Contact Paychex Customer Service

Contacting Paychex Customer Service Center

Paychex is a payroll, tax and human resources company. Small, medium and large businesses can contact Paychex to outsource these services. According to the website, Paychex is trusted by more than a half million businesses.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Paychex customer service information is available for clients and employees. If there is a problem with an employee paycheck and an in-house human resources department is available within the company, contact with that human resources department is important. The human resources department may have more information about the problem or they could have already reported the problem to Paychex for resolution.

Payroll Client Customer Service

  • Online Ledgers: 1-877-456-6317
  • Online Reports: 1-888-246-7500
  • PST 1000 Time Clock Issues: 1-877-234-1851
  • Time/Labor Issues: 1-866-933-3185
  • Human Resources Client Customer Service
  • HR Essentials: 1-877-405-5877
  • Online Employee Access: 1-800-820-5810
  • HR Solutions: 1-800-741-6277
  • Benefits Clients Customer Service
  • 401K/Retirement: 1-800-472-0072
  • FSA: 1-800-472-0072
  • PayChex Employees: 1-877-244-1771
  • PayChex Employers: 1-800-472-0072
  • Benefits Employee Customer Service: 1-877-244-1771
  • Corporate Office: 1-585-385-6666

Mailing Address

Sending a letter to the corporate office about a problem or concern you have with your Paychex account or your employer’s Paychex service should follow the same rules a email contact. Don’t include any personal or financial information in the letter.

PayChex Corporate Office911 Panorama Trail SRochester, NY 14625

Official Website

The official site for Paychex is located at If you are looking for the address or contact information for your local Paychex office, visit and look through the list for the nearest location.

Customer Service Email

The two main Paychex customer service emails are for employers and employees. When in doubt about who to contact or what department should be handling your issue, email contact is the best first contact. Do NOT include your social security number or any personal financial information in the email. Email forms and addresses are not secure and should not be used to pass this information. There is also no way of knowing who may have access to the email on the other end, so protecting yourself is extremely important.

Our Experience

We connected with a live agent in less than 30 seconds. The automated system provided the option for the customer service department and immediately after pressing the correct option, we were speaking with a live agent. We asked if the customer service agent could address what customers should do if their payroll check is short? In particular, contact the customer service department, contact Paychex or both?

The agent recommended starting with the payroll department, but using Paychex as the back-up. The agent stated the company will never turn its back on a customer/client/business. The agent provided comforting words. Did they tell you a similar story? Let us know.

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7 Comments on “Contact Paychex Customer Service
  1. im an employee at kavanaughs irish pub in mt juliet, tn. this is our first pay check, and i signed up for direct deposit and its not in my account. so i need to know if i will get a paper check or will my pay check hit my account at some point today. please please please help me

  2. I need my many back this company got 132 Dollars from my count.please y need my many back I ready cancel my contract

  3. I talked with your FSA a few minutes ago trying to get back/roll over my FSA balance which Wing Lung Bank, my former employer told me there are some choices for me to get back my balance. I cannot get any positive answer except “No”. The balance is withdrawn from my previous pay check, I should be given ways to get it back or roll over to some pre-tax accounts. Please contact with me and let me know. Thanks,
    My phone number: 626-321-3133

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