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Contacting Sonicare Customer Service Center

Sonicare is a Philips company that only sells toothbrushes. The toothbrushes use sonic vibrations to gently shake the plaque, dirt and grime off teeth, resulting in a cleaner mouth. If used regularly, the Sonicare toothbrush could reduce the risk of cavities and other mouth/teeth conditions associated with poor brushing. There are two sides to the Sonicare contact information – consumer and professional. Professionals can sell Sonicare devices for a profit; consumers simply want to contact the customer service department about the product they’ve already bought or a product they are interested in buying.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer services for Sonicare is available from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday to Saturday EST. Hours are also available on Sunday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. The Philips company and Sonicare are not available on holidays.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-682-7664
  • Dental Professional Customer Service: 1-800-676-7664
  • General Customer Service: 1-888-744-5477

The general customer service phone number is listed for Philips products with no specific contact information. We felt it relevant to offer any additional means of contacting customer service for your Sonicare unit.

Mailing Address

Sonicare is a subsidiary of the Philips Electronics Corporation. As such, we’ve provided the mailing address for the main headquarters. This mailing address may help you resolve your customer service issue with Sonicare, but it will take much longer than a resolution initiated by the customer call center.

Philips Electronics North America Corporation3000 Minuteman RoadM/S 109Andover, MA 01810

Official Website

The Sonicare toothbrush is suggested by many dental professionals, but the price is much higher than your average toothbrush. If you need to learn more about the unit before buying or you need to contact customer service about a toothbrush you’ve already purchased, go to the official website at Click on the For Consumers button to access the consumer side of the site.

You can also choose to ask customer service questions using Facebook or Twitter if you have an account on these sites.

Customer Service Email

We couldn’t find a contact us form, though one is mentioned in the privacy policy. Even when we searched the support section we were only given a phone number and the means to connect with Sonicare customer service via Live Chat on the Support Page

Our Experience

The Sonicare customer service line is operated by an automated system that only works if you call during business hours. If you press 0 (twice) you will speed up your call. You should have the product you are calling about near you at the time of the call to make it easier to describe the product to the customer service representative. Even with hold time, our call was answered in about one minute by a Philips Consumer Lifestyle agent. We asked the agent to list the top five Sonicare tooth brushes and she seemed a little confused. She told us the best bet would be to talk with our dentist about that issue.

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34 Comments on “Contact Sonicare Customer Service
  1. I love sonicare! Once you start using this product you will never be able to go back to a normal toothbrush. I suggest this to all my friends and family. Best toothbrush out there.

  2. My elite toothbrush which I loved bit the dust. I was very disappointed that it is no longer being made. I could not find an e-series model that I liked so I replaced it with a different one. Unfortunately I have two new e-series brush heads left and would like to know if these can be returned for a refund.

    Thank You.

  3. I’ve had two Sonicare toothbrushes no longer hold a charge within the last few years and am very disappointed with their carbon footprint. I don’t think I’ll be buying my third one.

    • I have just purchased my second Philips toothbrush 5 weeks ago and it no longer holds a charge. This is the second time this has happened to me with a Philips toothbrush. I contacted LIVE CHAT and that also went nowhere.That person was VERY RUDE. In a matter of six months I purchased two Philips toothbrushes which after six week no longer held a charge. That is my last purchase of a Philips electric anything.

    • My Philips Sonicare is newer It won’t hold a charge anymore. From comments below I see that this is a common problem What is Philips doing to address the problem? What are you dong for customers who have received an inferior product?

      The model numbers are: HX5910 190116

  4. Sent rebate forms 1-7-14. Every time I check there is no record and am told being referred to rebate team and to give it another week. Today told can’t find anything under my name and to fax info which will take another 2-3 weeks.

    In today’s world where info can be gotten in nano seconds it is frustrating for this to take months.

  5. I just sent a message that had the beginning cut off. The product is a 2 pack sonicare e series toothbrush purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart, Portage Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Gail Peirson

  6. I have been using soni-care toothbrushes for several years and love the results and the dental check-ups. however I have noticed the newer brushes don’t hold up as well as the older ones , I bought a 2 handle set about 8 months ago and the second one died today , the pin that sticks up and gets pushed up inside the brush , have both broken . I have to use a soft brush and run it over my gums with some small presser because the gums pull away from my teeth , this unfortunately killed $139.00 worth of soni care toothbrushes in what I consider a short time. Hopefully the older screw on brushes are still available ?

  7. You have the best toothbrush system around AND you know it. Your service shows your cold attitude about service. If there was another one I would never buy yours again only because you do not have good or fair pr. We as consumers feel when we have a problem you do not care at all. Only the might dollar speaks to you. We cannot repair or replace the batteries and that is something that should be repairable. I am on my 4th one and I will go back to a regular toothbrush before I ever have to buy another unit. You never keep the same model for a long time and then when it breaks down and cannot repair it what do we do with the extra brushes, we are out of luck and a lot of money. So much for service. You only care about the good ole dollar as far as many of us are concerned. AND the prices are out of control.

  8. I would like an e-mail address for customer service
    I recently bought a sonicare and the battery leaked on my stainless steel medicine cabinet shelf and left a mark on it that cannot be removed.

  9. inrested in at least 4 rebates my mother n law spent over $200 in product because i was too stupid to know how to change the t-brush brush head which was just 10 months old. so she bought me and my new husband brand new sonicare brushes easy clean hx6552/77 as well as like 1 year supply for both of us of tbrush heads a travelkit and i think some mouth wash i know this must have cost her a fortune even thoughshe got it at sam’s

  10. Thought I would tell everyone not to buy the essence toothbrush. I had had a sonicare before and it lasted 14 years so I did not keep the receipt for this one. This one lasted 2 months got an other one today and I will keep this receipt. So just spent an other 100.00 . After sonicare a manual just wont do.

  11. Thought I would tell everyone not to buy the essence toothbrush. I had had a sonicare before and it lasted 14 years so I did not keep the receipt for this one. This one lasted 2 months got an other one today and I will keep this receipt. So just spent an other 100.00 . After sonicare a manual just wont do.

  12. I have a sonna care tooth brush and its messed up it comes on for no reason like its haunted idont know what to do Im not too happy with it eather Iwish some one whoever reads this will contact me by my e mail i have provided thank you.

  13. my wife and I each bought a soniccare with $20 rebate–filled out forms and sent both reciepts in one envelope–got postcard saying one rebate per person–called Philips customer service–gal found all records and said rebate center screwed up and she was sending everything to corporate–was supposed to get email reply 2-3 days–been 2 weeks and nothing–from what I’m reading, you people have a problem with rebates–do you even read this stuff?!–what does it take to get a reply?!–WAKE UP PHILIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have been trying to receive my rebate since 4/1/15 (today is 8/10/15), have mailed it in twice, have ‘chatted’ twice, and spoke with them as well!

    Customer service has been less than professional and does ‘not’ care.

  15. I purchased the Phillips Sonicare for Kids upon his dentist’s recommendation. Was advertised with a “free app” and Bluetooth connectivity. Get it home – register it online. Go to Amazon app store and search for the app – nothing. Try Google Play – nothing. Went to Phillips website and started a chat session with agent Sam. Agent instructed me to search Google Play. I did – again. And again nothing. He then told me to search for SFK app. I asked “is that like a codename for the Sonicare for Kids app?” Agent stated “yes”. I search Google Play as instructed for “SFK app. Two results populated: SDK Manager (which is a root directory app)and another called SFK Seals – which is for injection molded seals. Thoroughly confused now – I tell Sam exactly what populated from search result as well as gave a brief description of each – he began typing…you can see the message “agent it typing” then without warning or any further explanation – agent Sam disconnected the chat session. I can only assume there is no app and this is simply false advertising. What a joke

  16. I purchased the Sonicare 2-series towards the end of September 2015. The one I received is defective because it stopped working in less than 3 months of use.

    I paid good money for this product, only for it to stop working in a short time.

    I have proof of purchase if you need to see it. I would like for Sonicare to send me a replacement.

  17. I have the Philips Sonicare Plaque Control Toothbrush, one of the toothbrush heads separated from the base so its in two pieces now.. Would like a replacement if possible since the toothbrush heads are sort of expensive. I have the pictures of the item of in question but can’t find a SonicCare customer support e-mail to send to? — Thank you…

  18. To whom it may concern,

    I received my Sonicare toothbrush as a Christmas gift this year and it has just STOPPED WORKING. I’ve replaced the batteries, tried cleaning the inside, open and close it, but it’s DEAD. Please contact me ASAP so I can get a replacement or option to fix it. I’m not sure how a new product just stops working within 2 months of use.


  19. I am disgusted with my Sonicare toothbrush and how it grows mold between the head and handle. What a waste of money.

  20. Worst customer service and support ever. On February 3, I found that I must “Tweet” Philips Sonicare to get an answer as to why my new Diamondhead toothbrushes take 3+ days to completely charge. It is now March 15 and I still have no answer or satisfactory assistance and Philips has stopped “Tweeting “. I wish I returned them the moment I
    received them. I will never buy another Philips or Sonicare product.

    We paid a fortune for these stupid things–over $200 because they are supposed to be the best. NOT.

  21. Think you’ll get a rebate? Think again. They have seven reasons not to send your rebate check. Latest excuse to me was that my ZIP code was invalid. No, it was not. Many have claimed waiting six months for the promised 8 week rebate. Some mentioned the word FRAUD.

  22. What an absurd reply I received from Philips Sonicare for their not sending my rebate for six months yet. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” HA! MORE DELAY OF REBATE.

  23. Just wanted to thank I believe,Pierre, at customer service for sending us a sonicare replacement for our HX6930 which died.We did not expect that and are most appreciative.FYI we have used your product for a long time(over 10 yrs?) upon the advice of our dentist,Peter Chiu, here in San Francisco.I think he got tired of lecturing us (mainly me) on how to clean our teeth and massaging our gums.

  24. I would have to send you a picture of my customer service chat with Karl. It was a little kooky and inappropriate. He took up too much time.

    but unfortunately the base is not operating when I plug it in.
    Is there a base replacement for the E series?
    It’s not available at Costco where I originally bought the series and also
    no longer available at Target.

    Please advise

  26. I will never again order online any Sonicare product. I ordered Sonicare AirFloss on 8/26/2017 and never received it. I was given several numbers and everyone kept giving me another number. No one knew what I was talking about. I called 9/13/2017 and was told it was a back order and some one would be calling me and no one called. I think this is very unprofessional and I will never order anything on line from Sonicare because of poor communication and incompetency

  27. To whom it may concern.

    On August 2, 1016, I purchased a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush from my dentist. Now, less than 2 years later, the toothbrush motor has died. I changed the top portion to no avail. I would think that the entire brush should last longer than one-year and eight months!

    My information is below.

    Dennis Mullen

  28. On 8/16/18 I called Customer Service about my Sonicare AirFloss Ultra that quit working! Icalled again 0n 8/20/18 still waiting for address labels to be emailed to me for return of the AirFloss Ultra>
    On 9/7/18 I called again as no response to above case. Finally on 9/08/18, I received shipping labels. On 9/10/18 I returned my AirFloss Ultra. On 9/14/18 I received an HDL AirFloss,HX82XX which is not even comparable to what I had. Not at all satisfied with this customer service! It was the second AirFloss Ultra I had to return. I have had a Sonicare Toothbrush for many years and am very disappointed in this AirFloss Ultra which was replaced with a cheaper version!

  29. Re: Philips Soncare HX5910 190116

    My problem appears to be a common one. My new Sonicare won’t hold a charge.
    What is Philips doing to address the problem? What remedy are you offering to compensate the customers who have received this inferior product?

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