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Contacting Lowes Customer Service Center

Lowes is one of the largest home improvement stores in the country. The company is based in North Carolina, but operates store throughout North America. In the event you have questions or concerns relating to products or services, you can connect with the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-445-6937
  • Products and Sales: 1-877-465-6937

Mailing Address

Send your correspondence to the corporate headquarters.

Lowes 1000 Lowe’s Blvd. Mooresville, NC 28117

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Lowes website have the opportunity to shop for appliances, bath goods, building supplies, electrical products, flooring, hardware, heating and cooling solutions, home décor, kitchen items as well as lighting solutions, outdoor furniture and painting supplies. Additional products on the website include plumbing, storage, tools and windows/doors. The website also features ideas and how-to guides, as well as idea to help customers save money. If you need additional information relating to products or services, visit the customer care page.

Social Media

You have the opportunity to connect with the customer service department through social media. You will notice the customer service department will reply to all concerns within 24 hours. The customer service department will not reply to account specific concerns through social media.

Customer Service Email

You have several ways to connect with the customer service department by email. Visit the customer service page and select a department. After sending your message, you will receive a message from the customer service department stating a live agent will reply within 48 hours. The company suggests not including account information in your message.

Our Experience

When you contact the customer service hotline, you will notice a short automated system. You will also notice that the feature is a bit confusing. The available options include pressing one (1) for the store locator. If you need assistance with your credit card, press two (2). If you need assistance with your my Lowes account, press three (3). If you need assistance with an existing order, press four (4). If you need to reach the customer service team, press five (5), press three (3) and then press two (2). After a short wait, we reached a live agent. We asked several questions relating to the return policy. The agent answered our concerns and ended the call. Overall, the customer service department was better than expected. Were you satisfied with the customer service department at Lowes? We want to hear from customers just like you. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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31 Comments on “Contact Lowes Customer Service
  1. I shop at the Lowe’s in Ormond Beach, FL frequently. This past Sunday I needed paint and all I had was a name of a color a friend had told me to get. I asked the young man at the paint desk, Robert, if he could help me, he brought up the name on the computer explained there may be a little difference in the picture than the real deal and then offered to do a sample for me to see it…. Then asked me to follow him down the paint isle to choose a paint. The personal attention I received Sunday was amazing. I do not usually take time to do this but it was an exceptional job he did and when I told him how helpful he was he replied “that’s what I am here for”. He needs some sort of recognition for outstanding customer service. Thank you Robert for making a stressful job of paint shopping enjoyable.

  2. I just saw the Today show story regarding Spring, TX. I am blown away by the generosity of Lowes for that community, in setting up a transit store for them to receive one of each item. It really speaks to your corporate culture and your human spirit, and sincerely brought tears to my eyes.

    As a resident of Orlando, FL, my family and I have now been through 5 hurricanes. I can tell you it is scary, and we rely on our neighborhood stores to get us prepared. Lowes has prepared us for each storm and we have learned from each hurricane. I can now say we are more than prepared when a hurricane is coming. We live equidistant between Home Depot and Lowes. I can assure you, Lowes has just gained my complete loyalty by paying it forward to the community of Spring, TX. Your commitment to veterans/soldiers, your community outreach, your appropriate stock of what is needed through each season – speaks volumes about your solid leadership teams.

    Please be proud of your efforts and kindness to a community in need. You have a great company and corporate culture, and now you have a loyal customer.

  3. Being a woman shopping at Lowes can be very intimidating. I am completing my first housing flip and have been shopping at the Lowes located in Waynesboro, Va..
    Tim Jackson Ass. Store Manager has been very patient and informative. Not only has he personally walked me though the store , but also complied a detailed list of supplies for my convenience.
    I’m not one to usually publicly recommend one store above another, but I will always go to Lowes from here on out for all my housing and garden needs.

  4. First: Please make it easier to find the location to send compliments…..should be able to find it easily at, or better yet, at each store site. Anyway, you have an outstanding employee in Shelly Durling. We would have gotten this compliment to you sooner, but could not find a place to send an email to you. Shelly goes above and beyond in her service to customers. Additionally, she does it all with a joyful enthusiasm! We were unable to locate a product that Lowes always carries, and after even Shelly looking, we decided that the store was simply out of the product, and we moved on in our shopping. BUT, Shelly was not deterred. She looked for the product even after we had moved on, and went out of her way to find us in that huge Lowes store to tell us she had found the product (which we did purchase). Now that is the true definition of great customer service!

  5. I have dealt with the Lowes on Plainfield, Grand Rapids, MI. I worked with Kendell, Trevor and Mo in the window treatment division. ….OUTSTANDING!! All three of them went out of their way to accommodate me. Thanks to three wonderful employees of Lowe’s. They had multiple people waiting to be served, and they were courteous and prompt with all of us!!

  6. I purchase a GE washer October 2017 Its broke twice. I went into Lowes In Clinton NC no body could give me a straight answer. after calling GE they sent a Tec out which took three days he told me it was the computer. He also said I should have the part over night Its seven day he haven’t call I can’t call him because his mail box is full. I didn’t buy the washer to have to go to laundry Mat . I don’t understand why , I need a new Washer are fix this one so I don’t have tp keep calling and waiting

  7. ello,
    I would like to see an actual email address to Lowes. I found an item
    that was $19.99 that was not available to be sent to the store nor could
    it be shipped to my house by USPS. It could be shipped by truck to my
    home for a cost of $94.00. I saved the entire check out sheet and I’d
    really like to have been able to forward it to you by e-mail, but your
    e-mail is not available to be shared with the public.
    Thank you for your time. I would like a phone call so I can actually send
    this by e-mail to you.

  8. I was at a Lowes store at Cedar Rapids, IA on Memorial day. I had a coupon from the welcome wagon for $20 off a $100 or more purchase. I’m also a veteran and I am registered for the 10% discount. The store said I couldn’t use both, but when they rang it up, the screen said ask if they are a veteran, which would mean I would get the discount also. My wife said something to the cashier and the supervisor and they just shrugged it off. I didn’t like the way they tried to cover it up, or ignore us. The extra 10% would have not made or broke me, its just the way they acted like we were some sort of annoying people who are trying to get a discount. And people wonder why veterans don’t ask for discounts, because stores make us feel like we are bums! I think you should take a page out of the Starbucks book, and have sensitivity for Veterans!

  9. I agree with the above comments about difficulty finding a way to pay a Lowes employee a BIG SHOUT OUT compliment.
    I am a real estate investor and have rehabbed 19 homes and some commercial properties. The SOUTHGATE, MI store is my go to place for supplies and materials.
    I would like to compliment Marylin in the hardware/door locks area. She’s helped me over the years with many projects. She is knowledgeable and experienced. She is kind and patient to the novice do it yourselfer and sharp enough to be efficient for the veteran contractor. She is a great asset to the store.
    In fact everybody at the SOUTGATE, MI store is pretty darn good. I consider the whole Southgate team a part of my crew!

  10. To whom it concerns,
    I was using a store of yours in Inverness fl,but had trouble with your service and stopped using that store,so I was driving a extra 50 miles to another store,I had purchased new flooring at that store,thay told me it was in a warehouse and would be in the store for me to pickup on the 26th of June witch was ok so I got the installers to come out to install on Monday,I purchased it on the 20th of June,i called to make sure it was in,no they it won’t be in for a couple more days,so now I have to pay the installer for coming and wasting his time,I thought this stuff was just going on in the Inverness fl store,guess not it’s in all of them this was for sure the last time I do any business with any Lowe’s it cost me more seeing I had to pay the installer for his time that was wasted, thanks for your time ?

  11. I recently purchased a snow blower from the Rochester, NH Lowes. When I picked it up the snow blower was too large for my Jeep Cherokee and I needed to remove the chute in order to safely transport the new machine. Jaden, the young man who helped me load it, was great! He made several trips to find the tools we needed to remove the snow chute, he worked with me to get the job done, and he made sure I was able to secure the machine properly. He is a fine example of caring customer service and I appreciated his help and concern. He is a credit to your training and customer care!

  12. yes i purchased a washer & dryer monday 9/24/18 at the vacaville store i was suppose to get a call tuesday 9/25/18 for a delivery for a 2 hours window for delivery for wednesday 9/26/18. never got a call. not happy at all with your customer service.

  13. When building and traveling 50 plus miles per trip it is much better to have too many of the many small and large items you may need, thus there are returns. My husband works with his hands and is NO bookeeper and many slips are lost. YOUR policy of not taking returns, to say the least makes him (and ME) very unhappy. This is NOT a store or a personnell problem, it is a POLICY problem. We do not steal or return items for nefarious reasons and do not like being treated as such. You can, as many businesses do not pay attention to an unhappy customer and say “THEY ARE NOT TYPICAL” or “THERE CRAZY” but you would be hurting yourself. YOU need to find a better way or your stock will continue to plummet or as usual, a competetor will eat you up. This morning We sold our stock in Lowes and as of today We have stopped going to lowes and paid off approximately $10000. on my Lowes Credit Card and cancelled it. You, as responsible executives need to spend a little time in the stores and experience this very uncomfortable policy for yourself and try to understand (From a customers veiwpoint) how obnoxius this policy is.

  14. I purchased Energizer batteries on 11/2/2018 – they were offering a $5 gift card for each 24 pack – limit of 2 per customer. I was due $10 in gift cards. I have only received one (1) $5 gift card. I am due another one. Please advise.
    CFHC 3110 0693

    diana clowers
    87 Clark street
    Hinton wv 25951

  15. I am leaving a review of the Garden Center at store #1117. Tracy Feller, Sales Specialist, has been helping me there for several years. He and his team are friendly, helpful, and courteous to me and to each other. It is a pleasure to shop there because I know I will get accurate answers, fast help loading my vehicle, and a friendly smile from Tracy and the other staff. They deserve Lowe’s recognition for a job well done.

  16. I recently visited your Cumming, GA store on Markplace Blvd. and was helped by Stanley in your lumber department. He was soooo nice! He helped me pick out my shiplap, wheeled it to checkout for me and then made sure it was loaded properly on my truck! Thanks and blessings for a great employee!!

  17. Sale # S1651WJ1 672928

    Bravo Zulu to Bill Jackson in the Mill work department in Lowe’s of Acworth GA.

    From Jan 12 until sale completion on Jan 20 Bill helped me make a final decision on the purchase of two exterior doors for my home. I had many question which Bill either answered immediately or researched for answers. He expertly answered all my questions and offered suggestions which I accepted. It took me eight days to make a final decision and Bill demonstrated calm patience throughout my multiple return visits. The doors are now installed and I am very happy with the results and the service Bill provided. It’s Lowe’s employees like Bill who keep me returning.Great job Bill, thank you.
    Pete Kruszka – Acworth, GA

  18. Lowe’s Store #0632

    On June 24, 2020, I was in town for a relaxing vacation away from the big city of Washington, DC. Just happened to stop in looking for a freezer (all sold out in DC). And, behold they had 12 in stock. Customer service was great. Michael working the self checkout was patient, friendly and professional. He was determined to get my sale taken care of and the front check-out supervisor Debra jumped right in and worked diligently to help me complete my transaction.
    Proving I was just as an important customer as anyone else in the store.

    Two awesome, well trained & genuine employees…

  19. Chesapeake, VA Store #0709

    Your store employee, Manny, was amazing! He was polite and professional. When I arrived for my curbside pickup, somehow my online order had been canceled. Manny went out of his way to have my curbside pickup available. He quickly grabbed the few items and fulfilled my order, so that I didn’t have to come back. Great service recovery!

  20. Elly Ellis, an employee at the Rio Rancho NM store on Northern Blvd was so very helpful to me last week. I had a freezer break down and she helped find one I could use (not easy right now!) and arrange to have it delivered that day.
    This the the kind of employee that will keep me coming back to Lowe’s!

  21. Went to the Lowes in Rome, Ga. to buy an appliance. Came out with two appliances and a Lowes credit card. Just wanted to give a compliment to the lady that was so kind to help me. Tammy went above and beyond to help me. She kept going to the back to see what was in stock and finally she found a matching set. You need more people like Tammy. This store seemed to be understaffed but Tammy made up for it.

  22. We were looking to purchase a new refrigerator and after 2 days at Lowe’s, Kendall did an outstanding job of directing and answering our questions. Kendall was swamped both days but made us feel so comfortable and easy going on getting our appliance. We were never rushed. She is amazing and needs lots of kudos at the Southlake Lowe’s. Many thanks

  23. I would like to commend Karl Swartz for being an awesome asset to the Lowes Hardware in Mocksville NC. He is always there with a smile willing to help. Store # 2575

  24. A shout out to John from the Millwork Dept at the Syracuse Lowe’s on Simon Drive. He went over and above in helping me choose a storm door AND helped figure out if it would fit in my car. It did. Kinda. Got it home safely!

  25. I wanted to compliment Lowe’s store #250 (Torrance CA) employee “Darrell” who was working 9/3/2020 around 4:30 PM.

    I was in the light bulb section and must have looked lost. Without solicitation on my part, employee Darrell came up and helped find exactly what I needed. He was very friendly and he gave me a great impression of your store.

    He also helped me locate an item I needed in another department.

    Please let his supervisor or store manager (Jeremy Moore per my receipt) about how please I was with Darrell’s customer service.

  26. Front Royal Store #2555
    Very pleasant experience at the Front Royal Lowe’s today. Online I had seen a Dyson vacuum cleaner on sale and went to the store to purchase it. I couldn’t find it and asked Seb, the associate in that section. He was super helpful and polite and checked in several locations before the item was found. I am very thankful and satisfied with my experience.

  27. I want to leave a GREAT compliment for the employee ” Kole”I ordered online and picked up curbside 12 boxes of tile from Palm Coast, Florida Lowes.
    He loaded everything carefully and politely and refused a tip from me. I really appreciate him being so professional. Love Lowe’s!

  28. I needed HVAC filters that were stored on a top shelf, when I approached Russ Barnes who was clearly busy with another task. He dropped everything and insisted he’d be more than happy to help. I got my filters, and top of that he helped me find several other items. He represented Lowe’s customer service very well.

  29. I want to compliment an employee at your 2717 King Avenue West, Billings, Montana store. Jesse Woodall helped me in receiving when I delivered a load to your location there. He truly was professional in every sense of the word and kind. I find this to be so rare these days that it needs to be given the proper credit where credit is due. Please give this person this feedback as recognition of good workas this so important. Jesse went above and beyond to explain the whole procedure to me. Just a great experience in every way! Sincerely, John and Gracie

  30. I want to send a BIG THANKYOU to Vicki in Customer Service at the Traverse City store. She worked at getting my Credit card issued resolved, and was a pleasure to talk to during this process.

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