Contact Taca Customer Service

Contacting Taca Customer Service Center

Taca is an airline associated with Avianca Airlines. When we tested the customer service phone number for Avianca, we couldn’t get passed the poor quality and extreme accent. The Taca website looks nearly identical to the Avianca website and the customer support information is provided in the same type of list.

The customer service information is simple to find and there are plenty of ways to contact a representative with questions or problems.

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Contact Info

There are four main means of connecting with customer service – email, phone, visit and chat. You also have the option to check-in for your flight on the Taca website.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Argentina: (0) 810-333-8222
  • Australia: (1) 612-82480020
  • Belize: (501) 227-7363
  • Bolivia: 800-10-8222
  • Brazil: 0-800-761-8222
  • Canada: 1-800-722-8222
  • Chile: 800-20-8222
  • China: (852) 2861-1811
  • Colombia: (01) 800-096-8222
  • Costa Rica: (506) 2299-8222
  • Cuba: (537) 833-3114
  • Dominican Republic: 809-200-8662
  • Ecuador: 1-800-00-8222
  • El Salvador: (503) 2267-8222
  • Guatemala: (502) 2470-8222
  • Honduras: (504) 2281-8222
  • Italy: (39) 06-9160-4062
  • Japan: 81-3-3593-7603
  • Mexico: (5255) 9000-8222
  • Nicaragua: (505) 2276-9982
  • Panama: (507) 206-8222
  • Paraguay: (009) 800-511-8222
  • Peru: 0-800-1-8222
  • South Korea: 82 (2) 753-8271
  • Spain: (91) 34-902-007-550
  • Taiwan: (886) 2-8772-2125
  • United Kingdom: (44-8702) 410-340
  • United States: 1-800-400-8222
  • Uruguay: 000-405-1004
  • Venezuela: 0800-000-8222

Mailing Address

We were able to find tons of addresses for Taca, but none of the address are mailing addresses for customer service communication. Finally, at the bottom of the page, we noticed the mailing address nearly hidden with all the other words on the page.

TACA International Airlines, S.A.
Avenida El Espino entre Boulevard Sur y Calle El Almendro.
Urbanizacion Madre Selva, Antiguo Cuscatlan La Libertad, El Salvador

Official Website

On the official website for Taca, located at, you can book a flight, access your LifeMiles account and find corporate and contact information.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address, per se, but there is a contact form on the Taca website. The email form is designed for people who’ve flown with Taca. Passenger information and an email contact address are both requested.

Our Experience

We crossed our fingers when we called the customer service center for Taca. Our experience with the sister company was horrible, so we did not know what to expect. The automated system was not as poorly recorded as Avianca, but the accent was still extremely difficult to understand. We also had difficulty navigating the automated system. When we pressed 0 to talk with customer service we were taken to departure and arrival times. When we moved back to the start of the menu, the reception deteriorated. We searched for other reviews of the Taca customer call center and there are reports of horrible wait times and terrible customer service.

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13 Comments on “Contact Taca Customer Service
  1. We were forced by TACA to buy a connecting flight ticket from Costa Rica when leaving the U.S. It was a 100% refundable ticket we were promised. And when we didn´t use it and asked for our refund they kept 100 USDollars without any explanation. We have been trying for 4 months now to get a response from TACA customer service via phone and email. No success! TACA is a customer service nightmare, unwilling to help and trying to delay the matter. It is absolutely unacceptable!

  2. Just called to get seat assignments. The poor quality of the call, combined with the strong accent on the English recording was a concern. However once transferred to an English customer service person, the transaction went very smoothly.

  3. estoy en la ciudad de los angeles california y quiero viajar para guatemala y el salvador y luego retornar para los angeles y estoy buscando 3 buelos a un precio comodo para no viajar por tierra me podrian ayudar grasias

  4. HORRIBLE experience! Took a voluntarily layover when offered $500, then “customer service desk” denied that was what they had offered. Finally after arguing for two hours we settled on a $500 Star Alliance voucher – I have never received any voucher and when I try to contact them, their “customer service” phone and email is a never-ending loop of “sorry can’t help you, try this email….”

  5. So far I have received terrible customer service. All I asked for was a simple email containing a receipt of a flight I took last month, and after several phone calls of them reassuring me it would only take “Up to 24 hours” to receive, I still haven’t gotten any emails. I need this receipt ASAP for travel logs at work, and I’ve had to put them on wait for over two weeks now.

  6. I traveled with TACA to Costa Rica last year in July 2012. I purchased a round trip flight but did not use the return flight. I was told I can use the return flight as credit for future use but do not know how to access the information. Can you please provide the information that I will need to book a new flight?
    Thank you,
    Alma C. Castro

  7. tengo un vuelo desde newark a guayaquil y quiero saber cuantas maletas puedo llevar gratis en febrero 16 y viajo en clase economica gracias

  8. Seres.yo boy dabiajar de California a el salvador mi. Pregunta es puedo llevar 2 maletas de 50 y una extra y cuanto pagaría ………..att …….Ciro

  9. This company and it’s leadership is broken!! My wife experienced the most horrible and embarrassing treatment at the Taca ticket counter at LAX airport by an agent. My wife was made to empty her carry-on luggage at the ticket counter in front of the other passengers in line, with all of her very private effects, under garments etc;, because she was told by the ticket agent that she could only have “electronics, documents, paper goods”, in her carry-on. Then the ticket agent kept her new carry-on luggage. Now, my wife had to carry all of her private effects in a clear plastic garbage bag that the agent gave her to carry her effects. Needless to say, my wife was in tears from the humiliation and horrible treatment she received at the hands of the ticket agent at Taca Airlines, LAX. This traumatic experience happened on Jan. 24, 2014 and I have written numerous emails to Taca Customer Service since this incident. I have addressed my emails to the Executive Management Team, but with no results. I received a email reply, “we’re sorry for this inconvenience”,…REALLY????? They need an Undercover Boss to visit their ticket counters and I would like to be there when it happens. What a sad state of affairs at the top of their food chain.

  10. Hello, i wish to ask if i can buy a staff tickets with Taca ? although there is no agreement or on ‘ myidtravel ‘. i work for Airmalta (KM) . appreciate your help thanks a lot Alan

  11. The Costa Rican subsidiary ( SANSA ) cancelled our flight ( 1059 ) from LIR, Costa Rica to SJO Costa Rica – b/c they said we were ‘no – shows’ on the flight to LIR ( 1028 ) on 5 Feb. from SJO.
    The flight was booked thru Expedia – whose flight protection plan DOES NOT cover – misstatements from the airline parent ( Avianca ) resulting in flight cancellation.
    We offered both Expedia and their Insurance provider proof of our being on the flight ( I-phone pix have meta -data showing date and time photo was taken) which shows the ‘SANSA’ name on the wing – strut as well as date / time. Also have print-out of 5 Feb. 2015 manifest that shows we had flow on that flight. Avianca, Lacsa and affiliates are scams with wings!

  12. I just want to find out how much is the price of another bagaje. I understanding i have the Richter to carro one.

  13. Dear sir,

    I’m a crew of China airline, and would like to book a employee ticket from HAV to LIM of TACA by myID travel system.

    I select the TA959 from HAV to LIM on 6th, NOV. After payment verification, it shows error occurred while issuing ticket.

    However, I tried so many times, it seems some problem that makes unsuccessful booking. Could you pls check what’s the problem?

    Thank u for ur help!

    Yata Liang

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