Contact Pottery Barn Kids Customer Service

Contacting Pottery Barn Kids Customer Service Center

Pottery Barn Kids is the children’s division of the main Pottery Barn company. The children’s side of the business focuses on decor for bedrooms and nurseries with a little celebration, play space and bathroom decor thrown in for good measure. Pottery Barn Kids gives visitors the chance to order online or check out products before heading off to the store.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Pottery Barn Kids customer service department can be reached from the US, Canada and all international countries. Phone numbers differ between the three, but all customer service call centers are open from 5 AM to 9 PM PST.

  • US Customer Service: 1-800-993-4923
  • US Customer Service (toll): 1-702-363-2541
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-855-860-1080
  • International Customer Service: +800-15003333
  • International Customer Service (toll): 1-405-717-6138

Mailing Address

We read through the Pottery Barn Kids customer service page several times looking for an address customers could use to contact an agent, but none is listed. The corporation behind the company is Williams and Sonoma so we’ve listed the corporate addresses for both Pottery Barn Kids and Williams and Sonoma, which happens to be the same address.

Pottery Barn Kids Corporate Headquarters3250 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94109

Official Website

When retail businesses offer multiple stores with different consumer focuses there are often dedicated websites for each store. Pottery Barn Kids has an official website located at All products listed on the site are kid-friendly and oriented. There may be some overlap between the Pottery Barn stores, so you could find kids items at the Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Teen stores as well.

Customer Service Email

While a standard mailing address was nowhere to be found on the Pottery Barn Kids customer service page, there are multiple email addresses. Customers in the United States can contact the customer support team directly using a personal email account. An international email address is also provided.

Our Experience

Unless customers have a specific question for a specific department, you will need to remain on the line for the customer service department. We connected in less than 30 seconds. The agent appeared attentive to our question when we voiced concern about returning online purchases. We wanted to know how to exchange products received as gift which do not have a receipt.

The agent explained only purchases with proof of purchase can be returned to the online store. Not the ideal answer, but the experience was acceptable. Was your call and experience any better? Comment below.

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16 Comments on “Contact Pottery Barn Kids Customer Service
  1. I’ve had a terrible experience with Pottery Barn Kids. They spelled my sons name wrong on a customized order and expect me to pay basically double what the item cost to have it replaced even though it’s their error. The error is on the matting for a picture frame and could easily be rectified by them printing a new matting (extremely inexpensive to them) and mailing it to me but they refuse to go so even though the error was theirs. I belong to four different mommy groups across Canada and the United States, totaling approximately 6000 mothers. Each and every one of them is floored by Pottery Barn Kids’ refusal to correct their mistake. By refusing to fix their problem, they are not only losing my future business but that of all my mommy group friends. Terrible customer service.

  2. What a HUGE dissappointment. After paying approx. $59 on a jewelery box for my grandchild and it came in paper mache and tin foil for the mirror. I am embarressed to give it to her.I am really surprised at the PotteryBarn to make such a poor quality item.
    Margie Williams

  3. TERRIBLE!!! I was so shocked by the fact that “POTTERY BARN KIDS” was such a terrible company to deal with! I ordered a fairfax backpack, lunch box and bento box. I received the lunch box and bento box (which had to be returned due to it being broken). IT HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH AND I STILL HAVE NO BACKPACK! My son has been going I school with no backpack. Granted he’s in the 1st grade so a backpack isn’t necessary but that is absolutely besides the point. EVERY SINGLE REPRESENTATIVE is telling me “we apologize, something went wrong in the warehouse. You should receive it by Friday”. Ya well THREE Friday’s have passed. I will NEVER order anything from Pottery Barn AGAIN!

  4. I purchased 2 MacKenzie rolling backpacks. I found a matching pencil box and they only had one so i purchased it…. but i need another one, I looked online and couldn’t find it. It is the pink and silver hearts one. My question to you is how can i purchase another one.

  5. I ordered the polka dot princess phone from the store in oakbrook, IL. I asked about the free shipping offer I keep getting by email and they said it only applies to online orders. The ad doesn’t say only online orders, it says ‘all orders’. I think this is very misleading.
    My other concern is that the woman, Susie, entering my shipping info over the phone, left the last 3 letters off my last name (I saw in the confirmation email I received) and said there wasn’t enough space to enter the entire shipping address so part of my address line is missing. I really hope I’ll get my order, but I’m concerned and not pleased with this whole experience.
    I would like the shipping charge credited to me if possible.
    Thank you,
    Emily Neis

    Waited sooooo long to talk with someone…almost finished figuring out what to do……and the line went dead.

  7. By far the worse experience ever. I ordered 3 dolls & hair kits for my nieces for Christmas. My order came in the mall today & only 2 dolls were in the box & the order form is printed as if all items were shipped. As of right now I have been on hold for 43 minutes waiting to speak to customer service. This isn’t the first time they have messed up on an order of mine. I will never buy from Pottery Barn again. Be ware & take your business else! Satisfaction is not guaranteed with this company!!!

  8. I have tried the customer service phone # and can’t get through. I have
    questions about an order I placed 12-16-15. order # 053505917022. First of
    all I was quoted one price and another price was on my credit card bill. Second
    I ordered a twin duvet cover and my daughter received a full/queen. This order
    was shipped to Tracy Sicafuse, 549 Kenilworth Road, Bay Village, Ohio. I called
    and they told me what to have her do for UPS pick it up.They did. I want the
    original prices for the wrong items taken off my credit card. I would like to TALK
    to someone in customer service and get this straightened out.

  9. Your shipping charges are outrageous!! Last night I made an online purchase and the shipping did not show up until after I submitted my payment. I never imagined that I would have to pay $14 for some curtain panels and I don’t get it for a week! I called customer service this morning to see if I could have it sent to my local store, but she said that was not an option. I will never order another item from Pottery Barn unless it’s free shipping. I regret my purchase.

  10. I had ordered an item for a baby shower from Pottery Barn Kids online. It said it was back ordered and estimated a March 9 ship date. It’s now March 16, so I called customer service and they had no clue when it would be shipped. A little disappointed in PBK!!

  11. I have always gotten my kids backpacks at pottery barn kids however my son just started kindergarten in mid August and it’s only the beginning of October and his rolling backpack no longer extends out. And he isn’t hard on stuff at all. I’m very disappointed in the quality. When you spend $60 on a backpack you expect it to last at least 6 months.

  12. The Pottery Barn Kids commitment to customer service states:
    “Pottery Barn Kids is dedicated to providing our customers with a superior level of service” I suggest they revisit what that truly means… I have been on hold to speak with a customer service representative for 1 hour and 25 minutes. this is totally unacceptable service. I understand that they might have “unusually long wait times to speak with an agent” but this is totally ridiculous. If I did not order an item that was personalized and cant be cancelled, I would cancel my order and rethink shopping with PBKs ever again! SOOOO DISSAPPOINTED

  13. This is the worst customer service. I have tried 2x to call but gave up after 1/2 hour. Then, as they suggest, I sent 2 emails and they never responded. I called again and after 20 min got through – but then the rep put me on hold and then back in the call loop.

  14. I spent a lovely 10 minutes with one of your customer service representatives (lady) who was very helpful and offered to put a note on my order number and research the issue I was having upon checkout…I called back less than a minute later to confirm I found my $20 off when you spend $100 coupon to be applied to order number: 073247017952 and before I event explained what my issue was the new customer service representative (male) said once the order was placed he couldn’t help me. I went on to explain my issue and ask about help to apply the coupon since the earlier representative said to call back and it wouldn’t be a problem and he insisted after 12-24 hours of placing an order there is nothing he can do. I explained it had been less than 10 minutes and then told him my problem a second time. After wasting 20 minutes of my time he said again, there is nothing I can do for you. I urged him to try the code and when he did he said, “ok you will get $2 off.” I told him it was a $20 off $100 coupon and he said I can’t do anything else.
    I was and AM very shocked at the type of customer service I received over the phone. I shop on your site seasonally and never have an issue- I asked for a supervisor or manager, because I knew he was not representing your company the way I have experienced in the past, and he said to call back tomorrow as if that’s the end of the call. Again I am extremely disappointed that in a matter of minutes the assistance I received for my inquiry was treated as if it was so difficult-he could not be bothered to help me with a resolution. I do not understand why there was a discrepancy in the service I received, but I am utterly disappointed. I love your products, but cannot comfortably purchase anything through your site that is personalized, because now I feel as if I am not going to be treated properly since my item is nonreturnable/nonrefundable.
    Disappointed in Boston

  15. I ordered a monogrammed baby blanket as a gift. When ordering, i checked that it was to be a gift, and expected that it would be nicely boxed. They asked what message I wanted written to the parents of the baby. I assumed it would be on a nice gift enclosure card.
    When the blanket arrived, it was tightly would up and tied with a ribbon. It was in a clear plastic bag, inside the bag that it was shipped in. The satin trim, as well as the blanket, were badly wrinkled from being tied.
    My message to the parents was written in tiny letters at the bottom of a sticky-back packing label. I was very disappointed. This isn’t what I expected from Pottery Barn Kids.

  16. I have spent over 10k with pottery barn in last 2 months
    I have had a terrible experience
    I have spoken to 18 diff people who have told me wrong info every time I call
    I have been promised 3 times that a manager will call me back and I have not been contacted
    I’m waiting on Ava canopy bed
    I’ve been told it’s in New Jersey I have been told there is a hold on the bed because of payment
    I don’t know what’s going on with the furniture and nobody knows the answer
    I need to furnish the rest of my home and don’t want to use pottery barn if this is three type of customer service you have
    Can someone please email me or call me

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