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Contacting Toys “R” Us Customer Service Center

Toys “R” Us is the largest toy store, serving millions of customers in the United States, Puerto Rico and countless customers overseas. The company currently has more than 1,600 stores as well as a strong online presence. An addition to the Toys “R” Us family is FAO Schwarz, the legendary toy brand located in New York.

Throughout the years, the company has maintained the motto, “where a kid can be a kid”. Even though the company wants to maintain the allure of childhood, adult questions and concerns come to the table. This is when the customer service team comes into play.

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Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer support team by phone, email, traditional mail and through various social media outlets.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Relations: 1-800-869-7787
  • Media: 1-973-617-5900
  • Sales: 1-866-742-6423

Mailing Address

Toys “R” UsOne Geoffrey WayWayne, NJ 07470

Official Website

When customers visit the official Toys “R” Us website, they are greeted with an ample amount of opportunities to purchase toys. The toys are grouped together by category, age, demographic, theme and brand. The company also features promotional items, clearance and seasonally relevant toys.

Aside from making purchases, customers can locate information regarding the corporate giving programs such as Make-A-Wish. The website also features contact information for customers needing assistance from the customer support team.

Customer Service Email

Go to if you want to send an email to the customer service department. Customers can also use the customer contact formto send questions and concerns to the customer service department. We sent an email relating to the return policy. We wanted information concerning online purchases returned to the store. After sending the message, we received an automated response stating a representative would answer our concern within 24 hours.

Although the response times are not listed, customer can contact the customer service department through social media, including:

Our Experience

We contacted the customer service department and to our surprise, a live agent answered our call without hesitation. The wait time was minimal; less than 2 minutes. When we visited the website and reviewed the FAQs, the majority of our questions were answered, aside from one. We wanted to know the operational hours of the customer service department. The representative was helpful and explained the customer service team was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We liked the speedy response and the fact the representative answered our call without needing to ask a supervisor. If your experience was different, we want to hear it. Shout out your thoughts and concerns relating to your Toys “R” Us experience.

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53 Comments on “Contact Toys R Us Customer Service
  1. i had the most pleasant experience at your west des moines, ia. store today. i had purchased a ds1 and some
    cartridges. when one cartridge case was opened, there was no disk in it. when i called the store, “Robert” told me to bring in the box and ask for him. i did that today, he checked the box and my receipt, walked all the way to the back of the store for me (i use a walker) and got me the new dis, hooray robert!! thank you.

  2. When I purchased my intelliglobe by Eduscience the store manager in the Ohio store understood that the globe I purchased was an opened box, their only one, and reduced the cost since it was torn open and had missing some items: a booklet, the computer pen and the map–all were missing. He suggested that I contact you for the computer pen and other parts, Thank you for responding to this email. The globe is ok, but is very incomplete without the necessary parts of the intelliglobe, created by Toys r’us. Geoffrey Botnick, temporarily in Ohio

  3. Geoffrey call 1800toysrus and a representative will give you the contact information for the manufacturer of that item. It may say Toysrus but we don’t manufacturer toys, we sell them exclusively

  4. Please e mail me in regards to a15 foot rectangle trampoline that I am on a waiting list for ive been waiting if u dont have it please let ne know so I go elsewere I like toysr us for allll my kids things and trust in all products . But I cant wait , even if u give me some kind of heads up thank u marie smith 732 664 6004

  5. I am a grand mother of six children and I just saw a petition information segment on Fox news with Kimberley on how you are now selling dolls from breaking bad with crystal meth to kids. Are you or your marketing department full of druggie? Have you lost your mind? Are you owned by drug cartels? You are depraved and I know now I will never shop at your store again. Multiply my email by millions of other grand mothers who saw that tv segment!
    You better rethink your mission statement and have a vision statement with some positive values.
    Get a grip,

  6. on nov 25, I first tried to buy the lego ninjago thunder raider playset on-line at walmart for $19.49. it could not be delivered until dec 1. so I went to toys r us on-line where the price was $23.00. I called the champaign, il store & was told that it was in-stock, so I went to purchase it with my grandson. however, the price in the store was $29.99 & the store manager refused to honor the same store’s on-line price. since I was with my eager grandson, I had to go ahead & purchase it, but I think I was ripped off!

  7. I would like to comment on my recent experience at Toys R Us, store #9226, 12/10/2014 at 5:51 pm. I had ordered Legos on line and chose store pickup. I entered the store and did some other shopping. Prior to checking out I approached the service desk where I pulled out my on line confirmation for pick up. The greeting I received was not, “may I help you” it was a cashier waving and opening and closing her hand at my paper her only greeting was “Gimmie”. She took my paper spoke on a microphone to have my order brought up. She was very rude not friendly and was certainly not being over run by other shoppers. There was one customer ahead of me and one behind me. It was a bit embarrassing to me. My order was promptly delivered and I went to the cashier to pay for my in store purchases. There was a special occurring where if you bought a Lego set a bonus set was given to you. I asked my cashier if my purchase was a qualifier and she said, ” I don’t know sweetie you’ll have of check with the service desk.” She did not offer any customer service at all. I have always shopped at Toys R Us but I may go elsewhere or go on line to other merchants. I have 5 grandchildren and have always been happy with my experiences at your store. Someone needs to train or retrain your personnel, the customer is not there for them.. They are supposed to be there for the customer.

  8. I called to check on an order that had been cancelled. After waiting for an associate she hangs up on me.. While I’m talking. Very rude!

  9. Well by the reviews above customer service is not your strong suit. I have been trying to access your baby registry for days. According to the website it is offline and no anticipated time for it being repaired. Two stores I the area, Virginia Beach and Norfolk Virginia were extremely unfriendly ant not helpful! I have been told if I come into the store I will have access. I just got off the phone with your 1-888 customer service at 7:57pm and the woman who handled my call was rude and unhelpful. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told I could call back at 9:00pm EST but no guarantee I would be able to talk to anyone. I have asked my kids to pull their registry and have purchased everything at Targets. A customer lost who will not hesitate to blog and tweet.

  10. The absolute worse customer service in history. These guys make Comcast look good!
    The clerk in the store ordered something on line for us, sent it to the wrong address, denied she did and then told us she couldnt do anything about it. When we called customer service 20 minutes later to get it sent to the correct place they said they souldnt do it either. Follow that with several days of calls and promises to make it a priority issue and follow up and contact us, none of which was ever done. Follow that up with constant emails asking for a third party evaluation of their customer service and then every time we call we have to repeat every personal bit of information and the whole story over and over again and sit while they say hold on or let me check that out when we have already told them the specifics on what they are checking on, SUCH AS THE PACKAGE BEING IN THE WRONG DAMN PLACE>
    From now on I will be headed to WalMart or Target. Never again will I deal with these incompetent people.

  11. I called Toys r us & asked for some general information in order to send a letter. The rep refused to give me a mailing address or a fax #. She was also very rude. You guys need to find some better representatives to handle your business. The reps that you have are the worst & I can guarantee you will loos a lot of business.

  12. Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention, the cancelling window for an order is only 45 minutes from the time it was ordered. This is totally unrealistic. I think this company is very unresponsive to modifications and I feel the really don’t care about customer “service” This giant company cares little for customers

  13. I am trying to reach a marketing representative for your store #8854, for a Safe Sleep for Babies campaign in the month of October. The 1800-toys-rus number doesnt direct me to the marketing department, neither does the corporate number. Can someone help me???

  14. Hi I emailing today in reference to a halloween parade that did not occur at your store located in Media,Pa. I arrived at the ToysrUs 1154 West, Media PA 19063 at 1215pm. I was responding to a email I received that there would be a halloween parade and pictures with Geoffrey, however when we arrived there I was told by a customer service employee that they were waiting to see how many children arrived before starting the parade.I waited until 1:30pm with my 5 month old dressed in his awesome winnie the pooh costume and my 5yr old son dressed as a pirate. The boys waited patiently only to here from the same customer service rep that the parade would not occur due to lack of participants !! They were given a taffy and told that Geoffrey was sick , I was told by the customer service rep that the costume was DIRTY !!! Im outraged this was not far to my noys especially my 5yr old that was extremely upset that he couldnt meet Geoffrey or get to be in a parade. I planned this day out for my boys to enjoy trick or treating as they were promised in your advertisement only to get turned away with 1 taffy !! This wasnt far I think the store should have been more prepared , me being told that Geoffrey costume was dirty just made this experience worse for me and my children. Im a good customer I have a store card and also a rewards member . I shop in your stores atleast 1-2 times a month for my 5month old needs. This was not our best experience by far nothing like having 2 children sitting in a store dressed in costumes promised something and not given. Im sure you could imagine me dragging my boys out the store !!! False Advertisement and poor preparations was what we were given and not deserved especially to a loyal customer!!!

    • I have been on hold for customer service for over half an hour. I have had five separate representatives answer just to say please hold! You have the worst customer service I have ever experienced from what should be a legitimate company, after reading through just a small sampling of your feedback here I can see this is not an isolated experience. When your company goes out of business it will be due to poor management from the corporate office.

  15. Went to get a kids bike on sale for $69.99. To have it assembled was an extra $10, so I choose to have it in the box and I’d assemble it myself. At checkout she said there were no more in a box and I’d have to pay the extra $10 for one that was already assembled. What kind of customer service is that? They were out of what I wanted and would not replace it with an already assembled bike for the sale price??? Even Walmart has better costumer service!

  16. 30 minutes on hold really????? because of an order you screwed up yet once again. Last time I ever shop or order on line with you. I would rather pay high shipping charges than deal with this company..

  17. Laura at Heath Ohio store a God sent today….Really went beyond the call of duty to help me find and order things on line in store today…one happy nana

  18. Regarding Order #4342250086

    You know, I really wanted to love cyber Monday with Toysrus.

    When I found the MIP for $49.00 I was thrilled. It is what my grandson wants for Christmas and with my fixed income, the price was something I could afford.

    Your automated system said this was cancelled due to missing or incomplete information. WHAT missing or incomplete information? Paypal already confirmed this charge was pending. The address has both my PO Box AND my physical home address. What is the problem?

    The confirmation you sent me did not indicate there was a problem fulfilling this order. It took four days to discover a problem exists.

    Why are there no PEOPLE available to help with problems regarding an online order? I have been on hold over 45 minutes.

    If the order was cancelled due to inaccurate or incomplete information is was not on my part. So why am I (or my grandson) the one that is being penalized? What happened to rain checks?

    Cancel the batteries, too. Without the MIP I do not need them and I will not pay for them.

    This feels like a bait and switch. Soon you will get a shipment of these little robots. All the people that thought they were getting the item for $49.00 will be scrambling to get it and be charged an inflated cost.

    Not me. I bought one from a competitor. Even though I am paying more I am not dealing with incompetence. (Ordering, customer interaction, customer service – I know it’s the Christmas rush. However, the fact it is Christmas rush would indicate more care and planning would go into ordering sufficient numbers of a product to meet the offers made on cyber Monday, you would contact a customer if there was a problem with an order to see if other components of the order (batteries) are still needed, and hire enough human people to talk to your customers when needed.)

    Dealing with businesses that operate like you do ensures LLBean gets my vote as the best company in the United States to deal with.

    By the way, I am STILL on hold with you.

  19. My wife and i recently went to the TOYS R US store in Valdosta GA., and we had no less than 4 people help us with our list for our 2 grandchildren. Thank you so much and God Bless you.

  20. I have never been so frustrated and upset with a company before. I went online to order a scooter yesterday. Each time I filled out all of the information, and got to the end of the order, you sent me a note that our credit card was denied. We finally called our credit card company, our credit card was fine. So I tried to call customer service, and sat on line for an hour. I finally gave up! Today, I called again and sat on the phone for 45 min, when finally I got some help. I did get the scooter ordered, and felt like yelling, but I knew that it was not the girl’s fault. Why do people even order from you, I never will again!! Our credit card company even told my husband that you are hard to work with. You sure have filled me with anger!!!

  21. I ordered a $100 toy on the internet Nov. 22 and I believe I received an e-mail confirmation. Computer down and e-mail is now gone. Can’t get a human to ask about my order, phone line says it shipped but no confirmation number. No option to get e-mail again and no way to check to see where my order could be. All I want is a tracking number!

  22. I left a message a few days ago about not receiving my free item that promised with my border and have not received item i did order and pay for.And very displeased that i have not been contcted by your company .

  23. Sitting on hold for over an hour trying to get customer service to pick up my call. Had an order placed Black Friday. Still have not received it and just got a comment survey about how I like my items. I have not even received them!!!! The tracking shows it stuck in Arizona for the past week. Ridiculous shipping and customer service.

  24. Still on hold with customer service and no one has picked up. 1 and half hours now. Order # 3317993698. See previous comment. As a company, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  25. Toys-r-us you should be ashamed ! 2 hr. wait time if their is a problem and cancelled orders get shipped and forget about getting your money back when they double charge you , shame on you, maybe you are too big and you have lost control

  26. What is up with these retailers these days??? I am on hold with customer service and the wait time is 45 min.!!! this company should be ashamed. They had 10 months to prepare for the holiday rush and could have hired more customer service reps. Shame on them. This is one of the very reasons that retailers can’t stay in business. Customer service is very important in a business especially a retailer. After this, I am done with toys r us. If Target or Wal-Mart doesn’t have what I’m looking for, I will just buy gift cards from another retailer. I am done with these people. Their website is so easy to shop but you’d better not need them after you receive your order. Hummm. Is this one of those companies that everyone goes to lunch at the same time and they put all calls on hold while they eat/shop during lunch??? 45 min. hold????

  27. 30 minutes on hold really????? because of an order you screwed up yet once again. Last time I ever shop or order on line with you. I would rather pay high shipping charges than deal with this company.. What is up with these retailers these days??? I am on hold with customer service and the wait time is 45 min.!!! this company should be ashamed. They had 10 months to prepare for the holiday rush and could have hired more customer service reps. Shame on them. This is one of the very reasons that retailers can’t stay in business. Customer service is very important in a business especially a retailer. After this, I am done with toys r us. If Target or Wal-Mart doesn’t have what I’m looking for, I will just buy gift cards from another retailer. I am done with these people. Their website is so easy to shop but you’d better not need them after you receive your order. Hummm. Is this one of those companies that everyone goes to lunch at the same time and they put all calls on hold while they eat/shop during lunch??? 45 min. hold????

  28. Truly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I can’t imagine that a company that has been around as long as yours could have such incompetent people employed. I feel terrible for all the employees that will lose their jobs when your company goes out of business. I will never shop here again.

  29. I am on hold with customer service and the wait time is 60 min and counting.!!! this company should be ashamed. They had 10 months to prepare for the holiday rush and could have hired more customer service reps. Shame on them. This is one of the very reasons that retailers can’t stay in business. Customer service is very important in a business especially a retailer. After this, I am done with toys r us. I am done with these people. Their website is so easy to shop but you’d better not need them after you receive your order. Shop at Amazon better prices and actual customer service.

  30. I have plenty of time to keep posting comments as I sit on hold waiting for what I hope will be a person that can actually help.

  31. I would rather watch Phantom Menace on an endless loop with a Jar Jar Binks cos player than deal with your terrible customer service again.

  32. I don’t think anyone actually works in customer service. We are all being routed to an endless loop of hold music and despair.

  33. The absolute worse customer service in history. These guys make Comcast look good! I cant believe this is the level of service offered. Whomever is in charge of your customer service needs to be reassigned to the darkest pit you can find.

  34. I have never experienced most horrible service!!! 3 days trying to get ahold of your Idaho falls store is a joke!! I want someone to call me… 9702701677

  35. I think the online web site needs to be updated, most on the Monster High dolls & outfits have been saying: out of stock for the past 3 weeks


  37. You need to know that this is my first experience purchasing from your site and it will be the last.. the fact that you make it impossible to speak to a live person in this day and age is ridiculous…you cannot possibly be saving any money by doing this if you’re losing customers I will follow through with this purchase but never again after 45 minutes of attempting to get information on my order I’m still at zero

  38. probably a waste of time; however about a month & a half ago a went to my closest toyrus store#3519 donmills ont., to purchase some of (if any) new additions to one of my collections. i saw some new star wars carships on the pegs, when i took them to checkout they told me i could not buy them because they weren’t allowed to be sold until sept 5/2017. ok , then offered to put them on hold for me until said sell date. they took my phone # & name said they would call to remind me in time. no call , i went there today sept 5/2017, NO CARS. I AM NOT VERY HAPPY WITH THIS….. i spend a fair amount of money at that store, time & gas , aswell going there most the time for nothing, because they can’t keep enough stock of what i usually buy there.i am an avid collector of certain things & continually frustrated by missing out, especially when i’m told the items will be saved for me. they should NOT BE PUTTING STOCK OUT if they are not prepared to sell it….& further more not jurk customers around when they lose stuff on hold…..

  39. I am extremely dissatisfied at the moment!!!! I tried to order this item (Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens) TWO days in a row on multiple devices and multiple different times of the day over the weekend (16-18 September) and through Monday. At the time I was trying to purchase it, it was on sale for $152 and I used the discount code SOUND25 to bring the total down to $115-$116. When trying to process the payment, your website was having “technical difficulties” and stated I would need to try back later. Not only could I not purchase the baby monitor, but I couldn’t purchase another item that was in my cart. I am beyond frustrated, because now the baby monitor is NOT available for shipping and the price has also increased! This is NOT acceptable and in store pick up is NOT an option for us because we live overseas on a military base. I do not feel as though customers should be penalized because your website was not operational. Please explain to me my options.


  41. So apparently toys r us can just change your credit limit when convenient for them. You can be a good customer, pay your bill on time and support them and they just don’t care how they treat their cardholders. It’s companies like this that make retail a bad name. They really treated me with disrespect and will never give their company one more dollar. With companies right around the corner that sell the same toys you would think they appreciate their cardholders. I will let everyone know how they treat the people that support their company. No wonder company is struggling. If this is the way they treat people.

  42. This is really unprofessional of a company to decide if a customer is important. I can’t believe a company can decide on decreasing a cardholders limit after they have paid on time and been a great customer. It’s no surprise while they are struggling. So unprofessional

  43. Hi! I would like to request two Christmas catalogs for my kids! They love to circle/ show us what they want! We shop at your Rochester MN location all the time! Not sure why I don’t receive this catalog but, I’m asking anyhow! Thanks much

  44. I received an item today that I did not order. Order number 525758570002. Item is a Dream Gear Gamer’s Kit $59.00. I tried several times to phone customer service and when prompted to leave message/phone number for return call it just kicked me into a black hole where one has to wait too long to get anyone on the line. This is truly unacceptable business practices. I will do everything in my power to get this back to the correct owner, someone must be waiting patiently to receive. However, I will not pay for the return. Very disappointed this is the treatment a loyal shopper receives…but you can bank on knowing I will never do any future business with ToysRUs.

  45. Becareful cause they charged me twice for one game and getting ahold of a live person is impossible. I will be getting my money back as soon as possible.

  46. I can not express how disappointed I am with the lack of service from Toys R Us.
    I ordered a gift for my granddaughter’ s birthday present that was November 29th. I place the order on November 16, 2017. The tracking said that the gift arrived on 11/21, however it was never received. I did a online chat and had replacement item sent. Then on December 5th when I received a email saying that the order was cancelled with no explanation as to why I called customer service. The gentleman who helped me also could not find a reason as to why it was cancelled. We reordered item to be delivered for pick up at the local store. Item is in stock however it still has not arrived for pick up. May I remind you that my granddaughters 7th birthday was Nov 29th. I am beyond upset that no one can get the item that I ordered and paid for to our granddaughter. I could have went to another company but I have never had a problem in the past with Toys R Us. I can assure you that I will be letting all of our friends know what horrible experience I have had and to choose another company when purchasing gifts in the future. No communication, nothing to give status on where the heck this item is. NOTHING order number 6898394548.

  47. I cant even explain how disappointed I am in TRU right now. I placed an order for an exclusive Ninjago figure set online for my son for Christmas. My Paypal was charged right away… I was guaranteed delivery on 12-22-17 and a few days prior, I received an email saying that delivery was gonna be longer then expected. So I was ok with that, I figured as long as my son is getting it that its ok because its something he REALLY wanted for Christmas. 2 days later I get an email saying the order was cancelled. My money hasn’t been returned and now Im scrambling tryin to find another Christms gift for my son. I even went to TRU stores and they dont have it… Not sure that I’ll ever shop TRU again after this

  48. Purchased a Potty seat with ladder from a Babies “r” Us near me that is going out of business. All sales are final and I was made clear of this at check out. I got the item home and it has missing and broken parts. The product was made by Babies “R” Us with no contact number anywhere on the instructions. I took it back to the store to see if they would exchange it for me given it had missing and broken parts or if they could give me the 800 number since it wasn’t on the packaging. I was told multiple times “call the 800 number”. I kept asking what is the number with rude replies of “the 800 number”. Finally they understood that I don’t know the rest of the 800 number! I was then told that any item in the store could be opened to make sure it was not broken or missing parts yet that was not told when I was purchasing. Horribly rude customer service. Never again will I support this business. Its a shame that these businesses are going out of business but with customer service like this who would want to shop there.

  49. Toys R Us…Please come back!!! It is most annoying being forced to go into Target or Walmart small toy sections!!! And besides, most of their toys are the previous seasons which the kids are aware of IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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