Contact Onkyo Customer Service

Contacting Onkyo Customer Service Center

Onkyo is an electronics company with websites all over the world. The company is clearly not as popular as Sony, LG or other big names in the US electronics industry, but the products described on the website are on par with these leaders. All of the products sold by Onkyo are dedicated to sound, in some way. Products include Bluetooth speaker systems, amplifiers, CD players and more.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you own an Onkyo product or you’re interesting in purchasing a product but you want to ask a few questions before buying, you can contact the Onkyo customer service team at:

  • Product Support: 1-800-229-1687

The support center is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Customers can also choose to use Skype in place of a traditional phone. You have to schedule an appointment for the Skype call at

Dealers who need to get in contact with Onkyo should call between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Dealer Inquiries: 1-201-785-2600

Mailing Address

The Onkyo US corporate office is located in New Jersey. Customers who wish to write to customer service should use the corporate address.

Onkyo USA Corporation18 Park WayUpper Saddle River, NJ 07458

Official Website

The US website for the Onkyo company is located at The site offers some information on the products and the manufacturer-suggested price, but that price is not likely the same price retailers will place on the product. None of the Onkyo products are available for sale on the official website, but there is a long list of retailers (online and offline) authorized to sell the products. Some of the retailers include Amazon, Tiger Direct, NewEgg and Walmart.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for Onkyo customer service, but there is a contact form located at

Our Experience

The Onkyo customer service line is a little confusing. There is no 1 or 2 on the option list and 4 is described before 3, but we managed to work it out. If you need customer service you can press 3 when the call is answered. Customers calling to order Onkyo products can press 4. If you are calling the Onkyo customer service line for parts or service call 1-201-785-2600.

After figuring out the system, we called back and pressed 3 when the call was answered. The call was placed on hold. The hold message confirmed that customers would need product information for customer service. If you don’t want to wait on hold press * and leave a message for the customer service team. Someone from Onkyo customer service will call back when an agent is available.

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14 Comments on “Contact Onkyo Customer Service
  1. i had a question about an extended warranty for my receiver about two weeks ago and still no responce. could someone help me? thanks thom

  2. Your products are junk!! I bought a receiver of yours a little over two years ago from Amazon. IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL! What absolute garbage! I posted a review of it on Amazon. I also bought a receiver to replace it from Denon. I’m telling all my co-workers and friend to steer clear of your products. They are unreliable!
    William Schulze
    North Springfield, VT 05150

  3. I called and placed an order for a power cord for my TXNR809 on 03/26/2014. I called a week later, today on 04/02/2014, to see when I should expect to see it delivered. The service representative was not friendly and proceeded to tell me that it was just now shipping and that I would get it in another 3-4 business days. No offer of any compensation for the inconvenience. Seems at the least he would have offered to ship it with a little more priority. Now, it is another 3-4 business days and I have no idea if it is US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. I am just really disappointed in the service. I even wonder if it would have shipped if I hadn’t called. It just happened to ship exactly a week later to the day when I call.
    The attitude was what really made me want to write this. Mistakes happen, but not even a sincere apology. Amazon and Costco get a lot of my business because of their customer service.

    I may as well mention the poor phone options to get to the right people. Funny how quickly you get a sales person to answer compared to a service person. 20 minute wait minimum.

    Do I want to consider Onkyo for in the future?

  4. I own a TX-NR809 and now just experienced no sound. There are forums with dozens of other NR809 owners experiencing the same problem but Onkyo refuses to do anything about it. Their website is obscure to say the least as far as getting ahold of anyone. No E-Mail address to write to and no telephone # to call to discuss the problems I have been receiving. It definitely is a problem that many are experiencing after two years. Oh by the way just when your out of warranty. Last Onkyo piece of garbage I will ever own. Pissed off in Austin, MN

    • I agree.. my TX-NR609 had same problem no sound at all. It was purchased 2 yrs ago but I never satisfied with this receiver. I thought this is a plug n play but up to now I never get any sound. A brand new purchased never been use at all.

  5. onkyo is a terrible company,bad products,bad cust.service,horrible attitudes [employees],very rude ,unhelpful,uncaring,you have my money,thats all onkyo cares about,wait 45 minutes only to get hung up on by rude employees,i bought 2 recievers in 2012,and both have needed repairs I spent over one thousand dollars for crap,and onkyo couldn’t care less,again onkyo is a terrible co.and I hope they go out of business



  7. We have an issue with our system, HT-RC-160 – Watching a movie and suddenly sound distoration comming from one tower speaker. The receiver turns itself off and the stanby light is flashing. Please is the something which can be done…
    Other than taking to be repaired??
    Something must have tripped causing this occur.
    If this is the case what are my options to repair
    what am i looking at for cost…..

  8. In December I purchase a Onkyo TX-NR 646 I ben trying to get support on it nobody seem to answer the phone they keep u waiting or they don’t call back.
    they use to a lot better on costumer service. but now they suck.

  9. Hi there,i just bought tn-xr 636 av reciever and I’m totally in love with it.What I like to know is that which speakers are best for it and also use blackberry Z3 I’m searching for the remote app I couldn’t find one.please help me cause I really hate iphone.thank you.

  10. Had a question even before I purchased one of their receivers – The Tech Rep couldn’t have been more knowledgeable or helpful. First class support team!

  11. Had a question I wanted an answer for before I purchased one of their receivers – The Tech Rep was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. First class tech dept.!!

  12. I placed an order for a remote control for my txnr626. Placed on the phone I show it on my MasterCard bill you charged me. Can’t get anyone to answer the phone when I call. Please call me to get this straightened out 318 469 8329.
    Have not received the remote.

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