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Contacting Trip Advisor Customer Service Center

Trip Advisor is a website where customers can review hotels, motels, airlines, rental car agencies and even entire locations for other tourists and vacationers looking for the ultimate in fun and adventure. From the front page of the site customers simply enter the name or search term in the search engine and find out everything they need to know. If you are visiting a specific location, for instance, you can enter the name of the location and all reviews listed in that area will be shown.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Trip Advisor is not a service website, which makes finding contact information a bit difficult. After looking around a bit we were able to secure a phone number where customers could call the main Trip Advisor company.

  • Customer Service: 1-617-670-6300
  • Fax: 1-617-670-6301

There are no hours listed for the Trip Advisor customer service department, but this is the corporate office so you should call during normal business hours. The office is located in Massachusetts, so the hours are EST.

Mailing Address

Of course, the only mailing address a virtual company like Trip Advisor would have is the corporate address. If you want to reach customer service, the fastest means to reach the company is by using the General Support email form, but if you’re not interested in time and a fast response, you can choose the standard mailing address.

Trip Advisor LLC
141 Needham St.
Newton, MA 02464

Official Website

Visit for more information on your next trip or vacation. This main page is where you can begin your search for reviews. If you are having trouble using the search engine or you can’t find a review for an area or specific destination you can ask for help in the Trip Advisor support forum.

Customer Service Email

There are several problems with the Trip Advisor customer support email form. The page can be linked to your Facebook account, but some people claim they cannot log in to the system if they are already logged into Facebook. The process of using the email form may include logging out of Facebook, closing the computer browser (like Chrome or Firefox), restarting the browser and visiting You may have to try a few times to log in correctly before the contact menu appears.

Our Experience

When we called the Trip Advisor corporate office we were asked to press 9 for a support issue. The automated customer service line claims customers can visit for more information and detailed customer service. The line then went dead. There does not appear to be any phone support for this company. However, if you call the same customer service number and you search for Stephen Kaufer (CEO), Julie Bradley (CFO), Seth Kalbert (SVP)( or Bill Bailey (VP) you may be able to reach one of the company managers.

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174 Comments on “Contact Trip Advisor Customer Service
  1. hello sir i from bikaner and i work as a tour guide i bond in old city of bikaner

    since 13 year i doing this job for more about me you can see in shanti house bikaner

    my name is gouri , i want my account in your web;side so good for tourist who stay

    another hotel and if they want old city guide . write now people who stay in my house

    i go with them for that kind of tour but i want tourist who stay another hotel they can also

    call me for this kind of tour . i donot have web side my adress; shanti house new well behind jain school , old city bikaner my tel no. 09461159796

    write now tourist who do tour with me they write about me in shanti house

    but i do not want to mix . so please make for me another account bikaner private old city tour with gour guide . thanks lot

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing in regards to absence of my company’s profile, name of company “The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd. on the TripAdvisor
    website. We have had the listing on the site for more then six months and
    it has been a major help in directing customers to us. As such, we have
    made a conscious effort to not tout our business on the site, in fear of
    losing such an important listing.​ ​The loss of the listing
    has been noticed only recently. I wish to stress how important the
    TripAdvisor mention / profile has become to our business… so the absence
    of it is a serious blow to us and our livelihood. Please advise us at how
    we can change this situation for the better.

    Hem Bahadur Mugrati
    Managing Director
    The Asia Adventure Pvt.Ltd. Team.
    Battishputali,Old Baneswor,
    Rudreswor Marg,Kathmandu,Nepal

  3. I have no customer support comments because i cannot seem to get any customer support. I have posted serval times for blackmail against my business add is still up. not enough room to type all the events that the guest has done. picture his posted cannot be confirmed when he admitts to working at a motel.

    • Hi,

      I would need your suggestion how to be promote and become the best ranking in trip Advisor
      I would like to get a good ranking from Trip Advisor , I would appreciate if you could help us as well .

      I’m waiting your reply !!!


  4. I AM WRITING ABOUT OUR STAY AT THE Baymont Inn&Suities at Manning SC.OUR recepionist a young lady by the name of Amanda was very professional,polile and listen with great concern.We could not start our car trying to head back to florida around 2.30am ,ifigure it was the car baterry.She was nice telling us about a maintaince shop across the street 24 hour .she gave us the number over there,we called but the car maintance man was already out on the road helping another customer.Amanda told us down the street there is a Wallmart a Auto Zone ect.Nothing was open that time of morning so she suggested to go back to bed get some more sleep until breakfast around .Me an my wife woke up ate a wounderful breakfast.We asked Amanda who made this breakfast she said she did,I tell you it was worth the wait.Me and my wife were treated like royal.Amanda has shown true leadership and sets the example.SIGN a gratefull Veteran an Wife, John Henry an Estrella McInTosh Jr.

  5. You need some convenient way for locals to update your information. Several restaurants here in Yuma, AZ are closed yet still listed as active. I don’t feel like writing 100 characters for each one to warn the visiting public that the eatery is gone. You need an easier way for locals to alert the public.

  6. I want to know how to register a home stay in trip advisior. What all are the procedures that i need to make to do this registration possible.

  7. I would like to enquire about dargal interline discounts company. Do you have any information wheat het or not this is a trusted company?
    I trust the reviews on trip advisor but was unable to find anything on this travel company.
    I have a strange feeling about booking with them but can not find any reviews to back my suspiosion.
    Please let me know if you have any information on dargal.
    Regards Janke

  8. Hello,

    I used your city guide in berlin, I like very much. This program is wonderful. I want to make a few recommendations for city guide apps.

    1. You have add to compass for rotation, same like google map app on iphone and android. It is very usable.
    2. Satellite view, it is absolutely necessary
    3. I can see my notes (recorded travel) on web, but i can’t see on iphone and androld apps and my all note deleted from system.

  9. attention: if you are a person who hopes for any VERBAL correspondence whatsoever do not not usie this company. This site AKA trip advisors is designed for folks who lack interpersonal skills. Go back to calling and speaking to a real human being….IE someone who will ANSWER a customers TELEPHONE Call.

    On a scale of 1-10 I rate TRIP ADVISOR a – zero…… -0

  10. I have a restaurant in vilamoura bocca della verita ive been dropped down from top 15 for a long time now I know for Shure my rating is above at least 20 restaurants that are rated above my with a lot less reviews if trip advisor policy is to make shure its a reputable site to all users then something is very wrong by the placement of the restaurants according to the reviews how can a bar like example with 9 reviews be on the top 10 of vilamoura restaurants and veritas with 114 reviews 64 excellent and 32 very good be at 36 position almost 7 times more the reviews of that bar and im not even talking about 32 very good ones , this those not add up and futher more don’t tell the truth about what the clients review maybe theres is some kind of mistake but veritas with the rates it as shoud be at list on top 15 in vilamoura I would like tripadvisor to explain to me whats apening to Bocca Della Verita in Vilamoura thanks

  11. Hi,

    I do not want to receive suggestions for accomodation from you and would like to cancel them immediately. They are unwanted – unecessary and block the content of the article I am reading.

    Please assist me here.

    Thanks in advance from Ernie

  12. I did post my review on the 17 January 2014 , and did not get an answer back from you, about my poor staying at Moonriver Lodge in Upington during the December holidays from 23rd December 2013 until 6th January 2014.

  13. I have tried to rent several places and always am told it is taken for my dates but what about this place. That is bait and switch and is fraudulent. You should monitor renters and bar them from the website.

  14. I have tried to rent several places and always am told it is taken for my dates but what about this place. That is bait and switch and is fraudulent. You should monitor renters and bar them from the website.

    I have not said this to you before, probably someone else did.

  15. 4 night stay at Country Inn & Suites, Galveston, TX, last week with my youngest daughter, great room, extraordinary service, delicious breakfast, coffee, please pass on to staff, heartfelt thanks for family like experience from both of us.

  16. Under tom’s collicchio heritage steak a member left a comment that I have found very offensive about a server with a strong accent as part of being a member of tripadvaisor will not tolerate this kind of racist individuals leaving and downgrade people that are just trying to make a leaving .Please REMOVE THAT COMMENT

  17. it ain’t easy trying to contact trip advisor, via email … there is a lodge i’ve stayed at and tried to review several times and when i finally hit “submit” i get error messages like “no such address” or no such town (the nearest thing trip-advisor considers a “town” really isn’t, and is not applicable. i might try to continue posting a review of Villas La Paz in northwest Costa Rica, but it’s been futile so far

  18. I visited the Marriot in the Medical Center in San Antonio Texas. I was very impressed with the Motel, the facility was very clean and the Hostess named Melanie L. was very professional. She informed us of what accommodations the Marriott offered and even had personnel help us to our room. I really enjoyed my stay and will visit again over the summer. Thank you Marriot for making me and my family feel so relaxed.

  19. Dear TripAdvisor.

    This is White Elephant Sea Lodge Malindi Kenya ,am writing regarding our hotel we can’t get accesses to your system because we don’t have the password and the user name,and we have found our hotel inside your system.we are under new management and we would like to do business with you.please redirect us what we can do to reopen again our hotel to be in your system.

    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Reservation Office
    White Elephant Sea Lodge.

  20. Dear concern, I am really very sorry to say that Tripadvisor service to help people get listed is very poor, you really don’t help good properties to get listed on your sight.. I had listed my property about 5 times and all the time it says that my property is already listed.. which actually is not.. there is big confusion on your side.. actually HOTEL NEW GREEN VIEW is listed with you.. not my property HOTEL GREEN VIEW..
    I very kindly request you to look in to this matter and list my property HOTEL GREEN VIEW on tripadvisor.. hope this time I get some help..thanks..

  21. Y’all are smoking georgia north carolina ain’t better than texas for 1 you didn’t name lockhart bbq or records bbq in dallas or the rib shaq also
    texas does the best brisket in the usa

  22. This is the WORST customer service ever. Instead of helping businesses it is a complete sham and destroys businesses.

  23. please remove the last comment from Kimberly b for the review on the Loma lodge, you published the managers name which is in violation of your own policy. You can not print people names for there safety!!!! America’s best value inn–Loma Lodge San Diego California!!!! Please remove the review!!!!

  24. URGENT: I do not want my full name and the city where I live to be included in any of my feedbacks about where I visited.Please modify the current posting by showing my initals only-eg, N.D.Please attend to this issue very soon,
    Thank you,
    Norma Douglas

  25. My last review of El Bruno’s has a weird, incorrect title!!!
    It is currently
    “Nice place, except for the wifi*#!”

    The title should be
    GREAT Authentic New Mexican FOOD!!

  26. I have complained about a review on your trip advisor site so far no body from your company as contacted me

  27. Hi,
    I asked information for an apartment in New York. I received the total price through trip advisor. I paid through trip advisor and when I checked in my bank account I was charged 72 dollars more from what it said in your information. I wrote to the owners of the apartment and told me that they have no idea.
    I would give you all details about it privately
    Thank you,

  28. When you have a problem with your web site it sure would be nice to list a number or email address for tech support.
    I post on Trip Advisor under the name Leslie R. A friend of mine called me to tell me all of a sudden my post are showing my complete name. I suppose there is a problem somewhere between my Facebook account and Trip Advisor. I tried over an hour to find a way to contact someone at your corny to let them know of the problem. Since you have elected to make it so difficult I guess I should call CNBC. They would probably give this some attention.

  29. Do you like graffiti or taging? Me neither. So that’s why I request you have people put their name and picture on all reviews that way we know they’re actually adamant and what they’re saying and not just making some things up because they have a few minutes before waiting for something else to do. Because without verification your website basically nothing more then writing on a bathroom wall.then you have some people that never eaten in a nice restaurant that are making claims on how bad the services but they don’t even know to put their plate to the side when they’re done with it so it can be put up maybe you should have a dining etiquette class so that way customers might run into problems when they come into nice restaurants. That you actually to actually have to pay for sparkling or flat water. I think in the long run this is probably benefit all parties involved thank you very much for your time and once again these are just my thoughts

  30. Catch-22/Irony: Don’t know password. Need to reset password. Tripadvisor’s password reset email doesn’t arrive. Tripadvisor’s solution? Contact Tripadvisor. What do you need to contact Tripadvisor? A password. (rinse and repeat.)

    HORRIBLE service.

  31. Hi this reviews is not for ellbee Ganga view. Its by mistake kindly release this.
    this reviews for other hotel. Its done by mistakes
    i post my review for another hotel bt by mistakely its gone to Ell Bee Ganga view wall , Kindly realese this

  32. We are planning a trip to Indochina next year and have identified a potential tour company. They note on their website that they hold a 2013 TripAdvisor award for excellence. I would like to confirm that award and any details concerning the company. Their name is Indochina Odyssey Tours, Tang Dynasty Tours, located in Guillan, China. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


  33. I am very unhappy. I was told that I would receive my hotel itinerary and paid receipt by email and have received nothing. I have been trying to contact someone to help me and it has been impossible to obtain any help.

  34. I will never use this site again they’ve taken payment and show no verification of my Hotel booking. I cannot reach anyone to help me. This is criminal.

  35. Hello
    I am writing to you because I have written many reviews and use your website for all my travels needs. I only wrote one bad review for Dolphin Water taxi. The manager wrote a response that is totally untrue and I want to find out how to refute this response. He lied thru out the whole response. He never called back and offer to take us to Jost Van Dyke. They said that they were inspected by the coast guard and one of their boats was not passing the requirement to take people on it. They cancelled on us the night before our trip that was planned for months. He never called back to apologize or offer an alternative plan. This should not be allowed for an owner to write a response to my review without me being able to refute it. His response was all lies and he left us stranded on Caneel Bay. I want to talk to someone about this becuase if you look at their reviews, there are others that are saying the same thing I said. He should not be able to leave guests stranded like that. I respect your company very much and know you care about your followers. Please get back to me and let me know how to handle this. I was offended that he told people not to listen to my reviews. I am a respected reviewer on this site and only post the truth. Thank you so much
    Nicholas Materdomini

  36. I booked 3 rooms at the Econo lodge in Cadillac Michigan on 8/4/14 and called to cancel the 3 rooms and only two were cancelled, why??? I’m was charged and it is a mistake. Why doesnt your staff pay attention! I’m pissed ! I want my money back in my account!

  37. I want to cancel TripAdvisor because I’m bombarded me with E-Mails. Where can I find the possibility in order to follow this thru?

  38. our trip has been ruined by Javongo, who we booked through. we traveled half way around the world to see the ngorongoro crater, well we paid $1000. to get driven to the Ngorongoro Wildlife lodge, were we sit in the lobby with no reservation. the are trying to charge us again but double what we already paid. we will not be going into the crater because we have no room. no one can seem to help. this is unbelievable!!! worst trip ever!!! the free internet that you advertise for this resort is $10.00 per hour!! there is only power in the evening, and more!! so sad to come this far, and be so close to the crater, and we can’t even go and enjoy it!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BOOK TROUGH TRIP ADVISER!!! AS I SIT IN THE LOBBY WITH NO WAY TO CORRECT THIS, I WILL HAVE TO FIND A DRIVER ON MY OWN IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WERE TO GET BACK!! ANOTHER $1000. AND I DONT EVEN GET TO DO WHAT I TRAVELED HERE FOR!!! UNBELIEVABLE !!! HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!



  41. I own a beautiful B&B, King’s Hill Inn , in South Paris, Me. You have a photo of my B&B posted beside a disgraceful motel in my town. Goodwin’s Motor Inn is NOTHING LIKE MY INN. Please remove my business’s photo from their listing. Thank you.

  42. I run a Hotel in Thamel,Kathmandu.I like to list in tripAdvisor.Do you have local agent here or advise what will procedure for listing.Thanks Puskar

  43. I am a long time trip advisor fan and stock holder. Have watched your stock these past few weeks decline immensely. Could not understand why as trip advisor such an amazing company. I now see why……
    Your site has become challenging to use. Why do u think apple has done so well??..?? Because their products are idiot proof! Your site should be idiot proof! App works great (although for whatever reason u are not listing ALL hotels….trip advisor should list every single hotel out there!) your site when typed on directly to google bar will not allow me to see anything other than cheap crappy hotels. Where is Hilton? Where is Mariott? Whoever is in your IT department needs to work closely with your marketing department. Ease of use will enable trip advisor to stand head and shoulders over your competition . Making your site difficult to understand and use only angers people and oftentimes u have a one shot deal. As to say someone may try u once and then decide your site is too much of a headache to return to it. People want easy, quick and handy. In addition, in this day and age customer service is of utmost concern tried six times calling u. Only to pull my hair out with prompts and a Hang up. I should be able u on the phone and talk to someone. Really? Trip advisor is the leader in travel? Hmmmmm? I Wionder if I call Priceline (who’s stock by the way is 1100.00 per share) if they would have a call center. Come on guys! Trip advisor is wayyyyyy better than Priceline! Stop offering jc penny service when u r clearly nordstroms! Knowing your competition refines u! Have your marketing department start looking at other sites and this my friend will truly make u the leader in travel!

  44. Have u read all your comments above? This is what I am talking about…..u will lose you leader status and be a nobody company if u don’t listen!

  45. Hello,I have tried and tried again to edit a review,the website won’t let me.the business fixed issue in a very professional manner.I want to write a better review for them,it is for the the diner in sevierville tn.

  46. I erceived an email advertising the trip from $65- $90. When I click the link it advertises prices from$900 – 1000. Why does that happen. Is there a phone number I can contact?

  47. I had a difficult time locating a customer service phone number for Trip Advisor. I finally found one in a search engine. I called the number made the appropriate choices and was able to talk to a girl I could understand. She told me her manager would call me back. of course no call back. So I called a second time and this time I got a message that they were in a meeting and to call back tomorrow which is Saturday. My problem being that I am a property manager and we are members of Trip Advisor. Last month they charged $85 for membership, this month it went to over $125 per month. No notice no nothing. I WANT TO CANCEL!!!

  48. The iphone app is horrible!!!! It used to download updates quickly but now it always freezes and never updates! It even erases saved places when I try to update. TOTAL LOSER!!!!

  49. I’m trying to stop an automatic renewal from happening and I’m finding no way to contact trip advisor to do that. I’m cancelling first of all because they’ve been no help at all after signing up after all sorts of promises of help. I’ve had very little business through their website considering the very high price of membership

  50. I wrote a review for a snorkeling excursion company in Cozumel only to be told after several hundred clicks that I needed all of the company information, phone numbers etc,etc. and until that happened my review was deleted. I booked through Norwegian cruises so had none of that info. I understood that NCL took up to 2/3’s of the money for the trip and wanted to help the company because it was an inexpensive tour and wanted to help the guide who was excellent. No way then to contact TripAdvisor and explain. Their help section is a JOKE. Just proves “NO good deed goes unpunished”. Wonder who asked them to delete it NCL or some competitor.

  51. the hours that show for my restaurant are wrong, How do I change them.

    please help!

    Retro Bistro

  52. Please could some tell me why I cannot get the full comments a client makes for example which I click onto “more” like I have in the past, I now cannot get the information further more I no longer get the picture of the client on the left hand side of the page. Please help…many thanks I do sent many comments and am now a “senior” thank you.

  53. Hi Guys,

    do you have a share feature?

    I mean that I would like to share the restaurant I found with other prople, either via what’s up or FB or MAil etc.

    could you pls develp this for your mobile app?


  54. Good evening.

    I would like to correct your post on this site: asia: philippines: visayas: cebu island: talisay city: things to do in talisay

    You placed there that THE RUINS is found in Talisay City Cebu. I want to correct you that THE RUINS is in TALISAY CITY, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL.

    Please check on this.

    Thank you very much.

  55. I don’t know when the last time you checked out the Beqa Lagoon Resort in Fiji, but our experience there was a disaster! Our burre leaked every time it rained. There wasn’t enough nitrox tanks to go around. 90% of the tanks leaked. Some tanks weren’t even full.
    Divers that were not certified to do deep dives were allowed to do so. The General manager and dive manager spoke to the staff like they were animals. The boats were not safe; on 1 boat only one engine worked. On another, the hydrolics for steering was shot. We were forced to dive the same sites repetitively because of this. All in all not worth the money, or the time. Check your facts!!

  56. por favor necesito una reserva para 2 personas adultas desde el lunes 23 al miercoles 25 de marzo en el hotel plaza center de sao lorenzo do sul,brasil.solicito se me envien los mayores detalles posibles.atte elida heim

  57. I stayed at the Big Red Hotel in Madison,WI this past weekend for the WIAA State Boy’s BB tournament. My friends and I were extremely pleased with the service and very impressed with the leadership of the manager, Jason. He has fantastic people skills and I feel this hotel is lucky to have him.

  58. Just lost a HUGE waste of my time! Spoke to Brian @ Trip Advisor apparently once your account is “Disabled” he said to just create a new one. Wow, even YELP doesn’t make a person do that in order to keep posting as I have two email addresses now a third if I create it? What caused mine to be “Disabled” I wrote in a previous review that Sexual Predator actually a pedophile at a certain B&B was STILL at the Bed & Breakfast near Hilo, Hawaii after staying there. I was warning PARENTS not to take their children there as the FBI was cracking down but the perv. was still there. My review may have bee SCATHING but if it saves a child from being sexually molested so be it! Get real Trip Advisor you are a TRIP “Disabling” accounts to protect hotel sexual predators! Hawaii has a dark EVIL side that you don’t have a CLUE so take that to the bank & try to ca$h it. SHAME on YOU for “Disabling” my review the B&B even changed their name! The Sexual Predator was left AlONE with the kids the parents went out for the day to take a tour of HI never knowing their child was not only sexually molested but photos with one photo of the Island of HI the telephone book in the background which cracked the case wide opened for the FBI to come in! It would have been better instead of catering to Special Interests AKA Hotel/Businesses to have removed my review after her husband was arrested! By “Disabling” my account it appears you are a tin man your representatives sound like bots so I’m ’bout to take out their batteries! Alo-HELL-O from the Island of Hawaii “F” off! Get Bent!

  59. i have not respect for trip advisor.

    no customer service or any contact numbers that relate to changing
    a reservation. espec. dealing with holidaylettings in the U.K.

    there is not e mail contact.

  60. I need verification that my recent stay and comments at the Holiday Inn Ft Myers Town Center in Ft Myers Fla were recorded. Please e-mail mne with your response.
    Bob Holly

  61. I saw a review rated Terrible about Fede Pasta. I emailed the writer JonnyK1 and asked him what the problem was there, since I know that restaurant well. He never replied. I then called the owner Steve. He said that the people entered and were intoxicated and rowdy so he asked them to leave before they even sat down.

    I believe that JonnyK1’s review should be deleted based on my study. He did not eat there! Thank you for considering this removal request.

    Kindest regards, Phil Petrulli
    AP Holiday Travel International-American Express

  62. Hello,
    I have booked the flight ticket before 3 hours from now form Thunder Bay, Canada to India for May,5 to May 22 but the thing is that I want to extend the return date. Its like almost one month after till June 22. So how can I do that? I need your guidance as soon as possible and this is my first experience with your company. I also want to know the charge if i need to pay.

    Thank you.

  63. There is no customer service. Not ONE email address for any TripAdvisor manager goes through – it comes back as undeliverable.
    I am beside myself with frustration, despair, anger and impatience. I have been trying to get help since April. Now they have the cheek to email me and ask me to pay to renew my advert which hasn’t been operational since March.

  64. Just to let you know that I am using other sites more and more because of the “Plan and Book” screen that comes up over and over again when I try to use your site. Bad and irritating to your users.

  65. Received and email today stating the lowest price from PHX to San Diego. I planned on going to San Diego next month so I opened the email.

    The lowest price – $161. Checked Southwest and saw $116.

    Tried to email them back to let them know that they might want to do some fact-checking before wasting my time asking me to read their communication. My email went to an unmonitored email address.

    I went to website and clicked on Contact and a registration page loaded.

    Not good customer service…they probably don’t care about my comments anyway since they make it so I can’t contact them.

    Just another example of a company with bad operational processes.

  66. Well. I don’t need a automated system to tell me to go to the web site Obviously I’m calling because I don’t have 3-5 days to get some response which may or may not solve the issue that needs to be resolved in 24 hours. The number that is listed is only for to give the msj – go to web site fill the form.
    Service business needs a human interaction to solve some issues since we are not programmed robots we require a human customer service agent to talk and solve urgent needs. Such as mine; I got my booking on March when I called the hotel to make the payment their system lost the original booking price and gave me a new price I logged in to my trip advisor account that also lost my booking information. I have the confirmation number and I need to talk to my agent Trip Advisor immediately I don’t have 3-5 days response time on web page because I have to pay in next 24 hrs to the hotel. Here is so smart,saving agent money Trip Advisor that cant be reached by phone!!!!! Such unprofessionalism on my opinion. As other comments state, even writing this is a waste of my time because It seems like a customer service business that doesn’t care about customer service except year end profit.

  67. please can someone contact us regarding our listing the parnell nz we need some help to make a few changes i can’t find any contact detail that help me thanks brian

  68. How can I order the search results by number of reviews? I think it gives a better understanding then a result with fewer reviews but more stars.

  69. Trip advisor is impossible to contact. You try to tell them their information is not current but there is no way to contact them. They need to be reviewed for service. They are still posting business that have been out of business for 2 years.

  70. In the past, I have been very pleased with the information and credible reviews offered by Trip Advisor. However, their vacation rental service site is awkward. During my first encounter with this site, I had numerous questions that couldn’t be answered about a possible rental near Clearwater Beach. In order to send my questions, which did not state I was interested in booking, I had to enter all my credit card information then select a key marked “booking”. My questions related to “other fees” which were not listed on the site and I could not pull up these other fees. Also the site clearly showed, “dates not available”. Of course, I expected a response and not a booking. Unpleasant surprise to have my card CHARGED $1,900.00 dollars. The site indicated a total cost of about $1,400. THE AMOUNT CHARGED EXCEEDED THE ACTUAL FEE SHOWN ON THE SITE BY $500.00.
    Fortunately, I called within a day to the owner of the property and explained that this should have not been charged, as I only sent a question about availability and the site shown it wasn’t available. I immediately cancelled via a phone call to this man, but won’t be able to see if I got a full refund for up to three days. Meanwhile, I am unable to book another site on my low limit credit card and will lose a reservation from a privately owned business. ALSO, YOU CAN NOT GET DIRECTLY TO A LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT PERSON TO EXPLAIN YOUR SITUATION. NO SITE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE YOUR CREDIT INFO UNTIL THEY CONFIRM THE RESERVATION WITH YOU.

  71. hello tripadvisor
    this is hashim, hotelier from kashmir many time i have fill up owner form to list my houseboat propety but not any mail. or call
    please send me link or option as i can be listed at tripadvisor

  72. for rental time share do you rate them? How do i find?

    I want to rent in Atlanta, GA , Savanah GA and Florida Sarasota area. for fall 2016. OCT one week in each state.
    I want a place you rate and has a property manager on premises if we need help.
    How do I find your listing and ratings for those places.
    some of the trip advisor or non trip advisor palces look nice but when we get there what if the place is not like that or non working. So i need to know your ratings and the manager of the property is rated. Will your rep answer me privately via my email. Thanks from USA Maryland

  73. I lost my Ref # and have not been able to get help from any dept I contacted! I don’t even have the address I have rented. Can you help me at all?

  74. I am trying to cancel a reservation. The only confirmation I received was from the hotel at the weathervane inn in Montague Michigan. When I call there I’m told I have to cancel through you . I just contacted your customer service number and I keep getting disconnected. Can somebody please contact me as soon as possible regarding the reservation for November 25 and 26 at the weathervane in Montague Michigan. Thank you.
    Julie Pung

  75. my name ayman boghdady
    owner sawa4 tours egypt
    i had review 124 and now i found 118 and 6 review disappeared
    please say to me why

  76. I am a food writer, who will be publishing my third book in the next year however I am deeply disappointed that you do not include CA L’ I sidre restaurant , in Barcelona. This is a top Barcelona spot and is actually a Catalan institution.

  77. To whom it may concern,
    Why would I want t collect points?
    To what end would I want to climb up levels?
    I left a review because I thought it as the right thing to do following a lovely holiday so that others might experience it.
    I don’t understand your points system it doesn’t make sense to me as I don’t care wether or not people see me as a knowledgeable traveller?!!!

    J stewart

  78. i have twice submitted a property for a listing on the tripadvisor website, the first time about 8 weeks ago, the 2nd and last time 4 weeks ago. On both occasions i have not received any communication for tripadvisor and it would seem impossible to become a customer of this company.

    Just thought Tripadvisor would like to know when i had similar problems with I received excellent support from a board level executive.

  79. dear team
    today i find one posting in my page write tirreble i dont knew who wrote this may be copettores or
    please can youhel how to move it


  81. I an trying to find a guest house in Callander fro May of next year and find to my amazement that 4 different guest houses in Callander Scotland are supported by the same picture, Annfield, Abbottsford Lodge, Riverview and Tulipan Lodge and in addition another two Linley and Greenbank are also covered by the same picture which is different to the single one related to the other 4
    Perhaps an explanation is in order

  82. I am a regular reviewer for Trip Adviser but for the past 48 hours I have been completely unable to submit new reviews. I have wasted a significant number of hours trying to send you material but I am being frustrated every tome by “location cannot be found”. This has never happened before.

    If you have decided you’ve had enough from me then say so and I won’t bother any more

  83. “Required fields” have been supplied – see above. This is an excellent example of the current frustrations experienced in dealing with you

  84. I receive faxes all of the time at work offering very discounted vacations. I noticed recently that they now say trip advisor on the top of the fax. I called the number and inquired about it and when I asked what the name of their company was they informed me it was trip advisor and that it should say that on the top of my fax. I then told them that I had called trip advisor to inquire about the fax and they hung up on me. I just wanted to make you aware that these scammers are now using your company logo to take peoples money. I can send you a copy of the fax if you would like.

  85. The Anson Restaurant in Charleston, SC is OPEN. I ate there Dec. 24, 2015 and wrote a review. Trip Advisor lists it as CLOSED. It closed in 2013, but it has reopened. I Know. I was there.

  86. I posted a review and received a canned email saying my review is invalid because it needs to be from personal experience. It is personal experience. There is no way to find out why trip advisor doesn’t believe it is. Very frustrating to spend time writing a review and not have it posted. I have no clue what is wrong with it. Clearly Trip Advisor made a mistake. Why won’t Trip Advisor communicate with reviewers? Dictatorship is not cool.

  87. Terrible customer service. Hustled me by phone to register my Yachats Cabin but unclear on charges. First guest was
    Charged 600 and iI was to receive 290. I want to cancel my service but almost impossible to contact anyone. I hate this company.

  88. I booked and paid for this accommodation (Booking Ref – BR18660825) in full (US$ 638.00 on the 18th & 20th Dec 15) on Flipkey for the booking dates of the 29th Dec 15 to 2nd Jan 16. I also contacted the owner (through Flipkey) & asked her to provide a cook for 5 days and transport from the airport. For these extra services the owner charged US$ 160.00 (100 for the transport & 60 for the cook) & required an advanced payment of the full amount. She gave me her contact details & mobile number (+94 (77) 243 1831) which I used to send the payment by Western Union. The owner confirmed all was fine but when we arrived at the airport there was no transport waiting for us. The mobile number I had for the owner was not working. After waiting over and hour at the airport we decided to take a taxi and travel to Hikkaduwa. We spent over 2 hours searching Hikkaduwa for ‘The Cottage by the Farm’ (Property ID – 5730782) in the location indicated on the map supplied with the booking but found no such property. We asked many locals and travel agents within the area about this property but nobody had ever heard of it. It became clear to us that we had been scammed & the property did not exist. We went to the Light House hotel in Galle to take some lunch & see if we could find alternative accommodations. Because of the time of year everything was fully booked. However I am lucky enough to have an estate agent friend in Galle who I contacted for help. Just 2 hours before I contacted my friend he had had a cancelled booking which we were able to make use of. The accommodations were very expensive (US$ 500.00 per night) & not in a location we would have chosen but we had no other option. I again tried to contact the owner on the mobile number she had supplied but with no response. Then I received a text message from the owner’s number saying there were dropped calls from my number. I called back and spoke to whom up until then I thought was the owner, a lady by the name of Jessica Ferrari. She advised me that she knew nothing of the property called ‘The Cottage by the Farm’ & also had no information about my booking or the money that I had sent. However she did tell me that she & a friend used to rent accommodations in the past but stopped as they made no money. She also informed me that she had not taken any booking for both years 2014 & 2015. She advised me to contact Trip Advisor & gave me their telephone number. I called the number & was guided to use the web site. I had no internet in Sri Lanka plus only 4 days to enjoy my New Year so thought I would wait until I got back home before I inform you of my experience. I have the full email trail & Western Union receipts to confirm my above statement. How do I make a claim on your insurance to cover my losses and incurred additional expenses? Your guidance would be very much appreciated.

  89. We have been trying to remove our fax number from your list for 6 months now.
    And I have called, repeatedly, to speak to someone about it, only to have them hang up on me.
    Every number you give for customer support does not lead to a live person.
    I would never recommend your business to anyone, and I would like our fax number removed immediately from your list.

  90. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I registered my business and keep getting emails about updating and enhancing my listing but with no help on doing so. I’m interested in listing my cottages for rent but need help with this and there is no way to contact a live person to talk with. This is not a good way to start a business relationship.
    Can someone from this company take a minute to contact me????

  91. Hi – I have discovered a problem with a review I posted. The review was to be for Florida Key Lime Pie Company in Port Canaveral, Florida, USA. It is from 2015. I only now noticed that somehow, through the magic of the internet gnomes, it has somehow been applied to a restaurant called Wolfy’s in Sanford, Fl. I live in Sanford, but have never been to Wolfy’s. I am upset by this mix-up, however it happened, because my review of the Key Lime Company is NOT positive. Wolfy’s is a well-reviewed local business and I don’t want this review on TA, as so many people will read it and be confused by my references to key lime pie, and the 2 star rating has probably negatively affected Wolfy’s. Please advise me as to how to delete this review. I, and Wolfy’s, will appreciate it! My screen name is Mzbook.

  92. The costumer support is NOT helpful at all….think I will delete my profile & business from it! Cant get an e-mail or phone call do go through!

  93. I have had a terrible customer experience with Trip Advisor and I hope this can be changed and rectified. Through Trip Advisor, a wire transfer for an apartment was made for a rental apartment in Chicago. This apartment was never provided and the owner would never return emails. I have left several voice messages with board members at Trip Advisor and not one person has returned a call or email. If this situation is not rectified soon, I will have no choice but to turn towards social media to help address this situation and recover the over $5000 lost in this attempted rental. Thank you. Call or email me and I will provide all of the details.
    Mark Miller

  94. I do not know what to do with Trip Advisor. I have called, written in three opportunities to inform that my listing is not posted for over 7 weeks, now I received this email to complete my listing.
    I have completed the listing 7 weeks ago.
    I have requested assistance and nobody from Trip Advisor has contacted me to solve this issue.
    This will be my last attempt to be contacted by you.
    Hope you have a better customer service and reply to me.

    Monica Mahalik


  96. Terrible! I have paid your company $2300.00 and have yet to receive any of ther services that you promised. Please contact me 760-400-9524

  97. Stop calling my cell phone to buy trips I have blocked about 20 numbers and been asked to be place on the do not call list —- better business bureau is next – 973-600-0973. If I want a trip I will book one – stop calling me on my cell phone at work immediately!

  98. Why am i being charged a resort fee at the Hollywood Cruise Port in Hollywood Florida, when i can’t get in my room till 4:00 pm?

  99. WHAT SERVICE???? Searched for an hour to find a phone number or other way to contact them to say that they had completely misleading posting on a hotel reservation.

  100. You don’t answer the phone for customer service. I am trying to see if I can pay a deposit of 578 dollars for a cottage in Castletownshend Ireland as instructed by the landlord through flipkey. Flipkey is asking for over 2000 doller deposit when the monthly rent is 578 a month. I appreciate some help in this manner. Thank you
    Vince Long

    • I am trying to cancel a cancel FREE reservation made at AmericInn in Pella Iowa today for dates July 23,24&25. We have had nothing but a run around trying to do this. We will dispute this reservation with Discover Card helping us as we do have photos of the reservation made through Trip Advisor with Cancel Free Reservation on it. I will NEVER use your site again.

  101. Dears,

    In your sites you tell that you send an e-mail in order to change a forgotten password, but never recieved.

  102. Your website is a step above spam!
    Any company that doesn’t offer any contact email on the site doesn’t want to be accessible to its customers.

  103. I am extremely frustrated with customer service. After finally getting someone to contact me by email they requested that I snap shot my reservation and then did not accept the email!!!! I made reservations at La Quinta in Great Falls, MT on March 11, 12th and stayed there. Trip advisor mistakenly booked me for the following weekend as well and the hotel charged me. The hotel will not do anything about refunding me because tripadvisor booked it. I want my money back!! should I turn to the Better Business Bureau or what do you suggest I do.

  104. I attempted to book at Ramada Plaza West Hollywood Hotel. After I input my information…the screen said “contact provider”. I called the hotel, they said they didn’t see a reservation come through. So now I am desperately trying to contact you, so that I don’t end up with 2 reservations. Please!!!

  105. Je ne peux pas accéder à mon compte avec le numéro d’identifiant que vous m’écrivez sur vos emails et je ne peux répondre aux demandes: cela fait trois fois en un mois, et c’était pareil en 2015. Je n’ai jamais pu. Merci de m’appeler, de dre à la personne qui veut louer chez moi que je suis d’accord pour la période du 31 juillet au 8 aout, et me dire comment entre sur mon compte, puisque vous publiez mes photos..

  106. i am trying to cancel my reservation for April 27,28,29 at the Days INN in Dubuque,Ia. I will not be making this trip. Please cancelaton notice to my email

  107. There is no customer support! I cant get anyone to answer a question that isn’t one of the canned responses. There is no way to talk to anyone. Very frustrating!!!!! Please send me a phone number where I can talk to a real person.

  108. Hi! I’ve been trying for over half an hour, to contact you through email, as I received a ‘no reply’ email, from you, saying one of my reviews, was helpful?
    It was for the Bugibba Water Park, Malta, but when I checked it, it displayed lots of Photos of the Aquarium, Qawra and NOT the Water Park. In my review
    I had commented that the Water Park was ideal for Toddlers or Disabled Children, in Wheelchairs, to have Fun and Safer than the Rocks and Tides of the Sea…..these comments do NOT relate to the Aquarium, which is a completely different venue!!
    Please amend my Review and the Photos…and make it easier to Contact YOU!!!………….Thanks!

  109. What does ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ mean???
    Do I have to moderate/amend it it myself or what….and how?!

  110. I am objecting to a reply I received from Trip Advisor concerning a report I submitted “Lake Eildon ” Vic, ID11 367039877. I have sent many reports over recent years. My input had placed me in the top 5% of contributors.
    As my input is of no personal gain I believe I don’t need to involve myself with a Company who is incentive to others feelings in the way they advise of what is clearly a typing error of one letter in a word. Carnarvon 2014

  111. Worst customer service ever! Five hours spent trying to cancel a reservation for Scotland and still not done. Not allowing me to do it online. Feel so bad for the owner. Have done everything asked and this is frustrating as hell.
    Got this huge corporate office in Newton, Mass., and you cannot reach anyone directly. AWFUL!

    Want to hear from the corporate office-today!

  113. I’ve written my last review for Trip Advisor. I wrote to you about this issue a few weeks ago, which is this. When I’m on your website, I get a spinning colored pinwheel, and constantly get a drop down message with “Unresponsive Script”.
    I was not sure the problem was 100% with your web site, so I took my computer to Apple. They diagnosed software issues based on the above description of the problem. They wiped my HD clean and I did not reinstall anything from a back-up source. Instead I re-installed everything manually.
    Today I went on your website for the first time since I had Apple clean my HD, and I’m having exactly the same issues. So now I absolutely know its your web site, which is why this will be the last you’ll hear from me.
    I suspect I’ll not hear back as my prior email on this subject was also ignored.
    Anthony Harnett

  114. Are you kidding me? This business should be shut down. I have a fraud complaint that has happened to me on your website and a charge on my credit card and this is the best you have?

  115. The customer service telephone number on the accommodation booking is uncontactable. I desperately need to find out if I have made 3x £408.60 payments on my credit card for accommodation I would like to rent.
    A red warning box kept appearing even though all boxes were filled in.

  116. Thanks, Karen! I will post about the backsplash and a couple other details in the next week or two 🙂 I’ll try to remember and come back here and let you know when I do!

  117. I want to book an apartment in Mazaronne Spain. However when I went to complete the transaction I found that I could only pay by paypal. I do not have a pay pal account. Is there any other way of paying? This rather urgent as I am going in 2 weeks

  118. I am not able to get to customer support! I would like to know what I do with the points I get for reviews. Thanks

  119. they have made thousands of my homes being listed on their site, yet they charged me a $150 cancel fee when (1st time ever done) i had to cancel a reservation. does that make any sense, they REFUSED to cancel and refund the guests until i paid a $150 fee thats got to be illegal on the guest side for sure, they deserve their money back. and as i pointed out to customer service, you have the option to waive the $150 fee and i keep making them lots of money or refuse and loose our listings, they stuck firm, charged the fee and now loosing all that revenue! as i immediately removed out homes. i tried to explain how bad this is for them but she was so clueless and couldn’t understand its in their best interest. i run several business and could never do business like that

  120. The castleton hotel blackpool 17 trafalgar rd simon vince old address church rd nrwton green suffolk notice all the positive reviews come from around there his parents house lucy c his niece ben her boyfriend great cornard his nephew lol the rest are his mum and dad and diane his friend

  121. This is Michael Griffith [you have me at William Griffith]. I received what I strongly believe are three phishing attempts linked to Trip Advisor. Any other company I do business with would like me to forward those, so their security department can investigate and keep criminals from further activity in Trip Advisor’s name. However, you don’t seem to have a contact email address, so how do I help you? Please advise, Trip Advisor.

  122. trip advisor company is a screwed up corporation with bad advertising…for instance their stupid ad on TV with the dumb owl hooting loudly- hooting loud is a braindead idea–someone should be fired over this–it wakes up babies near TELEVISION, IT DISTRUBS ELDERS TRYING TO REST BY A TV…and it otherwise alienates people from your company….many mothers are furious about this ad…now get this straight tell your company execs, managers to correct this ASAP or we sue and will generate much bad advertisements for you

  123. I have tried to contact you to ask to remove The Anarvagos Tavern Paphos Cyprus as it is seriously damaging the business of the Anarvagos Grill House which is now trading from the from the same place. Can you please help as the owner is very upset as he has just spent 80K refurbishing and wants to be able to recover through increased trade.

  124. I wrote a very long, critical review of a TripAdvisor/Viator Private Tour. I tried to post a review but found it impossible. The web page the described the tour that I used to sign up for the tour displayed 9 reviews. There was place to click on to add a review. I went to TripAdvisor web page to post the review but could not find link to the particular tour. I posted the review on a tour that was most similar to the one we paid $312 to take. I received an email indicating I selected the wrong tour but again could not find the correct tour. I am a five star reviewer but wonder if I should submit any more reviews in the future.

  125. This is about a review what I wrote, and it is missing. It was pending, and now it shows that only I had a rating on Bryce Canyon., I have no trace of it. I never received an email or any notification about it, or had a chance to edit it. It was honest, my own experience, and I thought my contribution mean something. Can you give me some explanation, or some attention to that? I’m a member.

  126. We have been open simce 2012 and we are registered as a botique hotel by Ceylon Tourist Board situtated between Matale & Dambulla Sri Lanka, but we are not being listed as a hotel, some of our guests from the UK tell us that we have been listed under the specialilty lodgings. so please be good enough to list us under the Hotel catagory in the central province.

  127. i have been trying to list my business on Trip Advisor which has been rejected
    please assist
    i am a tourist orientated gift store.

  128. Over the years I have submitted numerous reviews of properties, restaurants, points of interest, etc. This has taken me many hours. While it’s fun to hear what were most interesting and helpful to other travelers, getting a badge on the site seems insignificant. Trip Advisor is making money on my and many many others input. Seems that TA should develop some sort of reward program that consists of real rewards, i..e. gift cards, discounts. Thanks!


  130. i have been trying to delete a review which i have now tried to do 10 times and i cant get a hold of anyone i will never use this site again having to go thru all this just to delete a review please delete my bad review for cinergy

  131. you really need to fix this site because it is impossible to retract anything are you out to hurt businesses??? i dont understand this

  132. What fools you are withdrawing ads from Laura Ingram show because of one loudmouth kid. I will never use companies that get political and neither will all the other believers in the 2nd amendment. You are a business act like one.

  133. I will no longer go to your website for travel information as I have in the past. We are seasoned travelers and have relied on you for years. However, in reading that you have pulled your ads from the Ingram program, I feel that you have insulted all your conservative audience. Parkland was a breakdown of the law enforcement community both federal and local.

  134. I am very saddened to hear that you will no longer be advertising on the Laura Ingraham show. I believe you acted hastily and quickly, by getting in political issues.

    I, therefore, along with family members, will no longer be using Trip Advisor for any travel in the future.

  135. I heard you are boycotting Laura Ingraham. i am boycotting you. Stop sending me your crappy travel deals. There are plenty of travel options – sorry. Joe


  137. Considering this company insists on becoming political instead of simply running a business consider this….I will NEVER use your service again. DO NOT EMAIL ME AND DON’T PUT MY EMAIL ON ANY OF YOUR MARKETING LISTS!

  138. due to your removing of ads from a show on Fox [free speech] I will no longer be posting any reviews on your site and will use other sites to get my travel info…you people don’t get it.

  139. I will never write another review for Trip Advisor or view any of your reviews as long as you become totally political and boycott Laura Ingrham’s Show. Shame on you.

  140. Looking forward to never using your site again due to your decision to capitulate to David Hogg and his lies. His attempt to boycott the Laura Ingraham show and your decision to stop advertising is backfiring.
    See ya!

  141. I am so disappointed in your company to back a bully and go against Laura Ingram. You can forget about my business. I will tell my friends about your company’s terrible actions. So disappointed!!!

  142. I understand you have pulled your sponsorship from Laura Ingrahn Fox news.
    Wgy are you caving in to the far left bullies.
    I will no longer use trip advisory.

  143. service was very good in Anjushree hotel Ujjain., specially take care of customer by sushila gurjar was very excellent.

  144. My name is Frederick Green I book a unit July 16 to July 21.I received a e mail from Trip Advisor. They wanted to knew how he did . His name is Ralph Cristian an he did avery good job finding a place. I book a place paid amy deposit. The onley thing I have is a number he gave me BR26105434 an to use Frederick.I do not have nothing no e mail nothing. I do not knew the name of the place or address.Iam a 80 year old man trying to do the best that I can Pleasa Help Me

  145. How hard is it to get hold of someone at trip adviser.
    They want reviews but won’t let me make a new log in!!
    Declined my email address.

  146. I just traveled in May and wrote 3 reviews for you. Now I am reading you are advertising with Samantha Bee, a disgusting individual who trashed Ivanka Trump. And you stopped advertising for Laura Ingraham, a wonderful conservative commentator. NEVER will I use or review you again.

  147. up to yet its rubbish have sent query as to why trip adivsor will allow me to book trips for singapore but after letting me book one in Sidney Australia keep refusing my crd even though there is no block on it

  148. S.O.S….HELP ….S.O.S HELP
    MY NAME .Belmira de Almeida Marques Medeira da Graca
    Mobile : 351 968680073 (Portugal)
    ADRESS: Avenida Santiago Menor , 14 . Boco B 1º A – m 9060-429 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
    NOW IN PORTUGAL 2H 06 of morning

    Belmira Graca

  149. Dear whoever this may concern,

    My name is Caroline Blaxland and I am the Marketing Administrator for Patisserie Valerie and I am trying to log into our account. However the email address that is set up for our account has been deactivated so I am unable to log in due to the fact nether email or password work.
    I was wondering if there is anyway to access our account by ether setting up a new email address and password or giving us access to the old password and email?
    I am not sure how this will work but I hope someone can get back in contact with me.
    Kind Regards,
    Caroline Blaxland

  150. Why do you continue to list a property that is apparently NOT for rent? Your site even indicates it is available on dates desired.

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