Contact Mastercard Customer Service

Contacting Mastercard Customer Service Center

Mastercard is one of the most familiar names in credit cards. You can apply for a Mastercard from various financial institutions, Paypal and your bank – if they currently offer Mastercard debit cards or credit cards. There is an official website for Mastercard. The website does not offer information on specific financial institutions, but it does offer information on cards available with the Mastercard logo and other important company information.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact phone numbers for Mastercard are available for a variety of services. If you have lost your card or your card has been stolen, it is best to contact the emergency phone number instead of Mastercard customer service.

  • United States Emergency Number: 1-800-627-8372
  • Outside the United States Emergency Number: 1-636-722-7111

The emergency contact number appears to be the same number used for accessing account information, requesting a new credit card or accessing credit card benefits. Your card may show a different number on the back of the card. This number may be offered by your financial institution.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Mastercard customer service depends on the financial institution that issued the card. If you wish to contact Mastercard headquarters, you can use the following address.

Mastercard Corporate Headquarters
200 Purchase St.
Purchase, NY 10577

Official Website

The official website for Mastercard US is This website is only for the US division of the Mastercard company. There are individual websites for other countries, as well, located at

If you are having questions about Mastercard or want to learn more about your card, you can visit the Ask Mastercard portion of the website.

Customer Service Email

Mastercard is one of the few international companies we have come across that publish a customer service email for consumers. You can send inquiries to Mastercard customer service at

We have sent an inquiry to test the response time to email requests. We will post the response when received.

Our Experience

MasterCard’s customer service line was answered by an automated response. We had to choose an option before we could be connected to anything else. These options identified what type of information we were looking for. After choosing an option, we were asked a different series of options. We pushed 0 and were put on call for a representative. After about a minute and a half, the representative answered with clearly spoken English.

Do you use MasterCard? Have you experienced problems with MasterCard? Have you called their customer service line? Tell us your story.

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45 Comments on “Contact Mastercard Customer Service
  1. Sir,
    I want to know whether Master Card for which funds alloted in UK can be used at ATMS in India for receiving money in Indian Rupees? Please comment



  4. I am trying to dispute several I Tunes charges on my credit card. I have no way of speaking to actual person. Their link on their page to send and email to Mastercard does not work. This is TERRIBLE customer service. Where is your phone #???????????

    • United States Emergency Number: 1-800-627-8372
      Outside the United States Emergency Number: 1-636-722-7111
      but if it takes 20min before some 1 answers…

  5. To whom it may concern. I have a good idea for your priceless ad campaign,and I need to know who I need to contact to pitch my idea. if you please e mail me back & direct me whom I should contact & how ,thank you for your time. A reply will be appriciated.

  6. I find your investigating skills to be non-existent, and will obviously contest your findings. I cannot believe nor accept that Mastercard can use such useless investigators.
    Who, in the normal sequence of life, makes 3 similar credit card transactions at the same bottle/liquor store on the same day? Doesn’t such behaviour ring alarm bells for you? Since, it is impossible for me to have made these authorizations I suggest you look immediately into the matter!
    The reason I was staying in a hotel was because I am not from Johannesburg and have no friends of family there. The reason I stayed in the hotel was because I had missed a flight and was waiting for the next flight which was on the evening of the 25th August. I would therefore love to hear any logical explanation of why you believe that I might make 3 different transactions at a liquor store for the amounts quoted, especially when, if you had only asked, I could prove 100% that I was not even in Johannesburg nor even in South Africa on the 26th ?
    So, I will have to waste more of my time -but I will gladly post a full and complete story about your incredible investigative ineptitude for many interested net users.
    Why also, after giving me a full refund after 5 months, do you then take a further 2 months to complete your investigation and then reverse my refund – incorrectly – without ever having the decency and COMMON SENSE to contact me as part of your investigation?
    David Edge

  7. Traveling to Brazil to see the final game of the Brazilian soccer championship. Will be there for 2 days only as I have to get back to NY to work. Thought this could be a great idea for your priceless ads as the most popular soccer team in South America (Flamengo) is one of the finalists, you could create a great tv ad in both countries. Want to get back to me? If so pls do it ASAP. Thanks.

  8. Just spent an hour of my day on hold waiting for a live customer service rep. This is unacceptable. In the end, the rep was excellent. The task required completed.

    My issue is NO ONE should be expected to sit in a telephone queue with music being played in their ear for more than 15 minutes.

    Mastercard should return the call and perform a standard protocol of security check at that point to customer serve respecting the client’s time. The current system shows zero respect for the client’s time. I encourage you to work this through as other company’s have.

  9. That was a completely unsatisfactory experience, in which I was (have you heard this before?) passed from person to person, put on hold repeatedly, given incorrect information and wasted an hour of my time, all while trying to meet a midnight deadline. There was a time when Mastercard customer service was helpful. That time is past. Speaking of time, I guess it’s time for me to switch to Visa.

  10. I used to have BMO MasterCard . My statement shows that I pay BMO CC Bal ins. I would like to cancel that payment since I no longer have a card !! Can you help with this ?
    Thank you
    Amelia Gibson

  11. I was all set to purchase your gift cards as Chridtmas gifts—UNTIL I saw your fees. $25 with a 20% fee is absolutely ridiculous! Pigs will fly first before I’d purchase them.

  12. I have called the number on the back of my WALMART MASTERCARD a number of time and as well called the customer service number. I am trying to dispute a charge for a service I did not receive. On Oct.13/14 I paid for a golf membership for the spring of 2015.
    The golf course was put into receivership by BDO CANADA LIMITED.
    I phoned WALMART on Feb.7/15 to ask for a refund because the course was now into receivership. WALMART has done nothing for me
    and will not return any of my calls. I have received a credit on my President Choice MasterCard for my husband’s membership, but WALMART will do nothing for me. Sharon Coombe


  14. I have a card in Trinidad & Tobago. I continue to ask for my activities, transactions and balances to no avail. Who can help?

  15. Sent cheque via mail to apply to my pc master card. Cheque went through my Royal bank account Dec 24th, before due date. Was not applied to my account.

  16. I ordered skincare tonight using my MasterCard. I have changed my mind and wish to cancel the order. How do I go about that so that it doesn’t get sent? .

  17. I pay this card off in full every month. I exceeded my limit one time, paid it off in full, but you reported me to Transunion & Equafax. My credit score dropped 72 points. Thanx alot for nothing!

  18. at Midday on August 1st I through my e/mail opted to pay a years subscription on avast anti-virus the proposal was that I then receive activation codes to set-up said anti virus. What I believe is that the money was taken from my visa Mastercard but I having checked my e/mails for verification there is NONE I will watch with great interest for my visa being debited and if it is I assure you that my Visa providers will bne contacted with a view to cancelling said business needless to say I amm not happy with

  19. Why is it so hard to get the phone number of Walmarts Mastercard? I give up and am almost ready to get rid of the card before I even start using it. I just want to know if I can use it for christmas time before I actually get the card. I need the number to use online.

  20. Horrible. Went through numerous menu;s and entered my card number two times in a effort to speak with customer service. A living person. To ask a question. Instead , this service wasted my time with information I already knew , which was useless and unrelated to the question entirely. Which I never accomplished .
    How does a customer reach a knowledgeable Master Card Debit , Customer Service Representative?

  21. Dear Sir or Madam;
    i have several mastercard used gift card (2015 to 2018) impossible to log in
    to see or to have designation or proof what i have bought ( buy) on internet.Mastercard banque de la poste impossible to log in

  22. impossible to log in on website banque de la poste. with old card ; may be internet
    online service are out of service some times to log in.

  23. I would like to start paying
    on my balance still owed to
    Surge Credit card. I believe
    It is with collection agency,
    Of which i’m not sure which
    one It is I don’t know. My name is Bruce Sage I live in
    Conroe, Tx. Please email their address so I’m able to
    Eventually pay it. Off. My
    Email address is-

  24. Hello, Dell:
    I desperately need a CREDIT CARD. But my unscrupulous son used my SS # and destroyed my credit rating, from 702 to 548. Plz be merciful and grant me a credit card. Thank you kindly.

  25. Tell Master Card to stop punishing conservatives! Master Card forced Patreon to ban Robert Spencer, a conservative.
    Stay out of politics and do your business.

  26. Hello:
    We have had our Mastercard for many years. We have no complaint about using Mastercard. However, we are seriously concerned about reports that Mastercard is hampering the business of organizations due to social pressures. Example, the organization “Freedom Center” is being shut out of donations due to Mastercard and/or Visa. This was apparently due to a well known hate group “The Southern Poverty Law Center” which designated the Freedom Center as a hate group. Ironic.
    Bottom line, if Mastercard continues to harass or censor contributions or access to groups such as the Freedom Center, we will absolutely cancel our Mastercard and refuse to do business with Mastercard from that point on.
    Corporations have no business dictating such social interests.
    Thank you.

  27. Please reverse your decision to block David Horowitz from donations. SPLC may be popular in your world, but they are not popular with ordinary Americans. Furthermore, your attacks on people who purchase guns are ridiculous.

    Perhaps you want to get rid of all your customers who are Trump-voting deplorable mouth-breathers?

    It will be difficult to shop without my credit cards, but I do think that it’s worth a try, if you and Visa don’t change your policy.

  28. First and foremost – GET RID OF YOUR CALL CENTER. I called with a MC question. Can I use a mc gift card, purchased in the US, in France as a Credit Card? MC made me enter my personal account information in order to speak with an individual to get an answer. This happened all 5 times I called to get an answer. Joshua and Jane, also wanted all other personal info, name address, phone, email account number – and both told me the were switching me to a account mgr. – NOPE. Jane’s call put me with MY bank, which told me it was a MC question not theirs! ARRGGGHHH. Had to start all over again. Called, ask for supervisor only – got answer from Paul that if I purchase card here – will be accepted anywhere MC is accepted here and in France. (total time for answer 55 min Called back again with new question, Got Kath, Question was: if she uses an ATm where does she get the pin number to use to get cash- she cld not answer the question, asked for supervisor, got Paul Again, he said that after we purchase the gift card to call the 800 number on the card and ask how to get a pin. I told Paul that Joshua, Jane, Kim, Shai and Kath, and all other employees at the call Center that I reached need to be retrained to answer general questions without using the account holders personal information. The call(s) started at 10:02 and ended at 11:12. 1 hour for 2 questions – Customer Service Excellence….I DON’T THINK SO.

  29. Spent entire morning trying to simply put a travel alert on my card. Had card denied multiple times before in norther Canada and hoped to avoid. Ridiculous long on hold times followed by transfers and on hold pattern all over again. Very disappointed. Did same with American Express and it took about 25 seconds………

  30. I called to find out if it was true that you’re partnering with George Soros to provide financial services to illegal immigrants in the United States who have broken our laws. Your representative hung
    Up the phone during my question.

  31. Hello. I purchase with my master card. The item does not arrive the seller sent my refund. It have take 31 days now my refund does not yet post back to my card. What is the problem.

    Waiting your update.

  32. On 12/29/20017 your employee told me that my credit card was on hold due to my
    donation the (on may card) was a donation to D. Trump. My Card is still on hold
    today 5407-8964-9250-7776 (774).

  33. As a customer of mastercard with a debit card , I am disgusted by them stopping people from spending there money freely, they are becoming the overseerers of how to spend YOUR money. I will leave them as soon as possible. How I spend my money is none of your business……

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