Contact Thermos Customer Service

Contacting Thermos Customer Service Center

Thermos is an international brand of consumer products designed for food and beverage storage. The company began operation in the early 20th century and continues to provide innovative products to millions of customers across the globe. When you have a question or concerns relating to a product, contact the customer service team by phone, traditional mail, through social media or by email.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service General: 1-800-831-9242
  • Corporate Headquarters: 847-439-7821
  • Corporate Headquarters Fax: 847-593-5570
  • Retailers and Commercial: 1-800-243-0745
  • Customer Service Returns: 1-800-831-9242
  • Customer Service Returns Fax: 662-563-2175
  • Customer Service Online Orders: 1-877-419-8272 or 1-800-986-9755
  • Customer Service Canada: 1-416-757-6231
  • Customer Service Canada (Toll Free): 1-800-669-7065
  • Customer Service Canada Fax: 1-416-757-6230
  • Customer Service Thermos Grills: 1-800-241-7548

Mailing Address

Thermos L.L.C. – Corporate Headquarters475 N. Martingale RoadSuite 1100Schaumburg, IL 60173


Thermos L.L.C.ATTN: Consumer Service Returns355 Thermos DriveBatesville, MS 38606


Canadian Thermos Products Inc.370 King Street West, Suite 302, Box 11Toronto, OntarioM5V 1J9


Char-Broil and Thermos Grills Consumer RelationsP.O. Box 1240

Official Website

The Thermos website allows customers to make purchases from the online store and read through customer stories associated with owning a Thermos product. You can read about the technology which makes Thermos one of the most innovative brands in the world. Customers new to the brand can learn care by visiting the Care and Use page.

Social Media

Looking through the Thermos Twitter page and the Facebook page, we noticed several customer service issues answered from the customer support team. The overall feel of the conversations was positive. We even noticed messages of praise for individual customer service agents.

Customer Service Email

The email address listed on the website is a customer feedback form. We sent a message to the customer care team asking for information relating to seasonal returns. The response generated thanked us for the inquiry, but gave no information as to when a customer care agent would respond.

Our Experience

Reaching the customer service department was better than expected. We called and encountered the standard automated system. Although the system provided several options, we were able to bypass the options by pressing 0. By doing this we connected with a customer service agent. The total time to reach the customer service department was less than 60 seconds. The customer care agent answered and by the end of the call ended, our questions were answered. The agent didn’t have to transfer the call t ask questions from a supervisor. We loved contacting Thermos. Can you say the same at the end of your call? Please share your customer service experience with us below.

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31 Comments on “Contact Thermos Customer Service
  1. Bought a new Thermos 1.9litre pump type carafe at Walmart in Wpg.MB.on Friday. On Sat., I made hot chocolate for kids. When I poured it into carafe, the linerexploded with such force that fine glass shards were forced on to my counter-along with a flood of hot chocolate. My kids were very upset & worried & we had a big mess to clean up. I was just so glad that they were not right by the counter when it happened–it could have been a devastating day! What is my recourse?

  2. Disappointed with the new line of thermos bottle. The 40 oz. thermos looks good but now lacks a handle on the cup, the hinged handle is uncomfortable and wiggles insecurely in the hand during carrying, and the screw-on plastic lid expands after hot liquids are put in so that it is impossible to unscrew until it is cooled down with cold water. Such inconvenience!

    I tried to report these things to your consumer line, but after waiting at least a half hour it was a time wasting experience.

  3. Bought a Thermos insulated cup and used for the first time yesterday whilst watching my 10 year old son play football.Whilst holding cup handle came off resulting in hot tea spilling all over myself, dread to think if the children would of been close.

    • Bought 2 THERMOcafe mugs from my local asda supermarket,, both have been used for little less than a week and both have now broken.. thus being the plastic cup inside the steel surround has now become seperared, to reveal very little insulation inside. I’m very disappointed in this product, as I always believed THERMOS to be a reputable brand.

  4. The 24oz Intak bottle lids tend to easily break. Trying to order a replacement through the website or via phone is seemingly impossible. I like the bottle and design but not very durable~!

  5. Please reply with the cost of replacing three (3) lids for product NS402TL4 070511Q. Please advise me as to where to send the check. My address is Pat Lake, 120 Olivia Lane, Ball Ground, GA 30107. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  6. I have a SK2020MBTR14 Thermos and the o-ring on the cap is missing. This is a poor design. How can I get a replacement o-ring?

  7. Contacted customer support via phone and email, which I never heard back. I bought a Thermos NS402bk4 and it started leaking after 6 weeks. This is my third purches from Thermos and by far the worst. Very disappointed in the product, customer service and the lack of replacement parts.

  8. Bought a hydration bottle but the seal was missing. The bottle is 2465SSA4 011414D. How can I purchase the seal for this bottle.

    thank you
    Gerard Sanders

  9. Awhile back I bought two 16oz thermos cups. My wife and I love them. Unfortunately my wife lost hers and we can’t find a replacement. We really like the ones we bought. They do a great job keeping our coffee hot. We bought them at WalMart. There is no model number on the one we have. There is a patent number D6090715. If you never answer your 800 number don’t let people think you will. Come on now you’re a multi million dollar company. Maybe too big to answer for us little people.

  10. Part# 2465TR16 082114X this s coffee cups is great. I’ve been using this coffee cup from work for the last 4 years. I would like to make a feedback or make a recommendation from the company to make a change of that plastic lid cap is plastic they crack easy. Can you make the lid cap stainless steel instead plastic.


  11. I have attempted to reach the customer service by telephone 5 times at different times of the day and got the same automated reply that due to heavy call volume my call could not be answered. My last attempt I left a voicemail request for a return call. No response yet. I sent an email yesterday and have not received any form of response. I don’t mind waiting for a return email but some form of notification that you actually received my email would be helpful. You should be interested in helping me because I am a customer that has purchased one of your products. The options to the consumer to purchase items similar to what you manufacture are endless. Please don’t throw away a good consumer. Please make yourself available to service your customers.

  12. I agree with above Robert Bradley’s post. Trying to reach someone at Customer Service has been painful and unsuccessful! I’m looking for a lid replacement to my Thermos Funtainer but can’t find how to anywhere!! Would someone from Customer Service please call me back?!?!?!

  13. I waited 38 minutes on the customer service phone line, only to have the recorded message tell me (at 5:30pm EDT) after those 38 minutes were wasted that the line was closed. Thermos Co fix your phone line – pressing the option 4 to leave a message and have you call us back does NOT work because the line does not transfer to voicemail. I am sorry we ever bought the kids thermos because neither my 8 year old nor I can open the top for her to drink. Thermos is disappointing on SO MANY levels!! I will take it back to the store and get a non-Thermos replacement AND tell everyone I know to avoid these products.

  14. It is no surprise that they do not care about any consumer because somehow they keep people buying the product not a reliable company

  15. I have used an Aladdin Pump Thermos (#193 pump) for some time and find it the best there is. Unfortunatly the filler liner has broken (#032C) and I am at aloss without the use of a great, handy coffee thermos. Please return a response as I really need a rerplacement. Thank you for you’re attention to this matter.

  16. I called 1-800-831-9242 for replacement straws. I was on hold for 1 hour and 6 minutes waiting for a rep to come on the line. I started the call at 2:29pm Central on a Wednesday.

    In fairness, the message, “Your call is important to us. We are experiencing a high volume of calls. You can leave us a message or email us at […]. Calls will be returned in the order in which they are received. We will be with you shortly.” kept looping as I waited. I had left a message yesterday at 4:55pm (they close at 4:30pm), and there was no call back so far today, so I called again.

    Towards the 1 hour, 6 minute mark, I finally got the call back. Makes you wonder if they had such a backlog of calls to return and only one person to handle all the calls. What an ordeal.

  17. i have a water flip top hydration bottle which i bought about 1 year ago and i get this ugly black residue on my drinking nib if you could tell me how to get rid of this gooky thing growing on my thermos nib i have tried soaking it in bleach and no big difference cleans it, have you any suggestions i am willing to try them ;thank you i love my bottle but you give me no alternative but to go somewhere else for a hydrating bottle

  18. Have the rock thermos series for year and half. The lid cracked. Supposed to be 5 year warrantee…how do i get a replacement?

  19. Need a gasket for top of my water bottle. Must have lost it in the woods.
    I can send you picture of bottle for ident. Please email me a link to you.


    Dennis Bartolo
    Boulder, Colorado

  20. Complaints about a few of our cups.. 2 brand new ones that leak….first time used. I was drinking water and water was running down my water and face. I have many thermos products. I did have things happen with wear and tear. 2 other ones had clip issues. I didn’t complain. I turned my entire family onto these hot cold cups at at between $22.99 and $24.99 a pop.

    I have no clue where the model numbers are. Both of my sister in laws bought 2 of this same model 2. They didn’t use them I asked them too. Theirs leak two All are same model. Tell me where to find the model number. It is a sleek looking 18 hour cold one.

    Thanks for your assistance,

    Danielle Sullivan Murawski

    • sorry I know they bought at least 2. I remember them turning around a few cups later and going back. Maybe for husbands. I normally buy 4 at a time, but Just had bought the 24 oz. hot cold ones that are super durable. They are my favorite so far.

  21. Hi
    I have several Under Armour water bottles with the locking flip cap that have broken caps. How can I get replacement caps for them?

  22. I used to think that Thermos name meant quality….but not anymore.
    It means total lack of quality now…very sad and disappointing. 🙁
    For anyone out there who use their thermos regularily…BEWARE..check the inside often, it RUSTS!!! I bought 2 big thermoses, one called the ROCK was our favorite…until i started getting a strange taste. Thinking it was the broth inside that spoiled, i threw it all out and started over again. It got so bad that i finally took a flashlight and looked closely inside the container and that’s when i “gasped”! RUST???…is this not stainless steel? PLUS, as many of you know, the customer service is at best a 2-star rating. SO VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THERMOS. Now looking to find another brand, and the breaking point was that the customer service is the worst for responding…as i have NEVER had someone answer the phone when i call…always an answering service that calls back way too late. I end up having to purchase new. P.S.: I have ordered parts in the past to replace defective caps as well…and it just broke again shortly after using it. Like someone said, it expands and the cap becomes so tight that i just decided to try another brand.
    WHAT HAPPENED THERMOS??!!…where did your quality and customer service go?…PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  23. Just got off the phone with customer service and requested replacement for a thermos water bottle 18 ounces. No replacement or warranty of parts and would need to pay to continue to use the product? Not interested.

  24. I purchased a thermos product for my granddaughter to take hot soup to school. I was satisfied for 3 weeks and then the rubber seal broke and the liquid from the hot soup spilled into her lunchbox. Luckily, she was not burned, but I had to discard the product. Paid $20 at Target!!

  25. My 40 oz. thermos that I use constantly for ice water and ice cubes has gone from 20 some hours keeping cold to about 5 hours. I am 84 years old and really need that thermos every day. It was given to me as a gift in the summer of 2017, and the giver has moved on. That thermos was really exactly what I wanted. The labels and markings on it have long disappeared.

    My old thermos has lasted for many years. It was too big and the opening was too small for my latest needs. the forty ounce one was a god send. I hope you can replace it quickly. Thank you.

  26. I got to know about the product from one of my friends, when he brought homemade curry to share with me. He travelled alomst an hour. We sat and discussed many of things for long and then decided to have a lunch.
    Here to my surprise … The curry was still hot. I looked upon the product and got to know THERMOS the USA company. I had travelled to US and other part of country but never got impressed like this. Then I decided to buy this product as my son’s lunch box. This time I couldn’t wait for my travel to the USA. And hence asked one of my friends to buy for me and ship it to me. I bought 3 containers.
    I and felt that the money spent is worth. I used one more frequently and other two coul not be used as it was too small to carry lunch.
    Now after a 9 or so months I happened to carry one of those unused containers. This time the surprise was reversed I found that even after an hour the food was not at all hot. Same is the case with the third container. I could have sent you the images of the product but the site doesn’t support. I will do so by sending an email.

    As a trustworthy customer I would like to get those replaced and make an arrangement to ship to me.

    I expect a positive response from The world class thermostat

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