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Contacting Popeyes Customer Service Center

Popeyes is a fast food chicken joint that sells Louisiana chicken. All Popeyes are franchises, so they are independently owned and operated. Each business still has to follow the franchise rules, but customer service is often offered on a store basis, as opposed to a corporate basis. Despite the fact that each franchise is privately owned, the customer contact form on the website allows customers to fill in the address for the location where they ate. There is a good chance the customer service call, letter or email you send will be reported to the Popeyes where you were served. Sometimes customers are contacted directly by the local manager or owner to resolve customer service issues even if the customer contacted corporate about the issue.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can call the Popeyes phone number to reach the hospitality hotline. The hotline can answer questions about Popeyes and record compliments and/or complaints.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-767-3937

Mailing Address

Popeyes corporate office is operated by AFC Enterprises. AFC Enterprises mailing information is listed on the Investor Relations page, not the customer service page.

AFC Enterprises, Inc.400 Perimeter Center TerraceSuite 1000Atlanta, GA 30346

Official Website

Whether you want to learn more about Popeyes locations or contact the customer service department, you can visit the official website at The customer service information you’re looking for is listed on the Contact Us tab, but you’ll only find a contact form and phone number.

Customer Service Email

The customer service contact form for Popeyes is available at This form is available for customers who’ve had trouble at a specific location or who want to contact corporate with a general question. We contacted the customer service department by email to find out how customers can request a refund if the food was just not to their liking. We will add the response from the Popeyes customer service team when it is received.

Our Experience

Our overall experience was better than expected. We called the customer service department hotline, pressed 6 and spoke with a live agent in than 1 minute. We began the conversation asking for information relating to food allergens and if the restaurants have a program in place to avoid cross contamination.

The agent assured us Popeyes has a program in place to avoid cross contamination and has regular visits from the Health Department to ensure compliance. The agent also explained the website features information relating to known food allergens used in the preparation stages of the meals. Popeyes outdid themselves. Did the customer service department WOW you with their level of service? We want to hear your experiences in the comment section below.

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188 Comments on “Contact Popeyes Customer Service
  1. I am sending this complaint against Popeyes on Lobdell Hwy. in Port Allen, La. Store #3787 EVERY single time I’ve ever gone here my order has NEVER ONCE been correct. I learned now to check my order before I drive off since I live 30 minutes away. I observed them messing up orders “purposely” so they can get the “FREE” chicken at the end of closing! They keep a large grey bin where as they mess up orders they take the chicken back & place it in there! ALSO, EVERYTIME I visit this location for dine in I witness large amounts of “FREE FOOD” given away to “CERTAIN” customers without paying! I tried asking for the manager to reprt this.. And was told ..”I’m the manager.” …. Well that goes to show you what kind of manager runs your location at #3787! These “certain” customers can pay for their damn food just like I can! I’ve seen where I stopped to order food on my way to work one’s was 30 minutes-1 hour BEFORE closing and they had BOTH sides of the racks filled with FRESHLY fried chicken & was STILL pulling some from the fryer!!!!!! Why frying SO MUCH if its closing time???…. Other than EMPLOYEES/FAMILY MEMBERS/FRIENDS getting FREE Chicken!! The ONLY reason I go to this location is because it’s convenient for me & on my way home.. I witnessed a guy come in told the girl at the counter what he wanted & reached over the counter got him a super large cup & helped himself to a drink with his 2 large bags of free chicken to go with it!!! I think this is ridiculous!!!!! Something needs to be done!!!

  2. I am a regular customer at one of your Stores.. It has never fell my orders are never done correctly. There still to be a problem. Once I get home I have to go back to the Store because my orders are never right. I have complain to the manager nd they always say please come back. I refuse to go back to the Store 10689. On one occasion I made a complaint and the young lady at the register was so rude that the Manager sent her to the back of the store because of her rude attitude. This is not good Customer Service. I am hoping this situation will be look into.


    Anita Caddell
    3820 1st Avenue east, Apt 4
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 35405

  3. im reporting compliant to Popeyes on Mableton Pkwy in Mableton ga…I call in wanting to know was they hiring when woman I was speaking with on phone bye name of Takeda who saids she was manger was very rude and basically went around answering question asking why I called on sat and said a smart remark and then hungup in my when I call back asking to speak with manager she begain askn why then sayn I’m the manager in rude tune….I have been a costumer since I moved here and have witness rude disrespectful behavior….I will never ever go their again and want to know how can someone that rude to costumers with a bad attitude like her hold dat position…I very upset to hae to go thru that being I’m a very respectful person.

  4. I’m reporting a complaint to the mount holly Popeyes on rout 541 Burlington mount holly road.
    My name is Kyla Duncan ever worked at Popeyes for about a year, I was fired. I filed for unemployment and they denied me. I call the general store manger sunit darji and asked her why I was denied for unemployment she told be because I walk out. Then then I had call employment back and they told me if i had walked out they day i filed for unemployment that i would of been denied then. but that wasnt the case, i called sunita severl times and told her what was goin on in the store , so she told me to go back into the kitchen and do my job so i did ,then the assent manger tammy came back in the kitchen and started yelling at me again, so i called sunita once again and she told me to wate untill she got there so i did , once i walked back in the store tammy stared threting me telling me she was going to trash me and ect.i then told tammy the assent manger about her self and she told me to clock out and go home so i did . ive worked over 40+ hours a week i was even comming to work on my days off and doing everything around the store to make sure the store was ready for inspection and to start the day and i was only making 7.75 and hour. i think i disurve my unemployment because i didnt desurt my job .

  5. I purchased a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit this morning and I couldn’t enjoy it for health reasons. Well there was red ink or dye from the wrapper on it. I decided I may want to eat at home instead from now on.

  6. I had the worst experience at popeyes! the one on pat booker road. They messed up my order. they had us wait 20 minutes for a pie only to tell us they forgot to throw it in the fryer and that it would be another 10 mins. It was the worst experience ever

  7. I was very pleased with a lady by the name of Ashley’s service. she was very friendly, and made me smile. Wow Ashley hope to get service like that every where I go. from the Oroville store.

  8. I recently went to a Popeyes restaurant located on hwy 73 in Geismar La. I purchased a twelve pieces family meal. The cashier was very courteous, but the woman who bagged my ordered was terrible. I did not mind the waiting and being skip over until the cashier remind her of my ordered. What I was upset about was she glance at me and start picking through the chicken. I ended up with three pigeon wings and legs. I took pictures of them to remind me never to go back because of how I was being treated. I did not express or said anything to upset anyone.

  9. The customer service and products provided lead to think that maybe Popeyes should spend more time training and selecting positive management then marinating the CHICKEN for 12/24 hours. Pleasant Hill, Duluth Georgia. You provided extremely poor service and attitude.

  10. The Popeyes in Plaquemine Louisiana is terrible. Orders are never right.chicken was terrible the last time we ordered, which was last week. My husband said never again. The worse was today, dec mother wanted red beans and onion rings. She is a stroke victim and chokes on rice so I ordered large red beans , no rice. When I opened the container to check , the container was half full.i said this is not enough beans for 4:00, I was rudely told 3 scoops is all you get.I had to order a small to get enough beans. When I got home I poured the beans in a measuring cup. It measured 1 cup exactly.. This is sad. Also the onion rings were soft and tasted like flour.i am very disappointed that it had to come to my reporting this matter. Everyone complains. If you can’t do any better you should shut it down!!!!

  11. Hello, I been a supervisor for 5 years, and I been a supervisor for Popeye in NJ. I went to the new store in Middletown ny, that’s the worst experience ever, the girl in the drive thru was rood I ask her to do separate order and she said popeyes is not allowed to do it. I told her I worked for the company and is required for her to follow the program. Then they didn’t give me enough fries literary I counted 10 piece. My biscuit was old , but its required to do a new batch every couple minutes. Chicken was not in temperature, was dry and nasty it was less than 140 degree. Horrible service and I hope cooperate calls me and go threw their temperature log book

  12. 22 minute waited for a $19.07 take out order. Good chicken bad service.

    Store Stroudsburg PA Store number #11154 ordered on 1/31/2014 6:10 PM.

    My prior visit also had very slow service but I thought they should get a second try. Bad idea!
    Never have long wait times at other Popeyes stores. Too bad my home town store is at the bottom of the Popeye service list.

  13. I visited the location @6301 W. Florissant at approx. 7-8pm, as I entered I greeted the cashier that was working drive thru and was quite busy. After she gathered the order she asked me what I wanted and I requested the key for the ladies room, before she could respond, very loudly the “shift leader/manager” says ” you gotta buy something before you can use it…
    I responded okay I would like the new pie, as I was lookn for the display so I could state the exact name of it…she replied, ‘YOU GOTTA BUY SOMETHING” I felt insulted, because she was rude, loud, and not friendly /kind. I had to repeat myself 3-4 times “I would like the strawberry cream cheese pie please” she told the young man that was next to her , ” go up there and ring her up (because as I stated earlier the other young lady that was originally at the window was working the drive thru window as well, she was busy.) he rings me up, gives me my change and attempts to return to what he was doing… I asked may I use the bathroom ? he asked her for her keys … then he walks out to unlock the bathroom door… and mentions to me.. We only have the key to the men bathroom / is that ok? its clean…. I said wow, okay, I really have to use the bathroom so I daont care, and thankyou, he said sure your welcome with a smile! and that was it. I just feel she went out of her way to be rude to me, her demenour was very nonchalaunt. ( could care less)…..

  14. I use to work for a Popeyes off of Madison in Indiana. They have the worst general manager and I was treated horribly. I watched many other employees get many free meals, even on there day off and give free food to there friends. I never received anything similar.Most managers sit around and take advantage of a good worker.I called corporate and they hung up on me. They are the worst company to work for. They treat customers horrible and are mean to there workers.

  15. I am writing this email about an Arlington location in Jacksonville Florida. Today I stopped at this location for something to eat and when I entered the store the dining area was disgusting,someone spilled a drink on the floor and it was never cleaned up. The tables were not cleaned and the floor looked like it had not been mopped in some days. This is not how a dining area should be when you have customers dining in. I also noticed customers were waiting extremely long for their orders. We waited a while but was given a curtesy drink due to the wait. The cashier was very friendly and professional and also took orders quickly. My food was fresh but the only problem I have with this location is the cleanliness within the dining area.

  16. I am a frequent customer of your store in East Brunswick , NJ. My last visit was on Feb 18, 2014. The entrance to the store was full of ice. It had never been tended to. It was nearly impossible to enter store. I was on a cane due to recent surgery and was compelled to leaving but was able to get across on the arm of my husband . It was a treacherous and unsafe path. Also , the personnel there are difficult to understand and cold and impersonal. I have pictures of the entrance to the store but cannot send to u for lack of an email address. This recent situation has made me question returning. Your food is excellent but this lack of responsibility for the safety of your customer makes it questionable.

  17. I had the worst experience on Popeyes 173 Washington ave #11537
    They made me wait for my food for almost 30 min and when they brung
    My food out it was cold and old then the manager didn’t even want to give my money back
    Don’t know how to speak English he is so rude never ever I will visit that store
    Is under new management because I use to loved going there I lived like 25 min away but I still took the drive.
    Hopefully they change the management one of the employee told I is all new managers maybe that’s the problem.

  18. First off I was told by manager at 1301 Broadway ave N Mpls MN that I had to wait a day in advance for 20 piece !!!! Really????!
    Then I go on Popeyes website to complain about it and the site invalidates my email address three times in a row
    The chicken is phenomenal but the 24 hr order wait for just a 20 piece and the dysfunctional website offset the good food.

  19. Popeyes new orleans la was the worst place i have ever been to in my life being it was mardi gras i expected it to be crowed but the staff was very rude we had no where to sit a first then we got a table we needed one more chair we seen an employee was sitting down so found the manger to ask if we could get it he came back and said she was on break so we was like so you dont have a break room he said no we said but we are costumers and costumers come first we told him they would lose money like that he smiled and so no we want being said i will NEVER go back to this dump on canal street again

  20. Could you please open a Popeye’s restaurant in N. Myrtle Beach, SC, as there is space available in this area, and we desperately need one. We live in Little River, which is near-by.

    Thank you,
    William Cameron

  21. We think Popeye’s is the greatest, and tastier than other fried chicken places.

    Thank you,
    William Cameron

  22. Went to Popeye in stroudsberg pa to get the butterfly shrimp combo advertised on tv for 4.99 and was told they had no shrimp and they might get some by the end of the week. I got chicken instead. While eating there 4more people came in for the same thing. We were all disappointed. Whyadvertise it in my area when they dont have it?

  23. I went to your restaurant in Modesto #11637 on Hatch Road . I pulled into the drive thru and there was only two cars before me … It took a total of 27 minutes to get to the window and they told me it would be a little longer to get my order to me I was wanting to get out of the line and leave and I couldn’t even do that I was stuck there and I have never had to wait in a fast food line that long EVER… The food was cold and I asked for a 1-800 # and he said he did not know if they had one or not.. TERRIBLE experience FOOD and service.. I even asked to get some strawberry cream cheese pies and did not have any of those either he said it would be on their next delivery but had NO CLUE as to when that was… Not sure if I want to ever go back.. Just saying…Debra Smee

  24. Recently stopped at your restaurant waited over twenty five minutes for our food. Other customers waited as long as well. There was no carbonation in fountain I’ve. And our food was cold. This is the second restaurant that we have tried and was highly disappointed. Our order cost us almost thirty dollars and this will be the last time we stop at your restaurant. Manager did not Try any compensation

  25. How is it that a franchise for Popeyes won’t accept popeyes coupons or participate in any of the deals offered/advertised? This one is located at the Delaware Travel Center off of interstate 95 in Newark, De


  27. Iam big fan of popeyes usedto stop at least 3timwe a wk at the popeyes on the ny thuway near buffalo ny I now stop at one of you newest popeyes Barrie ontario Canada love your products but I Hate your cutlary forks to flimsley hat to wendys and get afork Ha HA bould be nice if you could up grade your forks on til then i will bring my own thanks for your time in reading this. ” Your Barrie Ont Store is Verry Good “.Randy

  28. Iam big fan of popeyes usedto stop at least 3timwe a wk at the popeyes on the ny thuway near buffalo ny I now stop at one of you newest popeyes Barrie ontario Canada love your products but I Hate your cutlary forks to flimsley hat to wendys and get afork Ha HA bould be nice if you could up grade your forks on til then i will bring my own thanks for your time in reading this. ” Your Barrie Ont Store is Verry Good “.Randy

  29. I have a complaint pertaining to your Popeye’s location in Murfreesboro TN (memorial blvd location). The manager MS. MILLER was very unprofessional, rude and had an attitude problem. I was just exchanging tea that was given to me wrong on TWO occasions: I ordered sweet tea and received unsweetened tea on both occasions. When I returned inside with the two large cups of tea the service was extremely slow and I was overlooked by several employees. But because of this unprofessional uncalled for situation; I WILL NOT be going back to this location in the future. I was treated badly as a paying customer and word of mouth is very hurtful and damaging to a restaurant. Thanks for taking the time to listen and to voice my strongly needed voice.

  30. I hate Popeyes in Gosford Bakersfield I don’t like management that store mannger I don’t like her service her name jyoti she Waring name tag she always miss my oder every time I go she talking on phone when I go home I check my food chicken was bad is sucks I complete also health department I never can go back Popeyes plz change ur management

  31. The Pop Eyes in 2430 Kings Mills Rd in Mason Ohio right off highway 75 used to be our families’ favorite place to stop by and eat. Now it’s changed a lot in terms of service and quality of chicken they make. I had bad experience two times within 2 weeks. Chicken tenders don’t look like Golden brown and juicy any more. Chickens looked and tasted more like beef jerky. The color was like really dark red, the texture was very hard to chew, When you ask sauce to gobble it down they would ask 25 cents. Come on, what’s happening to this place. I don’t mind having a bunch of teenagers to serve me. But it’s really shame the place is going down hill becoming more like rip off place. Needs extreme makeover! Customers are not dumb!

  32. On Tuesday,May 6,2014 at 2:49PM we had lunch at your restaurant. We had two chicken tender dinners (3 )strips, they where horrible more breading then chicken the breading was in globs.

  33. On Monday May 5,2014 Me my mom and grandbaby visited Popeye’s in Jackson ,Tn on North Highland.We started ordering a 3 piece meal deal with fries and a drink for 5.78 which I had ordered the night before at another Popeyes on Vann drive in the same city.I was told by the manager Rhonda that they didn’t have that special nor did the store I claimed to had been to had it and was told if I did get it at the price then I was probably given a favor.My mom went to the general/district manager onsite Jane who told the manager they did have the special but as I went to the counter to retrieve my cup I was told that the drink was not included so I grabbed our cups and was yelled at for strealing in front of other customers by the same manager Rhonda who knew nothing about the special in the first place which led for me to become irate and the manager had words with me and proceeded to go tell the district/general manager.The general/district manager also accused me of stealing as well when I assured her the drinks came with it but she insisted it didnt and continued to be sarcastic and rude to me so I said I would pay for the drinks.The matter got worse and my mom and the general manger had words because my mom was mad how we were being treated so I asked for my money back,As I continued to leave the general/district manager proceeded to keep talking and told us to have a blessed day and I told her to do the same and she returned a statement saying that she hopes my baby don’t….. I did not let her finish and stepped out my character and cursed her out and left.I have never been to a Popeyes ever that had so many rude people.I then in fact went to the Popeyes on Vann Drive where i had previously went the night before to see if maybe I was wrong and NO I WASN’T!!!The drink was included and according to the people there that the general/district manager Jane should have known that.I made a complaint on the 1877 number and so did my mom.My mom made several complaints until the district manager JANE called back Thursday May 8,2014 and informed my mom she could not speak to her boss and that was never going to happen.I’m not sure how this can happen at chain like popeyes and nobody do anything.I love the chicken especially in ALhambra,Ca seasoned to perfection but I want an open apology for being right and being called a thief and my grandbaby was targeted for no reason.SMH

  34. I went through the drive through in Balch Springs Texas, had a terrible experience, filled out a complaint, (twice) only response I got was a hang up call on my cell phone. They did not even leave a name and number,I had to search the reverse # lookup to see who was calling. I will never eat or recommend this place again. They dont have any Customer Service skills or do they care if they get complaints.

  35. My husband went to Popeyes to get some chicken since I am not feeling well. He ordered a three-piece and I had a two-piece dark. Four small spoonfuls and my mashed potatoes and gravy was gone. They barely put enough in there to cover the bottom. The chicken pieces were so small, wasn’t enough to satisfy my grandchildren.And mine was overcooked. He paid $15.16 for almost nothing. Either we should have more food for the money, or a lower price for what we got. The taste was there but that was about it.

  36. Popeyes on government st. In Baton Rouge on 6/16/14 8:05PM ordered an 11 piece meal deal and we received 6 yes six wings and 5 other pieces. The service and attitude at this location has gotten progressively worse in the recent past. Understanding that anyone can have a bad day is one thing, but this location has been getting progressively worse in the recent past. Maybe a sudden unannounced visit by mgt may help resolve some of these rather simple yet ever recurring mistakes. I rarely if ever take the time or effort to complain in order to get someone in trouble, but enough is enough.

  37. Store #1515 In Dallas Tx. Last time there the food wasn’t fresh I had a shrimp po boy sandwich and the shrimp was hard the sandwich fell apart once unwrapped and the fries were cold. The place always smells like the inside of a smelly bathroom , gnats are always flying around the soda station and it has a mildew smell yuck. Been there quite a few times in the past because it’s near my home, but my trip there last Sunday was such a disaster I will not be returning.

  38. Hello,

    I’m from Turkey, Istanbul.
    My 9 years old daughter loves Popeyes.
    We had a bad experience at Popeye’s last friday which in Istinye Park Shopping Mall Istanbul.
    She ordered chicken deluxe menu and after she ate some, she show me what’s inside the bread !! (I attached the picture).
    I showed the restaurant employees it. But saying sorry was the only thing they did !! Of course they paid me back but passed 3 days no one called me…And nothing happened. I’m very sorry and I feel so upset about what happened.

    Thank God my doughter is fine but nobody from Popeye’s cared about this !!
    I hope you will warn them about the importance about “customer happiness” which I’m defınitely not !
    Thank you so much

  39. Good evening. I have had numerous horrific experiences from the Daytona Beach, Florida Store #2300 regarding the rude, unprofessional, and boisterous customer service that I have received ONLY from staff member, GREGORY. Every time, I go through drive-thru, he’s pleasant at the speaker, then his mood completely changes when “I” arrive at the window. I have never disrespected him for him to consistently give only ME horrible customer service. Today, my order was missing an item I paid for. I addressed the issue to GREGORY. Instead of GREGORY apologizing to me for the inconvenience, his exact response to me was, “Ugh, I am NOT dealing with this child today! “, (referring to me). *I’m 25 years old, a long way away from my adolescent years* I was appalled but not surprised based upon his previous rudeness towards me. I have spoken to his manager about his rude manner of handing my food also his overt way of expressing that he does not care for me as a person or as a customer. His manager reassured me that she has spoken to him numerous times regarding my previous complaints but yet, he continues to treat me the same. I feel that GREGORY needs some tough love from upper management. I used to patronize this location 2-3 times per week. Now, thanks to harassment from GREGORY, I only come once every 3 months, to avoid coming to Popeyes hungry & happy and leaving Popeyes upset, confused, and hurt from GREGORY. No customer should ever feel the way GREGORY makes me feel when I leave. Please, can someone, anyone, give GREGORY a customer service training lesson. I’m a huge advocate for establishments providing world-class customer service to each of their customers, especially faithful patrons.

  40. Please do away with your “drive-thru timers”. I had a most unpleasant experience July 29, 2014. Not due to the employees, or the food, but because of unnecessary pressure placed on your employees to focus on that stupid timer, rather than decent service! I placed my order drove to the window, paid and immediately was asked to pull forward… There was no other car in the drive thru but me, so I stayed put. I was then asked again to move forward, and I said, “I don’t understand why, there’s no one behind me”. Unable to justify her request she just shuts the window in my face. The second the drive thru chimed, a manager opens the window and asks me to pull up, and again I said, “why?” She answers with a very annoyed tone and under her breath and says, “because of a drive thru timer, and there is going to be another car in line, she’s taking the order now.” So, I pulled forward to the side door beyond the DT window to wait, and I’ll be damned if another person doesn’t walk all the way outside, not to give me my food, but to again tell me to move further out of the way!” I just handed her my receipt and said just give me my money back because you guys are really stating to really piss me off! I spent the majority of my time at your restaurant being told to get out of the way, when all I simply needed was my order and I would have happily gone away leaving my money with you. It was a simple order, 12 PC. Chicken with fries. Your timer serves NO PURPOSE if everyone is asked to get out of the way rather than be served, so I ask you to please reconsider the timer, and replace it with good service. I’ll take good service over fast service any day. Your menu is unique and suited to good taste, not McDonald’s-like speed. I don’t expect good food at McDonalds and I don’t expect two second service at Popeyes, and there’s a very good reason why. I did notice when I first pulled into this Popeyes that there was a clutter of cars out in front of the drive thru window, yet they were served by the time I pulled around to the window, so service is fine at the Abilene, Tx Ridgemont location, your stupid timer is the only problem! Leave the employees alone to offer go service and get rid of the timer.

  41. My daughter best friend went to the popeye in New Orleans on Claiborne about 8;00 pm and she order and got home there were a pill in her drink she call police and I really think you all need to start drug testing your employee I’m get a lawyer the think that bad that could have been my grandbaby Put it in the law hand now…

  42. i ordered an 11 piece for 11.99,i was not asked if i wanted spicy,i also ordered a large side of mashed and coleslaw,when i got to the window i told the girl i did want spicy.she said ok.when i got home the chicken was not spicy,and the mashed did not have the usual spicy taste.i was very disappointed not getting what i wanted.i did not take it back,i did not have the time.the popeyes is located in eddystone pa on chester pike.

  43. To The Store Manager:
    This Message Is Sent To You, To Inform You, That this Message Has Been Sent To Corporate And Also Emailed, And Will Continue Until The Attitudes And Service Change Tremendously At This 15125 Wallisville Road Location. Wake UP!
    I Visits The 15125 Wallisville Road Houston, Texas 77049 Store: 7310 And The Customer Service Is So Horrible, It Is Ridiculous!!! I Visits This Location Numerous Times A Week, and The Service-Customer Service On Tuesdays Are Horrendous!!!
    This Is The Only Store In Our Neighborhood, And The Attitudes Need Checking At The Door, And Management As Well For Allowing the Ladies In That Store To Have Such BAD Attitudes. All The Ladies In That Store Needs An Attitude Adjustment. I Can’t Believe That We As Adults Go And Spend Our Hard Earned Money At This Food Chain Location, And The Employees Talk To Adults Like We Are Children., They Rolls their Eyes, And Speak To You In Such A Manner, That Makes You Don’t Want To Go Back And Spend Your Money There.
    And OMG If You Ask Anyone Of them For Honey Sauce, Every Week They Say We Are Out Of Honey Sauce, But we Buy Biscuits By The Dozen And When We Ask For Honey Sauce, they Say That They Are Out. My Husband Was Look Right At The Sauce, And The Employee Name Sharon Looked Him In The Face And Said We Are Out Of Honey, But We Are Holding A Dozen Of Biscuits And They Give Nothing.
    This Store #7310 Need A Major Attitude Check/A World Class Customer Service Training.
    Sick Of This Type Of Service,
    Start With Employee Name Sharon.

  44. I am writing you concerning a visit to one of you restaurants today. I like all of your products but i have to tell you that i am a true redneck and not a Cajun but i love Cajun food. Your fish that we had today is just terrible and you definitely need to remove the cajun from the front of the fish due to its terrible taste. You really need to remove the fish totally from your menu before you ruin your good reputation. I know it is not catfish and it has to be some kind of sea fish and if you continue to sell fish on your menu it needs to be Louisiana catfish and advertised as that or no fish at all. This fish may work for up north but i don’t think it ever will here in the south. Just thought i would mention this before you get too far down the road and it comes back to bit you in the you know where. Thanks for your time…Chalie

  45. I live in St Louis County and frequent the Popeye’s locatad at 2877 Target Dr, St Louis, MO. 63136 . The past 3 times I have been there at approx 430 PM, they were out of “Spicy” breasts and legs. Yesterday, it was a 15 minute wait for spicy . Really ? Should’nt the manager ensure that ALL available chicken pieces are ready for purchase, especially during the dinner hour. Even one of the employees stated that “I have never seen it like this before” since I have been here. The customer service was good, however, the selection of chicken is horrible. I will have to reconsider if I ever go back to this particular restaurant.

  46. this the third time I have terriable service at the 48th street restraint in Lincoln when I pulled up to the speaker I was toldit would take an extra 8 min because they were out of mild wings. ok, I pulled ahead and waited 14 min, then a guy came out and said they were out of thighs and it would take another 10 min unless I wanted my money back. then he told me they lost my order. this is

    the worst store ive ever been to anywhere! I love your chicken but your stores suck! I will tell everyone I know to stay away from popeys!!!

  47. I order at least 15 to 20 snacks every Tuesday of the week for our staff at our elementary school in Portsmouth VA. I love the staff and they are a great crew, but I had a bad experience and it needs to be addressed due to me being a valued customer who eat there once a week and the issue that occured was neglience on their behalf and I asked them should I address it on the survey when I take it and the manager insisted I didnt and I didn’t and I would like to address it to the customer service or whomever can assist me with this matter. I was told I could get the order again since they had made such a big mistake with the order and had another issue that was unacceptable and after speaking to the manager they agreed not to accomadate the situation and I would like to speak and get this matter resolved before it result in my collegues and I to never patronage this store ever again after buying 15 to 25 meals for 3 years. I am not out to bash popeyes just want to be heard because I was told they were not going to handle the situation and I said so do U want me to let the customer service know and they said yes so here I am.

  48. Palm Desert on Varner Rd., Chicken is great, service is bad and the managers are horrible. I have been eating Popeye’s for 30 years in Vegas never had a problem and I can honestly tell you, I am appalled how this store is run compared to the Popeye’s in Vegas. I think this Popeye’s needs another Popeye’s as competition in this area and just maybe the Varner store will literally clean up it’s act. The store is dirty, the employees look unclean and unkept. Maybe the employees look that way because the employees and customers have to deal with 120 degree temperature and the store has no A/C. The order is never right!!!! When you have checked your order, as I have done, everything looks correct til you get home 20 minutes later, you bite into your chicken and guess what? Your order was for mild and it is spicy, not that I wouldn’t like spicy my stomach can not handle spicy food. I went back another 20 minutes of driving ask to talk to a manager and he says he packaged the chicken so he knows it’s right. Wrong, that chicken was spicy but did he ever think maybe his employee frying the chicken messed up and put the chicken in the wrong bin? No, not on your life, he treats you like you are wrong, it’s not spicy, excuse me, I’ve been eating Popeye’s chicken before this young man was a twinkle in his fathers eye, I know the difference between mild and spicy. All I can say is, SHAME ON THE CORPORATE OFFICE OF POPEYE’S CHICKEN, allowing this store and it’s owner to be part of a franchise of Popeye’s. Obviously the owner purchased the franchise to put his kids in a business. The owner of this franchise needs to sell to a buyer who cares because this owner does not care. I’m not being petty, I’m telling tonight’s experience only, it is a guessing game everytime I walk in this store, is the order going to be correct? I checked my order before I left, everything on the outside looked correct, never thinking I was given spicy. Tonight, very first time, I actually drove back to get this order correct, I was on the road 80 minutes ordering fast food service. Oh, forgot to mention, the manager never apologized, he acted like he did me a favor. To many bad experiences with this store, I’m over Popeye’s unless a new store opens here in the desert. This is my story and the people I have sent to Popeye’s have theirs and they all have had issues. Slogan for the Varner Store is,”the customer is never right”.

  49. I would like to say i love popeyes chicken the best any day over kfc.. I mad because every popeyes milwaukee,wi ( ARE ALWAYS OUT OF HONEY AND HOT SAUCE AND THE LINES ALWAYS LONG)!!! VERY SAD AND POYEYES ARE NATIONAL WIDE AND MAKING MONEY ON CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Store 11267, workers had the worst attitudes ever. Eating food at counter answering phone and holding money while making food. Offering her son free food ahead of everybody else waiting in line. Trying to charge 11 cents for sauce even though we bought chicken tenders. Everyone in the store at the time with me was complaining . They were rushing us and havinga attitude

  51. I would like to talk with someone about my unplesant dinning experience at the Fairfield store. Thanks. Look forward to hearing from someone.

  52. I am was sitting in drive through at the Central Avenue location I beast Orange Nj I’ve been here since 11:53pm I finally got to order at 12:15Am waited another 15 minutes with slow moving line of cars to get to the windows and the person at the window offered no apologies for the wait or gave any explanation…and to top it off my chicken was COLD.. WOW … this location has given the worst customer service and I never bothered to write any complaints but tonight is just unbelievable….you have competing stores all down this strip and I will take my service elsewhere or find another location. 3 pieces of chicken took me almost 45 minutes to get unfortunately for me I was stuck in between cars so I couldn’t leave .

  53. Was at the Monticello Arkansas popeyes hereing the maneger saying she was tired of theses little bitches was very unprofessional disrespeting the young that work under her I own a small company and I have never in my life heard such disrespect in the20 year I been in business was passing though that area never ever again will I stop there again

  54. The Popeye’s located in Ontario California on the corner of 4th street and Vineyard Ave. is one of the worst places I’ve been to. On four different visits when I have returned home with my order I was missing something from my order. The last straw was my last visit there I asked them to check my order to make sure everything was there they told me it was. I get home and my mash potatoes were missing. I stormed over there pissed off and told them off. Not one person apologized not even the manager he looked at me like he was angry at me. To top it all off I then knew I wasn’t the only one. A lady came in behind me telling them they forgot her thigh and mash potatoes. She was pissed to.I Will never go to this Popeye’s again. Hope they get this message because they’re giving Popeye’s a bad name. Back to KFC for me.

  55. For the last two times we have gone to the Popeyes in Starke, Fl. the fish and shrimp dinners have been too over cooked and were dry and tasteless, we live 10 miles away and it just isn’t right to put food out to the public like that! Can your company PLEASE instruct the employees to PLEASE use the timers and remove food when the bell goes off! there is no excuse to serve dry and over cooked food. When we went they were busy but not slammed and plenty of help behind the counter, we ordered dinners but the cashier tried to charge us for combo’s.I heard the take out person tell someone there would be a 10 min wait for what they ordered??? what are these employees doing??? Last year the food was always great but no more! I will not go back!

  56. Went to the Popeyes in Anchorage on C Street. Waited over an hour for my 16 piece meall half mild/half spicy. They ran out of mild chicken after waiting 30 minutes so asked them to box up everything else and when the mild was done I could grab it and go.. Waited another 30 minutes and my order was still not done or boxed and this time they ran out of spicy. I told them my order had not moved on the line in an hour and was told they had to fill the small orders and could not hold up the line for my order! Really they could not save 16 pieces of chicken for my order! To top it off they ran out of buscuits then tried to short me on the extra side and chicken tenders I paid for. Worst customer service I have ever had and longest wait time. If you want to grab something quick don’t go to Anchorage Popeyes on C Street.

  57. Will never visit your restaurants again after reading about the firing of the manager being fired for being held up.Ridicules!!!

    I ORDERED THE 13 piece of chicken mixed
    Cost $14.06 . Chicken was had been fredhly Cooked very dry like cracklings when you bite into it crumbs & crust fell all over the place. I had this happen to me previously took it back told the mgr I could not eat it he gave me another order that particular nite the chicken was old and dried out overlooked. But last nite it was too late to return the order . The oil needed to be changed. Popeyes chicken is good when prepared correctly.this is disgusting and w the economy the way it is .something should be done about this!!

  59. I have made purchases at your pop eyes chickhen here in the state I live which is Mn. On the back of my receipt it ask you to call and do a survey’ so I did you go thru answer ? By entering prompts you get a code in order to receive a two piece meal chickhen bread when I presented the receipt mind you a free meal on Popeye I was charged $2.68 for the supposedly free according to your popeyetellcom what happen and why was I charged money when the code was written on the back that I was given. That to me is false advertisement on behalf of your company and I am frustrated with a meal on Popeye (FREE) yet I paid out money

  60. today was the second day came to order from here just like yesterday not one person came to the drive thru speaker the first time i left after waiting close to 10 mins but today i waited and still not one person said a thing just as i was pulling up to leave i seen the car in front of me move so i stayed inline get to the window drive thru cashier never looked my way no apologize for me waiting with no response. As i was waiting on my food i notice he was wearing a headset for the drive thru .And with one customer in the line ahead of me , im guessing just didnt want to answer the bell . So i payed $10 for my one combo meal not happpy . If i didnt love your mashed potatoes n gravy i wouldnt even go back

  61. Popeyes on Citrus Blvd in Elmwood,la Ordered 3 piece tender combo. Total was 7.06. Drove around and was told it would 2 mins. After 12 mins I go inside and ask for my money back LADY JUST WALKS AWAY about 5 mins later she comes back with my food and $5.97 She stated she deducted the drink I got earlier. I WILL NEVER AGAIN RETURN TO THAT POPEYES. WORKERS ARE RUDE NO HAIR NETS

  62. Popeyes on Citrus Blvd in Elmwood,la Ordered 3 piece tender combo. Total was 7.06. Drove around and was told it would 2 mins. After 12 mins I go inside and ask for my money back LADY JUST WALKS AWAY about 5 mins later she comes back with my food and $5.97 She stated she deducted the drink I got earlier. I WILL NEVER AGAIN RETURN TO THAT POPEYES. WORKERS ARE RUDE NO HAIR NETS By the way I REFUSED the food Mainly because I didn’t trust them

  63. Your promotion for $4.99 fried shrimp says dries are included. But not at Popeyes 15 th & Chestnut. In Phila Pa. It would be great to include mild and spicy options for the shrimp as well. Too spicy for a sensitive palate.

  64. I did not wanted to write a complaint about your services since i really like your chicken tenders, but you can only take but so many wrong orders (Stafford, VA on the 610). I’ve been to the same facility on numerous occasions and it seems that every single time there is something wrong with my order. The employers are nice but need to get their a little more organized and pay more attention on orders placed.

  65. Hi, Patrick here. A while back the Delta sauce was discontinued at Popeye’s and was wondering if corporate can bring back the suce and if not can you give me the recipe for it??

  66. Aug 28 2015 had bad service in Falling Waters WV Hammonds Mill . 15 min wait with few patrons in store. Complained about it on cust serv site following day . Called to confirm rexiept of c/o .A week later no reply.

    • Thank you for your call. Our family will visit again. Sometimes fresh chicken takes some time. Sorry for any inconvenience to the staff.

  67. Clarksville TN Store has great food, but the employees there are so NASTY. One employee answered her phone RIGHT in drive thru window!!!! Where was the manager?!?! Not only did I wait a while for my food, I also got my food in the most awful way. I have fast food experience, and they say presentation is everything! well not at this store. DISGUSTING if you ask me. DISAPPOINTED HIGHLY!!!! These people need to lose their jobs!

  68. I went to the Popeyes Chicken in Montebello, California on September 10, 2015 at around 7:30 pm. I used the drive thru to place a simple 3 piece combo meal. when I came up to the window, I was told to go park my car and wait for my order because the pieces we’re not ready. I waited in my car for 30 minutes!! I finally got out of my car in disgust to go inside and see what had happened to my order. I showed them my receipt and a female employee nonchalantly looked at it and told me that it was coming up….no apology for the wait mind you! When they finally brought me my food, I told them that they were a very incompetent store and that their management needed to retrain and/or restructure how they run this business. To add insult to injury, when I brought my order home I looked in to see that they forgot my biscuit! I enjoy Popeyes Chicken, but the way they handled my situation was very displeasing and unprofessional. I feel strongly that this issue needs to be addressed or Popeyes will lose more customers in the future.

    Mr. Webb

  69. I’m complaining . I don’t no if this the right page to complained on but here I go, First thing I love to eat at Popeyes. I was there last Saturday 9/6/2015 And I order your Five Dallor Box. N I order 3 stripes to go with. All my food was so cold I was so wasn’t even warm It was horrible .Only thing that was hot was mash popatoes /gravy. The Mac an cheese was over cook. I don’t no wat happen. But I have never complain. But this jus kept bothering me. So for me to complain, It had to not been right. N I’m not a complainer

  70. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am taking the time to inform you that I constantly receive poor customer service at Popeyes #2839, in Silver Spring MD. I work & live in this area. And, I visit Popeyes #2839 at least once a week. And, EACH visit is an unpleasant visit. Today’s visit (09/15/15) was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    The staff is just beyond rude. Julia and Sonya are beyond unprofessional and unfriendly. They are usually holding personal side conversations, practically ignoring the customer. Or, they are not paying attention when the customer is placing their order. And, therefore, the customer receives the wrong items. Julia and Sonya need more customer service training. Their behavior/demeanor/attitude is unacceptable.

    The dining room is ALWAYS too nasty to sit down to enjoy your food. It is ridiculous. I cannot believe this is allowed/tolerated.

    I just wanted to inform someone of how these employees of Popeyes are conducting themselves while supposedly serving the public.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is much appreciated.

  71. I visit your store in San Bernardino new store on highland I was in the drive thru at 10 min. before the order was taken and than there was and additional wait before getting to the window to pay. I got your $5 box with the fries and rice I got no sauce the fries were clod as well as the rice this is very poor customer service I would have e taken it back to the store but I had gotten to far to turn around

  72. After having visited 5 Popeye’s restaurants within the Metro Atlanta area, whom did not charge any Up Charge for the $5.00 Big Box promotion I was abruptly told to read the fine print. After asking for the manager, the service attendant, angrily, repeated their policy and verbally called for the Manager whom was sitting in her personal vehicle parked in the Handicapped Parking spot, head-set on, door open. After the order was placed, the manager came in the store and spoke loudly with the service attendant, “…Just tell ’em, that’s the policy and you’re sorry!!!!” Never speaking with me, sitting dining, other than to ask me my name? Never been treated so rudely in a unit before nor since. Terrible experience! Terrible Unit! Terrible Management team! [2767 Clairmont Rd. Unit #0192]

  73. Asked for the sweet fire sauce or whatever it is called. When I got back to office I had no sauces. I am someone who hardly eats any kind of meat without some kind of sauce on it.

  74. Horrible experience. I went to Popeye’s on Mason Rd in Katy Tx. The big billboard outside saiys Big Box $5. The manager tells me that they are out. Out if what??? Boxes??? No we don’t sell it no more. I adv that I want what’s on the billboard. He again says they are out. Well I’m on my lunch break so my time is limited. I ordered and got the wrong dang on food…. Reall . Now I’m at work with white meat…. That u didn’t order… Ugh…. That location sucks

  75. I placed an order at the Schereville store for a 2 piece spicy white with fries from the drive thru. After they had me pull forward and wait 5 minutes they gave me dark meat. I went back to change it and they gave me the same exact order. I took it back in the store and they simply took the meat out gave me the box back, didn’t put it in the bag nor did they close it. As much as i love your chicken, i will not be frequenting Popeyes for a while.

  76. I want to file a complaint on Popeyes Del Mar in Laredo, TX. First and foremost, I got down to order an 11 piece and the order took almost 40 minutes. The cashier told me that it would be a five minute wait. I asked to speak with the manager and she was unprofessional stating that this are how things are run and that I had two choices, get a refund or wait. The cashier began to argue with me stating that this job was just a part time job and was not his specialty. That he was only here because he had to help his father due to back problems. He said that no one is perfect and appeared upset as if he wanted to fight. I told him that it is his job to provide customer service. The rude manager (female) dark complexion ignored me and just told his employee to calm down. I asked that wanted to file a complaint and the manager turned her back on me. I was irritated with unprofessionallism. This place is crazy. No one knows what they are doing. Managers are not following food handlers codes. They have their hair hanging and dont wear gloves or hair nets. Its disgusting. The restaurant inside was dirty and smoke was evident. This happened yesterday from 8:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The worst customer service ever.

  77. I went to the popeyes at Baseline and 17 in Phx. The girl in charge was African American and we are not. She would not wait on us. She went about acting like she was restocking and this went on and on. Finally a guy working in the back has to come out and wait on us. Unbelievable, she is in charge or working drive they also. She could of said I will be right with you… anything. That is grounds to be fired because it teaches other employees to be doing the same, with her. I hope the guy in the back gets a raise and she gets fired. The date was Oct. 7 2015 at approx. 1:00.

  78. I visited Popeye’s in Redding California some of employees shirts were ripped aprons straps held together with safety pins bathroom was nasty

  79. did not receive what ordered . asked about extra charges not what menu says is price said ticket was right. over charged $1.49 +tax
    October 17,2015 at 18:22

  80. i have a complaint about the service at one of your stores in austin,texas. the store is in north lamar in quail creek area. today-20 oct.15- at approx.140 pm. i ordered two large red beans and rice to go. i got my order and went home,a little over a mile away. when i opened my bag that was inside a large plastic bag. both containers with my food had broken through the bottom. this should have never happened. service like this is beyond poor,poor,poor!

  81. The Popeye’s store located at 9815 North Lamar Austin Texas has the rudest workers I’ve ever seen . Can promise you I will not ever return to that Popeye’s location ever again so that means I won’t be eating Popeye’s for a long time because I just recently moved into that area and that is the costest one toe and I will also publicly let everyone I know and dont know how this location is and not to ever go there

  82. Worst customer service ever. Food took 35 minutes to get, and then it was wrong. I just can’t get over it. And when I mentioned the wait time to the alleged manager she rolled her eyes at me and walked away. What?!? -no comment, nothing. I’ve never been treated so horribly before and then just completely ignored to top it off. I didn’t even want to bring up the fact that they gave me spicy tenders mixed with my mild…burned the crud out of my mouth…had to give it to my husband.

  83. It would be nice to have a Popeyes at the Gardiner, Maine toll Plazas. Maybe walmart or Sam club in Augusta maine. How about the Portland mall.I love the food and so do other people in this area. In order to get Popeyes it is a 2 hour drive away. So having other POPEYES location in maine would be great.THE FOOD IS GOOD AND I LOVE IT. Some people just don’t like spicy food.

  84. Sunday, 29 Nov 2015, 13:38hrs (1:38pm) Popeyes in the BX complex, store # 11948, Server 90006, Check # 6479, price of meal $18.96, 1- 3Pc dinner mild w/ reg coke, 1-Lrg Cajun Fries, I-reg coke. They were not that busy, and after waiting about 10 minutes and after several numbers following mine that were called, I inquired about my order. I was told that I am waiting on the fires. 2-3 mins later I’m called up. I see the 3pc chicken dinner for my daughter three little bags of fries. I asked him where are the Lrg Fires. He looked at me and asked what did I order?… Really, his job is to read the tickets and ensure the order is filled before calling the customer up to retrieve the dinner.

    He told me it would be a bit for the fries. Again, really I was told that a few minutes ago. I was more than a little upset and moved the tray back to him and walked off for a moment, then in 30 seconds I asked the Server at the cash register to get me a Food Court Manager, she seemed puzzled, but said she’d see what she could do. I waited near the employee door. A lady came out stating that she was the supervisor for Popeyes and asked what could she do for me. I quickly explained the situation, she promptly asked if I wanted my money back. I state no, that I wanted what I ordered as my daughter was hungry. She then told me that I was waiting for the chicken, where in the hell did that come from. I’m sorry, but now it’s chicken that I’m waiting on – which I had on the tray with 3 mini bags of fries.

    I went to the back of the waiting line and wasn’t long afterward that I was signaled to the pickup the order again, this time with the 2 lrg fries. I asked for some BBQ sauce and was given two tubs. I had to shake my head, and reminded him that I had a 3 pc combo and 2 lrg fries. Two tubs of BBQ sauce, come on! I asked for 6 total and received them. I got back the table and my daughter notice that she did not have the biscuit. I apologized to my daughter, then explained that I was not going deal with the supervisor or servers.

    I tried to fill out the Popeyes online Guest Experience Survey, but the store number on the receipt (11948) would take. I will email corporate once I have an address to forward this experience.

    This was the first time in over 7 years that I had been to a Popeyes and I am not happy as customer had this visit went down. On the positive side my daughter enjoyed her dinner, minus the Biscuit which at the time of placing the order we were told was part of the combo meal.

  85. Please do not eat at the Popeyes in Hinesville, Georgia one of the cooks is a former convict that sold drugs. The chicken was raw and will not eat at that establishment again.

  86. I ordered a 2 pc platter. Was told not enough change in register for my $100. 3 registers was open. Lot full yet no change. I was told drop had been made.
    Disappointed and Dissatisfied.

  87. I was at your palisades mall location in my and I ordered food. Paid and moved to the right whist they made my food. Across the counter a cockroach runs and hides in the paper order stacks. I did not make a big deal. Because I was with my girlfriend and did not want her to freak out. Just a heads up and a very large yuck! Can’t eat there again.

  88. Today I went to Popeyes in Philadelphia Ms at 12:30 and ordered two orders of Spivey packed wings.they took my order and I was given my total. When I got to the window I was told that it was gonna take two hours for my
    Orders because the chicken was frozen. You would thinkthat with the wings being new on the menu and the lunch rush had just ended they would’ve been more prepared and more professional they never asked if I wanted to place a different order so I went to another restaurant.very displeased.

  89. Id like to voice a complaint about service after 8 pm. At my local popeyes in billings montana. Myself and several of my freinds. Have discussed the dimissined or lack there of a menu after 8 pm. On several occasions you cant order off the menu. The drive thru attendent tells you what you can order which is very limited. Ive personally gone there 12 times after 8 pm and everytime ive ordered what every it may be. There all out of . Usually one or two other items theres never any chicken cheese cake blakened anything is a deffinatly not avaliable mash potatoes red beans and rice just to name a few im stitting here with 3 friends who all have the same complanit

  90. made a complaint on 12/39, but didn’t get a reply back. Was told by the a staff member that she was going to slap me. She even rudely told another customer to hit me.
    Made a complaint about this on 12/30, but didn’t get a reply back.

  91. I have visited Popeyes store at Dulles Town Center Mall, Store # 10987, in Virginia 20101, first of all customer service at location is very poor, all attendant are busy discussing personal problem with each other, if customer is standing to ask a question, they will avoid to have an eye contact, cause they need to answer the question, second if you ask for a glass of water, there is always one answer that our tabs is broken, I wonder how does a restaurant works without water, customer need to go to the adjoining shop to get a glass of water. I guess that they want to push the water sale, this is very cheep trick to sell water.
    I am very disappointed and don’t know if management will take any action or not, but I have seen lot of people were talking about that.
    Nasr Chaudhry

  92. i went on your feedback number and and answer the questions .i just want start off with i really love chicken i can eat it everyday .yall have the best chicken i love it .but yesterday i went in to my richland ms location and spent 29.41 for chicken and sides,i got home and started eat my chicken was so dry and the legs were so small not regular size and the red beans and rice had time made 2;33 on the bottom of the pint.cajun rice had 3;07 time i was there at 17;37 on my ticket ,they are keeping rice too long under the heat lamps someone will get sick. please check in to this .this is how my last two visits have went and very dissappointed but i just though maybe they are having a off day .i also have gone to the pearl ms location and never experienced this .they have great chicken regular size .and everything fresh .yall please check the size i know they are try to cut food cost .but at the end of the day they are going to lose customers.please save my richland ms store .

  93. I have complaint about the level of professionalism and service at the Popeyes on County Line Rd in Jackson,MS. I pulled up to the speaker in my work van to order lunch but no one would come on it after a said Hello 4 different times. Then when I drive up to the window the ratchet woman who came to the window told me that I didn’t stop at the speaker. I told her I had been waiting for about 2 minutes and that the speaker sensor probably didn’t pickup my work van because it has happened like that in the past at other restaurants. She proceeds to argue with me that I didn’t stop and wait and that she had her earpiece in her ear and was now talking to the person in the car behind me then she told me to hold on and closed the door and the women who was working behind the counter started to laugh so I just drove off to keep from losing my cool. This occurs at 2:15 pm on January 22, 2016. There was no one inside the restaurant. Simply Poor customer service.

  94. On Tuesday, 1/25/16, my husband picked up chicken, biscuits and 2 mash potatoes with gravy from your location in Porter Texas. My 20 month old started choking while eating the potatoes. I pulled a piece of plastic out of her throat. Not sure how plastic got into your mash potatoes and gravy but the outcome of this situation could have been a lot different. Safe food needs to be a top priority when you are selling food to people. This was not a safe situation. I have the piece of plastic if anyone is interested in seeing it. Appears that something you serve comes in a plastic bag that has to be cut open.

  95. Just got back from Popeyes in Baker, la. The chicken breast and thighs were very greasy and tasted like they were sitting in oil before it was boxed. If it happens again I guess we won’t be going there anymore.

  96. Went to the Anderson,Indiana store yesterday evening and was very disappointed…..not in the food but the service.

    Went up to the counter to place my order and the girl at the counter was more worried about chatting with the employees in the back and taking my order.

    After about a minute she decided to take my order and then I just ordered a simple combo and she didn’t know the difference between white meat and dark meat.
    After I got my order I went out to the front and there were four napkin holders and they were all empty but yet everybody was still chatting in the back.

    While eating my meal I heard the F word from a male employee twice from the back.

    Very disappointing and not professional at all!!! I sure hope someone rectifies these problems? Food was good…..service was terrible!!!!

    Disappointed Hank!!!

  97. I d [nt leave the barrier island often..but when I do I like a treat! I got 3 chix breast, larege order of fries…came w a biscuit. Got home there were 18 fries! So, the 11.60$ [I give fries .02 value] was for 3 chix breasts?gtk, wont do THAT again

  98. My wife went to store#3159 and ordered 11 piece mixed. She asked for mixed with no thighs. She also had biscuits,red beans and green beans. When she got home she had only wings and legs and no green beans. I called and spoke to the manager on duty. She told me my wife only ordered wings and legs. I’m sure it was an honest misunderstanding but your manager was very rude. She told me we could come get the green beans. I’m in sales and deal with people everyday. I sure hope none of my employees treat our customers how I was treated tonight. My wife told me not to worry about it but I know that customer service or lack of can really bring a company down.

  99. I went to the store at Butler Hill and 55 in south St Louis county. I saw the sign outside for surf and turf with ANY REGULAR SIDE for $4.99. I went in and ordered mine with slaw, and the cashier rang up $5.49. I questioned it, and the cashier and the manager Sam insisted I read the sign wrong, that it was only $4.99 with fries. After I ate I went out to my car and saw that I was LIED to by your cashier and manager. The sign indeed did say surf and turf with any regular side for $4.99. I went back in, and had Sam come out and looked at the sign. He just didn’t get it. He said “well, we always charge more than the sign says”. I pointed out that is ILLEGAL and false advertising. He did refund my lunch, but he just doesn’t get this is illegal, unethical, anti customer and just plain wrong.

  100. It was disappointing that the Popeyes by my house didnt have the butterfly shrimp available last friday at LUNCH time. I had to wait for other cars in front of me to get their food and being hangry didnt help. You would think with lent and all the advertisements the butterfly shrimp would be in stock. Its rare that I complain publicly but was not a happy camper.

  101. The sorter 2711 in Maryland the manager his name is Ron he is attitude unlimited discrimination I thought to buy food from there I was a lien on the Kreesha us commit to come forward forward on this love me you got the other one from the back to help him front of me was no GIFLIX if you was working with giving something like donkey ignore me like that that’s the manager

    • My name is ashraf I am driving by to get some lunch are you stop by to the pope are you Laura Maryland over here I believe the store number 2711 I was in the lien to got my food for me to move forward then so when I move forward as a manager is behind him his name is Ron it’s come to the other guy to come front of me on the sub me to assist him furnace was the works if you was with the given to us give me for something ballistic on the work with him just to

  102. I am sending this email to the district manger of store thats located on hwy 165 north i am a customer that comes there all the time and i monitor and i also eats there after church so on this sunday of march 13 2016 u had a manger that was in there she is a manger that doesnt need to work there because she cuss her employees out dont have no respect for her customers are employees that is not polite to the customers are your employees because u run a bussiness and every single time i come in there it b that same manger that does that on a regular basis she is not the right manger to run a store because she has a real bad attiude and that will run a lot of customers off and would not want to eat there she gives a bad name for your store andu have such great cooks that does they work and cashier and they doesnt need to b treated like that so if u would please look into that matter because that is done on a regular basis by her

  103. I would like to raise a formal complaint about the quality of the product, the size of the product, availability and the general servive we have experienced today at your Bay Ridge, New York location. I have got pictures of my food and the proof of purchase. I am very disappointed with everything that has happened to me while being at your restaurant. Here are some of the issues that we had to face:

    1. 50% of our ordered food was out of stock, we were not informed about it. After paying for our meal we were asked to line up to pick up our food. Only then we were told that bottled water,coleslaw, maccaroni cheese and spicy tender chicken were out of stock. That was more than a half of our purchase.
    2. We have received tab water instead of a bottled water even though we paid for the bottled water. It tasted horribly.I genuinely feel ripped off!
    3. After 10 minutes of waiting for our food we were told that maccarni cheese and spicy chicken tenders were out of stock.
    4. The fries were cold!!!!! !!!!!
    5. After 17 minutes of waiting in the second line, maccaroni cheese magically appeared. Seemed like the saff was not bothered to warm it up. We ordered two, one was full the other was half a size (again I have pictures of it).
    6. The lady serving me, did not bother to ask what sauce I want to have with my chicken, she automatically assumed I don’t want any and typed NO SAUCE on the receipt.
    7. Cherry pie was out of stock too, again I was informed about that after everything was paid for. I was offered to have apple pie instead (I only ordered a cherry pie because Iassumed it’s a new item on your menu).
    8. After complaining to the manager we were told we can’t have our money back, that they can give us replacement meals. Again COLD.

    I understand your chains are busy and it is difficult to manage a busy workplace, however, what I experienced today is unacceptable. Horrible customer service, food out of stock, and cold meals make me feel like I was ripped off and I will deffinitely not be returning to any of your restaurants.

    I worked in different food chains myself, I know what it is like to work in a busy environemnt. As far as I am concerned, clients satisfaction is the most important.

    I am expecting a formal reply from your company and a compensation. I would like to have my money back (£17.40) as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    Natalie Tutak

  104. When are you all going to start doing Wall Street? There are people in this country would love to buy some stocks at your company? Look at McDonalds!

  105. We had bought 16 piece family pack and the chicken was not completely cooked. This should not be acceptable..I took a picture of it as well as the receipt and I will be calling health inspection

  106. The Popeyes store # 4839 is supposed to clo see at 11 PM but when I came into the store at 10:10 PM there was a line and only one staff member working the register the other people were cleaning up to close and when I asked for spicy was told they didn’t have anymore and they tried to push the mild on me I had to complain to get them to cook some more spicy I was told that if that’s what you want don’t argue just cook it and also everytime I come in I would like the onion rings but this store never seems to have them if you never serve them then take them off the menu

  107. terrible food. crummy service & a real stupid website! you guys must think that if you run enough tv commercials, you don’t have to do anything else!

  108. Yes I have a problem with your Dalton Georgia restaurant I am a small restaurant owner in Dalton when your restaurant open we decided to go there for breakfast unaware you do not open for breakfast at the time so me and my husband pull in went to the door and it was locked so we walked next door to Bojangles and we were still in line at Bojangles and a local tow truck hooked to or escalade and was going to tow it away they made us pay 50.00 to drop it I asked them what if this happened to a single mother their reply was they would have to pay $250 to get it out of in pound if she couldn’t afford $50 how do you think she could afford $250 how was she going to get her children to school and to doctors this is very rude of your company they do have signs up saying that they will tow you but you were not open and we were going to eat with you I have never went back to the store and I probably never will I was so upset I posted it on Facebook I had the 50.00 but like I said if I would have been a single mother I would not have had $50 everyone tells us the tow truck company just sits there and waits on people to pull in there The manager said she didn’t agree with it and she didn’t realize that they were doing that but she did nothing to accommodate me you can contact Me at
    I most definitely would not treat my customers this way I like to keep my customers like family

  109. I do not frequent fast food restaurants too often, but I did feel like cooking tonight. I visited a Popeye’s on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN and I only ordered a small side which cost about 2 bucks, but girl at drive-thru window tried to charge me about $6.50. When I confronted her about this, she was not apologetic at all. Also, when I asked for my change…..she replied.” it’s in your bag” and closed the window quickly. Thanks! I will never visit your restaurant again.

  110. I do not frequent fast food restaurants too often, but I did NOT feel like cooking tonight. I visited a Popeye’s on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN and I only ordered a small side which cost about 2 bucks, but girl at drive-thru window tried to charge me about $6.50. When I confronted her about this, she was not apologetic at all. Also, when I asked for my change…..she replied.” it’s in your bag” and closed the window quickly. Thanks! I will never visit your restaurant again.

  111. I go to Popeyes at least twice a month, I love Popeyes and had never had a problem until this last Sunday. I had just got off work and didn’t want to cook, so I went to Popeyes. Two people were walking in when I pulled up, parked went in, two elderly people were eating and the two people were still waiting to be waited on. The lady behind the counter never said a word to them or me. I asked the couple in front of me if she had even said anything to them and they said no. We just stood there watching her and she wasn’t doing anything but talking! When she finally looked at the couple and started to walk to them, they said nevermind and walked out! Then she started talking smack with her co-workers in front of me!!! I guess the older couple ordered an apple pie and she yelled at them that it was ready. She said they better come and get it cause I’m not taking it to them! I just couldn’t believe it. Talk about rude customer service, I was tired and just wanted my food. I ordered 10 piece and got 5 thighs(which nobody likes in my family!), 1breast, and 4 drumsticks(spicey because they didn’t have any mild and I didn’t want to wait. Her name Kendra and somebody needs to teach her customer service, it will be awhile before I go back! This took place in Valdosta, Ga.

  112. i ordered a leg an thigh on tues the thigh was thigh cut in half with a portion of the back witch there was hardly any meat on that piece. When i order a thigh i expect to get a thigh that piece had the small rib on it could have chocked .So quit cheating and give a hole complete thigh an quit cheating the public just to save a buck

  113. My church van with 9 members on our way home stopped at Popeyes at 8:30 pm tonight and was turned away because each of our members wanted their dinners in individual boxes. The rep simply said they would put everyone’s food in 1 bag for us to distribute or to go elsewhere because they were busy inside and out. She appeared to be Mgmnt because her shirt was different than other employees. If This Popeyes at 4570 chambers rd in Denver Co is a reflection of Popeyes hiring practices or lack there of, then unfortunately the company will not be in business for long. We were SHOCKED! She was actually happy we left. I hope Mgmnt takes these matters seriously as its definitely bad business.

  114. Hello, I purchased a 3 piece dark meat; cole slaw, mashed potatoes and biscuit on Wed, 6/1/16, about 10:30pm. I didn’t mind the wait, but my order was wrong. They gave me the 3 dark pieces, but gave me mac n cheese and jalapeno peppers. I brought it to the associate’s attention and she took it back. Once again it was incorrect. She gave me 2 dried out breasts along with the cole slaw and mashed potatoes. The associate wasn’t impolite, but more focus on the orders would have been appreciated. I think that they want to go home and think that customers will not check their orders and do any type of follow-up; hence this email. I spent almost $12 on this meal and it was very unappetizing. You could tell that the chicken had been sitting around. I’d like a credit in the form of a gift certificate or something else comparable. I’d like a reply to this request as soon as possible. Thanks.

  115. I attempted to use your survey system online and after clicking all the boxes and typed my complaint, the site froze. What’s the point in having a online survey, which was not easy to use, if it doesn’t work?

    I visited Store # 10682 on 06/12/16 @ 9:03pm (605 W Craig Road, N Las Vegas, NV) and the experience was awful!!!!

    The wait time to receive the food after ordering, lack of condiments, the flat soda, the dining room being dirty, being out of honey. This is the worst experience I have ever had with Popeye’s in all my years of going. The whole dining room was dirty, looked like no one swept or wiped tables in a long time. The sodas had no carbonation and the mgr said, I believe we have a leak, sorry. There was a lobby of people complaining about food being wrong. And they were out of butter, no straws in the lobby and every table in the dining area was dirty. The people working the back looked like they had no clue what to do and had to keep saying sorry. A guest asked to speak to the manager and she never came back to the counter. With all the issues going on, the counter staff, which were all obviously young should not have had to deal with angry guests. I usually don’t complain, but the issues were too many and so bad, it was upsetting. I spent about 25 minutes waiting for my food and having to go back to the counter for napkins, flatware, condiments that I did ask for. That’s unacceptable. And I shouldn’t have had to pay for soda that wasn’t even drinkable. If this is how your establishment will be run, I will not be visiting it.

    But there was one staff member that handled himself with professionalism and patience even with the guest that were upset. His name was Marcell. He apologized may times, thanks every guest for coming and again apologized for the inconviences they experienced. I even watched him bring food to the table of a family of 5 that had been waiting a long time and their order was wrong when they got it the first time. If all your staff conducted themselves like him and worked as hard as we witnessed, then maybe this location wouldn’t have as many issues as it did.

  116. I’m just like some of these other folks…when a certain deal is advertised and when you show up at lunch or dinner time to order and you get we have none or the chicken is frozen…wow! I expressed that they remove their sign for specials if you can’t produce the food…I’ve been a big popeyes fan but lately it is pretty sorry to always getting the same response…we have none!…you need to do an undercover boss situation and visit these franchises because they are giving popeyes a bad rap…this is a new popeyes located on spencer highway in deer park and its the worst I have ever been to…

  117. I just waited over 45 min at one of your tempe locations for a kids meal and a adult strips meal . I am a chef in a four star resturant and by the standards at our restaurant this is unacceptable and the disrespect when I asked about my order I literally can not see myself returning to Popeyes again after this how dare I be made to feel responsible for the poor execution of their job. It really sucks cause I do really enjoy the food but this experience was about as bad as I have seen if not the worse 45 min+ wait for food really and attitude when I asked for my order by no means is this good customer service p

  118. Well my cousin was an employee at one of the Popeyes in Gulfport Ms to be sure it was the one on Hwy 49 north. Well first of all the management is so poor the GM is so not appreciated of worker she has r had to work for her. She dont give out raises are nothing for her worker. But at the end of her shift and the day manager fixes tons of food and take home. But employess can’t eat free take nothing home. This is the only store that is like this every other store treats their employees with respect and appreciate them. Also Popeyes needs to start drug testing because out of an 100% 95 % do drugs. Who wants drug heads fixing their food. Then the GM is showed with gift from one employee like flower candy purse what special permises is see recieve. Then how are you going to have a manager that only work days but suppose to be a crew leader but other crew leader cant go in the safe count down drawers write people up. This store is really a joke Im so glad my cousin changed careers and the head people knows how she is and does nothing.

  119. I have visited Popeye’s in Houston numerous times and the employees are all very rude. They are not customer service orientated at all. What ever you ask them the answer is always no. On yesterday I was in line about 10 or 15 minutes and asked for a drink due to waiting in line so long. The lady replied emphatically no, everybody has been waiting the same length of time. On other occasions I have asked for different parts of chicken and the answer is always no. There are a bunch of Hispanics working at this location who act as if they own the place and could care less about people. If every would stop going there they would not have a job. Something needs to be done or I will stop going to that location. This is the only Popeyes store that I have encountered these issues.

  120. I have posted my complaint a week ago but don’t see it here so I guess it was not considered noteworthy. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and a Senior Citizen and also a very longtime customer of Popeyes. First in Pensacola , Fl and Now in Raleigh, NC . Or should I say previous customer. The last two trips to the Popeyes on Pinewinds in Raleigh has changed my shopping habits. I have 2 KFC stores and A Bojangles That I drive past to get to this Popeyes but never again. Please read my previous complaint and act on it or you will be closing this store before too long. I, for one will not go there again. Yhank you for your time. A longtime previous customer.

  121. Last Saturday, a friend and I stopped at the Tupelo,MS. location. I usually eat there a couple times a week. Just a couple of people standing waiting for their orders. There was a new Girl, just started, no name tag but found out her name was Kaneshia if I spelled that right. I ordered my stuff. She had just told the lady in front of me they were out of fries. I ordered mashed potatoes, About 5 minits later she told me they were out or mashed potatoes. So turned to my friend who had done sat down and what he want, said fries. I turned and ask if they had fries now. She said “don’t be a smart ass, I can a smart ass if I need to” I didn’t say anything smart at all. Even the lady behind me said she’s got an attitude. I would’ve fired her ass on the spot. I called a guy over who had just said whoa whoa whoa. to her. He didn’t here what she said but he’s the one who gave me her name. I have to deal with the public every day and would’ve never say something like that. I trust if she hasn’t been fired by now she will be by the time I go back in. Cause I will not be back if this is the kind of folks ya’ll want working for you. I know I should’ve done this earlier but I had a friend pass away sunday so didn’t give it any thought till now.

  122. In our area, DC/MD border we have three main problems at popeyes. 1) Intercom insults – popeyes employee either can never read the order back correctly no matter how simple or they are deaf. 2) serving half empty beans and rice/Cajun rice containers. 3) shorting your order, usually stealing your biscuits. Bladensburg Avenue and Eastern Avenue, 7/10/16 8:40 pm rude comedian on the intercom, afraid to let him near my food. Landover Road, Landover MD 9:00 pm immature woman on the intercom, employees kept my biscuits, children pissed. Please do not, I repeat do not give these people 15 dollars per hour. They will not improve and its money wasted. Thanks for putting a popeyes in my neighborhood, but stop hiring these mentally challenged people

  123. My wife and I go to Popeyes at least once a week…great value and never have had either bad chicken or a bad experience. This changed yesterday. We arrived at the Popeyes at 1011 Woodbridge Center Way in Edgewood MD 21040 to pick up lunch for a daysail at 1002 am on the 10th of July. Truth be told we also needed to use the restroom after a two hour drive up from Virginia

    The door was still locked even though it was a bit after 1000. We even checked our cell phones for the time in case my watch was running fast. never the less, it was early and we figured that the clock in the store was off. For the next five minutes we watched as several workers walked by, giving us the eye. Well after 1000 am we watched someone go to the open sign, illuminate it and then come to the door to let us in.

    Hey it was Sunday and we were going boating so it didn’t really upset us at all. However during the purchase process things moved at a snail pace. No good morning, hellos or eye contact at all. I had never experience something like the hostile atmosphere outside of Iraq or Afghanistan and they were shooting at me there!

    I thought I was certainly imaging it but then my wife turned to me and asked if I wanted to leave and I knew that she felt the same hostility.

    As a retired military officer and senior govt manager, its my assessment that your corporation has a significant issue with this particular store. I am notifying your office since I would like to know about this if this was my store.

    Next time we go sailing I will certainly stop by the store again just to give that team another chance however my intent is that if the service does not change then I will take my business to the KFC down the street, which I don’t want to do since I find your chicken to be far superior and atmosphere to be generally friendly and family welcoming.

  124. I went to the Popeyes in Firestone Colorado. I brought my food home and while eating a biscuit found a blond hair baked in to the biscuit. I called and asked to speak to a Manager. The girl on the other end was very rude and would not give me her name or the name of her superior. Her accent was very thick and I asked if there was someone else that could help me. She set the phone down and never came back on. I called the next day and got her again! I told her again that I wanted to speak to someone else as I was having trouble understanding her. She replied “you cant understand me because you are RACISTS”! No, sweetheart, I am Latina and I still can’t understand you!!!! Needless to say, the phone just rings and rings and nobody other than the girl with the attitude answers. I will NOT be going back to POPEYES and will share this story with whoever will listen!

  125. I am concerned that a significant piece of the popeyes legacy is missing. We have always ordered the banana pudding on the side since we were young, and now that its back, my kids are not able to enjoy it as we once did because they are out of stock. I would like to know if puddings will be made available again soon. Thanks.

  126. I was in your store location in Kyle, Texas on Tuesday, July 26th. I was refused a discount for Military Veteran as the clerk told me the 10 piece chicken only orders do NOT get a discount on Tuesdays but everyone else in Popeye’s got a discount! Where is the fairness in this? I will shop at Churches Chicken from now on and they give me a Military Service discount every day of the week if I choose to go that often! Popeye’s needs to change their policy concerning Tuesday discount day for 10 -12 piece chicken only! I will NOT shop at Popeye’s until this is changed and if it is not Churches will be my choice and is for now! Thank you

  127. I would like to request to bring back the spicy boneless chicken nugget meal it was the best thing in 35years that I could remember. It bought me to your restaurant everyday until one day I went for lunch and they said it was only a promotion and it was over. Can you please put this meal as a part of your everyday menu. My husband and I will be a great fan of Popeyes forever. We love your meal and this one was over the top.Thank You for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your hospitality.

    • I ordered a 4 piece chicken and asked the manager to hold the sides. I was getting the chicken to take to my sister as a surprise. Instead of charging for the meal or deducting the price of the side,I was charged for 4
      single pieces of chicken. I love Popeyes chicken over any other and drive 25 – 50 miles each way to buy it. I just thought this was price gouging at its worst. The store is 4mepop15, Interstate 95 rest area in Maine. Thank you for your time.

  128. I just walked into and out of the Popeyes on Hwy 51, Madison, MS. Reason…I walked in and to the counter to order. There were five individuals behind the counter having a conversation and they all saw me but continued with their conversation. The girls with the headphones for drive thru was at the register but she ignored me also. I stood there for a bit longer then just walked out. Will not be back either.

    • I’m here at your store Baton Rouge, LA. At approximately 9:10pm 11/7/2016 iplaced an order in which the customer service person to me it would be a 15 to 30 min wait. I said why, what happen to the chicken. Once I observed what was going on, that store was trying to close early and turning away lots of business with this lie. So they ask did i want to wait, i said yes just to prove a point. You should not make others wait or suffer just so you can leave early. You guys are losing a lot of business. This is sad

  129. Ordered the 12 piece butterfly shrimp bit into the first one was not cooked properly drove back thru the drive thru and got another order. I got to work only had 7 pieces of shrimp. Not sure what’s going on there. I expect better service than that, being that these meals are not that cheap.

  130. I stopped at the Popeyes in capitol trail Newark Delaware; the service was poor, the person in the counter didn’t greet me or treated me with respect. would not be coming back to the same location.

  131. Went to the drive_thru. After 2 minutes of no response, i left. We’re very used to bad service here. From the Carls jr across the street i saw another car go to the drive-thru, wait two minutes and park to order inside. This Popeyes haw a terrible reputation in our neighborhood. We went there hoping to get some good fried chicken. We were disappointed again and will never repeat that mistake. Does the owner make

  132. Hi,

    I wanted to run something by you… there’s several different areas I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

    Would you be open to having a few seasoned consultants I work with briefly get in touch to discuss?

    They’ll conduct an in-depth audit on me when they’re done. (I promise they’ll cover things you definitely have not considered)

    If increased visibility/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/phone number to have them briefly connect.


  133. Today 3/28/2017 @2:00pm I went into store on Lyons Ave Irvington NJ. I am convinced after this experience that has prompted me to make a formal complaint that Popeyes seem to hire the most disrespectful people they can find. The service from the counter person two females. Jalisa the cashier and Kyla Mitchell the server was the worse I have ever seen. Kyla was so upset while making the boxes one would think she
    was being forced to work there no
    manners responding to the customers
    like they are her kids. The cashier was
    no different I said to her “excuse me but
    can you help her make the boxes since
    there is no one else in line waiting to
    place an order” She explodes into don’t
    you see I am talking. Well I am not sure what this franchise allow but this type of behavior is unexceptionable I hope for the owners of this store gets this message and contact me directly. We deserve better than this and I will not eat at another Popeyes again until I here back from someone.

    I told her please stop and go back to what you was doing.

  134. I purchased a 16 piece chicken box that was supposed to INCLUDE 3 large sides an 8 biscuits. i was charged extra for the sides and the biscuits. while speaking to the assistant manager who pointed out under the above information the statement chicken only. i too this to mean that i could purchase the chicken only without the sides or biscuits. I still do!it cost me $34.23 for this order due to the fact that i had to pay @11.00 for the “extra” items. this needs to be made clear, that the 16 piece box “DOES NOT” include the 3 large sides nor the 8 biscuits.

  135. Hi,

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  136. Hi,

    I wanted to run something by you… there’s a few different things I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

    Would you be open to having a few expert consultants I work with quickly get in touch to discuss?

    They’ll conduct a detailed analysis on me when they’re done. (I promise they’ll cover things you definitely have not considered)

    If increased visibility/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/phone number to have them get in touch.

    Ofelia A.

  137. I stopped at Popeye’s on Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville not one so in the store I go in send it to counter and all kinds of employees behind the counter and not one Soul would wait on me and I just walked out left and I even though I like Popeyes food I will never go back

  138. April, Monday 17th. Popeyes North Baldwin 1636 grand Ave.

    I went to the drive through to order the special 10 pieces mix. My son who has a Disability “Autism” like the mix spicy. When I reached home, it was the wrong order. My son had a melt down the flat chicken tenders were all over the ground. I call the store and the lady who answer the phone with a Spanish accent, she asked me the number on the receipt, which I disclose to her. I told her I am going to dumped the chicken and took a picture of it. She said it was ok once I bring the Receipt.
    When I went to the store, she pretended that no one call, I show her the bill then rudely she took my bill ripped it up and threw it away. That was brave and rude, I was very upset with the Lack of no customer service training. No managerial skills, I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. I said to her ten times, I couldn’t believed it, I need my receipt, she ignore me them proceeded to speak “Spanish” to a customer of what going on between me and her that was so unprofessional, she didn’t know that I can also speak and understand Spanish. I turned to her and said I can’t believed you are a manager in my 45 years “You are the worst Customer Service manager for a fast food company “Popeye’s” . I saw under cover Boss and I wish the owners could have seemed the display of dissatisfied service. that store in Baldwin would of closed down. Then she proceeded to call the cops who never came because I was waiting to filed a Report of a woman who claimed to be a manager and threw my bill in the garbage. I realized she didn’t want me to have the receipt because her name or number was on it and she lied to me that It wasn’t her who answered the phone and is she is the one that gave the wrong order. She was very Dishonest, a liar, Worst customer service that I had ever experience in a “service” industry.

  139. hi I went to popeys aug. 16, 2017 order my tenders 2 orders for a friend we then sit down waiting on our order 30min pass 30min more pass I said girl we never got our order lets see what happen we asked them were our order they said we though you got your order I say no we never did she said to the other worker you did not give them ther order she said I though they got it I say no I said just give me my money back and I told her you should want to give us our order free its not our fault we didn’t get our order no in a nasty way I just going to give u your money back while the girl on the register laugh like something was funny poor poor poor customer service some thing need to be done about this are you are sit and read this and laught to. poor poor service shaking my head.

  140. I went to the popeyes on Myatt drive in Nashville Tn.
    They were the rudest people I have ever met. I ordered a five dollar box and wanted dark meat instead of white meat, they said I didn’t have a choice but to get one dark and one white, I said huuh! and the girl slammed the drive thru window shut! It took all I could to not reach and grab her through that little window , even the manager was rude rolling his neck at me like he female or something ! Soo I said i’m going to this right way and put a complaint in before I go to jail about some dam chicken ,ooh they was sooo rude .I demand they get checked about this , because it dn’t cost nothing to be polite and professional. I never had this problem at any other locations.

  141. After a few days of seeing your TV ads for a popcorn chicken meal, I decided that it looked like it was worth $5. I ordered at the drive thru and was charge $6.41 or something like that. I thought that maybe the special was over. I opened the box and pulled out the cole slaw and started eating it. It was terrible, not tangy like cole slaw should be. I noticed I had a container of cocktail sauce, and wondered why no one had asked me which of the sauces I saw on the ad I wanted. Oh, well, my fault, I figured. Then I saw I was missing that cookie that your spokeswoman holds up. That was disappointing. The “chicken” was dry, tough, chewy, and without any flavor. I called the store and spoke with Jeffery, who pulled up my ticket (#33) and said I had gotten the popcorn shrimp. Well, I hadn’t ordered it, and I sure couldn’t tell it was shrimp–like I said, no flavor. Jeffery apologized and offered to replace my order with what I wanted. I told him popcorn chicken, ranch sauce, no slaw (he read the sides and I chose mac and cheese) and asked about the dessert, the cookie, Jeffery didn’t know of any dessert, but offered to throw one in. I told him I would come in this time. I drove back and waited my turn. When the server asked me what I wanted, I explained the situation, and showed her my ticket. She started to replace the popcorn shrimp, and I said, “no, popcorn chicken.” She got the popcorn chicken and some other stuff and handed me the box. I told her I was sorry to do so, but I had to inspect it. One biscuit, popcorn chicken, and two sides? The sides were mashed potatoes and beans. I explained Jeffery was going to have my order ready. She didn’t understand and gave me the mac and cheese. I told her I was promised a dessert and she turned around and grabbed one (it was a fried apple pie–bigger than McD’s but not as good). I got home and realized I didn’t get my sauce. Again, my fault, and it was OK, I had some ranch dressing in the fridge. The chicken was good. The biscuit was still dry, the mac and cheese OK. I spent $6. and some change for a terrible meal and had a mediocre meal substituted for it. In the future, I will spend a little over $5. and KFC for a really great flaky biscuit, three juicy chicken tenders (most of the time, anyway) and the sauce I ask for. To think I complained about the price once makes me ashamed.

  142. Every time I go there they are rude and give me the wrong order! How hard is it to count to 3 pieces? they wANT more MONEY A HOUR,no way!!!! nothing but morons!!!!!! You will never see me again!!!!

  143. I’m making a formal complaint about the popeyes restaurant at 8817 Woodyard Rd. in Clinton, MD. On Oct. 25, 2017, I went into the popeyes to buy dinner on my way home from work. Once I got home, I realized from the gray tint of the chicken, it wasn’t cooked well. I made the 20 minute drive back to the store and asked to speak to a manager. The person on staff named Valerie became very upset that I was making a complaint and requesting to replace my order. She got very loud with me in an crowed store that I was mistaking and fresh chicken should appear that way. As a paying customer, I was very upset that I was being debated instead of being offered a simple solution like an apology, a refund or replacing the order. She placed a new piece of chicken on the counter and said, does this meet your approval. Being in healthcare, I’m very aware of the consequence of consuming food, especially chicken, not well cooked. Popeyes should focus on it’s staff and managers receiving customer service training so customers don’t have to experience conflict and attitude. I sincerely hope this reaches the public so everyone can be aware.

  144. The staff/crew at this Popeye’s location are rude, very loud, and unprofessional. Each time that I visit this location, the managers are always arguing with the staff and even the customers. I will not visit the Vienna, Georgia location again after becoming sick while eating my meal! The food is stale and overall just horrible! My advice to the public is to just keep driving! This location needs an OSHA visit!

  145. The staff/crew at this Popeye’s location are rude, very loud, and unprofessional. Each time that I visit this location, the managers are always arguing with the staff and even the customers. I will not visit the Vienna, Georgia location again after becoming sick while eating my meal! The food is stale and overall just horrible! My advice to the public is to just keep driving!

  146. This complaint is regarding the Popeyes

    Let me start of by saying I LOVE Popeyes ok, but, this location is THE WORST! The only reason I continue to go there is because it’s 5 mins away from work. However, my complaint is, they are ALWAYS OUT OF SOMETHING! I went there 4 different times last week and again on today and was told there is NO SPICY chicken at the moment! WHYYY is this all the time! The service and attitude of the workers are ridiculous! They are rude, combative and unprofessional and need CUSTOMER SERVICE training!

  147. I have been a valuable customer for several years and never experienced the rude aggressive behavior me and my 4 year old son was subjected to. It was awful and very uncaused for. I’m still waiting on the general manager, Carmen to call me back, after she review the incident on video. She has yet to return my call, and will not answer my call to her.


  149. Sucks….actually…..took the staff a long time and 3 credit card tries that were declined and all looking at me like I am trying to get a free meal. Then told me it could be our system…I had no cash and had to leave. This is embarrassing, I can say they don’t hire the smartest and the brightest….I guess they will resell my unclaimed order or throw the food away. If this is a normal practice by this company, not notifying the stores of a system glitch sucks!!!!
    I will not be going back, lost a good customer and will loose many more. But normally large companies don’t care.

  150. Just had my lunch yet again at the Popeye’s on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. The complete lack of customer service is insane…especially when the store manager is working the front with everyone. The lady in front of me waited longer than I did to get her food..a 2pc chicken plate…because they missed her order and then when they found out , just took their time. My order was ready before hers..sort forgot one of my sides, and again with the slow walk. We work on a military base with limited time for lunch. this happens so consistently that I will no longer be eating at the popeyes on base.

  151. 545 pm today 7 30 2018 I want to your natural bridge stor Saint Louis Missouri To get that 10 piece with $20 With to Sides in FOUR biscuits The chicken was Cole and horrible The only thing good was The mashed potatoes I don’t think I’ll be back Because I usually eat churches Chicken

  152. I’m from Chicago visiting family members in phoenix AZ.
    As we head back to R Home, we pass Thur Santa Rosa NM. and Stop for a bite to eat take out (carry out ).
    So i ask the Employee how much for a box of chicken only, one tells me for an 8 pcs. $12.99 i’m looking at the menu and i reply that’s a dinner, i just want chicken only. Then a female person with a red shirt tells me $ 16.99. I let them know im driving and traveling i just want chicken only.NO DINNERS.
    So i say to them pls give me 2 boxes of 8 pcs to go. they charged me total $ 30.66…8 pc chicken was $14.19 each. plus taxes.
    What happen to 12.99?????
    When im home in my town always order a 10 pc for $11.99 sometimes 2 boxes spend at least $20.00. is there ant thing you can do with this outrages Price.

    This is the place i went to Popeye’s # 12448
    2634 historic rt#66 Santa Rosa NM.88432
    Tel: 575-472-3432

  153. I live in Baltimore and the Popeye restaurant is located on Howard st just want to know if the receipe for your chicken changed reason why I ask it doesn’t taste like it used too there’s not much flavor and I was disappointed

  154. While traveling on I-75 in Florida 40 miles from Gainesville, Florida, when I pulled over to Popeyes on the Silver Springs Exit. I went in and ordered the $20 meal and I had to wait 25 minutes for spicy chicken. I ordered 2 sides of red beans and rice. After getting home I found out that I received mashed potatoes. I called the store 5 times during the evening and nobody answered the phone. I called the district manager 2 times -Victoria Desmond and left 2 messages. As of yet has she returned my call. I finally reached Cheryl the manager that took and filled my order and explained the situation and she told me that I would have travel 40 miles back to get the refund or the red beans and rice. I explained to her that I was 40 miles away and she told me that she couldn’t help me. How many other people traveling I-75 who couldn’t come back have they kept their money. I have no confidence in Popeyes and I will never go back to that store again. POPEYES IS A SCAM AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! I called the number to file a complaint and lets see what happens. I will not let this go. I will have to spend $20 in gas to get my $10 refund.

  155. This is the third time I have got chicken at your location on Larkin and Theodore in Joliet, IL. The breasts are so small they look like thighs. Dry and tasteless. I have been to other locations but this one is the worst. Very disappointed, quality has really gone down. What is happening to Popeyes? I went at 4:30 on Wednesday not at closing, the chicken should be fresh an juicy.

  156. Order a 10 piece chicken 5 biscuit and 2 large side order .Took my order home when i open my bag for my side order was suppose to be 2 large size order of red beans, they both were regular size. Called Popeye on Highland Rd. here in Baton Rouge,La. where I place my order and spoke to the manger. He wanted me to go back that night and bring back every thing I had. After spending 20 minutes going there and 20 minutes coming home I told him I did not like making another trip there that all I wanted was one large order of red beans to replace the mistake since I got 2 small one instead. I felt 2 small ones replace one large order. so all I wanted was another 1 large order. when ever I went back that way again. I told him I was too old to be going on the road for another trip for a mistake I did not make.It was getting late and here in Baton Rouge it’s better to be home at dark with all that’s goes on. I just could not make him understand. He said you need to come back with every thing so I can make sure we made the mistake. I wanted to text him a picture of the beans and the receipt but he would not listen to any thing I said. How much does it cost them for 1 container of beans. I was not asking for 2…I was making them a favor by just asking for 1 when ever I went that way again.

  157. I like popeyes chicken,however,I cannot buy
    Popeyes chicken,unless I get your disgusting biscuits ,and a side.If could buy JUST CHICKEN,I would be a regular,but I DONT want the disgusting sides.And I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY JUST CHICKEN.I’ve been eating homemade biscuits for over 50 yrs,made by dozens of different cooks,yours are pathetic.If I could just buy some chicken,I would be happy,but your franchises in Cedar Rapids,won’t sell JUST CHICKEN,they insist I buy some of the pathetic,overly sweet/greasy sides too.Done with Popeyes,and I am not bashfull about sharing my opinion with others.I used to live in CA back in the 80’s,loved Popeyes,just the chicken.My experience here,has left me,and everyone I know,passing on Popeyes.

  158. I visit the Popeyes on Merritt blvd in dundalk md often and it has become terrible as far as cleanliness and customer service. November 18th between 2:30 and 3:00 pm I ordered the #5 with a side of onion rings. Soda was out of coke, no ice and no regular flavor chicken. I waited 35 to 40 minutes for a simple order. It is a shame this joint has become so bad. I come to expect the same from kfc but not Popeyes.

  159. I bought 8 pieces of chicken & fries & 4 biscuits and a lemonade $23.## This was an awful dinner. They gave us half spicy, no-one asked for that was old. They were very slow with 2 or 3 people working. I’m appauled by Popeyes on Wash. Smh

  160. I bought 8 pieces of chicken & fries & 4 biscuits and a lemonade $23.## This was an awful dinner. They gave us half spicy, no-one asked for that was old. They were very slow with 2 or 3 people working. I’m appauled by Popeyes on Wash. Smh

  161. Sad sad sad chicken i bought tonight is half the size it should be its a shame i will not be going back to popeyes ever again .

  162. I was 04/19/2019 in store # 0103-2348 at 16:18 I ordered the Ten Ten Chicken menu and when I got home I live 6 miles from that store when I was looking to eat I had Pop Corn Shrimp

  163. I have visited Popeyes on Oak Spring Rd. Washington, pa on 3 occasions. The first time I ordered chicken strips and mashed potatoes to my surprise the chicken strips were mostly just pieces of breading,very disappointing . The second time I ordered 2 sandwiches, 2 mashed potatoes, the sandwiches had been sitting under heat lamp too long buns and chicken were very hard,I got back in line and waited my turn and ask for fresh only to be told they close at 8pm this was 6pm and they do not make fresh by the manager. She did however get 2 more pieces of chicken put them on cold buns. She was very rude and even shut the window when I tried to complain about the cold buns. The 3ed time and not the first no spoons for mash potatoes, why do you never get a receipt? Three times at this drive thru and 3times unsatisified. The manager is not a people person therefore should not be dealing with the public.get it right drinks need straws and potatoes need spoons and no one wants cold buns.

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