Contact KLM Customer Service

Contacting KLM Customer Service Center

KLM was founded nearly 100 years ago as a passenger airline with destinations to and from the Netherlands and subsequent colonies. Now the company is one of the largest airlines in the region serving millions of customers with destinations across the globe.

The goal of the company is to constantly improve the customer experience through service. The company realizes every customer is different and handles situations which arise accordingly.

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Contact Info:

The customer service department is open Monday through Sunday 8amto 7:30pm EST.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • General Customer Service: 1-866-434-0320
  • France: 3272
  • Germany: +49 180 5 007 772
  • Austria: +43 179 576 066
  • Belgium: Tel: (+ 32) 070 707 9 84
  • Luxembourg: Tel: + 352 34 20 80 80 88
  • Denmark: (+ 45) 70 10 00 73
  • Spain: +34 902 02 14 67
  • Finland: + 358 969379770
  • Great Britain: + 44 0870 24 29 242
  • Hungary: + 06 80 180 537
  • Ireland: + 353 0818 200018
  • Italy/San Marino: 199 30 90 92
  • Norway: + 47 81 53 51 51
  • Netherlands: + 31 09 00 040 02 52
  • Czech Republic: 800 100 370
  • Portugal: + 351 707 200 556
  • Russia: (+ 7) 499 922 39 36
  • Sweden: (+ 46) 0771 719900
  • Switzerland (French/English German): (+ 41) 0 84 800 00 23
  • Ukraine: (+ 380) 44 496 35 77
  • Israel: (+ 972) 180 944 1800
  • USA – Canada – Bermuda: (+1) 800 375 8723
  • Argentina: (+54) 1153542344
  • Belize, The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, El Salvador: (+1) 519 772 3570
  • Brazil: (+55) 1155826528
  • Bolivia: (+1) 519 772 3570
  • Chile: (+1) 800 53 00 93
  • Colombia: 01 800 012 75 87
  • Ecuador: 1 800 35 9464
  • Mexico: (+52) 5547387048
  • Paraguay: (+1) 519 772 3570
  • Peru: 0 800 52 440
  • Uruguay: 00040190577
  • Venezuela: 0 800 100 34 64
  • Hong Kong: (+852) 2501 9488
  • India / Nepal / Bangladesh / Sri Lanka / Maldives and Bhutan: 1-800-1800-077
  • Australia: 02) 8223 9835
  • New Zealand: (09) 918 4408
  • French Polynesia: +689 47 47 48
  • Mainland China: 4008 808 909
  • Japan: (03) 5767 6010
  • Indonesia: (021) 2927 2233
  • South Korea: 02 3483 1231
  • Thailand: 00 1 800 441 273
  • Singapore: (+65) 6622 1097
  • The Philippines: 1 800 1441 0275
  • Malaysia: (03) 6207 4021

Mailing Address

KLM Customer RelationsP.O. Box 20980Department 980Atlanta, GA 30320-2980

Official Website

Visit the official KLM website|3501542|34179850|212842271|359228 in order to manage travel arrangements, check into an existing flight, sign-up for the Flying Blue rewards program or locate information relating to improving the customer experience.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to send a message to the customer service department. We sent a message requesting guidance relating to contacting customer service after hours. Customers can also contact the customer support department on the Twitter page or Facebook page.

Our Experience

We called the customer service department and to our surprise, a live agent answered in less than 90 seconds. We inquired about making reservations for passengers with food allergies, considering the airline serves snacks and meals onboard. The agent explained customers must inform the booking agent of the allergy and they will eliminate the potential dangers, but cannot force customers to eliminate potential food threat.

The agent was thorough with the answer. We had a great experience, did you? Shout out your thoughts below.

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14 Comments on “Contact KLM Customer Service
  1. Where do I find out regarding ; taking my bike as luggage. I have a hard case to check in. Do I have to pay for it and is rate per size or weight etc.? Please advice. Thks AJ

  2. I flew from Houston, Texas to Isle of Mann. When I picked my luggage up my TSA lock was unlocked and I had baby clothes for my grand daughter missing and some personnel items missing. Whom do I need to contact to file a claim.

  3. I would like to complain about the awful behave and luck of service we had from KLM and it’s customer service representative.
    KLM Customer service representative named Belle that I dealt with was so rude. She’s not friendly as well, She just hanged up while I’m still talking to her. She should fixed herself first before taking calls. Please sir, do something about your agent named Belle that it will not happened again to the other passengers so that we won’t lose our trust to your company. Thank You!!!!!!!!

  4. On Flight 785 of KLM St.Maarten-Curacao-Amsterdam, I was asked to give help as a medical doctor (GP) to a passenger coming from A’dam and leaving to Curacao. The about 40 years old male patient had hypotension ( BP 83-87mmHg/-) and could not give adequate answer. After 10-15 minutes of medical surveyance and no improvement I decided evacuation and to send him together with his accompaining mother in an ambulance to the Hospital in Philippsburg. The Chief-Stewadesse asked my name and adress included my Email-address. She promised me to give me a report about the patients medical condition as soon as possible and a little gift for my service. The Crew left at that time the Jumbo and was replaced by another one for departure to Curacao-A’dam. It is now almost three month later and I havn’t got any answer from KLM. With kind regards yours Bernhard Weidmann

  5. I was one of the thousands who were affected by the airport having only one runway due to wind issues on Wednesday, September 13. I have no issue with safety and wind conditions. However, the way I and thousands of others were treated by KLM employees was awful. My husband and I waited in line at T6 for 4 1/2 hours to get a new ticket for our flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta. We were to be on DL 0073, but due to our flight being delayed in Budapest we missed our connecting flight. While standing in line for 4 1/2 hours, we noticed 8 computers available, but rarely 8 agents at those. In fact, many times there were 3 or 4 agents around one computer, making it seem like they were clueless. It was obvious agents went to lunch, certainly didn’t work overtime, and we were all exhausted. We did receive bottled water and a candy bar, but then that took 3 agents away from their computers. I feel that KLM was truly incompetent!!! They certainly weren’t putting the customers needs first. I think you need to seriously look at your procedures with events like this. This can’t be a first. When we finally got to an agent, she was efficient and got us rebooked in 5 minutes, but also mentioned that if we could have gotten to her earlier we could have been out to Atlanta on an afternoon flight. I wish that could have happened as I was truly exhausted. My husband and I had been up since 2:00 AM to get to our flight in Budapest. I will try my best to never fly KLM again. You’ve got alot to work on!!!

  6. KMM48681287V59577L0KM

    A 12 hour delay on flight from Shanghai to Europe (26th September 2017). KLM refuse to pay even for a meal during this delay. Even with business class tickets? Why bother?

    KLM make it very difficult to send a simple email complaint e.g. if there are complaints about the flight in and the flight out experience, why can’t they be dealt with together?

  7. My husband left his Amazon reader between the seats on our flight from Dubai to Amsterdam on the morning of Nov. 28. When we got off the plane and discovered it missing, we contacted the KLM desk located near gate D3 and told them the problem. Femke Biessels and her staff took over. They contacted security to get back of the plane, see if they could find it. She found me and told me they had it and they would bring it to him shortly. Wow, we were so lucky to find her to help us. She and her team were great!!

  8. This is the worst airline ever.
    I was supposed to fly Air France from JFK but when I reached the airport, they shifted me to a different terminal and asked me to get KLM . After a 25 min walk from one terminal to another ,the KLM authorities’ were so rude when I asked them to issue a boarding pass .After 5 hours of waiting and multiple appearances at the ticketing desk requesting for the pass ,they finally issued a boarding pass and then I had to wait for an additional 5 hour at the airport making it a 10 hr wait at JFK before boarding the flight.
    I faced a similar issue during my layover at Amsterdam. They did not seem to issue my boarding pass and made me move from one ticketing station to another. Luckily I was issued one on time before the take off.

    Now for the worst part , on my arrival to Mumbai I had to wait at the baggage center for over two hrs. to file a report for my lost baggage. It was not loaded in the aircraft. I came on the KL877 flight which landed at the Mumbai airport at 2.15 am. I have not been issued any tracking number for my baggage after the filing and neither is any body responding to my calls or emails.
    Please help if you are looking at this. My work laptop and a lot of my important stuff is in that bag.
    I don’t care about the trouble I faced at the airports but this is serious matter.
    How can you be so unprofessional in dealing with bags of your customers.

  9. I had bad experience with KLM flights from Singapore to Dublin and Manchester to Singapore (on return journey). My luggage was found broken (file reference: DUBKL14333) upon arrival at Dublin on May 26, 2018 and I could not proceed with the travelling with the broken luggage. A new luggage was purchased. The reply from KLM was that you would expect scratches/dents on the luggage due to the handling. In my case, it was totally broken open and could not be used. On my flight back from Manchester to Singapore on June 08, the flight from Manchester (KL1080) was delayed for at least 1 hr. but my husband and I were able to catch the connecting flight (KL835) to Singapore from Amsterdam. However, our luggage was not delivered on the same flight. Our holidays using KLM had not been smooth
    We were not happy with the reply on damaged luggage

  10. Travelled from Amsterdam to Kigali and was absolutely in awe with Judith Hafkenscheid and her caring service. Not only did she help me with my bags due to a pinched nerve but I watched how she got a family of four to get to sit together, celebrated with a couple who were on their way to get married, taking care of kids who were asleep when the food had come around and she did all of this with a smile and took the time – was never in a rush. I asked her for her name. I am hoping she is acknowledge/recognized for her excellent representation of KLM and her love for people.

  11. I have been trying to contact Customer Service, by phone , the number is not recognised.
    By emailing Customer Services

    Can someone please tell me how to access a new password?
    It appears that my Flying Blue Account or email address is non existent, although I receive regular emails from marketing department

  12. I am trying to phone customer service in Great Britain as a name has been spelt incorrectly however, the number listed is no longer in us and there is no alternative given. Can you please advice?

  13. Hello,
    Maybe I’m not on the right adress, but I don’t have Twitter, Facebook or even a smartphone.
    I am a luxembourgian citizen. I am actualy in Russia since January. I want to go home to Luxembourg in October. Reading all about this virus, I notices taht on the check in the traveller must declar taht he had no contact with the virus etc. Is this a formulair, if yes I did not find it. Could you send me one in this case?
    I shouls book a flight Moscow-Amsterdam-Luxembourg! Are the restrictions also for tansit?
    Thank you for an explanation.

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