Contact Sirius Customer Service

Contacting Sirius Customer Service Center

Sirius is a digital radio station available to subscribing listeners. There is a fee to subscribe to the radio stations and customer must have compatible radio equipment to tune in to Sirius radio. Sirius bought out XM radio so the company is now known as SiriusXM.

Sirius offers customers contact information, a customer care center and live chat in addition to other contact options.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact Sirius customer service about your account you can call the customer support line. There are no hours listed for customer support.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-635-2349

Mailing Address

If you want to send a physical letter to Sirius or you need to have a document(s) delivered to the satellite radio company, you can use the following mailing address. Make sure to note the department you need to send documents to before addressing the letter. Ask a customer service representative for department or contact information.

SiriusXM1221 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10020

Bands, agents and artists can contact the music programming department at this address. Simply address your letter or package to the Music Programming Department.

Official Website

The official website for Sirius radio is This website explains the service, subscription options and gives subscribers and programmers the ability to log in to a personal account for maintenance and customer service purposes.

Customers can also find Sirius on Facebook. Facebook communication may be answered more quickly than email communication, but we’ve found that the customer service representatives on social media pages simply advise customers to contact the service department by phone or email most of the time.

Customer Service Email

There is no contact email address for customers who want to talk with a customer service agent from Sirius. You can fill in the online form at and send it to the support department. You will receive an email response. We’ve tested the email system to see just how long it takes for an agent to answer a simple question about a Sirius radio already installed in a used car.

Our Experience

When we called Sirius radio we expected an automated system to answer the call and that is exactly what happened. The voice-activated automated system required us say the phone number listed on the account or new customer. We pressed 0 to move past this part of the system, but we were taken to another automated system. We pressed 0 twice more and we were transferred to the Listener Care department. John answered our call and told us we could subscribe to Sirius radio and activate the radio in our used car.

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5 Comments on “Contact Sirius Customer Service
  1. Customer service nightmare!!! I am selling my stock asap! Can’t get the St. Paddy’s channel I have been so looking forward to. Talked to one robotic cs agent who finally said she would have to tranfer me to a specialist. I was on the phone for 69 minutes before I gave up – never talked to anyone else. You have to do better than this. Might I suggest that you start by hiring Americans. They have probably heard of Celtic music and St. Patrick’s Day and wouldn’t keep telling me that the channel142 does not exist. I am both sad and angry.

  2. hi there cant believe a place of busness as Sirius radio can charge your credid card without notifying u u pay for 6 months and then another payment comes out u call and argue with someone that cant speak English and garenteed it wont happen again then wham again really what a scam cheat u out of your money

  3. spent 2hrs on hold talked to one guy 5 minutes then put on hold again after 3hrs got someone and they put me on hold again will never get Sirius xm us again no problem with canada

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