Contact Republic Wireless Customer Service

Contact Republic Wireless Customer Service

Contacting Republic Wireless Customer Service Center

Republic Wireless is an alternative wireless company that claims to offer unlimited everything for just $19 a month, as of 2013. The company is fairly new and with a new company comes customer service and physical service issues. Republic Wireless offers just one or two phones and all shopping and customer service is virtual.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no customer service phone number for Republic Wireless. One of the ways the company cuts costs for the consumer is by cutting out the call center costs. You can connect with customer service via email, social media, user forum and by asking a question of the support team. User forum posts are answered quickest with answers posted in minutes, according to Republic Wireless customer service.

Mailing Address

There is a mailing address for Republic Wireless customer service. The response time varies from days to weeks, depending on mail delivery and research time. Republic Wireless Attn: Member Experience 900 Main Campus Dr. Ste. 500 Raleigh, NC 27606

Official Website

You can visit the Republic Wireless customer service page at The page is dedicated to two things – selling Republic Wireless phones and service and helping customers best utilize the phone via WiFi and included data plan. If you want to purchase a plan from Republic Wireless, click the Shop button. All data is run over the Sprint network.

Social Media

There are two social media pages to use when contacting Republic Wireless customer service. The company suggests using Twitter; offering a 24-hour turnaround time for customer service response. Facebook is also available.

Customer Service Email

Emailing Republic Wireless customer service is simple. Open your personal or business email account and compose a message to the customer service team. Make sure to use an email account you check often as the customer service representative will contact you at that email address with an answer or response.

Our Experience

Without a phone number there is no method of contacting Republic Wireless customer service by phone. The company is clearly in the infancy stages of business, but the pricing is a mere fraction of the cost of other comparable plans from major companies like AT&T and Sprint. Customers appear to have the best luck for general questions on the user forum with answers posted almost instantly.

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13 Comments on “Contact Republic Wireless Customer Service
  1. I want to return this phone after 2 weeks working with no luck activating it. we have trying every thing the cp tells us.. reconfiguration. said try again…also factor reset many time.. I need to get a shipping label from you to send phone back. I cannot this on the pc thank you

  2. I am Verizon wireless customer with iPhone. Looking at changing over to you. But I need to know if you have a phone with GPS capabilities for my work-related travel. Please respond asap as contract is up soon with VW. A bit frustrated that there is no phone number to speak to someone. Hope this isn’t a reflection of future service-related communications.

  3. I want to return my MOTO G phone for exchange for one that works or a refund. I have tried everything to get this phone to work, but failed. My neighbor who has raves about her identical phone, was unable to get it working and urged me to return it.
    Yesterday the phone, by itself, finally connected to the net. BUT, it locked into an “Emergency Call” mode which cannot be bypassed!!! It is useless for any other function. Please authorize a Manufacture’s Return Number. Grant

  4. I would like to return my MOTO G phone. I have tried everything to get it working, but failed. My neighbor, raves about her identical, failed, and advised me to return it. Yesterday, by itself, the phone took over and succeeded in connecting to the net. BUT, it locked into an “Emergency Call” Mode, which cannot be bypassed. The phone is now useless for any other function. Please authorize a Return Number. Thank you, Grant

  5. I have the Moto X continually locking up on me. I get incoming calls yet cannot answer my phone. It’s been locked up for 2 days now. I have sent a couple msgs and still have not received notification back.

  6. I am so disappointed in my phone. Out of the blue the phone just stopped working. I tried to charge it thinking it might be the battery, but it won’t charge. Changed chargers and it still won’t charge. All I hear is a click. No light or anything. Don’t know what to do except send the phone back and ask for a refund. Anyone else having this problem??

  7. I would like to buy a new phone and transfer this # to it. will all the contacts transfer to the new phone? $25 dollar plan for this one.
    Then I would like to keep the old phone and use which was a Verizon# which we haven’t used or being used in months. and use the $10 dollar plan no data. Is this possible?

  8. How am I suppose to shut my phone off after someone stole it if u can’t call or get through to anyone!!! Very upset & frustrated!

  9. I want to cancel service and cannot. No help on resetting password to do this online. Terrible system and terrible customer service.

  10. I cannot update my payment information due to technical issues, and with nobody to call for help I’m screwed. I will be forced to go to another company due to lack of service or just plain apathy on the part of Republic. I’ll pay more but at least I’ll get some help if I have a problem.

  11. Hi. I’m a Republic Wireless customer in Cary, NC. Interested to know if you all have an international plan (for a 10 day trip to London & Spain). Possibly three in my family (with phones) needing this. We want to use our phone cameras while over there too.
    Please advise.

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