Contact Myspace Customer Service

Contacting Myspace Customer Service Center

Myspace was the hippest, hottest social media site before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hit the market. Everyone had a MySpace page, but the site was created for those Gen Y users who loved music and wanted a page that could express who they were. Myspace nearly fell off the map, but with a few changes and a new direction, the music side of Myspace and sparked life in the once social media king.

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Contact Info:

Contact information for Myspace is extremely difficult to find. The site is a free social media hub, so there is no reason to staff a customer service center so customers can complain about account access or banned accounts. In place of a customer service team, Myspace offers a HELP and FAQs section with answers to commonly asked questions. These answers, along with tons of tutorials online, are the backbone of Myspace customer service.

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a phone number for Myspace is like finding a needle in a haystack, but we managed to find a phone and fax hidden in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Phone: 1-424-202-6148
  • Fax: 1-310-734-1748

Mailing Address

Like most businesses, a contact address is listed in the Privacy Policy. Here is the address listed for customer care.

Myspace LLC
Attn: Customer Care
8391 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Official Website

Myspace can be found online at This site is all about music, expression and connection. They’ve recently added a music player visitors can use without signing up for an account to listen to music free. The radio stations are searchable and customizable and you can skip as many times as you like without penalty, unlike other virtual radio stations. What you won’t find on Myspace is the social interaction you find on Instagram and Facebook, among other social sites. The active account holders do not seem to be as intent on sharing personal experience with others as they are in sharing events, concerts, announcements and other related information.

Customer Service Email

The nearest thing we could find to a customer service email was the Declarations Page This page is designed to help users access an account that is currently not working. Typically the account has been hacked or the users do not remember the email address associated with the account.

Our Experience

We attempted to call Myspace, but the call was never answered. We know we are not the only ones with that phone number, so Myspace could limit incoming calls or screen the calls in some manner. We will continue searching for a customer service phone number that works for Myspace users.

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204 Comments on “Contact Myspace Customer Service
  1. I asked to have my myspace account deleted and yet it hasnt been plus I personal deleted my photos on that account and now they show upwhen u search my name on goggle please remove everything about me on myspace and on the goggle search

    • Coley,

      I am having that same issue. I deleted but my pics still come up when I google my name. If u get any response or learn how to delete these pics from the internet or myspace conpletely please share what u did and I will do the same.

      • Have you tried using the declaration page found at the link above under email. If u click on the link and then delete my account, you complete the declaration page either to retrieve or delete account.

    • I already delete my “myspace account” but when i google my name, I can see my previous picture from myspace at “Google Image” how to delete it? Because I already delete my myspace account!! Please help me delete all the picture..

    • Anyone ever receive a response?? Agreed, this is an invasion of privacy and I have received NO HELP from myspace. No wonder everyone left you for Facebook!!

  2. I recently googled my name and a picture of me and my xhusband come up when I clicked on it, it sent me to and then I found more pictures which one of them was with my daughter! Are you serious that is, invasion of privacy! I need to remove this information and cancel that dam account that I don’t even have access too

  3. I, on the other hand, had my account deleted by MySpace for some unknown reason. I completed the declaration page to reactivate my account but, as usual, no response from MySpace.

  4. I’m not sure why but I’m unable to access my account. The email address (which is the same as the one I left you) isn’t working and neither is my password. Someone has hacked my account.

  5. Ok so I forgot my email and password to my myspace I only want to get in to it to copy my pictures of my kids n download my videos I have of them on there so I can delete my myspace. Please help me get my photos n videos bk!

  6. Hello i am commenting on this behalf of the full removal of my facebook i forgot my email and password and i would like to get a hold of a customer service rep for full deletion i want it all deleted i will give you my phone number if you email me back thank you have a great weekend.

  7. I’ve tried multiple times to contact MySpace.I cannot get a response by phone or email! I have hundreds of pics of my family, my wedding & I cannot access them! I am pissed! I want my pics so I can delete the account. I know my username & passcode but it tells me its incorrect & then licks my account! I even tried settingup a new MySpace account hoping I could figure something out that way but when I tried to login 5 minutes after setting it up, it said my email & password were incorrect & locked me out. What the hell is going on?!!! This is just wrong to not allowpeople access their personal information & photos! There must be something done about this!! Apparently Justin Timberlake has taken over MySpace & now it sucks & its an invasion of privacy. I know my account is still there because I google my name & its the first thing that pops up , my pic , username & info which I can’t access! This is so messed up!!

  8. I also cannot access my page at all. Sure, I forgot my password.. filled out the declarations page twice. But truthfully, my pasword hasnt changed. It’s only been a few months since I’ve been in. Livid and frustrated to say the least.

  9. I’m sick and tired of waiting. I still have my myspace. I forgot the email and password because it has been a while since Ive been on. Ive filled out everything and anything I can atleast 10 times. And no help at all.

  10. I have been trying to retrieve my passeord so i can copy the pics to my computer but i dont even have access to the old email i used.. i dont know what to do .. im super frustrated… i remember the email but i cant for the life in me remember the password.. :/

    • MySpace, I told you I forgot my password just a few days ago. I tried to confirm twice in two days. You have never returned a mail message mentioning how I could reset my password. My site is
      I made a message, unfortunately it did not reach you. I don’t know why you are telling that you are sending a return message, whereas you don’t do it.
      It is cheating. It is fraud. It is not the way we should be getting along with each other.
      Now send me a mail how I can reset my password. If not, I know MySpace has become fake. It is popular since the inauguration of someone psychotic and cheating.

  11. I have the same problem I can’t delete my account they won’t let me , and everyone have my inf whe you google my name. And I change my profile to private

  12. Hello there,

    I am writing this MSG regarding my account with Myspace. I have no idea when did I create an account with Myspace. my info. is on website and i would like you to delete it. I don’t have the username and the password. can you plz deactivate/delete me from you we-site.
    my name is Shahazada Chishty and for any question u may contact on above email.

    Thank You!

  13. im so hacked off with myspace, theyve deleted my myspace account ive had for 4 years, in which i played a game myspace mobsters` i spent alot of money on that game`this aint fair` it hasnt been deleted from breaking myspace regulations` and just a week ago it vanished ffs` ive no way to contact myspace` this is what i call BS myspace can go ……….. from now on b…tches

  14. I need my photos removed from myspace server because my picture still comes up on google images. Please somebody help.

  15. I too am having the same problem. I have pictures coming up on my google search. I have asked to reset my password but every time I enter it it asks for the new password. This is absolutely insane! I want my account deleted NOW! I’m going to contact a lawyer and the news media and bring this crap out. How the hell can this be legal? I want my account deleted and images removed from Google!

  16. I think all of us who have had our accounts deleted by myspace for no good reason should file a class action law suite against myspace. I had an account for over 6 years with myspace. I went to log into my account today, and my account had been deleted. I received no reason why my account was deleted by the myspace team. I had spent several hundred dollars on game apps there. ALL GONE! This has to be illegal for them to do without giving you a reason for deleting us. Plus I have tried to contact myspace several times like many of you without any luck. Oh, well. I guess Myspace will learn the hard way when people leave their site, and go elsewhere for their social needs or else when they get slapped with a big law suite.

  17. So i am trying to retrieve pictures from my MySpace page but the email address i used was deactivated i reactivated my account and signed on to MySpace. Well what appeared was not my info it was my cousins pictures and personal info how can i get all my information back. There are pictures of my oldest daughter as a baby and are the only pictures i have. I would appreciate it very much if this problem was fixed please send all response messages to my primary email account Thank you and have a blessed day.

  18. Tried to contact myspace by phone as well as e-mail and no response.
    There is a TM name registered on there that comes up on google with the rest of our info. It shows the user hasent used the site since 08 , and we were in business since 06.
    anyone know any other means to have them take that account down due to trademark and copyrights ?

  19. Any body who can help me here get back my account should please write or call or text me with this number 1-518-227-0411 on my email because i have my music there and my entertainment friends, God will bless the person and reward him for helping me on this issue.

  20. When I try to access my account it says it has been phislocked. I know I entered the correct username and email because it’s stayed the same since I made my account in 2006. I’m not sure what phislock means or how to get rid of it.

  21. i have had 80 of my account for the old myspace mobsters toking from me 3 days ago all the years i have put in to this game are gone some how.. very upset about it some one changed all my emails if someone could help plz email me at eddiemyspace7 at

  22. My MySpace account is privet and i deleted my account thinking that my issue that when i google my name on the internet my pictures that are on my profile are still there and deleting my account didnt help and why are they publishing photos that arent theres and those photos were privet! my husband is asking me for a divorce due to the pictures! i need someone to respond

  23. I used to be a MySpace user when I was in high school. Now I am a senior in college and want it deleted permanently from social media.

    I don’t remember my password or old user name from high school. Is there a way to delete it. Please let me know!

    • you really don’t have to worry too much about it. myspace has changed the whole network and has deleted every picture, blog, message, and detail of your life. for all intents and purposes nobody has an account anymore.

  24. Ive been trying EXTREMELY hard to get into my myspace account & Delete my profile. I have old images from myspace appearing on Google. This is Embarrassing! Its preventinh me from jobs and now that Im a parent and My lifestyle is completely different. I find it quite odd that the customers of myspace can’t reach a live agent to assist in the termination of a myspae account. please Help!

  25. the only suggestions I can make is to make sure myspace knows they are wrong by contacting them in all ways possible. i also suggest bbb (better business bureau) complaints. SHUT THEM DOWN for mishandling profiles and privacy matters and poor customer service. They were sold to some other guy that used to head AOL, so if you can somehow get to him and make his life hell, then maybe it will solve your issues. I will pray for you guys because that sucks through their negligence.

  26. very disappointed with this so call new myspace cant even create a new accounts,,i have tried a zillion times and it wont let me,,i use to have an account years ago,and cant remember the login and i can imagine i has been deleted by nowso i was trying a new,and like i said myspacehas always been to complicated.and now even more

    sinceril yours

  27. I want to sue this company. For years now I have been trying to get into my account. I believe my account has been hacked and passwords have been changes. I can get any help from myspace. none of the links work and they never do anything they say they will do. pissed off. I call and never get anyone to help always sent to a voice mail that is never answered and no one ever calls just like the emails for resetting are never sent. You guys are wrong and a very bad company. You should be sued……

    • I called the toll free number and spoke to someone who could barley speak english….they said they could delete my old account for $100!!! What a scam

  28. i love myspace always liked it better then facebook i wish they made it easier to login after so many years . i created one when myspace first came out and i no longer have that email .i wish i could get my old pictures back..please help

  29. I had created an account which I was never able to log into – and now I keep getting emails from myspace and I am unable to “unsubscribe” because I can’t log in.

    THIS SITE IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Why is my space being so hard to get ahold of? Ive had my account hacked & had other accounts made under my name..Contact your State Attoney Generals Offie comsumer fraud division. They will help you.

  31. I have asked for my picture to be removed from google months ago. I don’t have the same email address anymore nor do I remember my password. I’m pretty sure I closed this acct. yet my picture is on google from MySpace. This is harmful to my person. I need this picture removed ASAP. I nvr got an answer when I asked b4. Take care of this ASAP. Remove my picture from google!!!!

  32. My myspace account is under ” (*-Barbie,:-*) ” && I haven’t been able to access it in years. I don’t have my email or password, so I was trying to figure out how whorls I ever be able to access it again.

  33. I need to get MySpace account deleted i forgot my email and password i also want to get my pictures off of google because everytime i search my name my pic shows

  34. They have now completely switched Myspace… Why yes I have been living under a rock with no internet access lately, I go to log into Myspace today and find all my photo’s gone. These are photo’s dating back to my children’s birth. I know I know aren’t they saved on your computer? Well no my computer was stolen a few years back and I didn’t worry about saving them off Myspace onto my new one well because good old Myspace has been around for years. Now I can not reach anyone or leave a message with that phone number nor can I find were to send a message to their customer service. How could they do this to their loyal users?????

  35. I recently logged back in to myspace to recover photos. As I was doing so, a message popped up saying to agree to the terms again of the site since it’s been so long. As soon as I clicked agree, because there was no way around it, it DELETED ALL MY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! Is there any way to get those back??!!??!!?

  36. I can’t log in. When I try to get my password (which I know but they say it’s wrong), I don’t get any e-mail from Myspace. I think that maybe the people there must be on drugs and really don’t know what they are doing.

  37. Everyone is leaving myspace over this new crap. I have two profiles and i refuse to sign into one of them. I wouldn’t have they other one but i didnt know they was doing it and just signed everyone out all at one at 11:00 pm eastern on june 10!th and when u went to sign but in they gave u no choice. And if u dont u cant see the profile at all! Mobile is impossible to use and more then half the people who use it are mobile. and you cant file a complante or even find a help site on mobile it says ” this is not a page yet on mobile” and most of the time i get a message saying “oops myspace is down we are working on it to get it fix” i think myspace blow it this time everyone is leaving no one can work it or knows how to use it. If we wanted new pages we would have made them. They gave us no warning and didn’t tell us we would have to start as a new profile. And it doesn’t even run right yet. They tried to make it look like facebook or twitter and failed big time! Watch myspace go down now.

  38. Well i would like to say thanks for deleting the game apps on myspace i dont know how much time effort and Money real us dollars into those games would have been nice to get an email or something myspace has declined in the last couple years i know i dont like all the new changes and i am sure i am not the only one soon as i find out when and if you put the games back i will transfer my items that i bought with us dollars to my facebook you guys Suck!!

  39. where is the mobster games at. if mobsters is gone so am i. that the only thing you guys had that was worth clicking in this site.

  40. please bring back classic myspace and all the games i played on mypace. i spent lots of time and money on them. way do you have to change and conform to what everyones else is doing? classic myspace is the best. myspace dont you know that your loyal fans are here and never left. why would you leave us hanging? come back classic myspace.

  41. Dear Myspace, I have been with Myspace for seven years and I have never experenced this. It would have been nice given a choice but you have taken seven years of information and friends from me! Please return me to the original Myspace. I am not the only one disapointed with you, I am sure there are several thousand others. It would have been good of you to say what the public wants instead of messing up the whole site for everybody! I need yourhelp to restore my frieds to me, Give us back our site!!! Sincerely, but very disapointed, Eric Reeder

  42. im trying to logged in to my myspace account that I have had for years and I cant find how to do it what happened to all my pictures and friends 🙁

  43. Dear Myspace, can you please open your game platform for just 1 week in order for us to transfer our yoville items.

  44. Is it true that a powerful company bought myspace (Warren buffet)? Sure feels like it with this plain move to block all content. There where protesting pages here to this wack system we live under that cannot be accessed now by the public, blocked on purpose but advertised as an upgrade (trying to be slick). I had a page that talks about how we have been lied to by companies not to believe that free energy is possible with our technology today. Also, how the Olympics has become all about an expensive opening show and not focused on making examples of change and charity.

  45. They disguised an upgrade to completely erase information and pages that don’t fit the agenda of a corrupt system. Simple as that! Myspace has always been more about the message message and art than the chatter you get on facebook or Twitter. Was this legal to erase all this info?

    • maybe someone should tell myspace that facebook is worth a few BILLION DOLLARS because it’s user friendly. but i guess simply tweaking the site to make it a little more chat friendly while leaving everything else alone wasn’t worth billions. instead they go ahead and f*ck it all up and delete EVERYTHING.

  46. Myspace and the pages it possessed with strong articles by open minded artists was too dangerous for them to keep it up……

  47. OMG its ringing and its not VM. Dial ext 1020 they run in 4 digit extensions. just keep calling im sure theyll get the picture. still havent gotten anywhere in actually getting alive person but its on like donkey kong BIATCHS!

  48. 2964 is a valid ext. so raise the ext values to 1xxx-2xxx.

    entering last name Jones in the name directory got me to Lisa or Meesha jones. I left a VM. I think 2 should suffice for now.

  49. I was considering returning as a Myspace user and leaving Facebook, but when I logged in all my information, pictures, comments, posts, and profile went all missing. This not only disappointed me but also all my friends who wanted to go back. Please give me all my stuff back! Thank you.

  50. Could you go back to MYSPACE CLASSIC? I know more people would go back with the old headlines entering codes for editing backgrounds and flashing pictures. This is the memories we have from myspace a lot of would like it back. We would appreicate it.

  51. They don’t want information out, or they want to make it hard for people with talent and something to say to just quit.

  52. I’ve been trying to access the myspace email I used to have. I have some info that got sent there that I need, but there’s no way to get to the email from the site…what happened to it? is it gone?? They just removed their email without warning?

  53. I went into MySpace to retrieve my messages for an upcoming court case that will be filed in the near future and now I can’t find anything. I got my pics but all messages and blogs are gone. These weren’t MySpace’s property, these were my property and I never gave consent to dispose of them. MySpace better find a way to bring back classic myspace or there may be a class action suit filed. From what I’m reading no one is happy with the new MySpace so whoever did the change should listen to who they are trying to get in, not just the new ones.

  54. why did you all take farm town off myspace. it really hurts to know you all our that type of people. we paid money and all and really enjoyed the game. why dont you all give us our farms back on facebook the same amount we owned and farms to make up for myspace. i await your answer.

  55. Listen, I don’t think half of these people like your myspace I really would like my old myspace back I had a ton if photos on there, I don’t appreciate you just changing it. So please tell me away to get my old myspace back thank you.

  56. I was just on The New MySpace & they kicked me off. & here is why. There was another guy with a different point of view. & I put “MySpace” in my remarks to him & they deleted my account. I guess it is OK for the New MySpace to have bullies on their webpage.
    It’s OK The USA GVMT is watching & reading everything anyway.

  57. I need my MSGS BACK, my biological father that I have never met contcted me on myspace and I cant get his msg. Heartbroken!!!!

    This is TOTAL BS and has freaked everyone out, if these are not retrieveable I could just die!!

  58. if you wanted myspace to compete with facebook, you should have added a few things, NOT deleted everyone’s pictures and INFORMATION! instead of changing and deleting everything, maybe you could have made it a little bit more chat friendly.. you know… like EVERY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE IN THE WORLD. whoever did this is a colossal jerk

  59. I have just logged into myspace to take photos off it as i had hundreds of memorable photos and the new my space has left me with one photo how do i get these photos bavk?..

  60. I can’t remember my password and did that whole Declaration Form thing…. it’s been like 2 weeks and STILL nothing from them to change my password. A few months ago I did this was able to get a response within hours. Now….. wtf????

  61. Hi I’m a mom of 3children and my email and password isn’t Working all I want is to retrieve my kiddos pictures. Sadly my hubbly and 2 kids got hit bye a drunk driver and my oldest was the only survivor. Please help me retrieve what was lost thanks

  62. I HATE the new Myspace! I want back all my old messages and posts and EVERYTHING!!!! I loved it when it was the ORIGINAL Myspace, like back in 2008 and 2009 !! that was the BEST Myspace EVER! I WANT that back and I’m sure if you would ask more people they would say the same thing!!! GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS!! Also Myspace will probably become popular again if you go back! NOBODY likes the new Myspace or that you guys updated it the FIRST time!!!

  63. MySpace is to hard to use. I just recently tried to get into mine after not being on for so long and had no idea how to use it at all. Simple is best. I logged out right away and don’t plan on ever getting back in.

  64. I have forgotten my email and password on myspace and I want to get my pics of my kids off there and delete my account..please help me get back on there

  65. I currently wanted to get back on my myspace page but do not remember the password and I no longer use my email that was accessed with my myspace. What should I do? I want to get on to receive messages and other things from my boyfriend that passed two years ago.

  66. hello. k so long story short i have a video on myspace that is my property and i was wondering if theres any way i can save my video on myspace directly to my computer.

  67. i have been a myspace member for many years and i am highly pissed off now that you all couldn’t give us notice of the change i love my family more than life and all the pictures i had on myspace of my lil brother, nephews and other family is all gone you all mind telling us how we get back our memories you all took away from us…. sincerly soon to be ex myspace member’

  68. I’ve updated my myspace and it said it would transfer all of my photos and it didn’t. I wanna know how to get my pictures back bcuz that’s the only reason I kept a MySpace open too many photos to sit there and save to my comp. I wanna know how they were suppose to transfer? Why they didn’t. I’m extremely upset

  69. i a very disappointment i created my myspace about 7years ago and when i created it it wasnt mandatory to have a email address to verify if it is really you so i made one up. now im trying to go into my myspace account and i cant remember my password i dont have a valid email address i have alot of pictures that i blocked that only i could see when i was signed in please help me i want to get my account information back please

  70. I have an old account . Which I cant login anymore , I forgot the email and pasword
    How can I get in touch wth myspace.

  71. I used MySpace for 7 or 8 years and I had a lot of music on it. When I try to get on to the new one it says I don’t have the right browser. Then it shows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, aand Firefox. Which I have all 3, but I’m not about to redownload any of my browsers so that for some stupid reason I still won’t be able to get on. And then I’m stuck with 2 Google Chrome or one of the other!! Why do people always have to fix things that aren’t broke? So now I’ve been doing all kinds of searches looking for free music programs to download, so far no luck. I might not ever find a good music program!!! THANKS A LOT, MYSPACE!!!!!!

  72. Can you please help me get back in my account because I don’t remember my email or password. But I remember my username. Please help.

  73. The NEW myspace really sucks really bad! Ridiculously over done. The old one sucked too but not like this. All kinds of crap popping up in your face and too complicated to even bother to learn. Deleted my account

  74. I took TWO MONTHS for them to get back to me, then the info they gave me STILL DID NOT WORK! I give up, MySpace, you jumped the shark and blew yourself up from the inside. You’re toast. History. Good luck wallowing in your stupidity.

  75. I tried to log into my account but I forgot my password. I click reset and typed in my email address. After I reset the password and logged in someone else information popped up. This doesn’t make sense, since my email has been the same for years.

  76. I am very irritated that my myspace profile I have had for years was deleted because of ‘inactivity’. I was very sick for 2 years but have now fully recovered and am doing much better. My old profile: had all my pitures, music and I felt that all the time I dedicated to making that profile ‘ME’ was a waste of time since myspace deleted it. Because of the fact that my old profile was so rudely and carelessly deleted by myspace I will not be engaging in any ‘profile’ because if I happen to get sick again, all my hard work eilll be deleted.

  77. I forgot my password for MySpace but I no longer have that email address. So is there anyway I can have another email address for my myspace page .

  78. I’ve tried contacting by phone and vm is full and emailing and no response i haven’t been on the old myspace and deleted my new acct when I search my name on Google I have pictures of me and family I would like you to take them off asap please thanks.

  79. I have absolutely NO WAY of accessing my myspace page! The email associated with my page is no longer active and I do not know the password to my account. I’ve tried contacting myspace due to the fact I NEED my page taken down and I have found myself with no help!! Once again it is absolutely necessary it be taken down. I can prove my identity by sending a photo ID in or whatever I need to do just need it removed!! If anyone can help me please ASAP it is extremely urgent !

  80. I recently found out that my email address that I used from yahoo to sign up was recycled and someone else owns it. I sent a password reset to it and now that person can access my account. I have no way of contacting you which is horrible, and I need this issue resolved.

  81. yes I have a old my space and I lost my email and password info I don’t even have the same email address as before but I know its still up because when I type my name my pic comes up I have some pics on there im trying to get to them their family pics but cant get on to get them could some one please help with this matter thanks

  82. I delete my “myspace account” but when i google my name, I can see my picture from myspace at “Google Image” i want to delete it. please help me delete all the picture.

  83. Bloody waste of time ! myspace is useless website ,how many times do I have to try to log on ? how many times try to reset password which should have worked the first time. Shape up or ship out !

  84. You should be sued for your lack of customer support. The only number you have for contact help does not help but refers you back to the website in which does not help you. Delete my account please. Or this will not be the last of this. Thank you.

  85. I want to get a picture out from I forgot the password and email. I want to get all my pictures out and my wife pictures as well. please help me! Thank you!!

  86. I , WE are looking for an attorney to represent us in a playdom game that is being shut down after years of money and time invested in it i personally have been adding up my credit ,debit and gift cards and i have over 20 thousand dollars invested in this game. Mobsters 2. I believe they have breached their contract with us and given us very little time to organize closing game announcement came out that they breached their own contracts with our vip memberships. They have given us no explanations as to why want us to esign agree , everytime you log onto game in order to play you have to agree that u accept the closing of game or go back to home page ignore it and still play . This is a clear indication of that they want out without any recourse or actions against them , it clearly states that if you just hit an single button that they will owe you nothing and game will be shut down . This would take any liability, culpability, Breach of contracts etc against them. It seems to me that this is a intentional, premeditated,illegal way to rob a few hundred thousand gamers, players, of their years of time and money invested in this game. They have clearly broken the law by cancelling our vip agreements under some guise and by hitting 1 button just to allow you to play the game indicates to me a so. PLEASE contact me back at above listed email address at your convenience and if possible as soon as possible sincerely HOWARD PEERY

  87. Hi,

    How can i delete a my space account which i created 4 5 years back… i only have the email address but i forgot the passport. even worse i no longer have access to the email address too. can somebody help me if i will be able to delete this account some how… or will Myspace be deleting accounts which has not been used for years..???

  88. I can get my page to load, but I can’t do anything on it cause it ALWAYS says my space is not responding!!! I will recover the page and it just continues to load with no progress!! I can’t take it anymore, someone help!!! I don’t have a facebook nor do I care to have one, this is all I got and or want. I’m not starting over in that respect, but what good is a myspace when it sits idle!!!!!!

  89. I want my picture deleted that you have on google images! I did not give u
    Permission! My myspace name is Queen V. If u need more info please email me…

  90. I’ve been recently been trying to get into my myspace account it has been years since I’ve been on tho not sure of what email my info is under I’m pretty sure I have the right password tho! If u can somehow let me know through my new email above of how to get that info I would appreciate it thanks there are photos of mine I would love to see thanks

  91. It’s like a weird power tripping joke from myspace to see how much time we will waste doing completely useless, inane actions desperately trying to reach customer service. That’s the thank you we get for being their customers….. without whom they would not get advertising dollars. I have been trying to get help to access my myspace account. Phone numbers direct me to go to online sites where I fill in forms that won’t even send or ask for information I don’t have, fake links send me to “Problem Loading page…” sites, tried a link directing me to Tom Anderson but that link states he no longer works there. Online customer support boards (?) give messages stating the question isn’t listed, then cut off before the question was written, then no answer found, Etc ETC.. 2 hours thus far. Thanks Myspace! Been a fun 2.5 hours wasted.


  93. I never created this account it had to have been done by my crazy ex so please delete the account!!!! I need all data deleted……

  94. 11-23-14,
    I have asked you idiots to remove your ads from my computer. You have FAILED to do so. I DON’T want your severices nor your stupid ads. I want this crap of yours off my computer RIGHT NOW!.
    Should you continue with all of your ads I will consider this as harrament and violation of my privacy and hold myspace liable in court. REMOVE THEM BETWEEN NOW AND RIGHT THE HELL NOW!

  95. I DEMAND you remove all of myspace ads from my computer between NOW AND RIGHT THE HELL NOW! Should you continue with these ads I WILL CONSIDER this as HARRASMENT AND INVASION OF MY PRIVACY and then hold myspace LIABLE in COURT. What part of NO don;t you IDIOTS understand?

  96. Your filters don’t work……. ANd your new site totally sucks a big one….. I will not be back to use your site again…….Will also warn anyone on facebook , twitter etc…. not to use your site. Totally a waste of time…….

  97. Hey Myspace. What happened to your music player? I used to play full albums (with some ads here or there) and then I’d purchase the album if I liked it. So, why is it that there needs to be a Youtube video linked to the song in order or it to be played? That makes no sense? Can you guys PLEASE respond? Please….

  98. I’m unable to log in or find my old myspace account. I had a lot of photos in there that I’d like to retrieve. Please contact me back.

    Tee Lee from Minnesota

    Let me know if you need anything else. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Tee Lee

  99. Well I got through to MySpace via twitter and they not only responded right away; but fixed my problem of wanting it taken down! YAY!

  100. I cannot get into any of my myspace pages. Myspace has locked me out of my own material. I am not happy about the actions of this company. I plan to contact the FTC and inform them that Myspace is not allowing users to access their old accounts?
    Myspace I do not use twit or facepuke I can’t stand these social sites. I want access to my MYSPACE acounts. Iw ill call them on Monday if I do not get results, I will drive to their office on Tuesday and demand they listen. MYSPACE YOU NEED A BETTER CONTACT HELP DESK OR SOMETHING THAT HELPS USERS>

  101. I was a myspace freak at one point in my life because I loved the way i could personalize my profile. In 2003 when MySpace was on top it changed and everyone moved to Facebook . I was wondering if you the myspace would would change back the way it was to begin with . I know a lot of people would come back and get of Facebook . Could you tell me if you would go back just go back the way it was before please thank you

  102. don’t bother trying to retrieve an old account password. when ever you ask them to send it to your email via the lost password link it never actually comes. you can’t contact customer service without an account you are able to access. no wonder people don’t use it anymore. I just wanted to retrieve some old poetry from my wall. oh well

  103. I have been using the new myspace for sum time and just come to relize that it does’nt have any privacy at all even if you set it in privacy mode people can still have accses to your page and spy on you..I come to find out whoever owns MYSPACE now.Set it up that way…I know i cant call or get intouch with tha company or the owner…But when i gather up enough edvidence..IMA SUE..OR..Send a letter out…Thank to U my onw personal Business is now all out on the streets and unwanted people..If something goes wrong to me..I will put the Police in this forsure..

  104. Hi. Someone is tagging my pictures putting me on my space. I am 54 yrs ok and it needs to stop. Officer til me to as k u to delete block whatever to stop this. I’m calling also after this. Thank you. Please text that it has been done with time and date. For pd.. They want a copy and e mail also. Have a nice day. I did not already say tho but tho I Tammie and i am now

  105. Trying to find a way to get to my account everytime I try nothing they keep saying the old email does not exist but I still have the same email how do I get it back or can you all please send me a password reset .please

  106. I haven’t been on my account in years… I can’t access my account because email has changed and dont remember password…please help me

  107. im trying to locate my daughters acct. she passed away oct 2006. halee nichole moody bday 01-26-93. please if you can send me any info I would greatly appreciate the response. I know that it has been several years but im hoping someone can back track her info of her acct. desperate mother trying to get any and every memory of her that I can. thank you

  108. I called the number and it said if you were looking for MySpace support to press 1. I did. Then it said they don’t offer MySpace support on the phone and hung up.

  109. I cannot find my old account and also find a way to delete it. Please send instructions on how I can dio both.

    Thank you,
    Linda Guinn

  110. I’ve tried to delete my account servile times.. It’s been years since I’ve been on MySpace. But I have no access to that email or password. I’ve asked for help never got a response


  112. Hello,

    My name is Svetlana Serbul. I found a fake profile with my business domain name. I am the owner of Walnut Creek Tan and Spa. I demand to remove the profile “wctanning” created on MySpace.

  113. yes there is account under big_black_booty01 that must be deleted I didn’t make this account friends did it as a joke along time ago delete this account please and thanks by me zack mcgaha I wan t it deleted ASAP myspace people customer servies thanks

  114. hello i created my myspace a long time ago and some of my passwords included 2many2_ 2mani2_n ect i constantly changed i think my email was irish_munchkin @yahoo i crearted a
    i would like the password and and correct email to my myspace if u would like me to tell u what were in the pics because i remember just contact me on fb and i would be more than happy i have friends on myspace and a lot of old memories ty

  115. i want access to my two personal myspace accounts. i nvr deleted the accounts and i kno my email and username but it keeps saying my pages are not found. wtf???

  116. I made several attempts to contact you about my account. Your company refuses to contact me back. I need someone to help me to retrieve my info and your company are not the hell helping. I want someone to contact me before I get really pissed. Because thus is really getting on my nerves.

  117. To whom it may concern,

    I would like to delete my my space as I no longer use this account for many years, also majority of my pics have been leaked onto google search and that is invasion of my privacy and with this been said I want my account deleted all my pics deleted and removed with immediate effect. Many thanks


  118. Hello myspace, I want to cancel my account, I searched my name on a, and myspace popped up, I don’t know my logins anymore, can you just delete my account thanks.

  119. How can I find a real girl who is shown in the photos?
    I communicated with a false human being Facebook, which had been stolen photos from MySpace.
    Is it possible to know for sure the girls name?

  120. To whom it may concern,

    I would like to delete my account on my space under the name (korii11) as I no longer use this account. Majority of my pictures are published on Google, when searching my name and I am very disappointed in that, as it is an invasion of my privacy. And with this been said, I would like my account as well as ALL my pictures deleted and removed with immediate effect.

    Thank you, Kori

  121. Unable to login with old account credentials, and unable to Join with a new account using the same email. The password reset email does not get sent to my gmail account. I am Krepta on MySpace, always have been. Let me continue to be, please.

  122. Hello,
    I am 22 years old.. had a myspace literally a decade ago. I do not know my password but i would appreciate it if you could delete my account because it is embarrassing being attached to my name all these years later.
    Thank you.

  123. Hi. I want to remove the photos from the MySpace site of me asap! Please give me an option to do this as it is making me very angry that you are still using my old photos on your site!!

  124. Hello I have not logged in to myspace for approx 10 years or so.. I do not have my login or email info my name is Elizabeth Ruiz dob 7/19/1981.

  125. I am trying to recover my password my mom just passed and I desperately need those pictures off that page I have tried to reset it but no email ever showed up any ideas?

  126. I have try to access my account but still could not do so I have two account on MySpace I need help with I will contact CSR on the phone if I can not once again get into my account

  127. could not find what I wanted. its a confusing mess. cuz I guess u discriminate from us people who are in our 50’s like me and all I wanted was to reconnect and find my son if he happened to be there?????

  128. i need to get in touch with someone, but nobody wants to help anyone. This is ridiculous, I want my pictures off my page and I cant even log in anymore.

  129. i am having trouble logging onto my myspace account I forgot my password and I have tried sending a reset password link to my email and for some reason its telling me it was sent and I’m not receiving it is there anyway you can help me out

  130. I can’t seem to log into my account nor received a reset email from you guys to do so,I tried for over two hours constantly trying to have it sent to my email.I was able to view my profile by searching it, but I was not able to log in,can you please send me an email with access to reset my account.

  131. I want to remove the photos from the MySpace site of me asap as I no longer use this account for many years. under the name sharon agor

  132. We seem to all be having the same issue. I’ve been trying all day to contact them. There just is no way. I have access to the email. They just aren’t coming through. It says sent but I never get it. This is infuriating.

  133. For years now I’ve been trying to get on my MySpace.
    I Forgot the email I signed up with and pass.
    Can you please help my get on my account.

  134. i am having trouble logging onto my myspace account I forgot my password and I have tried sending a reset password link to my email and for some reason its telling me it was sent and I’m not receiving
    i want to delete my account, but is impossible without restarting password

  135. Hello,
    I want to delete my account but the problem is that I don’t remember my email and password. However, I will try Agnieszka Czerniak Nachman, my profile is showing up. Please help me to access into to my account.

    Thank you.

  136. I have not been on my myspace for so long I don’t remember my email or password, but would really like to get my pictures off. my name is keelia pratt, username wantu2loveme, dob 5/29/90.

  137. I’m trying to receive my pictures of my old MySpace page of my kids and there father that’s dead now but I forgot my password and login

  138. i had a spinal cord injury and brain tumor. i lost memory of my oldest as a baby and my old myspace has pics of him. i tried to get him my acct and they think im a fake so they blocked me. i NEED those pictures
    help please

    • I’ve tried everything to log into my account still can’t log in…Please help me i can see my profile but cant log in because its private… I need the pics i have in my account……

  139. I’ve tried to contact Myspace a I cannot log in to my account! All it tells me is that I have to provide an e-mail address which I have done. However, it takes it out and asks me to provide it. I’ve never knows so much crap in all my life. They are a waste of time and energy!!!!!

  140. Bertha Asencio I’ve tried to delete my profile an the photo’s in my account am having a really hard time doing so with limited info from the time of me creating my account I am able to provide my address and state ID.

  141. I have been working with. Myspace as well as other music companys. People that have trying to hear my myspace music it does not play when they go to the site.. Can your company see whats the matter why is this music not playing

  142. Tried to get access to an old music page I set up in 2008. I know the email, and used all variations of passwords I was using at the time. I registered the account with a Yahoo address that I eventually stopped using, so now of course the email reset method isn’t going to do any good because when I type the email into yahoo it doesn’t even recognize the address. I KNOW one of the passwords I’m entering is the correct one, because I’ve only used eight variations over my entire lifetime. I had no interest in logging into the music account until I tried playing the songs on the page only to find out, lo and behold, they don’t play. The song is there, with the correct length down in the play bar, but when I click play it just sits there and does nothing. So I figured maybe I had to login and update something to “activate” the songs, and I have no idea who to contact about this. I was pulling for Myspace to have some kind of comeback but this kind of stuff is the exact reason everyone left. Those are the only existing copies of the song on the internet and I lost my “master CD” a long time ago. If anyone knows anything I can try to either recover the account, or just recover the GD songs, I’d be much appreciative.

  143. I know this may prove really difficult but I have been trying to access my old myspace page for some time now as I have some family photos on there which I desperately need. However all I can remember is my username.
    I know I made a specific email address for this myspace account but can only remember some parts, something like madmoo or along those lines and as for a password well its probably been 8 years since I last accessed the page. Is there any other way, maybe my personal details that will enable me to access my old photos? Thanks for your time.

  144. I haven’t been on MySpace for quite some time. I lost my password. I wrote that I wanted to receive a message from you twice yesterday and the day before yesterday. You have never sent a return mail mentioning the reset password site. It has even not appeared in my Spam Box.
    My website is
    Please react immediately or send a real message mentioning how I could reset my password. Don’t promise anything without doing anything. It is not the way we have to get along with each other.
    Don’t disappoint your customers.

  145. Hi, I am currently trying to look at my old myspace but I forgot the emily and password and only know the user name… is there anyway I can have a reset password sent to my current email?

  146. Hello, This is Susie Dobbs in Garland. I have written your office to delete my myspace account and it still has not been deleted. Please delete this account as soon as you get this message. It is for privacy for myself. My only friend is Oprah so it won’t be hard to find. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  147. I’ve been trying to delete my profile but I do not remember my username and I do not have access to old email. You guys have no other way of deleting or retrieving account. Your website is horrible. When you click on help you cant even contact anyone its just a waste of time. I want my profile deleted

  148. i need access my old myspace to get my photos. i do know the email. but no longer exists so i cannot retrieve my passowrd. please tell me how i get on to save my photos

  149. Ive been trying to close an old my space account and im not having any luck finding someone there that will help me. I do not know my username or password/

  150. I am tired of alia hart. And eric shaw and john bryant and addie wallace and michael darden
    posting voyuerizing shows about me

  151. Hi, I would like to get into my Myspace account. It has been years since I’ve been on. I used a hotmail account that I no longer use. I tried any passwords that I thought it could be.

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