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Contacting Norton Customer Service Center

Norton is a company that’s all about Internet and computer security. Hackers are highly skilled Internet gurus that use Internet connections to pull personal and financial information from computers in a myriad of ways, including the use of software that collects information without the user knowing. Norton protects customers from these types of software and from harmful viruses that may cause permanent loss of computer hardware and hard drives. The front page of Norton asks the viewer if they are a current customer or a newbie – we’ve looked at both sides of the website. The consumer side is clearly focused on support and information on new products and upgrades. The newbie side is focused more on selling the customer Norton products.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We never found an official customer service phone number for Norton customer support. After searching several minutes online, we compiled a list of user published phone numbers. The ones listed below have been tested and do reach Norton customer service.

  • Verified Norton customer support: 1-800-927-3991
  • 2nd Verified Norton customer support: 1-800-745-6061
  • 3rd Verified Norton customer support: 1-877-294-5265
  • 4th Verified Norton customer support: 1-800-441-7234

It is important to note that many customer service companies offer Norton support, but this support is not from the Norton company. However, the numbers listed above resulted in the same automated response each time we dialed.

Mailing Address

Norton is a Symantec company – thus the corporate contact address for Norton is actually the contact address for Symantec Headquarters.

Norton Worldwide Headquarters
350 Ellis St.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

If you want to access the customer support page and FAQs offered by Norton, use the official website here: This website is for current Norton users and buyers. The website offers Norton downloads, renewals and upgrades – in addition to customer support FAQs. Don’t expect to find any contact information other than the contact form on the Norton website.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for Norton, but there is a contact page on the official support page. This is the only means of support contact listed on the Norton website. All other contact information was collected off-site. You can contact Norton customer service via the contact form here:

Our Experience

We called the Norton customer service line in the USA. We were answered by an automated response. This response was looping if you did not choose an option. After choosing an option, it put us on hold. There was no automated thank-you. There was also looping elevator music during the wait. We waited 12 minutes before a representative answered. The representative had a foreign accent.

Have you bought Norton products? Have you had trouble with their customer service line? Tell us your story.

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195 Comments on “Contact Norton Customer Service
  1. Hi,

    I have Norton antivirus on my laptop.

    In the last few days my subscription has been renewed and money taken out my account for this without me being informed.

    Can you please advise where you got the information for my bank account for this to be processed?

    Stephen McPherson

  2. Hi. This is Clea Fullmer. In February, 2012, I bought Norton Security online. About three months ago my hard drive crashed and I have not had this computer until today. The fellow who fixed my computer said I only had a 3 month free trial with Norton. I called this number 855-894-6602 to see why that is all the time I had and if he could figure out if I still had Norton and could get it on my computer till Feb. again. He asked if he could gain control of my computer with and I agreed, thinking he was looking somewhere in my computer for Norton’s agreement. (Which now I realize he could not because the info from the old hard drive could not be accessed.) He looked at several files in my computer and talked for about 30 min saying pretty much the same thing over and over and over again, which pretty much amounted to there are several errors on my computer, errors will continue to compile unless I have them cleaned up, and this is the price. I asked him again the price, ($169.99). I told him I would have to think about that, but was I covered with Norton at this time. He then launched into more about how Norton Security can only do so much and cannot get rid of the viruses causing the errors he had shown me. I told him I would still need to think about it and get back with him tomorrow. He continued to explain how Norton Security could not get rid of these viruses and that I needed to buy the clean-up plan. I said I just want to know if I was covered by Norton Security still and for how long. He then told me I was covered until February and that it was only the basic plan and I needed to get the clean-up plan. Again I said I needed to think about it and he just hung up on me.
    When I tried to control my mouse, it would only move a bit and then go right back to where it was. This continued for a few min. until I realized there must be some way to disconnect with “Justin”. I found the window, and just as I clicked on it the mouse moved away. Luckily I did get the window up but it took me several tries before I could get it over the X to disconnect with “Justin”. This was NOT a pleasant experience! I am computer illiterate and was thinking I would never be able to disconnect with him. It was about 5 min of shear panic before I finally got the mouse over to disconnect.
    I called back while I was still trying to disconnect with “Justin” and got someone who sounded like “Justin”. But he said he had not talked to me. He checked the records and said there was no record of the conversation. He did leave me on hold for about 3 min or more and when he came back said there was no record. Ok, so now I am lying?
    He asked if he could help me in any way. I asked why “Justin” would first, hang up on me, and second, why “Justin” would still have control of my mouse and not let me have it. He said that if I was not going to buy the plan there was no need to still be on the phone. Ok, but If that was the case, he should have closed the conversation instead of just hanging up on me, which I did not even know he had hung up until I finished what I was saying and there was no answer. He should not have hung up on me!
    I asked why Justin still had control of my computer. The person I was talking to at this time said Justin did not have control of my computer. But every time I tried to move the mouse, it would go back to where it was. Even after disconnecting the conversation I could not get control of the curser. I finally turned the computer off.
    I started the whole process at 9:49 and ended at 10:30. Very disappointed!
    His name was Justin Pathuvilayiz and he did not give Norton a very good sales pitch!
    As you can tell, I am still frustrated and shaky!
    Thank you for your time. Clea Fullmer

  3. On the 24th July you took £39.99 from my halifax credit card without my consent please return my cash at once. I have tried to contact you by phone, this seems to be a con trick in order to run up a telephone bill by keeping clients waiting enormous time. My card is Halifax Platinum 5520 7382 7446 4697 expires 11-13 the reference is 61998172 By the way your so called security has blocked my emails for more than a year

    • Keith — you posted your credit card number AND expiration date on a public website. NOT VERY SMART. Hopefully you changed your account number IMMEDIATELY after posting this back in August.

  4. Can’t download the 193MB on my dial up computer. Can’t get any help from Norton.Computer was on for 2 tries @ 24 hours each time. Can’t get any help from Norton, I’m fed up.

  5. I have Norton Internet Security 2012. I am NOT protected. I have called the technicians 4 times (I’ve been on hold with them over an hour at this time). I have been trying to get rid of the Babylon Toolbar. Each time the technician assured me that it’s gone. It is NOT gone. In fact, in my Sybot S&D search an added infection has been added (Double Click). Yet the Norton Security states that my computer is secure. It obviously is not secure. If nothing can be done to correct this situation, I would like a refund for the “security” along with the technical services, that have not worked.

  6. I purchased a new computer8-24-2012, Norton antivirus was put on the computer the same day. On 8-2. I had to take the computer back to Best Buy( the place I pur hased it, I did not know the problem. It had a virus before I got to even get the computer . Norton should pay me the $60.00, I had to pay for removing virus

  7. After contacting a Norton Customer Rep, he referred me to the number 888-847-8766 which is their competitor!!!!
    That Rep wondered why he referred me to them. Still have no answer to my question. Why did you automatically renew my Norton acct without my permission. And why is the renewal rate TWICE the amount that you would charge new customers????

  8. Would u please put back the monies £44.99p from my santander account, Its an unotherised transaction you have taken… k kelly 22/09/2012

  9. Iv tryed numerous times to phone, this transaction you have taken is unotherised and i want my money returned, the sum of £44.99. back to my account k kelly

    90 acanthus drive 07763680175

  10. you have taken £65 out of my account without my permission….i bought a one year package of you last year for £24 and my card has since expired and i cancelled my norton security yet youu see fit to take almost 3x my previous payment and on my expired card details….im disgusted by your company…three days not and i have had not reply or help from you at all

  11. I called about two days ago and talked to representative about how you did an annual update automatically when clearly I deleted my information from my card on your norton website. I don’t understand how you got my information and did this to me. It was a total of $53.68 that was taken from me and I was told I would get refunded. I have not got refunded and since you didn’t get my consent from taking money from me and doing this automatic annual update when I clearly have 10 months left on my one I originally bought in August of 2012. I am active duty army and I don’t have the money for this which currently overdrafted my card. I really think not only you give me my refund back but pay my $211.00 overdraft charge that has been made since you took money from me without my consent. I have tried calling yesterday and today oct 11 and oct 12. When I first contacted you, I have my reason why I was contacting you and I was put on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and tried calling since that day and have not had anyone respond. I am not only pissed but feel obligated to press charges if I don’t get the refund back and you pay my overdraft charge expecially with the unsatisfactory call that got put on hold and my phone blocked. Please contact me back ASAP.

  12. I called about two days ago and talked to representative about how you did an annual update automatically when clearly I deleted my information from my card on your norton website. I don’t understand how you got my information and did this to me. It was a total of $53.68 that was taken from me and I was told I would get refunded. I have not got refunded and since you didn’t get my consent from taking money from me and doing this automatic annual update when I clearly have 10 months left on my one I originally bought in August of 2012. I am active duty army and I don’t have the money for this which currently overdrafted my card. I really think not only you give me my refund back but pay my $211.00 overdraft charge that has been made since you took money from me without my consent. I have tried calling yesterday and today oct 11 and oct 12. When I first contacted you, I have my reason why I was contacting you and I was put on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and tried calling since that day and have not had anyone respond. I am not only pissed but feel obligated to press charges if I don’t get the refund back and you pay my overdraft charge expecially with the unsatisfactory call that got put on hold and my phone blocked. Please contact me back ASAP. Thank you

  13. TO ANYONE POSTING TO THIS WEBSITE: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT POSTING COMMENTS ON THIS WEBSITE WILL NOT GET YOUR NORTON ISSUES RESOLVED. is not affiliated with Norton, and they do not forward your complaints to anyone. This is simply a search portal for a myriad of products and services. These complaints just sit here and are never acted upon. Also, DO NOT CLICK on any of the hyperlinks at the very top of this page. These are paid results for technical support websites that ARE NOT AFFILIATED with Norton/Symantec, and may charge you hundreds of dollars for assistance that is either free or very low cost through Norton Authorized Support. Many use scareware to show infections that do not exist, claim to be official Norton Support, and charge to install virus scanners and technology that is actually free, like AVG or Windows Defender. The phone numbers listed above are accurate, however, so call 1-800-927-3991, 1-800-745-6061, 1-800-695-0678, etc., for assistance with your issues. You can also access Norton Support via email or LiveChat by visiting One last thing — NEVER post your credit card number and expiration date on a PUBLIC website. This is just asking for trouble.

  14. I ordered Norton also and my computer now says I am not protected. It is good until June 2013. I have not been able to get a Norton customer service person. I have tried to contat them but it is useless. I cannot believe they have such “POOR” Service. It is like they don’t care. They got the money so go fly a kite. Hate this kind of attitude!! Anyone have any suggestions?

  15. norton antivirus is running a scam. its so ironic that the symantec (norton antivirus) the company trying to protect us is actually robbing the customers completely blind. i had bought the norton anitivirus package online at last year and obviously paid with my credit card for $55. however i did not know that they automatically signed me up for the annual automatic subscription , i thought that subscription had somehting to do with the software. their “subscription” meant is pure profit intent. so last month i saw a charge of $85 on my credit card bill from norton . $85 ? how did they have my credit card info? i thought that was a one time charge? i didnt know they had my credit card on file from last year. i certainly did not authorize them to charge my credit card for whatever amount. this is not about the $85 ,. this is about principle. norton knows how to get money from consumers, they obviously know that after 1 year customers will eventually renew the subscription so they figured a way to get automatic renwals and get $$ from unsuspecting consumers. to put it in context, this whole renewal subscription is not a good practice . i had called customer service and resolved this issue. i called the 1-800-927-3991 and we sorted things out. granted i still need norton and i have told them to remove my credit card info. i learned a lesson today. this will not be the end . i also called my credit card company to inform them regarding this issue.

  16. Ihave gotten a different security serve for now so I will not be renewing my norton at least for 6 months if then. Thank you for the service that you gave me and it was very good but I can’t afford it at this time.

  17. I canceled my Norton account because I don’t need two I informed you but you still went ahead and severest account how do I get a refund

  18. I did not renew my Norton Security at the end of last month yetwhen I checked my bank statement the money was taken from my account without my permission. I now need a refund and would appreciate your help in returning my money as soon as possible.

  19. From: Mr Ed
    Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 6:57 PM
    To: Norton
    Subject: Fw: Re Renewal

    I am following up on the email below
    which is now over three months since I last wrote
    and up to now I have had no acknowledgment
    which I fined very good PR at all in fact in it’s worst
    I have encountered so far
    so I ask again for that refund has you or your organisation
    took $99.99 without my consent , which I find a breach
    I don’t know what the laws are in the USA but I am not governed
    by them, has you are a international company and you have abide by the laws
    of that country which you are are taking money from , but you are not doing has far has I can see
    so would be grateful for a refund ASAP
    I do not take these things laying down or kindly and don’t forget the best form
    of advertising is by word of mouth
    so I ask again for you to do the right thing and reimburse me with my $99.99
    and what’s the the point this time demand a replay and stop taking people
    has idiots and taking monies without there consent or notification prior
    I await you quick response with documentation of my refund
    Thanking in in advance
    Mr Ed

    From: Mr Ed
    Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 4:10 PM
    To: Norton
    Subject: Re Renewal

    Hi Guys

    I have just received my Amex account and see there is a charge from yourselves for $99.99 for the annual
    subscription , which I do not recollect having ever sanctioned
    and with that I am asking for a refund back to my Amex and that subscription cancelled post haste
    and would also ask that you email me when this as been done
    many thanks for cooperation in this
    Many Thank
    Mr Ed

  20. The new additional is a rip and especially so without my consent. Once the subscription is up there will be no renewal and that follows a decade of using your product. Nice try but you will only get to screw me once.

  21. “Surprise” Master Card “automatic renewal” charge of $79.99
    has proven impossible by internet or phone to get a refund on. Norton has always been a customer service problem for me and I will not use their security system again, after having been a subscriber for over 10 years.

  22. Querying why two payments were taken from my credit card for my Norton Annual Renewal. 1st in January 2013 for $71.99 USD and the other in February 2013 for $59.99 USD

  23. I just purchassed one year of Norton 360 for 5 pcs of equipment. Upon checking I find the 3 months remaining on 1 PC and 2 months on the other have been stolen away by your accounting principles. IF NOT RE-INSTATED I will have Mastercard cancel the charges for fraud and switch to another brand. Thank you for some consideration

  24. The NORTOn company has double charged me. After I renewed my Norton Account in January 2013 I went and switched off my auto renewal om the Norton account so that my card would not be debited again. However to my unspleasant surprise my card has been debited again in February. My efforts to reach Norton via e-mail and Customer support numbers given have failed. This is a scam.
    Is there a remedy anyone ?

  25. I have a question before I purchase Norton Security? Features say u can hook the system up to, threePC’s. Does this mean I could install it at my home and at the mothers home? Or do the PC’s have to be in the same location?

  26. I have this product on my Windows 8 Hp system, and Norton internet security 2013 is the worse deployment of their line of of security ever released! It embeds files and folders on your system gives them administrative control over and above the computer user even if you are running under your own system administration. furthermore the issues with customer contact are very real! ” I advise everyone to stay away” If you buy a system with this on it have them remove it at the store of purchase… Put a competitor Security suite in it’s place there are better ones out there!!!!!!!!!

  27. In February I signed up for anti-virus free for 30 days. The payment was taken out of my account at that time. I did not get 30 days free. After talking with your employee, he stated that because of the error I would get Norton”s until 9/14. Today I called because I haven’t been able to download Norton’s yet. The lady I talked to told me that I would have to pay 399.00 to fix my computer and be able download Norton’s. She said my computer had errors. What is the problem? Why won’t Norton Internet download to my computer?

  28. I will never purchase a Norton product, very poor customer service. I called today to spend money to renew my subscription. The Tech ran a Diag, and insisted that I should buy a contract for Win 8 that cist as much as my computer. I did software support on Operating systems for 24 years,so I am very familiar with systems, and CUSTOMER SERICE. Think I’ll get me a PC Diag program to check out my system, and run AVS or a free virus checker.

  29. my online account shows that I have 318 days left on my subscription, yet I see a pending charge on my credit card for a renewal..if im charged this fee i will never renew again..

  30. I downloaded Norton 30 day trial as few days ago, with a view to purchasing a full package, as I had some internet connection problems. Norton are now bombarding me with emails every hour. Please, please stop sending me emails. This as convinced me to try another anti virus software programme.

  31. I am NO Computer wiz, but I have Norton 360 installed until 10.7.13. but last week I received a Virus, Scam. underthe heading of Australian Federal Police, the only option to exit the screen was to pay $100.00, which I did not do, I had to take the Computer to be fixed at a cost to me, why question is why was this Scam not picked up by Norton’s and stopped, I contacted the Federal Police who had informed me that they had had 100’s of calls about this matter. is Norton’s doing anything about my matter,
    regards Manfred

  32. I purchased Norton antivirus in 2012 and my computer attacked by virus and I lost all information even my Norton acc no and I COULDN’T USE NORTON ANYMORE. Ireceived a nedbank note stating that deductions were done to renew my antivirus yet am no longer using Norton anymore.Kindly refund me and u have my detailed account.
    use this email also(

  33. Even after multiple warnings, people are still posting on here like they are in contact with Norton… Hilarious! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! THIS IS NOT SYMANTIC!!!!!

  34. Terrible! I waited well over an hour the first timeand thirty minutes the second (minutes apart)!!! All I want in help in disabling NIS for a few minutes so that I can run System Restore. A simple request. I would hate to have to UNINSTALL Norton to use my System Restore! Wouldn’t You?

  35. This is the 3rd time I have had a problem with my computer performance or security and since I have 360 that’s perfect>>>>>>Not””’ this is also the third time your company has asked me to pay for help. Why should I buy your product then pay you more when I have a Problem??? My wife and mother both live with me and do not use Norton. I thought you were the best now I think your a rip off. I bought the computer with Norton in it, bought Norton 360 paid for help twice not this time I am done. I know my account means nothing however helps my frame of mind. Hope I can talk many out of not doing bus with you

  36. AGAIN today Norton initiated a pop-up advertising their products on my PC. These ads are occurring very frequently and are not appreciated. I am really tired of shutting down applications on my PC so that I can turn off these intrusive advertisements. I have purchased Norton products in the past, but if these messages do not stop, I will add Norton to my DO NOT BUY list. McAfee is working just fine thank you. You have my email–please do NOT respond. Just PLEASE leave me alone!

  37. i buy norton product was special offer 24.99 anty virus onlaine but is not activited in my computer i dont now why . please i just need my refund thankyou

  38. after reading these complaints, i am even more convinced that Norton has intentions of defrauding the public. this is the second time i have installed Norton and is the second time hackers have invaded them. firstly through email and now through there own product where the internet security was turned off for some of the security. they will not answer me as to how a hacker could turn these settings off with a reliable security product. if the product is not reliable for me i would like the cost of my notebook back as the hacker allowed to infiltrate, has wiped the partitions and erased everything.

  39. My Norton Security protection will expire Jan-04-2014. I want to buy and pay by Telegrafic-Transfer Pc.1 Norton Security version 2014 cover 3PC. Please inform me your Bank-details for a correct TT-Payment instructions through the Bank.
    Thanks & Regards

  40. The live update on a dial up has become impossible with file sizes of 168 MB. FTP site 268 MB, file ends up corrupt. The live update got to about 80MB and disconnected (this time not the ISP) and now it’s back to a 160 MB update. As if none of the 12 hours of download never existed. This is wrong. This problem need to be fixed. You guys want to neglect the dial up customer, so be it. But, I’ll never be back again, regardless of the connection speeds. Serious, I paid good money. It’s been tolerable up to this last live update. Your tech guy was nice, but the work around was another computer and a high speed connection. In other words, we don’t care about the dial up customer. I like the product. Up to now. Now I’m real unhappy and ready to spread hate and discontent about it. “Fix is not complete” is not compilable with my expectations.

    • Live update revisited, the update file size was manageable. Don’t know what changed, but thanks.

      “Fix is complete”, again thanks.

  41. On Jan. 7,2014 at 2:30 pm I (ann) spoke with a man who said
    $35.31 would be taken off my charge of $63.29 for annual renewal.
    On my VISA statement I just received only $25.31 was credited.
    Please let me know what you plan to do about this. Thank you.

  42. I put Norton virus on my computer Dec 2013. My computer crashed on Feb 2014. I took it to a computer guy and had it fixed. I called to see if Norton could help me get the protection back on my computer. Guess what because I did not have the key number and do not know how to get it I have lost all my money paid for the 2 yr contract. I am writing a let to the Mountain View Ca address and sending them a copy of my credit card charge to prove to them that I did make that purchase. I will never trust the computer to down load another anti virus for me. I live on ss and money is short. This just proves that Norton will gladly take your money but the service does not protect your computer. Very unhappy customer

  43. On Feb 18 I purchased Norton Antivirus now I try to download backup and I can’t I am new At my tablet think I must have downloaded the wrong one Can you help me to correct this Thanks

  44. I discovered that Norton automatically renewed on my credit card without my permission. In addition, their software was not doing anything to protect my computer. Called customer service to discuss and was told there is nothing that can be done and will not get a refund. How can a company charge a person’s credit card without authorization and then refuse to help? Poor, poor customer service.

  45. I would like a full refund of the money taken out of my bank account.As I NEVER AUTHORIZED a renewal. I called my credit card company, and I have filed a dispute! Very poor way to do business! I WILL NEVER USE Norton again! Please expedite my refund ASAP. Very poor PR!

  46. Had trouble loading Norton 360, called the tech line repeatedly over two hours, finally connected with a tech who wanted $100. to load the Norton 360, plus wanted to sell me a $400. service contract. Needless to say, I passed, I’m going for a refund!!!!

  47. Please bear with me as I am 70 and not real smart with tech stuff. I bought Norton Security along with an included Norton Utilities. I have tried several times to download the Utilities, but still done seem able to get it to download. Since I have used Norton for many years now I just saw where on the bill it says windows vista. I haven’t had that in a while or if I did I didn’t know it! I have a new computer now. I have windows8 8 Also 1 user not three. Please help

    • I Just bought a new pc my old pc had Norton on it I do have an acct with orton! how do I retrieve
      my current info it must be on your server my hd blew out & was damaged!
      Thank you
      Mr Robert Walker

  48. just got a new 2014 Norton antivirus when I try to down load it want let my product key in so it want down load help pleas

  49. Worst crooks and liars l have ever met. All they want is money, secondary is custmer service. I will never purchase nor support their software product. They do not deliver what they promise.

  50. Customer service last, profit first. Doesnot deliver what they promise. They will lie when it comes to custmer support in order to get money from you. It is not enought for you to spend money to purchase their software, they want extra$$$$.

  51. Norton Anti Virus attached itself to a new laptop I bought. It was not part of the package I purchased and should not have been on the computer. I bought another virus protection program. After a month I began receiving notices to “renew” Norton and was only given the option to renew or ask to be reminded in a day. This went on for months. I even “uninstalled” the program, and was told I didn’t have permission to do this. I finally got someone on the telephone, who at first wanted personal information as well as remote access to my computer. When I refused I was given a website address to DOWNLOAD a program to uninstall Norton. I wish I had the cash to begin a class action lawsuit. This company is going way beyond any reasonable level of sales pitches and as far as I’m concerned are guilty of invasion of privacy.

  52. You have taken 44.99 from my account 8th May 2014. The renewal was not due until 22nd, which has been cancelled, so please refund the monies.

  53. to who I may concern.i do not want Norton I have not bean able to get on the refund program to cancel my Norton product thank you for your help I live in england

  54. I purchased a renewal Norton 360 package for laptops when I tried to download problems showed up and would not download. So I called got a hold of tech she took control of laptop and deleted several things still NO resolution after 2 hours 13 minutes told her I needed to go had to go to work it was 10pm. She promised me Your company would call me back next Day 7 June between 4-6pm NO call . I called you and was ask a couple questions and put on hold that was 1 hour and 19 minutes ago. Glad I paid by cc because I will challenge the charges and get my money back since you did not provide service I paid for. Also I will post on every blog, facebook and anywhere else I can how I was treated and how hard it was to work with your tech support which I believe must be India they it sounds.

  55. NORTON was causing a problem on my computer, so I called for help. They transferred me to I YOGI for support. They charged me $129.99 for to supports for the year, said I could call back anytime. Tried to pressure me into a $300 support subscription. They did not fix it, instead they came into my computer and it is now stuck in safe mode and unusable! They told me to get a recovery disk and that would take care of it. I called with the disk and was told they could not help unless I paid another $60.00. And tried again to pressure me into a $300 subscription. Now my computer is still stuck in safe mode and I have buy a new computer. I will not ever use I YOGI and will not be renewing Norton when my contract is up!

  56. I had purchases Norton anti virus for a year only by giving my credit card details, but i find that my card is beig debited annuually. Please stop the debit exercise n refund the unauthorised debit back to my credit card account.
    Thank u.

  57. I purchased Norton security plan for my computer in May and I downloaded the program but now it is saying that I only have 5 days left. could you PLEASE fix this problem? Thank you

  58. I was thinking about switching to Norton. I have McAfee and having lots of problems. When I call them they try to get more money from me (I paid my yearly premium). They say but it didn’t cover the issues you are having. They would fix it and quarantee it 30 days for 39.99 or if I paid them 99.99 they would quarantee it for a year or if I paid them 179.99 they would quarantee it for life. What a scam! No one in their company speaks understandable English. They are owned by a company in India. I don’t know what to do.

  59. hi I would like my refund pick back in my longer with Norton is been 106 day.ITS past 5 to 7 working day for refund

  60. i am disappointed at the call and go contact approach ,it seems norton is running away from feedback,i was a longtime customer and was interrested to renewing norton,i am 84 and wanted to know was there a senior citizen discount,why not many offer it as here and there it helps, but nowhere is any info,when all comes down to is trust ,the missing links,dont bother me i wont bother you approach. telephone is personal but also not referable,big point in my decision trust

  61. do you own internet guru in mumbi indea I have isues with more than one protection companie intruding into my computer some protection i have paid for protection but have caused more problems please HELP

  62. I purchased Norton for 1 year and was UNABLE to download it to my computer, I have asked for a refund, but to deaf ears. My attorney will be next if is not repaid to my CREDIT CARD ASAP.

  63. Very valuable insights, the method you mention can indeed be very effective if applied consistently, keep it up, thx for sharing……

  64. Have had an amount taken out of my bank account, obviously for my 2 year contract, is this automatically set up on my computer, as I have not received any information re this.

    Thanking you.
    Carmel Hill

  65. Thank you so much for helping me solve my security problems.
    I know now-a-days that we just can’t afford not to have assurance
    of protection for our everyday functions. Thank You!

  66. Charged 10/7/14 Norton antivirus NP1125345343 $53.11 (3WDEOV68T) Told could not download because computer was compromised. Want me too buy network protection for $199.99. Cant afford it. Please void $53.11 from my charge account.

  67. I was shocked to find that Norton had renewed my subscription for another year and I knew nothing about it. Norton was put onto my laptop and our main PC by the people where we bought the computers. Wrote and told them that I wanted this charge for renewal taken off my credit card and I will continue going to the place of purchase. We had the Norton for three computers and now my laptop is the only one covered. Then you call these people and can’t understand a word they are saying and the guy kept wanting to talk to me and not my husband as he was trying to sell us more stuff. I was busy and my husband kept up with the call and the guy wouldn’t let up about buying stuff. My husband finally hung up on him. Am thinking of changing my antivirus protection to another company. Am so tired of talking to people I can’t understand.

  68. Your Numbers 7kp2uk54dc Restore the way my compurter was. No this is the first time I wrote. Notice the 74th in line not listed again Please tell me your phone number or someone I can talk to

  69. Norton “eraser” was to take out all harmful programs. Instead it took out 90% of my programs with all its data. I cannot get someone from the US to talk to me. I want my computer repaired by Norton, then cancel the program and send me a refund. Never again will I purchase Norton, and I will tell all my computer friends about my experience. I cannot even understand their representatives from India. What a waste of time.

  70. My Norton’s 360 has expired a few days ago. I’ve been debating whether to renew my subscription with Norton or try another Internet security company.

    After the expiry date I thought I’Il run a full scan on my PC; to my horror every function was disabled except liveupdate! I’ve paid for this product and I’m believe that I should be able to use some functions even thou it maybe out off date.

    The worse part is that it disabled the firewall! If your company has such bright programmer’s that can disable some functionality,they also should be able to re-intiate Windows firewall.

  71. about a week ago i bought a new norton 360. how can i know if my purchase will be activated? i only have 17 day left om my current norton 360. do not want to be without norton protection! thanks.

  72. on jan 4 I sent a payment with my credit card for Norton for the new year I can not find a records for payment anywhere I got no email ibeen working on this for three days I am 87years and I need help I have called help numbers and know was helpful someone said I may have siged up on sysantec

  73. i have liked your security until now. has got into my pc. It slows pc and i cant get it off. i tried what was supposed to be a free fix of yours spy something. yes it scanded and what ever.then you try to charge 39.00.i started uninstalling then you tried to charge less. ask.con is a publisher of yours. get off my pc or when time comes to renew i willnot renew my prescription. like i said i have bee satisfied until now. your choice. if not taken care of plenty of people will know.

  74. okay, here is what happen. near the end of last year the wife and I bought anti-virus for our two lap tops. well, her lap top is no longer able to perform like it should. when we bought the Norton product, it stated that it could handle up to five devices. all we wanted to do was just remove the Norton product from her old lap top and put it on the new one. John, the tech told us that we could not do that and that we would have to buy an up dated one. I looked on line and found where it said what I have stated. when the old one stops you can transfer to the new one with out any problem. but he was saying that was impossible to do and it could not be done. our contract doesn’t run out until this July 2015. so, who is right, the company or john. could you let us know which one is really right. there is no need to buy another while this one is still good for 5 more months.

    thank you, Robert

  75. I am attempting to renew my Norton Anti-Virus, but I’m running into some problems. First, a message from Norton saying my web page for completing the transaction is not secure, but gives no advise on where I should go, and second, I am using a prepaid visa card. Norton is requiring information that does not come with a prepaid card. Is any one else having this issues. I will wait a little while for responses. I will have virus protection today, if not Norton then I will go else where for protection. It is looking more and more like This is where I need to go anyway.

  76. Dear Norton, Please cancel my Norton subscription effective emidiately. My reference number; *Ap1130188336 Gb I will look forward for quick response is much appreciated. Kind regards, M. Valverde.

  77. I have wasted many Hrs trying to see why Norton 360 slows down my XP system. Just opening files takes a long long time.
    I’ve tried every suggestion on the Nortons site to no avail… IT JUST SLOWWWWWS DOWN MY COMPUTER !!!!
    The live chat agent response to me was not lets try to fix the problem but instead you need to upgrade from XP.. I dont remember them telling me that when I purchased NORTON 360
    I also have a newer pentium 5 machine running windows 7 and guess what mr chat agent its slowwww there as well… PLS dont ask me to renew ever again!!!!!
    Norton get yourself better chat agents!!!

  78. Hi i had norton360 premier last year my son remove it you guys took money out of my bank account monday 23, 2015. of 79.99 and their was no money to cover it and the bank charge me 35.00. I had my card changed. I did not give norton permission if i don,t get my back i will prest chargest.

  79. I have contacted you several times relating to my Norton Account with you and am getting no satisfaction for my problem–as you continuing to over bill me for your service.
    To start with–I am 87 years old and only want to renew my account a year at a time.
    Last Oct. my account came up for renewal and I ask to have it renewed–using my credit card number like I always have.
    I sent a check to my credit card company right away for your charge with check number 1262 on 10-9-14.
    In Feb. 0f 1915 I got a notice that I owed my credit card for your services–plus late fee.
    I called your number and got a man in India [try to explain to a MAN in India by a WOMAN in the U.S. what is wrong with your bookkeeping]!!!!
    I finally sent an e-mail to you and got everything straighten out, that I didn’t owe for any more service from you. Then I get a notice from my credit card company on 3-27-15 that you have charged my credit card AGAIN. When I looked up my account with you on my computer, it said I have a paid up account with you until 2017.
    As I stated at the beginning of this e-mail, I only want to renew one year at a time!!!!
    Would you PLEASE correct your account with my credit card AGAIN and for the LAST time. Marian Stevenson

  80. I am so tired of having to download Intelligent Updater for error 8920,212. I have to do this at least twice a week. Do not have time to sit in front of the computer as the Updater sometimes freezes up. This has been happening quite often. Looks like you would have corrected this issue by now. I am really getting frustrated with this program and I have had it for years.

  81. I n feb 2015 I got an email to renew my 360 which I did you charded my credit card on Feb.16 th $96.28 I got a comformation that I had Norton:s 360 now in april 2015 I have an email I am not covered so tell me why not for about 28 days I want to know why you charged my credit card if now I have no covers

  82. Please explain why and what for you have withdrawn $99.99 on Wednesday 29/04/2010 from my account,I expect a valid answer from you directly.

  83. I have been a loyal Norton customer for years. I always get the multiple device plan but can no longer do that. One of the computers kept getting the error message: 8504, 104. Multiple attempts to uninstall and re-install the software failed. Remote control by Norton on 2 separate occasions failed to resolve this error. I finally had to give it up and get other anti-virus software. I had to forfeit 146 days on the subscription. This is how you lose a customer. When the other computers on the account need renewal I will go elsewhere.

  84. I also have a problem with morton I wanted to renew and made a mistake so rang up right away and had aword with some one and he said it looked like I had order twice asked him to cancel he said yes told me it was cancelled and talked me into another one but the bank would not let me get more out it was a good job they did as it would have cost me well over £200 for one year so could refund me £54 pounds as that is what I was willing to pay if l don’t get satifaction I will never have Norton again Mrs Joan Hewitt

  85. ref 21085625 Since 3/12/15 my computer has been infected after Rohit Gupta signed off. I could not access the for 3 weeks. Responded to surveys with no feed back on issue

    • Your service suck Lost Office 2013, lexmark access, lost and unable to download 8.1.lost norton for 3 weeks. now it take 1.15 hours to get on the internet. It downloads 1 to 43 updates,configured updates then notifies that configure failed must revert configuration.


  87. starting in dec 2012 I have started to use my pc.i had all the security installed.two yrs. ago I had horrible experiences with Norton’s noncoverage. I came to believe when they can do a remote access of my pc I also think they can set up my pc to crash, then I have to get back to Norton and pay to have something fixed. on june 5 2015 my pc started to sound a alarm, a page covered Norton’s info and the page stated to call a 800# I was told these people are contracted by people acc ociated with my pc , I tried to call Norton but it was after normal hrs. I paid $200 to fix the problem now I can’t get my money back.

  88. I had installed norton security 3yrs ago I have unpleasant experiences with Indian they setup my pc to crash please I went USA norton rep not in India.

  89. Hi,

    I am not receiving your emails to re-set my password. Someone was supposed to call me regarding my case and did not. Can you please advise if you can put an alternate email on the account for me, so that I can re-set my password? I am concerned that my emails are going elsewhere and someone may have access to my account. Its been three days now.

  90. I am requesting that norton cancel our subscription immediately . We (Timothy LaFortune) and I paid you 89.00 for your product. You stole our money and shut down the product . Our computer is infected and at a repair shop costing us money to be fixed. I again am requesting norton to cancel our account and not. I repeat not take any money from our checking account at renewal or I will contact the better business bureau. Please refund us our money by mail. If funds are taken from our account at renewal we will seek legal action

  91. I responded to your alert to renew subscription that I did not want it. I received and email that it has been renewed. Please cancel that renewal. If I do not hear that it is cancelled, I shall call my credit card company and stop payment.

  92. Norton sucks. Do not be sucked in by them. Do not be cheated. I paid for one year of Norton protection in May 2015 (to May 2016.) I have recently been told by Microsoft and by Norton (both by outsourcing in India) that I do not have any Norton protection. Now, I have to pay almost $200 to Microsoft before I can get real Norton protection. Don’t be fooled. Norton is a scam. They took my (almost $50) and I have nothing. Try anyone else.

  93. I have been cheated by Norton. I paid (May, 2015) for one year of Norton security protection for my computer (to May, 2016.) I have NO PROTECTION from Norton. Norton and Microsoft both told me (with outsourcing calls from India) that I have NO PROTECTION. I have been scammed. Norton has my almost $50. I have nothing. Try any other company….any other company.

  94. I have tried numerous times since spring, yeah Spring, now its fall. I was informed Norton Protection Plan which is auto take out without customers knowledge that there system let thru , spyware, virus that took my system down for two days!
    No I’m ready for round three with them and I will not give up until this company reimburses customers who may be having same issues.09/25/2015

  95. My Norton Internet Security was automatically renewed on June 7 2015 I was
    charged £49.99. And on the 9 October 2015 it said my subscription had expired and it cost another £19.99 for one year obliviously it has not been updated, could you rectify the problem or else I will be getting the same thing next year.
    Thank You Peter

  96. Can’t renew my subscription online (£29.99) as I get a blank page. Rang the helpline and was told it’ll be £59.99!
    If Norton doesn’t want my business, there are plenty of other companies that do. It’s a pain in the backside to have to upgrade all my devices to another package, but I don’t get the feeling that Norton values my business one little bit. Norton, if you’re serious about keeping me as a customer, please get in touch.

  97. For many years I have relied on Norton. The security always arrived with whatever computer was bought.
    Recently, unrequested by me, my computer changed from Windows 7 or8 to windows 10. The side effects of this were that my Norton disappeared and my computer is unprotected.
    What do I have to do to get it back.

  98. What a set of crooks Norton is, there is no email address to contact them. They never answer the phone. Always in a queue… I want £49.99 refunding to my account that you took with no authorisation.. I have never had a product with you but bought security for a friend last year.. Norton has automatically taken money from my account without sending email to check for authorisation.. I shall take this matter further… Absolutely disgusted with the Company

  99. I have again tried contacting Norton today. Have rung up 4 times, always in queue always left on hold and never get to speak to anyone… Does anybody have a contact number please to actually speak with. Customer services advisor..

  100. On October,2, 2015 you took 98$ from my account for automatic renewal of Norton antivirus without telling me and this not legal. So Please refund this amount to my account as soon as possible and cancel the renewal.

  101. I am an author, published by Today I am advised that people attempting to buy my book on line, and who have Norton’s security of their computers, are being told by you that this is a ‘dangerous site’!
    God knows how many sales you are costing me!
    Xlibris say that you are the only security company saying this and you need to update your information. Please do so as I am sure I am not the only author being inconvenienced by this rubbish!!

  102. I called you this last spring and asked to have Norton removed from my computer …because I am now an ‘Old 81 yo Lady’ who can’t remember how to do much on a computer!! **The response on that call said I could not remove Norton and receive return funds, within the year!! SO, please let me know that you WILL NOT CHARGE MY VISA CARD FOR ANOTHER CHARGE and have cancelled the charge for future. I am now paying a technical man to come help me if I get stuck on the computer .. a little bit!! ..and I don’t need Norton cause I don’t have a clue how to use you!!

  103. On the 29th September, 2015 you charged me (Gina Clarke 18 Sheraton Park, Christ Church Bridgetown, BB15090 Barbados – MasterCard ending 4289) for Norton subscriptions* NP238140554 US$35.99 which was Norton Antivirus one year protection for one PC with product key VWBXDG4KF8GY9M9PH9CFPX74B this has not been activated.
    You also charged on the same date for Norton Subscription *AP1163370615 for $35.99 with product key VGYJD4B6WHD3P4JX93TFB6FG9. This has been activated. We only have one pc, that means we have been charged twice for the same antivirus software.

    Would you please credit the MasterCard ending 4289 with $35.99 for the antivirus software that has not been activated.

    Please reply as soon as possible

    Gina Clarke

  104. Sir this is my 4th attempt to reload my anti-virus product under warranty!I fail to understand why different executive is asking the same Q on chat to verify my purchase instead of solving a simple problem? MY case no:24984029 Kindly send Norton URL to download&install my product undr warranty

  105. ref:5095899
    I dont’ think I will use Norton again.Whenever your reps take control of my computer to fix a problem, something else is disconnected. Now when I send an email, they have disabled the “thing” that allows me to retrieve my email friends when sending them an email. Before if I was sending to “blue eyes” for example, I would type in b and the b’s would come up. Now it doesn’t and I have to remember every email address I have. What did you disconnect. Your rep told me they are not equipped to take care of this. Well you messed it up, I think you should fix it.

    • I paid for Norton 2 year package but a message on my laptop is stii saying I need to buy it to have protection.

  106. I bought your program by email offer. Did not receive a serial number, only order number, and therefore impossible to download. NP1170833468. Please provide product serial number and download instructions. Otherwise, cancel order and refund money.


  108. I was not at all impressed with the customer service I received on the 11 2016 all I want you to acknowledge that you will cancel my subscription to norton as l no longer have the computer l would be great full if you would confirm by return that u have taken action thank u

  109. Problem- when trying to get the new Norton program installed the company
    in India (more than once) wants to sell me $250 system check up.
    They even go through showing (not my system) all sorts of supposed problems
    on the screen. Even though the computer is working fine. This happens
    when i try to renew the Norton protection.
    As it stands now have set a computer aside & will have to purchase protection
    from another company./
    You program works well but the people who should install it are blocking my use
    of it
    Any help would be appreciated, ( bet i am not the only person w/this problem)

  110. Today at 5:01 PM

    In mid January I contacted you because we seemed to have a duplication of subscriptions covering 4 machines. You checked the details and cancelled one subscription and placed both of us on a single subscription. A few days ago my wife’s computers started to receive messages from you saying that she was no longer protected and needed to make a payment. It may be that your computer has not been told of the changes as above. However it may be that she is genuinely not covered.

    Our systems are as follows: –

    Pamela M Woodruff – I desk top computer

    ditto – 1 ipad

    ditto – 1 iPhone

    Francis A Woodruff – 1 desk top.

    The consolidated cover was scheduled to run to January or February 2017 and then automatically renew.

    Can you please resolve this matter and correct the signals she is receiving.

    Kind regards and thanks for your assistance

    Francis Woodruff

  111. I need help transferring Norton over to my new computer–I don’t understand directions on your web page–I leave messages to call me on your tech phone but I don’t get called back—please help

  112. On February 13th, 2016 – an unauthorized draft was taking from my Bank in the amount of $87.39. I demand that amount be reimbursed to my account. This is unacceptable.

  113. I just renewed my subscription with Norton. Why are you still asking me to renew? I have paid you $79.99 plus tax for 1 year. What is going on?

  114. I paid up my subscription last year .You renewed this automatically and it was expensive .I have about 8 months to go on agreement .Why are you asking me for more money?Sort this out asap please

  115. What has happened to Norton.For the last few years they continue to to auto renewal(at double the price)without my permission.Just cancelled and they renewed again without my permission.I was a loyal customer for 20yrs.When asked to speak to a supervisor or representative in my country they tell you will have to wait for return call up to 48hrs and at any time of day.Not renewing even if its free.

  116. I have been charged $ 80,00 by Totaldefencerenewal. Is that a Norton company_
    I want Norton to handle all our computersecurity. No other company!
    Please let me know if we ( My wife Liss and I ) are secured by NORTON.
    Best ULF

  117. I hae confidence in NORTON and I want Norton to take care of our computer security. What is TOTALDEFENCERENEWAL ???
    Best ULF

  118. If I were to purchase a new laptop, how would I transfer my current Norton subscreiption to it? Thank you, John De La Cruz

  119. I purchased Norton security deluxe along with a new laptop. On trying to install kept coming up error. On contacting customer support we were put onto someone who accessed our computer this took some considerable time due to the fact your operator didn’t speak good English and I could barely understand him, in fact to be honest I don’t think he understood me. He also wasn’t very explicit in telling us what to do, it was like being in limbo each time we were asked to do something. Once he accessed my laptop it was a quick run up the files of course empty, to be told that we had a malware and it would cost another £94.00. As having just bought the deluxe and the only thing been accessed was Norton I can only assume it came in when we downloaded Norton we declined this offer. My laptop has McAfee installed for 30 days free which I then ran, this scan did not come up with a malware, so therefore believe Norton was just looking for more money. I am extremely disappointed in your customer service, it was actually a nightmare and we are now left with a useless Norton security, as I have decided to use the McAfee instead once my free trial is over

  120. I have bought a security device by you Norton and it won’t go on my computer I’ve tryed as well as other people we or how do I get my money back

  121. Please stop my Norton service. I do not authorize your automatic renewal
    via my American Express card. I will not pay your charges.

    Paul V Elmstrom

  122. I have just subscribed for Norton security for another year , but was not able to amend the card details.PLEASE ADVISE.The card listed no longer exists.I now use a Visa debit card.

  123. Why do I keep getting reminders to renew my Norton Security when I have done so on 6th June 2016. Also renewed for the sum of £54.99 Order No: NP242472132,
    but was astounded on my e-mail to renew for just £39.99 immediately which I would have done for that price. Please put a stop to said e-mails.

  124. I asked you to uninstall my Norton Security account but you have charged me for another year. Please uninstall and reimburse me for the charge
    Thank you

  125. Probabably Nortom in one of thr best service aroonf but i do NPOT LIKE HAVING IT SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT BY MICROSOFT OR AOL I m over 70 and live on Dn SS and SDI and since Microsoft and AOL are so POOR they want me to pay for thids service whrnI can get FREE ones.. Is NOTON SO POR THAT IT HS TO CHARGE SEBNIORS WHO ARE LOW INCOME AND JUST MAKING IT MONEY?

  126. I did not authorize you to bill me for your services. I now have a new laptop and have gone through Geek Squad. Therefore, would you kindly credit my account from May 5, 2017 in the amount of $101.69 and discontinue billing me as that account is not longer in effect

  127. I have been debited with £69.99 on 18 July 2017 and was not aware that I had given you any authority for this Please could you look into this and let me know what it is all about…and reimburse me accordingly…thanks

  128. There should be some way to connect to Norton symantic if they are an honest company they have nothing to fear ! I have lost hours of my valuable time trying to contact them re. the unauthorised taking money from my account which appears to be what they do by all the complaints i have read As I changed my details in february i have no idea how they have managed to rob me.

  129. What customer service? I have been trying all morning to get a Norton Virus check up to no avail. I am pain up and yet I was asked to pay five dollars more to have the same check up I usually have whenever I want to. What is going on and why? If I cannot use the service, then should not I have my money back? I always pay far ahead so that I don’t have to fear running out, but that does not seem to be working for me now. What is going on? I wish to have my computer checked by Norton to see if i have any sort of virus, basically I want a serious check right away. How do I go about that and don’t tell me to send you 5 dollars.

  130. I just want to know what I should do to have my computer checked by Norton in a serious way, that is already paid for. I am fearful that there might be a virus or something and wish to get it cleared up as soon as possible. What seems to be the problem. Why would you even ask my for 5 dollars? I am paid up for quite some time.

  131. I have filled out this field twice, this is the third time. What is the point in doing it over and over again? Nothing is happening? What has become of my “paid for” Norton Virus Protection?

  132. My Norton security has stopped working on my PC. It is not due to expire until 05 December 2017.
    I am completely deaf and so unable to use the phone help line.
    II have tried to reactivate the security however I get a message to contact the telephone help line-something I am incapable of doing. Is there an email address for support for people in my situation

  133. Can you please tell me why you have taken 59.99 out of my account without my permission this was taken in june of this year. Had the same problem last year I need this money to go back as I’ve not given you authority to do so could you please explain how this has happened

  134. I tried to download Norton security and an error occurred then I was phoned by what I thought was Norton but was TechNet and they charged me $399.99 for what I thought was to fix the virus and you guessed it I was ripped off. I have now cancelled my card and am going to phone police but first wanted to check if you have an affiliation with TechNet. The charge was in Australia

  135. I received a mailing from Norton which indicated I have to turn on my automatic renewal feature to continue my subscription. I have 539 days left on my subscription as of 10/21/2017 and do not understand. I do not like automatic renewals (by anyone) and when the time comes I will make up my mind whether to continue my subscription or not. At the present I have no complaints regarding Norton but am a little concerned about the free anti-virus that Microsoft is offering. I do intend to research this and see if they come up to your excellent service that I’ve enjoyed for quite some time. If you are going to disconnect me with 539 days left on my subscription let me know.

  136. My name is Christine Paul. I have Norton, but you are charging too much. The service is not $89.00. I also took my credit card off automatic renewal. Please do not use my credit card for this amount. It is too much. This is for two(2) subscription and you are charging this for a year.

  137. I bought Norton security for 5 devises 59.95.When I went to install it ,and went by the directions, it said error call this number and I did.The whole time I thought I was talking to some one at Norton it wasn’t. I did not realize this till the next day. It was V support ! They tried to get 199 dollars out of me.I found this out when I checked my visa card.So I had to call and my bank ,shred my card and have everything that Vsupport did to my laptop removed. Now here is my question NORTON . How did I get hacked installing your port key. You should make your OFFICALL site safe’

  138. Iam a newby looking for a good antivirus that will fit my needs. I was recommended NORTON by a programer here in Puerto Rico.My OS is Windows 10 but I saw in small letters that it does not support Edge. Would consider your premium acct.Thank You.

  139. You are not allowing me to renew the subscription that came with my computer. After reading the reviews I’m glad you didn’t. So many security services out there I don’t need to spend time with you.


  141. I will be hunting another security system for my computer system after hearing that your people at the top have decided to cut ties with the NRA.Matter of fact everyone I know is going to do the same thing.If your head honchoes support the 2nd amendment they sure do have a strange way of showing it.So in the future we shall see how this decision works out for your company.

  142. Subject: NRA

    Any company that puts its public relations campaign ahead of my constitutional rights IS NO COMPANY I WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.

  143. Dear Sir, couple of weeks ago your customer service dept took the liberty to renewed my soon to expire Norton antivirus. I called to cancelled the renewal product and was refunded. However, I learned later that it was the check-mark on automatic renewal that prompted the charge of $94.49. I wish to have the “automatic renewal” removed. By the way, on March 2, 2018 I bought a Norton Security Premium from “The Source” at the downtown Edmonton Mall and have since downloaded the product and it says “renew.” What I am concerned is when downloading it says “payment will be kept on file and charge at the appropriate time. I have already paid for this product. Just to let you know so that confusion won’t happen.

    Thank you.

  144. I just had $84.99 taken from my bank account without my knowledge. I did not order any Norton product and I never choose automatic renewal. I need a fast refund because I tried to make a purchase at the market and was denied because of this fraudulent charge. I need to get this refund right away. Who can I contact? These companies are quite reluctant to give an address or customer support number with an American agent who speaks English as a first language.

  145. On Tuesday March 27 a error message occured on my HP Minie (I think it was 3048,3) I went to the Norton site and it advised me to go to Live Update. When my issue was not resolved it advised me to ‘Remove & Reinstall” which i attempted. The program stalled and a half filled Norton screen remained on my computer. I called the “help” line and was put through to a companyy called Slatee. After several hours they told me the probblem was resolved. I paid $89 one time fix and purchased a one year warranty for $159 – both US. This is over $320 Canadian. I could access my programs. The next time I turned my computer on the half filled screen reappeared. I called the number provided for Slatee again and after many hours they called back and said the problem was resolved. NOT! I called again and they told me the problem was the age of my computer and that that Norton was a “heavy” program and they recommended that I allow them to install another anti-virus program. I have used Norton 360 for many years, and have not had any problems during that time so I declined. Tonight, when I signed onto my computer the half filled screen was not there, BUT I am not able to access any of my programs or the internet (it was slow after they ‘fixed’ it, but now I cannot access it at all. I am not even able to pay spider solitaire on my computer now. I just paid my annual subscription fee and then the $220 US for the fix, and I am now having to contemplate buying a new computer because mine no longer works. I am totally unhappy with this contracted out service. I was previously ok with this computer as I mostly used it to check the internet occasionally and play solitaire in the evenings. Please refund the money I have paid to your subcontractors, or fix my computer!

  146. Hello,
    I need to cancel my subscription for Norton Antivirus as I no longer need this service so I would be grateful if you would do this for me
    Many Thanks

    Diane Perry

  147. 1. Give us A email address . I’m not sitting chatting or filling out forms just to get in line . Or call certain days of week because its better.

    2. I received no emails of my service running out . The auto renewal was my fault but should have been notified . Auto renewal is now off . I can buy your protections off shelf for way less and was going to . . I think I’m going elsewhere from now on .

    3. .I should make you refund me and I’ll got to local store for same service and save enough to take kids to eat.

  148. Last Saturday I purchased a 1 year Norton Security Premium anti virus product for my laptop computer as the previous one will expire shortly. I have been using this product for several years and have been pleased with the result in the past. I had a problem setting up the device and telephoned your service dept around 1.30pm on Saturday 5 May. I spoke to the service person for some time and finally he could not help me further. He then asked me to remit $399-00 to your company to resolve the problem Fortunately I have a login address for Norton and was finally able to install the device myself and is now working satisfactorily. I suspect your service person was trying to obtain money from me in an unauthorised manner. I told him so and ended my ‘phone call. This type of service is to the detriment to your Company’s previous good name.
    I will consider using another Company when this year’s device expires.

  149. My bank alert me of one payment to Norton of $104.99. First I do not think that my membership is due now, but I am sure I do not pay as much. I am not sure if I have being stole my credit card by a rober. Please contact me as soon as you can. I am sorry, my English written is very bad, but I think you can understand what I wont to know.
    Thank you so much
    Teresa Boada

  150. I have been denied any support or help by Norton/ Symantec
    been an on going issue trying to get any help from there ” support” which is a joke they know nothing beyond there script
    had one tell me she can fix my issue ” by looking for files” that don’t exist really????
    this isn’t mentioning the time wasted ( repeating yourself constantly) and asking the same question 15 minutes later which they conviently ignore but how dare you not answer them !!!!!!!!!!!
    they seem to have an obsession with ” remote access”
    but cant tell you what they will do or how they will fix anything
    let alone the fact would you have any trust in someone who cant answer a simple question or say anything beyond there script?
    I don’t
    rather telling as well when manages and supervisors more or less laugh in your face and refuse to do anything
    and any and all complaints get ignored
    they will just find any excuse to hang up on you and they do and will
    we the customer who pay for a service get denied any help

  151. I no longer use Norton and I have not used it for several months. I will contest this fee if you pursue this. It might be in small print on your advertising but this is a very deceptive and unfair corporate policy.

    I hope this resolves the issue.


    Greg Simbeck

  152. I would like the subscription charge from 5/24/18 canceled. I no longer use Norton and I have not used it for several months. I will contest this charge if you pursue this. It might be in small print on your advertising but this is a very deceptive and unfair corporate policy.

    I hope this resolves the issue.


    Greg Simbeck

  153. Dose norton sell program’s in flashdrive s my computer Dose not. Have a CD slot of so we’re can I get it. I live in the Chicago area.
    Thank You


  155. I hope that you read this I would like you to stop my norton as I no longer nead it I do not want the money back just do not take any more money

  156. Yesterday, I had a conversation with Norton Support, regarding your service, under number: Case Number 36027165, and agreed to see what was done by T-com. Montenegro.
    I saw that they gave up using Norton services.
    Now, please,
    Yes, on my PC, VINDOVS 10 I have installed your Norton, but I need an explanation, how to regulate it for payment. I have problems in this country, but I can solve this because I am a son in America (Utah).
    Tell me what I need to do to get my son out there with you, and I’ll use what I’ve installed.
    Thank you for your protection and future support.
    I’m expecting an explanation, because with T-com Montenergo I have no contact regarding Norton’s virus protection.
    Hi, Nikola

  157. I would like to contact Norton by email but have been unable to find an email address. I am unable to phone due to having speech difficulties. Therefore please help.

    • I would like to contact Norton by email but have been unable to find an email address. I am unable to phone due to having speech difficulties.

  158. I tried to contact Norton by email on a number so called web address, but all come back unknown. As i wish change email address or cancel and renew.
    But this has been in possible and have run out options now.
    So they must not what anyone to come back to them.
    Will have to find other ways.?

  159. I am one VERY UNHAPPY Nortons customer. I purchased a 3 year subscription 3 months ago at the cost of $368.01. I have just got off the phone with Technical support as I wanted to cancel an old subscription that I no longer use. I was speaking with Sam who cancelled my old subscription then he said he wanted to check that my new Nortons was working properly. He came back and told me my new subscription was CURRUPTED and that he could fix it. Then he tells me it will cost me $399.99 to fix it!. I said NO THANKS Sam your not getting anymore money out of me. So here I am with a 3 month old product that isn’t working properly and seriously its 3 months old you should be fixing it at no cost. I have been using Nortons for years BUT NO MORE. I WILL NEVER BUY A NORTONS PRODUCT EVER AGAIN OR WILL I RECCOMMEND NORTONS TO ANYONE. Why does this product tell me that something is wrong its says I am fully protected. BUYER BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM BY NORTONS TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS

  160. I sent you a check for 199.99 to worldwide Head quarter
    350 Elliis street
    mountain view
    Ca. 94043
    I just want to know if you sent it in ? If not hold it until the Sep. 28 2018 for that’s when I get paid .

  161. I have just had £64.99 taken from my account without a prior email advising me. To monitor my account effectively I need to be advised when money is due to be taken from my account for annual subscription as on my Norton account it says expiry August 2019 but you have just taken this in October. The dates are not clear.

  162. Did my message get through just now? I have had £64.99 taken from my account today which presumably is for an annual subscription but was not notified that this would be done.

  163. Today I renewed my subscription to secure my personal computer. I also subscribed to the one-time tune up service. Once I completed the transaction, I called for the service and was told my order has not been processed. You can imagine my disappointment as your system did take my payment but was not able to let your other internal systems know that I paid for the tune up service. In other words, you were able to receive my payment but was not able to provide the tune up service. How disappointing!!! I was told to call back in an hour to see if the payment was process so the tune up service can be provide. This is unacceptable and want to let you know my disappointment.

  164. I have had it with Norton. Again this year they renewed my subscription even when I said I do not wish to do automatic renewal. You did this to me last year but you are not going to get away with it this year because my son is a lawyer and I have had enough. You choose not to answer your phone when I call and put me on hold and never answer. I am going to go public with this because you people are ripping people off and I will never ever use Norton again. Enough is enough !!

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