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Contacting Skype Customer Service Center

Skype is an application/service that allows two or more people to communication via personal computer or compatible device. Cell phones, iPods, iPads and tablets are just a few of the devices customers can use to connect with audio or video chat. Skype also offers paid services – but all paid services are offered on a prepaid basis so customers add money to the account before they use the services. There are no outstanding bills with Skype.

Customer service is a bit difficult to locate for Skype. Customers who do NOT pay for service can access the customer support forum online where questions to commonly asked questions are located. The only way Skype will help you with your customer service issue is if you qualify for support if you are an eligible customer.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are no telephone numbers for customer service because telephone support is not offered by the company. The company is out of Luxembourg, so we searched for a corporate contact number and we found one. If you have a problem with Skype and you cannot get resolve via the other methods of contact, corporate office may be able to help.

  • Skype Corporate: 1-352-262-01582
  • Skype Corporate Fax: 1-352-262-70588

Mailing Address

Just like the telephone contact – Skype does not offer a mailing address. The corporate address was listed in the same location as the corporate phone number. We verified both on multiple websites.

Skype Technologies S.A. 23-29 Rives de ClausenLuxembourg, L-2165Luxembourg

Official Website

Skype is an international company, but the English version of the website is located at From this page you can download the free application, upgrade your Skype account or learn more about buying credits and using Skype for international calls. You can use Skype from a cell phone to reduce over-the-limit charges or to eliminate the need to buy additional time on prepaid phones.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact Skype by email, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to access the email form. Visit the customer support topic on contacting Skype at Scroll down the page to the statement that says to click the link to sign in to Skype. The link is After logging in to your Skype account you will be able to send a support question to customer service. This submission will open a support ticket. You will eventually receive an answer to your question and the question may be included in the support forum for other users to read.

Our Experience

We were unable to contact Skype by phone. Please leave information below about your contact with the Skype customer service department.

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98 Comments on “Contact Skype Customer Service
  1. I have problem in my ID..its inactivite will you activate it..i use mobile number as E-mail address.i use this number as a security cheak of my friend will you reactivite it please its very important

  2. I have been charged now for at least 3 mos for something that I have never used. I talk to one person on Skype and he says he doesn’t have to pay anything. I want this cancelled right now. I want my charges returned to me. I have written before and have no response. I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of you people and the likes of you. I am an elderly woman and have very limited income. I want to put a stop to this NOW. I can not login to get to anyone either. I am very upset.

    • I am having the same issue. I’ve been charged for 4 months, for something I have never been able to use. Major scam!!! Don’t need the headache. Skype, I am done with you. I am going to have my acct # changed, just to be rid of you!!!!

  3. I have been having major problems trying to use the video portion of skype’s program. This is a major concern, and I have tried to ask for someone’s contact, but to date this situation there has been no, contact.
    At one time I was able to use skype without a problem, but now I can not make a connection unless I pay for the service I was told would be free. May I ask for someone to make contact so the problem can be corrected.

  4. User larr.Dawg is all paid in full subscription for 1 year pd Jan/15/2014 By paypay. $30.00 I got and email saying I’m paid but, I am cut off from calling anyone. I keep getting told I need to buy skype time credit. I also had 18 -20 dollars cash for ever and it has vanished as well. I LOVE my SKYPE and am wondering, Hoping that the right person will see this and help. I’m exhausted from attempting to actually make contact and perhaps have someone at skype take a peek at my account for me. I sure would like to call my son. 🙁

  5. I used to be able to use Skype,forgot my password and they want me to update-it was free.Please get me back on Skype so I can Skype my sister and niece in FL.Thank you- I was enjoying Skype,not happy now.

  6. I have had a skype account for more than a year and never had any problems, however, when I wanted to skype yesterday I could not be connected.
    Suddenly there was a box stating that they don’t recognize my password. I created a new password, but still cannot be connected to skype!
    The new box message says there is a problem with my mobile connection, but all other aps, internet, etc are working. What now?

  7. In late August I requested my Skype account be deactivated and requested a refund for services not used of $13.99. I did so because I had marked my profile not to automatically bill me because I had not yet used the service and already had $13.99 in phone credits. Skype billed me anyway. The confirmation number I received is 1259342597. My service has been cancelled but I never received the refund which I was told would take 7 to 10 Business days, and because I no longer have an account I cannot use the standard method of contact with Customer Service. I am only asking that you honor what Customer Service confirmed I would receive, not only deactivation of my account but the refund of $13.99.

  8. to improve quality of Skype call I get a message in line to pay $9.99 wich I did but I taught only for that time I ddn’t know they will take payment every month I didn’t authorized automatic payment I didn’t use it…….Skype communication Luxembourg are taking monthely automaticly $9.99 I need refund I need to stop this payment?????????????????????

  9. I downloaded the updated version of skype on my Mac computer. Since downloading it, I can no longer access skype. Everytime I attempt to make a call, a notice pops up that I am no connected to a server. How can I remedy this problem? Please help

  10. hi,

    i can connected internet and login through browser account of skype. But, unable to login into desktop installed software.

    Problem is every one is correct but , error shows as

    !skepe can’t connect

  11. Hi! My name is Anna! I have a problem! I had a phone number from you! But I made an end of phone number! You take away the price from my check! I want make an end of it!

    Yours sincerely,

  12. I have been charged an amount of usd 13.99 on 18th Oct 2014 and 18th Nov 2014 in my credit card account Details: SKYPE COMMUNICATIO LUXEMBOURG,LU

  13. I have been charged twice for a suscription, I did one for a year that was ok, and than 4 days Skype charged my credit card again for a 3 months. I can not reach someone at Corp office…..I did put some dispute in with the cridt card co.

  14. After the last upgrade to 7.2 ( 412), writing while I am skypeing no longer functions- nore does it work if i click on the field after dialing and not reaching a person!

    jet my contact partners can ? makes no sense

    I have sent in question and there is no answer !
    that is NO services in my view ! what are we paying for if it does not work and you can not report to a human ?

    the forums are a wast of time !

    any suggestions?

  15. Skype employees sucks, they keep charging my card without my permission even after erasing my card info on my Skype settings/accounts/payment method!!

  16. I have cancelled my skype for months now. Suddenly I am getting automatic with draw charges from my credit card account.What kind of thieving scam is this?

  17. I took out new subscription account to use for phone calls. Can not use it due to SKYPE CREDIT account used previously will not let me move over to new subscription. Contacted CHAT system for two hours last night and system would not work. Contacted CHAT system this morning and got chat person JohnT. Was dropped by first chat person. Second chat person said she could not help me due to system not working. I was told to try again later!!!!! Very poor help if you ask me.

  18. I need interpreter relay for deaf with your SKYPE. I tried to look Skype for Relay for deaf . I wrote letter to you last year, I wait for you. I like to use Skype because easy .
    let me know soon inform me

  19. I have tried ad most comments about your service are correct I have written no reply I cannot get into Skype because I did use it for some years and forgot my Skype name and password there is no way in hell I can fix it and there is no one to help me I want to set up a new account for land line use. It is frustrating to a point that you begin to hate Skype with it self serving secret way of being so inclusive customers cannot properly get their problems solved I believe it is done on purpose Rob

    • I have tried many times to contact you but you refuse to properly respond some out fit grab people money and hide

  20. I signed up 4 skype
    I paid 4 a local # & call waiting
    all my calls went directly to voice,
    I couldnt access it
    I tried call forwarding that didnt work
    now they want me to sign up again
    fat chance

  21. I think you better be more customer friendly. I have gone over 24 hours to get my Skype gymnap41 back in use and it was taken out because of your error it was not gymnap40 it was gymnap41. I have waited 26 hours now and I want it back. Give me a person to contact and I will try in the morning. This waiting is ridiculous. I am 75 years old and I want my Skype back now or refund my money and give me a list of my contacts.

  22. Get your act together. If not I will cancel all Microsoft systems and advise my friends to do the same. You have put me through hell and I will not take it anymore.

  23. You should be ashamed. How you never return money that is sent to you in goodfaith, It is unbelievable that a service that I trusted could be really unlawful. You are skirting actual bad business and no one will trust you now. You actually charged me $30 for no reason. I thought you were good people but now I know what you are. We poor dummies can’t change you. You are dispicable.

  24. I really need help!!!! I have been using Skype for over 7 years and all of the sudden I cannot access my contacts. Everytime I sign into my account it will not allow me to make calls. I have $10 in skype out minutes and you do not offer your customers ANY help, PLEASE have someone help me, I use this for Intl business and I’m desperate

  25. I was asked to UPDATE.. I DID.. I than LOST MY SKYPE ALTOGETHER. it kept saying I was to sign in. But nothing happened.. all day.. OCT18 2015
    .. I even changed my password and tried to OPEN UP.. NO LUCK.. HELP..

  26. Hi iam chandrakala. Iam planing 300 credit. But he’s. Credit in 840 rs I don’t use Skype. But why Skype software buying my bank account credit. I heart Skype

  27. My reason for using Skype changed, I never used the service, for many months I am billed, there is no apparent way to to stop service/ billing for unwanted service. Unable to contact customer service. Am advised that only way to terminate service is to discontinue credit card usage…i.e. terminate money trail. SUCKS in the extreme. Filing complaint with BBB.;

  28. I’ve tried many times to get ahold of you my phone number is 602-434-4453I need this to be fix because I’m very ill and I Skype my daughter all the time so can somebody please contact me ASAP

  29. I have $20 credit in my original account. Then when I downloaded a second account my $20 credit did not follow to the other account.

    The account I use now is

    Other account is revkek and pass sisuu.510

    As things stand now I have lost the the $20 credit and that does not feel good. Thanks for helping.

  30. Please be advised that every time I do an update I have a problem getting on to SKYPE. I will not update any more and hopefully you can change my pw as I have tried numerous times and do not remember the old one. Please set my account with a new pw Nightwatcher12345. TY

  31. The most horrible experience ever. There is no way of reaching them by phone. I had to pay ,when it said it was free. My number doesn’t work. In a few words a disaster.

  32. Please allow me to delete a comment, I didnt realize that it would be posted publically and I dont want my phone number out there for other commenters to read

  33. I am so fed up with the changes you have made. I can no longer access Skype easily (as before). In addition, you have deleted my Skype contacts, including my daughter. I’m a senior citizen and not familiar with all the new technology. What may be simplistic to you and 99% of your users, is difficult for me to navigate. Why do I now have to sign in? Why did you delete my existing contacts? Thanks for your wonderful service. I do NOT wish to speak with a representative to walk me through the process. You took something that was very user friendly and made it difficult.

  34. I have been trying to cancel this service and stop being charged!!!!! cannot get through to anyone to cancel this!!!! What to do???????????????

  35. On Christmas day my 2 grandsons tried to hook me to SKYPE so a 3 way video could be shown so I could see my great grandchildren opening their Xmas presents in Oklahoma and Grass Valley CA. It was a 3 hour ordeal and I was notified to charge a $25.00 fee..(which was promptly charged to my American express card on Christmas day!!!) No other info. was rec’d from Skype so when my grandson told me to go to desktop and he achieved this feat FREE! I have tried to contact you for a credit of this amount to NO avail. I notified American Express of this problem and rec’d reply from them whilst they review tis matter under investigation. I want this account credited immediately, I do NOT want to go to the media over this small( Large to me) amount but will if you ignore my request I will indeed do so. I understand it is practically impossible to contact Skype via phone to have this taken care of..and I see people are up in arms about it. Please respond in writing or via phone or email in Alameda CA. USA

  36. This is my 3rd attempt to get this resolved last I paid 6.50 out of my checking account for skype the number u gave me is510 329 9445 I want this canceled and u have no more consent to take money from my Chase checking account….. I found out that skype can also be free to use…. but I also found out I don’t want to use skype have not yet and don’t intend. pls cancel this and send me a confirmation that u did thank you

  37. I’m trying to find out why I’m being charged for using Skype. Why would this be happening and would like to know how I can stop paying for it without it interrupting me using it. I mainly use it on my cell phone, could this be why I’m having to pay for using it. Can you please assist me in this asap. I really like using this feature but I was told that I shouldn’t have to be paying it since it is a free video chat calling and I’m located in the United States and I do not call out of the US.

    Please assist.
    Sincerely yours, Eileen Bernard

  38. i tryin g gebt in skype i put my password in theyit no good but i know its igood because 1 wrote down they suspend my account becausde signing with the wrong password but i dont it

  39. It is impossible to get help. About 6 months ago, one of my friends talked me into signing up with Skype. I never used it and I got a message saying my account is going to be inactive. How can I close my account and get my money back.

  40. I have been charged now for at least 3 mos for something that I have never used. I want this cancelled right now. I want my charges returned to me. I have written before and have no response. I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of you people and the likes of you. I I want to put a stop ASAP. Also I am not able to remove this off the freaken account beause I never made it. IT on my debt ard and it need to be removed as of today or I am going to sue you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Am I dealing with idiots, or is your billing system so bad that it keeps billing a card that expired, when a new card is on file? Then you threaten to shut off my service for non payment. I don’t know why I am keeping this service active! Except that this is the level of service that seams to be the norm for internet based companies. If this service doesn’t improve it may lead to the demise of your future earnings, and the total collapse of non personal based companies.

  42. Hi. I am trying to delete my current account with the user name

    “fairyland2314” registered with the email hind

    I want to delete this account and then make a new account with a different user name.

    Can you please help me to delete my account as soon as possible?



  43. The absolute worst site in the cyberworld. Frequently can’t open; demands change of password; when done, works long enough to show that all your contacts have disappeared; then next time, won’t open again, does not recognize the password you just changed. THEN THE ASSHOLES MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND A PERSON TO TALK TO FOR HELP! Meanwhile, I am cut off from relatives living outside U.S. Still no resolution. Site is set up specifically to give the customer seeking help the run around.


  45. Awful! Cannot get hold of Skype Customer Service and therefore still having problems connecting to Skype…….not recognising passwords….linking me up to an old account that I don’t use and have deleted……..automatically generated a new live:account that I didnt want or need but this is now the default account when I sign into Microsoft with no credit or contacts. I still have credit in the account I use but cant access that one. No answers in the Community section. Stuffed!!!

  46. I have been on skype for over 10 years. rare problems until today. I have spent over three hours trying to get support. They required access through Microsoft community (which I HATE) plus new passwords, etc. I am now blocked because I am too young (age 70++) and need parents permission (long dead) and when I try to change the listed birthdate (2 1/2 yrs old) it will not accept it and if I get past this the password (reset four times) is rejected and give a 40 character alphanumeric code. Still no contact with Customer Service. I can log on through facebook, but my credit is zero and my contacts list is gone. I have five months credit on the books. I guess the only question I have is where can I get an emergency dose of Xanax? Or any other voip suggestions?

  47. New Skype is rubbish. How can you not show a subscribers information to them or have a FAQ area these are the basics you should provide if you plan to continue to automatically chanrge users. I will be using google now as much as possible because your update won’t let me access my own account and no one answers the customer service number – are you sure microsoft still owns this company? How disappointing.

  48. cant get in touch to get my money reimbursted.d.d. £16 a month they are taki9ng from me..and i cant stop them anyone help

  49. I’ve been on Skype for years and it has got progressively worse since those morons at MS took it over. Now after trying to change my password 3 times I can no longer access it. I totally agree with Al Conant No63. They seem not to want to offer a service because if none of us can use it what will happen. Ironically for a so-called communications system it is impossible actually to talk or even to write to a human . . . if this is the way the world is going then you can keep it.

  50. I have a problem with my account roserealtor

    First I don’t know what my password is 2nd my e-mail address has changed

  51. Very bad customer service!!!! You give a number and when you call you are on hold for maybe a minute and are then told no one can speak to you and the hang up with a thank you for calling! This is unbelievable!!! Do you know the meaning of customer service? Is no one answering because there are so many flaws that your own staff can’t explain how they can be resolved? I am so disappointed and totally stressed over the current situation that I obviously cannot get any help with. However, if someone has some compassion I would appreciate a response. Thank you

  52. Myskype address is: isaaco11.I am very disappointed that I am locked out of my account because I lost my mobile and I can not get through your form to reset my password.My account is connected to the above email address and I do not have access to a phone.I use skype as a tool and therefore I am not always on it,so I only top it up once a year.Please help me to get into my account.I have tried emailing,but no one will help me!

  53. Firstly, Skype advertises free long distance calling, but asks for $6.99 credit before making a call. It said to log in with my apple ID but said that it failed and was not a valid password, which it was, so I had to change it. I gave the payment information and it went through, but when I went to make the call, it said I had to buy credit ($6.99) beforeI could make a call. I realized that something was fishy and tried to find a way to contact Skype, which of course you can’t. So now I am going to have the charges reversed by the bank. What has happened to Skype, my brother used to use it it and there was never any funny business before. It seems like a scam!!!! Now they have my payment information, but I did it through Apple.

  54. I have been billed 6 times this month for unlimited services. I tried to speak to a person by phone. But I am told there is no phones to call. I want serviced fix and money replaced back into my account or ternate my account.

  55. Up until now I have been very pleased with Skype but now I have a problem and have tried to use various forms of support to solve my problem but still no positive result. It is too bad you don’t have a conduit via phone to aid people who cannot get results from your online questionnaires. In my opinion your customer service is worthless.

  56. my name is mariano graziano, my Skype id is Mario graziano1 I have been Skype customer for several years.i have an account with Skype and about $20 balance that I was using to make phone calls to family and friends in Italy.Skype icon that helped me and all my Skype contacts and phone numbers are no longer in my computer. I am confused and I don’t know what to do.i am also 85 years old your help is very much needed I can’t find my records.thank you mariano graziano.

  57. Customer service is neither efficient or helpful. I just have a few simple questions and would like someone to walk me through a few operations which used to be simple for me, but since the upgrade it is way to confusing and not as user friendly. You have taken the simplicity out of what used to be an easy communication system for me. Takes to long to go back and forth with written questions which can be confusing to explain without the problem screen in front of you. For example… trying to delete a name from the contact list.. the instructions say to “right Click” on a name and choose “remove contact”. First my computer does not have a right click on the pad … when i left click that option does not appear. Also I cannot figure out how to include a name to go with he contact number??? very frustrating. I HATE it!!!

  58. i can not get any help to set up skype. will someone contact me that can deal with a senior citizen who is not a cumputer genious please I did talk with chat. gave up no help

  59. Hi,
    I keep being charged for a service I had already unsubcribed for.
    Please get back to me Asap I have been trying to contact for several weeks.

  60. need help my mother’s Skype is not working
    Please use email account to pass a code for using Skype
    she had an account now is experiencing problems since beginning of new year
    with a new Skype changes

  61. Horrible. The worst I have ever experienced. A total joke. I am locked out of Skype and the customer service representatives can only tell me to go online and use the help pages there. But these are of no help and I can not access my Skype account. I forgot my password or you do not recognize it. I spent three hours talking to reps who simple could have said: “Hey, we can’t help you because we are not authorized to do so. All we can do is tell you to go on the online site and follow the steps” But when I tell the I have many times…..and I can not resolve the problem, they have no solution and tell me they are prohibited from helping me further. Then. they tell me to repeat the same exact online process tomorrow as if that will make a difference. I told them they had my phone number wrong and no one else to correct it. I provided three days three different times of my Skype Contacts which should have been sufficient to verify who I am. But, no. Nothing is good enough. I have heard of hundreds of not thousands of complaints since Microsoft took over Skype. This is VERY SIMPLE. CAN YOU HELP ME OR NOT? I am going to lose my job over this. How is it that a Giant Corporation has such horrific online customer service???? Are you punishing me for some reason? What gives

  62. Have tried to contact customer service for two days. Three days ago my annual subscription was renewed and now every time I attempt to make a phone call it says not enough credit. Please help.Gary Hall

  63. I cannot connect to my Skype account today, July 10, 2018. I paid $10.00 on July 8 to avail Skype video conferencing. After trying to find out the problem, I saw that I am charged $29.83 for not using Skype for 180 days! I only use Skype for video conferencing as required by GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) in the Philippines to renew my account. I never signed up for a one year contract with Skype. I cannot understand why I am being charged this much—FOR NOT USING SKYPE! Is this COMPULSORY? I don’t have friends in Skype. How will I ever use it?

    • Hello SKYPE
      Years ago I had and used skype with very little problems. I am somewhat savy and I have a friend who is a computer genious (!) Neither one of us was able to solver the problem of adding a new contact to skype or deleting a contact, If at all ,possible I would like to chat or speak to someone with the knowledge who can help me.

      Thank you


  64. I want to use a new credit card to top up on my Skype account. But Skype insists on using my old card and then says ‘your payment was unsuccessful”. How do I insert my new card’s details .

  65. I have had the worst luck trying to get someone from Skype to cancel my account. I keep getting charged for something I am not using. It is a scam and I would like to know how to get out of it.



  67. We have two computers. My husband Fred Nachtigal have Skype. I cannot use Skype for whatever reason. It does not work. You keep on taking out ten dollars from our account when needed. Why are you taking another ten dollars from our account for my Agneta Nachtigal’s computer when Skype is not working on my computer? So, you take out total $20.00 together for two computers. Only one computer is used for Skype and you take out the minutes from two computers at the same time. Will you please correct this mistake. I, Agneta should not have to pay ten dollars for my computer when I cannot use Skype. Thank You!

  68. I enrollled in skype 6 moinths ago?? never used it one time. i cancelled and my account is still being beilled buy=t you can clearly see i have not nor do i use the account. sent in process. still getting billed.
    redicilous you dont have telephone customer service especially because skype is telephone service. i have spent hours trying to get help.
    tis is my last request you contact me and stop billing my account!!!
    signed in using my gmail account. some how i ended up with a seperate number and a bill every month!
    please contact me to resolve this matter asap. i have waiting ver 4 months i know or 5! home and must leave message if i am not able to take calls. robo’s are blocked. home 859-554-7514
    cell 323-633-9624

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