Contact Topaz Labs Customer Service

Contacting Topaz Labs Customer Service Center

Topaz Labs is a software program for editing photographs. The software is available for sale on the official website in various bundles, like DeNoise, Simplify and Adjust. You can also purchase the Photoshop Bundle, but the bundle does not come with Photoshop. You have to purchase that software separately.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Topaz Labs customer service department is open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday (CT). The phone number for the call center is not listed on the support page. We found it listed on the Contact Us page under the Company tab.

  • Corporate: 1-972-432-7145
  • Fax: 1-972-499-1061

Mailing Address

Write your customer service letter to:

Topaz Labs 4100 Spring Valley Rd Ste 103 Dallas, TX 75244

This is not the address to send financial information if you have a billing problem for your order. You must contact Topaz Labs customer service via phone to address billing and financial matters. There is no way to ensure you letter is being received by a secure department via mail.

Official Website

The official site for Topaz Labs is located at Customers can learn about the available filters and bundles packages on the products page. You can access the Topaz Labs filters using Photoshop, but if you don’t have Photoshop there is a free software called Fusion that allows users to edit with the programs rather than with Photoshop.

If you’re having trouble with your Topaz Labs software and you want to troubleshoot the problem before calling customer service, visit the knowledgebase You can search for key words or phrases to find articles addressing common issues.

Topaz Labs customer service can also be found on social sites that you may already use. Customers often connect with companies they love for news updates and a chance at scoring special deals and freebies.

Customer Service Email

Check out the two email forms and dedicated email address for Topaz Labs customer service.

Our Experience

Contacting Topaz Labs was quite simple and less confusing than the reports we uncovered online. Yes, we had to endure the automated system, but for less than 90 seconds. Directly after selecting the options for the customer service department, we connected and began asking questions. Our questions revolved around copyright and licensing; in particular, could a customer share a purchased product with another customer.

The agent was polite when they explained doing this is a direct violation of copyright laws. The second customer would need to purchase the product independently of the other customer. Our experience was great due to the knowledge of the agent and the detail they provided. Do you have a moment to share your experiences? We would appreciate if you could fill out the comment section below.

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27 Comments on “Contact Topaz Labs Customer Service
  1. You guys are the worst example of a business model. I am a professional photographer and I am constantly intrigued by your products. I read about all of your products, but because there are so many products offered, I can’t figure out which ones would be good for me. All I want to do is be able to talk on the phone with one of your people so that he or she can explain what I need, based on what I already have. But, I can’t get a phone number to call and worse there is a website that has vitriol complaints about your service, product help etc. If what these people are saying is true, you should be investigated by the Texas authorities. Relieve my concerns Topaz, contact me with a phone number….

  2. I Recently Purchased Topaz Complete Collection Image Enhancement Software. I Installed This Program, After It’s Completion, Not Responding To These Following Programs: Adobe Lightroom 5.2 & Adobe Elements 12. Please Advise, Thank You.

  3. I love my Topaz 4 but it doesn’t show up on my acct. and i need to download on my working PC.The other on died

  4. Phone number disconnected
    No phone number can be found
    Customer service is a total joke, impossible to get help after spending an hour without contact
    Human verification code is a black box so can not send emails, etc etc etc
    DO NOT load a new purchase plug in as it delegates your current plugins!
    Waste of my money!

  5. I would like to talk to someone regarding your product, but there is no phone number to reach you. So, could someone reach me at my e-mail address so I might ask some questions re: your product, am having trouble installing.

  6. I bought just about every one of your programs, but doubt I’ll EVER buy anything else from you. I have tried every way possible to get in touch with you… nothing works. Such lousy customer service I have never rum into anywhere else.

  7. I was stupid enough to buy their entire product line. Cannot reach them in Texas. Number disconnected. Am having serious problems with their S/W they are not responding to my support addresses emails despite saying they will. This is all going back.
    The worst service I have ever received from a company. Think twice before you buy. They do not keep s/w up to date with os releases on a mac.
    I will write negative reviews wherever I can about them as a company. I hope they go out of business.

  8. I tried to buy Topaz Glow, but the website was balky and when I hit submit, it erased my credit card info. I love the product, Topaz Glow (I’m on a 30-day free trial) but can’t get anyone to respond to me so I can buy it.

    After reading the comments, I see exactly what the problem is. All their money and focus went into product, none into support. Horrible combo–great product, abysmal customer support and service.

  9. Worst customer service I’ve experienced. Been trying for a month
    to get them to help me with Re-Mask. No matter what I do, the software WILL NOT accept my license number. I’ve engaged in a series of emails with these people for almost a month now and they WILL NOT
    do anything but send robotic messages.

  10. You have No customer service or another way to say it, the worst customer service you can imagine.

    My license seem to disappear now and then. I can work with an app for a while and when I finish it, the system says, sorry you have no license.

    I started to work more with NIK and Alien, because I don’t have the aggravation I get with Topaz products.

    Shape Up……….

  11. REALLY?! No phone number! I purchase a product, the serial number appears the be bad, contacted customer service, 24-48 hour wait, unexceptionable! Why? You guys need to get it together, fabulous product, customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. Just sell a good product, with good numbers, REALLY A SIMPLE CONCEPT! I wish the company was as good as the product. 24 hours and waiting. Can’t wait to see the next rep the next train show.

  12. why cant i get thru to topaz labs. i tried to reach you minutes ago and dead in the water. this is the fifth time im trying to use what i paid for. why ?/?. i’ve given my bundle number,and now you want to charge me,ee gods. please give me some help.

  13. I have Topaz package for a couple of years and have continued to upgrade the Topaz – I recently upgraded my apple software with their latest version and now my Topaz cannot open and has an error message

    I am not home and if you need additional info, please indicate exactly what you need for me to provide you.

    Thank you.

  14. I would like to purchase the Topaz Bundle on disks instead of download. Is there an email address that I can contact the company with?

  15. I purchased the Topaz complete photography collection, my credit card was charged immediately, but I never received my product keys. When I check my account online, my order is stuck as “Processing” and no license keys appear. I’ve tried opening a ticket in their support center, I’ve tried sending e-mail, nothing works, zero customer service at this point (it’s been two days since I placed my order). I’m getting ready to contact my credit card company to have the charge reversed.

  16. I am extremely disappointed in Topaz. I registered for the last 3 webinars but have been blocked from attending. One stated it was full, and the other 2 I just could not enter. I hope this is some temp. problem and is not going to continue. I guess I’ll find out on the19th webinar.

  17. I have purchased Topaz De Noise, and for the second time in 6 months, when I want to use it, my code is not viable. This problem was straightened out once, but now I want to download the update..same thing. PLEASE correct this error, so I can use the program. Doris Gage-West

  18. Customer Service stinks. Can’t get through by phone. Live Chat is unavailable. E-mails go unanswered. Nothing on the forums or question and answers for my problem. I’ve had the bundle for years. Every app. works fine except for one. Lens Effects freezes my computer when I try to use it. Uninstalling and reinstalling it doesn’t help. When I first purchased Topaz products Customer Support was excellent. Now it’s non-existent unless you have hours to scroll through questions and answers. Although I love my Topaz products I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone because of the lack of Customer Service.

  19. Impossible to order. Every company should have tech support with a phone no.
    Saw many complaints about getting help from Topaz.
    To Topaz labs: you should think of your customers and rethink your support by providing excellent service and phone numbers.

  20. I had Topaz collection for CS 5 on an old computer. That 17 inch laptop computer had a defective graphics card and I bought a new computer rather then spend the money for repair. I recently found the software on an external drive. I tried to open and install it on my current mac book pro computer with Siera OS. It failed. Is there anything you can do to provide an updated version that works on my current computer. If not, will it work if I find a third party to replace the graphics card. Apple no longer supports a 17 inch mac book pro and says they do not have the replacement parts (Graphics card in this instance).

  21. I tried to buy you A.I. Gigapixel but was cancelled 2 times. I called my credit card company and they said it was an error at your facility. I cannot find a telephone # to call you. This is very distressing. My customer name is glenngasd114 and my phone # is: 805732-5325. My name is Glenn Grossman

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