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Contacting Pearson Customer Service Center

Pearson is an education company created about 10 years ago. The company was created with the goal of becoming the largest education company in the world. That goal has not yet been met, but Pearson is a relatively new company and they’ve grown by leaps and bonds over the last decade. According to the company About Us page, Pearson see a need in children and adults; that need means a purpose for the company to continue growing. Recently, Pearson played a part in the merger of Penguin and Random House, two of the leading publishing companies in the world.

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Contact Info:

Contact information for Pearson is available for several of the divisions within the company, including the Pearson Foundation, FT Group, Penguin Group and head office.

Phone Contact Numbers

The most helpful Pearson phone number connects customers with the head office, but if you have issue with one of the other divisions listed, feel free to contact the customer service department for that division.

  • Head Office: 1-212-641-2400
  • Head Office (London): +44 (0) 20-7010-2000
  • FT (Financial Times) Group: 1-212-641-6500
  • Penguin Group: 1-212-366-2000

Mailing Address

Pearson is an international company, which means there is a head office in the US and one outside the US. We’ve included both addresses for your customer service needs.

Pearson Place80 StrandLondon WC2R 0RL


Pearson Inc1330 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10019

Official Website

You can find information on the Pearson learning company at, but there is also a Facebook and Twitter page that updates news and company announcements.



While there is customer service contact information posted on the Pearson site, social media pages are quickly becoming the first choice in customer service. These pages are updating throughout the day with customer service agents dedicated to answering customer comments and inquiries.

Customer Service Email

For customers who want to send an email to the customer service department, there is a contact form listed on the site at The form can be used to contact the US division of Pearson.

Our Experience

Pearson provided a ton of information relating to the company, but one thing was missing, when customers could contact the customer service department. We didn’t have to wait long on hold, approximately 2 minutes, so when the customer service agent answered the call, we asked for the hours of operation. The customer service representative told us the customer service department is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm EST.

The call was quick and to the point. Did Pearson provide the level of customer service you expected? Share your thoughts, both good and bad, with us.

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