Contact Lending Tree Customer Service

Contacting Lending Tree Customer Service Center

Lending Tree is a unique website that allows the consumer to enter an application, of sorts, and lenders compete for the right to lend the customer money. Customers can access car loans, home loans and personal loans from the website. Not all customers will qualify for loans from the companies partnered with Lending Tree, but that does not mean all is lost. There is a second tier of partners reserved for lower credit scores. These offers and approvals take longer than those associated with good credit scores.

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Contact Info:

When contacting Lending Tree customer service, make sure to keep your personal and financial information to yourself. This is a company bent on selling you a loan from one of the partner companies, so you may feel pressed to use the website.

Phone Contact Number

The Lending Tree customer service department is available for applications and questions about potential loans. You can contact an agent at:

  • Lending Tree Phone Number: 1-800-555-8733

Mailing Address

The Lending Tree customer service team is more than willing to accept your letter. This is not the address for loan documentation as all loans are secured through banks, not through Lending Tree.

Lending Tree LLC11115 Rushmore DrCharlotte, NC 28277

Official Website

Visit for information on the Lending Tree application and how you can secure a loan using the competitive system the company has in place. You can read about the current day’s loan rates and ever learn more about how the company works to make qualifying for a loan quick and easy.

Social Media

If you want to follow or friend Lending Tree on social media you can do so using the listed pages. These pages are also ideal for quick answers to your lending questions. Simply log in to your social account and click on the link to the page you want to reach. Leave a message or send a tweet and a Lending Tree customer service agent will get back with you.

Customer Service Email

The customer service team for Lending Tree is available by phone, mail and email. The email form you have to use is located at This form is for general communications only – NEVER include your social security number or other financial information in the email.

Our Experience

When we called the Lending Tree customer service center, the line was answered by an automated system that quickly started into the list of options. You can press 1 for refinancing a mortgage, 2 for new home purchases, 3 for home equity loans, 4 for new auto loan applications, 5 for new personal loan applications or 6 for loan application information. We pressed 2 for new mortgages and the line was immediately transferred to an available operator.

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6 Comments on “Contact Lending Tree Customer Service
  1. I went on LendingTree for the first time yesterday to compare mortgage rates online. I will never ever use it again! My husband has been bombarded all last night and this morning with phone calls and his voice mail is already full!!! This is ridiculous and just bad practice! A call came through on my # even though I never gave it! And no hard inquiries better be made on our credit either!!!

  2. I have been trying to email lending tree customer service to talk to someone for hours I can not get in .PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. I don’t understand why Lending Tree would keep connecting me with lenders who have already denied loans and demolished my f.i.c.o. score in the process..
    Can you please explain
    Thank you
    Frank Lewis

  4. Yes I’m looking for mike who
    Tried helping me Friday. If
    Your not mike of indie decent
    Don’t call me back I only want

  5. I have requested no calls or emails on every lender including your lending tree site. If I continue to receive calls and emails they will be copies for privacy issues. Make this stop immediately.

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