Contact NBC Customer Service

Contacting NBC Customer Service Center

NBC is a broadcasting network available through many cable and satellite networks. Some NBC shows are available for FREE online and others require a subscription with a television provider. There is contact information for NBC, but the information is cryptic at best. We did manage to find some additional contact information from other NBC-affiliate sites.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The NBC phone number list we’ve provided below is for the NBC Universal company. This is the mother company of NBC and NBC-affiliated companies.

  • NBC Universal NY: 1-212-664-4444
  • NBC Universal LA: 1-818-840-4444
  • NBC Universal Englewood Cliffs: 1-201-735-2622
  • NBC Universal Miami: 1-305-888-5151
  • NBC Universal London: +44 (0) 203-618-8000

Mailing Address

You can send feedback and questions to:

NBC.COM Feedback 100 Universal City Plaza Bldg 1360 2nd Fl Universal City, CA 91608

Official Website

You can visit NBC at or NBC Universal at NBC is the main site for all shows and programming, which is where most visitors head. There are also sites dedicated to:

Customer Service Email

We managed to find more email addresses than we thought for the NBC company. Here is a list of email addresses and links to email forms visitors and viewers may find helpful.

You can also choose to connect with specific shows via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Go to the official NBC website and click on the Shows tab at the top of the page. Choose the show and look for the Facebook and Twitter logos. Click the logo and you’ll be taken to the social page for that show.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department presented itself as a challenge. Several of the available numbers did not have a dedicated customer service department and could not connect with the other departments. We decided to connect with one department and see where it took us. Fortunately, we chose the right one. In less than 60 seconds we were speaking with a live agent in the right department.

We asked for information relating to television ratings and how to report inappropriate television shows. The agent explained customers can locate the shows on the website with the applicable ratings. In the event customers want to voice a concern relating to the content, customers can call or send an email using the general email form. The agent was detailed. We want to hear if your experience mirrored our experience. Share your thoughts with us.

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176 Comments on “Contact NBC Customer Service
  1. I will no longer be watching football on your network nor will i be patronizing advertisers on your network. Though the chiefs QB killing himself his girlfriend is a trajedy, your commentator saying that if hanguns were unavailable they would be alive was idiotic. I watched, yes past tense, football for entertainment, not political rhetoric regarding guns. If you want to point the blame on anyone or anything blame a lack of individual responsibility.

    I am sending a similar email to the beer companies and pizza companies that advertise on your network that we patronized that they will be losing a little bit of business for their association with your network. I imagine they wont care, but i will be voting with my dollars. Good day.

  2. First,you are making very quality projects and excelent a corporation but I think Chuck series must continue . For that unique a Project.

    • nbc when you run out of things to play dont search for new soaps….we have la latrona and strange love….something you djdnt finish off….drop those boring japan soaps and bring back strange love llz the nation will jubilate with hapiness asb…tog ….plz

  3. Very disappointed that a new episode of. Chicago Fire was pre-emptied by a rerun of “Hannibal”–a show with a hateful premise that you are pushing. Chicago Fire has amazing character development. I look forward to every new episode. No wonder your network is faltering. You make ridiculous decisions like this!
    While I’m venting: I’ve been watching The Todsy Show since 1983. Worst decision ever: releasing Anne Curry. Savannah Guthrie? Ridiculous replacement with no depth. Two non descript females on weekends –Dylan someone and a brunette whose name I cant even remember. My husband scoffs at them ‘who are these people?’ He asks every weekend…it shows poor judgement on the Networks part. You are grasping for ratings instead of committing to seasoned anchors. I miss the sincerity and experience of Ann Curry. What were you thinking?!

  4. I will know longer be watching anything on your network. Pulling Hannibal is really stupid. If you don’t think you viewers are mature enough to handle the violence then you have know respect for your viewers and your acting like a over protected mom. We are adults and this is an adult show. We should be able to handle the idea of fiction vs reality. Good bye NBC I will not miss you.

  5. As a long time fan of SNL I was appalled by the skit on Jesus On Saturday. It is beyond my comprehension that you would have the blasphemous ausacity to depict Jesus as revengeful and a killer. Truly that skit was a complete disgrace- one of the worst things I have viewed. The public deserves an apology!

  6. It is insane that NBC would keep a worthless show like the Apprentice with Donald Punk-Skunk-Trump and cancel Deception with the beautiful Meagan Good, who is the only African American female lead character on your entire network and the handsome Laz Alonso the African American-Cuban actor. Whenever there is a positive role for African Americans, your STUPID network and others cancel the show; i.e. Undercovers with Boris Kodjoe, who not only is handsome, but highly intelligent. He fluently speaks several languages. How many languages can that bad hairpiece idiot Donald Trump speak? After the derogatory remarks he made about our Commander and Chief President Obama, I thought surely NBC would find some integrity and fire that buzzard. But, Lawrence O’Donnell new what was going to happen. May 16th, the Trump-Skunk-Punk dropped out of the presidential race and his show was renewed. If an African American actor was to do those ugly things to a white president that Trump did to our President Obama, he would never work in Hollywood again. Isaac Washington utilizes his Freedom of Speech and made a statement the gay community didn’t like and he was FIRED from Greys Anatomy. Naturally they were KICKED TO THE CURB after that. NBC GET SOME GUTS AND DO THE RIGHT THING, NOT THE POLITICALLY CORRECT THING. BRING UNDERCOVERS BACK and KEEP DECEPTION!!!

  7. Dear nbc network i am enraged that u would employ a person like mike milbury who constantly criticizes players like matt cooke for theyre play but at looking at tape of whem he played ( milbury) was exactly the same if not worse . Hypocrit. As u watch intermissions he broadcast he seems imtoxicated and has the nerve to judge others. Not to mention how he assaulted a child at his sons hockey game and your compamy has the nerve to support him. Wow what does that say about nbc . If your network supports a person like that well then your directors and producers also need to put down the alcohol. Its a shame that as big of a company that you are that youve let it go this far. Shame on you.

  8. I turned on the Saturday morning Today Show at around 7:15am (5/25/13) to see your NYC female co-anchor wearing a very large piece of fashion jewelry that either she or her stylist thought was very edgy and new. But to the contrary it was highly symbolic of violence against women.

    Your co-anchor was wearing very large yellow chain link “necklace” around her neck. It is a chain link similarly used in construction. It was the size chain link used to secure fences, to hold doorways closed or more frequently used to hold prisoners or victims of physical abuse in bondage.

    What I found most repulsive was that your co- anchor was interviewing a retired military service woman who had been raped repeatedly while serving our country. Each time the camera returned to your co-anchor the symbolism of a large chain link hanging around her neck while interviewing a woman of color, who had been sexually violated was startling to see and then sickening to watch.

    I realize women in news television rely on fashion to keep viewer interest. I hope executives at your news station will take a closer look at the stylists and presentation of women. I am also shocked that as a woman your co-anchor did not object to the symbolism and stereotyping that was so evident in what she chose to wear on national television.

    • Meghyn Kelly has got to go. I read that she is the highest paid news person on your network. He lack of professionalism is stunning. Her questions are stupid and insensitive. She has latched on to the women’s me too movement but it is hard to believe her since she allowed it to happen often at FOX and said nothing about it. At best she is an enabler. She offers so little and costs (both $$ and feelings) so much. She needs to join Matt at the unemployment office.

  9. Coverage of Barclays premier league is pitiful. You spent a considerable amount of money to get this, but it seems you understand nothing. Fox allowed us to watch the games on the big screens we purchased for to watch sports, andRECORD the games we cannot watch live, I had to watch today’s game (my team) on my iPad, why oh why did you get involved in this. I had the choice of watching 5 games this morning at 10.00am’ i chose one, I hoped to watch the others, but so far cannot.- please give the US broacatbrights back to FOX, at least they understand the game.

    • I feel your pain George. I am furious that they did not show the replay of Palace vs West Brom from Saturday. Last season they showed replays of EVERY game. So what’s up now. We need an explanation.

  10. Stop being greedy with Dish. Put my shows back. Seriously??? No SVU and Grim is coming back! Pull the reality shows if you need to save money. My bill is already expensive and you want to raise it? For what? Why haven’t you explained it? Yet you want me to call Dish? They at least already explained their position. Your turn. So irritating

  11. The greed between NBC and Dish has actually caused me to devote myself to finding other networks and providers. I am disgusted with both and will boycott both, if you guys don’t get your crap together in the near future….Figure it out!!! It is great to have choices in America and an endless amount of entertainment. Greed will be the down fall of both companies, so at this point I will try to not allow myself to get to attached to anything NBC has to offer in the future. I am counting down thirty days until I completely turn away from both!!! I’m one person, but will reach out to as many as I can in my circle of influence to join me.

  12. Costas is interesting, not entertaining or professional. What a clown. Please keep your commentators in their respective areas, sports not politics. Thanks,


  13. why can’t i watch episode 1 of the blacklist on web site , episode 2 – 6 are there however episode 1 is missing , why ???????????????????

  14. I have enjoyed the new show “Blacklist”. I am a real fan of james spader and have become fond of Meg.

    However, I was aghast last night with spader’s brutal murder of
    Megs father. With all the writers, producers, et al, there must have been a better way to have this person disposed of in the script.

    I think you should be ashamed of yourselves. If I see any more vicious conduct like this I will no longer watch. I know I am
    only one person but I am sure thousands of others felt the same way too.

    K Reusch

  15. To eliminate the Blacklist on Nov. 18 in favor of three hours of that dumb, phony weeping and wailing and whatever they call singing show is just too much. The whole evening was wasted for us as far as Channel 11 was concerned. The Voice is BORING and enough is enough in one hour. We are disgusted with your choice and want you to know it

  16. Thank you for bringing back high quality shows , great acting and drama back to TV. I absolutely love Dracula, the Blacklist and Grimm. The acting, storytelling, and lavish sets on Dracula has mesmerized both me and my family. It’s like watching the great Master Piece Theater. It’s on par with my favorite cable show Game of Thrones. I love the Blacklist…it’s no ordinary crime drama. The Stewmaker and Courier were mind boggling. The storyline about international threat networks is real. I love the cast and James Spader is on top of his game. Grimm makes me smile. It is a fun show with a lot of interesting twist and turns. I like the macabre drama with a little bit of comedy tied in. Also thank you for bringing stage plays like the Sound of Music to TV. I am sick and tired of reality shows. I love interesting plot lines and great acting. Thanks to the cast and crews of these three great shows for their hard work…I am sold. Thanks to NBC for charting a new path for excellence…if you invest in good shows the audience will come!

  17. Greetings,

    It seems the background music that accompanies your programs, from New Years’s Eve celebrations, to the current Olympics opening ceremonies, to the Today show, on and on, all but overshadows any speech audio. I’m surprised you haven’t heard from viewers, for it’s been like this for a number of years. It’s truly aggravating as a listener who’d like to clearly hear the script.


  18. I find it completely annoying, frustrating, and, quite frankly, disgusting that I cannot watch live online coverage of the Olympics without a television subscription. I do not participate in cable nor satellite and there for I cannot view a world event nor watch my USA team compete? This is completely wrong. Monopolizing a world event is completely wrong.

  19. Hello,
    I am a Canadian renting in Florida. During the last Olympics we were renting down here and I found your coverage significantly better than this time around. I was able to watch our athletes receive their medals and to hear our anthem. Until tonight I have not seen one medal ceremony, Canadian or American . Does it take a sweep to justify showing the awarding of medals? I can understand why Americans are paying to get the CBC feed.

    I realize you don’t care about any of this. I just want to express my disappointment over your current coverage. The last time around I was assuring my fellow Canadians that your coverage was great. Wish I could say the same this time.

  20. I was completely disgusted by the extremely POOR TASTE shown by your reporter who interviewed Bodie Miller. FIRE THAT STUPID WOMAN!!! Do you ever wonder, or do you even care why your audience base is going away. I urge you to rewatch her interview at least 10 times before you FIRE HER. I seldom watch your news etc with its very, very liberal content and highly opinionated inferences. I will now avoid your channel almost completely. Regards Peter Cahan

  21. I would like to know why Grimm friday at 9pm is not on everyweek ,you have been preempty for other stuff, My whole family 150 of us love Grim, when you put anything else on in its place non of us watch it in protest
    I surely hope you will start airing it every week like you use to

    Missing Grimmm The Tillman family

  22. Hi,
    I usually don’t put in my two cents worth. I thought killing off Will was just horrible. You could have made so he just left, but not kill him. The show WILL NOT be the same. He was one of the major characters. Yes, is any character safe?? That is just not right. Just write his character out. I hated it.

    One more thing. Please do not make Micheal J Fox a main character on the Good Wife. He is just not a good a actor for TV. Why do you have to shock people with not good endings. You could do a much better job and make it more calming. I bet people will still watch it. Anyway, that is my two cents worth.

    Lori Anderson

  23. Joan Rivers should be banned from the public. She is offensive, vulgar, excremental, hateful person. I will no longer watch any program related to NBC including the entertainment channel as long as you employ this “woman”.

  24. I will never watch the voice it is incredible that sissaundra lewis is out of the competition, I believe no other contended is better than her, I know it may sound as a personal opinion but her background and performance speak by herself. she is the best and that show is nothing without her this season

  25. Jimmy Fallon Sucks, I have watched this replacement now for a month and his show sucks, i have yet to laugh one time and so BYE, i have dropped NBC and don’t watch it as it sucks.
    YOur taste in shows and what the public likes much be the result of the sickness visual rectulics
    ‘Regards DHP, ESQ

  26. My family will NEVER watch NBC again because they canceled Believe. I got all my friends and family to watch the show and they loved it. Now all my friends and family are grieving over this! My 4 year old daughter loves this show and she was crying all night. Thanks alot NBC, nice move. :/

  27. I am unable to watch game 7 of the nhl western conference final because the nbc sports network webpage is giving me a 0033 error message – despite having a direct TV account.

    NBC provides the worst coverage of sports I have ever encountered, and I will not spend money on your services.

  28. Are you guys serious? You have the Stanley Cup Finals on NBCSN while some stupid sitcom is on your main channel. That is just embarrassing. Just relinquish your NHL broadcast rights so hockey can advance as a sport you dicks.

  29. I am very disappointed that our local Ft. Wayne channel has decided to drop the show Growing Up Fisher. This show is funny, inspiring, heart warming and wholesome. These are ingredients that are hard to find in today’s programs. Shame on you!

  30. What in the world are you showing how someone at pinehurst #2 killed all the grass while the golf tourney is underway. Worst coverage I’ve e er seen. We’re having to listen to some speech on being green while the golf is being played. Cant believe it

  31. The appearance of Jeff Musial on The tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was totally unacceptable. Jeff Musial was neither funny nor informative but insulting. First knowing Mr Fallon is not comfortable around animals to have even a small alligator “lunge” at him was very disrespectful. Then to have the elephant lift Mr Fallon was unacceptable. A person who is not comfortable around animals should not be disrespected in that manner. I will also be contacting the advertisers on the Tonight Show letting them know of my displeasure with Jeff Musial’s appearance. I have always loved when the Tonight Show had animals on in the past but it was respectful to the people and animals something Jeff Musial is not capable of doing. I will not be staying up to watch the animals again.

  32. To Whom it may concern:

    NBC should be ashamed to have compromised on their “Family Viewing” time, with the filthy attire of your judge called “Mel B.

    I was unaware that A.G.T. was rated “R”! Since we haven’t watched it before tonight, and a friend of a friend recommended the show, we tuned in tonight. As a mother, I was utterly appalled when I saw one of the judges in a see-through top! Not only was it too revealing in the low-cut neckline, but the kids in the room noticed the transparency! I immediately turned it off! Not only that, we will never again watch it and we will spread the word to all of our friends!

    For the life of me, I cannot understand WHAT in this world makes you think that it is “OKAY” to allow the “Mel B” person dress like that on a show watched by families, or any program which airs during ANY HOUR BEFORE mid-night???

    Extremely disappointed in NBC,

    Marie Bear
    Central California)

  33. Great Gaza coverage,thank goodness he was not injured when those four tiny children were murdered by the Israeli helicopter crew. Why did he not do the broadcast and some other dolt was brought in to read his story, that doesn’t sound very ethical on your executives part, to have somebody break such an important story just to have it stolen from him by some a-hole back in New York. Maybe he will get a better job with an ethical news company.

  34. Great decision to run the replay of July 23 Tour de France at 1 am EST. Some of us work when it is live and want to watch at 8pm. I still have work the next morning. You decide to run soccer instead? No wonder your in last in the ratings.

  35. Shame shame shame on you for pulling the plug on Fearnet on Xfinity.It was the ONLY channel I really liked on it and now you have ruined it for me and thousands of others.I will NEVER watch NBC again.I don’t care if you have something I really want to watch.I am banning YOU and I know several of my friends are doing the same thing.Once again thank you.

  36. Where the heck is the volume operator during my game of Cincinnati at Arizona football ! I can hear the commentators loud and clear but I can’t hear all the tackles, our stadiums noise or even the calls from the referees. Please fix this soon or at least don’t let it happen on the pro season, this is a lack of professionalism on your networks part and ruins watching the football game without getting pissed off.thanks

  37. NBC if very difficult to watch due to the loud music that is added to everything. NBC news has a loud intro on the NBC nightly news show. The sports shows, especially football, add music sounds to the point of not being able to hear the announcers,Bob Costas and Collingsworth. Even sometimes when you put the football players on to introduce themselves there is a loud blast so the names are not clear. Please check this. it detracts from the shows.

  38. Americans want to know when will you finally cover stories that REALLY interest them like Hilary’s Benghazi cover up, IRS scandal, Veteran cover up…really this is propaganda of No tell NO coverage….covering up for your insider Obama liberals. Your station is a traitor to All Americans and we will no longer watch your station.

  39. Good Morning

    I missed Chicago Fire last nite. Nbc offers an app so you can watch missed episodes of different programs. I loaded it went to watch my missed and and the app tells me it’s only available in the USA.

    Why is that when nbc broadcasts in Canada.

    Thanks for listening

    Mrs Gail Bauer

  40. Chuck Todd: talk a little slower! Can you be any more out of touch than to present the rural communities as the only people left behind by your corrupt Administration?

  41. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL BAD JUDGE! I love that show. I only watch 3 shows on your Network and Bad Jusge being one of them. This show is too funny to cancel. If you do drop it I hope CBS or ABC can pick it up. Maybe it needs a different network.

  42. Tonight’s 11/19/2014 Law & Order SVU was very helpful for many girls and ladies. We must learn to love our self and protect our children.
    I truly love this show. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  43. I am extremely disappointed in NBC for pulling the “Plug” on Mr. Bill Cosby’s upcomming show, because of some “Alleged” sexual assault by 5,10,15,25,30, women. Did I name enough, or are there more comming? I find it mighty strange that people believed that Michael Jackson molested some kid, and when Michael died that same boy who grew up said that he said it because his father told him to say it. That boy’s father received a hefty settlement based on a LIE! If I could move to another country I would.

  44. Well I guess this station and the streaming service Net Flicks does not believe “you are innocent until proven guilty”. I think it is unfortunate that YOU, NBC would jump to conclusions in reference to alleged crimes. Mr Cosby has been an icon of so called American values and if you weigh that against hearsay and find him guilty then America is not what it profess to be I think.

  45. Dear NBC
    I think NBC Sports should hiring Rickey Watters as an NFL Analyst. Along with Charles Haley or Greg Lloyd or John Randle. They could talk stuff on the field and I think should be on NBC Sports Radio and NBC Sports Network. Along with Norte Dame football and NBC Sports Network Pro Football Talk and College Football on NBC Sports Network.

  46. I have heard that you are canceling Constantine and I’d like to complain. I rememeber another show with Vanpires that was canceled with Alex who is now on CBS on Hawaii 5 O. Which was a big mistake then and I believe thia cancelation will also fall into that without giving it a chance. Its will catch on especially since it follows Grimm one of my favorites.

  47. Get Rev. sharton OFF your network! He is no help to black or white people. You give him a method of telling his lies and that should be looked at by the FCC. If he has a show why not the NRA or better yet the KKK. Your network is so far to the left of the American people, you should broadcast from space!!

  48. We do not appreciate your lack of consideration for your customers by blacking out the Direct TV NFL playoff games.
    I guess we will not be expecting anything from your stations in the future.

  49. Fast several days we have been denied access to NBC programming
    Direct TV. Negotiations are underway with the owner of the channel. What can you do to give us our right of freedom of speech? This situation indicates irresponsible behavior and is totally disrespectful. As a former broadcaster I know I believe this posture is totally unacceptable. What can you do to expedite
    correcting this problem? ~ Or do you not have any concerns of your viewership in Tucson, AZ?

  50. Why aren’t episodes 1-4 of Season 2 of The Blacklist available on ON DEMAND? I was out of the country last fall, come home to catch up and they aren’t available! What’s going on?

  51. Please put back Las Vegas station KSNV (channel 3) in our viewing area in St George, Utah
    We are in southern Utah, not far from Vegas. We watch this channel more than NBC in the Salt Lake City area. I am sure you are receiving many complaints regarding this.
    Thank you.

  52. Your msnbc network has been having problems for a while with some of the advertisements not having any volume or sound to accompany the advertisements. Today, the voice and picture have been out of sync terribly and it is very frustrating. Can this be fixed or is it something that we will have to put up with? I watch this channel all day everyday but it needs to be addressed! Thanks.



  54. I think it is quite shocking that Brian Williams has not been fired. He is a news caster that has lied to the television public not once but more. We believe and rely on totally honest reporting, but alas that seems to be untrue. If we believe what is reported to be factual and true by an anchor of a major network and it turns out to be make believe , will we have to listen to his make believe if you bring him back. I will not be watching and will be encouraging everyone I know to boycot NBC news. False memory really ? No the television public deserve true and substantiated reporting. Not fairy tales. Thank you. Stephen

  55. I am deeply disappointed that you chose to suspend Brian Williams for 6 months. I do agree that some form of punishment is warranted, but 6 months is just wrong. I had NBC nightly news scheduled every day on my DVR, well no longer. Until Brian is back on the air I will be getting my news elsewhere!!!

  56. Let’s get a reality check with all things news. All media inflates. How about taking some lessons from up north in Boston, Tom Brady, uh hum and start deflating the news like AWE. Bring the boy Brian Williams back! He at least has a calming nerve about him.

  57. Just disgusted with NBC totally. First Brian Williams, then Zoey Tur for Inside Edition, and we are totally done with NBC! The ads showing people in sex scenes for your disgusting shows tonight and every night is enough for us! We have constantly scrambled to turn them off and no more now! You’re off for good!Our child certainly does not need to see this trash, nor do we. You have no respect for truth, families, morals, decency, and the list could go on.
    I have to say that Lester Holt should have replaced Brian Williams long, long ago! He is an awesome news reporter!
    Goodbye NBC! You will not be missed!

  58. Please line up the captions with the dialogue on your shows. I’m guessing this happened when you lined up the captions with the Tonight show, because ever since you did that the captions on the other shows are running too far ahead of the dialogue. It seems very strange that the caption timing for all your shows seem to be connected.
    It used to be that the Tonight show captions were always behind, but now that they are matched closely with the dialogue, the captions on the earlier shows are shown before each set of dialogue.
    Sometimes I can’t understand what they are saying because of the soundtrack music being too loud, or an foreign accent or bad enunciation. It is a pain to have to keep reversing (rewinding) to see what they said.
    The people who are completely deaf must really hate it too.
    Please fix this problem now. It has gone on for far too long.
    It would also be nice if you started your shows on the hour as advertised, not a minute or two before. I wish that the other channels would do that also, but at least they have the captions lined up with the dialogue.

  59. I got charged for your one week trial on my card that I NEVER EVER SIGNED UP FOR!!!! It’s IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A HOLD OF ANYONE TO GET THIS FIXED! NOW I HAVE TO CHALLENGE IT WITH MY BANK AND CANCEL MY CARD!!! I’m so disappointed and fed up with this!

  60. For years we have been loyal to your NBCChannel. Since Tamaran Hall joined your group, we have been forced to watch another channel. She has brought the professional attitude to the group. She makes a joke of every comment made. It seem that Willy and Natalie have to constantly “cover” for her teenager persona.

    What a shame, but there are many of our friends who voiced the same opinions. Ann Peterson

  61. What we meant to print was ” she has brought DOWN the professionalism on the panel”. Shame on you for allowing this morning show to spiral down

  62. Good evening, my name is David Mendez representing California State Los Angeles and is part of an internship with you’re enterprise Comcast/ NBC-Universal. I would like to learn more about the Symphony featues as part of my learning experience. If this is not the correct way of obtaining this information, if possible, can you please advise me of where I can obtain information on this subject matter. Thank you, David Mendez

  63. Please do not cancel Forever. I love the stars and I love the story line. Come on, please keep some quality shows and not these 1/2 hour sitcoms that hash over the same, show after show on every channel. I know they’re cheap, but they are boring!

  64. Your handling of Brian Williams has been despicable. He should be fired, period. NBC credibility has greatly fallen.

  65. Can’t we say that Donald Trump lied and therefore keep him on NBC for his pageant? Oh wait…that only applies to Dems and progressives!

  66. In light of your removing the tv pageants on NBC due to the position of Donald Trump I intend to boycott all NBC programming in protest. I have already removed your stations from my tv. You are wrong to try and coerce Trump and or deny him the right of freedom of speech. Let we the people decide what we think of Trump. You must not need my demographic.

  67. Thank you very much for your timely decision to cancel The Apprentice” due to Donald Trump’s insensitive and racist remarks about immigrants. In the coming weeks, I expect the nation not to support him as well.

    I hope that you continue to offer fine programming that is not only entertaining but also sensitive and thoughtful.

  68. To the Today show cast: please, please stop talking all at once. Not only is it rude but it makes the dialog hard to understand. After years of watching I have switched to CBS til 9. Then switch back to the Today Show. But Tameron, Willie and Natalie blather all at once. RUDE RUDE RUDE!

  69. Will no longer watch a network filled with Chuck Todd and Michael Steele.

    Mr Todd is not a journalist. He lacks ethics, cares nothing about truth and is a corporate tool. Comcast is steering more and more toward conservatives. Well, Fox not news already exists. The last thing we need is more corporate propaganda. Mr Todd who inserted himself in the McConnell Campaign showed his colors. Will not support this move by COMCAST to destroy another voice on MSNBC.

  70. Well, you folks are, sadly, at it again. I was utterly disgusted when you canceled Joy Reid’s show (but at least, recognizing her amazing journalism, you have kept her on in limited capacities). But now, canceling the Ed Show, Alex Wagner’s show, and God knows what else; You CORPORATISTS, WITH CLOSETED RIGHT-WING LEANINGS, ARE SO LOST YOU CAN’T BE FOUND. GOOD NIGHT AND…NO, I’M NOT WISHING YOU, GOOD LUCK.

  71. I was wondering if it would be at all possible for NBC to do some kind of Friends Reunion, either a TV show are movie. I know there are a lot of folks out there that would like to see that.

  72. rude didn’t even let me get the full question about streaming. Asked if I’ve been calling before she even said hello. If this is your customer service it is the worst I’ve ever seen

  73. Who runs this department? NBC Sports has continued to slight certain NFL teams again this season. Once again absolutely no mention of the Cleveland Browns on the halftime show or a score on the screen trailer.
    Don’t tell me you don’t have enough time to even mention the score. Reduce the nonsense commentary. If you are going to cover a sport – REPORT ON EVERYONE- NOT JUST WHO YOU THINK IS iMPORTANT.

  74. why did yall removes days of our lives from youtube and yall havent update nbc i havent seen the soap from oct1,2,5,and 6

  75. I have trawled the net and I simply cannot find a phone number for customer service! Why not? Is it’s because it saves money not to have to have live people on the end of the phone? C’mon NBC have loads of money!

    I know, i know there’s email but it is not the same as talking to a real human being. Email has its uses but for airing a grievance or complaint a real person to person conversation is much better for many obvious reasons.

    Publish a phone number for customer service please!

  76. Formula 1 broadcast.
    The coverage is well appreciated; made up of in-car video and voice; in depth anaylsis and most informative “color” comentary from Hobbs and Matchet. But somehow audio from the venue and audio from the studio collide and miss the mission to deliver high quality communication to us listeners. Car engine sound and commentary voice are
    at the same volume. You need to fix it please so each are perfect.

  77. Please resolve your dispute with Dish network… I am very upset about missing my Sunday night football and I’m sure your advertisers will miss their exposure too!

  78. The Republican debate tonight on MSNBC was pathetic. The moderators were a disgrace to the term “fair and balanced.” Their attempts at asking “gotcha” questions failed miserably and backfired on you, as evidenced by the Boos! Their nasty and childlike actions are the main reason I find most liberals distasteful. I am currently watching the news on NBC at a greatly reduced frequency, and I guarantee you that MSNBC will never again show up on my TV screen.

  79. GET THE BRITISH ACCENT OFF NASCAR RACES AND RELATED SHOWS. I & my friends have stopped watching when he is on. This is not selling your sponsors products & therfore might not renew their respective contracts with you .SO GET THE ACCENT OFF NASCAR. He dosen’t belong on an AMRICAN Sport.

  80. To who may concern.

    I have contacted Dish Network to inquire what can we do to have NBC Universo on HD for Dish costumers.

    Im writing to you on hopes that you can make it a reality just like DirecTV.
    I love your programing and wish we could enjoy it also Please contact me if you have any questions.



  81. Porfa!!!!!Pasen los juegos del equipo León en HD para todos los clientes de Dish Network que disfrutamos del buen fútbol.

  82. My name is Kurt Erpenbach and I started watching the Voice since last season which was season 8. On the week of November 9th, the coaches Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton each brought back an eliminated artist only to have them re-eliminated on the following results show. The coaches did even bother to use their personal save to get them through to the next leg of the competition after bringing them back. This was very unfair. The comebacks showed what they were made but were broadsided by people who were worse than they were. In fact, they were better than most of the people that were still officially competing. Because of this, I will not watch the show again.

  83. You shouldn’t think about canceling the show the player you need to find it a better time slot,it’s a very good show it needs and needs a little more time to grow on people.

  84. the new show Chicago med has a weird voice over the hole episode for the last 2 episodes u might want to check into this problem its like when ever someone does something the narrator tells what they are doing just weird might check into it

  85. I have drict tv’s ch.220 -nbcs- I pay to have this sports chanel so why do I lose this chanel whin you have a hockey game on.i can’t afford center ice .so what’s your deal 220 is a sports chanel why cut it off with hockey.

  86. To: Customer Service
    Subject: Programs w/background music

    I would like to inform you that people with hearing problems cannot hear the words to the programs because the music drowns out the words. Why do you need music??

    Thank you for your time.

    Lewis Powell

  87. Tried to watch New Years Eve show. Discussion by those on podium was not what I wanted my family to hear starting off 2016. Turned channel to watch ball drop. Turned back to NBC talk turned inappropriate again. Disappointed.

  88. I’ve been trying to figure out The Voice, Artists page for over 2 days now. The links won’t show up as clickable links. I’ve searched everywhere online trying to understand how to fix this. So far, no Customer Service. Trying to set this up as a surprise. Any help would be appreciated.

  89. I am so very disappointed with the writers of Days of Our Lives. The last month of
    episodes have been miserable, sad and not worth watching. With all the sadness going on in this world the news is upsetting enough so, watching main characters (that are likable ) be killed off is not what I want to see. The Christmas episodes are something to look forward to but, not this one. Sadness and gloom that is what this show has become. Not to mention Abigail and Chad. I thought at least they had a chance. One more week is all I’m giving a show I have been watching for years.

  90. Please come to an agreement with DISHNETWORK on the contract, we are missing out on what we pay for. There is no reason it ever has to come to channels being remove because you can’t settle a contract dispute. Be reasonable and bring the channels back now.

  91. Peyton Manning is headed to the Super Bowl for the FOURTH time in his career not the THIRD as it stated on the NBC Sports Website after the Broncos beat the Patriots on January 24th, 2016. Tell your NBC Sports Web Page guys to get their history straight.

  92. NBCSN is a joke they screw up the NHL playoffs every year & they don’t even put the NHL all star game on national tv what disrespect to all hockey fans & children in the United States!

  93. I have a problem with nursing home. Also my brother in law’s behavior
    to my sister I need to know why this nursing home use to much powers of my family problem.

  94. It seems (from other web sites, since yours – NBCSports- doesn’t have anything on it) that you bought the rights to the America’s Cup races and now you’re not going to even show them!!! except for a “highlights” show 3 weeks later. I understand that the America’s Cup app is pathetic, so we can’t see it live. It should be illegal.

  95. It is a shame that a network gets so large that communicating with someone with a question is almost impossible.

  96. Well, I see NBC is doing it again. I will never watch another NBC show or Support advertisers, if NBC pulls their stations from Dish a Network. My days are spent with USA or MSNBC playing in the background of my life. Be big folks and settle this stupid money disputes and stop threatening to take dozens of channels off Dish. I have already expressed my anger with Dish Customer Service. It’s your turn now. Do NOT remove my fave stations from Dish.
    And thanks for making it so easy to find any way to contact NBC….NOT.

  97. Hello NBC, my name is Frances Butler, a US Army retiree. I would like to thank you for keeping me informed on a daily basis, but I want to celebrate my 63rd birthday in you audience as an anchor for the day. If this is possible, which I think is a good idea, ( I am a natural) please give me a chance, still looking for a job. Sincerely, Frances E. Butler

  98. I’m in western NY watching NBC Sports Network and it is very glitchy, I hope this problem can be resolved quickly as I am a passionate Penguins Fan hoping to watching the game without getting a headache from this issue
    Sincerely, a concerned customer

  99. New VOICE Coach Miley Cyrus:
    I have enjoyed the ‘Voice’ it’s host Carson Daly, and all of NBC’s past season four and six coaches, Shakira and Usher, along with the present coaches, up to now, thus why I am writing. Blake, Adam, Pharrel and twice with Christina, these coaches are competent and funny; they all have not done anything sleazy in their past, keeping themselves respected in both their personal and professional lives with outstanding personalities the fans love, while they all believe in strong family values.
    For some stupid reason NBC has decided to begin its upcoming season with the all-controversial bisexual Miley Cyrus (girlfriend Stella Maxwell). Miley’s a poor example of a ‘Star.’ She has proven incompetence of handling her own life, yet NBC believes she can be a mentor to others is just plain ridiculous. The public view of Miley is of a empty-headed, hugger-mugger, who is disorderly, unpredictable, who has no respect for her family, and additionally non for herself either. Miley’s known for stepping out in topless photos, almost nude in videos, and wearing nipple pasties on the Jimmy Kimmel TV show, at one point calling some folks assh_ _es… Question was she speaking of herself, being just that, an insulting term for people who are stupid, irritating and/or ridiculous?
    Just lately Miley slammed Donald Trump for an action against Ted Cruz’s wife. Miley’s so dumb she disrespected Trump without knowing or caring about why and how that happened… Trump had nothing to do with Cruz’s wife posting, and second Cruz’s staff posted nude photos of Trumps wife FIRST. It’s bewildering of Miley to criticize Trump or anyone, after how she has presented herself and still presents herself repeatedly to the public, coupled with speaking against someone without all the facts or ignoring them. She needs to learn that, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad and Dolly Parton her godmother, have always maintained respectability and I’m sure they both tried to direct and inspire Miley in the same, and surely in her beginning her with Disney. So as Miley’s resume may seem impressive to some, believe me it is only on paper, and certainly not in physical life actions, and achievements.
    Congratulation to NBC for making a great choice with Alicia Keys, a proven powerhouse, that was on the Voice season-7, she is talented, respected and liked. How NBC could join Alicia with Miley is beyond decent word descriptions!
    I want NBC’s the Voice to know, in September, they have lost me, many of my friends and family members due to our dislike of Miley… what a bad, bad, dirty-joke. Further, I foresee the Voice will have a high drastic criticism rating as we the audience, no longer tune into the show… Thank You For Listening,

  100. I was watching Jeopardy today 4/1/2016. What was up with all the issues? Alex didn’t have no pants on. The contestants was switched out . I seen Ken Jennings !! Was this is Aprils Fool joke or what? There was other issues also.

  101. To Whom it May Concern,

    Greetings, I generally love watching the many interesting regular programming NBC station provides. However, I do have a complaint. I was watching a very interesting report on Dr. Oz, and just at the height of a gentleman’s story, there was a “NBC News Special Report”. This “Special” announcement was John Kasich’s drop-out from the presidential race. This was really not that important! Of course, unless it happens to be that Donald Trump is paying for this “Special” report. This report IS NOT that important to have a break-in on the regular programming! Please note, I checked out the other stations to see if they had also allowed this report to break up their programming, and in fact, they did not! I really do hope this doesn’t prove that the NBC station is bias toward Donald Trump’s campaign.


    A very disappointed audience member.

  102. I find it hard to believe that you are giving so much free air time to Donald Trump. He has been on the Today Show several times, MSN, Good Morning Joe and now tonight with Lester Holt. I hope you intend to give as much free air time to lHillary Clinton. I am about to abandon NBC for good. I thought there were laws to prohibit such behavior.

  103. Hello, I am a loyal viewer of MSNBC but I am frankly sick and tired of Kate Snow being bumped from her 3 PM east coast time slot by serial liar and disgraced former journalist Bryan Williams. It is indeed one thing to give Mr. Wiliam’s a second chance on MSNBC, but in my view he should have been fired for his repeated “fabricated” news stories, I mean does anyone truly take him seriously at this point. Kate Snow on the other hand, is a top flight journalist and the most appealing person on MSNBC in my view, so her being regularly off the air due to the unwelcome insertion of Mr. Williams is to me a tremendous error in judgement.

  104. Last weekend F1 Canada GP race was never covered by NBC sport even though it was scheduled to be viewed.
    It was schaduled to play live coverage of the race from 11am-1:30 pm and it was interrupted by news. I had it set to record At later time same day at 5pm-7:30pm and it recorded golf game. I travel world wide to see this races and it’s a big deal for me to miss these races. I’m extremely disappointed.

  105. I hate to say this but as a Nascar fan of over 20 years everyone I know hates your coverage after FOX has done such an incredible job. No matter how smart {or a dumb redneck) you think we are, noone can tolerate the lack of technical and commentation professionalism of NBC.
    I am an audio/visual installation guru and your guys can never in several years get your audio synchronized with your video. It is ALWAYS delayed with respect to time. it makes all of us just want to listen to it instead of watch and experience it
    I personally love the English accent in the movies, but DO NOT ever put a Brit commentating Nascar. Use rednecks for a redneck sport you Jackasses.

    we hate NBC

  106. Let’s us see the nascar race. I don’t want to watch commercials every three minutes. I want to see the race.

  107. Enough with “former” anchorman Brian Williams constant interruptions of Kate Snow’s 3 PM time slot on MSNBC. Why is he still on the air? His continued unwanted presence on your network is an insult to all the top flight reporters on MSNBC, and in particular the superb Kate Snow.

  108. Just saw Nick Cannon on Facebook looking and dressed very much like a Black Panther. You should be ashamed of yourself for letting him do such a thing . I know it was not on your network but never the less it reflects on NBC. He needs to be fired.

  109. To whom if it ever concerns,

    I’m just one person but how hard is it to stream your network in an area with cable internet. I pay for dish network and wouldn’t have minded at all to watch your AGT xmas special. Guess what? its not available to stream in my area.
    Question you might have is, if you pay for dish why stream? Well that’s a wonderful question NBC. The answer is, I’m at another house with internet but no tv. Would love for us to watch your network (that I pay for, even tho its local and an antenna could maybe get your network in) but since its 2016(almost2017) and contracts between companies suck. For everybody, all they think about higher up, is more money and how can we get it.
    Don’t care if dish offered less and you don’t want to use them for an agreement to stream. You want people to watch, have it available ass holes! That’s to corporate, not the person who is under paid to read this. Trust me I know the stupid ass business of horrible money making for Ive always worked for money grubbing people.
    Merry Christmas,
    Ian Penn

  110. No more press conferences during days of our lives. I look forward to it everyday tfriday and now Monday no days. It not fair. To people. Who love soaps. Please. Leave one oclock slot alone


  112. Please don’t cancel Lawrence O’Donnell. If you bring another conservative host on, you’ll lose many of us, CNN is getting much better! I’ve been loyal to MSNBC even when you fired Keith!
    Don’t get rid of Lawrence, don’t turn right, Trump will be gone soon!

  113. I would like to know why I am unable to watch Days Of Our Lives on line anymore. I am fed up with NBC for numerous reasons and this is just another one to add to the pile. I would appreciate a response to my question.

  114. NBC SUCK! Totally done with NBC! Trump/Billy Bush tape is NOTHING compared to Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton! Bill is a rapist and Hillary let it happen! Harvey is a rapist and Hillary knew! Oblahma knew and let his daughter work for him, why don’t you discuss that! Halle Berry had Malia work for them, I guess Halle climbed the ladder……or into the bed!

  115. Get rid of the program of the Twright zone and night Gallery as well because both of the programs are night-mares so please get rid of the program of night Gallery and the program of the Trwlight zone as well from Wendy Sells

  116. With the Program of Perry Mason-Raymond Burr well I would like to see more of the Perry Mason cases on Television every-time because I think that the actor Raymond Burr is a great Actor as well. From Wendy Sells


    You didn’t do it because you HATE the President. SHAME ON YOU.
    This is why your ratings are bad.
    You have shown every other First Lady’s , I guess it is JEALOUSY.

  118. In the wake of the most recent events, I am wondering if it is possible to ask Ann Curry to rejoin the show. Her professional style, reporting, and integrity is missed. She always did an excellent job conveying difficult and intriguing topics,and was a wonderful addition to Today. Ann Curry seems to have a loyal fan base, who were both saddened and caught off guard over her departure years ago. I would greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter. My husband and I both have been loyal fans of Today, but miss Ann Curry’s presence.

  119. I watch NBC on the only local station available to me in Jackson, TN. It is channel 39 and is a poor representative of your brand. Now it is off the air for technical reasons after breaking up and going off line for the past two days.. Earlier this year the prerecorded weather reports listed a different city (Little Rock Arkansas) a different station call letters and a different network (Fox),, Why do I have to put up with this to watch NBC. I use to watch channel 5 in Memphis and got professional TV. I have Direct TV. Please disenfranchise this pitiful, inept station.

  120. What a rushed call on your part naming Hoda Kotb as permanent co-host of NBC’s Today show. Take advantage of all the men who watch this show on a daily basis,we need a mans point of view. Won’t watch again until you assign a male co-host.Its only right!!!

  121. Myself and many others are completely fed up with ALL of the media FEEDING UP DONALD TRUMP, 24 hours, EVERYDAY !!! And there is one group that is considering launching a BOYCOTT of ALL NEWS until they stop being total flunkies of the mentally retarded thing in the White House. For you all are just FEEDING THE ego of this nut, and giving him far more TV coverage than any other president in history. When he is the sorriest of all. So are the bosses of all of the media channels, and newspapers, being paid by Trump, under the table, to keep this crazy thing on the air? When he and his lowlife, uneducated wife, need to be given no more than perhaps an hour or a few minutes EVERY month or two, as you have done with other presidents in the past. NONE of them were EVER on TV, or in newspapers, EVERY DAY, and ALL DAY, in regards to TV and radio. So cut it out, or thousands of us are going to set in motion a BOYCOTT OF TV NEWS. — Rev. George Brooks

  122. So do we know what the real message was that they were trying to send out? “A spokeswoman for Hawaii Gov. David Ige said human error was to blame and that somebody pressed the wrong message to be sent.”

    What happened to your version of fair and balance reporting.
    So Sad so Sad

  124. dungy’s personal religious views belong in church, not in the studio. if he can’t control himself, fire him. he is one reason many do not watch the terrible broadcast.

  125. I see no reason why …to log on,,,here is what I have to say re lAW ORDER SVU episode of Barba allowing child to die NATURALLY


    As a retired RN, believe me I KNOW.

  126. I will not be watching the Olympics tonight because of the lack of ice skating.
    A promise is made that ice skating will be covered and then I wait and wait all evening. Then when it does come on it’s after ten or at eleven at night. You cover all the other sports with all the participants and then you skimp on the ice skatering. I like to see all the skaters not just some. Shame on you.
    Roberta Sampson

  127. The coverage of the 2018 olympics is terrible. Whomever is responsible for the programming should be fired. With any luck C.B.S. or A.B.C. will get the television rights for the olympics in the future. Drop the qualifing events and concentrate on the finals of the events. Show the medal ceremony especially when the U.S. athlete takes gold. Show different events. Have some personal interviews and special interest stories. Get Costas back.

  128. I really doubt anyone from NBC ever sees these, just so you all know this. BUT I would like to let all of you know that the streaming episodes for AP BIO are not working properly. On episode 1, for example, the video just pauses at 17:40 and continues a good 6 or 7 seconds later, skipping over what it paused through as if it had never stopped running in the first place. As I said earlier, I doubt anyone from NBC will read this, but if enough of us complain about it, something might be done.

  129. as customers we have over the years seen the amount of air time devoted to commercials increase dramatically one after the other???
    we know this generates your salaries but how much do we customers have to put with ? too many commercials .This is forcing viewers away.

  130. I will not be watching your station any longer your advertising harms humans. And I’m sure your board of directors does as well. Your MSM is going off the air because nobody believes the crud you put our. Alternative news is so much better and not cookie cutter like the other alphabet networks.

  131. I think Kate Snow on NBC Sunday Night is great. From her smooth tones in delivery and throughout to her lovely appearance. She is an assert to your NBC News.

  132. I am very disappointed about the service that NBC is providing to its clients. I am working for one of Mpumalanga Municipality and we are NBC ‘s biggest clients but unfortunately NBC is not helping municipality employees with anything. you called them when you are desperate and needed them the most, but they will answer your call and listen to you as if they care, promise you heaven and earth, then disappear.

  133. Please find out what is wrong with your on air transmission,as I receive your system thru Comcast in my viewing area ,you are the only channel that comes thru broken up audio and video, no one else does ,I am to the point of watching other channels because of this trans malfunction, please check on it as I and many others must be getting frustrated, THANK YOU.

  134. April 30,2018
    I love Lester Holt and NBC nightly news. Today my heart and spirit was broken. You allowed a man during a flight recuse for shelter dogs to be allowed to compare his service to these dogs to the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, WHICH SAVED THOUSANDS OF BLACK HUMAN BEINGS DURING SLAVERY.
    Is this the climate to say and broadcast demeaning and hurtful statements?

  135. I have always enjoyed NBC’s golf coverage, however, watching the players championship was extremely frustrating. Between your coverage and the golf channel you both should start a tiger woods channel so the rest of us who dont care about tiget can see other players that are participating. You folks are obsessed with tiger, that’s all you show and talk about. It’s enough to make you stop. watching golf. Part pf the fun of watching the players is watching the coverage on 17th and it took almost an hour to see someone playing 17 because of your obsessing over you know who. I would hope you would get the theam of this complaint, a lot less tiger so we can see so other players.

  136. I would like to say don’t cancel Timeless. It is one of your better shows. I used to watch NBC all the time; In fact SV U was one of my favorites until the main characters started dropping like flies. I don’t have a cable provider so anything I watch needs to be through HULU, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Maybe if you streamed Timeless you would get a more accurate count of people who watch it. This is the second email I have tried to send, the other was at your official web site. It seemed to think my email address wasn’t real. And this one, I can’t see what I’m typing because of you silly ad. What is wrong with your websites?!?! Please keep Timeless on.
    Thank you,

  137. I wonder why you have not laid the blame for the five deaths of reporters at the Capitol Gazette where the blame should go. The President has spent nearly two years constantly demeaning and disparaging the news and even a disabled reporter. Yes, someone else pulled out the shotgun and committed the crime, obviously mentally ill. Yet the President continually lobs verbal grenades at the Press, the reporters and our Democracy. He is guilty of inciting this senseless killing. Stand up for your own people and other reporters!

  138. Sirs,
    I understand the need for advertising on your nbc news app. The advertisement that regularly is at the bottom of the screen often covers more of my screen than the news article I am trying to read. When trying to close the ad with the “X”, it only seems to bring me to the advertisers website. I find this so annoying that I was compelled to write you to inform you that I will get my news (I’m a bit of a news junkie) from another source to avoid the frustration of having my screen monopolized by an advertisement. I have no objections with the add that scoll with the news articles. They don’t cover what I am trying to read.
    Thank you for looking into this. I hope I see a change before I decide to delete the app from my phone.
    B.C. Pierce

  139. Please remove the “background” music from your Premier League shows such as goal zone. The music is so loud you cannot here the commentary. I cannot understand why you want to drown out the announcers.

  140. What does it feel like to be a non-paid political operative for the democrat’s. Your so called news coverage is not only one-sided to promote your sacred democratic views it’s practically one dimensional. Your disgusting.

  141. Your new enlarged MSNBC web page is an absolute mess and hard to navigate. You never know what article you are reading and the scroll down on the right side of the screen bears no meaning to the rest of the web page.

    You don’t need GIANT size pictures for the articles that is just ridiculous. I always went to the web site once or twice per day but now may not even visit it at all anymore despite the fact I thoroughly enjoy your staff and the articles within.

  142. I am writing about my concern with the Megan Kelly show the third hour is turning into the Fox News hour none of your other anchors or on air people interject their political views Megans show however has become an advocate for all things Republican if I wanted to watch Fox News I would turn on Fox News I am 77 years and have watched NBC since we could get TV back in the fiftys it was the first network available I an very concerned about her holding up Republican values I would hope you could temper her in this area. Thank You

  143. This comment is about Megan’s Kelly. I think what you did about firing her was hypocritical. You covered for Lauer, Roker
    Defended him executives covered for them. Yet you fire someone who made a comment about something she did in her childhood and apologized for. Racism is wrong in any form but your station just jumped on something that was said innocently. Hypocrites. I will not watch your station again. Rokers comments after was laughable

  144. I think your treatment of Megan’s Kelly was hypocritical. Your station covered for Lauer. Roker defending him. Yet you fire someone who was talking abou t something that happen was she was a child. She immediately apologized. Firing her was extreme your station jumped on a trend. Racism is wrong in any form but you over reacted. Rokers comments were laughable.

  145. Dear NBC I live in a rural area in Southwest Missouri. I do not subscribe to cable so my news comes from the major networks. My wish is that you report news, just the news. Watching election results is frustrating as you claim a blue wave and then the reporters are surprised that that isn’t happening. Your views on the national level are so slanted to the democratic side it is sickening. The problems with your identity and how people view the media our your own makings. Please just report the numbers the facts let us the viewers decide how to think.

  146. Absolutely repulsed with the gay kiss between 2 girls before the start of the Macys Thanksgiving day parade!!! Children watch this show and it is suppose to be lighthearted event for the whole family! Spare me the gay agenda when it comes to a childrens parade!!!!!

  147. I was watching the Thanksgiving Day parade with my 5 year old daughter when the gay kiss happened. I don’t want to expose my child to this until she is old enough to understand it and come to her own conclusion. I would have appreciated a warning that something like this was coming so I wouldn’t have turned it on with my little girl. I will never watch another NBC show because I know that if you are willing to broadcast this to children, there is no telling how far your scripted shows will go.

  148. Customer service is great! Don’t spoil it by changing schedules and airing the Monster who pretends to be the President who cares for his people. We are sick and tired of his lies, That is all he does.

  149. Your news media is extremely bias, and unfair to the president. I am a life long former democrats who thinks we need the wall built in our Southern border. What happened to the great reporters like Walter Cronkite. All you have now is opinionated talking heads. Shame up and be unbiased and just report the news, and stop trying to interpret it or create it.

  150. I have been trying for months now to get NBC to fix the problem with live streaming on my fire stick. What is going on??

  151. The network must apply pressure to fire Shane Gillis from SNL. Im pretty thick-skinned and enjoy comedy, but the stuff Shane said in the podcast about Asians was awful and there was nothing funny about it. Im not hyper-sensitive, but his comments were outright hateful. It was like watching two KKK members at happy hour. Not funny. NBC, your viewers deserve better. Thank you.

  152. We have enjoyed Bluff City Law until tonight. Adding the LGBT story line did not add to the show or the story line tonight but it did alienate a large portion of the population. Loved the show but won’t watch it again. I don’t know why you people want to alienate so many possible viewers and therefore advertisement watchers!!!

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