Contact South Jersey Gas Customer Service

Contact South Jersey Gas Customer Service

Contacting South Jersey Gas Customer Service Center

South Jersey Gas is a gas company supplying natural gas for customers in southern New Jersey. The company provides natural gas to both residential and business customers. According to the official website, the company supplies to about 1/3 of the entire state of New Jersey, including customers in Camden, Cape May and Gloucester.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We were able to find several phone numbers for South Jersey Gas customer service. What we didn’t find were the hours of operation for customer service. We can assume the company is open during normal business hours for general and account-specific questions, new account applications and closed accounts. Emergency numbers are traditionally open 24 hours.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-766-9900
  • Gas Leak Help: 1-800-582-7060
  • Energy Efficiency: 1-800-648-0138
  • Meter Tampering: 1-800-658-8477
  • Corporate: 1-609-561-9000

Mailing Address

There is no shortage of customer service addresses for South Jersey Gas. We found a dedicated mailing address for the customer care department, a payment address and the address for the corporate office. All three addresses have been included here for your convenience. If you are sending a payment make sure to include the account number to which the payment should be applied with your payment.

South Jersey GasAttn: Customer ServiceP.O. Box 577Hammonton, NJ 08037

If you have a payment you need to send to South Jersey Gas you can send the payment to:

South Jersey GasP.O. Box 6091Bellmawr, NJ 08099

The corporate address is also provided for customers who want to send a letter to the head of the company.

South Jersey Gas 1 South Jersey PlazaFolsom, NJ 08037

Official Website

The official website for South Jersey Gas is located at Current customers can manage their account online and potential customers can apply for service directly from the official website.

Customer Service Email

South Jersey Gas customer service can be reached by direct email or using various contact forms on the Contact Us page. If you visit the Contact Us page choose the topic of your email from the links to the left of the page.

Customer Contact Email:

Contact Forms:

Our Experience

We had no trouble reaching a customer service agent for South Jersey Gas. We pressed 0 as soon as the first automated list started and again when the second list of options started. The call was transferred to the hold queue for a customer service representative. The estimated hold time was three minutes, but we were given the option of having a representative call us back. We waited more than 10 minutes for a customer service representative, but the agent was more than willing to answer our questions about applications for service.

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41 Comments on “Contact South Jersey Gas Customer Service
  1. I think South Jersey Gas has one of the worst customer service departments I have ever encountered in all of my life

  2. A South Jersey Gas supervisor needs to pretend they are a customer needing a repair through service sentry and see how they are treated by So. Jersey GAS EMPLOYEES. The do not listen and they tell patrons what they want to hear and then do what they please.

  3. While I understand personnal information can not be given out, I dont want any information. All I want to do is pay the gas bill for my son so they will turn on his gas. The account number they gave him on the phone was 12 digits instead of 11. Apparentaly when I called to pay the bill they know whos account Iam referring to but wont take the payment. I know more about my sons personnal info. then what they have. I dont want them to tell me anything, just take the darn payment, they have a child in the home and have been without gas now for a week. Matter of fact, been living there 1 year and 10 months and no notices or anything came about the gas bill. This is stupid. Then they tell my son they cant give him information cause he has no account. Where do these people come from anyway. Your customer service sucks. The only nice person I spoke to was named Connie.

  4. The service is awful! I need to have a larger meter installed to handle a pool heater, but no one is willing to speak to me to get it accomplished. The 1-800-822-WARM is a joke and costumer service has no idea how to accomplish it.

  5. I have been paying every month for gas plus maintence plan for years my hot water gas heater broke so I called for a tec to come out and see what was wrong they have me a next day appointment between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm a 5 hour window . 1:00 pm went not even a coustery call .so I call and they said o you didn’t even get a call. Any way no body showed up until 2:30 pm. Now without concern for me with out hot water he has to order a part. I called next day the part is in but can’t get tec out to put in for two days .here it is Saturday another 5 hour window is 11:00 am no show yet thanks south jersey gas for your terrible set up program.

  6. THE WORST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! called for four days. 50 – 60 minutes every time. Said they would call back and never did

    HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So far “customer service ” is just a recording , tried pressing 0 , another recording with a wait time of 32 min. OR “we will call you back , leave your number ….in 30-35min. did that ….nothing , called back , call wait time now 62 min. will call you back TOMORROW @ 10:15 ? Ok? NO !! IF THERE IS NO ONE TO TALK TO ? IT ISN’T CUSTOMER SERVICE! HIRE SOME MORE PEOPLE !!!

  8. I have been sitting infront of my computer now fopr over an hour to speak with some one at South Jersey Gas about finding my new customer number. I only want to pay my bill. I find this insensity of the customer’s time unacceptable from a monopoly.

    I am giving up now and will Wait for SJ GAs to contacty me.

  9. I have been sitting infront of my computer now fopr over an hour to speak with some one at South Jersey Gas about finding my new customer number. I only want to pay my bill. I find this insensity of the customer’s time unacceptable from a monopoly.

    I am giving up now and will Wait for SJ GAs to contacty me.

  10. well, I agree with all the other comments posted on this sight. I waited for 72 minutes on hold while they continue to say we will be with you shortly. I will make payments using my old account number and wait for somone to contact me about the information. We should get a rate reduction just for our wasted time.

  11. why cant i find the fax number for south jersey gas…. they need information from me, but does not put up a way that i can get it to them with out going up there. which i can not

  12. Unreal, I have tried for 3 days to contact them regarding terminating my service next week and cannot get to a human being. 45+ minutes on hold Friday until I hung up. I sent an e-mail to customer service after that with my account number and what I wanted to but of course no response to that either. I thought Comcast was bad, these people are the worst.

  13. i have never encountered this level of customer service, it is by far the worst and unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. they keep you on the phone forever and when they get on the phone they get mad because you need help.

  14. When you phone for billing it may take 30 min. If you are lucky . Forget customer service. This what is called a MOMOPOLY I am sorry I got involved in this co. I would have stay with propane.

  15. I have been trying to contact customer service via telephone, but can not afford waiting 20 mins and no is available..My next step is to contact the NJ board of Public Utilities.

  16. I have been trying to contact customer service via telephone, but can not afford waiting 20 mins and no is available..My next step is to contact the NJ board of Public Utilities.

  17. I’m finding it impossible to speak to someone. I was on hold twice for 25 minutes last Friday. I was on hold for 30 minutes this morning; a rep got on & put me on hold to look up my account # & I was disconnected. I’ve sent 2 emails. No response. To say that they have the worst customer service doesn’t even come close.

  18. hello I need help the electric has to be turn off and meter and wire remove because of sandy storm they are going to demolish our home I try to call on the phone got no where

  19. Horrible service..I have a bill of over 400 dollars…never had a bill like this..I need info now…have tried many times to contact..will not pay this bill until you do something not wasting my phone minutes any more..your new system is very very poor..should bave left the old one in..nothing like human contact immediately..may think about changing companies..
    Carol Marris

  20. If the above 20 comments are not enough to stir your corporate interest what the hell good would my one more discontented comment do.To say your customer care service leaves a lot to be desired would be an understatment.
    I’ll give you a one star rating and only because I am able to vent via this comment section

  21. I give up. i have been trying for the last few days to get in touch with someone. All I want to do is change my address, haven’t had a bill delivered to me for 3 months. It seems like the post office is using my route to train carriers, and they don’t associate my name with my address like when we had dedicated a carrier. I have been living at this address for over 11 years never had a problem. I guess it’s time to switch to electric, even though it is more expensive. From the looks of the comments, the gas company don’t care. Maybe moving out of New Jersey might solve all my little problems. God that felt good to vent, now i need a Zantac.

  22. Unbelievable… I was on hold waiting for customer service for 42 minutes… It was finally answered,she said hello, and before I could say anything she hung up. I had to call back because I was trying to have our pool heater gas account turned back on, this time on hold for 47 minutes. This is terrible, how sufficient help to answer calls in a prompt manner.

  23. This service should be against the law…what a disgrace. A public utility that won’t talk to a customer. What are we suppose to do. This is hard to believe.

  24. Customer service????? I really don’t think there is any Customer Service. How long do you expect customers to stay “on hold”. IS THERE ANYONE in Customer Service??????? HELP.

  25. Still horrible c.s. They are oblivious as to what customer service means. They should contract with an overseas cs company; possibly SJG could learn how to improve their service!! Lol

  26. I have had this company for at least 25 years, and never really had a problem.
    I just finished reading all the comments…not only are they all 100% true, I have been a very good customer and for 2 months or more I call at least once or twice a week, waited and waited and waited. I tried everything. Send me my pattern of payment, send me my current statement. I tried to speak to someone, not go. My bills have always been low, now SJG is telling me I owe them over $200, how am I supposed to dispute this if they NEVER answer the phone. I mean NEVER. If I can find another way, I will be doing it, or else I may call a local TV station, start a petition…this is an absolute DISGRACE, all new. Bunk. I haven’t one decent comment to make about SJG.

  27. You never can excess manage my account. I have asked repeatly for my gas bill to be sent to me because I NEVER CAN GET ON THE WEB SITE. again PLEASE MAIL ME A FREAKIN BILL. This is totally not a proper way of doing business. My next step is to contact the Commission and report this.

  28. I’ve been trying to reach someone, anyone since April about my bill. I have not received a bill since March. I call the automated service and my “balance is zero” and each month I call I am informed that the next meter reading will be the next month! It’s June now and guess what? Balance zero and next meter reading scheduled for JULY. I have called for customer service to talk to a human being about 15 times and am put on terminal hold each time. I went in the portal and sent emails for someone to contact me… guess what? No reply! If SJG can afford to place full page color ads in the Press of AC about their pipeline, they could certainly afford to hire some Customer Service Reps to answer the phone. It’s a disgrace and my next call will be to the BPU. : (

  29. I just received my bill for September. It was for $199.12! The gas Usage chart shows an outlandish increase compared to last August. I called your customer case center number. I am on hold and have been for a very long time as I type this. Every time I have tried to call this number in the past I never got to a live person to discuss my issue. I only use gas for hot water and dryer in the summer and my bills are minimal. I can only assume an error when reading the meter or a gas leak. I called gas leak number and got a live person who said unless I smell gas it is not their problem. They told me to call your customer service number. One other reason for the high gas bill is they replaced the gas lines in the street and the line from the street to my house. This might be the problem. Unless I get a response so I can speak with a live person at your firm, I will be contacting the proper regulatory agency in New Jersey to enlist their support in addressing this problem. Something is definitely wrong.

  30. I have been tryng to sj gas for a week. once I got a memo that said a 14 min. wait after 14 mins. they hung up. I never got a gas bill for august. iam on auto pay they never took the payment out. further my bill foe july was 157 dollars that’s a joke for juy. tanks for the great customer service.

  31. You win at being the WORST company ever at customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After trying numerous times to reach your so called customer service dept.
    I will attempt to reach someone with this email.
    After not receiving a bill in the mail for over 2 months I finally received one today
    BUT the meter reading is incorrect and I would like to know who dreams up these readings. In June my meter reading was 4468 WHICH IT STILL IS since I only
    use gas for home heating purposes. My bill indicates that the previous reading was 4478 and now the bill indicates the reading to be 4485. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
    I would like to speak with someone concerning my account but it seems impossible, which is a problem that most of your customers seem to also have experienced. I only hope that some government agency cares enough to step in and help educate you concerning CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. There is no customer service! I have tried to call so many times and have waited for someone to answer but end up hanging up because I have used my entire lunch hour or break to get through. The so called “loop” is never answered and the call back log is full. I still haven’t received a bill via email or US mail. The new system they supposedly installed last year is even worse than before. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  33. My son Neal has been in an apartment in Margate since Oct 3 and has been unable to reach South Jersey Gas to have his gas turned on. He either gets put on very long hold or he gets shifted to voice mail. He has left messages with his information, and has filled out forms online, all to no avail. He has no heat and has not been able to use his stove. His girlfriend is due to deliver their baby in a few weeks. We are getting desperate! You can reach him by phone at 215-740-4060. Please help!

  34. You are the worst customer service I have ever talked to cannot get any answers I get put on hold an no one calls back I need answers next I will be calling my lawyer you double bill me every month

  35. I received a letter and am answering it. There seems to be a concern from customer care asking if I am using gas at Madison Ave Woodbine NJ. Yes I still reside there and Yes I still use South Jersey Gas for heat. I do not have a gas hot water heater or gas range. My only use is when I turn my furnance on for heat. The weather is still beautiful, today is gonna be 90, I don’t use heat in the summer, but winter is coming where I’m sure the furnance will be used plenty. Thank You, Irene Fitzpatrick

  36. I have tried to get the gas turned on for over a week now. The customer service is deplorable. No one gives you the same information twice. They tell you they will show up some time during a certain day but cannot give you a window of time. Even though they say they will call 10-15 minutes in advance, they do not. Then to try to schedule again is always a hassle, no time frames, no availability for days, no service, and no one cares.

  37. i just spend 15 or 20 minutes on the phone with a sj rep who gave me NO info and continued to tell me the reason my meter reading went up is because i have appliances that i do not have. everything is electric. I only have gas heat at a property in ocean city. The heat has not been on but my meter went up 1. I have had the meter replaced once because it broke or most likely rusted. All i was asking is for someone to check it out. I was told it could not be done unless i smelled gas.I guess i could have lied but did not want that recorded. I hope they recorded my conversation. Twice i was told that i needed to speak to a suppervisor and both ime i got the same women back on telling me I was wrong about something. This was not a happy experience..

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