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Contacting Shutterfly Customer Service Center

Shutterfly is a photo storage and processing website connected with Walgreens, Target and CVS. Customers can create a free account, upload unlimited photos for storage at high resolution and order prints directly from the Shutterfly account for pick-up in local stores. If you are new to Shutterfly, you may be able to order free prints just for creating a new account. As of September 2012, Shutterfly was offering 50 free prints for every new account.

Shutterfly is a digital company that requires customers upload and order prints without physically seeing the products. When the customer order is delivered or pick up, discrepancies could require communication with Shutterfly customer service – thus the need for direct and speedy contact.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Shutterfly customer service is open from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday to Friday Pacific time. Callers can reach an agent on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-225-7159

Customer service agents are also available via Live Chat at

Mailing Address

Customers can send traditional customer service letters to:

Shutterfly Headquarters2800 Bridge PkwyRedwood City, CA 94065

This address is not listed as part of the Shutterfly customer service page, but it is listed as a contact method. There is no dedicated customer service mailing address.

Official Website

Customers can sign up for a new account, upload photos and order prints and other digital photo products from the Shutterfly official website at If you were a former member of the Kodak gallery, you can move your photos from the old Kodak gallery to the new Shutterfly.

Customer Service Email

The email department for Shutterfly customer service is available at You need to provide an email address, first name, last name, subject, product and more. You can even attach a document, which we assume in this case could be a packing slip or digital copy of the picture.

Our Experience

If you want to reach customer service faster when calling the call center, press 1 to move to the Shutterfly customer service line. When the automated options start press 0 and you will immediately be transferred to customer service. We asked Shutterfly if they guaranteed color matching. The agent said that colors were matched digitally and though there are some instances when color variations occur, the variations do not occur on the Shutterfly end. When the photos are printed if the machine prints the wrong color it can distort the final result.

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44 Comments on “Contact Shutterfly Customer Service
  1. Hi I bought a camera and reeived a $20 card from Shutterfly. We tried using it but could not get the password etc. to work. We have not used it and now it expires Dec. 15. We are away in Cuba till Dec. 17th.
    Can we have an extension. The code went in but we did not order anything, now it says to put in another code.

    What can we do?

  2. Just wanted to thank everyone at Shutterfly for their excellent customer service. I’m a brand new customer and needed lots of help. I spoke with several people, including Deonta, Shy, Kyle, Kevin, Nicole and Suwany…(I can be a pest!). They were all extremely helpful in answering all of my technical questions and giving me great suggestions for improving my book (thanks especially to Shy for the latter). I’m looking forward to receiving the book soon. Thank you again for your excellent service.

    Sincerely, Sylvia Mills

  3. I have 100%happiness right now, as I received my wall hanging of point pleasant beach scene from a photo taken by my dad in 1936. Love it, love it, love it.

  4. Hi I just want to say I think Shutterfly is the best – I only know from ell show – how you give so much to people that don’t have on her show – so what I would to know do Shutterfly give out side the box for people like me that need too – in life we have dreams but they never come true ( if you have any give ways
    pleas think of me 5934 latona st. Philadelphia pa.19143 )

  5. This is an awesome service that completely stands behind their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have made good on their promise and replaced a couple of photobooks that had printing problems (which can happen in any print process). They swiftly replaced the faulty product at no cost, FEDEX, and with no hassle. Thank you Shutterfly! They are super to deal with.

  6. Very upset with Shutterfly. I have a been a very good custome, for many years. When I placed my order today (over $30.00), the system woud not allow me to add the coupon for free delivery SHOP30( shipping was 10.98). I called customer service immediately after I placed the order and explained what happened and was told since my husband did not call and his name was on the account, they could not do anything about crediting my account and apply the free shipping.Both of our names on our the credit card. Unheard of! This will be my last and my family’s last order from Shutterfly and anyone else I can share this story with. Very poor customer service!!!!!

  7. Customer service is less than helpful. Non receipt of package, tracking shows it with USPS in another state. I was told I could track this myself as the representative I spoke with stated she couldn’t do so “at her level”.

  8. I was using a coupon, but when I was done choosing photos and Putting in credit info, my total was $100. i immediately emailed cancel order, but i do not know if my order was acually canceled or not. the money is still being taken away from my card and I’m very upset.

  9. After three attempts at emailing the customer service department for this company to try and find out where my package is that shipped over a week ago, still no response and I have been tried calling the customer service line (67 minute wait time). The Track Package link on the order details page goes to UPS mail innovations and has said “package tracking unavailable” for over a week now. Very disappointed. The money was taken out of my account and without any way to track this packages whereabouts.

  10. Hi
    I got a gift card of shutterfly of worth $20 Today when I. Was trying to make some purchase online it says the code is expired. And I haven’t even used it once.So I was wondering if I could get a valid code or a replacement for same value.


  11. I have not received part of my order that was suppose to arrive last week. My order # is 001090978800-8000048
    The photos were shipped on Jun 28, 2015 but I have yet to receive the jewelry (silver bangle). It says on order shipped but I have not seen a package or heard further details…

  12. Your website is not working properly tonight….very slow and unresponsive. Called your Customer Service number and even though it was 7:35pm PT on a Monday and your voicemail message advises that you are available until 8pm PT, your voicemail informed me that you are not available now. What is going on?!? I order my holiday cards etc from you, but I suspect your business is in trouble and I may have to take my business elsewhere.

  13. I have called customer service 3 times only to be disconnected each time when I said I wanted help placing an order for a photo book. I tried to place an order on line and the site appears to be frozen after I put in my credit card info, I did this several I have an order? Do I have several orders for the same item?

  14. Your website is down…due to this glitch, will the Black Friday sale be extended? I have been checking for the last hour and now it’s almost midnight!

  15. It is impossible to get through to anyone. I had a lot of problems with your website last night. It appears that I did not get the 40% Black Friday discount on my calendar order (paid $24.99, should be $16.99?) There is a 3 hour wait for an agent. Please email me your response.

  16. I am so beyond done using Shutterfly. The website is NOT user friendly, freezes and doesn’t save my work constantly and trying to get a hold of someone in customer service is long and frustrating. The shipping is ridiculous…I had 3 small items in my cart and shipping was almost $20, my order was less than $11.00. I will not waste anymore time using shutterfly!

  17. I have been trying to cancel my order since I placed the order. I have been holding for someone forever and holding for someone to help me on Live Chat. Now I can’t cancel my order because 30 minutes have passed and I am so very frustrated! I accidentally ordered my temp file as well and can’t cancel it. It also did not take the free expedite shipping code that expires tomorrow called UPGRADE! PLEASE, PLEASE someone contact me to cancel or help me edit my order. Thank you!!! Shawna

    still holding vis Live Chat and on the phone for someone to assist me. If Customer Service takes this long, we should be allowed more than 30 minutes to change our oder.

  18. I ordered address labels on Dec. 4th or 5th…just got labels on the 15th, I also ordered Christmas photo cards the same day.Did not come on the 15th and not here on the 16th, today. Seriously, this is not okay. I will never use this company again and where I work we spread the news. Whom ever =
    (UPS) failed completely this year…I still have NO CARDS to mail

  19. The worst company ever! Contacted customer service after seeing on their site if you place an order by the 7pm on the 17th, you are guaranteed to have your order by Christmas. Placed the order after speaking with someone to assure me this was right! They lied!! Part of my order is somewhere in AZ, the other part was still at their facility! Spoke with several customer service reps and a supervisor who would do absolutely nothing! DO NOT ORDER from this company!!!! I know I will never again!!

  20. I was told my album would be ready for Christmas.
    I am very disappointed that it wasn’t delivered prior to today.
    Please have a customer service agent contact me when you are open.
    Thank you.
    Christi Binstadt

  21. purchased a photo book on your my publisher site promised delivery prior to Christmas — delivered after Christmas and was missing pages– went through hell and back with My Publisher customer service– refused to work with us until we identified who we were ( had to give all information regarding who what and when) and then they insisted there should be no problems. Well after spending nearly 1 1/2 hours on the phone I finally spoke with a supervisor who after I insisted she pull the order and walk through it on the phone realized that there had been an error. Had to take a picture of the book to prove it was missing — what is interesting is I called corporate Shutterfly to speak with customer service about the experience to date after three calls the admin assistant assures me she has given my name and number to the manager but they are too busy to get back with me. Not how I run my business. By the way — this was a $500.00 book for a million dollar donation made by an individual to a non profit. You would think someone could take care of the problem but instead this has been nothing but a hassle from the company

  22. I like Shutterfly for the good thing Shutterfly does for people, the quality and promotion that it offers. I was so upset last night because I was trying to make an album to order it before 12 midnight for a 50%off promotion. It froze so many times, it did not save some of my work and finally the time has passed. It’s very frustrating. I thought it happened to me alone and now I saw that happened to other people as well. I wish they do something about it.

  23. Everything concerning pricing at Shutterfly is rigged unfairly against the consumer. Even though I read offer terms, there was nothing I saw that prohibited certain offers from being combined until I had spent hours perfecting what I wanted to order. In the checkout process, some offers you want to combine are impossible to combine. I called customer service twice, with unsatisfactory results (not to mention the annoying fake typing of the robot answering machine who’s supposedly working to answer your questions). Furthermore, when you have a credit on the site due to a promotion (I had a $20 off coupon), that discount is taken before any discounts for sales… So: I ordered a product costing $34.99, which was 40% off, and I had the $20 credit. Most businesses give you the 40% off first; then you could apply your $20 credit, bringing the total to about a dollar. However, Shutterfly takes your credit out first, before applying the 40% off sale… leaving you paying about 8 times as much. Horrible policies, and customer service can’t change an unethical company’s policy, so you don’t get anywhere with them, either. I intend to never use Shutterfly again.

  24. Shutterfly offers great deals, but the mobile app and the full site are a hassle when you are try to use promo codes and offers. Some things can only be done/ordered on one site versus the other. So if you are trying to use promotional codes for your item costs to reduce or eliminate shipping you cannot. You have to pay with two separate orders, one on the mobile app and the other on the full site. This part I consider a rip off… If I log into the mobile app and have items in my basket, I should be able to order them from with the mobile app or the full site as long as I have the items saved in my cart. what since does it make to have all of the promo codes available on either site/platform, but not your items in your cart…. I had an order for $84.00, but with all of the hassle and calling customer service to be told – you have to place two separate orders; NO THANKS! Most of my codes expire tonight…. TOO MUCH HASSLE!!! Also, just like the person mentioned above…. The codes details need to be more clear – upfront – BEFORE YOU ORDER!!!!

  25. To Shutterfly,

    I received my most recent photo book yesterday and am very disappointed in the workmanship of the cover.
    I attached a picture of the binding to this email which is clearly uneven and unacceptable as a gift to my family member.
    I have ordered many books and have never had this problem.
    Please review the attached picture.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Michele Vandell

  26. I spent hours getting my pictures uploaded. Then I ended up on Shutterfly instead of Tiny Prints. Then I couldn’t access the $5 charge to review my card. Then I called and talked to someone who was no help at all. After almost an hour on the phone, I just sent my Shutterfly version and am hoping it is OK.

  27. Hi my name is tania Duncan, I had an account with Kodak gallery where I have a lot of photos and albums, even though they said that my photos will be safe now with shutterfly but it is not, as I can not see all the photos and albums I had with Kodak gallery, kindly help me recuperate my photos please as they are very nice and memorable and I don’t wont to loose them.
    thank you

  28. I tried to call and it said it would be immediate and then was told to leave name and number as the rep was busy. I received Shutterfly albums from my children and in one package there was a one hundred dollar wine voucher from Went on line and read several pages that it was a scam and very bad reviews including Better Business Bureau. Shame on you. I mmediately informed my children. Very disappointed.

  29. Your website stinks, I am try8ng to put in an order and because it won’t let me me backI out of it I am now losing m6norder and free photos-
    There must be a way to cancel the order and start again
    Please help

  30. I was talking to Jose tonight about 7:45pm explaining the Wyndham Vacations free 8×8 hard cover book and free luggage tag I created showed over charges and was indeed not free. At check out I noticed a $5 charge for the tag and while the discount for the book was listed, the shipping was $13.98! The USPO, UPS and FedEx charges for this item are in the 3 digits. Please have someone call me to help with this as the promo expires 1/31.
    By the way, in the middle of a sentence, Jose hung up on me. When I called back, your recording said to call back during office hours! Horrible CS…I am now unable to complete my 5 books and 3 tags before the promo expires.
    I will be traveling tomorrow and will not have a PC to complete my Shutterfly projects (have 5 books to do) until I return next week…AFTER my free promos expire. I would like to be reimbursed with a 2 month extension on my promo codes.

  31. I just filled out a survey about today’s experience with Shutterfly customer service, but the survey got submitted before I had finished writing my final comment about the superior products and service provided by Shutterfly. I immediately sent the completed one and was told that my survey had already been submitted. Please consider the second, completed one. Thank you!

  32. Hello,
    I am very disappointed. I ordered a ceramic cup for my son in law’s birthday on June 01. I was very happy when I saw that would be the delivery date, It did not arrive. Further tracking showed June7th . I said “okay, not so bad”
    BUT TO DATE it has not arrived,
    The playing cards I ordered 0n May 26th came yesterday.

    I am wondering where is the ceramic cup, &when will I get it?
    Please help.

  33. please cancel my order immediately. I need to add more pages, I forgot some.
    I ordered it today 8/5/18 Lois Masumoto
    order # 004081555 907-9000200
    I will try calling your customer service again in the morning
    my phone number is 949 742 1491

    thank you

  34. I placed an order, but immediately cancelled it because during check-out it kept telling me the quality would not be printable. I was going to take my chances, but afterwards, decided, “Heck no I’m not going to spend $40 for unknown quality”. I read specs on photos and it said at least 3 megapixels or larger. My photos were made with a 12 megapixel iPhone 7. Why would your instructions tell me that the quality is not printable. I believe you need to be more specific about size and quality of photos your customers upload and not just cover yourself with that statement of “not printable”. I would love to send a pillow to my son, but I’m not wanting to order something when you’re telling me my photos are not printable. You offer great services and my son sent me a pillow that is beautiful, but after having a few minutes to think about it, quality is important, so I cancelled. Thank you for listening.

  35. I placed an order, but immediately cancelled it because during check-out it kept telling me the quality of my photos would not be printable. I was going to take my chances, but afterwards, decided, “Heck no I’m not going to spend $40 for unknown quality”. I read specs on photos and it said at least 3 megapixels or larger. My photos were made with a 12 megapixel iPhone 7. Please provide more detailed information about the quality of photos that you require that we upload and stop posting that message if you’re just covering yourself if the photo doesn’t turn out perfectly on the pillow. Thank you for listening.

  36. I am having problems uploading my photos. An example is DSC_0016.jpg. I have read your articles and have tried several times to upload the pictures. I tried to call customer service and got a computer that took me in circles. A person finally answered but he did not speak to me but instead was speaking in a different language in the background. I am really getting frustrated. Any advice you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

  37. I have to post this as I’m very upset about my photo gifts that I spent hours creating and then they could not deliver before Christmas as all of their ads indicate. Earliest was Jan 5th and that is with an expedited fee. even with my “code” in there. Sounds like they do not have their act together. they should look into how Amazon does it, for sure. I would not spend any time on creating photo anything with them if you planned it for Christmas. Even ornaments!

  38. I have ordered many hard cover photo books over the years. I always include a memorabilia pocket for $1.99, so I can put receipts, tickets, etc.., to keep them with the book as a memory of our vacation. However, I only actually receive these memorabilia pockets about half the time. They are only $1.99 so I have not taken the time to call about it. However, I finally had enough, and tried to call the customer service number (which they make very hard to find) and waited until I had to hang up, it took so long. I would really like to have the memorabilia pocket that I ordered with my last book that was just delivered yesterday. Not very happy. .

  39. RE: Order 024004706555-8000012

    Before printing my rush order, please confirm that my family name appears on the front side of the card as follows:

    The Wisner-Carlson Family
    Bob, Joan, Christian, Gabe & Will


  40. I need to talk to someone and never get a chance too. My package is still missing, been close to 4 weeks and they are special pictures.

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