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Need a date? promises to find you the perfect match and all you have to do is pay for the information. Companies like pull in people with an emotional need to find their soul mate and then they ask them to pay for the match-making service. The service prices range from $25 to $40 a month, on average, but the real kicker is when the payments are set-up on a recurring basis and the users gets charged for services they are no longer using.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

We started our search for contact information on the Customer Service and Contact Us pages, but there is no openly available information aside from a contact form.

Phone Contact Numbers

After searching around for a bit we were able to find a contact phone number.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-926-2824

Mailing Address

If you ever need a mailing address for the corporate office for any company, look in the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. This is where we found the address for LLC
8300 Douglas Ave.
Dallas, TX 75225

Official Website

Whether you need love or you need to change your payment method, you can access the official website for on The website immediately asks you to identify yourself to instant photo matches, but you can click the Member Sign In link at the top of the page to sign in to your account without entering this information.

Customer Service Email

The email form for customer service is the only openly available means of contacting the company. You can access the Contact Us form at You’ll need to fill out some general information, but the form does not ask for personal information.

Our Experience

The customer service center for is answered by an automated system with a lot of feedback and background noise. There are various customer service options to choose from, including contacting the billing department about a refund for a charge you did not authorize. The automated system explains that automatically charges your payment method so you don’t miss any matches. This information is explained when you sign up for service. The agent we spoke with, Stephanie, told us that emails are not sent out to customers before the payment method is charged on the recurring plan, but anyone wishing to cancel recurring payments can do so from their online account.

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485 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. on or about the last week in aug. ’12 I canceled my sub-
    scription to NOW my bank statement shows you have charged my account $68.97 what is going on???
    Please RECANCLE and return the monies to my bank account.
    Thank You,

    • A few months ago, I requested that my account with be cancelled. Please procede according to my decision. Do not charge my account anymore. I do not have a computer at home, I used the one at the office I worked for. As I am not working anymore and do not have enough money to waste as I have not received any benefit. PLEASE, PLEASE CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. Miriam Colon Soto

    • Yes, the same thing just happened to me. I was not set up fro AUTO RENEWAL. WHAT A SCAM.


    • I agree with RYan..these asses dont tell you they are charging you 227.00 I thought I would be payingg monthly…..They need to put my money back or they will never get rid of me..I will hound them…their every waking moment..what a rip off….piece of crap sight.

      • This is my exact issue. I thought I would be paying a monthly fee and when I submitted I got charged the full amount for the period I signed up for. Now in process of getting money back. Hope no issues

  2. I was considering re-subscribing however, after realizing the deception that goes with commitment I will not be associated with you unless you correct this. Your company advertises a price for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc. but when you go to commit if not quick witted you won’t realize you’re paying for the entire service in advance and NOT the advertised monthly cost. Doubtful a company like yourself cares but this is one customer you won’t have until you are forthcoming & HONEST with you potential subscribers! Quit your deceptive practices & try legitimate business, maybe if you did so ther wouldn’t be so many competitors because ther wouldn’t be room for them.

  3. I only want to sign up for a month to email a couple people-u wont let me use my gift card (I do not have a credit card or ever will) so unless I can use my gift card I will not use your site

  4. I cannot logon on to my account. my username is Maggie9847. Somehow my password and email afddress wont come uop at all.


    Loree Recker

  5. I am a new customer of match being on it for 3 weeks, I have had 502 views and only 4 emails,I have asked my family to look at my pictures and profile to see if I have come across wrongly and they have approved of my profile. I cannot find any other way of contacting Match to seek advice. I am frustrated as I have paid for a 3 month subscription costing me over £50. Grr.

  6. Where has the customer care section gone on
    I can’t email them… it just leaves the bog standard FAQ section that doesn’t cover what i want to ask.

    Like why am I getting emails from their sister site Matchaffinity when I have never joined them? Are they using my pictures without permission?

  7. Last week I got a message from saying “You are someone’s favorite. Someone … saved you as a favorite.” After clicking the provided link in the email I could only see the message “Nobody chose you as a favorite yet.”
    I am not sure if is trying to be annoying, but it is just frustrating to get messages like this without anyone actually adding you.

    I also sent a message to support … I am still waiting on an answer. I will never again believe a misleading/ false messages like this one.

  8. Well, I tried 4 times to send this on your site that asks questions, but it would not go through! The same thing happens when I get “matches”….I try to pull them up, and they are no longer on there! Your website is a mess, still!! The only messages I get from ypu all is either ads or “matches”. I NEVER GET A NOTICE THAT I HAVE EMAILS OR GUYS WHO ARE TRYING TO CONTACT ME. I WILOL NOT BE RENEWING MY MEMBERSHIP WHEN IT EXPIRES IN JULY! You all need some MAJOR technical help!!

  9. I canceled my subscription weeks ago and yet you took money from my account! I strongly suggest yoy send me a check for refund. If you do not I will file a suit.

  10. I’m unable to get my account cancelled.
    I don’t like the way you do business. No place on your sit
    Close my account at the end of this billing cycle.
    You guys just keep billing my credit card.
    STOP billing me!
    I Will be filing a complaint with the BBB and anyone else whill liste.

  11. I need help on here! The matches I am getting are horrific! I am paying good money and am not happy! Please send better matches or Im dropping!
    Also many duplicated matches I decline and you resend them! Please help!

  12. VERY UNHAPPY with I will be canceling my subscription. You send matches that are not even close to what I’m looking for. Horrible horrible dating site. Not even worth what you charge.
    Disappointed Customer

  13. Three Months ago I cancelled the account two to three different times via email. Before that I cancelled my account then you charged me for three more months. I then asked you to return my funds to my bank account none of this was done. as of the 16th of April you have taken out another three months see if in fact you do not return this fee to my bank account I will then produce all of my emails to you too my lawyer. honestly I do not know who runs your billing but you guys need to see about getting someone else to work that area I will be calling you on Monday if it is not done I’ll be calling you everyday until it’s done

  14. This is a continuation of my last comment. when I originally hired you it was in 2012. I signed up for three months. that was in September. in October my account was then shut down for fraudulent charges from someone not associated with somehow got my account number not just my card number for my account number went into my account and took out in
    January 3 more mo nths from my account after I .h ad cancelled it. And now on April 16th my account was charged for an extra three more months. I need this refund immediately.

  15. I have cancelled my account the auto renewal is a con this is the worst dating website ever! I have been automatically charged twice without my consent £77.90. I have asked the bank to stop taking money from my account. I want a refund on the two payments. is so bad they are refusing to refund the 5 months that I have cancelled . Bad website bad attitude to customer service. Disgusted!!!!!

  16. I would only recommend this site to liberal open minded people with little specific criteria.
    They send too many e mails and it is a waste of time to read each one. Too many e mails from
    men in different parts of the country as well as underage specified. It is not possible to cancel
    the profile or discontinue the service. A very unpleasant experience with this site.

  17. I just found that has been charging me the monthly fee since oct of 2012. I have not been on the site, they will only refund me for 2 mos. I am sick. I am on the phone with the bank and i will be taking them to court. i am a senior on a fixed income and have custody of my grand daughter. no time for dating and no extra money. please help if you have any other ideas.

  18. Please be advised of the following: I am an attorney in the state of PA. My spouse is a Police Detective. I have asked you numerous times to cease and desist placing your ads on my computer. I am a married woman. Future advertisements from you will result in legal action against you. Believe me, I have taken on bigger corporations than yours and won. You do not even permit people to unsubscribe. One more advertisement and you will be served. Hope you get the message.

  19. I am receiving emails saying someone has winked at me but when I look there is no record of these persons. I think you are sending me false information because my subscription is coming to an end. It has taken me ages to find a way to email you my complaint. When my subscription ends please remove all my details from your site.

  20. Iam not happy about several things on your website
    1/ I think it is poor business practice to have popups of similar dating site appearing on my screen as if they are included with my membership. Chemistry. And 50-60s
    2/ I like the opportunity to delete a profile and narrow down my choices
    3/ I think that a condition of membership should have a profile and picture, I simple ignore these
    Type of profiles

  21. I recently joined and have been extremely disappointed with the outcome. You are apparently not aware of how many men are on your web site that are married. I had calls in the middle of the night telling me to only text them and not call them cause their phone was not working. Really. Who in the heck calls you in the middle of the night, Married and hiding in the bathroom.
    I have e-mailed men, they don’t even bother to Say No Thank You, they just don’t answer you. I joined for 3 months, and paid for it, but have no intention of continuing with your web-site, it is a waste of time. Please cancel my membership at once.

  22. i cancelled my subscription weeks ago but they are still taking money out of my account. you can’t email them to complain, there is no contact info except a useless questions and answers page which gets you knowhere.
    i am seriously thinking about taking this to a friend who works for a highly regarded news paper.

  23. I am out of the country for an extended period and tried to contact Match because everything comes thru in Italian & you can’t contact them to correct the problem or at least put subscription on hold. Terrible setup. All they care about is getting your money.

  24. I need to contact uk. your link takes me to a sign up page. I am extremely angry and upset and can’t find any link on the website to contact them. Its an understatement to say I feel a great deal of animosity towards the directors and chief executives of this company.

  25. Dear I really like the matches I have are the matches I have interested in me I have one picture on here but I have not payed for it yet I there a way comunacte with them thanks chad

  26. We are a new establishment in Statesboro,GA and would like to host a Mixer with Please email if this is possible. Interested in hosting party on Wednesday Evenings.

  27. I am writing to express my displeasure with the service. As a professional woman who works full time and has limited time to meet someone in real life, I have repeatedly subscribed to the dating site with the hopes of meeting that special someone. However, the area I live in has been ranked several times as one of the worst dating scenes in the U.S. for professional single women. I cannot move due to my job. I also do not believe in a “geographical cure” by relocating to another area with the expectations of meeting better people to date there. My experiences with the site over the years have been far from positive, yet I try to remain hopeful about meeting someone of worthy character. Being a professional woman in this area is almost like a curse; why I am still single is definitely a mystery to anyone who knows me. I have remained open-minded, adjusted my profile numerous times over the years while maintaining certain standards, and met dozens of men of all backgrounds from the site. The few men that I have actually liked and have had short-lived relationships with turned out, after several months, to be psychologically inept, emotionally dysfunctional, and highly abnormal in many ways.
    I have tried free dating sites such as OkCupid and PlentyofFish, but the men on those sites seem to only be looking for hookups and nothing serious. Also, I have noticed very few professional men on the free sites; it seems more professional men are willing to pay for a dating site, which is why I have tried the most times over any other online dating site. I also tried eHarmony once and found that site too complicated and particularly boring to use, therefore coming back to again. Meeting men in this area in person, at work, at bars and clubs, and out and about is next to impossible, thereby explaining why I continually try the online dating services.
    Men on the site, as well as other online dating sites, tend to misrepresent themselves. They lie, they lie, and then they lie some more. I understand that women do that too, but I have seen firsthand how dozens of men in my area continuously falsify information on their profiles. The misrepresentations make it very hard to connect with and trust anyone. I have dealt with every scenario possible when it comes to meeting someone online from and it always leads to disappointment. I have dozens and dozens of stories of the strange men that show up on dates and their weird behaviors and abnormal sayings. The men I have met are so bizarre that people tell me I should write a book about dating people from; it could be a possible future best-seller. Men that I winked at or emailed, after reading their profiles and thinking they could be a reasonable match, rarely responded to me. The men who often contacted me did not even come close to what I am hoping to meet. Here are just a few examples of what I have encountered over the years:
    1) They show up looking nothing like the person posted in their pictures. I have learned that most men post pictures of themselves from anywhere from 5 to 10 years ago, if not older. If a guy looks about 30-35 in his pictures, he probably looks 45-50 in person.
    2) They lie about their age. Rather than posting their real age on their profile, they subtract anywhere from 5 to 10 years to appeal to younger women. However, in person they admit to lying about their age when they admit how old they really are. And they also look well older than their actual age in person (referring back to #1 also).
    3) They lie about their height. If a man posts that he is 5’11 or taller, rarely are they even at least 5’8 in person. I am 5’4 and wear 3 inch heels on dates and the guys are almost always the same height as me with my heels on, if not even shorter.
    4) They are dysfunctional or mentally incapacitated in some way. There is no way of knowing this by reading someone’s profile. This is realized shortly after meeting someone in person. I never realized how many bipolar, schizophrenic, or psychologically-unstable men exist in this area until I started doing online dating.
    5) They post that they are divorced but rather are usually going thru a divorce at the time of meeting. They do not understand what “currently separated” means. They are also never ready to be dating and are emotionally unavailable or screwed up in other ways; therefore meeting the men in this category has been a huge waste of my time.
    6) They lie about their actual profession. Many lie about their educational level too. Just because someone aspires to be a doctor or lawyer, but has never attended college and has no degree, does not mean they should put that as their current profession. However, many guys I have met have done that, only for me to find out in person that they fibbed about that and much more.
    7) They lie about having kids, wanting kids, number of previous marriages and divorces, liking animals, financial statuses, living arrangements, physical fitness levels, religious beliefs, and anything else that can be posted on their profiles. It was always a huge disappointment to find out that a man I considered interesting and had good online chemistry with turned out to be nothing he claimed to be in person.
    After 5+ years of subscribing by paying member ship fees for, I have realized that paying for any subscription to the site is a waste of my hard-earned money. Based on your guarantee, I should have earned several free subscriptions over the years. Dealing with the many unsuitable and dysfunctional men in the Virginia Beach/ Norfolk/Hampton Roads area of Virginia has been exhausting and emotionally draining. The commercials advertise that has led to the most relationships and marriages of any online dating site; I have yet to meet anyone who met their significant other from this site. I know lots of couples who met from other dating sites but never I have given up all hope of meeting someone normal and emotionally stable from I refuse to waste any more money by subscribing to a site where dating is taken as a joke by many of the people on there. It is a shame that people use the site as a method to dupe those looking for a serious relationship. Again, I am writing this to voice my opinion about the downfalls of online dating, and I am sure many other people feel the exact same way I do.

  28. Want to Thank you I met my fiance 7 years ago on we are getting married this Sat Sept 28th . I am so in love with him and we are such a perfect Match. I recomend it all my single friends ! Two Happy customers 🙂

  29. The site is horrible. The people on there are not serious about finding a real relationship. It should be called “psychologically-challenged” because most people have severe issues and are dysfunctional. Dont waste your time and money on this site.

  30. Do not post any of your advertising on my computer. I do not need you or want you, so cancel any information you have that keep you posting your site on my computer.

  31. I signed up for a 3 month subscription which was absolutely useless that I was not using it. I was utterly shocked when I received another charge from your site without my authorization. If I wanted to sign up for 6 months I would have, but the site is a complete letdown and I want my money back that you took without my consent

  32. i have try your site and al the women on your site just wont a sugar daddy i don’t have time for that crap i am a 53 year old male on disability so stop send me anymore of that crap

  33. Someone from the area recognized me from Match profile & pics. They actually came to my home. My request is for Match to IMMEDIATELY remove my profile and pics. I have already cancelled 6 weeks ago even though I paid for the 3 month period. The matches are horrific,and I realized I am not ready for this emotionally. I have contacted Match through their Customer Care,but as I read all go your comments I have very little trust and hope Match will honor my request. Anyone have any suggestions, or should I just contact my attorney?

  34. I just signed on for a Stir Event. Charged to my CC. THEN, I am shown a page of about 40 guys and asked if I would like to invite any of them. I IDID NOTHING and suddenly I am getting emails from guys saying that they can or cannot make the event. THIS IS CREEPY. Do you know what some of these guys are like? They know my face, they will seek me out at the event. I don’t want to go now and it took lots of courage to sign up for this event. I just tried to call your number, which of course you do not list on line, I had to hunt it down, to complain but its the holiday.

    BE AWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Very slippery company. I feel so vulnerable now. And I had written to several of these guys telling them nicely I was not interested and then they receive an invite????? How confusing for them and bad for me.

    This is just awful. I will be calling first thing in the morning. Dating is stressful enough without this kind of trickery happening. And you are a dating service????

  35. wow!!!!!!!!! looks like Match has a LOT of disgruntiled customers. I will join the ranks.I have mistakingly subscribed twice .there WONT be a 3rd. its totally confusing. half the time the IM an Connection part of the site NEVER work .you cant ever get someone on the line for customer service .when you do they are rude and NOT helpful.Its really ashame that they are still in business and takin people that work hard for there $$ for a ride. and it is a joke that they claim to be the #1 site for Marriages .it is so NOT true .NEVER met 1 person that has EVER had that privalage from this site. I think in the 2 times I have been on here I have talked to maybe two -three half way decent men. but it never goes the way it seems on line .maybe we are all just fooling ourselves. maybe there are No matches on line.

  36. I don’t understand why so many people are having problems with them site. Why is it so difficult to contact help on the site so that an issue can be handled right there instead of having to write to the company. Tomorrow I am calling customer service and I hope this error can be corrected. It seems many people are very dissatisfied with the way you web site operates. I am not going to wait for someone to contact me, I am calling your customer service tomorrow.

  37. This is not really a comment, but a concern and need help with it my Few days ago, I sent an E-mail to a man I saw in the list and like it. During the past few days we have exchange E-mails and couple of phone calls. What is making me uncomfortable and probably the better word is suspicious, is the voice and the way he talks. His voice does not sound as a mature man in his 55. He sounds like a 16 years old boy from Philippine. Today, I asked him if he remembered how I started my first E-mail to him, it was very exciting and to sexy, and he was unable to do so. I was really surprised. I am afraid that I am dealing with an identity theft or other fishy illegal issues. I really appreciate if someone from contact me immediately regarding this matter. I will also explain it to them the other reason for my suspicion. Sincerely, Mitra Khorvash

  38. What kind of site is this ? and now you open another site called talk about scams of people this site is a scam. If I was the CEO I would out in the backyard and commit suicide. These sites are like a slot machine in Las Vegas. Take your money and run don’t let the door hit your behind when you leave. All members are fake and bogus. To the CEO remember KARMA is bad and it will come back for your wrong maybe not now but it will. Be happy with your millions and your mansions you cant take it with you. In the end You and your employees will be held accountable because you do knowingly that You could do something about it.

  39. i just had an account only yesterday after approve of my photo i wink some member , only this night i notice that my profile have been deleted..please kindly refund my funds.

  40. I used your service for a while and stopped after a while. Now I hit the wrong button on my computer and am now receiving your emails. Please take me off your list. Thank you.

    Bill Murrell

  41. I want to cancel service and I am unable to contact because I lost my password and I have not received a new password from you in a new email. I want to call and cancel my service immediately

  42. I was going to join your program until I read the comments. Good lord, you dont have one happy person. Thats funny. Thanks for publishing all the comments, it sure helped me decide NOT to join. LMFAO.

  43. I, too, cancelled my subscription but was charged another $60+ for another 3 months. When I contacted Match, I was told by an automated system that because I had emailed during this period of time, it was impossible to cancel. I decided to not start a fuss, although I was upset about the situation but then, on my daily Match, I received a photo of a WOMAN! How in the hell does that happen? I have completed my questionnaire, my preferences and what I am in search of and apparently, based on the “Matches” it is automated and doesn’t truly “match” anything. I am, at this point, requesting a full refund for the automatically renewed amount as the site is bogus. I have copies of the persons you have sent me as my “Matches” including the woman, and I am prepared to do what it takes to be refunded. It’s the principle of the matter, not the money!

  44. I very specifically said in my profile I am not interested in men who are not politically liberal. But 100% of the men you match me to are conservative or middle of the road. I don’t know how else o say this. I am only interested in liberal men! If you don’t knock it off, I want a refund!!!! This is a total waste of time and money!!!!!!!

  45. Match sent me an email “Congratulating” me on my 3-month renewal and informed me that $71.97 would be charged to my credit card. This was an unauthorized charge since I have NOT renewed. Not only was it NOT authorized by me but Match changed my acct. status to “Active”. Before my last subscription expired a number of months ago, I went in and cancelled the auto-renewal. It is also difficult finding a phone number. I filed a fraudulent charge claim with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas TX where Match has headquarters. The CEO Sam Yagan works for a company in New York but the BBB claim I filed there was kicked back to Dallas, TX. I’ve also filed a fraudulent claim with my bank which in turn has notified the credit card company. The responsibility belongs to Match since they are the ones who have illegally imposed this charge. I’ve at least been acknowledged by both the bank and by the BBB but interestingly enough…NOT by Match.

    • I can understand your situation with I believe the Federal Trade Commission should come down hard on these people. They can not be trusted under any circumstances. Bill

  46. There is NO contact form, I have tried several links to a contact/help form but it does not exist, just takes me to the faq section. Seems as though there is no way to contact them, very suspicious.

  47. Don’t use they are horrible I didn’t want to go on with my account and they just auto charge my card.
    And I can’t find a email address to contract them.

  48. I set up an account on the mobile site but when I try to log in on my computer my log in isn’t recognised. Also whenever I click a “contact us” link it takes me straight back to the log in page.

    This doesn’t give me much confidence in using your site.

    Also their doesn’t seem to be any way of closing it on the mobile site.

    Thank goodness I haven’t paid you any money yet.

  49. I don’t understand for customer service.
    I did not know about my ending period.
    I’m just waiting an email and notice for my time out, but did not send me anything. However, they took money automatically. I called them after 6days over my ending days, but they cannot refund it.
    I did not know why and when they are charge me?
    They should send me notice about that.
    Their answer is look at web-site. is really ridiculous customer service ever.

  50. Someone signed my email account up with this sight remove it now. I VERY MARRIED AND HAVE BEEN FOR.OVER 15 YEARS. EMAIL ACCOUNT NO LONGER EXIST. It is not me who signed up.

  51. I stopped my membership over a month ago,now I see is continuing to take money from my account. I will be filing a claim against match if my monies are not refunded.

  52. Please discontinue my profile-take it off the website as I am unhappy with the results. I have dated a couple of guys and too much drama! Yes! guys!? too much drama!I e-mail others and barely any responses-when I’m interested they’re not and when they are interested I’m not.It’s not working and I really, really want my profile removed all together-thank you so much-the guys are just too weird for me!!

  53. been trying to stop your site from sending anymore e mails to my Yahoo mail.. I’ve spent hours trying to get it off my damn mailing list but to no avail.. I’ve done everything twice and more and it doesn’t work !!!!! right in a damn circle.. endless !! PLEASE STOP MAILING ME !!!!!

  54. When my 6 month “unwanted” subscription, which was on “no automatic renewal status, expired, I got a “sorry to see you leave” e-mail from them. Two days later my account had been charged for another full 6 month subscription !!!! I had to google their contact number. . called them, and they said call between 8 and 5 Central time . . .it did not say M-F.
    Buyer BEWARE! Stay away from this site unless you want an unpleasant consumer experience!!!!

  55. do not deal with they will open an account and charge you without your authority. try to get hold of them to cancel phony subscription…..good luck

  56. I have been a Match customer for a few years. My last subscription was for 6 months and I am eligible to receive 6 months free. Of course they will not honor their commitment. I have emailed daily for many days and of course they do not get back to me- if I can get them to get my site running fine but in any event – I QUIT…no more Match…One does not know what shenanigans they have done to my profile!!!

  57. I met my husband on Match,com in January, 1999. We were married on 16 July 1999. We will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary 16 July 2014. I am so happy that we found each other back then. I had 2 children @ the time. My son, who was 11 @ the time, told me “mom, he’s a keeper!” I must say I agree with him.
    Thank you so much for your site!
    Caroline A. Cook

  58. I called customer service and cancelled my membership and it was supposed to end 3/4/14 but was charged $60.00 on 3/7/14 on my credit card Please reimburse my credit card I have the girl’s girl’s name and date I called Would appreciate my credit card be reimbursed If not I will send a copy toAr Attorney General. I don’t appreciate what you did

  59. I find most women with there asses in the clouds,,and of course all about them,,If they have such a good life, why on I know don’t you??? I find non careing and there lies ,offenceive!! yes most men try to use women,,Dont they have brains?? They have know idea how to treat a good man, They should stick to batties!!! Thanks hot shot women!! Enjoy, P.S. I can live without you!!!!!!!

  60. I would like to join this site again but can not log on. I continue to get a message that says my email address is already in use.
    Please tell me how to order a subscription.


    Charlotte Huffhines

  61. I am now in a serious relationship and want to take my profile and picture off

    Please send me an email telling me you got this message. Also, what was my time frame before I would have been expired?

    I look forward to your respsonse.

    Thank you, Dottie

  62. Is there any way you can make the print a little bigger. I don’t know how anybody can read this. I have a magnifine glass and I still cant read it. I cant believe you haven’t gotten complaints about this problem before. I cant read peoples profile

  63. Hello please cancel this unauthorized contract here is my reference account # 162253309. I am not interested and I do not authorize any fees that may apply. Please cancel.

    Thank you,
    Imelda B.

  64. Please stop sending emails.I did not knowingly sign up for a free trial membership so cancel it if my name is signed in for this.I wanted to find a friend to go to yard sales with,not date.Now I get all theses “matches.’Thank You.

  65. Hello Match!!
    First I want to say I was very skeptical about online dating but I gave it a try. I met my fiancee through! We met in 2011 dated for 3yrs and getting married May 28,2014.
    Thank you for making this process a success I truly recommend it


  66. I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription, but to no avail. I’ve tried all the suggestions for obtaining my password in both Google and How do I cancel this? today is my last day to cancel.

  67. I never authorized my next 3 months with after 3 month subscription ran out. They took the money out of my account without my consent and had me on auto renewal! NO visual Contact Us link ANYWHERE on the site to resolve the matter!

  68. Why do you say I get 72 hours free ie. im, reading emails etc. and when I click on any messages it says I have to subscribe? This is a SCAM…Perhaps you should say you can have free service IF and only IF you pay for the subscription first.

  69. I have paid for one year and I have had no service. You have me as KDC451539 and want money! I have paid for KDC0614 fix this !!!!!!

  70. I want to cancel this. And don’t you dare credit my account again.I signed up for one month and you couldn’t even get that right. S o cancel my subscription NOW.

  71. has been a major disappointment for me. I’ve emailed around 100 different girls on match in the past 5 months and I have seriously gotten under 10 replies. I’ve had friends and family help me with my profile and still no success. This is anything but the social environment I was expecting. It will surely test your self confidence. I would NEVER recommend this site to anyone I like.

  72. Although I was not a member you continued to send me advertising
    and updates on my closed account, I was checking out one of the these updates and I guess I hit the wrong button and I received an email congratulating me on my 3 month subscription, I would of used my legal option to cancel out within 24 hours but was unable to find a way to contact you until now!

  73. I have confirmation number , and you blocked my account. Why ? I want to make cancalation, and I can not to do. Why ? I wantu contact with Castomer Service.

  74. Please discontinue my service.
    I have lost my job and I do not have finances to continue this service.

    thank you

    Daniel R. Sundin

  75. your match com sucks I was to get 72 hours free but they had card billed for 143.91 in minutes I canceled within the 72 hours I still don’t have my money back

  76. Thanks to match three months ago I started dating my now fiancé and future husband , we just got engaged yesterday in Miami Beach Florida yesterday. I can truly say he is the absolute love of my life and if it wasn’t for match I never would’ve met this amazing man. Getting engaged yesterday he had a photographer personally come and photograph the whole engagement and had everything planned out as he was proposing on the beach with wine and I truly can say cannot of been more perfect. People say about us all the time how we are definitely a one-of-a-kind couple they call us the superstar couple and say we should be models in reality we just want to be role models to people who gave up on love or are giving up on love and show it if you take a chance you may just find the love of your dreams! We just want to do anything we can to share our love because the love that we have is definitely an infectious kind of love that it truly spreads and touches so many different people! We definitely would love to share our story with anyone who also things they have a chance of finding love I will be 100% more than happy to share my whole story with you if you were interested in having a successful couples story so please contact me if this is interesting to you guys! Thank you so much again for showing me and helping me find the absolute love of my life and now my fiancé and future husband

  77. Hi I don’t understand I was billed 76 dollars ..It was suppose to be monthly payments….2nd You want to charge me more to see anything chat email ect….I need to chane my plan this is is ridiculous I cant see anything until I subscribe more >who knows you might charge me triple like you already did..I want the plan that’s 19.99 3 months every thing ..please get back to me .as I said im not subscribing till this is straightened out ..Thanks for ruening my night <<I cant even see whos e mailing me or trying to chat ..I pd enough ya think?

  78. Hi I don’t understand I was billed 76 dollars ..It was suppose to be monthly payments….2nd You want to charge me more to see anything chat email ect….I need to chane my plan this is is ridiculous I cant see anything until I subscribe more >who knows you might charge me triple like you already did..I want the plan that’s 19.99 3 months every thing ..please get back to me .as I said im not subscribing till this is straightened out .


  80. i have sent an email about use of my credit card for transactions starting on 14th may 2014 without my concent, i have not received any reply

  81. Each night I get emails showing someone likex my profile I am ANNATEKA online yet thats not my picture nor my personal info..I went in a changed it and again they put a different face with mynprofile can I just remove my profile from yr site plz res

  82. on the 14th may 2014 you used my credit card details to put me onto cost $45.26 then used card again 28th may 2014 to join me to cost$66.88 on the 28th may 2014 purchases from penomet $364.55 on 29th may purchases from red*envelope$78.15on the 18th june $11.03 on 18th june steamgames $55.21 on 18th june again $110.42 18th june again $110.42 on 19th june $110.37 again june 19th $110.37 i have not been member for 18months so how can you use credit cards refund as soon as possible bank statements to prove you used my card, bank will take further action if no responce in 7 days

  83. Keep receiving emails from different people regarding Facebook and I don’t have an account with your company please stop with the emails

  84. what could be the problem why i can’t gain access into my profile, each time i try signing in it keep saying unable to sign in please contact customer care. hoping to read back from you. thanks

  85. My experience with Match is similar to other reviews I’ve read and makes me believe the company has a deliberate policy of deception. First I intended to sign up for a one-month membership but was charged instead for a recurring membership. When I called about this, my money was refunded and I accepted their offer to complete my one-month membership at a reduced price. This was a lie and turned out to be another recurring membership, which I only noticed after I got my bank statement. They refused to refund the money for the second month, since they had already given me the “courtesy” of the first refund. They didn’t listen to my explanation that both of my requests were to fix errors or deliberable thievery on THEIR part and I was treated very rudely by both the customer service agent and the supervisor. My next step is to follow the example given by another reviewer and file a claim for a fraudulent charge through my bank. Another annoying thing is that I can’t get them to stop sending me e-mails, when I definately want to never see anything from them again.

  86. I have made a big mistake. While I was reading information and the terms about payment plans on the website. It automatically processed my card without me hitting any keys. I would really like to have a refund please because i didn’t commit to the payment. Please consider my situation and try to refund my money please im completely sorry about this incident and would greatly appreciate my transaction reversed. Please understand that i was a computer error not a human error.

  87. The support customer service is a waste of and effort. Calling will raise your blood pressure. If you email you get a pre-prepared response which DOES NOT answer your question.
    I left a phone number but how can they call you back if its an automated email response no one is really reading the email.
    I mailed a letter today to corporate
    This is a scam/joke dating website.
    Suck you in when you are low and screw you over.

  88. This will serve as formal notification that you are to cancel my membership, that you are not authorized to make further charges to the credit card used to open my account, and that if this is not accomplished and another unsolicited charge shows-up on my bill a formal complaint will be lodged with the attorney general’s office.

    I strongly suggest you take this seriously.

  89. I’ve been getting messages from men 53 and under. I don’t want anyone under 74 which is in my profile. I’ll be 79 next month. PLEASE don’t send me anyone younger than 75 or older than 84. I am not going to change that. I’d probably get more messages, but they would not be the age I’m interested in.I joined thinking I would find somebody that I wanted and age is a very important thing to me.

  90. Please discontinue may acct. , I signed up for 1 month for something like 37 dollars . Got lock out of my acct with in a week of using it . But I am almost positive I only signed up for 1 month. At least discontinue my acct. a refund of this month would be nice . So please email me back & let me know what you can do? Thank You

  91. Just watched a commercial for Match on TV. No one has a story like us. My husband, that I met on Match, had never been married before me, he was 55 when we met. I was widowed at 52, hadn’t been on a date in thirty years, he was my first date. My son, who moved home when his dad died and was in law school, announced he would research my best dating opportunities, it was Match. We fell in love and are happily married. It will be three years in October. We thank you.

  92. You are trying your damndest to get me to sign up with your company, I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!
    STOP, STOP STOP sending me ANYTHING from YOU!
    If this harassment does not cease, I will report you to the BBB…that is not a threat, that is a PROMISE!!!
    LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Iam sorry. I did not want to sing up for a new susscription. I must of hit the wrong button by mistake. Take me off your email list completely. And credit my 68.00. Thank you

  94. The only word that comes to mind is SCAM. Now please delete me from your email listing. As it is obviously impossible to UNSUBSCRIBE on your web page.

  95. Don’t trust this web, they will take your money like they did with mine. It’s not worth it. All the want is your money, money.

  96. Oh nothing new to all of you. First take me off Our time-now. It would help if you all had a legitimate phone number, not the swarmy numbers that are available. I have attempted to change my location but the men showing up are not the new location but the old. I could go on and on and on.

  97. I’m so upset with this site , keeps charing my account and I can’t log on to my account , the guys they match you up are stockers and asking for you number and bikini shots !! Not what I’m looking for , oh Nd I’m trying to call customer service and I’ve emailed and no answer !! DONT sign Up!! It’s a huge scam and lots of perverts !!!!

  98. Sept. 9th 2014,
    I am very disappointed that I have met about 15 fake profiles in 2 1/3 months on your site. Men who only have one picture or no picture. I never answer the ones with no picture. and they say they are suddenly going off your site, or their subscription is up and will only contact you another way. Then after a few emails or a phone call, you discover they are not at all who they say they are. They are using your site to try to take advantage of women.
    Also I have been contacted by men who don’t match me at all from out of state. I asked for 50miles away only. I can not trust anyone from out of state. Even with some emails and then a phone call they may not be who they say they are. Do you check their ID with bank or visa records. Also I see you are connected with Our.time and and you want pay for all the services. My picture and profile must be up on your other sites or you are selling my profile to them without my consent.
    I am very disappointed in your service so far, the matches do not seem to be real on any level at all so far. Chris

  99. based on messages from others, I believe my handle has been hacked, saw messages to women from a person who called himself Richard and it said that I had another link which people could go to see more pix, which I did not generate, help, thanks

  100. This site is a real joke. I subscribed for 6 months and was to receive 6 months guarantee, but did not receive it. Instead Match knocked me of their program without contacting me. A really poor site to meet friends.

  101. I have been member for just about two month. I live in the woods of New Hampshire. maybe the women up here are (What ever) but I just want to say that I would like to cancel my membership because in two month I had no request for anything not even friendship so please be professional and give me my money this Match. com maybe is good for New York or any civil place not in New Hampshire hope you guys understand please give me the rest of the money and cancel me from this Thank You Rudy Gelsi.

  102. I’ve asked several times to be taken off your e-mail list not looking for anyone but you still send me your e-mail’s this is the last time i’m going to ask you to remove me if you don’t I’ll have to contact my lawyer!!

  103. I have a few comments and questions. How many of you encountered technical difficulties when trying to unsubscribe online? How many of you have encountered automaton idiots repeating the same garbage about why you agreed to the terms of the contract by signing up in the first place. How many of you accept that these criminals claim they did nothing wrong because you signed up? Has anyone gotten any success getting more than one payment returned to them by these thieving bastards? Please post so that I can take the necessary measures to expose these low life thieves and prevent them from stealing from people.
    I want the names of news agencies willing to help the consumer. They need to be exposed for the cockroaches they are!

  104. Please take my photos down and end my site as I requested months ago. Then stop sending me emails. Your site is a rip-off and full of pervs. i can’t believe I actually paid you people. There is no way to reach you from the site. You do not have my permission to keep using my photos and information. That was revoked months ago. Please take that info down. A lot of the men on this site are criminals with extensive records and felony convictions. To say you lie is an understatement.

  105. My account has been hacked into. When i press customer service it takes me to a bogus page. Please acknowledge this email.

  106. my on-line identity was 28_elite. I WANT TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP, IMMEDIATELY, today, l0-27-14. Thanks, I found my Match. Was on it several times, took a break and returned.

    BUT, you make it NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to CANCEL…and then have the gawl to assign the cancellation to ‘other’ identities who had nothing to do with my account. BE CERTAIN THE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL FEATURE DOES NOT CATCH ME IN THAT NET, AGAIN. THANKS,B. CHRISTIE

  107. another thing: Although you explain in your long disclaimer, when originally signing up for membership, that you have ‘affiliates,’ they NEVER, EVER STOP TRYING TO INVADE MY SPACE AND GET ME TO SIGN ON. EXAMPLES: POF, E HARMONY, ETC.


  108. another thing: Although you explain in your long disclaimer, when originally signing up for membership, that you have ‘affiliates,’ they NEVER, EVER STOP TRYING TO INVADE MY SPACE AND GET ME TO SIGN ON. EXAMPLES: POF, E HARMONY, ETC.


  109. I can’t believe the number of “scammers” you have on your website! Thank god I’m smart enough to figure them out pretty quick. What a waste of time and money. I will definitely not renew membership!

  110. Your customer service is very poor. You make it very difficult to cancel your subscription. How do you people sleep at night when you are scamming so many people? Shame on you Match. I don’t think Christian employees would do this to your customers. I guess that pretty much sums up what kind of company you run.

  111. I just want to thank for my wonderful boyfriend. It has been the best 2years. We meet September 25th 2012. I was stating to thin I would never meet anyone when I got a wing from him. We stated talking and txt for 2weeks then finally meet each other. He is the love of my life! Thank you so much for helping us come together!

  112. i am writing to tell you to stop sending me mails of any kind…remove me from from your data base and stop sending mails…i have unsubscribe yet you keep sending very unhappy,please stop

  113. I join about a few months back and was asked to go out for a drink.
    Venture 96 seem very nice but too fast to want to hit the bedroom.
    told him it was only a second date and he was upset and said well we will see??? He didn’t want to see me any longer. Is there any normal men anymore ? Do they think all women are loose? Right after that, match. com try to take a large sum from my bank account without notification! I did referral and I also run a supporting achievement group on different items with guest speakers. I am on you tube under Putnam Way. I am willing to try again but with permission to only do month to month. I should be allowed to make my own decisions on the month to month!
    It gave a bad taste with the first date and I never went on again. I had others to say they found someone. I will try again but only month to month. I can only say that Match. com is the only one that will take a check. I do like that because you have more control over the checking account.,eharmony and others online dating, only wants to control your credit card. be careful on these websites.

  114. On 11/15/14 I cancelled my subscription that was due to expire 11/26/14. I received an email asking for the reason why & giving me options. I responded that I met someone. They sent a “Sorry to See You Go” email & congratulated me on meeting someone. Today when I rec’d. my credit card bill it showed I was charged another 3-month subscription by a day after my previous subscription expired. In researching it my account showed it was deactivated so someone just decided they could charge my credit card whenever they wanted to. When I try emailing Match I get a response saying I can cancel anytime before the unauthorized but renewed subscription expires. After reading the numerous posts to it appears this is one of many scams they are pulling. I have contested these charges on my credit card bill & will not be paying them. If it takes cancelling my credit card, that’s what I’ll do. I cannot believe these unscrupulous practices. I had no problem cancelling the previous dating service I used. clean up your act.

  115. I purchased a six month subscription in Nov. 2013. the promotional was ‘no match, six more months. I did not receive the promotional. the men are fictional. I saw one person in a photo who lived in three places. how could that be? I want the six month like I was promised or a REFUND.

    M. Mills

  116. I did not renew my subscription to but I was billed. I was very clear I was finished with my subscription. I am trying to get a refund on my visa because I was billed for $60.

  117. I was charged another 3 months of subscription because they did not shut down my account and one email response was generated. This is a complete scam!!! Warning if you do subscribe be very careful you completely shut down your account or you will be charged for 3 more months with NO REFUND> They automatically renew your account.

  118. Cancelled membership
    I cancelled my membership at the end of December 2014 renewed my membership for three months – to April 2015.

    How is this possible – when you sent me a letter confirming the cancellation – this whole TRUST FACTOR WITH ONLINE CHARGES – is very IRRITATING!

  119. Ugly or homely women or flat out hookers predominate the site. They are looking for a handout or misrepresent themselves. If you respond to any of the profiles and does not like it they will block you and take you off the service and keep your money. Basically, it’s all a waste of time – entertainment value only at best!

  120. You have a pathetic business, you give such false hopes to people with your TV commercials, then you entice them in for the small price of 198.00 dollars, you should be ashamed.

  121. Dear Match .com. I just learned my profile is still up on your site. Please delete my profile, erase all data contained in my profile and make sure I am not a subscribing member. I am in a relationship and do not want to be on your site. Please confirm you have deleted my profile in it’s entirety and confirm I am not a active subscribing member. thank you very much. Lee Ramsdell

  122. you took a 131.00 off my card I suppose to been paying 19.00 I feel like I were con. please but my money back for it e an problem



  125. I had a 6mo. subscription. No dates or hook up. You promised to roll over for free if no success. I can’t find a way to contact you or email you. Why is that? I want another 6mo. free. Right away you wanted more money. No way. Honor your agreement.

  126. Take me off your damned mailing list!!! I never joined up. I keep hitting unsubscribe and you keep emailing me. Get over it, I don’t want your business.

    • The best way to do this is to get a credit card and only put a very small amount on this card to only cover the time frame amount that you want. If someone tries to charge you more. then there won’t be enough money to pay so there shouldn’t be any charge.
      There are credit cards out there that will charge a one time fee only of $5.00 and you can put a small amount on it which would be good for sites like this. Check with Walmart.
      I am in no way connected with Walmart. I am on a dating site just like you.
      Hope this helps.

    • I found that if I use one credit card for smaller purchases and one for larger purchases that it works very well.
      Hope this helps.

  127. A lady from my bank suggested that I should use one credit card for smaller purchases and another for major purchases. This works very well and there are no misunderstandings.
    I hope this helps

  128. I have found that if I have two credit cards and use one for smaller purchases and one for larger purchases that it works very well. This way there are no misunderstandings.
    Hope this helps.

  129. I noticed a comment on my site, by you, stating that I don’t seem interested in men close by. That is not true. If you read the beginning of many, many males that you send me, you’ll see that men in my age bracket want women from 50-75 years.

    Why would I answer an email that excludes me right from the start?

    Please read the ages before you send me more emails. Thank you

  130. I will Never, Ever go back to or recommend it to anyone! My past experience was horrible?/!
    Almost every woman/lady was Never where her location stated she was and they wanted Money and to share naked pictures of themselves in order to entice you into doing so!!

  131. DON’T use this dating site ( I have been scammed by two different men in a year. The first one I lost $700 and by the second time I got wise. I shouldn’t have to have gone through this. I will never use their site again and I will warn others of it. I notice that people who have been scammed on the Dr. Phil show are often members of

  132. I have not used Match. com for approximately 2 -3 years ago, I paid for 6 month membership, cancelled and deleted my profile; unfortunately, I was trying to pay some personal bills on line & have noticed that has taken 2 installments totaling $265.20 from my bank account. I have never been on this site since I left!!!!! Apparently, they had kept all my information; funny thing is, I never used my bank routing # or account just my debit card. I am definitely pissed off!!!!!! Don’t use

  133. I canceled my subscription within a month of subscribing. Yesterday 3/15 was the last day and today I see that I am billed again for six months!!!!!!!!!! I am so irritated….PLEASE CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION AND REFUND MY SIX MONTH SUBSCRIPTION.

  134. Just created a profile on match. Have had a bunch of girls email me, but cannot see who they are.

    Match will not show me who is viewing me, so I will never buy a subscription.

    Tried to contact match, there is no way to do it as far as I can find.

    Thank God I didn’t pay for this! I can’t delete my profile, I feel sorry for the girls who think I’m dissing them.

    This could be a good site if the management didn’t have their heads up their butts.

    Bottom line: Don’t waste your time.

  135. i dont want his site no more an im going 2 cancell it in the bank 2moro,,so dont try take n money 4m my account or i will report this site

  136. Hello,

    I signed up in error to Once I got charged $74.96, I quickly emailed. No response. I know I didnt select any service for $74.96.
    Who can I call prior to calling the BBB?



  138. Hi my account with is getting ready to expire, I do not want to continue with this I am trying to avoid it from going through to the next renewal. Please be advised I do not want to to renew my subscription with There is no success, it was to me waste of money..

  139. I would like my money return so far every man that has shown interest has been a set up. Yes it is my fault for believing them & you. I have been scammed by you for pretending to help & for the men that are on your site. You have no background or anything on them. I am so disappointed that you promote couples. Your company is a lie. I will report to anyone that ask about your site.

  140. I want to stop my subscription immediately. I spoke with a representative the last time I was charged a fee and made it very clear that I wanted the service stopped. If another unwanted charge appears on my credit card I am going to an attorney. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION IMMEDIATELY, REMOVE IT OR LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

  141. I want to report a scammer that is on using the name hmmmmcutiesmile, 52, Columbus Seeking Women 44-57. He posted pictures of other men. These pictures were tied to a RomanceScam website. I am glad that I upload the images to the Google Images and that is how I found out that the pictures were tied to the RomanceScam website. I think that you should have a way to filter out scammers from this website. He tells people his name is John Porter. His yahoo sign on is IncredibleJohnny. FYI

  142. Hi, I would like to make a complain here about the sites
    I would like you cancel my subscription that I made tonight due to wrong mistake. Im still a member on the sites til may 9 and why my subscription tonight still come out on that current membership. I have two different profile on the user name mosnar that is supposed to be I will subscribe and why still come out on my current profile winningella when im still there. I would like to cancel that and give me my money back if you done the transaction already pls. the reason I tried to subscribe that tonight is for my other one account that I have so many message there that I haven’t read and now can still read it.


  144. I would like to know where to go report a scam, by another person on site. He claimed to have 3 day free trial.
    He charmed me for 3 weeks. Self employed, needs to leave country for work. Now needs money, his credit cards won’t work. Can’t get his bank to send him money. He claims, he lives in states, but not citizen, so credit card co. Nor his bank will work with him. He begged me to send money. I was smart enough not to. He called me wicked, heartless, and cared for no one else but myself. I had not even met him yet. Thank god for that. Bye the way his profile pic was gorgeous. Now I’m quite sure, it was not of him. I would like others aware of this, as I’m sure he is probably a site jumper. I agree with others, folks need to be checked out. If caught in deception, removed. I truly believe I was lucky and smart enough not send money

  145. I signed up yesterday but never finished restering.
    I got two phone no. One lady tells me her hole name and she is 30. I am 59. And she has a three yr old son.
    She says she inherited a business from her mother. And she travels.
    She is in Nigeria at the moment.
    The other Is 39 and is in sales of kitchen electronics. And imports.
    She also travels. She does misspell words r uses the wrong ones sometimes. The other speaks well. And both say age is just a no.
    I told them I have very little and I work part time. What would two young successful women want with me.

  146. I bought a six-month subscription to late February,

    I was very excited to start online dating meeting new singles I started browsing for the first two weeks.

    In the third week or so someone hacked my account, Man by the name of Peter who was older and Asia, needless to say I’m a single white female age 31.

    This guy changed all my details and was messaging older MEN and WOMEN.
    I called match and they said they would fix the problem. Unfortunately they only fixed my gender and put my photos back up. For weeks now I have been receiving emails for older ladies and men.

    I called discouraged and wanting to cancel my subscription WITH money back. I spoke to three different people, Who all basically just told me the same thing saying that is not responsible and will not give money back me. What happened to great customer service? what about keeping the client happy! I dont think cares about its customers!

    as of this point I will not be referring any of my friends or co-workers to this site until customer satisfaction is #1 with Match!

    I would love to turn this story around and say that really did help me out as well. We will have to see what happens!

  147. I’d like you to cancel my profile. Take it off your site. And do not send me anymore emails about your services or match hits. I believe the page is under agustine5135. I already forgot. Just take me off your site.

  148. What a rip off company! Tried this for six months. Big mistake, Did not plan to renew membership . Did not receive any notification but when my credit card statement came I had been charged for renewing and at a higher price. After contacting customer service I was informed that they will not refund the charge. I have filed a dispute and contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute with them also but the can no longer add any charges to my card. Contacting Better Business Bureau and plan to file complaint with them also. Phoning my attorney tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  149. As I see from the posts above, many people have had a similar experience with Match. Charging credit cards without any notice and refusing to refund the money. How your company continues to get any business with such terrible customer service and continuous efforts to rip people off is beyond me. I hope more people find out about how much of a scam this actually is before they too get ripped off.

  150. I signed up for 1 month for $27 with one of your branches:: Our Time and before I knew it they had me charged for over $100. I would like this charge canceled completely, as it was very misleading and I did not authorize this charge. I want this charge reversed immediately on this account.
    Loa Dahl

  151. As soon as I signed up, I was inundated with women who were 30 years younger than myself, I’m 63, and they either wanted me to email them at suspicious addresses, or call them, so my number would show up. Then when pressed for information about themselves, they signed off, their profiles became hidden, etc. Fellas, be careful, this site seems to be a magnet for scammers, or hackers, to gain your info. I was on for six months, and never experienced these headaches. I’ve looked at the billing problems mentioned here, I guess I’ll just call my credit card co.and tell them not to accept any more charges when the 3 months run out, now I’m just laughing at all the ‘ quote ‘ pretty girls that want me!!! BC

  152. Worst customer Service I have ever dealt with. Rude, ignorant representitives. should be ashamed of themselves.

  153. All I can say is this you have a date where a woman will be active or not. I have sent a message to women you say will be active in 3 days, well I waited 3 days and the woman you say was to be activated was still waiting 3 days. Once a woman of 3 days I check on her 60 days later and guess what she was still waiting 3 days to enter. It happen a lot women waiting to enter and never did after you said they would. What the problem do you just show us men pretty women to keep us interested in and get our money and never meet the lady we send messages too ?.

  154. lost family after I renew my monthly membership, was only one time online and send two messages. That’s enough for match com to charge 40 dollar for 28 days who I don’t use this side. Great customer service!! Who is not willing to refund. Deleted account and will never go again online on this terrible side.

    Apart from that; the site doesn’t work …. too many scammers, players and faked profiles .

    oh …. and very bad customer service.

  155. I just got an email that I am block from the community, why? I had just visited my profile to up date a picture that is in good taste, try to send an email in this to correct this deletion of account but I have to sign in to gain access to it so I can send in. But it wouldn’t let me. Go a head and delete, not good customer service

  156. I need to find out if I have 2 accounts which I think I do… I need to merge them.. how do I do this…

  157. I need you to log my out of this, I do not need you to e-mail me no more please. thank log me out.

  158. I called this site regarding misleading information (or lack of notification) for add on services. Their call center is in the Dominican Republic!! These people either don’t know anything or are trained to tell you they cannot answer your questions beyond the limited and seemingly incorrect info and refused to transfer me to a supervisor so I could request a refund. I stayed on the line and demanded to be transferred. I was told they don’t give refunds regardless and the supervisor was also in the Dominican Republic. Horrible experience for me. Never again for me. No US contacts at all from their call site in the Dominican Republic and refusal to transfer or ever refer you to someone in the US. Based on my experience, beware.

  159. Please can you remove my profile from your sight asap . I thought I was ready for this but I’m not . Will you contact me as soon as this has been competed . Thank you .

  160. A chat option became available on and the person appears to have been bogus. I provided very little information, but later when I went look at his profile, it was unavailable.

    And when I did a search on the username, it was not found. I don’t see anyway to report this to match.

    So don’t chat with askerter86. He is non existent.

    Match needs to make it easier to report this potential scam.

  161. I joined today, gave all my credit card info and agreed to their terms; however, I still am not able to view who supposedly is “interested” and “who viewed my profile”. The “Subscribe” button comes up as if I haven’t paid, and I indeed paid my $234 today. Why don’t I have access. Why don’t they have an E-mail address or phone number?? Beginning to think this was a mistake.

  162. Your company took out 39.76 from my account Why? and Who did it , It wasn’t Me . Please put my money back

  163. I signed up in July 2015 within 1 hour I called to cancel. I was told there was no right of recision in the State of Florida. (Meaning you have 3 days to change your mind and get your $$ back) of course there is. I can return a car!! Like another member wrote, they got me when I thought I was signing up on a monthly basis and they charged my card for a whole year.

    They send me everything opposite of what I was looking for including people in other States and I specifically said I was looking within a 30 mile radius. What part of that don’t you understand and the age limit that goes 10 years over what I want!!

    I’m disputing right now through my bank, and I’m going to bring this into them to show other’s complaints. Maybe it will help

  164. I would like my profile cancelled. I am in a relationship and would like to see my profile cancelled out of respect for the man I am dating and for myself. Please let me know what the procedures are to do this.
    Thank you

  165. I am not sure why you just renew after I only signed up for 3 months. I didn’t even use the service. I hid my account after a month. I don’t want to use another 3 months? Now I am at $71 a month for 3 months I never agreed to? Can someone please contact me regarding this?

  166. Do NOT sign up with them. They offer a discounted yearly subscription and even if you cancel you don’t get a refund. Yes, I was stupid but I don’t think it’s fair they take all your money up front and don’t give anything back. And they obviously don’t screen anyone. They had my profile up almost immediately. I think most of these post are hoaxes. I am so disappointed that I wasted my money on this site.

  167. I just literally signed up to match for your discount rate of £41.84 for 6months and then you misled me to some upgrades page and have now consequently charged me circa £83!

    The prices were similar making it barely obvious that it was for a adjunct service, and even after clicking it there was no “are you sure” suggestion – you just led me directly to the confirmation page.

    Disgustingly misleading. I want my £40 back.

  168. Why can’t I change my income setting for my match. I’ve exhausted all attempts. I can only change what I make, not what I prefer my match to make. Please help!
    And may I say that this service is the best I’ve tried. Also, thank goodness for this internet dating opportunity. It is a wonderful service, especially for mature, OK, older individuals, who just don’t have many other ways to meet up. Thank you, Match!

  169. i paid over 113.00 for six months of service only to meet ladies that didnt look like their photos or ladies who werent serious about a relationship and was playing games.i am dissapointed that this service did not work for me and now i out 113.00 i will not resign with im done with online dating.

  170. I specified the location of who I would be interested in. I am getting interests from all over the country. Not fun!
    I also specified the ethnicity I was looking for…Not happening.

  171. Never knew I would end up paying over £400 for a 3 month subscription. Now nearly two years later I am no further with my cancellation requests. No info for email or contact details and also no information on exactly how these payments work. Please think before subscribing as you are paying for an on going service not a selected period of your choice more like

  172. I want to know if after being off of it’s been above a year since I have been off of the site can someone see my profile and if they care is my phone number there for someone to see this is important to me because a guy texted my phone about a month ago and he said he found me on your site is that possible thank you for you help. Linda

  173. If a person joins WHY is it that it will be automatically charged again after the time is over. Why not just leave it up to the person to join again on their own. I would join if I had a guarantee that it will be left up to me to rejoin.

  174. Please stop sending me any correspondence. My membership was done in August, and it’s disturbing you’re still sending me emails!!!!!
    Thank you

  175. Wow wish id seen all the reviews 1st, but if you continue to take from my credit card ill assure you the reviews and I will definitely SEE YOU STEAL UK NG ASSES IN A COURTROOM

  176. I read all of these comments above and it scares me – I just found a charge to my CC account that I did not authorize. I plan on cancelling – you conveniently hide phone numbers – I found one I’m going to call in the morning. You also have short working hours for an on-line site that covers 24 hours.Wish me luck.

  177. I am a woman looking for a man , My profile is wrong please fix. all women are looking I am embrasse at work help me fix it. thank byou

  178. I have been trying to email you from my membership site and have not been able to. I just want to know if Match.Com by Mail is one of your affiliates. Since I joined Match.Com on 9/5/15, I have been receiving emails with matches from them and when I go into my account I do not see any of the profiles they indicate. If this is spam I need to know so I can delete them right away.

    Hope to hear back from you asap.


  179. I cancelled and I am still getting emails. Please stop. You say that I am interested in some one when I have not done anything. Also I am getting emails from men that you can tell are not American. I think you also. have Our Time ,and I keep getting emails that say I have sent them emails when I haven’t. Please stop this. You are getting a very bad reputation.

  180. The comment about the you service is not good .so I’m not interested, so I want cancel my inscription with you, thank you, have a great day

  181. I was charged 2 top spots(I only purchased 5 which is all its showing I have) and yet was charged $25.66

    Please credit me back 12.83 or I will dispute my credit card.

  182. Worked with one of your customer rep today his name is Louis (28 September 15). He truly brings value to the meaning of (Customer Service). Thank you again for clearing up my Match account Louis


    Mary J Baugh

  183. I tried doing a search and a little message popped up saying someone near me wants to chat. I clicked and then the subscription prices came up. They are so sneaky and devious in their ways to entice people to pay. I don’t even believe it when it says that I have received legitimate e-mails. I get back on and all of a sudden I have all these likes and messages. It’s just the employees sending some of the messages so I will pay. They make it very hard to contact them. I hate this site. Most sites are full of scams. beware

  184. It’s very hard to meet people organically any more because of this hi-tech world we live in. Well, I must brainstorm and try interest groups and volunteer work. I’m a good looking, fit woman and I’m still single. It’s my own fault.

  185. I’ve been with you for a year and have not meet anyone. Your site guarantees if one doesn’t meet someone in six months, You will get six months for free. Well, instead of me getting six months for free, you people charged me for an additional six months. I still haven’t found anyone, and I would like six months for free. I was told I would have to pay for a new subscription. I’ve been emailing you several times asking for my six months for free and you just keep send me a generic reply telling me, you will give me a 3 day trial! WHERE IS MY GUARANTEED SIX MONTHS FOR FREE!!!

  186. I am not happy about signing on to the Match dating site. You are also directed to another website wanting you to pay more money i.e., $2.00 etc. This is not what I thought it would be. Please refund my money and put it back on my credit card. I was very leery about signing on in the first place.

  187. I just want to say that although I recently rejoined, I find at least 99% of the men whom you seem to consider good matches for me to be complete duds. Maybe it is the age or something but after having lived abroad for many years and then coming back to the States almost 2 years after my husband’s death and hoping that maybe I could somehow share the rest of my life with someone who shares some of the positive attributes of my husband (while also remaining their own unique personality, of course!), – well, again, I am very disappointed and will once again cease subscribing to Match once this period is finished. Never to rejoin.

  188. I’m very frustrated today. I tried to log into Match for free trial and it came up that I was not using the right email or password. I was a member for a few months years. I have no idea what the password was and I even forgot that LONG AGO I had the email address of So, I took the option of a new password. However, in all cases where I needed this information I was told that that password you gave me would not work. So, I tried to sign in on my current email address and I couldn’t more forward into anything meaningful because the password you gave me for my OLD EMAIL ADDRESS did not work.

    Why do so many of these websites discourage people from just getting into them and exploring. I wish you’d email me back and give me something useful to open to viewing. I MIGHT call you back tomorrow but after this wet blanket I’m sure I will.

  189. I am very disappointed with this site. Are any of the men still signed up? It just seems unreal that I contact men and never receive a response. I am a good looking women with the same likes and in the same area that they request.
    It doesn’t make any sense. You keep sending me members that I have contacted already. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

  190. This service sucks. Not one match. I’m not fat and not ugly. then I cancelled my auto billed subscription and still got billed. They said it was my fault and they DO NOT give refunds. And this was the only place I could find contact information. 🙁

  191. what is we all wrote demand letters certified to: LLC
    8300 Douglas Ave.
    Dallas, TX 75225

    And send the same letter to the district Attorney in Dallas.
    and let them investigate.
    A company that gets so many terrible complaints
    and does not have a customer service dept. to make things right
    should be reported.

  192. Hey –
    So I’m surprised you make it so hard to rejoin. I downloaded your app and tried to sign in online with my email and password. I got a
    Message that my account is resigned and to contact customer care yet you don’t provide a link to do that and you don’t allow me in to rejoin. I thought you would want to make it easy. What’s up? How can I use my email and see my old profile?


  193. I realized after receiving my credit card statement I was double charged. When I called and spoke to an agent the a supervisor named hose who was horrible to me . I explained to him when I purchased the 3 month subscription the site was freezing and I clicked it twice thinking the first time it didn’t go through. He informed me match doesn’t do refunds and that their wasn’t a glitch that I was lying. It was the worst customer service I have ever gotten and I’ve nvr been treated soo horrible anywhere. I asked to speak to another sup he told me he was the only one there. I’m highly upset and out 70 dollars will nvr subscribe with ever again.

  194. I “connected” with a man claiming to be from one town away. He sucked me in with emails, phone calls, texts, Skype and flowers…. Starting mid April 2015. I contacted the FBI TODAY after he scammed me

    He hacked the email of the president of an East Coast bank and wired funds to me. Asking me to wire them to someone in Georgia.

    As I write this I FEEL STUPID and ashamed for letting myself get sucked into his scam.

    My bank’s protection department says this is unfortunately a common scam. They called me a victim.

    I write this to warn others to avoid falling prey to a 6 month false connection that leads to something terrible.

    I thought I was smart. I am smarter now.

    If you have doubts or suspicions… Or feel “this is too good to be true”. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS

  195. I have already cancelled my membership but you have just automatically taken the renewal out if my account can you plea refund thanks rachel jones

  196. Please I have been trying to deactivate my account and to stop receiving email but all my efforts in doing that proved abortive.Please I’m no longer interested in receiving your email messages

  197. Please put my 131.94 back on my master card,I do not want six months I only want one month,and I paid for it,that’s it thank you

  198. Today I was speaking with one of your supervisors about a issue with your billing. My problem was that I cancelled my subscription well before it was to renew and your company charged me anyway. I requested a refund for the problem, I was very respect to the supervisor and while I was speaking your supervisor hung up in my face. I believe that is Not how customer service is to be like. I have been a customer a number of times and this is not acceptable. I too work in the customer service industry as a customer service manager to me there’s always something you can do to make the customer happy. I appreciate a call or email from upper management on this issue.
    Thank you for your time.

  199. On October 30th, 2015 I subscribed to your site with funds deleted from my account. As I begin my search, every email I send to whom I’m interested, it asks me to subscribe. How can that be if I paid for this service. Please let me know how can this be resolved. I’m disappointed. Much sadness, divag

  200. hello I am trying to upload some photos and I see you now have the webcam option but when I click on webcam option for photos my webcam is on as a blue light lets me know this on my pc .what appears is a grey screen mostly .I can see a bit of me in the very far corner but this would not be accepted as a photo and wouldn’t even get into pvt gallery never mind public gallery . I will try fb option as I have photos of me on there recent ones . I do hope you get this corrected as is a good site .anyway username danny12 e-mail as above I look forward to your reply on this kindest regards to you.bye then for I would sign up for a month to test the water but with no pic no point as yet anyway .it is just good to have an image of the person you are trying to get to know and I see many women on here after there photos up .good for them .a photo speaks a thousand words and shows the person to be serious about trying to find that special somebody.i would be the same no pic no reply as I see this as pointless it slows things up otherwise your site is good .I will wait to hear from you and if I have to go through fb that aint a problem but webcam option quicker opition on

  201. please ,kindly, stops sending me emails I was a member and I am trying to delete my that for me ,please .your emails are as nasty as they look and my profile do not fit the requirements .am not straight .

  202. The guy who is using Captain Thach photo…He is a SCAMMER…Do not let him in the dating sites…If you see him please report it as soon as possible…Thank you.

  203. worst the worst the worst customer response ever. can’t call it customer service. you HAVE NONE. someone keeps hacking my match account through YOU not though me, then YOU stop my emails and i have to call to get them back. I hear Match and a massive hack. apparently you have massive problems. i have no idea what the spoofs are but if you continue to fail to send me emails I will cancel the service. and I refuse to enable COOKIES just to send a question. how stupid is that. ridiculous ridiculous company

  204. Whatever you do, do not use!! Let me save you some time and money. From my 3 month experience – which I could not get my money back – at least 30% of the “connections” are from fake accounts. This website does not do any sort of account validation and you will be spammed all day long from gorgeous 29 year old models who only want to date 50 year old men. These are all fake accounts and you will get spammed all day – will do nothing about it and you will not get your money back

  205. I am getting really put out, i live in the northeast corner of the TEXAS panhandle area code 79014 “you are sending me south TEXAS profiles,” I would rather have OKC and Amarillo Dodge City Kans. would you please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  206. Your mutual matches have been unchanged for 2 years.

    This site provides nothing…I have to search deep for locals that your site will not even produce. Bad…bad..bad.

    I could pay for a high end professional match service for the lack of your service for 6 months to 3 years!

    Get some new interesting screens for me!

  207. My friend Captain Thach photo is stolen by Scammer…He goes by name Ofulue Steve and using his last name Thach. Captain Thach photo is stolen in the facebook.. If you have any information…Please email me.

  208. Hi there!! I am in Canada and I have come across another lady who was scammed by the same guy. He wants money which will give your site a bad name. He lives in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and I am wondering if there is anything you can do to help us identify the individual? Thanks for any help you can give us. Judy

  209. I joined Nov 12th for three months,,11-12-15 until 2-12 16 my con no is 191110208 for $68.97 my credit card was charged twice…

  210. I cancelled my subscription in mid-September 2015, and on October 1, 2015, charged my bank account $68.97, and customer service refuses to credit my account. I will now mail a demand letter to their legal department (P.O. Box 25458, Dallas, Texas 75225) demanding my refund. I work for attorneys and if they do not give me a credit, I will file a lawsuit.

  211. Stop emailing me I’ve reported this to the ombudsman and I’m talking to my solicitor also I’ve reported this to bbc watch dog I’m not a member of your dating site so why do you contact me anymore and I will press legal proceedings against you for harassment and cyber stalking

  212. 800 # just has you sit through 15-20 ads for other services – I never got to talk to an agent – it sent me to another 800 number which was for another firm. Ridiculous!
    There does not seem to be a customer service email ady.
    Ran through their contact process online and it just leads you into a loop.

  213. I have been trying to reach customer service for weeks without success. Even the online help form won’t submit my request, likely because I was blocked. In any case, I created a profile and paid my subscription and was promptly blocked by for no reason but the money was charged to my credit card and not refunded.

    I have tried to reach numerous times and I do not need another automated response. (I have about 15 in my inbox) I’d love to speak to a human being, a real person with a pulse and a brain !! …so that this can be sorted and I can get my money refunded.

    This has been a distressing and hugely unpleasant experience. I recommend you change your name from Customer Care to something more appropriate like Customer Despair!!

  214. I can not contact to complain they have taken too much money out of my bank account, You can not contact them to complain by letter (email) quick to take a lot of money out of my bank account

  215. The site is bad .asked you to change my profile.never was done.want girls that are professional.easy going from the suburban area.30 years old.and one curvy no a Christian. I like outside activities also movies also sports also music.please Change profile now.matt

  216. Where yes where do I get in to this site? customer service is non contactable, and a complete waste of money after only 12 days, I look forward to a refund,

  217. On 10/ 23 /2015 u withdrew from my account $101.94 and $29.93 I cannot get into my account please take care of this matter now

  218. someone got onto my paypal an charged a subscription to your service. please refund my money immediately.
    ID 201810349
    Thank you

  219. I do not like a company that takes money out of a seniors account and doesn’t even tell them. When they are on social security, they have breast cancer, had both breast removed they just started chemo and you take out $74.97 out of their account. I haven’t been using this site for a long time. Hardly ever since I joined. And instead of saying where have you been? You take money. I need to buy my medicine with that money that you took. I don’t need a date!!! It was embarrassing to go and get the medication I need and find out you people took $74.97 out of my account without any warring. And now I don’t have my medication. I need that money put back in my account and delete this my account. ASAP!!!!! I need my medication now!!!!
    Sharon Grayson A

  220. How come you advertise a standard rate of 17.99 or less, but when you get ready to subscribe it gives a you a rate for example $103.99 and not the rate you advertise. I’m confused?

  221. Can you please cancel the match . I signed up for this whole back but I just found out that you guys are still taking money from my account per month and I will report to better bussiness bureau. I don t remember to signed a an agreement allowing you guys continually taking funds from my account for over a year. I just found s out because I i am not longer using the account the account but a recieced a letter in regarding nsf that cost me a lot . I wants funds back because I never authorized match to continually taking funda from my account after my agreement expired and I have not been in this website in over a year . Please call me to find a solution for this issue amicable . You guys escrew my credit and cost me a a lot money . My phone o757 671-5302. I will contact the buyer bussiness bureau in regarding his illegal decieving practicing from March


    Thank you for contacting Match Customer Care!

    You guys keep taking money out my account! my bank just notified me! I need someone to get in touch with me ASAP!!!!!! My lawyer will be seeking into this issue because clearly I was told I was not being charged when I knew I was from the lette below! This is unacceptable and fraudulent. Someone contact me at 267 242 7372

  223. I rejoined months ago and I haven’t had one email from anyone. The problem is that your members are not active and you still show their profiles, so when someone looks at their profile they think the person is available. And then when we don’t get a response to our email, we think the person is just not interested, but in reality, they are not an active member and never got the email. Case in point, I was a member years ago and my profile is still shown. You need to delete the inactive members. Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against this company for displaying inactive profiles with the intention of fooling people into thinking there are a lot of members available.

  224. Sir @

    I can’t understand WHY I have to spend so much time on line and no one answer the phones!!! (3 numbers!!!)) Very un professional!

    Following comments about others experience to Stop their association, I would chose to register with you for the 6 months basic service guaranty a Match (without an additional FEES) As is published on your Web page, and if I’ll be happy to continue paying on my terms.

    Today, After reading the large amount of Complains I’m willing to do so ONLY by sending via post office a Money Order from 7/11 of the Amount $131.94

    My Questions to you;and care to know;

    1) How do I secure this offer / obligation by you?
    2) To whom to address my Money Order Pay?
    3) I can’t understand why you do not have A Contact Us is on your page???,
    That could Help Me register a few days before.
    4) You advertised 25% Additional Discount – But somehow this Not coming up
    on your Billing Page – I don’t understand why – I’m sure others will agree
    with me!

    Please Sirs, I ask to hear by email from your representative, as no one unswers the phones, I hope this email will come to the right person,
    Happy New Year to all,

    Thanks Penny.

  225. I cannot get thru to your customer service and my profile is not working correctly over the last week. Either I get a refund on my subscription, you call me back ASAP, or I am contacting my credit card company . call 586-945-203. VERY VERY POOR WEBSITE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE

  226. Please cancel my site from your site . I have tried and I must not be doing something right. Bus man 330 is site name please cancel . I m not longer looking for a date and haven’t been for quite some time . Thank you

  227. Please delete my picture on match book and also please stop sending me notifications as I want I’m not subscribed I just want to tell you I want to cancel and my picture removed and no more notifications from thank you very much my member ID number is 156377467 thank you very much

  228. I will tell everyone I know not to use your site. I paid for 6 months and I did what you ask to terminate my subscription so I would not be automatic re-billed. Which I done on the your web site. Did not happen, you billed me again. I called customer support by phone and preceded to explain I followed your instruction online to terminate and custormer support told me that they did not have any termination from me. So, you charged me another sign up fee and you will not refund my money. Now, here is in December and I could not get on unless I reactivatge….What!!! My illegal prescription does not run out until Jan. 22, 2016. I have sent a email to my State Attorney General twice and have received a letter frome them,….now, you want me to reactivate two months before my time runs out!!!!! I will write another letter to my Attorny General,

  229. Very, Very, unhappy….too much underhanded crap going on. Can’t log on to Match to get Member Number….nice way to keep you from contacting them. I keep getting the “reactivate” page which does nothing to get you back on the Match web page to get your Member Number. Oh, forget the telephone number …. another way to frustrate you until you give up. Already contacted my state Atorney General and explain their tactics.

  230. PLEASE, give me what you have for my e-mail, and pass. Also, you keep telling me to click on info about discount rates…30% 40% 50% but YOU will not let me have the info….WHY ????? Why isn’t my money good enough ??????

  231. What I do not like is you cannot customize your search for a partner, so all of these non matches cannot contact you.
    POF lets you customize a search. I feel need to do an overhaul of their site.

  232. I just signed up for this service and so far I’ve had nothing but trouble. Either thy don’t have the educated people to run this business or it is a scam to begin with. I’m advising my credit card compamy not to pay this company, thank God I only signed up for 1 month.

  233. I have been extremely disappointed with my experience so far.I let my anger issues get the best of me.I would like my account unblocked .Matthew

  234. Please be very careful. I was “catfished” on This man posed as active military. Don’t make the mistakes that I made. I cant get my money back. He even sent me photos and copies of his drivers lic & military ID. The pay grade and the rank don’t go together. It took a former vet to see he was an imposter. but this guy had gotten money out of me already. When I called different government agencies to see what I could do, I finally realized how messed up this was. The FBI has a website that pertains to this. So Ladies be very careful. There has to be a safer way to meet nice men. I still have faith that one day I will be in a happy relationship again.

  235. do not bill me for 1/17/16 through 4/16 I thought I was on for free. sorry cancel me out forever.thanks patricia can’t find telephone number to call

  236. I signed up yesterday and spent hours doing my profile. Had several contacts before I went to bed. Woke up and my entire profile has been erased.

  237. I signed up and paid the price for this service, but I am unable to contact anyone. It keeps asking me to subscribe . I already did!! I need help and for someone to call me – I also need to change my email address. I need assistance .

  238. I’ve tried Cancelling my membership and was still charged. Apparently I didn’t cancel correctly or it didn’t go thru. I tried contacting the UK for match several times and being as I’m living in the US they were unable to help and I will not get my refund. Very dissatisfied and unhappy

  239. I just saw that you charged my credit card for a membership renewal. I cancelled my subscription over 2 months ago! I want this charge immediately credited back to my card!

  240. To Whom it May Concern:

    I wanted to share an observation. I have seen your ads (and was a member, briefly) on Pandora. I’ve noticed that you have the same women today that you had years ago. It begs the question: Can’t they find a date?

    While I realize it is only an advertisement, it does not indicate the reality of your site. Might I suggest that you either use REAL members on your ads, or at least update your models from time to time?


    Tony del Zompo

  241. They keep billing me, even though I paid the one time higher fee…without any permission from me, they just send it through…this should be illegal. To me, it’s stealing…I was just biding my time until my subscription ran out, then they billed me again!! Horrible customer service since you can’t even find a place to send a comment…this is honestly a big scam.

  242. Be nice to be able to access my account. Since you don’t answer phones or emails I’ll have to send a letter to corporate cancelling my membership. I will also inform my bank to not pay another penny to you.

  243. been trying to call all afternoon but keep getting recorded message saying we’re open between 9 and 6 Monday to Friday call back!

  244. I have tried several times on computer to cancel membership even rang a few times about 5pm and it said the office is now closed ring back closing time said 6 pm on machine so why don’t you answer phone cancel it now no more money will be going to this .

  245. had just signed up for another month and now unable to sign in…shows old email address and does not recognize password
    my user name was FitnFun
    as Im unable to login can not cancel membership

  246. I want to make sure that you know I cancelled my subscription and I want a refund on my credit card. Please Respond ASAP with this information,
    Thank you

  247. Greetings. I am unable to login my account. I changed the password several times but it will not work. Also, please note that I did not attend last night’s event. If someone went using my name it is FRAUD!

  248. I see you billed me twice the same day. I never ordered your service. Please cancel right away My bank is on to fraudulent charges
    Thank you

  249. This site has taken my money!!! I had someone sign me up for a dating site that I knew nothing about.

    Please can you cancel my account.
    Thank you.

  250. I want my money back, I signed up for a NON RENEWABLE AND YOU TOOK $113.94 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!. the only responses you get on your site are from fake men in other countries that are looking for money or to scam single woman I am way to smart for that but obviously not to smart to sign up on your SCAMMER Site.. I did the non renewable so you would not charge me again just incase this was not for me. do the right thing and return my money

  251. I think after reading the comments on here that we all should take a class action lawsuit against this company for bad trade ?

  252. I have discontinued my membership with you a couple of years ago but you still have my profile on your site with other people looking in at me and even messaging me, could you please take me of completely as this is cousing me problems,


    Robert Lazenby

  253. My service has suddenly not working (3 days) On my incoming e mails all that appears on activation is the e mails that I have sent. I cannot read any incoming mail which is the whole point. This is very disappointing as I have paid for 3 months service. Please correct asap Thanks

  254. I went to the store and didn’t have enough money of my debit card for my purchases. Someone got my debit card online when it was used for something else. They paid for Twice. Also another dating site. I called customer service on I fought with the woman i was talking to. I told her I’ve Never had match and I wanted my money back. She kept asking about my profile, and she wanted my username and password. I kept telling her It wasn’t me but someone else. She refused to help me because I refused to give her my name and password. i told her that I couldn’t give her info i didn’t have. So Nothing was done. I just paid for someone else to be on a dating site.

  255. Annullering/Fortrydelse

    Ordre BBT_HD_01454930279590.1043

    Jeg vil gerne fortryde denne ordre – ønsker den annuleret.

    Ligeledes har jeg fortrudt mit 3 måneders abonnement – ordre nr. BBT_HD_I1454930262237.1039.

    Bekræft venligst ovenstående, at det bliver annulleret og hvis pengene er hævet, at de sendes retur.

    Med venlig hilsen

    Jonna Nielsen

  256. Have you people ever looked at these postings. The men from Tucson look like new releases from prison! There’s even a woman in the emails Match sends.
    Please stop sending these emails.
    I’m so not interested in any of these people or your website!

  257. I was charged $68.97 and never knew I was a member? I cannot even get into my so called account? I am asking that my account be refunded the $68.97.

  258. I have someone wishing to contact me or for me to accept your invitation to view his profile……..however your web site will not allow me access….it keeps giving me mobile communication that I do not want. I would gladly pay a straightforward membership fee. Thank you. Thomas

  259. I would be prepared to pay a membership fee for one year…but I do not require the mobile communication offers that I really do not quite understand.

  260. I cancelled my service months ago and found on my bank account that match has continued cha going my bank account monthly so I called today and of course the lady barely spoke English and she said that I would not get refunded, I asked to speak with a supervisor and she said it won’t do you any good, you still won’t get a refund…that was at 8 am this morning, it is now 2:14pm and still no return call…I can see why they are so busy because the are receiving constant complaints because the steal from people.

  261. I had a premium membership in Match for several years and was generally not impressed with their introduction service. They flood one with “matches” which are mostly random with little regard for suitability, so I decided to allow my membership to lapse. Considering the experiences of others who were charged for another year if they allowed their membership to approach the expiration date, I gave notice a week or two before expiration that I wanted to cancel at my expiration date. I happened to make contact with another member just days before the expiration of my membership and we were corresponding by email through Match. A few days before my membership expiration, I advised my contact that my membership would soon expire and if she wished to continue our messaging, she should email me at my personal email address which I provided. Then later, I sent my phone number, but she continued emailing through Match as though she had not received my messages. I could not understand it, and it was only after the expiration of my membership that I figured out that they had read my emails and edited out my contact information and my statement that my membership was ending. At that time, of course (after expiration) I was unable to email anyone through Match. The only reasonable explanation for their actions was that they wished to hold our contact information hostage pending my renewing my membership. I refuse to reward dishonesty and will not renew my membership. They have presented several blanked-out emails to me from the lady contact (who still has a premium membership) teasing me that I can read them if I will renew my membership. We have both been punished for my failure to pay their ransom, which is what a membership renewal would amount to. My emails contained nothing which could have harmed anyone or anything and were sent well before my membership expiration. Their sneaky editing was obviously done only for the benefit of their cash flow in an attempt to collect virtual ransom. I contacted their “customer service department” with a complaint and have received neither a response or acknowledgment.

  262. I have been trying to upload pictures to my account and I do not see them coming up on my site….what am I doing wrong or did I (in error) hit something I should not have. Thank you.

  263. I cancelled my subscription. My account was charged for an additional three monts in the amount of $78.36. I would like to have the funds return to my account ASAP
    Thank you.
    Joyce McClain

  264. I have tried to call match customer service many times to cancel my membership and couldn’t get through. Can someone contact me please, thanks

  265. The worst experience ever!!! they charged me numerous times 2 times in one month for different amounts without my consent. I called them to cancel my service and to get a refund and I got hang up on multiple times. I requested to speak with a supervisor and he hang up on me, denied my refund request without even listening to my explanation and refused to give me their names. I called my bank to report them and block them, turned out that they were taking money out of my account directly from my checking bank account. They owe me approximately $ 600 for all the unauthorized transactions. They are rude, their service sucks and their website never worked same people all the time not even matching my request. Whole bunch of creepers!!! hate this site.

  266. I believed this was a free app. Please unsubscribe me. If I continue to receive gmail after 3 days I will report you to come he to the complaint Sept.

  267. I cancelled my account with 3 years ago and you have been charging me regardles and as recently a few days ago for $50.97! Put my money back into my account today!!!!!!

  268. I want my money deposited back into my account today! You have done this for over 3 years after I closed my account with you! Murray

  269. Why are you stealing my money fron my account after I cancelled 3 years ago? Credit my account today and never claim again that I am a member of match .com. This is fraud!!! Murray

  270. I was told that you were still investigating my refund which you have not yet returned. Because you have failed to contact me regarding this on going issue you have left me no other choice but to pursue getting my refund back through my bank and the State of CA Attorney General. People need to know once you get their money you wont get it back. You have no ethics.

  271. A few wks ago I signed up for my “Power Up” profile. The first 3 times I filled out the form & clicked “send” it wouldn’t go !! It went to my “draft” instead with most of my answers deleted so each time I had to basically had to start over each time. A couple wks ago, after receiving an email, I tried again. This time it worked but I haven’t seen any profile change at all yet !!!

  272. I’m writing because I paid my money and I cant log in its asking me to pay another subscriber .I been trying to log in since early today ……..My name is Nickey04

  273. Thank God I never activated the account. After reading some of these comments, it was the best decision I have made to date. Try to unsubscribe? That’s a joke, only telephone number, what a rip off? Why not a simple email contact to cancel?
    Send no further emails and delete my details from your records. Let’s see if you can comply with that simple request> Thank You John West

  274. This site is a rip….no one sent is suitable, mostly much younger & not interested. The charges are very expensive. I requested a cancellation in writing and they claimed they did not receive it, so they charged me again and refused to refund my money. I DO NOT recommend this dating services!!!!!!

  275. I would like you to cancel my subscription an credit my account I have an email from a few months ago stating that i tried to cancel an wAs not successful asking to have my subscription canceled I will call again tomorrow I took a Screen shot showing g when email wAs sent so please one again cancel my subscription.

  276. Horrible to deal with. I hate My account was hacked, photos stolen and used on another account that was fake. I have been contacted by nothing but weird people and even a man who likes to dress like a woman. I told them my account was hacked and I wanted to cancel right after subscribing and they told me I couldn’t get my money back. They are awful. Go to Plenty of Fish instead for a dating site.

  277. Please remove me ASAP from your web site. I have cancelled my subscription to your service and require to be completely removed from your site. I will be informing my BofA credit card service of this action
    Geoffrey J. Bidwell

  278. trying to get a contact number for match,com ,, all numbers are appropriately non existant , they don’t ring or connect . I want to use the cooling off period to cancel my subscription but couldn’t get through to anybody. I contacted someone who said they don’t have my address but conveniently got my banking deails . the London HQ number you diplay dosnt connect, 020 3059 6494 .try it .? please contact me asap please , if this gets to you ..

  279. i amsending you this note because i forgot my password to my account and need it sent to this email above . I go by Blueyes and do not remember my password. Thank you

  280. I’ve asked you on numerous ocaisions to remove me from your free week trial that has cost me hundreds of dollars. A jealous xgirlfriend put me on here as you posted it was a free week. I’m inodated with emails from your site costing me loss off business. Maybe for the desperate this is a good thing but you are messing up my private life and business and I’m going to write a editorial to the La Ti
    mes, New York Times ,and People Magizine as I am connected politically corporately and internationally. Don’t mess with me put the money back and disvavow any knowledge of me. FCQ

  281. A friend told me he met his GF on Match. H used a free service. I tried to check into this and I am told the account is resigned. Cant remember using the site. Must of been some time ago. I became ill but better now and would like to look on Match.

  282. I am being charged for your service which I cancelled back in 2015. This is absolute fraud. My credit card company told me you have been charging me quarterly. How I missed this I do not know. Immediately cease and desist from charging my credit card these exorbitant fees for a service I cancelled back in 2015 and credit my credit card account with the $351 you’ve charged me.

  283. I have had the worse experience of my life trying to contact a customer service rep from I have waited on the phone for 2 hrs. I cannot seem to close my account and get my money refunded because not one person has responded to my requests since this company took my money out of my account and will not refund it. I have unsubscribed to this dating site and I really want my money back. Please…
    I am furious and frustrated that this company can easily sign people up, but won’t answer my phone calls or emails to cancel my membership. I may have to call my attorney. I have spent days, weeks, hours, emailing and calling only to be placed on hold for hours, then they disconnect me.

  284. I took a three day trial membership that doesn’t work at all. This site is SOOO expensive that I wouldn’t be doing it without checking it out first and it doesn’t work. The contact and help area requires you to have a phd in how to install cookies….why? Why not just post the answers instead of making us do all the work for you and since we are not computer geniuses’… we just leave the page instead. Do what you say or don’t do it at all. Free trial should be completely free instead of directing me over and over to you PAY ME page.

  285. my comments are waitng moderation…..meaning your going to change it to suit your own need and you DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION! Post as is or take it down completely and I will know MATCH doesn’t care. Reading the above posts, it doesn’t seem like they do anyway.

  286. I have had the worst trying to up load photo for my profile. I up loaded a new picture on 5-20 16 and it still has not be approved why? I had to pay for technical support to do for me. I have no idea how to do it. The first photos were up loaded on 5-19-16 and only one approved. Then you duplicated the photo and called it 2 why have two photos exactly the like? It looks like I am stupid. I had to pay technical support again to up load another photo. The message keeps telling me I need to up load. It showed up once. the last night I logged in again the said you have not a photo yet. The photo is there one hour and the the next hour it is gone. If the last is not approved I am going to pay some one to keep , Your web site always give me trouble scrip as stopped running due to long running. Very disappointing every week I give up and not going to renew my contract if this continues.

  287. I didn’t realise 6 months would be taken at once!! I have been trying to cancel it ever since!!! No customer service contact! Email returned! Follow links as advised nothing!! Getting totally fed up!!! Please contact and arrange refund …thank you

  288. My profile has been stolen by another person, she has changed my profile to match her information, She now is using my name on a Profile with my real name and her picture on it.and her information. ;my profile to match her information also and has somehow been able to change the name that appears on my profile to my real name . I have notified you several times and the return email that I received said you would be investigating this but because of your security policy you would not be advising me on it. that is crazy, I am getting all of the mail sent to her, I am sure that she is getting it also as she has a different email I am sure. I will be sending you a letter requesting that you cancel my membership and refund my payment, as I onley was able to use this for approximately 6 weeks. I also indicted that I wanted to sign for1 month but was charged for 6 months. I am very concerned that this person is now stealing my identify. I will give you 72 hours from the date you receive my letter , that will come to you certified mail, with a return receipt to me. At that time I will send a copy to my attorney with instructions to proceed with legal action , and I will also advise the Local authorities who are in charge of stolen identities. If any financial difficulties arise because of this I will persue legal assistance.

    Linda Mohler

  289. In August my account and I do not wish to renew it.I do not wish to date anyone.My profile has been blocked since November if you check. Please respond to my email

  290. I want to express my outrage at the atrocious customer service I just got. Calling for instructions on how to upload a picture, I got a rep who insisted that the only way it could be done at this time was through my I-phone. I then spent 45 minutes following his instructions without being able to upload. When I said there must be way to do it from my computer he said that method was not available because it was down, and returned to an iPhone method that did not work. I finally lost my temper and he hung up.
    I called again and got another rep who told me I could do it through my computer, which I then did in about 30 seconds.
    I understand that you are using reps overseas who speak accented English that is hard (for me) to understand. But there is no excuse for them being stupid, stubborn, and incompetent. If all they can do is read from something and not think, they shouldn’t be in the job.

  291. I did not authorize a continuation of my account; in fact I set subscription to non renewal status. Confirmation EMAil copied below. I was thinking of taking you up on the 50% offer and that is why I signed in today only to find out you renewed for 3 mos at $70.00 rounded. That’s not nice. And it is not nice that your on line customer service email contact page does not have an opt out when the screen appears ” did we solve you problem”. Please forward to Customer Care and have someone call me at

    We’re Truly Sorry to See You Go

    Ready to give up? As much as we’d all like it to happen overnight, sometimes it takes just a little longer to find that special someone on Match.


    Rest assured that your account will NOT be automatically renewed. You will no longer receive the benefits of a Match subscriber. Under no circumstances should your account be charged after your subscription expires. Keep in mind, you can reactivate your account at any time prior to your account expiring on 6/4/2016.

    Your registration information (username, password, and email address) will be saved in our records for one year. If you should decide to come back and reactivate your membership, you will be able to use your existing registration information.

    Remember to check back at Match, we’re constantly adding new features and functions to help you find the love of your life.

    We’re Sad to See You Go, But Here’s Your Cancellation Confirmation

  292. Two Saturdays in a row two fraudulent men have contacted me. I am tired of this. The one last Sat. said he had been a city manager of two towns, the one,rusty7698, said he was a medical doctor. I checked him out and he isn’t, he texted me said his name is John Schwartz and he isn’t a doctor.

  293. There was a charge on my account from for 150.00 plus dollars I got today when I called my account. I gave no permission for this. I cannot contact customer service as I work during the week.

    I am complaining to my bank about a fraudulent charge.

    Jenna Trask

  294. My new wife is very VERY ANGRY that you continue to send matches well after our multiple requests for you to stop! STOP!!!

  295. Please delete me from immediately. I have seen enough non educated rednecks to last a life time. If ur not prompt on this there will be a lawsuit DO IT NOW

  296. I cancelled my daughter’s acct today, 6/28, via Kevin over the phone. I also talked with him about getting a refund for at least the monthly charges that have occurred this calendar year (January – Jun 2016). REF# 160628-001974. When I signed my daughter up on Match it was for a single month only. I did not realize that there was automatic renew. I don’t look at the details of my visa card statement hardly ever however noticed a June 2016 charge of $36.99 on my most recent statement last evening. Kevin was able to verify that the account has not been logged into since 2014 so I have paid on this account for almost 2 years without use. This account was not and has not been used because I was under the assumption that I only did 1 month subscription. I know I own the responsibility of checking my credit card charges and am horrified that Match has renewed this subscription over and over monthly, automatically for over 2 years now and I’ve thrown away money like this. As I mentioned to Kevin on the phone, I’m hopeful that Match will do the right thing here and at least refund me the charges for this calendar year as technology has the ability to prove that this acct has had zero activity since 2014. I believe said June of 2014 was the last logon attempted. I have asked Kevin to escalate this matter to a supervisor and he has assured me that he has and someone will be calling me back as he/she was not available at the time I was on the phone with him. He also assured me that per the policy, a supervisor would tell me exactly the same thing he did and would not be able to refund any charges to me. As I work in a corporate business, I fully understand and support company policies, however I also fully understand and support that there are times when exceptions to the policies in place need to be made. I truly believe my situation is clearly one of those times. I would greatly appreciate a response and am hopeful that Match will do what they can to help correct an unfortunate situation. It’s possible that I will still hear back from a supervisor today, however I did want to follow up again to explain my issue. Kevin did say this has all been documented in my daughters account as well. Again, it’s my daughter Kailah Bryan’s account, however my credit card is attached to it for payment. Thank you for your time, understanding, and serious consideration to ensure the best possible outcome of this situation. It would be great if my customer experience ended on a high note. Thank you, Barbra Allen
    I did not receive a call back today as Kevin indicated would happen. Please route this to the proper department. Your systems seems to not want me to submit billing/acct issues.

  297. Please cancel my membership with I am not satisfied with it. I would like a refund for my membership. Thank You Annette Merritt

  298. This si the wporst dating sight I’ve ever been on, and considering this is my first time, I am NOT impressed! I specifically stated matches in MY area, and I’m getting matches from all over the US. I was specific on age..I’m getting men that need to be on oxygen@!! And the photos that are being posted and sent to me are so disgusting I can’t even believe these are allowed on the internet! Like I’d bbe flattered by a picture of a hairy chest, or half a face, or a scrqaggly old grey beard? Get real! I wil;l never do this again on this sigte!! And then you sign up for one month and they have already charged your credit card for the full price of 75.00 for the following months that I never agbreed to! I turned you over to the fraud dept. You stink!

  299. I just to cancel this website! I contacted 5 women and non of them was of sound mind and good judgement. PLEASE CANCEL MY TRIAL MEMBERSHIP!!!! I WILL KEEP CALLING YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT EVERYDAY UNTIL YOU COMPLY WITH MY EXPECTIONS OF OUR BROKEN TIES!!!!!


  301. I have a profile in America. I’m in the U.K. And every time I try to log in it switches me to Match UK
    How can I log into my American account!
    Kind regards

  302. Hello, My name is Sky Paradise and I signed up for lesbian dating service but lately all I have been receiving is ads about dating men and men’s photos and profiles mixed in with women. Can you please screen out the male ads and pictures/profiles. I am a rape survivor and it is very disturbing to see these come up.

  303. I have cancelled my subscriptions with you, but my bank card is showing a pending amount of $101.90 that is going to be deducted from my acct.
    I am mad and want this transaction stopped!
    Karen Futrell

  304. I tried to contact Match regarding an automatic charge that I didn’t know was going to happen. At the time of joining, I purchased a 30 day membership. Not knowing it was going to automatically continue. I found an amazing man within the first week and things have been going wonderful!!! Yesterday I got charged another month after I had already deleted my account. I contacted Match via phone and spoke to a representative that I asked to be transferred to a manager. He told me he was disconnecting the call and hung up on me, without the courtesy of my request of a manager. I’m livid!!!!! I won’t stop at this….people will know by the time I get done that Match is very shady. Fortunate I found someone, but the customer service is very unprofessional and extremely shady….my bank also said the same thing!!

  305. The absolute WORST customer care i have seen. I joined the site, paid the premium, spent a long time filling everything out. Starting chatting with several people, and then all of a sudden i was blocked. I filed numerous requests to find out what happened via email and phone, and nobody could give me any answers on anything. Supposedly it there were “findings” they had to escalate to another department, but nobody followed up or got back to me from any departments despite email after email. I still dont have access today.

    Garbage Site! Next!

    • Could someone tell me why money been taken off from my card ?I had six months membership it run out in Jun and then money been taken out without my consent .could someone contact me I don’t wants any feathers member thanks

  306. N matter what I do my password won work. I think someone is messing with my ma h please check I want to cancel but it won’t allow me

  307. Very deceptive format and service! Tried the 1 month trial. Wasn’t happy with the whole site so cancelled it or thought I had. Apparently it didn’t go through and they’ve taken the automatic renewal fee. I have contacted them immediately only to be told they will not refund it. I will never use match again and will be advising others not to in the future!

  308. I want my money back, this subscription saiid it was $22 a month and you took $132 out of my acct now I’m at a negative balance. I demand that you return my money immediately

  309. I waited on hold for 42 minutes requesting an email confirmation that my concern was addressed is my account has been hacked now twice with fraud on Match. After 42 minutes my call was disconnected and it was after business hours so I couldn’t get through again this is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever dealt with. Unacceptable. I need someone to contact me within 24 hours of this email being sent. It is Wednesday, August 23 at 6:29 PM Eastern time. I need to know that my information is safe my account has been closed and I’m going to be refunded for services that I did not agree to pay. Again the fact that this has taken place and I was sat on hold waiting for an email confirmation that I’ve never received is unacceptable. I look forward to speaking to a manager in the future

  310. I don’t need a date. I need to cancel my subscription as of 9/1/17. I have notified my credit card company, but it is impossible to get through to customer service.

  311. okay I have been on for a while and you are not doing a good job matching me with people .first no photos I put in profile I want to see face . then age you are sending me men twice my age then weight size you are not following my profile slender. you have to do a better job or I will go to another web sight

  312. The only people who are doing customer service are from the Philippines. They have blocked me from the web site. They have cancelled my subscription but they are not refunding my money. I am requesting a full refund of the charges to this site. It is a scam (BG TIME) you are hurting people all over the world with your web site and not being up front with your company. I wan on the site for less than five days and now the customers service department is stating that after three days no money is refunded. Where does this state in your up front site (which again is a scam) I expect a full refund on my account.

  313. I was bummed from pleanty of fish sight to Match site and didn’t even join and are mailing all kinds of stuff !
    I wread to cancel get ahold of customer service good luck I couldn’t find them .
    Who ever this site is could start a Dating Service

  314. Automatic renewal for a 3 month trial?? After I had a HORRIFIC experience and haven’t used my account in over a month because of the crazy man threatening me…you renew my account and wont refund me?? I’m so mad and disappointed in your customer service. I’ve never been as unsatisfied with a company as I am with Match.
    I’m a single mom who was simply trying to date. Now I’m scared to date and out the money you refuse to refund.
    Shame on you.

  315. Very disappointed with company – first message I received from a match was vile and disgusting- I called and asked to speak w someone and wanted to cancel my memebershipand soecialfcsllt asked to have a phone call back (which was not even a week after signing up) ofcourse, is a dead end; i received an email a few days later that appropriate action was taken against the username?????? Never a call back and no refund –had to keepmspeaki g to people in phillipinesand they had an answers!!! terrible way to run a company and in this day and age not to screen messages for sexual content is absurd and dispicable…would never recommend this company and they must be money hungry not to refund my initial memebership fee

  316. I cancelled my subscription with you last month yet have had money deducted from my paypal account yesterday. I don’t want to subscribe to your services any longer in fact I didn’t even want to the previous month you made me pay for. You’re a bunch of crooks! please refund the money asap. thank you.

  317. has a link on its web page (after you logon) to contact customer service. I get an error message every time I click the link and on all of safari, chrome, IE and firefox. the message has to do with “cookies” and how a change to letting the browser use cookies is needed or to call the 800 number I reset the options according to the instruction. I’ve done this on every browser. that doesnt’ fix the problem. I don’t want to call the 800 number because I want a written record of the correspondence. there is a “chat” option and that has the same problem. I don’t think this is “accidental” browser problem.

  318. Before my account expired I followed your procedure to cancel my account. But, received a bill for the full amount on my visa. I DID NOT authorize a renewal. I definitely DID NOT want this renewal. I followed it up with a phone call with no success. I read that many others have had the same problem..

  319. I have an account with yet when I try to log in it says email not recognised yet I know it does as I used my email when I signed up.There virtual tour operator even says I have an account yet they still don’t recognise my email.What is going wrong with

  320. I have tried several times to cancel my match account and have had no success. Please cancel my membership because I don’t know what else to do. Thank you

  321. Hello to whom it may concern!!!

    I think that this is a fraudulent site. I was told on Radio 100.7 FM and 98.7 FM that by getting online at match .com,

    I will get a free week to try and check out pictures and contact my choice of people. What’s the reason it was not happening and I was locked out from even login in and browsing.

    That is FRAUD!!! Maggie Martin

  322. To Who It May Concern,
    I signed up for a three month subscription as I am recently separated and still not divorced. I wanted to jump back into the game and seemed like a fun but real way to do that. Well after only three weeks I found a serious and real match. I loved being able to put out there who I was and honestly what I was looking for. I was flooded with responses and likes. I got to chose exactly what I wanted. I believe I have found a love I have looked for all my life. Match made it efficient and simple. I just wanted to say thanks in a huge way. I will recommend to everyone I know. When we marry I will definitely be toasting to proudly!!!!!

  323. Would like to meet another man . I was married and now I am divorced and I sadly have a third generation progressive disease that now lodges in my body in my genes inherited through my greatgrandfather on my mother’s side. The gentleman ‘s genes that contain the error were passed down to my mother. Her name is Pat Shashack and the fathers name was Raymond Schrader. He passed away in the 1950’s and there seems to be no cure for the disease. Go to a Top of the line medical facility St.Louis Washington University Medical in Barnes Jewish Hospital. The doctors do not seem to place the condition.

  324. This site is a joke!!!! I only subscribed for a month and tried for the past month to cancel?!!!!! Only for them to take another month out of my account! I’ve tried emailing them but keep getting nowhere

  325. you a scammer on your site that you need to take off your site so they don’t scam anyone
    nick aposstolois please band hin from your site

  326. Is my email turned on?? When I cancelled Match I continued to get notification of 5-10 hits a week, Since I rejoined and gave to guaranteed funds, I hear nothing.! Someone is not being honest

  327. I clicked through both Groupons today, the “3 days free” and also “up to 74% off.”

    Although I made several attempts, each time it merely took me to my home page without activating the Groupon.
    I would like Match to honor the Groupon, provide me with 3 free days, and then give me the options presented with the “up to 74% off” Groupon. Please send me the codes.

  328. Worst customer experience ever! Asked to speak to supervisor and Alex to me no he will not transfer no matter what.

  329. The match site is not using the parameters that I put down. 46-58 white/Caucasian women. Getting black women, Hispanic women, men, hell even a transvestite I believe. Ages are all over the place outside of the parameters too! So aggravating! Waste of time and money.

  330. I was a member #279105444, for a brief time. I was informed yesterday that my profile is also on a website seeking sex, called Delight Sexy. I was shocked and horrified that someone can victimize me in this way! I’ve been unsuccessful so far in removing my profile. I don’t know if this is a result of or Facebook, and I have been told to contact the Attorney General for the state of Colorado, which I’ve done. This needs to be investigated to see where/when/why this is happening to innocent people!

  331. Hi I would like to delete and suspend my account that I activated today 18/4/18.. but I can’t seem to delete it can you help please.

  332. I want to know If my account has been cancelled. It’s very poor service as cannot speak with anyone on your company. No phone contacts which Is very frustrating.
    Kind regards.

  333. My name is Cheryl and I was terminated for someone said i was harass him and I was not! I e mailed match and they never e mailed me back with my G mail account. guess match just wants money.

  334. Do not use this site! They will not refund any money to you, no matter what you say! Every single guy is looking for the perfect female, and that is not going to happen! So if your not tall blonde and beautiful you will not get a date.

    • Do not use this site! They will not refund any money to you, no matter what you say! Every single guy is looking for the perfect female, and that is not going to happen! So if your not tall blonde and beautiful you will not get a date.

  335. I just signed up today and it supposed to be free. They keeps trying to charge me, but I will not pay. So please don’t believe it!!! They say it’s free, but it’s not. I’m canceling my membership… I’m very desapointed. This site it’s a scam!!!

  336. I cancelled my match subscription online through the “cancel/change membership link”. I was asked if I was sure that I wanted to cancel replied yes. Now I have been charged $131.94 again. Please refund this amount and be sure to cancel my subscription again. thank you.

  337. Hi, my account says I am resigned and referred me to the help button on web-site. I’m here and so something didn’t go right. I need help in getting back onto my account. I have messages pending etc. Thanks and I appreciate your help.

  338. I cancelled my account in November last year. I have recently been charged for the next six months subscription although my account according to your website has been suspended. So can you please refund the payment to my PayPal account please.

  339. I think the way this site is set-up isn’t fair to someone who’s a paid member. Search function here is worthless…why does it include women I stated I’m not interested in? If I stated I’m looking for a White woman, why do I need to sift through anything else?

    Why does it show the same profile(s) multiple times? I wasn’t interested the 1st time I saw it, and still won’t be interested 30 seconds later when I see it again. And why don’t you show how long it’s been since a member’s been active on this site? Because you want to have the apperance some of these women are still here “looking”?

    I understand Match is a business, and therefore the purpose is to turn a profit, however, when you can’t provide a customer their moneys-worth, then it seems repeat customers isn’t a concern here. I know I won’t be. I paid once, first, last and only time.

  340. I have been waiting for 2 days for an email to reset my pasword. I know my password but can not log in. Please help correct this situation.

  341. I signed up for a free trial but every man’s profile I receive states he is Catholic, every single one out of about 12. Really. How is that even possible.

  342. I just signed up for your service, but you’re matching me with men who are in their 20s. I’m in my 50s. I cannot figure out how to change this. Also, I’m dismayed that when I do a search for my age range and location, there are only 45 matches within a 25 mile radius of where i live. If that’s the case, then I want to cancel my subscription immediately.

    Thank you.

  343. Is there anybody to answer my question? I can’t reset my password? And I did not receive any link for reset.

  344. Please stop using me on fb to say i like
    I haven’t used this for many years and the advertisement of me liking it has made current and past relations think im am actively searching while in a commited relationship

  345. blocked my account. I have no idea why and no one will respond to my emails and share any information with me. And you’re unable to contact anyone other than a form.

  346. I just cancelled my subscription to match which I started in January 2018. I no longer need this service If you have billed me in advance for any additional period, beyond the initial payment, please refund to money on my credit card. Thank you Daniel Coe

  347. my customer service experience has been very bad. I cannot change my email address and no customer service rep returned my call to assist as promised. I think this is a scam and I am going to cancel my subscription.

    Very disappointing!!!!

  348. I am unable to log in on the desktop app. trying to reset my password and I am not getting your emails, actually I never got an email from Match although I am a paid member

  349. Good Afternoon: I received a very unsettling email from a Scott in customer support. I sent Scott multiple emails refuting the slanderous statements contained in his original email. I will be more then happy to provided you with all correspondence sent to Scott.

  350. I can not even get to my profile and I have been charged 2 times in 2018, and match send me messages about all this en who want to meet me they want me to pay for a message regardless if it is they are not interested. I think this is not a good budsinee I am a senior and I want to report to the BBB. I want to cancel my subscription inmefiately.

  351. I canceled my account for match and stopped auto bill. Please refund the amount back into my account or I will be forced to take legal action.

  352. I had a free subscription to Our time through the Daily Mail. I received an over —familiar contact on the site from someone abroad so decided not to continue. Instead I registered with I didn’t realise it was basically the same site so got all the same contacts etc. I cancelled within 24 hours but money was still taken from my account. I have now closed the account and cancelled the repeat subscription but I would like my money back please as I cancelled within the allowed time period and haven’t used the services. Thank you.

  353. I was on for three weeks, then cancelled due to illness, and could not take advantage of your successive discounted offerings, which expired before I was back in excellent health. I would return to match.,com if they were offered me again. As a general observation, the brevity of those offerings do not take into consideration such things as illness or travel or other possible inabilities for participants to re-register. Might you include in your discounted re-registration offerings an extension option, however brief? I believe your retention rate would improve markedly.

  354. Oscar H at 12:10 pm on 9-12-18 left me on hold, was short and condescending and hung up after leaving me on hold while trying to reset account

  355. Hi

    I believe my account has been hacked. When I log out I get someone else’s email address. Here is the email address

    I’ve tried to reset my password, but that doesn’t work. I never get any emails with the reset password. My email is

    I want to cancel my account. I really believe that someone is using my pictures and information to trap other women.

  356. hi my name is keila phillips.i have several profile set up on no longer use it,i am kindly asking you if you can delete my profiles.I use to live in Toronto Canada when I signed up.I cant remember my password and I don’t want to sign up profile could be under the names keila phillips,Lincey phillips,Destiny.I think some one might be stalking me.

  357. hi my name is keila phillips.i am from st Vincent and the grenadines.Afew year ago I signed up on match .com. I no longer use the service and I want to delete all my profiles could be under the names destiny,keila phillips,lincey phillips.can you kindly delete all accounts under the names above.i am afraid that someone might be stalking me .I use to live in Toronto Ontario at the time, my email was a lot.

  358. If this is why are so many replying to me via MarriageMindedPeople which I did not sign for and have no interest in?? Tell them all to go back to match!

  359. I cancelled my one month account no auto renewal, yet you debited my acct on 10/13/18. In the one month I had match
    3 scammers…this is the site. These scammers wanted iTunes cards and hel with money..,I am going to run a article in our city paper and Facebook of my experience if you don’t credit back the 44.00 I joined 9 /14/18
    Cancelled 10/13/18


    This is his phone number: ‭+1 (208) 715-6504‬


    STOP HIM!!!!!!!

  361. I tried the free trial and immediately cancelled on the same day as I begin to think this type of dating was not for me. Not only did proceed with billing me even though I had cancelled, they would not return the funds. I have cancelled the membership and subscription and hopefully I will not be billed again. In my opinion this is a website that does very questionable business practices. They promise you can cancel and they will refund your money, but that is not true. There is no reason to be dishonest if your dating service can provide what has been indicated it can do. Merry Christmas and good will to all.

  362. I enrolled and I cancelled my subscription immediately after I enrolled, but you charged my card anyway. I have cancelled my membership and subscription again in the hope you will STOP billing my bank account/credit card. Your company has very questionable business practices and all I want to do is just remove myself from having any business actions with this company. Please abide by the cancellation.
    Thank you!!

  363. Im blocked out of my account not sure if its because i cant see the I am not a robot properly well I have cataracts my eye sight is not great I just signed on this is ridiculous

  364. Hello. I have been s member, but my subscription had just expired. I want to talk to the Customer Agents to see what kind of promotional discount I can get for a month subscription. My name is Mary and my email is: My telephone number is: 305-733-8176. I really love Match a lot. Thank you do much.

  365. I love Match Dating site, but my subscription has just expired. I wanted to speak to a Customer Agent to see if I could get a good promotional discount for a month subscription. Thank you so much for your help. My name is Mary. My telephone number is 305-733-8176.

  366. Please tell me why my ‘Your Profile is Hidden’ button does not work.
    I looked at a few profiles after I pressed ‘No one can see you’ thinking these on-line daters would not see me view them – but they clicked back. That means my button does not work. Please advise.

  367. I payed I lot of money to been on I click the wrong button know I only are date men I how turn to change it to women but it is so confusing because you got to delete your account than make up a new. I have try this but it not working I wish you can just go on setting and they is a change button I have payed about £100 one 6 mouths and one for contact details.

    one what money back or fix my account to say I am men looking for a women.

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