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Contacting RCI Customer Service Center

RCI or Resorts Condominiums International is one of the largest vacation exchange companies in the United States, if not the world. Currently, the company facilitates vacations within a community of more than 3.5 million timeshare owners in 100 countries. The main goal of the company is to provide the best the best vacation experience without problem. When concerns arise, the company provides a team of customer service experts to handle issues.

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Contact Info:

The customer service department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm; Saturday 8am to 5pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • RCI Weeks: 1-800-338-7777
  • RCI Points: 1-877-968-7476
  • TDD: 1-800-982-4792
  • Singapore: (65) 6223 4333
  • Beijing and Shanghai: 400 8111 688
  • Brunei: 800 065
  • Hong Kong: 800 96 4847
  • Indonesia: 001 803 65 7311
  • Malaysia: 1800 18 1121
  • Philippines: 1800 1651 0639
  • Taiwan: 0080 1 65 1 333
  • Thailand: 001 800 65 6060
  • Vietnam: 120 65 122
  • India: 1 800 425 2131
  • Bangalore: +91 80 4184 9100
  • Australia: 1300 368 800
  • Australia: 1300 369 476
  • New Zealand: 0800 368 800
  • New Zealand: 0800 569 476
  • UK and Ireland: 44 (0) 845 60 86 363
  • Republic of Ireland: 353 1 890 234 303
  • Belgium French: 32 (0) 2 713 13 78
  • Belgium Flemish: 32 (0) 2 713 13 79
  • Netherlands: 31 (0) 20 346 93 24
  • Croatia and Serbia: 49 (0) 69 9509 6234
  • Finland: 358 (0) 9 6937 9173
  • France: 33 (0) 141 91 96 52
  • Germany: 49 (0) 69 9509 6227
  • Austria: 43 (01) 795 67 252
  • Switzerland: 41 (01) 800 9101
  • Greece: 210 81 13 800
  • Hungary: 36 1 481 4709
  • Israel: 972 (03) 765-0707
  • Italy: 39 (0) 2 69 63 33 71
  • Poland: 00 49 69 9509 6237
  • Portugal: 00 351 289 540 400
  • Romania: 0049 69 9509 6233
  • Russia: 7 4 95 2586031
  • Denmark: 45 (0) 38 48 7090
  • Norway: 47 (0)23 16 2075
  • Sweden: 46 (0) 858 77 0383
  • Slovakia and Czech Republic: 00 42 0239 000 208
  • Spain: 34 91 406 9058
  • Turkey: 90 (0212) 444 1724
  • Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica,
  • Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,
  • Nicaragua and Panama: (52-55)5283-1111
  • Uruguay: 0800 333 0428
  • Brazil: 0800 891 92 13
  • Peru: 0800 333 0428
  • French Guiana, Suriname &Venezuela: 0800 100 3853
  • South Africa: (27-11) 258-0000

Mailing Address

RCI North America Office9998 North Michigan RoadCarmel, IN 46032

Official Website

New and existing RCI customers can visit the official website to plan a vacation, learn more about member benefits and locate travel resources.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer service department by using the customer contact form, located here You can address an online account, RCI issues, general inquiries, account information, resort issues and website issues. We sent an email asking who is the primary contact when making a reservation in the event we have a traveler with a severe allergy.

Customers can contact the customer service department though the following social media channels:

Our Experience

Customers contacting RCI will need to enter your membership identification number or wait approximately 3 minutes before speaking with a customer service representative. When we connected with an agent, we asked who do customers need to contact in the event someone cancels a reservation. The agent explained the process and walked us through the online.

We were pleased with the customer service team. There are times when companies will not divulge information unless you are a member. When you were planning a vacation, what was your experience with the RCI customer service team? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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19 Comments on “Contact RCI Customer Service
  1. I have booked a week from 4th-11th May at Summer Plaza (Panchgini) from RCI. I was offered a studio with a living room, a partly kitchen. I got a single room with a cabinet containing a microwave & a hotplate. I have had a bad experience on the 1st day itself. 1)drinking water is not provided, u have to purchase it.(pathetic) 2)hot tap water for bath stopped at 2.15pm while i was in the shower(their check in time is 2pm) ridiculous 3)mosquitoes at night (no repellents in the room) 4)you have to call the kitchen or look around for staff for basic requirement, cause house keeping & room service calls are unanswered. 5)what more, when i asked for sugar & tea sachets i was asked to purchase those too. Never in 7 years have i experienced this either at Ooty or Kodai or Yercaud or Coorg. I & my family are very upset

  2. We’re living in Hong Kong. I would like to enquire about your resort in Sydney and Tasmania because we will be travelling to Australia on Jan, 2015.

    Thank you for your attention.

  3. RCI offers the Worst customer service when desiring specific dates. RCI customer service agents do not answer questions. They answer questions that were not answered by the customer. This is very frustrating. I hate going through RCI to book my vacations.

  4. I have several questions about a VIP account that may have been used by unauthorized persons and have been on hold for over 1/2 after having been cut off once. I have tried 2 different phone numbers that you list for customer service. You are also supposed to be open to take calls as it is now 10:10 am EDT on Sat 10/3/15. I obviously do not have a very good feeling about any service you offer as I have received NO service.

  5. eye have little confidence that u will receive this comment and still less confidence that there will be any reaction to it, But here goes.Having tried to book resort0644(2bed) Dec22 to 29 have been given several reasons why eye cannot pay rent through my Club La Costa points( plus the normal booking ) Can you give any valid reason for this denial or can you proceed with the booking and advise the points to be deducted and contact me for payment of the fee.Thank you.

  6. weeks owner id # 007105027 I have deeded my wyndham time share back to Fairfield timeshare ass. I have 2 weeks deposited with RCI can I still use them if I keep my RCI membership up?

  7. You people are the worst. You cost me my cruise and airfare because you charged me for something I was unaware of that you sole me.
    I have been a customer for ten years and have used you in all my vacations and this is how you treat a loyal customer??????
    Also trying to talk to corporate headquarters is a joke. There is no listing for a number
    I will NEVER pay a dime to book anything with this resort company again and tell my friends as well..
    Art Art

  8. Let’s try again…..To Whom It May Concern: I sold my timeshare some 15 years ago and I am very tired of getting telemarking calls from RCI. I am also tired of asking for my name to be removed from your marketing list only to be ignored and hung up on. I am keeping track of these calls and I’m ready to contact an Attorney. I could use the $1,500 penalty per call to do some nice things for my family and believe me when I say that the calls are made almost daily, sometimes 2 or 3 a day.

  9. I just spoke with Holly. She was rude, not customer friendly and very hateful. I told her the same. I ask her to get me a supervisor to speak with. She said she did not have to get one on the phone and would not give me her last name so I could report her.mi had to call back to get a supervisor on the phone. Totally upset with this treatment by this girl!

  10. Last Fall I was sent to a condo in Myrtle Beach.. guest left on 2nd day we left the 4th day… 1 roll of toilet paper in each bathroom. no soap,for dishes or washer …told only given once a week. do not give free items. , no coffee filters, no one in main door when arriving. only hot tub was used by people from a joying bldg. no view of beach only enough to see hot tub below 22 floors below..I have been with you for more than 30 yeasr and got screwed by RCI and paid over $200.00 for nothing.

  11. Have phoned several times about an online situation and no one seems to grasp what I am talking about. I am very upset and frustrated about the whole thing

  12. I purchased a cruise certificate which entitled me to a premium cruise for 7-14 days. When I went to make a reservation the agent said it would not cover the entire cost and I would have to pay over $3000. This would mean I would get no discount at all. After speaking to several “customer service representatives”, I had to listen to a recording of my purchase. The recording substantiated my claim that the entire cost would be covered. The rep said that it was an upgrade. I said there was no upgrade. He said the final word were the Terms & Conditions on the website. I read them. They did not say the certificate would not cover the entire cost. They still insist I need to pay the entire cost.

  13. Hi

    I have been trying to contact RCI. I’m finding it impossible. I am a points member.
    I cannot remember my login details. You used to be able to call in with name and address etc but not any more. Please contact me my only alternative is to stop my Direct Debit payment and wait for you to contact me.

  14. I had a RCI representative call me and I listened for a while but declined the offer and she said that I was not very intelligent. I resent that comment from your representative and I want an official apology from RCI.

  15. I am very disappointed in joining RCI. I have no success ever in getting any exchange for my 5 Star resort in Cancun. The phone people only discourage me when I call and nothing is available despite your advertisements of hundreds of resorts. What in the heck do I get for my money. Can I get my money back? RCI has no value to me. My 2 weeks in Cancun are the highest and best 5-star resort imaginable and your phone person seemed to think they were equal to Detroit slums. RCI SUCKS.

  16. It is difficult to comment because RCI upgraded their website to exclude members with older computers and they did not even offer an email address to communicate. RCI is the absolute worst in this business. No one does a worse job than RCI. What customer support???

  17. This is a complaint regarding RCI Supervisor, Demeka. (8-25-18) She showed no interest in listening and stated that I was talking over her. After having driven 10 hours, presenting two confirmations for two consecutive weeks at Fairfield Glades Resort and being informed that the second week was for 2019 not 2018 I was not happy. I immediately called RCI only to be informed that there were no units available through RCI for the second week. I asked to speak to a Supervisor – after 20 minutes Supervisor Demeka answered and the back and forth began. I asked for her supervisor and she responded that it was Aspen. When I asked for the contact number, she responded that she was it! She also responded strangely ” You are talking to me like I am a child,I’m an adult”. This is one call that should have been recorded.
    My second call was with another company that secured the second week but at a greater cost.
    I called RCI again and I was connected with Zack, who listened to my saga and promised to get back to me. He called back and the problem was resolved in a professional manner. I applaud him and RCI for hiring and training him to the highest level of customer service.

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