Contact UGG Customer Service

Contacting UGG Customer Service Center

UGG is an Australian boot company that became famous in the United States for selling fur-lined, fashion boots for women. Since UGGs hit the US by storm the company has experienced extreme growth and knock-offs have increased exponentially.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The UGG site is titled UGG Australia, but the contact information provided on the site is for US contact. If you purchased UGG boots at an offline retailer you should contact that retailer for refund, exchange and customer service information. The contact information we’ve provided is for the UGG company and online shopping site.

Phone Contact Numbers

UGG customer service answers calls from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM Saturday and 10 AM to 7 PM Sunday. All hours are ET.

  • UGG Phone Number: 1-888-432-8530

You can contact the UGG customer service department about your online order, product information and other product issues. If you’re calling about an order, log in to your account or have the order number/packing slip handy so the representative can recall the order quickly.

Mailing Address

We couldn’t find an address for UGG customer service or even the returns department, but UGG is part of the Decker Outdoor Corporation and we were able to find an address for that company.

Deckers Outdoor CorporationAttn: UGG Customer Service495-A South Fairview AveGoleta, CA 93117

Official Website

You can learn about the UGG experience and history on the official website at The site is a sales site, first and foremost, but there is also a bit of information on the company, how UGGs came to be and the customer service department.

Social Media

Social media pages are perfect for customer service contact if you want to connect, contact and stay connected anywhere you go.

Customer Service Email

Contact UGG customer service using the online contact form provided on the customer service page. If you are contacting about an order, include the order number on the form.

Our Experience

UGG’s customer service line is an automated system with menu options. When you press 0 the message just starts over from the beginning. The menu options include pressing 1 for orders, 2 for warranties/returns/exchanges, 3 for cleaning help or 4 for customer service. You can press 4 as soon as the menu starts to speed up your call. After pressing 4, press 0 to skip the next set of options. We were placed on hold at 1:15 and our call was answered at 3:52, so we waited quite a while on hold for a representative.

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68 Comments on “Contact UGG Customer Service
  1. I just love the look of ugg boots. I was wondering if you ever give customers who ask a coupon . I truly would love a pair of ugg boots. But in this tough economy I would love a coupon.

  2. How can you lie to people about the fur of your products? It’s not from sheep or lamb, it’s from animals skinned alive! Shame on you! I’ll spread the world so more and more people will stop purchasing your stuff. Do something and stop this slaughter in China. Don’t buy from them. For God shake, they should at least kill the animals before they take their skin!! If you go on like this, noone will buy from you and you’ll lose all the fame and the money. It may now sounds as impossible, but you’ll change your mind after it’s done! Everything seems impossible until it’s done, right?

  3. i have been experiencing problems with refund for shipment of my online purchase. boots didnt fit even though it was the same size as my other ugg boots and the colour was not what i expected.
    i loved ugg boots and wore them for many years, i will not purchase another pair though after this experience.
    i am very disapointed with the customer service and this brand lost all its charm form me.

  4. I have emailed ugg Australia several times pertaining to a torn ugg boot and salt staiins on the boots months after we made them water resistant with a spray they recommended…..wth….all we want is replacement boots.we spent a lot on 2 pairs of boots for gifts..I am so disappointed.i am in the beauty field.i will be letting everyone know that I speak to…very disappointed……Betsy vanvolkenburg.

  5. I sent you pics of my defective ugg boots. You acknowledged the pics then you blew me off. I asked for a replacement. I have not even had them a year. I am emailing you to let you know I am returning them to Decker address Goleta .ca. please send me a replacement

  6. Ugg boots are expensive. They are not worth the
    money. G.Daughter has uggs. Worn 5 times, they
    were treated and cleaned with the cleaning product
    sold at store with the boots. Look like they are ready
    for the garbage can. Will not buy any more UGGS!!!

    Mary Rhodes

  7. I purchased a pair of ugg boots a few years ago and treated them with the product that you recommend. They are torn, when i went back to the store to get a replacement pair they told me they are not to be worn in the snow or water. WHAT did i buy them for. They are expensive and all I wanted was a replacement pair these cost me $300 dollars. Very disappointed. Please help.


  9. Ugg boots are expensive. They are not worth the money. Worn 5 times, they
    were treated and cleaned and now, they looked like they are ready for the garbage can.I will not buy them and I want my money back.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  10. Tom Brady has every right to support anyone one he wants. But do you really want the face of your brand to be associated with the hateful fear mongering of someone like Donald Trump? One more Tom Brady ad and I am done with Ugg

  11. I’m very disappointed with that fact, I came to your location at Westchester Mall and purchased two pairs of Ugg women slippers and unfortunately the system was down in which is understandable but I was charged twice. In the result of more then 400 dollars coming out my account, both transactions were different amounts in cents, I need someone to contact me ASAP in regards to this matter.

  12. My uggs just showed up and the have these beautiful bows on the back. One came completely unraveled. What can I do? I’m very disappointed.

    • I had purchased a pair for my daughter for Christmas. Order was started 12/18 with guarantee to be delivered by 12/24. I receiver confirmation email with delivery date. First date was 12/21 which I thought Wow okay. But as each day passed my daughter still didn’t receive them. On 12/24 I “chatted” with CS as the phonelines either hung up or rang busy. After 2 hours I finally got someone to chat with me. Said it looked like my order got lost between the warehouse and shipper. I was super upset. They told me my next shipment would go out UPS – guaranteed to be 2 days and of course would get there. Well upon looking at my confirm. email it was the same shipper as before. I contacted them again 2 hours wait – and they offered 30.00 refund – that was on 12/24. Today is 1/20/2016 and I have yet to get my refund. My daughter got her boots on 12/29 -and they are lovely but after 3 more chat times and actual phone conversation with 3 different people each customer serv rep puts blame on the other as my refund is yet to be processed. I am highly disappointed in this company. Will never ever order from them or recommend them to anyone else. I kept asking where I can submit a complaint to and never got an answer.

  13. every Friday and Saturday you guys out here selling fake uggs the address is 2360 Pulaski Highway bear Delaware and wondering y newcastle county let them do it

  14. I order my boots on 10/20/15 today is 11/23/15 first off I never received my Uggs when I spend 417 on the site They told me they was goin to give me a refund so only received 239 and I keep callin askin to speak to a supervisor they told me to contact my bank my when my bank said they release what they sent them. I need the rest of my money I will NEVER ORDER Anything ELSE FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

  15. Your boots are very fashion forward, but lack the winter necessity of non skid bottoms. Would you think of producing a boot call it “ugg iced” and use a snow and ice grip bottom

  16. I do not have a printer and I need to return my Granddaughter’s boots because they have a rip I need the return form can u send me one..I asked the customer service and they said they could not please help me my address is 5250 Lexington Place, NW Rochester mn
    55901 USA
    thank you

  17. Worst customer service ever! i have been dealing with a return that should have taken 1 week for a month now I returned a new pair of boots that were a gift for for credit to purchase something else
    i have selt with rude uninformed and inexperienced customer service reps that cannot handle a simpe return transaction HELP!!!!

  18. would like to in exchange for spreading ur word and giving feedback to sanple and product test or get vouchers for ur products plz.

  19. Why can I get my orders I have 3 back in November I can not get no one to reply you have my credit card number what are you doing with it it makes you wonder I cannot get no email response nothing nothing something’s got to be done I need to know something this is my grandkids Christmas present and by the way it looks they’re not coming and I’m getting screwed I would appreciate it if you would get back to me ASAP and my number is 405 268-2241 580 432 5141 could you please respond this is ridiculous

  20. I just want to know if I’m going to even received them I put my order in 2 months ago nothing this is ridiculous I never thought that company would do this it’s unbelievable this what am I supposed to do order more I have 3 orders with ugg boots and nothing nothing nothing has come in no response nothing I have wrote to them emailed them nothing one word I will go somewhere and tell somebody I will put them out of business

  21. My daughter returned her boots for a different color now you sent them to my house instead of hers. Do not think I should pay for the shipping since it was your fault.

  22. I waited for over 11/2 hours to talk to someone this is crazy. It is not like you couldn’t hire more people to help us.

  23. I paid $200 for my UGG boots (which I loved)! After only 1 year, I have a hole in the toe of my right boot! I no longer have my receipt to Macy’s which is where I purchased them. They will not exchange or replace them without a receipt. I don’t have a lot of money and I purchased my UGG’s thinking they would last a long time and look great! So disappointed!

  24. Customer service in your Georgetown store yesterday left much to be desired. I called your customer service line and waited for over an hour after I kept getting “your wait time is more than 10 minutes” when it should have said “your wait time is approximately x”. I love your boots but mine have a giant crack in the leather after 3 months of wear and I would have loved to address this issue before heading back to frigid North Dakota for Christmas.

  25. First of all I came on this site thinking it would be an easy experience being it’s the actual UGG site!!!!! Turns out it was the worst experience ever!!! I bought over $400 worth of merchandise on 12-19-15 only to have an unauthorized $200 withdrew from my bank account on 12-21-15!!!!!!!! I haven’t ordered anymore merchandise from here since my original purchase on 12-19-15 nor do I want to and here we are 4 days from Christmas and money is being taken out of my account that should have never been!!!! Then I call customer service and sit on hold for 2+ hours !!! I had to hang up!!!!!! I WILL BE CALLING BACK TOMORROW AM WITH AN EAR FULL!!!! I want my damn money back just as fast as they took it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I placed an order, the order taker said she would send an order number to my email . She did not do so and now I cannot deal with the order, which is missing, by email or chat. The wait to talk to a representative is ludicrous. I am not happy.

    • I see that there are many unhappy customers. I don’t think I will order again. I ordered for everybody this year, never again .

  27. your lack of customer service is amazing. You will take our money with a couple of clicks but I have e-mailed several times, been on hold for over 2 hours three times, and dismissed by the chat line for not responding to a question fast enough. will probably return my orders if they ever show up. never order from you guys again and have a little rant about it all on face book. thanks for the worst shopping experience ever

  28. Last night 12/22/15 at the Ugg store at the outlet mall in Washington state. A male and female cashier tested my character. I’m an active duty service member. I’ve proudly served this country for over 15 years and my experience in the store was quite unsettling. It was a disgrace and a slap in my face because the clerk basically pre judged and accused me of trying to steal from a charity. I think what UGG is doing is a great opportunity to give back to the community to offer gift wrapping services. More stores should have this type of service. I have tons of wrapping paper at home. However, I wanted to support the charity and for the clerk to approach me because “they were concerned” is totally unacceptable. I was profiled for an unknown reason. Also the representative told me I had to pay $5. However, no dollar amount was displayed on any of the signs. My intentions were to donate more than $5 but not after my experience. Donations are just that …donations. If you want to set a particular cash amount it should be listed on the signs. I’m still confused on what the “concerned” statement was all about. Any situation can be handled with the right approach. Since the incident I have been upset and can’t stop thinking about the incident. I do not feel comfortable purchasing items from this particular store for fear of customer profiling.

    Mrs. Lockett

  29. have been experiencing problems with refund for shipment of my online purchase. boots didnt fit even though it was the same size as my other ugg boots and the cleaner product did not arrive with my order what i expected. also the online purchase was giving away FREE a cleaning kit if you would buy a par of boots but I didn’t receive the kit eve though i made the purchase
    i loved ugg boots and wore them for many years, i will not purchase another pair though after this experience.
    i am very disapointed with the customer service and this brand lost all its charm form me.

  30. I brought my 4 year old daughter a pair of ugg boots (pink) and when I tried to wipe them clean,the color started fading, know for the price of $120.00 you wouldn’t think that this would happen. I was so pissed and furious.Know the boots look like two different colors and she only had them for two months nor to mention that it wasn’t snow on the ground.When I purchased the boots,the girl should have warned me to pay for the cleaner,I don’t know if she was new or not,but I went into the store and purchased the cleaner for $21 extra dollars know that’s $141 for a pair of kids shoes that wasn’t worth it,I need to know how can this problem be fixed,my daughter loves her boots but looks horrible to wear

  31. Got two pair of uggs from your Michigan ave store put the boots on today and omg no support for the ankle and my feet are burning I want a refund of my money for both pair spent over 200 hundred dollars on boots that are not supportive at all, I have my receipt but your smart mouth customer service reps at the store on Michigan ave I will try agin to return them only had them on for 20 mins in my job, I work for a retail company to and when the customer are not happy we do ever thing in our power to make them will not recommend this company to no one highly pissed.

  32. Got two pair of uggs boots from ur store had one pair on 20 mins my ankle hurt and my feet are burning but on top of that I called and talk to your customer service rep downtown and she got smart with me I just want a refund of my money and you don’t ever got to worry about me making another purchase I buy them for my grandkids but because of the way I was treated I will not shop again at uggs.

  33. I have tried to contact ugg about my boots via phone email and chat. never got an answer. I mailed my boots over 10 days ago for an exchange and they have not received them yet.

  34. We went to the UGG store in Mall of America looking for a pair of boots in specific. A sales associate named Molly helped my sister but the color that she wanted was not available and she offered to look online or another store. They didn’t have the right size online and Molly proceeds to look the store inventory in the area and found one available in Glendale California. She offered my sister to process the transaction with a gift card and not a credit card over the phone which I think was very odd. In the received online had the gift card number and not the CVS number to verify the balance online. Few days passed and my sister didn’t get a confirmation email or phone call in regards to the order. She called the Glendale, CA store and spoke with Alisha, and Alisha helped my sister placing the order, which my sister mention that wanted the boots delivered to my house in Cloquet, Minnesota. My sister received an email with a tracking number but no order number listed. We have been waiting for the package for few days now, and today 1/12/2016 I checked the status in the UPS Website and said that it was DELIVERED to the Camarillo, CA store and signed by someone named MONTOYA. I called the Glendale store with my sister n the other line and all we get was the runaround. They have no idea what’s going on or where’s the package. I called in several occasion today 1/12/2016 and all they say is “let me check with my manager” and no callback. I tried contacting customer service and the wait was for over 30 minutes and while I was on the phone I open a chat with an agent that took 15 + minutes to answer. They said that they were unable to help that needed to contact the store directly, which I did. This is extremely poor customer service and I have never experienced such a low quality of service from a company. My poor sister used her Christmas money to buy those boots and now she don’t have the boots or the MONEY because it was deducted from her gift card. I need someone to contact me and expedite a resolution right away or give us the money back to shop somewhere else or I will be contacting the BBB.

  35. I sent a pair of boots back for exchange on December 7, 2015. I can track them to the return center on Dec. 14. But no progress since then. It is impossible to reach them by phone. I was on hold for over an hour and then it disconnected several times. I reached someone on chat once named Adrian , then they disconnected the chat. I have sent an email and still no response. At this point I would just like my money back.

  36. Last Xmas I received a pair of brown UGGs. After one season the right booy has a 2 inch split in the seam. I know that they were expensive and want to know what your policy is regarding my boots.I am very upset that they have not even lasted a second season and can not wear the boot the way it is. Please help me resolve this issue.
    Thank you,
    This year I purchased a second pair of bailey bows and love them.

  37. I have some slippers that I bought for my cousin that need to be exchanged. Her mom didn’t keep the return label so I had looked online to find the customer service number. Apon doing so I was on hold for about 15 minutes and a recording said I could leave my number and wouldn’t lose my spot in line that they would call me back. Hours went by and I never received a phone call so I called again. I was on hold for another 25 minutes before just giving up. Someone finally called me 5 and a half hours later and was so rude. They did not speak clearly I could hardly hear them with all the background noise. She answered the phone by saying “This is your call back from uggs” Like what does that even mean? Didn’t say hello or tell me whom I was speaking to. She talked very ghetto and didn’t pronounce half her words. I was very disappointed and My question never got answered. So if someone could tell me how I would go about requesting another return label so I can send the slippers back that would be great. I would have just gone online and figured it out myself but I didn’t save any of the emails with my order number or anything like that.


  39. Have ugg Madera black patent boots size 8. 14 months old and they have not held up well. Paid $100 + and love how they feel but they unstitched and can’t be repaired. Can you help?nordstrom Rack will not replace them.

  40. My 12 year old daughter received her first pair of Uggs for Christmas. It was her favorite present. One of the boots is already messed up. The back center piece flops down over the bow. I feel like something should be done with $155 boots that are one month old. Can you tell me who to contact about this situation?

  41. My 11 year old just got her first pair of black uggs for Christmas and while playing four square at school today she got a whole in them!!!??? Really? That expensive of boots and already a hole? Who can I talk to about this?

  42. I would not recommend to anyone DECKERS is the supplier. Their customer service is substandard. I purchased a pair of black Wilowes from them. They were reduced roughly a week later from 199.99 to 140.99. I spoke with a CSR, she found my order and stated, I qualified for the price adjustment. Unfortunately, our call was disconnected. I assumed the CSR made proper notations and completed the transaction. She did nothing at all. I called the following week after checking my bank account for a deposit. I spoke with a CSR who had the nerve to be sarcastic and dumb. She did not know their price adjustment policy. I spoke with the next bird brain, after explaining the entire situation. She asked me if I a picture of the reduced price. Who does that?? I was also informed they could not check the price because the item number was not available. She was able to review my order that had the original invoice with the SKU. I completed the return process no emails have been sent and the wait for a CSR is unbelievable. This company gives UGGS a bad name. I would NEVER patronize this company again. I’m on hold waiting for a CSR and it’s already been 25mins. More importantly, I want my damn money.

  43. I have owned my uggs two years and worn them a max of 10 times and the whole seam across my foot has ripped aswell has the side

    • i am long time customer that uses uggs products for a long time, i basically had no issue until last year
      i buy ugs products for me more then 10 years and now i start buying for my kids. lately what happen one of the product that i purchased from USA Bloomingdale store uggs boots kids size 4. my son used it for couple of months . the shoes itself has no damage but he says when he wears them it hurts his ankle feet inside so much.
      i didn’t believe him so i tried it (i have really small feet size 6 woman) when i tried that i was’ able to walk as well . its kind of ankle part inside of the shoes is cracked
      i paid 250usd dollar for it . what can you do i am so disappointed. i have more then 20 pares of ugs shoes and boots in my household never had issue like that .
      maybe is defaulted product can it be fixed or change
      thank you

  44. You guys the first time you eat you guys going to take almost a month just to give me my boots back instant first of all the first thing is is the packing slip the return label was the wrong one used to love this big box we will be to the post office instead and ask him to take two weeks to get it to weeks to get back Eunice did you guys may Ya going to get your nonsense together because this existing write a whole

  45. Two weeks to get them two weeks to get back if I was to pay for the shipping the lonely think you guys are leaving uses you can label that I paid for which is his next day air like I said I had him not even three weeks yet honey breaking up already and AsSO that you have to go to just to return nonsense

  46. Like I said I want to pay for next year on these boots when they get here I want to come back the next day I don’t want to wait two weeks for you guys to get them in another two weeks for me to get them that’s a whole month and I’m not with my boots and they shouldn’t of been ripping anyway you guys need to get your stuff together

  47. As seen in the above comments the customer service is beyond incompetent, not helpful and sarcastic indeed. After speaking with three reps two being supervisors my complainant was ignored and was told Brandon wld listen to my previous recorded calls and “coach” the representatives not to misrepresent a refund or new product issued. So basically not to lie. I’m in the process of holding for a corporate rep and preparing my documentation for the BBB and the corporate email I’m preparing.

  48. As indicated in the previous customer reviews the customer service is indeed incompetent, not helpful and sarcastic. After so along with three reps two being supervisors my complaint was ignored and was told by Brandon that he wld listen to my previous recorded calls and “coach” the representatives not to misrepresent a refund or lack of or a new product replacement being sent. So basically not to lie. I’m in the process of holding for a corporate representative and preparing my documentation for the corporate email and BBB review I’m reporting. 6 daughters and I will never order another ugg product and returning the items that have already been purchased this year. Terrible. Just terrible.

  49. I got boots the same day my grand daughter wore them the string came out. they were bailey button triple. you send email no one response called no one response.
    what’s going on I bought these ugg outlet website

  50. I have waited on hold today for a total of 3hours and 37 minutes only to get hung up on twice. I am a long time customer. I wasn’t angry on the phone just trying to sort things out. I will be contacting BBB and the Consumer protection. This is not my fault that someone at your company dropped the ball. But to blame that on me (bank issues) is disgraceful and rude. Thanks for being that great company I have supported all these I am starting to think this was a ploy just to get my information as you can’t get back to me about my order but you can send emails that say check out these new products.

  51. Dear Sir/Madam,
    19491505 Order Numbers
    On 1/4/2018, I bought/placed the above order with you for UGGS Lida boot. The has still not been delivered nor the pouch.
    We agreed at the point that I placed the order that it would arrive on 1/8/2018 within timeframe.
    Under the Consumer Rights Act, you are required to deliver the Ugg Boots to me at the agreed time. As I have still not received UGGS boots and it is past the agreed time, I believe you are in breach of contract. And then when I contact
    In accordance with the Consumer Rights Act, I am giving you a final opportunity to deliver the goods. I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company on Jan 10, when I called in to inquire about the order the customer service operator was so rude and nasty. They could not provide the reason I could not obtain my shoes. I have been purchasing UGGS for over 10 years but with this type of issue. I have my doubts. I bought two items and still have not received either one.
    Yours faithfully,
    Diane Savoy

  52. I have tried calling, emailing, online chat — all to no avail to contact UGG Customer Service. I sent a pair of boots back to be exchanged and can get no response even though the tracking shows the boots arrived at the correct California destination.
    What can I try next? My granddaughter will grow another size before the boots right boots are returned.

  53. I got a lovely pair of uggs for Christmas the item number is s/n1094329. I have only worn them less then 20 times and when I return home last night, I noticed a rip on my left boot,… Please help they were a gift and I really like them, can you advise me if they can be repaired .. the rip is on side … I have other pairs and have never had this happen before.. I honestly don’t even know how it happened,.,Please Help!!!! They were purchased at Norstrom

  54. Horrible customer service. I have been on hold over an hour. Still waiting. I have had a pair if ugg boots a little over 1 month and they are falling apart. Not acceptable. Highly upset and frustrated. Not a happy customer.

  55. Horrible customer service. Been on hold over 1 hour still haven’t been able to contact anyone regarding my complaints. I’ve had my ugg boots not even 2 months and are falling apart. 2 buttons were not sewed on properly. There is a 1 yr warranty and yet mine dont last even 60 days after spending 200 dollars and guess what now I can’t get ahold of anyone. Just great

  56. Your customer service is rude and unprofessional I called today to check the status of my order for the second time. I was told last week my order would be shipped from a store today. When I contacted customer service today I was told my order was cancelled without any explanation. I waited 3 weeks for my purchase, my credit was charged. I was not notified that my order was cancelled. The customer service representative hung up on me. I called back the gentleman I spoke with the second time was helpful but also never answered my concern about my order. I am extremely disappointed with uggs customer service and the unsympathetic representative. I’m not going to get the merchandise I ordered and I have to wait 3-5 business days for my refund to show on my credit card. Unacceptable, extremely dissatisfied customer.

  57. hi, I bought sleepers for my husband, and they reaped so bad
    please let me know where I cant take them to be repaired
    thank you

  58. I ordered a pair of Ugg boots as a Christmas gift a month ago and did not receive them. I reported to customers service that I did not receive them and I’d like a replacement. Customer service has given me misinformation and have failed to replace the boots I purchased! It was a Christmas gift which I was unable to give because customers service has not been handling this situation correctly!. I will NEVER do business with this company again and will let as many others as possible about the lengthy process it takes to get your purchase replaced. My order# is 4381095

  59. I live in Canada. I made a wrong order to the US state with a Canada address. I made a guest order and could not cancel. The order number is 28059819

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