large amount of tickets through the tickets2you system, and I will think twice about ever selling another ticket for Universal.
    The customer service and treatment that I have experience during the past several visits have been horrible due to the fact that employees either don’t like their jobs and take it out on customers or that the employees are not trained correctly. I have made several attempts to do the complaint on the universal website but the site does not work unless you are asking for information on tickets or purchasing something.

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