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Contacting Sonic Customer Service Center

The drive-in business is a part of American history. Cruising was a mainstay of years gone by. Fortunately, Sonic has preserved a piece of history through its restaurants. The franchise built its brand around quality food and excellent service.

Even the best businesses in the industry have problems. This is where customer service takes over. When customers have questions and concerns, the customer service department at the corporate headquarters steps in to protect the brand and enhance the customer experience.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service department Monday through Friday, 6am to midnight. The customer service department is available to answer questions and concerns through social media, by traditional mail, through email and by phone.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-866-657-6642
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-913-491-6444
  • Corporate media inquiries: 1-816-423-6188

Mailing Address

Sonic Corporate Headquarters300 Jonny Bench Dr.Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Official Website

When customers visit the official Sonic website, they will encounter a place when they can learn about the history of the drive-in franchise, join the rewards program and learn how the corporation gives back to the community. Customers wanting nutritional information relating to the menu items; can find this on the website as well. The company also provides a link so customers can purchase novelty apparel.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to send a message to the customer service department. Customers can voice concerns about a particular location or voice general questions and concerns. We sent an email asking for information regarding the Sonic Cruisers Club; in particular if it is a free service or do customers need to pay. The company gave no indication on the response time, only that a customer service representative will address our feedback.

Customers can also connect with Sonic through:

Our Experience

The automated system for Sonic was easy to decipher. The options were clear and to the point. Customers simply press 1 and with a few seconds are connected with a customer service representative. We asked the agent for information relating to questions and comments placed after the customer service department is closed for the day. The representative explained that after the customer care line is closed, customers can still contact the customer service department through social media or through the customer contact form.

We were pleased with the attention to detail provided by the customer service department. Did you feel the same way after making your call? We want to hear from customers just like you.

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79 Comments on “Contact Sonic Customer Service
  1. On 12-19-12 at 7:40 pm at the Sonice at 2nd & Bryant in Edmond, OK. Bought a medium chocolate shake. It took 15 minutes to get the shake and then it was only half chocolate shake. The rest was yucky whip cream. The pictures of your shakes on your Order Menu show the shake to the top of the cup and then some whip cream on top. Felt ripped off!

  2. I love the strawberry limeaids, but seriously I am about done comming into Sonic…..they have not been the same about the last 10 times, each time different reasons….about 5 drinks out of a 44 oz cause ice to top of cup, like maybe a teaspoon of strawberries another…..about a half a cup of lime 1 time, 1 time NO lime…..they never seem the same anymore…and I go about 2 to 3 times a week, also I went to the one in Flint MI today and the manager came to the window and was very rude told me I could not order something that I actually have atleast a dozen other times…..and he was definatly RUDE! I will not return there for a LONG time if I ever do

  3. Went to sonic at 9:50 in hopes of getting a milkshake. The lights were on, everyone was still there, but no one would answer the intercom. Instead the employees laughed at us through the window as they watched us repeatedly press the button. So we left and went to Taco Bell.

    1. Post your store hours, Sonic. ‘hours may fluctuate’ is not specific at all and no way to run a business.
    2. If you’re closed, the polite thing to do is tell the customers you’re closed. NOT laugh at them for trying to order from a seemingly open restaurant.
    3. You really should be open later than 9:30. 10 at least. Hire a third shift and make your money, you’re losing your customers to taco bell’s fourthmeal.

  4. I just want to express my gratitude towards Ashton Emerson at the Sonic in Muskogee,Okla. Such great service and pleasant disposition. Very respectful to the customers and i will be going back. Thank you Sonic for having such great employees!!!

  5. I have never been so disappointed or discussed before! My Reese blast was just soft serve with a dot of whip cream with Reese sprinkled on top. Nothing mixed in what so ever. The horrible part was that I was watching the young girl prepare it through the drive through window. She used her nasty gross hand to sprinkle the Reese, not a spoon or even a glove, then continued to wipe her hand on her dirty pant leg. The place was slow so it can’t be blamed on it being busy or in any kind of rush. What kind of customer service is this?! Never again

  6. I ordered at you 290 and fry road store in cypress, Texas tonight.I ordered two burgers one plain ant the other with everything. Got home and both were plain. The person that took the order repeated it to me but still the order was wrong. Please contact me tomorrow.

  7. Went to sonic today in Hollister,MO (3909) ordered snack popcorn chicken with a free 44 drink. I got the 44 free bc I was given a receipt by car hop previously saying that all I had to do was bring this back and I could claim the free drink. She was super sweet and apologetic when they got my order wrong that day. However, today I went to claim the free drink and the carhop scolded me about not taking the survey I wasn’t aware of and then let me keep the drink. If its that big of an issue then what was the purpose to let me keep it. To top off a terrible experience she rolled her eyes at me after I said sorry and then walked away. I remember her name and would be happy to report her but I’m not one to point fingers. I apologize for not following the rules but it doesn’t justify the rudeness.

  8. My brother in-law and I often stop at Sonic and enjoy a beverage and/or food. We ALWAYS order a route 44 cherry coke and most of the time they forget to give us the real cherry in the soda. I enjoy and want the cherry fruit that I pay for. It pisses me off when I get to the bottom of my drink and its not there. Thinking about finding a new place to our pit stops during our motorcycle endeavors. I know its just a cherry but its part of my choice of drink and I pay for it with the cherry.

  9. Your cups are garbage. Sunday I got a lemon berry slush and when I went to place it on the table my finger went clear through the side… Stopped this morning to try a java chiller and as I tried to get it out of my cup holder the flimsy pos plastic lid popped off and the side of the cup buckled in and it spilled all over my car and myself.. Don’t think I will be back..

  10. Your store on Street Road in Bensalem, PA, will NEVER get our business again!!! We waited 37 minutes, behind one car in the drive thru, and still did not receive our food. The little girl working the window did not even acknowledge us waiting, and said nothing about why things were taking so long to either myself, or the car in front of us. Both of us pulled off. The customer service is poor, the staff inside obviously had NO people skills, and if things like this continue in this economy, you chain is going to FAIL!

  11. Went to a sonic in Anderson,SC on hwy 28 bypass. After being told to speak up through the drive thru speaker, in a rude arrogant manner and repeating my order 4 times only to have it screwed up 4 times when she repeated it back, I am done with Sonic. You would think if you are giving your money to someone to make money they would be a little more customer oriented and not a bunch of idiots.

  12. Slowest “fast” food service I’ve ever experienced. Took over 20 minutes to order 2 small shakes. Sat at the order window for over 10 minutes and then at the pick up for another 10. And then on top of it all they got half the order wrong. How difficult is it to get an order of 2 milkshakes correct??

  13. Absolutely the worst fast food chain in existence! I took my kids to Sonic after a school function to get half priced shakes (the price they should be all the time). After sitting there waiting for more than 30 minutes & watching several cars leave that had arrived after us I pushed the intercom to cancel my order & get a refund because I paid with my debit card at the kiosk. They wouldn’t answer & it was obvious by the looks of the shakes that they were stalling because they had forgotten our order. The shakes weren’t even mixed all the way, no whipped cream (Honestly that was a bonus. That stuff is nasty) & there was no cherry on top.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with orders at sonic, especially this location. But it’s not just any particular store. I ordered 2 burgers while on lunch from work one day & when I got back there were no patties! I can see a simple mistake of leaving pretty much anything else off of a burger but the damn patties???

    WAKE UP Sonic!!!! It’s bad enough that your prices are ridiculously high for the quality of food that you sell but as bad as the economy is & the more choosy people become about where & how often they eat out, fast food in particular…you are in trouble. Oh & if you complain to a manager all they do is offer to mail you some coupons? Really? If the food was awful & I feel like I was ripped off do you really think I’m gonna want to come back? Even with coupons?

    Anyway the crappy shakes came from the Baxter Springs Kansas store

  14. I go to Sonic at least 3 times a week for drinks and have almost always been happy with my purchases, but recently i have bought two shakes during your half price promotion at two different Sonics. The shakes served during promotional times are nowhere near the quality of the shakes sold during regular price hours. The last shake i got was runny, and neither had any flavor. Not a great way to gain customers . If you don’t plan on providing the same quality product, don’t do the specials.

  15. Went to the Sonic in Roseville, CA with about 20 minutes to spare before I needed to pick someone up from work. I pulled up and placed my order with an extremely rude, curt woman. When I asked her questions about what came on sandwiches or asked her to leave certain items off, she seemed irritated. Once my order was placed (two meals and three drinks) I sat and sat and sat…for 27 minutes, waiting to receive my order. I checked back in and was told there was only one car hop and she was working as fast as she could. She arrived at the car and quickly handed off my order. I asked which shake was which and she said, “That ones chocolate,” and pointed. Then she rolled away without another word. My order was wrong. I had ordered tots instead of fries with one of the meals. Overall, since I’d only been to Sonic twice prior, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and will most likely not return. Disappointing and dissatisfied to say the least.

  16. Love sonic shakes but after my experience tonight at the copperas cove sonic, I might just boycott all together. We waited 20 minutes for 3 small shakes and then 2 cars that came AFTER us got their food before us. I finally pushed the button again and of course my shakes were “coming right out.” A few minutes later my shakes do come out, but are already melted and not the correct order. I would think if you already know a customer is not happy, you’d at least have the order right. I can’t help but think my order somehow did not get made so they handed us any old small shakes. I will be calling to speak to a manager about this. One mistake I can handle, but this was ridiculous.

  17. I love the food – one of the last decent fast food places, but the number of times my order has been screwed up has finally put me off. I’m not going anymore out of principle alone. All of the times I’ve gotten halfway or all the way home and had to evaluate if I go back for the rest of my order, or make due with something I didn’t order at all, is frustrating to say the least. How hard is it to double check what’s in the bag? I know it isn’t an interesting job, but c’mon…

  18. At 12:15 today, I visited the sonic located at 4216 NW Expressway. I was very appauled to learn I could not order a #1 and on a separate order a m&m blast. I was told by the manager “we cannot take multiple orders in the drive thru, you will have to get out of line and pull in to a stall. 1st of all, the way I was talked to was not a display of good customer service. If your rules have changed so that I cannot order 2 orders at the same visit, then maybe the manager should have just told me that so I was aware of it the next trip as we usually visit this sonic 4 times a week. 2nd, the way the drive thru is set up, I could not just jump out of line and go to a stall. There was 2 cars in front of me and 3 behind leaving no room to move. 3rd, I had already been sitting in line for 15 minutes waiting to order, to which I was not upset about at all, nor did I even say anything about that fact. At the window, I asked the manager if I cannot place 2 orders then how did you take the order behind me. She said, “I don’t know.” I asked “Couldn’t you have taken my order and then on a separate order put the m&m blast on there?” Her reply was, “Our register won’t do that.” I asked, “Then how did you take the order behind me?” There was no reply. So my questions to you are: Is there a rule now that you cannot place 2 orders in the drive thru at one time, and if this is so, Can someone please talk to this manager so she understands that I would have been in a much better mood this afternoon if she would have just completed my order and then explained or encouraged me at the window I need to start using a stall.

  19. Can you please share with my husband and I why your Sonic location in the South Jersey Rio Grande section closed last year?
    That was our favorite spot to stop while visiting our beach home.
    Thank you.
    Ann L. Danz

  20. I just want to say that the Warrensburg Missouri Sonic has the worst customer service ever! The carhop brought me my drink and spilled the whole thing all over the inside and outside of my brand new car that I have had for a week. The Carhop started to laugh about it and when speaking to the manager on duty, she started to tell me that I need to not be rude, told me off, and hung up on me. I didn’t know that people could be so rude when damaging other peoples property. I am now reminded to never go to any sonic again for this.

  21. I had the worst experience at sonic 7/28/2013. I received a chocolate milkshake that was watered down, and tasted sooo gross. I also ordered an oreo blast with extra oreo. I received a blast that had two pieces of oreo, the rest of the blast was plain ice cream until I got down to the very bottom, well the bottom had a bunch of chocolate syrup that I never asked for. To top it all off, there was a hole in the bottom of my cup which had leaked chocolate all over my shirt. I will not be going back, the service took 15 minutes for two ice creams, and the ice cream was horrible and not what I asked for!!! I really want someone from corporate to contact me via email!

  22. Waited 20 mins. To get order, and then it was wrong. She went to correct it, waiting another10 mins. And it still was not what I ordered. Sonic store at the corner of Clark. Rd. and Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, Tx. The car ahead of us must have had the same problem, because the car hop brought out bags, and after some discussion the car left……without their food. Last time I will go there.

  23. We visited the local Sonic in Mustang, Oklahoma last night to purchase the 1/2 price shakes. We got there at
    8:15 pm and place our order. When nothing was delivered in 15 minutes, we called again. At 9:00 pm we still did not have our order, so we went to Braums. This is a sorry
    situation for the reputation of Sonic and my wife never wants to go back again

  24. Live in small town of Windsor, MO. Hate to complain, but it happened AGAIN tonight. Got home with 2 cokes, 2 fries and only 1 sandwich. This happens 7 out of 10 times. We live a mile, so have to go back. Example: Order COMBO, looked in sack & got sandwich, drink, no fries. Push red button, she said Oh, we’ll get them out to you, but it will cost you for them. My ticket said COMBO, not sandwich & drink. How do they put in Combo but it doesn’t ring up anything but sand. and drink? Windsor’s Sonic is the talk of Facebook, too many people are having many, many problems. Also, hamburger, fries are brought to my car within 15 seconds,,,, how fresh is that. Please teach these kids/adults how to get an order right. Tired of having to make trips back, won’t be doing it much longer as we are going to quite buying if we keep getting this kind of service. Thank you for listening to me, just tired of service out at our Sonic.

  25. Dear Sonic,

    This evening my experience at Sonic in Placentia, CA has left me very frustrated and disappointed with your brand and level of service. After waiting 20 minutes to place our order we were informed that one of the three items we ordered was not available. Understanding it was a busy night we changed to an item still available. Some twenty minutes later someone came to inform us another of the three items was no longer available. We opted to cancel that item rather than pick a replacement. We continued to wait for the remainder of the order for another 10 minutes. When no food order appeared, I went to find out what was causing the delay. Only then was I informed that the entire order was canceled, untold to us. The manager did not even come out to talk with me, but rather sent a runner. After 1 hour of waiting, two items not available and a unhelpful staff we left. Sadly, tonight you have lost loyal customers.

  26. I go to Sonic occasionally, and always find the food and drinks of high quality. i do this even though I think you have the most asinine ad on television. Those 2 guys have to be the most irritating idiots I have ever seen.

  27. I’m not trying to complain about a messed up order or “rude” service. I know mistakes happen and an upset customer always believes the service was bad. I wanted to make someone aware of what the teenagers that work at Bell & Reems in Surprise Az do in their “down” time. I was there with my child at 4 pm. The two teenage boys that were working were racing through the lot on their skates and jumping over planters, bushes, and tables. I was shocked that they were doing this and asked one of the boys about it. He claimed they were board. I wanted to ask for a manager but just then I saw him… recording the tricks! I sure hope you guys have good workmens comp insurance. If I was the parents of one of those teenage daredevils and my child got hurt because the manager was not doing his job, I’d sue.

  28. I have been a long time customer of yours, we at from you at least twice a week and get a blizzard every night. I am sad to say we will no longer be patronising your store. we are not pagons and winter salstice is for pagons . It is Christmas and Christmas shopping not winter salstice shopping PERIOD. i will be letting my facebook friends know and ask them to share this also. i hope that your Winter Saltice be merry My Christmas will be

  29. Went to the sonic in Tyrone yesterday about 6:30 was waiting in the drive thru line. I have been there several times before and although the wait is sometimes long I can understand. Yesterday was awful. There was an elderly man in front of me and since it was a beautiful day Ihad the window down. I could hear everything that was said. The person at the drive thru was so RUDE to the man in front of me, I got upset and left.

  30. Sitting in your line right now. My friend and I both received text about your special. We pull up to the drive thru board and wait. No one else is in line or at the window. After a few minutes someone finally ask for our order. We order and get no response . We decide to pull up. Someone finally comes to the window and says their is a limit of two. We said fine we both had text and can pay separately. They shut the window. Finally come back and tell us the price. Very bad attitude and service. Why send promotions if you don’t want us to use them. James Island SC at 8:30 AM. DT tickets 17 and 18.

  31. Sonic – Boiling Springs, SC
    waited in line 10 min!
    Bacon Chz Burger had NO Bacon
    Honey Mustard chicken sand had NO Honey Mustard!
    Did I mention they had NO Onion Rings today.

    Sorry Service all the way around. We will never go back.

  32. I love sonic,at some Sonic’s the car hops use roller skates,when I see them it takes me back to the good ol’days,i love the supersonic breakfast burrito’s and the commercials with the 2 guys they crack me up,thank you sonic!!

  33. I want to express to you that I had the BEST customer service experience at the Sonic (#5)on Coit Rd & Parker Rd. in Plano last Saturday. I made a mistake while ordering and then tried to call & correct it. It was too late because they had already made it. Although it was 100% my fault, I really didn’t want to have to pay for something that I wasn’t sure I’d like. The manager was extremely nice and said for me to please give it a try and hopefully enjoy it. He also said that they wouldn’t charge me for it. It was truly an example of putting the customer’s experince ahead of the profit line and I greatly appreciate these employees going the extra mile for me.

  34. I have been trying to access Sonic Customer Service via internet most of Saturday and now Sunday afternoon. No luck!!
    I would like to make timely contact following a visit to a Sonic Drive-In………

  35. I’m only in your barbersville wv area once every three months always visit your store early mornings normally no issue however this morning I went there both employees outside one with head phones on to get told both grill and fryers were broke the only thing they could serve was drinks really this didn’t seem right

  36. I’m only in your barbersville wv area once every three months always visit your store early mornings normally no issue however this morning I went there both employees outside one with head phones on to get told both grill and fryers were broke the only thing they could serve was drinks really this didn’t seem right

  37. We have always enjoyed Sonic. But the last 5 times we have driven thru the Springfield, il and Hannibal, Mo we tried ordering our normal diet cherry limeade with extra real cherries. We have paid extra each time and have received 1 cherry 3 times none the other 2. We just left the Hannibal store and this time the drinks had no carbonation and the coke and diet cherry limeade were clear liquid. Not even close. So we paid over 12 dollars to get a cinnamon snack and 5 drinks that were so awful we had to dump them. It is getting hard to consider Sonic ever again.
    Unhappy customer Jack

  38. I had gone to the Sonic Burger in San Marcos, CA Store #6390 and ordered two #1 Burger Meals and a Sonic Dog(Cheese, Bacon, Pretzel bun). The hot dog did not look like anything on the picture. The hotdog was so small that the pretzel bun dwarfed the hot dog. Then the to top that off they barely put any cheese on the dog. There was plenty of bacon but my complaint is that if your going to advertise a hotdog in a picture then the hotdog that your company serves should resemble that picture. Not make the hotdog look anorexic. I’ll I tasted was the pretzel bun and bacon. I should have said “Where’s the Beef.”
    Disappointed Customer


  39. Can’t get the email to work. No one will answer their customer service number. I’ve had nothing but terrible experiences with sonic all around lately.

  40. Yes I went to a sonic drive in and waited for 30 minutes for only 3 cars ahead of me. Then they ended up leaving so I pulled up to the box and they took my order. After about 20 more minutes it was my turn at the window, I ordered 3 milkshakes. I waited there another 15 then asked for my money back so I could just leave. It would be polite to train them to offer an apology or a discount for when things like this happen. Customer service is key in this business when there are multiple fast food chains to attend. I waisted more gas in my SUV waiting then my order. It was the sonic on Panama and wible in Bakersfield ca.

  41. I just went to the sonic in Oklahoma city on nw 63 and meridian for a $.99 drink that I have a coupon for and the so called manager came out and took my picture with her phone and said she was not leaving. She stood there and looked at me and my kids and kept taking our picture with her phone so we left without our order, because she wAs soooooo rude and made my children very uncomfortable….she has serious problems. What kind of employees do you hire? You need to check her back ground. It was sonic on 63 and n meridian at 9 pm on a Friday night….. sick sick sick. I’m thinking I might file a stocking charge with the okcp. This was on7/25/14. If you don’t do something I will.

  42. unbelievable visit second time there the last time we had ice creamthis time we could not pass up the commercial for the cheese dog and I’ll tell you for $2.89 that was the most worthless thing I ever ordered. once you get past the bus hot dog to find a thin layer of melted cheese and 3 or 4 bacon bits well worth it least 75 cents next time I’ll just go to Costco and get a real hot dog

  43. My entire family will never spend another cent at sonic again because you do not support our rights to legally carry firearms. You have forever lost our business and I will be spreading the word about your practices. Have fun with your plunging sales!

  44. I ordered a 44 unsweetened ice tea with lemon which normally costs $2.26. The clerk told me the price was $2.58. When I asked if the price had been increased, he informed me that Sonic now charges for the lemon wedges. Are you kidding me? Are you going to charge for cream to put in coffee or syrup to put on your pancakes? Lemon is an integral part of ice tea and to charge extra for it is a mistake. If you want to charge more for the ice tea as a whole, that may make sense, but to charge for the lemon sparately is ridiculous. I don’t know how you would justify charging anymore for the ice tea as it is already over priced. Who ever implemented the policy of charging for the lemon is a marketing imbecile. You really need to hire people who have people skills and empathy. This store is located inside WalMart at Decatur and 215 in Las Vegas, NV. Be assured that I will not be visiting Sonic anytime soon if ever. Your prices are inflated.

  45. This morning about 9:30am I ordered a egg and cheese sausage toaster. The bread wasn’t toasted very well, and I found a piece of lettuce on my sandwich, that was wilted. Also the customer service was not great. I had to wait in line 15 minutes, also the food was not exceptable, when I received it. A customers order should be accurate, and taste great, that did not happen.

  46. I took my daughter and me to sonic in mesa arizona today the location was brown and power and I waited in line for about 15 minutes…the employees just looked like they hated their jobs and I asked for medium chili cheese tots, 2 french fries, grilled cheese sandwich kids meal and a small cherry limeade with extra cherries. The chili cheese tots were cold and hard, the French fries looked about a week old were dry cold and tasted bad, the grilled cheese sandwich was not toasted and was just two pieces of wet bread with cheese in the middle, and my cherry limeade only had one cherry in it. My question is why the hell did it take 15 minutes to get me my food if it was all old and gross?? So disappointed and next time I order from sonic IF I decide to ever go back I’m going to clog up the drive thru by checking my food and drink before I leave and if it’s anything less then what I ordered you will have a mess of soggy old nasty food all over your restaurant. …so sick of the terrible customer service I get from restaurants and sonic is by far the worst. IF YOU DONT LIKES YOUR JOB THEN GET AN EDUCATION AND FIND A BETTER JOB OTHER WISE BE HAPPY YOU HAVE A JOB AND HAVE THE MEANS TO LIVE AND GET THE CUSTOMERS ORDER RIGHT AND FRESH!! IM GONNA BE SURE TO TELL ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE AT SONIC.

  47. For the second time in 2 weeks I ordered food from the Highlands, Tax location drive thru and got horrible food. The first time the entire order was flop. The burger met was black and overcooked, the trimmings were wilted and tasted sour, and the burger was cold. The onion rings were med from the large, outside part of the onion ring that should have been thrown in the garbage and they were cooked in old grease that tasted as though it had not been changed in days.

    Yes, I called the first time and reported the matter. No, the second time I visited the same location the service was basically the same. You need a staff overhaul now!!!!! Lazy and complacent is NOT Sonic, nor is it the desires of the owners who pride themselves in GOOD customer service and HOT, FRESH food!!!!!

  48. the absolute worst fast food meal I have ever ordered. 7pm on a Friday night in Langley OK. 1 car in a stall. my food was brought out as I pulled up to pickup lane. hmmm…that’s odd..I ordered 1 cheeseburger, 1 double bacon cheeseburger, 2 medium fries and a medium onion ring. almost $17 dollars. fries were at least 40 minutes old and cold. disgusting. onion rings not only cold, but burnt…what!!! I wont even comment on my burger, other than I would not feed it to my dog. it went straight in the trash…Thanks Sonic… I know your the only game in this small town, but you need some serious help…guess im driving to Vinita in the future…

  49. I wanted to thank Sonic for sending an email reminding me of 50 cent corn dogs all day on January 20. Too bad the email was sent to me at 7:37 PM on Jan 21.

  50. Cuisine: Fast Food · Burgers · Desserts

    I arrived at Sonic at 10am on 17 Tues. Feb. 2015 ready for a #13 & #15, with an extra order of sausage & egg burrito. 1007am still no deiver to my car as I watched the workers trucks get waited on thru the drive thru, I know for a fact you are NOT suppose to wait on everyone to go through the drive thru…not good work ethics….she immediately took my order when I drove up, about 1013am I pushed the red botton for service…NO ONE answered me, well isn’t that customer service friendly. NO good at all.

  51. In an effort to save money, SONIC has manufactured their cups so cheaply that I have gotten leaks more than once while my sonic drink has been on my desk in my office. Their prices are going up and the quality is going down. Go back to the better quality cups!!! I may have to rethink my morning drink stop!

  52. I was at your location in Lee’s Summit MO. Ordered onion rings they were burned and the grease was old they were horrible. also order chedder bits and chicken strips. They tasted like the grease was so old they were not worth eating. Thank You Mary

  53. visit to sonic drive in store #1219??? on 63rd and Meridian in Oklahoma City we had to wait 50 minutes to have our order completed and then it still was not correct. Our speaker was not working, so the carhop came out and took out order, after a really long wait, 30 mins or so we inquired and she said since our order was handwritten, it had gotten moved to the bottom. The order finally arrived and it was missing 2 small hamburgers, those were finally brought and we left only to find out the slush was incorrect and the breakfast burritos were incorrect. I called Sonic customer service and a guy took the information and said he would relay to store and I should receive a phone call. That has been a number of days……so reaching out here… the incident was June 26, 2015 830ish in the evening. thank you.

  54. I bought a Java shake a couple weeks ago at The Turlock California location on Monte Vista Ave. and was extremely disappointed to find that my shake was a cup of crushed ice with about a 1/4 cup of liquid mix at the bottom of the cup with whipped cream on top. I tried to call location and let them know about the mistake but apparently they don’t answer their phone so called customer service and was told someone would call me back withing 24 hours…. no one did. Customer service is not obviously not a priority at this location.

  55. I ordered a Chicago dog meal and a chicken strip dinner meal I have pictures to prove it but I don’t have an email where to send it to you guys service was horrible Fort Myers location off of Gladiolus supposed to be chicken strips and got chicken nuggets my Chicago dog was supposed to have onions on a bun with hotdog however they were there but the hotdog bun was busted up into pieces please respond with an email so I can show you the pictures of the food that we ordered at location is a disgrace somebody needs to go out there and take a look at the property and customer service as then I have to drive an hour just to get to a good location

  56. Its the 2nd time they got my order wrong.first i ordered a number 3 meal and got a number 4 then tonight a no 7 meal with fries and got tots.i mean really is the job so hard they have to get my job from 6 to 10 7days a week then i will understand.
    In lepanto ARKANSAS.

  57. First of all I want to say “Thank-You Sonic” for Happy Hour and 99cents drinks til 10:00 am. We all appreciate it. I have been a steady customer since the beginning and plan on being one forever. But, why is it when you asked for no cheese they just don’t get it. How hard can it be when your saving the owner money by ordering 3 hamburgers with no cheese? Why is it when you get a drink in the morning or happy hour they fill the cup with ice all the way to the top! I bet there’s not six ounces of liquid in there. Oh, another thing your buns are always cold how about toasting them a little longer and also your French fries and tater tots could be crispier. Can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you. DC

  58. Worst manager experience. Britney at Sonic 987 N Gilbert Rd zip 85234. ID # 372901210269. Tkt 269. Time 20:47:00 date 01/21/16. Contact me for pictures and reason for my dissatisfaction. I will NEVER purchase from this location again and have already warned others on social media.

  59. We have a lake house near the sonic in Lexington Nebraska. My wife and I are sonic soda lovers and our 5 kids enjoy just about everything on the menu when we are in Grand island . When we come up the the sonic in Lexington it is absolutely terrible , not only the customer service (one person working on a Saturday morning) but the food terrible, the outside is dirty, the inside is dirty, Latino music blaring, garbage cans with no liners and more trash on the ground than are in them! I hate to see this great business name being treated in such a terrible manner, honestly I would look at investing in this store just to keep it from dying! Please help this location quickly!

  60. I bought an orange cream slush at Sonic in Green Forest, AR about a week ago and really enjoyed it, but ordered the same thing this week and was told that they no longer make cream slushes. Aren’t ice cream products what you are known for? Needless to say, I’m very disappointed. This Sonic Drive In is constantly out of things, the speakers don’t work, their card machine is out of order, they get your order wrong, or their service is extremely slow. There is a Sonic about ten miles from Green Forest, and I guess that’s where I’ll take my business, though I would prefer to spend my money in my own home town.

  61. I may be new to working for sonic, but what i heard yesterday and saw the assistant manger do to the car hop needing change was wrong. this happened in ft gibson at the sonic. that car hop stood there for a long time asking for change while the assistant manger just ingored her. then the assistant manger told the other manager on duty how she did not like that car hop or the other car hop. she didnt care what they needed she would not help them. later that night i found out that the assistant manger being rude is the daugter of the manger and does this to everyone. i know that people are not all going to get along. but what i saw last night was very unproffesional. i cant belive that her behavior and treatment of people she dont like that work there is allowed. as a manager or assistant manager you should have more class than what she had shown last night. the others working last night said that car hop had been a day car hop but moved to nights due to the way she was being treated by that assistant manager. that is not proffesional and it was not right. makes me wonder if she is the assistant manger because of her mom.

  62. First of all “I love Sonic” but, your car hops need to learn their math a little better. Tice (two days in a row) the carhop shorted my change due; or needed to be corrected to give me the correct change due. It was 2 different car hops. I usually give a minimum $1.00 tip depending on my purchase; but if given the wrong change due back I tend to not want to tip. The first time my bill was $6.53 and I gave the car hop #21.53 she gave me back $14 and I corrected her. The second time it was $5.56 and I gave a $10 dollar bill. She handed me $4.00 and walked away saying “have a nice day” it’s not a large amount she messed up on but I do prefer it to be right.. I went ahead an tipped the first one because she corrected it. I didn’t tip the second one because she walked away not giving me time to correct her. Thanks , for letting me bring this to your attention. I do love Sonic Drive In’s.

  63. I have been eating so much sonic lately because they have the coins for the Garfield GO app game in the parking lot! I’m not complaining the food is really good but I’m getting addicted to the shakes. More Garfield GO coins please!!

  64. we ordered 2 slushies and 1 ocean water last night from our local sonic, the ocean water tasted like nasty hot spoiled beer and the slushies were watery tasting

  65. I’ve been going to Sonic for many years and my favorite drive-in is cutting corners by making the cherry lime aide slushes without the lime or cherry. Last nights purchase was the last time I’ll go to Sonic. Sorry but there are tons of other places to eat. The drive-in is at 101st & Elm in Broken Arrow, and no I don’t want a coupon for a free drink or anything. I spent $25 and the food was not that good. I could go to a regular restaurant for a good meal.

  66. horrible service. twice now my fiance and i have gotten food poisoning at the watertown ny sonic. Really not happy. We are definately not going there again. we spent a lot of money both days and got sick both. $50 in two days….

  67. went to sonic on May 27th on Maize ordered 2 of sonic slinger classic with tater tots,car hop brought out 2 slinger hamburgers no tots,also asked for a water was charged 50 cents which we were not told you have to pay for water,carhop went back got tots,when we took a bite of the slingers the top bread was almost burnt,the hamburger was rubberly hard to chew,wasnt asked if we wanted catsup,very frustrationg because this is the second time we have complained and we have only ate there 3 times, ate what we could chew down and threw the rest away,the 2 carhops we saw did not look professional

  68. Just wanted to make a request. When Sonic opened in our city (Eufaula, Ok) you served the best breaded steak sandwiches and fish sandwiches. Would it be possible to bring them back. My husband said don’ t forget the frito chili pies. Thank you!

  69. HORRIBLE!!!! After standing at the door and asking for my food 3 times we finally got our food after we waited 25 minutes. The Texas toast burger had soggy bread, cold in the middle, tasted terrible with about 8 pickles on it. I don’t even think pickles come on the burger. My fiancé and I both got sick from the milk shakes. And to top it all off I was charged for my milkshakes even though I had promo codes for free milkshakes. I was in such a hurry after waiting 25 minutes that I didn’t have time to go back to get my money. I called to see if the people working could give me my money back and I got no answer. I will defiantly be disputing this with my credit card company and I don’t plan on returning anytime soon.

  70. I live in the Pensacola FL. area and on two ocasions i have ordered a Hotdog at two Sonic locations,one in Pensacola and one in Pace FL.

    And i am telling you that it was undoutably the Most Awful excuse for a hotdog that i have ever saw or experienced.!

    Looked and tasted like a Salty,Petrified Beef Jerky stick!. The first time was in Pace Fl.and then a few months later i tryed a nother one in Pensacola .I thought i may have just got a bad one the first time ,But No the second location was just as Awful as the first one . I took a piece of the hotdog meat home to see if my DOG would eat it and he would not touch it,just smelled it and walked away. ( Have you ever eaten one of your hot dogs ??)

    You guys need to seriously need to check on your quality of

    hotdog meat .No resembelence to a HOT DOG !

    Reason of review: Bad quality.

    Monetary Loss: $20.

    Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  71. I live in the Pensacola FL. area and on two ocasions i have ordered a Hotdog at two Sonic locations,one in Pensacola and one in Pace FL.

    And i am telling you that it was undoutably the Most Awful excuse for a hot dog that i have ever saw or experienced.!

    Looked and tasted like a Salty,Petrified Beef Jerky stick!. The first time was in Pace Fl.and then a few months later i tryed an other one in Pensacola .I thought i may have just got a bad one the first time ,But No the second location was just as Awful as the first one . I took a piece of the hotdog meat home to see if my DOG would eat it and he would not touch it, just smelled it and walked away. ( Seriously ,have you ever eaten one of your hot dogs ?)

    You guys need to seriously need to check on your quality of

    hotdog meat .No resembelence to a HOT DOG !

    Reason of review: Bad quality.

    Monetary Loss: $20.

    Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  72. Went to a Sonic at 6:40 PM. I ordered a burger, fries and tots. No onion rings because they ran out. Waited for over 30 minutes in the drive through lane. At that point, I drove away with no food. How long is it reasonable to have to wait, in the drive through line, to have an order filled? Location, north Houston at Louetta and Stubner airline.

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