Contact United Healthcare Customer Service

Contacting United Healthcare Customer Service Center

United Healthcare is a huge insurance provider with divisions in most states. We managed to locate phone numbers for nearly all UHC states, but addresses are not listed. For more information on addresses for your state, you can visit the contact link provided.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The United Health Care website lists contact phone numbers for each state where the insurance company operates.

  • Alabama: 1-800-945-0150
  • Arizona: 1-866-633-2446
  • Arkansas: 1-800-842-8000
  • California: 1-800-357-0978
  • Colorado: 1-800-516-3344
  • Connecticut: 1-877-832-7734
  • Delaware: 1-800-307-7820
  • Florida (Jacksonville): 1-800-250-6178
  • Florida (Orlando): 1-800-899-6500
  • Florida (South Florida): 1-800-825-8792
  • Florida (Tampa): 1-800-595-0440
  • Hawaii: 1-800-343-2608
  • Idaho: 1-800-343-2608
  • Illinois: 1-800-543-6621
  • Indiana: 1-800-382-5445
  • Iowa (East): 1-800-747-1446
  • Iowa (Medicare): 1-800-669-1812
  • Iowa (Other): 1-800-669-1830
  • Kansas: 1-800-842-3585
  • Kentucky (Lexington): 1-800-495-5285
  • Kentucky (Louisville): 1-800-307-4959
  • Kentucky (Northern and Grant): 1-800-752-7106
  • Kentucky (East Network): 1-800-328-8835
  • Louisiana: 1-800-826-1981
  • Maine: 1-877-842-3210
  • Maryland: 1-800-307-7820
  • Massachusetts: 1-888-735-5842
  • Michigan: 1-866-633-2446
  • Minnesota: 1-877-842-3210
  • Mississippi: 1-800-345-1520
  • Missouri: 1-800-627-0687
  • Montana: 1-800-516-3344
  • Nebraska: 1-800-284-0626
  • Nevada: 1-702-242-7000
  • New Hampshire: 1-800-444-7855
  • New Jersey: 1-732-623-1000
  • New Mexico: 1-732-623-1000
  • NYS Empire Plan: 1-877-7NYSHIP
  • New York (Healthy NY): 1-866-223-5802
  • North Carolina (Cary): 1-800-362-0655
  • North Carolina (Charlotte): 1-800-842-0837
  • North Carolina (Greensboro): 1-800-362-0655
  • North Dakota: 1-800-842-3585
  • Ohio (Main): 1-800-750-0750
  • Ohio (Cleveland): 1-800-225-7951
  • Ohio (Dayton/Cincinnati): 1-800-861-4037
  • Ohio (Columbus): 1-800-225-7951
  • Oklahoma: 1-800-842-2481
  • Oregon (Members): 1-800-357-0978
  • Oregon (Groups): 1-888-842-4571
  • Oregon (Medicare): 1-800-642-7552
  • Oregon (Providers): 1-877-842-3210
  • Oregon (Secure Horizons): 1-800-228-2144
  • Pennsylvania: 1-800-307-7820
  • Puerto Rico: 1-877-842-3210
  • Rhode Island: 1-800-422-1404
  • South Carolina: 1-800-660-5378
  • South Dakota: 1-877-842-3210
  • Tennessee: 1-800-842-8000
  • Texas (Austin): 1-877-294-1429
  • Texas (San Antonio): 1-800-842-0174
  • Utah: 1-800-824-9313
  • Vermont: 1-800-444-7855
  • Virgin Islands: 1-877-842-3210
  • Virginia: 1-800-357-0978
  • Washington (Broker): 1-888-842-4571
  • Washington (Commercial): 1-800-357-0978
  • Washington (Provider): 1-877-842-3210
  • Washington (Secure Horizons): 1-800-228-2144
  • West Virginia: 1-866-432-5992
  • Wisconsin (Milwaukee): 1-800-879-0071
  • Wisconsin (Central): 1-800-842-3585
  • Wyoming: 1-800-516-3314

Mailing Address

The general address for United Healthcare is listed as the Customer Service contact in the Privacy statement.

United HealthcareCustomer ServicePO Box 740815Atlanta, GA 30374-0815

Visit the Contact Us page for detailed mailing address lists for each state.

Official Website

Visit to learn more about United Healthcare and locate information about the division in your state.

Customer Service Email

Just like the address listing for United Healthcare, email addresses may be listed for your state. Check the Contact Us page for detailed email customer service addresses or contact pages.

Our Experience

There is no general customer service phone number for United Healthcare, so we need YOUR help. Leave a comment below regarding how you were treated by the customer service team.

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10 Comments on “Contact United Healthcare Customer Service
  1. To whom it may concern: Thank you for your past care…however for the 2014 season, all of my specialists & yale new haven hospital were canceled 1 wk before the end of sign up date…the only dr I had left was my pcp…it would have been fine if you told people, drs & hospitals at the beginning of sign up that you were dropping around 2200 drs assoc. with yale along with yale itself. all of the people in new haven county use yale Newhaven hosp & its drs….I hope I don’t get sick between now & dec 31 2014…closest top hospital is Hartford hospital & that’s 40miles away…I realize you need to make a profit, but you most certainly should have made this decision well before sign up date…many people had been with the same dr for yrs! you have no compassion for the truly elderly & your co.has no humanitarianism! I hope some of your own stock holders fell victim to this scam!

  2. I Don’t hear very well on the phone. All the workers have an accent to make it even harder. I’m very computer savvy and do everything on-line.

  3. I do not use a telephone for voice calls due to disability. UHC’s response to this is to tell me to “go ask a neighbor to call them.” Their “nurse chat” hung up on me when I told them this was against the ADA. There is apparently NO WAY to find out what my benefits are without using a telephone.

  4. I was on the line for 42minutes and 19 seconds and out of that total time, I was passed around to 3 different people and was on hold for about 32 minutes. The staff needs to learn how to take a message and pass it on, messages should be taken word for word then read back to ensure that it was taken down correctly (Dan was the one that took the message). I will say that everyone was polite and I do appreciate their assistance (Kevin/Latoya).
    Thank you

  5. Somewhere in your records my mother’s name has been separated and she now receives some pension information with the wrong name. Her name is Ellen Joline VandeVoorde. There is no space before the second capital ‘V’, with a space the computer uses Voorde as a name. Which of course is wrong. Her pension benefits come from my late father Achiel VandeVoorde who retired from John Deere Plow Planter Works. Please correct your records so she does not receive anything more with the incorrect name.
    Thank you.

  6. hi,
    I just received my card in the mail last week. and I cannot register it online on your site, it is saying I don’t have access to it or something, I have the correct member id number and group number. I am just pissed off that when I call you guys I cannot hear these people clear enough, and plus their accents make it even harder to understand them. then they just keep transferring me to another person when I explain the problem to them, all I want it to register my card just so i’m not paying for something that isn’t going to do me any good. if I need to go to the hospital for something. would you please help me out with this situation I am tired of being given the run around this is bullpoop.

  7. My Name Is Brant B. Legg I Have Been A Member Of United Health Servises For A wile , When On Tuesday March 12, 2018 & Released From The Hospital On 16 of March , 2018 With 3 Persrciptions Witch i have tryed to fill at Wallgreens Phamacy on Meridian In Puyallp Wa. & Was Informed I Have No Health Insurance, How Can This Be ????? 1. When I Had My Hip Replaced You Paid For Everything 2 years ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Never Stoped Not Haveing UHC As A Provider … I never stoped at anytime1 So How can You stop My Coverage?????????

  8. Bennie Sexton. This is the worst insurance ever!!! Today is 5/23/18 . I have been trying since March to get urology supplies. These are needed in order for me to live. Well, I GIVE UP!!! I will not stop here. Every call is 2 hours long. You send me a letter, call my dr. And then say “there is no record of this. Please people get your act together. I have one thing in my favor, open season is in Oct. I hope none of you are depending on your company to supply anything!!!!

  9. I had a United Health Care policy through my business In WA state. I obtained a job with the government and cancelled my UHC coverage in Oct 2017 because my employer was insuring me.
    I am still having ACH withdrawals from my business bank account.
    I have called at least eight different customer service related UHC numbers and everytime the agent transfers me to someone who has no idea what to do and cannot access my account information. I have talked to client services who went through this long process only to discover they only dealt with medicaid. So I was transferred to WA Apple plan and they couldn’t help me either, saying that the exchange policies were all cancelled when UHC elected to not participate in the health exchanges.
    I spent a long time with someone from Navigate accounts who finally said he couldn’t access the records for me so he was transferring me to a Dedicated Team.
    I spoke with someone who determined that I had a state plan through WA,
    I had been on the phone for over an hour and spoke to more than 10 different people,

  10. I have signed up for Health coverage and some dental 2 months ago. I was promised a sheet stating the dentists that I could use and as of yet have not received nothing. I received a bill of course to pay your company but nothing that I have repeatedly asked for and please tell me why? I have given my address!! I want NO CALLS!! I want to look at it on paper before my eyes. I need this before I will continue your coverage. If its this hard to only get information, I am reconsidering on health coverage with your company. My member ID 973160628 I have medicare part a and b also 3/01/15 257926894 under my ex husbands name my address is 733 Hwy 45 South Colquitt, Georgia. I am wanting to know extra amount on dental for dentist out of my area which is 39837 and wanting to go extra distance of 100 miles for possibly oral surgeons if I need root canal, maybe a bridge or any other occurrence that should happen and when will coverage begin? Will they be a waiting period? All of these that no one can tell me as of yet and why not? If I worked for your company I would be able to answer any question a subscriber asked so someone needs to step up. I do not want a computer to tell me since it has not been able to in my area. I want a booklet!!! Thanks for listening and have a great day!

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