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Contacting Nextar Customer Service Center

Nextar is a company that sells GPS equipments for consumer use. There does not appear to be an official website for the company, though we were able to finally locate a site that offers map updates for Nextar GPS equipment. The website is a general company that provides software updates only, not product support for Nextar equipment.

We found an archived version of the site and it lists Nextar as company out of La Verne, CA that sold more than just GPS units.

Contact Info:

All of the contact information included in this article is from an archived version of the Nextar website. This company appears to be out of business, so the contact information below may NOT work to contact customer service today. Before writing to the corporate office, send an email or call the customer service line to make sure there is still someone on the other end.

Phone Contact Numbers

The phone number listed is for technical support only. There is no number for general customer service. Tech support is open from 9 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday in the US and Canada and 8 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday in the UK.

US Customer Service: 1-888-849-0846

UK Customer Service: 0800-047-0126

It appears after more research that Nextar was absorbed by TomTom, another GPS company. We’ve added TomTom customer service information.

TomTom Customer Service: 1-866-486-6866

Corporate: 1-978-287-9555

Mailing Address

You can write to Nextar customer service at:

Nextar Inc1661 Fairflex DrLa Verne, CA 91750


TomTom Corporate150 Baker Ave ExtConcord, MA 01742

Official Website

The official website for Nextar was located at There does not appear to be a website active at that URL at this time. We used a stored version of the website from 2010 to provide information for customer service. There is no information on the site about Nextar closing shop, but there are rumors that the company merged with TomTom. If that is the case, Tom Tom customer service could be a better choice. The official website for TomTom is located at

Customer Service Email

The old address for Nextar customer service was, but today TomTom appears to be responsible for the company so you’ll have to contact a representative after sorting through the support FAQs You’ll need your product number to find answers to your questions.

Our Experience

We waited for less than 90 seconds prior to contacting a customer support agent. When the agent answered the call, we asked agent if customers could return a Nextar product for repair if the company is currently owned by TomTom. The agent answered the customer service would honor a return if the customer had a proof of purchase.

Did you have a different experience dealing with the customer service team? Can you take a moment to share your story below? We appreciate your time.

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19 Comments on “Contact Nextar Customer Service
  1. My nextar 03-01,can not get satelite.I have tried to up grade the memory card to no avail.Please I need your help to restore the services of my Gps.I will be very happy if I can hear from you soon.Thanks.EFFIONG

  2. i would like to know how to update my nextar because i have try and it will not do so can you please help me learn how to do it because i have try everything and nothing is working and i try to call the number you got up here and it not working thank you

  3. I have a Nextar GPS # X3-02 and I would like to be able to have it up dated. I looked on line and it said that your company was taking care of Nextar items. Could you please help me with this and let me know what I will have to do.
    Thank you
    Gary Fogle

  4. je voudrais savoir comment rafreschir mon gps ses un nextar w3g je le plug dans mon computer et dans le nextar et sa fait rien faut aller ou pour intaler peut tu me lanvoyer par computer merci denis

  5. I have a Nextar X3t model and would like to update it. Connecting it to my Windows 7 computer requires a driver. I know that the driver was for Windows XP ,2000. Is it possible to get it for Windows 7?

  6. Have a nextar x3-02 that died several years ago and so I put it on the shelf. I got it out today to see if I could get it to work. could not get it to come on. Is there a solution for refurbishing it? A reply would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I have lost my charger for the home that plugs into the wall, can I buy a new one?? I have the one that plugs into the car lighter. Thank you for your help.

    • I have lost the charger that plugs in to the car lighter and the charger that plugs into the wall. Is it possible to purchase replacements?

  8. I purchased my Nextar gps 3.5 x 3-3 system over nine years ago and am still impressed on it’s functionality . It has never failed me but I would like to be able to update . Is there any way I could get it refurbished or updated ?
    Thank You

  9. I hav e a Nextar x3-03 and i would like to update the maps. where can i get the maps updated at no cost?

  10. I have a Nextar GPS Model M3-06 and would like to update maps, etc. My computer is using Microsoft 10. Can I update my GPS with that computer?

  11. I Have A Nextar GPS 43Lt Manufactured July 2009 Serial No. ML0907003454 That Needs To Be Service And Up-Dated With Maps And Information. My Question Is Where Can I Send My Device To And Have It Up-Dated And Maintenances Done On It. It Will Not Let My Computer Recognized It When I Pug Into My Computer. Do You Have A Mailing Address Where I Can Send Back To Your Company And Have Repaired. Thanks

  12. I have a Nextar gps Q3-O1 of Windows CE Core 5.0 with number 00039-236-219 and X11-15302. This gps has an sd card with America maps but I am currently in Canada and I need an sd card with Canada maps.
    Grateful if you can assist with full details of how to get the Canada sd card maps.

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