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Contacting KFC Customer Service Center

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the cornerstones in American fast food. The company was established more than 60 years ago with a great recipe and a dream. Today, the Colonel’s secret recipe is still a secret and the company is still going strong.

When it comes to food products of any kind you are bond to have angry customers from time to time. Occasionally you may just have a happy customer as well. Customer service information for KFC is available to praise the chicken or put a stop to poor service.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info

KFC is not afraid to share corporate and customer service contact information. The company is spread out all over the world, but the main contact numbers are available in addi8tion to contact addresses and a feedback form.

Phone Contact Numbers

There are no customer service hours. We called customer service and the agent told us the call center was open 24 hours a day. Customers can call anytime to talk about their visit to KFC.

  • US Customer Satisfaction: 1-800-225-5532
  • Canada Customer Satisfaction: 1-866-664-5696
  • United Kingdom Customer Satisfaction: 0845-753-253
  • Gift Check Customer Service: 1-800-544-5774 ext. 8360 ext. 326

Mailing Address

KFC Corporate Address for Customer Comments
P.O. Box 725489
Atlanta, GA 31139

KFC Corporate Sponsorship & Donation

Attn: Community Relations

1900 Colonel Sanders Lane

Louisville, KY 40213

Official Website

KFC has an official website at Customers can learn about food, recipes, nutrition and the background of the company and Colonel Sanders all in one place. There is also contact information for various departments for customer service purposes.

KFC is socially ready – there is a Twitter page and Facebook page for customers who want to keep in the know and gain access to great food offers.

Customer Service Email

If you’ve had a particularly bad or good experience, you may want to fill out the customer feedback form. The form is designed to connect your feedback with the location where you were served. If you’d rather not reveal some of the information on form, you may want to choose a different means of contact.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service agent we were able to talk to someone in the customer satisfaction department named Paul. Paul told us that the customer service call center was currently open 24 hours a day, so customers can contact an agent at any time day or night with a concern, praise or complaint about their KFC experience.

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1,178 Comments on “Contact KFC Customer Service
    • Every time I go to the store in kissimmee ,fl. In Bvl my food is almost always cold. The store is dirty under the garbage can and the soda machine.

  1. I visited your pipps hill branch on sunday and experienced a very long wait for my food. This is the third occassion it has happened and always at the same branch. The first time I gave it the benefit of the doubt. The second time I actually complaint to the supervisor and I was informed they were short staffed. I found this to be a week excuse, I did not make a fuss and I simply stopped using that branch for nearly a year. I tried it again on sunday and the experiece was even worse. We waited for fifteen minutes before we got our order and even then I was not given what I asked for to my dismay. I was at home by then so I could not do anything about it. I think this is totally unsatisfactory as you are supposed to be a fast food service establishment. I await your comments and what actions you will be taking so my next experiece will not be a repeat perfomance of the shambollic customer service

    • last night i stopped at kfc and ordered for the family . the food came in a reasonable time and is exactly what i ordered . The problem came for the time to pay . I paid my balance with a gift card total $34.63 however when the cashier was processing payment she made a mistake and had to be helped from someone else who then made a mistake and had to call the manager who then was flustered about what the other two had done . after 15 mins of trying to pay it was finally taken care of off i went to have a 1\2 cold meal at this point . Now when i got home had dinner and looked at the receipt and found that the order was charged to a Visa card i thought that was funny i used a gift card . now when i called the store and explained the mistake they made i was informed that there is nothing that could have be done at this point . Well folks the moral of the story is this if you use your bank card here you are taking a chance of paying for someone else’s meal this would upset me . i will never eat at a kfc/tacobell again.
      if any corporate manager would like to discuss this i would be happy too

  2. Today the 07.11.2012 a colleague and myself went to the KFC Restaurant located on Parnell St Dublin and I have to say we were very disappointed the way a member of your staff treated us. The girl with poor english that served us initally got our order wrong and then when corrected she informed us that she had no “hot shots” but would kindly bring them to us when they are ready which was great. A half an hour had passed and we had still received no hot shots so when we returned to the cashier to ask her about her orfer she began to shout at my coleague and myself saying ” can you not see the queue and see how busy I am” I replied then with well your colleague beside you there was upstairs cleaning the tables and could have brought us our food she then shouted back “Oh hear take these then and handed my colleague and I our “Hot Shots”. It was at this stage I then replied just keep them and walked out. I do not like being publicly shouted at and embarassed over food that I have paid for in advance. I really recommend that you do something to discipline this employee as this treatment of customers in disgraceful.

    • My experience at kfc in homework,al was ok until i got to thewindow after i placed my order which was a #10 all wings crispy with corn and green beans . when i got to the window the cashier was very rude she had a flat out attitude i work 12 to 14hrs a day and i was on lunch which is only 30 min. i got my food really ignored her attitude paid for my meal and wat really pissed me of was left back to work as i open the box i can see were my order was correct until i seen the sides were wrong my wings were cold and my sides which i just was pissed and my lunch was over now i spent $9.00 and sum change on cold food that i didnt even eat and i was still hungry.

  3. I am extremely disappointed that you as new owners have abolished the senior discount option.
    Needless to say I will be taking my business elsewhere. I am on social security and enjoyed your meals but I see corporate greed has taken over!
    Thank you for your time

  4. Hello,
    I’m writing you from Astana city, Kazakhstan.
    As a customer of KFC, which I like a lot, I’m very disappointed about service level at KFC in our city (Astana). As a franchise of the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain Astana franchise should try all their best to keep a level of service at a high level. But unfortunately, they don’t. It is impossible to reach delivery service. First, they don’t pick up the phone. I called several times, and waited almost one hour! But they never pick up the phone. The internet forums in our country are full of angry comments about delivery service in Astana, all with the same problem. Today mirically i reached delivery service, however they told me that they can deliver only after two hours, and I agreed because I wanted KFC chicken so much. After that time they called me back and told me that they can’t deliver and even didn’t apologize.
    I’m (and many other customers) are very disapointed. This is a last time I order KFC.
    I’m writing to you, main office of the chain, because local KFC franchise doesn’t reply. They don’t care about KFC global image. Hope you will be willing to fix this problem and won’t lose customers anymore.

    from Astana, Kazakhstan

  5. KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Poultry farmers in Nepal have stopped trucks importing chicken from India for KFC restaurants and destroyed the cargo.
    Nepal has banned chicken from India since bird flu broke out in India four years ago.
    Chief government administrator of Dhading district Bed Prasad Kharel says farmers stopped and seized two trucks bringing the frozen chicken to Nepal’s capital, Katmandu, on Saturday. A brief scuffle broke out between police and the farmers.
    Police say authorities took control of the trucks, but that after consultation with livestock officials the cargo was dumped in a pit and covered.
    KFC, the only Western fast-food restaurant in Nepal, says it imports its chicken from Brazil. Kharel says the tags on the cargo showed it came from India.
    KFC officials in Nepal would not immediately comment Sunday.

  6. Dear sir\madam
    I would to bring your attention the poor service I received on the 20 December 2012, at your Allen Street in Newcastle branch, I stood at the counter for 10minutes, waiting to be served and the cashier blantlyignored, other clients which entered after me, got served, I in turn spoke to the manageress who replied that they had a backlog of chicken as it wasn’t ready for another 6mins which was understandable,by then I was irrataed, and went to the newcastle mall branch,service was execellent, got my order with in 10mintues, got home served the meal to my friend who was with me for the evening, only to discover that the chicken was slimmy towards the bone, personally I feel that was poor quality because from exeperince I have never found kfc chichen to be like that.I seriously considering not going to support kfc again, due to this exeperince.kindly attend to this problems at the two branches.

    Thanking you
    Shirley schoultz
    Contact no.0716835689

  7. went to kfc in Idaho Falls Idaho, 17th st, was shorted thighs, Was promise a cupons and to extra thighs, never recieve them. very disapointed in the small pieces, never agin

  8. This has happen four time,s in a 6-month period,,me and my wife have visted your store in urbano,ohio..every time we eat at your buffet,,the food look,s like it has been there all day,,it is never full with fresh food people are standing arould talking,,not doing there job,one time me and my wife left the store,,,each month we would go back hopeing they would change,,four time,s we have done this…now when we want chichen we go 12 mile,s out of town too famous receipe chicken in springfield and my wife will not vist you urbana,ohio store again,,or any of your store,s at all…and i will write this on face book..and let other people know off this promlem..your two mad cosumters tim/jane moore…

  9. I had a bad experience last nite @ the Camden, Delaware location. Waited 20 minutes for our food. When we recieved our food it was cold and burnt. Toppings were missing. Very dissatisfied with this visit.

  10. At 12:07 I decided to go to KFC for lunch ordered a 3piece chicken strip meal and 2 twister wraps when I got to the window to pay I was told they didn’t have any chicken left and I would have to wait 5-10 minutes for another batch to be ready! How can you be a chicken franchise and NOT have chicken ready for lunch!!!!!!!!!! This is the 3rd time I gone to this particular restaurant and been told they don’t have any chicken how can this be? Was told the previous 3 persons ordered all the chicken that was available – what did you have on hand 12 pieces??? Needless to say I still had to eat so I went next door to Wendy’s – they at least had CHICKEN! Will probably not return there cause I only have a 1/2 hour for lunch and don’t want to waste all my time dealing with this – you’ve lost a customer, will deal with the other fast food franchises in the area!

  11. Visited the KFC, 20220 West Catawba Ave., Cornelius, NC today about 11:30 am today. Ordered 2 x-crispy breast meals with mashed potatos and cole slaw. Brought the meals home to find 1 breast meal and the other a thigh meal. What a disappointment since neither my husband or I enjoy the dark meat. I tried to phone the restaurant about 10 times so far and no answer.

  12. I was in a hurry – husband on his way home from out of state – he requested hot wings – ordered them and after I paid – still in the restaurant – an employee came up to me and said the extra hot sauce I requested (10) packets – would be an additional $1.32! I had already paid and was on a long distance call – she interupted me and hovered over me and kept saying $1.32–for years my husband has been ordering KFC when he travels for work – he was looking forward to this as a treat after working out of state for 6 weeks — I could not believe what she was saying – I couldn’t hang up, so I paid. My husband was furious!!!! It is not the money – it’s the principal – we have eaten from KFC for 30 years and we won’t any more – store was Cheyenne, WY- on Lincolnway- The employees were rude and unprofessional – clearly I was not leaving right away- I had bags and a call I had to take – I was sitting down – she could have waited until I could terminate the call and we could have discussed it. Since when do your store add charges for condiments without warning ahead of time and asking for the money after the bill was paid –is it really going to KFC or in their pocket!!!??? Ticket number 3709 date 125-22-12—-could not get back sooner – I was busy doing my job!!! And they had the nerve to ask me to take a survey saying how great they were!! Lost 2 more people–not to mention who we share this experience with. I sincerely hope some one is talked to – otherwise your firm will loose other customers.—-Nancy abd Pete Pette

  13. I go to the KFC-taco bell in concord,nc. Every time I go there they are always extremely slow at taking my order at hte intercom I almost think they are never goin to answer and about drive off. After that they take forever to make and give me my order. Not only is the service slow but the staff is also rude and inappropriate. I’ve heard them cuss, talk about clubbing or their drama, and talk rudely about other customers rift in front of me. Someone needs totalk the time to evaluate this location and it’s staff. It is frustrating for me because I enjoy KFC ad love the food but this is the only store in my area and I keep having to put up with the behavior every time I go.

  14. There is a new KFC in Monee, Illinois. I have visited this location 3 times and each time there has been a problem with the food. Listed below are my concerns from these visits:

    (1) ordered a taco salad with beef and after arriving home, we noticed that it did not have any meat; (2) ordered two 4 wing dinners (one original and one crispy), and the orders had old chicken; (3) ordered a 4 wing dinner with mashed potatoes and cole slaw and received 4 wings and a biscuit.

    I caught the error on order #3 before leaving the store and it was corrected. After arriving home, I was really disappointed because the chicken was hard and very dry. This location needs a manager that understands quality and the concept behind the KFC brand. I have never been exposed to anything quite like this from KFC and I am surprised that this is allowed to go on. Needless to say, I won’t be returning to this location.

    W. Griffin

  15. I don’t know where to start but I have stop eating KFC for 3months and I just had this craving for it again and it would better after I have raised my opinions but still no luck.

    I don’t know what happened to quality KFC anymore where you chicken was cooked to the bone and cleaned, where I could lick my fingers and be satisfied. Since moving to JHB I have seen a total different view of KFC, its not clean your chicken has blood and feathers etc its disgusting and not to mention is most times raw which really is unedible. Then your chips that’s fried is cold,hard and dry. Now I’m sorry this is unacceptable. I don’t know if you cater per race but I have never come across KFC like this. I have experiences this @ Sandridge and The Boulders constantly. KFC was a branded and unique chicken that I would buy exclusively. I tired of first needing to microwave my chicken to have it cooked well and to clean it before eating it.

    Please advise me on what you are going to do about this. The founder of KFC must be turning in his grave for the poor quality and service been delivered for his hard and profounded work.


    • We live across the street from KFC at 3995 S. Third St., Memphis, Tn. Every time we go over there to pick up food, the order is never right. Today was no different. My husband went there and ordered 2 ea. chicken tenders with gravy only. We got mashed potatoes and gravy, and the chicken was so overcooked it was hard as a rock and dry. I tried to call them, but they did not answer their phone and this was after 2:00 pm well past the lunch hour. I tried again and they still did not answer. I tried to find a phone # for the Corporate office, but that is not published on the internet. This has happened so many times, I think we will not bother with this KFC anymore.

  16. It is KFC standard operating procedure to serve every item on the regular menu until the last minute of the business day!!!! Except in the Las Vegas Valley. 15mins. before closing Employees @KFC Lake Mead Blvd Las Vegas Nv refuse to make 2 more potpies because it was to close to closing time. They refuse to make anymore chicken informing the customer the amount of chicken they have on the rack and trying to wheel and deal if you settle for the fact that they’re biscuit-less and cannot make anymore. What really twisted my shorts is the manager was in agreement with the employees. As a Manager in the food industry for over a decade this would of been unacceptable. A 9:45 p.m. customer deserve the same customer service as a 10 a.m. customer
    Im just saying
    On the Phone with Vanessa at this very moment she is very helpful, polite and considerate about the issue. She was in agreement that all customers deserve A-1 customer service until closing. Thank you Vanessa

  17. Can anyone plz help me with the number of customer care or complaint center of kfc india…
    I am fed up of the service in the kfc store near to my house

  18. KFC/TB store ##4505 ordered placed @8;23 on ticket, the food arrived wrong and late.we got ur
    food 8:55. This is much 2 long to wait on chicken

  19. Hello I was wondering if you will ever be putting a KFC back in Sault Michigan 49783 since the building and signs still stand after a couple years cause your dds target our area on Yvonne ommercials and we don’t have one within 100 miles of us here just wondering is all thanks

  20. We had 2 meals on Thursday and it was the worst ever. We live 5 mins away and it was cold when we got home. The chicken was completely overlooked – charcoaled – terrible meal. Would not be recommending or going there again as this isn’t the first time we have had a bad experience with this KFC. Never again.

  21. I ate at KFC in Delavan Wis this evening and was really disappointed. The facility was very dirty with all tables being dirty and only three customers in the store. The bathroom was also filthy and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a while. The service was also terrible she never even asked us if we wanted drinks. I ordered a 2 piece extra crispy meal and it was horrible the chicken was cold and the macaroni n cheese was cold. The ice machine didn’t work. The soda tasted flat. With the economy the way it is I don’t go out to eat very often so this was a treat for me and to pay that much for such a horrible experience really puts a damper on your day.

  22. I just would like to know WHY WERE THE BUFFALO WINGS DISCONTINUED? And this happened at the worst time ever. I am pregnat and craving them all the time. It was very disappointing to learn that all KFC Restaurants were discontinuing them.

  23. I am truly diappointed in kfc, it seems as tho yours sides order are not very tasty, mashed potatoes are watery, mac and cheese is not cheesy almost like soup, and the biscuits are always hard no buttery taste, i love kfc but popeyes sides have a better taste. I grew up when kfc was kentucky fried chicken. I think the ole tastse is much better than the now should not change what was the best.pepsi learn lesson when they kept changing their formulas.

  24. I would like to thank the staff at kfc at hamilton palace grounds hamilton scotland uk. On sunday the 17th of march Ileft my handbag with all my personal belongings inside and they had tried to contact a friend of mine to tell me it was their. Iam so grateful to them as we went in the next day to collect it. Great honest people. Thanks so much x

  25. I would just like to say that every KFC I’ve ever been to in Aurora, Il has the longest wait time, Never has FRESHLY cooked food. It’s always dry and hard. Tasteless. I recently went into the drive thru of KFC on East New York St. They Completely jacked up my order. Made us wait. I recommend a new STAFF or a better Manager to PUSH a SENSE OF URGENCY into them. Better Service means better quality. I’m going back to Popeye’s. KFC can deal without my families and I’ll keep writing bad reviews until I get a response, By an actual person(s)

  26. I received very very poor service at your monument heights branch.There was no regard what so ever for customer service.I went into your drive tru at just after 5am to order a variety bucket from innocentia who informed me that I must wait twenty minutes and I had no problem. Then all of a sudden came zukiswa informing us we should please wait at the front of the shop for two minutes I asked her is it no more twenty minutes and innocentia responded in setswana that she has told us to wait we should wait for them, they are now serving breakfast. They further went on in setswana as if we do not hear them this in itself is of the highest level of poor service. I am disgusted at this service that I received. I trust you will sort this out as a matter of urgency. I raised with them that customer standards should be the same as we are paying for the service and the food.

    My receipt has a different name on it as well.


    Yours not so good!!!

    Andile Msebenzi

  27. M staying in Makhado (limpopo)I wanted to buy my favourite meal and I was suprised when the cashier tels me tht I can’t use mi kfc card ,says I must go to polokwane to use should itravel to polokwane to buy my favourite meal while were having ur stores around(kfc).

    The reason why I prefer kfc than its competiters is that we earn good points.

  28. 8803 U.S. 301, Parrish.the worst kfc .tables.dirty food Pespi. No grill chicken no Mac& cheese.worker feeding a dog outside nasty

  29. I am very upset by the behavior of 2 of your workers on Easter Sunday! They showed NO PROFESSIONALISM AT ALL!!!! They had ATTITUDES AND DISPOSITIONS unbecoming that of the K.F.C workers I have come in contact with all my life! These two women were RUDE and had no business being in front of the store around customers.. instead they should have been WAY in the back , or sitting in a workshop being SCHOOLED on how to PRESENT yourself in the K.F.C WAY!!! We didn’t receive a GREETING… or a HAPPY EASTER hello! Is this why you people rebuilt this K.F.C located in Charlotte NC at S.Tryon St. and Sandy Porter. I hope NOT! I feel this incident should be reported. I feel if you don’t correct these workers, you will lose a lot of customers and is ALLOWING them to continue this DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR!

  30. The KFC I’m cleveland tn on Keith street has the worst manager Joann. She was very hateful rude and yelling. I could hear her yelling at te underaged employees and cussing at them. I was also informed from a girl I know that works there that they are kept there way past there shift is over and past ten on school nights. Something needs be done about this bitchy manager her position needs to be revoked!!!

  31. The manger on 35th and state Kansas city Kansas, i think her name is Angelica she is very rude. She barely know how to speak english. I don’t know why they got her as a manger. Her and I think the other manger name is Axel they are very rude. I came in Thursday and my chicken was very dry and i wanted some fresh chicken and she told me that they coundnt give me any and was trying to refuse to give me a refund. KFC what kind of people are you guys hiring they are really RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!

  32. I phoned the Kettering Store in Pegasus Court on Saturday 6th April, to order a Hot Shot Bucket to collect from the store in 10 mins time. I told the person who answered the phone that I would like to order a Hot Shot Bucket and that I required the £13.99 bucket. I said that I would collect in 10 mins. He replied ‘ okay, thank you, see you soon ‘.When I went into the premises and spoke to the first available member of the team. He said his name was Raj but there was no name badge to verify his name for any customer. I told him that I had come to collect the hot shot bucket that I had ordered a few minutes ago. I also told him that I could see that it as not ready. He told me very abruptly that it was a take away and take away’s do not take phone orders. I replied that I was not told that when I called to make the order. He asked who I had spoken to on the phone. I replied that as the person had not told me their name when he answered the phone, I have no idea who it was. He then again told me that it is England and a take away and that you do not phone take away’s and place orders.I replied that actually you do phone take aways in England and place orders to collect. Well I have lived in England my whole 51 years. I also phone take away’s to place orders to collect. He then asked me if I was going to order or leave. I replied if I ordered the bucket i required would I have to wait. As I have a bus to catch. He replied that I was being rude. I replied that his customer service was poor. As he had not answered my question or even apologised for myself being miss informed. He replied again with are you going to order or leave. I replied that he had not answered my question about, do I have to wait for my bucket to be prepared. He asked me, what do you want. I replied that i wanted the hot shot bucket that I had phoned up about. He then again said we do not take phone orders. I said that I required a hot shot bucket for £13.99 please. He went and prepared the bucket. Told me to complain to Head Office.I asked for the address of Head Office. He told me to phone the store on the receipt( that was the store I was at)or go on line. He gave me my order and I paid. I got no thank you from him at all. He just wanted to challenge me. When I got home late, as I had missed the bus,I unpacked the bucket and it was mostly wings. Not he items the young man on the phone had told me would be in. There was no chicken breasts. As I worked at the Silver Street Store, back in the 80’s, when it was franchised to John Moss. We took orders over the phone. Also is the customer not king or queen in your place at all? I am a Manager at an excellent company. Holland and Barrett. We would not put up with such poor customer service. I can say that the experiance was poor and I would never want to go to that Kentucky Fried Chicken again.

    Annie Wilson

  33. At the store in Warner Robins Ga (there is only 1) all the staff were in the back of the store at 7pm (dinner rush). It took 10 minutes before a staff member attended the drive thru or the front counter. There were several customers waiting to be served or waiting for their food. The buffet was not stocked. We had to ask for several items (chicken, biscuits) and there was no ice or tea prepared. Terrible experience! I love KFC overall, but this store is a disgrace to the chain.

  34. hello i live in the bull head city az. area i would like to say that the kfc here is poorly run. my wife and me went. to get dinner at kfc. let me tell you something.
    for the price that you charge i cant believe the service and the time i wasted for the food. it toke them 20 min to get the order to us . i think it was a 12 piece dinner. and the service was a joke . thank you for your service throw the years . but i think i will not be in this kfc any more. i told the manager about it but again he did not care . so why should i thank you ….

  35. Customer service of KFC is very poor! I’m usually a very understandable & patience kind of person but I just hate that every time I went to KFC I’m very upset & very dissatisfied with the service received from your crew. I really liked the fried chicken extra crispy & gravy but because of your VERY POOR customer service I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY KFC. The most recent bad service I received was yesterday April 8, 2013 at your store# L66006 1957 Central Ave Dubuque. The cashier MICHELLE was very sarcastic & very impolite. I order “chicken tenders” & she doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, she is not paying attention she just keep looking at the the monitor screen of the computer & she ask me 3 times & she couldn’t get my order, so I said nicely #7 in the menu and she replied very sarcastic OH YOU MEAN CHICKEN STRIPS?????? I SAID to her it says chicken tender in the menu…and she told me, chicken tender/ chicken strips are the same!!!!! WOW it makes me impatient & mad bec. she told me that & she couldn’t get what Im trying to order? Well, I just keep quite bec. I wanted to leave immediately.I WILL NEVER GO OR EAT AT KFC……this is not the 1st time even your customer service in Cedar Rapids KFC & Iowa City KFC so very poor in customer service……..

  36. i want ur compiney in my city jamnagar an i have a good location for it please cotact me by sending ur mail i will be wating please tell me about ur thought the location for new branch of kfc in jamnagar in center of the city

  37. Why in the world would you nationally advertise your PotPie and then according to our local KFC, discontinue it! This is ridiculous! Or not vey smart. Needless to say I am not very pleased.

  38. On the the 25/03/13 at 2.30 I went to KFC linwood. I ordered bones Banquet, nothing banquet about it. I took the gravy back straight away. One was very watery could not guess how long it had been there. The other very thick and lumpy did not look right.

    The staff exchanged the gravy straight away stating it was a new batch. It looked better but had no flavor did not trust eating it did not taste the same as normal KFC Gravy. After eating meal in which the popcorn and chips tasted very dry as if kept in heat for a long time. I then returned a second batch.

    I ordered my son a carmel krusheem on the poster to be told they no longer did them.

    On both occasions not given reciept.

    Contacted oustomer Care compliant reference 069863 to recieve a letter on 26 march 13. on reading their letter it seemed a standard fob of but we really care.

    I then phoned and stated I did return Gravy straight away and also the replacements I was given, even stated time. They said they would look at it again. Stating I had eaten in many KFC and never had gravy like this and I did return it there and then in the KFC.

    on 16/04/13 I recieved a letter in response to my follow up compliant reiterateing that KFC does not offer a refund if the whole product is not returned. So KFC can sell Crap food and expect you to pay for it.
    I then phoned again. I do not know where there call centres are but on both occastions the was dificulties understanding each other.

    My advice to anyone considering using Linwood KFC don’t Next time I will keep the gravy and hand it into enviromental health.

    They made me feel if I was trying to rip them of for £14.00. I ended up getting annoyed by KFC coustomer service. He said he would hang up but I felt I was talking to a brick wall and swore out of frustration. Dadeed KFC Rep hung up. I phoned back to answering system to be informed they close at 4pm.Funny how he hung up at home time on the dot. I would not give it a rating If I had a choice. I had a problem with another food outlet many years ago. boy what a difference there was in the way they deaalt

    • Three more letters on still no joy. I asked to speak to supervisor. Explained how can you return all product back if you have treid a bit to find out it was not right. I awiat another fob off from KFC.

  39. re: KFC Green Valley AZ Store #J004002

    We ordered two boneless dinners: the food was rubbery, dry, cold,overcooked, tasteless and smelled like OLD grease.

    No one smiled, greeted the customer, said please or thank you. The owner was present.


  40. Ck this out i visited KFC on Maryland pkwy
    In Las Vegas nv at Sahara. I watch the cashier numerous time
    Handling cash, then goes in the back to prep ur order
    He never sanitized his hand yet he was touching the utensils
    His dirty fingers were all in the container that he was handling
    This fellow never once washed or sanitized his hand, what’s going
    On here folks, where are store mgrs doing about this, guess what consumer
    No one cares anymore about customer service don’t go to KFC if your not happy with the

  41. Just got back from store in W. Springfield MA and it was the worst experience EVER!!! They had over 20 people just waiting for food, stopped taking orders for food and all the help running around looking at each other not knowing what to do. They yelled at one point for everyone to give them their receipts so they could try and figure out what everyone ordered which only added to the confusion. If I hadn’t paid – I would have left PRONTO!! They finally got everyone out 1/2 hour later but I will have to think long and hard before going back. The dining room was also a mess with soda on the floor, no napkins or clean tables. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

  42. Went to store D212085 on East Horizon Drive, Henderson, Nevada on Friday 4/19/13. It was pretty crowded. Had to wait 12 minutes for original recipe chicken, so asked for hot wings to be fresh with the chicken. Waited for my order and brought it home. The chicken was undercooked and the hot wings were old and dry, and one of my sides was incorrect. I called the store and spoke with Enjoli (Asst. Mgr). She was extremely apologetic and made no excuses. She wrote down all my information and asked me to come back in another day. I returned on Saturday 4/20/13, and not only did Enjoli replace the chicken, she replaced the entire order and gave me a cake for dessert. She continued to apologize and continued to ask if she could do anything else for me. Because of her exceptional customer service, I will continue to go to that store and that store only. Thank you Enjoli!! There is still someplace around with awesome customer service!!

  43. Regarding KFC @ 1403 W Williams St Apex, NC –
    Person taking the order does not check to see if order is completely filled, and has someone else fill the order. You have to restate everything you ordered or empty the bag to check.
    Also this store is sometimes not open on Sundays.
    I will driver further to a KFC with good service and business hours.

  44. Today, 4-28-13 at 8:35pm, myself and I girlfriend just recently seen a commercial for the boneless, I ate the bone, chicken and wanted to purchase some. So we got to our local KFC in atlantic city nj and the manager taking our order was the rudest person I have ever encountered and I work in a prison. She told me there wasn’t items that were clearly on the menu than told me one price over the intercom and at the window it was a totally higher price. After I seen the price I tried to change my order and she told me to pull around and wait and she keep my money. After approximately 5 minutes she came out with my money and told me to go back in line and I kindly did and she had the audacity to give me an attitude again. That was a completely unprofessional and unappreciated attitude, I would rather not go there any more and would not recommend anybody else I kno to go here either…

  45. I ordered kfc online and yet there is no confirmation from my email and cellphone no, the service online is so dissapointing!!!!!!?!!! Please check if theve process my online order

  46. I contacted KFC over a week ago regarding getting the wrong bucket of chicken. I have yet to hear back from anyone. I was hoping to get perhaps a call from the manager from the store I purchased from but I have not. I ordered the boneless bucket and got chicken with bones grilled and crispy. I visited the drive-thru @ KFC in Lakeside, California on Woodside Ave.

  47. Today I went to buy 15 hot wings, the person who attended me did not understand English properly. I did go to the window to explain that I wanted to order.

    My order was cold and over cooked, the pieces were not varied and when she indicated that she and the manager went began to speak in Persian finally neither understand what I demand. Pull my money on crap food. This was in Sterling, VA. Today April 3

  48. Hi, Kfc (Silverton – Pretotia) a huge disappointment, dtive thru and being assisted jnside the shop, Im sending this in my car waiting for 35 min now at the drive thru, totally unacceptable. I stay around the area and doesnt make sense for me to go elsewhere, I dont understand wether they are short staffed or simply slow.

  49. I weny to yhe kfc in btidgeview il today at 8.00 pm 5/2/13
    They did not have anything I asked for not enough chicken and very rood and helpless employee
    Never going back

  50. I wanted to comment on the kids’ chicken strip meal I ordered at the Franklin, Ky store yesterday. My daughter is very picky, but she went on and on about how delicious the chicken strips were (very crispy). She also loved the new bucket container and even commented on the applesauce. Even though she was skeptical at first when she saw the tube like container, she said it was the best she’s had:)

  51. I went into KFC and got in line of two people, the lady already at the cash register, taking an ample amount of time describing to the cashier what she wants, now he is not new and worked for a while, after describing multiple times what she wants they finally finish the order. i go up to order and takes forever getting the food paid because of unreadiness in the cash register. After a 15 minute wait for me and the lady, the register offers the lady a drink and does not offer the other waiters any, free of charge. looking at the other ethnicity around she and him are both white and i am asian. Overall KFC has the worst customers service.

  52. Comment on store G135079 Ordered 2 boneless white boxes one with French Fries & one with Cole Slaw and 2 iced teas; what I received was 2 mixed boneless (dark/white, 2 mashed potatoes with gravy and a diet Pepsi. Waited 9 mins in the parking lot to receive a messed up order. Not happy when I got home. Biscuits tasted like they were 2 weeks old but my dog enjoyed her dinner even though I did not.

  53. The fish at your 2221 north 86th st store in Li9coln Ne is very incosistant. Today its old and cold. Other times is so hot you have wait a moment to eat (a good thing) Your chicken while good is not great anymore–ever since you changed over to the so called heathly frying oil. To add insult to injury your usual tiny sized chicken pieces seems to gotten even smaller in size. Where do you find such tiny chickens? Your prices versus what you get are way out of line. KFC is not the only game in town for chicken. The prices and portion size are better elsewhere. Finally you ask your customers to take satifaction surveys and the website does not even work. Great product support there I must say. KFC was a great brand once.

  54. I spent 5 minutes writing a comment about your poor quality food and less than stellar servive and big suprise your email system which works about as well as the rest of your operation–lost my comment. KFC prices are excessive for you actually get. Today for the 2nd time out of 3 visits my food was cold and old. For the portion size– the prices are excessive.You used to have a brand that meant quality food at a good value. No longer. As for your chicken–are you kidding? I have seen pigeons that have have larger drumsticks than your chickens do. Wake up and smell the coffee KFC.

  55. i went to the portage kfc today and while i was waiting a very sloppy looking woman whom found out was a mgr. went out the side door and propt it open and lit a cigarette.there were other customers in the store as well.i parked on the side by that door and left my windows down so not only did we have to smell it in the store but in my car as well.i’m sure the smell will come out of the car but i didn’t appreciate it.if she has to smoke she needs to get away from the building and the doors.the young man that waited on me said her name was liz.the store # is FO 2004i hope it dosen’t happen again but if it does you will be hearing from me again……….thak you,pamela stock

  56. The 6 chicken strips that I received after I ordered were all too tough, overcooked, and too cold to eat. I am extremely dissatisfied with this. Now I understand why all the KFC’s close to my house got shut down.

  57. I am extremely disappointed in the level of service and quality received at one of your locations. The store is in Gaylord, MI and apparently the manager’s name is “Amy.” I went through the drive thru and ordered a mixed bucket special with extra crispy ad grilled. I also tagged on two additional large side dishes, coleslaw and mashed potatoes. When I got home and served my family, the chicken pieces were absolutely miniscule and pathetic. The coleslaw was obviously not prepared correctly and we are huge kfc coleslaw fans! We ordered 2 of them. It had a very cabbage taste, like someone neglected to add in part of the sauce or not enough. I called the location in Gaylord and asked to speak to the manager. The person on the phone identified herself as Amy and that she was the manager. I explained my disappointment with our order. Instead of apologizing for the mistake, she carried on how the coleslaw was made the same was everyday ad that my order for the mixed special was half dark and half white, half bone ad half no bone…WHICH IT WAS NOT! I asked her if she was seriously arguing with me and she went into further defensive mode. Frustrated I told her that she no longer would receive business from my family and I. Again, no apologies, more argumentative ad defensive behavior. Mind, that I was not being rude, just making an honest complaint. There is no way a manager should behave in such a way. I am very upset that I paid over $30.00 for a meal that was not up to the quality that I normally receive from KFC. And to deal wit an inconsiderate manager to boot is very upsetting. This incident occurred approx. 7 pm (Eastern time) on May 7. (For your reference).

  58. This is a complaint on a location in Phoenix, AZ.
    1843 W. Union Hills Dr.

    I have lived in the location for 7 seven years. The past 2 years, the food and service at this location has been sub par. There never seems to be a manager on duty; just a bunch of kids working (hanging out). The food is never consistant. It is either not cooked accurately or luke warm. The macaroni and cheese, which is a favorite at our home, never seems cooked enough; instead of being creamy, it is watery. We love KFC and always think maybe the next time we stop there it will be better. The last time we stopped, which was about 3-4 weeks ago, they were out of original recipe chicken and said it would be 30 minutes until they had more. It wasnt late in the evening either. It just seems no one theere know what they are doing and/or they just don’t care. We left and went to the sub shop nearby. Our family is done with this location, which is giving KFC a bad name. We have spoken to friends and neighbors and no one goes there. The most common comment is “Oh I hate that KFC. It’s horrible.” This location should be closed down.

  59. I eat KC.fried chicken at least once a week. My favorite is original wings.
    The store that I always go to, is located on Rt.17 n. In Hasbrouck Heights NJ.
    This afternoon I got a dozen original wings.
    For the first time I noticed the flavor was different, than I realized the flavor was
    rancid oil. Say the least I was very disappointed.
    I hope this won’t happen again.

  60. Your new boneless chicken is a joke first of all you show someone holding a piece with both hand s and they are the size of a nugget .They are way to salty and hard they are not good or worth the price/

  61. I have been at the location in St. Cloud, (Canoe Creek/Old Canoe Creek) FL 4 times over the past 4 months and everytime I have had some disapointing experience. Every visit I think maybe this time it will be better but the last time was probably the worst. I work in retail management and know that it is great customer service that companies need to continue to be successful. I am also a very busy person and eat at fast food restaurants 8+ times a week but this location has rarely been a choose for me because of the service. One occasion my husband and I went into the lobby about 7pm and I wanted original recipe chicken and they were completely out. On two other occasions I went to the drive through one time it was extremely slow (15 mins or so) when there were only one or two cars in the lane. The other time there was only one car in front of me and it was so long that I drove away after placing my order. The very last time in the drive thru I only pulled in because there was no cars in sight. I had to repeat my order two or three times of a 2 piece meal with a side of macaroni & cheese and a pepsi. I rounded the corner to see two cars and had to wait 10-12 minutes before I got to the window. Once I got to the window I was asked if I wanted orginal or crispy, the window closed for a minute then he came back back and wanted to know what drink I wanted. I was getting frustrated because I was on a quick lunch break. Finally once I got my food I was so grateful to go that I drove away with finding out a minute down the road that I had no fork to eat my mac & cheese & no napkins. I just couldn’t believe this and I had to eat the best way I could quickly before going back to work. Once I got back to my store I expressed my disappoinment to my employees and a comment was made how they as well had a bad experience at this location. In my adult 20+ years as being an adult I believe I have went out of my way maybe once to complain about any sort of incident of customer service because I realize things happen in where you just can’t always please everyone all the time. But I have never had a pleasant experience at this location. Anyways I have been thinking about my experiences for several weeks now and decided to write this. I know that you might want to contact me on this but am not looking for anything other than to express myself for all this has been weighing on my mind and thought someone should here my story and get some help for that store in St. Cloud.

    Thanks for your time,

    J Bigler

  62. Regarding the KFC store in Leesburg FL, on 441 by Lake Square Mall. This store needs to be investigated – it stinks of old grease and the food has without a doubt been in the warmer for many hours longer than it should have been. I will never go back in there, but I’m still very concerned. I doubt very much whether it meets health and safety standards.

  63. The KFC I visit is store #G135019. This store is located at 7006 W.75th Street, Overland Park, KS 66204. My last visit was April 30, 2013. I have several complaints I’d like to share. First, the floor is always very greasy when visiting. Maybe bleach or ammonia needs to be used to cut the grease. Or maybe use a different mop than the one used in the back. The person taking your orderneeds to be able to understand and speak English if they’re taking orders. The worker should not be taking chichen from the top tray an eating it for all to see. I really enjoy the convenience of this store being close to my house. So if those items can be addressed, I and others would be very appreciative.
    Thank You

  64. I purchased a 10 piece boneless dark meat meal and was very disappointed. The chicken was NOT original recipe, it was crunchy and was spicy. I just wasted $25 for terrible food. Excuse me the Cole slaw was great as usual.

  65. Me and wife. Went to KFC on 23
    40 Decker Blvd in Columbia SC And ordered two 10 piece hot wings with potato wedges l. Wedges were dry and cooked in burnt oil and the hot wings were over cooked and tasted rubberish we would like a full refund we really like KFC and plan on visiting again.. just ask your servers to throw out food that has been sitting out all day.. thank you…

  66. My family went to the Madison, IN KFC tonight 5/19/13 and had the worst experience we have ever had anywhere. We ordered the buffet for all 5 of us and after paying we waited forever for the cashier to give us our plates and cups. She only gave us 4 plates and 5 dessert bowls so I sent my husband up to see if we could have another plate and she said no we ran out of them….she wasn’t kidding. How can you have a buffet who requires you to get new plates and they run out. We then went to the buffet where there was no food and I mean nothing except spinach, baked beans that were so dry you would have choked on them and noodles that were dry with no flavor. We asked for chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits….they put 4 pieces of chicken out….remember I said there was 5 of us and most of those pieces were legs and a few biscuits that weren’t even warm. We waited and figured they would get the potatoes out but we were wrong we asked again and they girl said I don’t know if we have anymore I will have to check. She did manage to find some potatoes but never found anymore chicken or any other items that were on the buffet. We couldn’t even complain there because everyone working was out back smoking except the one person working the drive thru and she never came over just looked our way. We will never go back to this location and we do go to KFC quite often because normally our kids get what they want and so do my husband and I. We aren’t big eaters but I ate a biscuit and some potatoes and overpaid for those items.

  67. This is the second email i sent to kfc’s customer service on the Aiken, SC Store on Pine log road. Customer service itself is unorganized. Im a loyal Kfc customer of the past but my last three visits have been unsatified visits. Yesterday 5-20-2013 i ordered a pot pie and a 5 hot wing combo. My wings were cold, hard and one looked like somebody bit off it. If i wasnt on my way to work and had time i wouldve took everything back.. I will not be going back to this particular store!!!

  68. I visited KFC 5-11-13 with my wife for dinner. When we came in and ordered, we were told that they had to cook the chicken but it would be out in 8 minutes. 23 minutes later, the girl at the register signaled me to come get the chicken. She had brought an order to a man at another table while we were waiting. When I picked up the tray, there were no condiments on the tray. So I had to go back for Jelly, knife, spoonfork, ketchup. It was no a good visit.
    This took place at store J955012 in Fayetteville, NC at 6:38 PM. Ticket # 4196.

  69. I just had an insane KFC experience in Columbus, Mississippi. First, the guy taking my drive through order sounded like he REALLY hated his job. He was slow, monotone, and sounded stupid. I know you only pay minimum wage, so it is unskilled labor, but come on!
    I asked if there was still a five or six piece chicken tender meal. He said yes and it comes with one side. I asked for potato wedges. He told me to pull around.
    No drink in a meal? Huh. Ok.
    He didn’t tell me my total (they never do in Columbus, Ms.) for a reason I don’t understand. Tell me the total, and I’ll have it ready when I get to the window, ya know?
    So, I get up to the window, and this young African American gentlemen tells me my total is $14 dollars and something cents.
    Fourteen dollars?!

    “Yes, sir.”

    For six pieces of chicken?!

    “Yes, sir.”

    Six pieces of chicken with potato wedges and no drink cost fourteen bucks? Over two dollars a tender?!

    “Yes, sir.”

    Now, since YOUR policy is not to tell the total when the customer orders, I say no thank you, and drive off empty handed.
    I went to chic fil a, and a four piece with fries and a drink cost seven dollars.
    It’s clear this guy did not understand my order, even though I asked him again and again about it. I wish I hadn’t been in such a hurry, so I could talk to a manager. Not to get the guy in trouble or anything like that, but I KNOW chicken doesn’t cost $2.50 per tender.
    From what I understand, KFC is a big deal in the rest of the world. But here in America, it is bottom wrung.

  70. I had a carry out order. When I reach home and opened the box- Biscuit was missing, there was no spoon or fork, no paper napkin, I order sweet tea but got unsweetened tea instead and when I called the store, store manager told me to come next day and pick up my biscuit. I was so upset on his response.

  71. The food supplied at your cmh road branch today was not good rather it was not fresh. On informing the store manager she offered me a new pack of potato fries.. We didn’t take that since we didn’t like the first one. Your old madras road branch is very nice.. They supply the food as shown in the menu but @ cmh road branch even after telling them they didn’t supply as per the menu. My bill no is 32278 dated today @3:55pm. You may check your cctv footage. Regards

  72. I have been to Kentucky Fried chicken on West Main Street in Waterbury CT many times. I was highly dissapointed today when a manager took the order, my husband came home with the order and the chicken was terrible. It was very small pieces that were hard, dried out and definitely had to have been reheated. You could even tell by the color of the chicken coating that it was old and reheated!!!! Very very disappointed in this waterbruy site 🙁

  73. I’M writing you guys at KFC , to Request the Return of Honey BBQ Wings !!!! pleaseee pleaseee bring them back to stay ,they’re my favorite thing . Maybe an Online Survey determining it return should be given out .!!! im in Las Vegas , NV and i just really miss the Honey BBQ wings.

  74. Return Honey BBQ Wings !!!! pleaseee pleaseee bring them back to stay. Not everyone want to eat spicy/hot wings. I really miss Honey BBQ wings.

  75. Got such bad service today!! I orfered food for delivery and the driver took an hour and 15min to deliver and my house is 10 minutes away!! Food was ice cold and the driver forgot the card machine!!! When he eventually got back I got overcharged aswell!! No one made any effort with my complaint!! I love kfc and its always my first choice but after today I am not so sur!!!!!!!!

  76. I was in the mood for a fish dinner at Long John Silvers which I had not had for several years. It was combined with a KFC. The food I had was mildy warm at he most. Even the fries were barely warm to the touch. The fish was the same. In fact it was cool enought that the coating had seperated from the fish and the chicken and the inside was almost rubber like in texture. I repoted it to one of the counter people who said they would replace it but honestly I didn’t want it any longer and I was afraid of what someone might do in revenge of a return. ( drop it on the floor, ect). I called KFC which was the store owner reported it they nicely told me they were sorry for my experience and that was it, No can we send you a coupon to help improve your experience or anything like that. KFC way over charges for their chicken anyway I quit buying it because I can actually buy a steak for less. So thats my experience with KFC.

  77. About 3 weeks ago I went to my local KFC, and ordered my regular meal, except when I got to the window to pay, I asked how come every time I come and order the same things, I pay a different amount, well then what was the so called manager closed and locked the drive thru window and waked away without letting me pay for my order or getting my food. So I came back to my office and called the corporate number listed and complained, This is not the first time the location has treated me like I don’t matter. And I mentioned that when I called, I have not heard a word from anyone, I am not looking for a free meal, I can pay for my own lunch, But have not been back there, and will not go back there, EVER until this manager is replaced, the way she slammed her hands down on the counter and locked the window left me speechless, so since then I go somewhere else for my lunch everyday, I guess you do alright without my money, so be it. I now drive around with a window sign on my truck telling all who read, : DON’T VISIT LYNN HAVEN KFC, YOU WILL BE TREATED BADLY”, I have gotten several questions on it, and am glad to explain the whole story in detail. Rating on Customer Service, F. I hope whoever reads this has the same kind of day I had on that day.

  78. Good evening! I’ve had a terrible experience with a Kentucky Fried Chicken located on West Henrietta Road in Rochester, New York on May 21, 2013. I ordered a two piece with cole slaw. Once I begin to eat the cole slaw, I notice that a piece of plastic was actually in my cole slaw. I thank GOD that I did not choke on it. I called the KFC, and of course I was offered a free meal that can only be redeemed by me going to the restaurant. I called corporate and received an apology and promise of free coupons which I never received. I will never patronize a KFC anywhere ever again due to the flippant treatment and disregard that I’ve encountered. Thank you.

  79. We went in our local KFC (Eden, NC) on June 7th at lunchtime with our 11 year old and 16 month old. The little one has a severe egg allergy. There were only about 3 people eating in the restaurant and no one in line. We asked if the chicken had egg in it. The cashier didn’t know and asked the manager. The manager, very rudely, told us that none of their chicken had egg it just had seasoning on it. We also asked about peanut oil because we have been told to avoid nuts. The manager was very rude and let us know by her words and actions that she didn’t want to be bothered by our questions. It was so obvious that our 11 year old picked up on it and said, “I’m sorry we are just trying to not have to use his EpiPen.” My husband ordered the chicken bites and shared with our 16 month old. He started breaking out with red dots around his mouth so we gave him Benadryl and stopped feeding him. That night my husband got on the internet to file a complaint about the manager, and was livid when he saw the allergy list on KFC website that showed that what we gave our son because the manger told us it did not have eggs in fact did. He filed a complaint stating what happened and that we would never be back and asked to be contacted. While discussing our situation with friends (we have told everyone) we were told that a friend who can not have gluten was told that one of their chicken from the same restaurant we dealt with did not have gluten in it and it did causing him to get very sick. We got a form letter today apologizing for the inconvenience (the possibility of my child dying is more than an inconvenience) and 10 $1 gift certificates (they are in the trash can). The letter does not say anything about the situation being addressed so I called the number on the letter and spoke to the owner. He started trying to tell me that the chicken did not have eggs. I informed him that was not what the KFC website said. I told him that if the Benadryl had not worked, we would have been suing them. I tried to make him understand that this is a life or death situation as we have been told by the doctor that he could stop breathing the next time he gets eggs. The owner replied with, in all their years of operation, they had never had an issue with eggs. He never came out and said they would do better training their staff about allergies so I am even madder and more concerned than I was before. I am terrified for other people with food allergies having an even worse experience than we did. I hope and pray it doesn’t take someone dying before this owner and manager takes it as a serious matter and does a better job informing their staff about allergies.

  80. I went to the Oxford, Alabama KFC on 6-16-2013 and had the absolute worst experience I have ever had in my life with a resturant. The “manager” was too incompetent to take the order at the drive-thru after I gave it to her 3 different times before she “told” me to drive around to the window. When I got there they just kept looking at me and would NOT open the window. I knocked and motioned for someone to talk to me. They finally asked what I wanted. I then asked if they had gotten my order correct. They said no and I would have to pull around and place the order again. I refused and told her she would take it at the window since she did not get it correct from the speaker. She said she would not take my order at the window and I would have to drive around the building again. I refused and put my vehicle in park. This went on for nearly 20 minutes and numerous vehicles left from behind me. Apparently some else came on shift and asked what he could do to help me. I explained. ( this entire time the incompetent “manager” was running he mouth and ranting instead of preparing customers orders???????) He then asked me to pull up. I did. Then waited for another 10-15 minutes. I went inside and after about 20 more minutes I got my chicken which I believed they either spit on it or did something to,because they had to prepare it out of my sight behind the fryer. So on Father’s Day I had to go to Zaxby’s to get more chicken!!!! EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK AT THIS LOCATION!!!!

  81. You need to fire the manager that was working on 6-16-2013 and possibly even the district and regional managers if they allow customers to be treated this way. I have never ben so appalled by something this inept. I have contacted local health inspection officials about this problem.

  82. I am writing a complaint forte service of the staff. I was having my meal at taka KFC store. After finish the chicken wanted to wash my hand before continue to eat. However as I was washing my hands, the cleaned staff clean off my meal. Not that my bag is not there. My bags are all still at the table. I was VERY AnGRY qbout it. I want some action. Taken to my complaints.
    Very disappointedand angry.

  83. I was at the Cathedral City, CA KFC tonight. I ordered the 12 piece meal of grilled chicken, and was told they had no breasts or legs and it would be about 20 minutes before it was done. After waiting a half hour I was told the oven was down and there would be no grilled chicken. As I waited I heard requests for origional and extra crispy chicken which they were also out of. I have been there other times and there is always something wrong, either I don’t get all my order or they are out of chicken. How inconciderate the employees and the manager was to make me wait, not even to offer me a glass of water (temps outside were 113 degrees) then after a half hour tell me sorry no chicken. I did take my money back and went to El Pollo Locco and got a 12 piece meal for about $1 cheaper.

    KFC is no longer a choice for a meal.
    Genie Spratley,
    Cathedral City, CA

  84. Oh, by the way, the buffet at the Ebensburg, Pa located on Rt 22. was always full of food, the employees were always friendly & helpful, and also very quick to make sure the buffet was taken care of. We NEVER HAD A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE RESTAURANT. And this is one you shut down. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!!!!! We loved this place!!!!!!!!

  85. The manager on charge was the best service I have ever got. His name was Jeff he took my order with GREAT Care and in a polite and quickly manner 🙂 he is a great manager good job to who ever hired him 🙂

  86. Lee’s puts KFC to shame! I’ve had KFC and Long John Silvers thats sat under the lights so long that it’s drier than road kill and I’ve taken back and got into a screaming match with them. Never happens at Lees. I’ve called KFC 3 Different times and left messages I guess were aimed at outer space cause NEVER no replay.

  87. I visited the KFC location at 8994 Highway 64 E in Lakeland, TN and was extremely disappointed with the cashier’s behavior. At the drive-thru speaker, my husband and I inquired about the advertisement on the window for $14.99. We asked if we could get thigh and legs and she stated yes. We asked was that a meal she said yes. We placed the order and it came out to a total of $21.94. Once we pulled up to the window we questioned the price because $14.99 with tax in Tennessee is $16.38. We went ahead and paid $21.94 as we may have misread something. Once we received our order it was not what we asked for which was thighs and legs. It was thighs and something that appeared to look like chicken strips. We sent the order back stating that it was not what we asked for. Now here is the part that upset me and my husband…the cashier shuts the window, walks to the back, comes back up, and starts talking very loud and with an attitude about my husband. Although the window was closed we could still hear her and see that she was preparing a new bucket of chicken for us. Once she came back to the window with the order that we asked for and that she stated we could get at the take out speaker we told her that we no longer wanted the order and wanted our money back. The assistant manager came to the window, asked for our ticket which was still in the bag that we sent back in. He gave us our money back however I expressed that she was rude and unprofessional by talking about the customer so loud that we could hear her. He seems like a nice guy however offered no apology. I live in the neighbor and will not buy chicken from that KFC anymore. Not just that one but none of the KFC’s across the United States. I doubt that this young lady was even repremanded for her behavior.

  88. Everytime i visit kfc in garner on hwy 70 i am disappointed..evertytime i visit the managers are very rude an nasty.Shanta i believe is her name is the one who gives me the most problems.i will continue to give bad ratings if something does not change.

    Thank you. Sheri L. Judd

  89. KFC on schillengers road In Moble, Alabama is NASTY!!! I have never seen such a filthy place to eat… Except for the last time we ate there! Yes, we gave this NASTY place a 2nd chance. After asking that a table be washed so we could sit down they left it soaking wet.The Tables were dirty, The floor was dirty, all the counters were dirty, the seats were dirty……. We got a refund!!! If the front is that dirty what is the back like?? The lil shift manager didn’t say he was sorry or anything!! Gross!!! Yuck!!!’ Nasty!!!

  90. My wife and I go to KFC in Moberly, MO. 65270 . Get out there and thought we would look at the buffet to see what was on there. The only meat was a couple pieces of original and a couple pieces of crispy. Not bad, figured they would fill that up soon. there was several empty bins that we had no clue was was in there so we asked before getting the buffet since Melody wanted some chicken livers. The girl at the counter said you only get whats on the buffet. We just looked at each other and walked out. piss on them. I tried to call the local store and they don’t answer. See if I ever go back there again. Had a bad experience last year and took this long to see if they had gotten any better. Evidently not. .

  91. I visited your store today which is located in Abids, Hyderabad. I often visit your stores, but this was my first visit to your Abids store. I ordered a Zinger meal (A take away). After 5 mins or so, I got the order. I took the cover and left the store. As I reach home I found the fires which was given me in the meal was not fired properly and it was clearly seen that they were not done properly. I would have visited your store again to show them, but I stay very far from your Abids store, as I was passing by so I stop by. But I was given this stuff. Mostly people don’t check when they order take away’s. As we trust the quality and quantity given by KFC. And today it was a big surprise for me that I was given fries which was not baked or cooked properly. I have taken up the pic of those, as I stay very far to travel to this store, so I would shoot to the consumer form with this, that this is how customers are treated when we order take away. If you could do something ASAP, will be appreciated. The total money was wasted today of mine. And also lost the interest in KFC now.
    Syed E Uddin

  92. I purchase the colonel Original sandwich meal….. the sandwich WAS the worse sandwich I have ever tried to eat. I had to throw it away after several empts to bit into or chew. The chicken breast meat was stringy, dried out, tasteless tough, and way too thick.. Have you ever tried to eat a shore leather, and have it stacked 2 inches thick,on a dried out nothing on bun! Two over size thick pieces so called chicken breast, on a dried bun (nothing on it) and some sadly looking pink stuff, dripped on the meat. I believe my dog would walk away, if I had one.. purely the worse sandwich I have had in 50 years and from Alaska to Mine, this is a sandwich I would NOT EVER recommend to any one

  93. Store in Fort Wayne Indiana number F383002 on DUPONT RD. serves up the worse colonel original chicken sandwich ever! Chicken breast meat was tough, like leather, string, tasteless. And totally wrong size and design for a chicken sandwich, The chicken breast was over size (thickness) for the purpose to be used, then there was some kind of Pink sauce dripped onto the beat and Zero sauce on the buns.. totally waste of any ones money.. Don’t waste your time or money, Pluse the drive up windows was so so so slow..

  94. You have worked very hard to get rid of my family as customers.
    First you close the KFC closest to me. Now I have to go 5 miles for it. I have been getting #1 white for years. I went in yesterday and am told I have to pay a substitution fee it I want white meat.
    Well congratulations you finally ran me off.

  95. I went to my local KFC on Holland Rd in VA Beach, VA to get a replacement for the bad food they served me. I tried to call the night before, however one of the numbers was missing. To make a long story short I talked to the manager who was very polite. The cashier got involved and was very disrespectful and unprofessional. She should not work in customer service for anyone!! Kim the cashier wanted to fight, but I told her she should have read the Alumni shirt I was wearing; I truly earned it. I refused to have a fist fight with her. I am going to fight a different fight by following the proper protocol. She thinks this is the end, but this is just the beginning. I will make sure justice is served this time.

  96. I told my complaint to Christie at the corporate office number provided by the KFC on belvedere and military trail. I printed coupons off the Channel twelve news to try a boneless piece of chicken free. The store manager refused to honor our coupons. There were four knowledgable mathematically and socially. Due to there lack of knowledge of how to enter the coupon they refused them altogether. I was very upset with the poor customer service. The coupons DONOT expire until 8/31/13. With humiliation I don’t want to use them. They will give food and discounts to who they will but you deny my coupon because you don’t know the procedure????? Christie said she would mail me courtesy coupons. I have not received them. Where is the care for satisfying your customers??????

  97. I stopped at KFC in Antigo Wisconsin on July 28 at noon. We ordered the 8 piece meal or original chicken and sides. When we got to the window we were told there was no original recipe legs. We were very disappointed as that is what my family likes the most, so we cancelled our order and left. This is our 3rd bad experience at this restaurant and unless someone gave us a free dinner I would NOT go back there again. Last time we ordered we tried your new boneless chicken in original and it was so spicy hot we couldn\’t eat it. The time before that we dined in and they allowed someone to come in with a dog and sit in the restaurant to eat with the dog licking off the floor and it was NOT a seeing eye dog or a dog for medical purposes. Someone needs to investigate this store. What a disappointment for the price you charge for these meals….I would never recommend this place to anyone especially after not getting the right food today.
    Maybe you need to do the show undercover Boss to see for yourself how this store works!!!

    Sincerely Dissatisfied

  98. On Aug 1, 2013 while traveling home from a long day trip my family and I decided to stop at the KFC/Long John Silvers located at 6440 E State Road 64 in Bradenton Fl 34208. We entered the store at 8:40 pm, at 8:43 pm our order was submitted and paid for using my debit card for Long John Silvers menue items. Two other sets of customers entered the store behind us and left with their orders (Long John Silvers and KFC items). At 9:00 the dining room door was attempted to be locked on my husband who exited to check on our pets traveling with us, he informed the employee we were still waiting on food. I approached the counter and advised we had not recieved our order we paid for. We were brought a partial order (2 of 3 orders and they were incomplete).
    When I pointed out we were missing a order, we were brought a single fish fillet which was an add on to our order. Again we pointed out a whole missing order and we were told it would be 30 minutes, they wanted to lock the dining room (it apparently closed at 9pm but the drive thru was open till 10pm), we were offered chicken or we could leave without the order. We said we’d leave without the order but not without a refund on the dinner. We had to wait on the manager to come in and do the refund, we left hungry, then had to wait for a unloading resturant supply truck to leave the parking out so we could get out. I had to post the store location because I don’t have a receipt with the store number as it was kept and destroyed or garbaged by the employees – I did ask for it. I have my credit sale and my credit refund slip (which was done at 9:18pm – almost 24hrs later I’m still waiting for it to post to my debit card.) Even though there were several employees, the clerk who took our order seemed to be doing everything in the resturant part (counter-food-dining room), another was handing the window. The manager didn’t seem happy with us and when he spoke we couldn’t understand him, the management and staff were African-American and we didn’t have a problem understanding the clerk. I realize they wanted to lock up the dining room but the food issue was unexcuseable if they were serving the drive thru till 10pm. We’ve never had this kind of service at our hometown Long John Silvers, if we did we wouldn’t be customers. This store would be a prime candidate for Under Cover Boss – maybe the clerk needs to be the manger.

  99. My family and some other families went to visit your restaurant on Rte 16 South from the Settlers Mall in N. Conway, NH last week. Unfortunately, the place was a dump. The floors were all dirty and sticky, the tables were all dirty, sticky and messy as well. I reported this to a female Mgr. She said that she will take care of it. However, we were there from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and nobody bothered cleaning up. Noticed employees were very laid back. The restaurant looked unbelievably dirty and unappealing to eat. I was embarrassed to drag the other families along with me as it was very disappointing. A restaurant in a touristic location should be immaculate so people can refer others to visit. As to yr green beans and corn they had a horrible taste. They looked like they were served out of cans cold and dry no flavoring whatsoever. poor service. Paid $44 did not enjoy a bit. The place needs a strict supervision and immediate care if you want to see the place booming.

  100. 8/05/2013 Visit Time 5:15 PM KFC Hwy 49 Yazoo City, MS
    I just visited your restaurant in Yazoo City, Mississippi and was totally disgusted by what was allowed to go on at the buffet. There were approximately 20 people in the restaurant and there were signs posted that you must have a clean plate for each visit. I watched 6 people ranging from ages 10 to 30 go back for seconds without getting a clean plate. Some had food hanging off the sides of their plates and one even set his plate down on the buffet counter to serve himself with one hand while he was scratching his frontal private parts with the other. There was actually a buffet service person at the buffet while this was going on and she never once said anything to the people. I can not give you a receipt # because I was not given a receipt when I paid for my meal. I believe I was not given a receipt because I am a senior citizen and was not given a senior discount. I assure you I have eaten there before many times and many of my family have done so as well but we will not be customers there again. What I observed was not only filthy, vulgar but could easily spread diseases that I do not wish to contract. I do hope someone will correct this problem before KFC is faced with a lawsuit for unsanitary conditions.

  101. After being a regular customer/fan for over 50 years I have been deeply saddened tonite.I just moved from Austin Muskegon,Mi.A number of your stores in austin closed over the last few years and I was very excited to find one in Muskegon.Got my usual meal,2breasts,original,mashed potatos and baked beans.Well,I can see why your places are closing.The coating on the chicken was very bland.The amount of baked beans I received was equivalent to about 4 teaspoons and overly sweet.My fault for not ordering the lg mashed potatoes,the regular size was ludicrous,so small.Just thought I would let you know,that there is a good chance you have lost a lifetime customer.See what you can do to make me happier with your product.Thank you,Carl

  102. I have gone to the KFC on Hanes mall blvd in Winston Salem NC on numerous occasions. They never have grilled chicken prepared and today I said fried would be ok only to be told at the window that all they had was thighs. No other solution besides waiting 20 minutes. I thought it was fast food! Anyway I will not be going to that location anymore. Maybe not any.

  103. About a week ago, I ordered the boneless chicken meal from the KFC in Grand Prairie, TX. Upon getting home, I discovered that the chicken was extremely tough and tasted old. I filled out the survey in which I stated the above problem and asked to be contacted. It’s been approx. 6 days since I did so and still have received no communication from KFC. Needless to say, this gives the impression that the customers needs/opinions etc. mean nothing and are not worth replying to. Don’t think I will be spending money with them again.

  104. O not ever go to the KFC in downtown sacramento. Today the manager was the cashier with an attitude. Two co-workers were getting refills discussing cell phone ideas and the food was burnt. I got the 2pc boneless meal. The only part I liked was the biscuit.i see why it’s always empty. I will never go back

  105. I walk into KFC today in a bad mood and made my order before i was done paying the bills my food was ready hurry*with a smile on my face .was greated to politly from this beautiful black african beauty ,she said :here you go mam’m hope everything is going well today nd i told her no that no and her reply was mam’m if you need someone to talk to,i am right here working just call me and i will be at your service 🙂 that tall girl .wha a shock i have never been treated that way before.

  106. KFC/Taco Bell on HWY 92 Acworth GA 30102 has the worst customer service; I don’t really know how they still in service, this location never have anything of their menu available for the customer.
    I have been at this location 2 times in the last week 08/22/13 and 08/23/13 and I had to walk out of the restaurant do to the employees not having any KFC food ready for me to order and take home. Instead they all hanging out in the front lobby, the restaurant is dirty and very unclean. I tried talking to the manager Shamicah Mob while I was in the store and she seem not to care at all instead she continue laughing with a comment one of the employees in the kitchen have said, My order was done wrong too, I order the new deal for $10.99 which includes 5 legs and 5 thighs and I was charged $16.98, something that I tried fixing there but the cashier and the manager ignored me so I just walk out of there, not only the service is bad but the restaurant is dirty but the managers this location have are very unprofessional, I ask Shamicah the store manager for a corporate number and she refuse to give it to me.
    this has happened several times and I think its time KFC send some professional employees to this location.

  107. On 8/25/13 at 12:00 I visited the KFC at 4623 W. Market St. Greensboro, NC. I had the coupon for the BOGO 2 piece boneless chicken meal. No one said hello, or how may I help you? The first words from the two cashiers after they showed up were “that’s expired and no good”. I was dismayed at this because this was going to be the lunch for my 7 year old and myself and on the coupon it had a date of 8/25/13. I thought that this coupon was like EVERY OTHER coupon out there and that the date on ticket was the last day to use it. After the cashiers rolled their eyes at me they went and got the manager and as soon as he walked up he was rude. There was again no hello or anything. He told me I was wrong and did not try to be conciliatory at all towards me. He was simply rude and gruff. So, instead of spending my money with them I left amd took my money elsewhere. I will not be going back to that location ever and I’m not sure if I’ll gor to KFC again. If this is true that the coupon expired on the 24th although printed on it is the 25th then this is nothing but a scam by KFC to get people in the store and spend more money than they were planning on. The attitudes they had and the way the dealt with this issue is the whole reason behind the saying of customer “no”service. I will be sure to tell all of my friends and associates about this so that they too can stop shopping there.

  108. I usually eat at kfc. When I am in ft number
    f428058. Your 17 yr old staff member camefro
    came from behind the counter to empty garbage and clean tables she empty trash then wipe the trash the septa call then proceeded to clean tables with the same lostat this point I spoke to her saying that was nasty she looked at me,I asked for a manager she stated the manager was in the back I ask to speak to the manager I got no response. I looked at m9y receipt and I called store the manager pick up the phone I asked the manager to come out to the front of your store explain what I witnessed. I told the manager I was going to call the health department in which I did once I got to my car why are your workers so lazy not to have 2 clothesto cleanyour 17 year old spoke out and said the closet clean in which I know they were not I watched the entire store as customers came in they to notice the tables were not clean when I arrived the store was busy. Then there was a little break between customers I had already ordered my food and was eating when I noticed all of this I did not get to enjoy my lunch because that disgusts me to see someone not doing the proper pro- cedure of cleaning the store. This is not the first time Nor the second time.I won’t be returning to the store until I see a better staff who knows how to keep this KFC running efficiently.I may be the only customer who worries about the safety of their stomach this person did not wash her hands and return can turn behind the counter then she return again to the floor where she claims she got a clean plusbut I notice this cloth looks the same as it has a yellow tinge .

  109. I just had the worst experience ever. I went in KFC for supper. I witnessed a manger and a customer arguing over mashed potatoes. I really have to the say the customer was right. All he said was he was missing his mashed potatoes and basically the manager called him a liar. Lol I am not kidding. Which turned into a yelling disagreement that the cook came out throwing the f bomb. Really you cant make this stuff up. I felt really bad there were to little old ladies in there totally not knowing what to do.

  110. Everytime we go to Kfc Bellville Cape town we get first slow service secondly there is never stock of the fillets we want….for instance the favourites now Zinger burger and wings really now! They first allow you to stand in a long queue then they tell you when you get to the counter then the just plain say out of stock can’t drop chicken now!! Really fed up now with there pathetic service

  111. Went to my local KFC on union street plymouth UK to get a meal bought 12 bit boneless banquet with 4 extra bits. Only to get home and find no popcorn chicken no dips no gravy no coleslaw this is not the first time this has happened. Had to get one of my sons to go back and get said items customer service is crap there is no customer service all the guy wanted to tell the customers that he had just got promoted to manager I personally wouldn’t let him manage a piss up at a brewery let alone a shop with customers in it.

  112. The size of chicken in KFC outlet in sector 9 Panchkula-134109 was truly ridiculous. It was at best TINY… The whole chicken would not have weighed more than 450 gm.with bones. Most dissatisfied.

  113. used to work for kfc in el paso tx. the one the downtown area, this kfc is full of irregulareties, there is a internal mafia, team member as well as managers and im talking about team members that have years working there they bully new team members and manager permit all this, all this is to the knowledge of the general manager (Eduardo) and he never,ever does nothing about it rhere should be some inspection, talk to team members, get to the bottom of all this isint this against the right of employees??? or in some case, doesnt anybody care???

  114. Dear Sir or Madam:
    To begin, I have been eating KFC for many years and absolutely love the flavor! Lately I’ve been noticing over the internet that quite a few people out there, specifically a gentlemen named Ron Douglas (“America’s Most Wanted Recipes”), swears on back that they have replicated the KFC recipe to the letter.

    Having seen Mr. Douglas on the Wendy Williams show demonstrating how it’s prepared and what goes into it, I thought I’d try my hand at it this past weekend. I included every spice he used, especially Accent, which is supposedly the key ingredient, but although the end result was very flavorful and moist, and it really did taste yummy, it just didn’t hit home for me, didn’t have that KFC wow factor, not even close. Nonetheless, having expressed that, I wondered if KFC would ever consider marketing their flour/spice recipe for the consumers to purchase? This way people like me can make our own KFC at home.

    The reason I ask is because, rumor has it that KFC is going out of business. I sure hope not, but if there’s any truth to it, I think it would be a great idea if the CEO’s at KFC headquarters considers this suggestion. I’m sure it will be a hit with the public BIG time.
    I look forward to receiving a response to this matter. Thank you.

  115. Just earlier today at 1215 I went to the kfc at 201 western blvd in Jacksonville, nc.Aftrer ordering my meal I went to the Window and was given the total I explained to the lady that my total was wrong and she grabbed a manager. The manager continued to tell me that we ordered it wrong and what ever they heard was correct. After asking her if we were just out of luck she got pissed off and said no ill refund your money right now. So after she refunded us the money and rang up or order she demanded the incorrect meal and proceeded to throw it away right in front of us. Then once the correct meal was finished the guy from the back came and handed us the meal. The whole time the manager and the lady at the Window started laughing as if they did something to the meal. The manager wad very rude and I will never go back to this place again. As a member of the armed forces I believe we should not have to deal with unprofessional people like this especially a manager at that.

  116. I started working at KFC in Milford, MA on Medway Rd. I started the end of August. At that time another new employee started a day after I did. We were told to take our breaks at 8pm so we did, He followed me to a local coffee cafe, at that point in time he proceeded to comment on the size of my chest and asked many questions about my relations with my huband. When I returned to work 30 mins later, I was visable upset and told my manager at the time. She said it would be taken care of. No less then 12 hours later I found out that this man….. that I worked a shift and took a break with was a level 3 sex offender. I am shocked and horrified that a back round check was not performed on him before he started. I would like to bring this concern to the highest level. My safety was at stake and I demand compensation or I will have my lawyer all over this.

  117. I went The KFC on Kimball ave in Waterloo Iowa. ON Tuesday we ordered the people worked there was really rude and and loud. They acted like they didnt want to serve us and it took them so long to come up to the window. And when they did they acted like they had a attuide and and they acted like they didnt hear us ordering . Then when they did it took them longer then 10 minutes to get our chicken and then it was the wrong order. We ordered extra crispy and got some old chicken that dint like like chicken. We ordered the $20 dinner and and got sides that was cold and no taste. The wings were really nasty the gravy was runny the deal 4 and the chicken came apart in the bucket. So I’m wrting to say to you what can be done? We love the chicken but not going to that store again.

  118. Back in May I went to KFC and bought 2 chicken pot pies. Pies were all liquid and not much meat. So I went online and submitted a complaint and an area manager (female) called me back to appoligize. She said she was going to send out two free coupons for two pot pies. 3 weeks went by and I called her to find out what happened to my coupons. She said “oh they are waiting for you at the store”. Really?? So I told her to mail them to me (which she said she would do from the start and never did). Now it’s almost October and still no coupons! Never again will I visit any KFC’s.

  119. I went to the KFC/ Taco Bell in Sallisaw, OK on Thursday Sept. 26th 2013. And I have never seen a manager be so Rude & hateful to his employees. There was a line at the drive thur & they were low on chicken & it was slowing service for KFC down a little. But I have never seen a manager act & talk to their employees as rude, hateful & demeaning as he was ALL BECAUSE THEY HAD A LITTTLE DINNER RUSH. This manager really needs to work on his people skills & learn how to talk to people. I think this manager’s supervisors should show up unannounced a few time so they could see for them self’s how he is treating these teenagers. Cause this is NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED.

  120. After many many phone calls and visits to your store after getting some dried up bad chicken, I see now why you never contacted me! I just read all of the similar complaints above and it looks like you and your company just don’t have it together anymore! I see that you would rather lose customers than address and resolve their problems… I do finally give up trying to contact and resolve this problem. You obviously have no intention of keeping me and my family as customers. I see your company slowly deteriorating…and I for one will not pay the overinflated prices for a poor quality product. I only wanted my $25.19 back. You could have kept us as customers if only you had responded. Many many weeks have passed and I give up on you. For the rest of my life whenever I see a KFC sign , I will remember this and I will instead go to Smith’s for $5.99 or $8.99 for juicy delicious chicken. You have blown it! You have lost a customer. I cannot wish you’re company well. I’m sure I will be seeing many kfc’s closing down and eventually becoming a thing of the past. This use to be a good product. Problem now is you are overpriced and on top of that , obviously just don’t care! Good luck in the future… If this is how you run your business, you’re going to need it!

  121. i went to the slough kfc and was discusted at the service i got when i ordered a meal as i was told that they only serve halal meat and that they do not serve anything else this is discrimination and is illegal in the british law as we are intitled to eat meat in this country we love our bacon and beef and should not be discriminated against by these people who chose to fast and not eat our meat. the people who work at your establishments should serve us what we want and if they can not handle our bacon or beef then they should not work there.
    yours mr b.p.f beaumont

  122. I purchased a carry out chicken breast dinner in early September 2013. When I got home I found out it was excellent. Two weeks later I again purchased the same carry out. When I got home and opened it ut it was a much different experience.

    This time I got the regular chicken instead of the Krispy I ordered. It was half the size of the previous dinner, was dry and stringy, and the mashed potatos had the gravy mixed in the potatos instead of on top as if someone had steered the mix. I set the receipt aside without looking at it and decided the next time I stopped there I would talk to the Manager.

    Two weeks later I did that and asked some young counter girl to get the Mamager. She indentified herself as the Manager even though she appeared to be in het teens with dirty hands. She went to the outside of a little office and appeared to be talking to someone, than proceed to deliver orders through the drive up window. After leaving me stand there for about 7 minutes, she said I should have made a complaint within 24 hours, and I was out of luck!

    I called KFC the next day and made a complaint about this location in Henderson, Nv. and was told a “Customer Sprcialist” would call me within 24 hours. It’s now been weeks and no response. As a 35 year customer I will never patronize KFC again!

  123. I realy love k.f.c.& taco bell but I don’t like geting all the paper back I only one customer copy I always get two slips that say. The same thing please stop it I don’t need alll the paper trash thankyou

  124. This evening I went thru your drivethrough and ordered a large bucket of crispy chicken with sides. I haven’t had food from your stores in many years! First of all, I fed 4 hungry boys who absolutely loved it, all of it and they gobbled it up!
    The reason for my message is to inform you that the employees working tonight were, without a doubt, the nicest, patient and over the top employees who made it clear that they love their job and really appreciate their customers! I wish I had gotten their names but I can tell you your restaurant is located on
    NORTH PETERS ROAD IN KNOXVILLE TN. I can’t express enough how pleasant they were to make me feel welcomed. Please say “thank you” from me and please recognize that they are outstanding employees. Wonderfully pleasant, of any fast food restaurant that I’ve EVER purchased food from and I do mean ever!
    Give them high praise because it is very much deserved!!!

    Cathy Kane 🙂

  125. Saw your Chicken Tender GoCup commercial on TV, so we decided to try it. Visited the W Wade Hampton, Greer, SC KFC. Ordered 3 GoCups. Inspite the fact that the service was slow we were looking forward to our food. The idea of the GoCup is great, but the product itself needs to be what you advertise. The chicken tenders were very small and heavily breaded. Half the chicken was the breading. The wedges were small, mostly flat and over-fried crunchy. Though we may not be returning to KFC others may like to get what you advertised.

  126. Let me say this – I would love more than anything to see this go PUBLIC.
    My Mother had the great fortune to turn 90 years old a few weeks ago. However one of her wishes was to go to KFC in Maryville, Tn. for dinner. My mother, her daughter (my sister) and her husband ordered the buffet. When finished my sister’s husband went to the counter to ask if there was any way to get a box (and yes we know they do not give take home boxes for the buffet) since my mother had 1 chicken leg left and would like to take it home. The General Manager starting raising her voice and making a big scene over a 50 cent piece of chicken. *
    Now let me add to this – I did say my Mother was 90 years old, however I did not add the fact that she is in a wheel chair and on oxygen.
    *Now all this was going on in front of other customer and her full staff. At this point the Manager as already embarrassed my Mother, humiliated her in front of others and then to add more disgrace and indignity to all this – the Manager called the POLICE on my Mother. And yes the Office thought the Manager was nuts. What she did was complete miss use of the 911 system – which by the way is illegal.
    I have had conversation with a few Executives from the Corporate office and from one of the Franchise Owners, but all they seem to be able to say is my Mother was “DISAPPOINTED” in her visit. Tell me something please – would you only be “DISAPPOINTED” over that treatment.
    You will never see her nor any member of my family in any KFC store again.

  127. I visited the KFC on 43rd ave and McDowell in Phoenix AZ 85031 and ordered a 8 piece boneless chicken bucket and was told the boneless was 35 cents more per piece, that was acceptable but we had to wait 20 plus minutes for them to cook the chicken. That was fine as well. When they started to bag the meal up they informed me they only had 7 pieces of the chicken not the 8 I paid for. They asked if I wanted a piece with the bone in. I told them fine put white in its place. When I asked about the extra 35 cents I had to pay for the boneless they acted surprised that I would dare ask for it back and said well the piece we put in costs more than the boneless but we will call a manager if you insist. I wont be visiting that store again and will make sure to inform family and friends of the situation I had there as well.

  128. With your recent menu additions,I went to your website to see what is currently available. I saw an icon for coupons. Why not? After clicking on the icon I was taken to a screen that informed me that I had accepted the installation of several programs and various defaults. That’s just plain sleezy. Selling your menu page to default program installions and having them install unwanted programs on my computer when all I wanted was to check for coupons for your chicken. I hope your business improves to the point that you don’t have to do this kind of thing to survive. Unfortunately, this is the kind of customer relation that will preclude that from happening.

  129. Used to like going to the KFC buffet in Kingsland, GA. However, the last two times we were told they had no chicken livers. If they can’t keep stock in the freezer, then customers get mad, then don’t come back, then store closes, then people lose their job. One KFC in the town next to us closed within six months of opening and a brand new building has been sitting empty for over three years. So, if the KFC nearest the interstate isn’t careful, they will be sitting empty also. Someone from Corporate or the owner needs to get this Kingsland, GA store on the ball. Sincerely, John and Bobbie

  130. I got one of those go cups today and I could not eat it the wedges were so thin and dry and the chicken strips were so over cooked and dry. This turned me off from KFC

  131. I called the Temple, TX store on 10-18-13 @ approx 7:30 pm. I asked the person that answered the phone that had seen the new $10 bucket on Sat. & Sun., but why does it have $11 on the sign? The woman was very rude & aruged with me & hung up on me 3 times. The 2nd time called the phone was turned on & off. The 3rd time asked for a manager, it was the same woman & said she’s the manager. I told her I had been hung up on twice & all I’m trying to do is get an answer to a simple question. She tells me that she was the person I talked to the 1st time & told her it was very rude & unprofessional to hang up on a customer, especially twice. She said she had answered my question & didn’t hear me so she hung up. I told her that it’s customary in America for 1 or the other person to determine when the conversation is over by saying something like, “Have a nice weekend, good-bye”. She hung up on me the 3rd time. I am absolutely outraged at the treatment I received! I’m 39 & have worked in the food industry & customer service since was 15. I”m now disabled, but in my entire career I have NEVER treated a customer at work, a bum on the street, or a dog so rude & hateful!!! My boyfriend & 3 sons love KFC and we frequent the Temple location. After this incident, I absolutely refuse to spend a penny there until this problem is resolved. I am very upset & angry for another reason also. My 12yr old son is special needs. I had my phone hooked up to the car stereo as I always do when we go anywhere. When he heard how the “manager” was talking to me & hanging up on me it made him cry & begin to have an anxiety attack. I carry his medication with me for unexpected occurences. He wasn’t crying & freaking out because we weren’t going to eat there, he was upset “how mean the lady was being to Mommy”. We were trying to find out the correct information to order ahead for tomorrow. We are having company & was going to order quite a few buckets of the different kinds of chicken KFC offers. Not now! When & if this problem is handled & resolved, I would like that woman to know she made a special needs boy cry & lost that store a lot of money.

  132. We saw an ad for 10 pieces for 9.99.Should have known there was some kind of catch.The wings that they gave us in the bucket were about as big as a small egg.Looks like the cheicken was about 2 weeks old.Bad

  133. I would like to complain about your 2 restaurant s you have here in Barnsley Sunday 27th October main shop in town no fries never in the last 4 week s have they had crackling gravy and 2 weeks ago a 15 pounds order was cold went to complain nothing done about it what’s happening here it’s like both shops just don’t care anymore I was in the main shop in town one Sunday after taking my son swimming and everything was perfect but I noticed there was an inspector present I don’t complain on whim but something needs to be done please. Unhappy customer…

  134. The Colonel would be disgusted to see how his business is being run in Suwanee, GA.
    For the last 3 times I have been to that fry shack they have gotten the order wrong. Granted that does not compare to getting orders to Afghanistan, but when I pay my hard earned money, it seems reasonable that I would get what I ordered.
    So, with that said, I ditty bop on over to KFC tonight to bring dinner back to the family. I get home and I don’t have what I ordered. In addition, the chicken was so greasy and soggy So, I go back and very politely (even apologizing for having to bring the order back) and I explain that I received something other than what I ordered. The girl behind the cash register was very nice about the whole thing. But, then the manager comes over and kind of gets in my face wanting to know all about what I ordered and what was wrong, etc.
    So, then he walks over to where he doesn’t think I can see him, and he starts telling his compadres and laughing about it.
    I take that in stride…..considering the source. No sweat, just give me the chicken and let me get out of there.
    He hands me the corrected order, I get home, and it is still not what I ordered. So, I lost this round, butKFC loses more, because there won’t be another round. I’m done. Shame too, because I remember how good the chicken used to taste back in the 1960’s when I was a kid. That’s it. Keep laughing buddy, one day you won’t have any customers left.

  135. Ordered 8 pcs extra crispy meal in drive through. Got original, not extra crispy. It was cold and bottom of bucket was covered w grease. It was the worst chicken I ever had. They put no napkins or utensils. Must of been lazy workers working tonight. Errrrrrr

  136. Dear Sir,

    I am a residence of Gopeng, it is a pleasure and also a good image, to see KFC franchised in our Gopeng Town. Do you mind if I make a suggestion for you to look forward to as an investment or as a benefit for us to eat in an Air- Conditioned room for comfort? A win! Win!

    Do you know, we have a very famous ” Gopeng Lai Feng ” , rice noodles in Gopeng? It is just located along your same row of shop. It is always crowded with customers. This famous rice noodles is excellent, the soup is delicious and the supplements are crunchy and nice. The only dissatisfaction we have is after finishing the bowl of steamy hot noodles, the whole body is soaked wet with your own sweat. So, if we could have the steamy noodles in your Air-Conditioned room would be perfect. KFC have good recipe for fried chicken, to duplicate the recipe for rice noodles , I believe shouldn’t be an obstacle for KFC. Should the management give some consideration to my suggestion, I think this Project could boost an extra income for KFC. Not only in Gopeng but to all your branches. It is worth the thought. If the idea turns out to be a success, KFC should be grateful to me and give me free treats for life. Ha! Ha!

    Would like to have my steamy rice noodles in the comfort of KFC come true. Can KFC do it?

    Mr. Lai.

  137. Today I went to KFC in Austin MN and was appalled by the service we recieved. We had a big order, totalling 32 pieces. The cashier was great, took our order. Then a young lady from the back cooking the chicken approached the cashier and says. “Is this big order for now? She replied that it was. The girl looked at us and said orders this big usually call in first. I replied we are here now would you like us to leave and get out chicken some place else. She responded yes. I have called orders in a head of time that they had forgotten to prepare and I have also tried calling and no one answers. Very disappointed.

  138. Hello, ı am writing from the capital city Ankara in TURKEY. Last week my colleague and I order KFC take away meals to the office we are working at. That night both of us suffered from diarrhea. This information should suffice for you to duly investigate this matter. i.e. your franchise in TURKEY!
    Nilufer Ermete
    PS: I am an avid consumer of KFC ever since the 1980’s when I lived in England, I am a Turkish citizen by the way. This is not a duplicat comment! If you do not give a damn then I shall stop eating KFC.

  139. We were always able to go into KFC and order a bucket of chicken. Went into one in Mechanicsville, Va. while visiting family and they had to make one up special. Had trouble deciding how to charge for it. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GOOD OLD BUCKET! We can hardly understand the menu anymore.
    Thank You

  140. Today afternoon went to KFC at Andheri which is located near shopperstops..I ordered dat rice bowl of chicken which is hopless frankly taste..nly taking so much money n giving yellow colour rice which can be prepared at home by a small kid kindly change the show off of ur adverstisement it will give you nothing instead bad suggestions..You charge too much for that bucket chicken..only having branches in all parts of the city is nothing..improve your service

  141. Very disappointed that 3 out of 4 times I have had black hair or half white half black hair in my chicken bucket. I have pictures to prove went to see the manager in the store showed her the pics and told her that those pictures are from two different visits on my 3rd visit I went in and showed her the pics and told her that someone needs to be doing better eye quality checking as this hair was right in eye sight view once you open up cover & on side of inside bucket along with the hair I took off the chicken. Now it might me one or two strands but it has happened 3 out of 4 x’s and the 3rd time which the mgr gave us as a freebie was hair free! Following month as soon as I opened container there lay a 2 inch hair 1/2 white 1/2 black Totally unacceptable I live right between the Commack and St. James location but liked the mgr and supervisor. But cannot in good conscience go back to that location. Very disappointed I see everyone with their hair nets on so I don’t know when in the process the hair gets there but I know it’s not my hair or my boyfriend!

  142. I took my 10 year old grandson to the kfc near Whitstable in Kent, England. The last time I ate kfc was about 20 years ago and following this experience I will never set foot in one again. My grandson vomited because of the grease in the chicken. It was disgusting. I have never had any food in a fast food resturant that tasted like this. Pointless complaining to the staff as they are not interested and I dout that kfc head office would even care. How they can get away with serving this muck and charging you for it is beyond me. The place was scruffy, tables not wiped off, do us all a favour kfc and close down

  143. 01/12/13
    i would like to point out firstly, the UK customer service line does not work when i went to complain about the service i received. i tried the Heathrow drive through and its rubbish. i ended up going in to make my order was told i could not have the pices of chicken i wanted, i then had to wait for some time before receiving something that i could not identfy and only to find my six piece bargin bucket became a five piece bucket(no bargin there !!!) i also went for the deal of a bottle of pepsi for 99p however i relised with all the frustration that this too had NOT been given to me

  144. KFC discontinued HOT WINGS??? (Toronto area anyway). They were the only reason I bought food from KFC…. don’t need to go to KFC at all anymore!

  145. Picked up dinner in Bellevue He and got the special (as seen on tv). Well the quality control has gone down hill a bit. Wife wanted extra crispy and so that’s what I got. The chicken was very salty and the mash potatoes was like eating very bad instant potatoes! the cookies were very sweet and extremely hard. Not soft like the commercial.

  146. I visited the KFC in Janesville Wisc store D333003 Dec 16,2013 with my son and his girlfriend at 2pm. We were the only customer’s in the place and after ordering our meal sought a place to sit. After wandering in the dining area trying to find a CLEAN place to sit we gave up and wiped a table as best we could to sit down. Hard to believe that with 4 employee’s lounging around in the meal prep area that someone couldn’t have took a look at the Dirty dining area. Management really need’s a TUNE-Up at this place!!

  147. Our company visit your KFC branch at Sprotbrough Doncaster on a weekly basic and the last 3 visits at least one of us have had an item missing from our meals, I have today phoned and said that my pop corn chicken was missing from my Trilogy Box, last time my bosses wife rang up as she was missing something. We travel about 7 miles there and back to this KFC. It seems to be getting beyond a joke when the staff say fetch your meal back, then agree to replacing the item on your next visit not very good customer service. I think personally that the staff at this branch could do with extra training and a lesson in customer relations.

  148. Problems yesterday with store number E156013 in Oregon. ordered the two KFC buckets with two sides. Two separate orders I told her. Almost everything went into ONE bag and only 6 pieces of chicken were put into the 8 piece bucket. Talk about flustered. didn’t see this until my daughter got back home and called me to come back. they didn’t have any sides in their bag. and only 6 pieces. I had to turn around and go back but not to KFC. It was too far. Ticket #3179 your chicken is still way to salty!!!!!!

  149. The KFC/long John silver was disgusting it was so dirty in there and they had to check to see if they had everything we ordered and then made us wait for half our meal and they were all grumpy. Never ever going there again totally disappointed.

  150. I have ordered 8 piece bucket on 31.12.2013 in chandanagar,Hyderabad store. Few pieces in bucket are very salty and very difficult to eat.Please check your formula.

  151. AGAIN, I paid for extra items in my order on 1/1/2014 and got home to find that they were NOT included! Not only did I have to wait in the parking lot for my order, it was NOT complete. I’m sick of having this happen over and over again. I refuse to waste gas driving back and forth to receive what I should have gotten the first time around! I want to hear from someone at corporate about this. This keeps happening at your Bartlett, Tennessee location, on Stage Road. ENOUGH! I’m livid and will NOT be purchasing your chicken again unless this is taken care of.

  152. I live in Montrose,co. today I went to you store here and asked for 2 pieces of white meat original receipt and potatoes. I paid $7 and change. I was very tired and hungry. I got 2 pieces of white meat, potatoes wedges, biscuit and coleslaw. You coleslaw is always sour the biscuit, which usually great was older then me and the chicken had uncooked batter in every nook and cranny. I throw most of it a way. Now my memory came back to me why I haven’t bought from KFC. $7 for something that may make me sick. I WON’T FORGET THIS TIME. Bread and Butter is better then this. You should be ashamed.First, the fact you may make people sick and second for stealing.

  153. After watching how you losers treat the animals you feed to the ignorant public, I will never eat another abused morsal from any of your sad establishments. I’m going to do everything I can to stop as many people from going to any of your restaurants. Hell hounds are waiting for your souls!!!!!!!

  154. I have problems with KFC EVERY time I visit ANY of their stores. I am caregiver to 2 twin sisters, senior citizens who are both disabled. Unfortunately, they ADORE KFC & insist on having it at least 2-3x per month. Every time I get KFC for them, they order the same thing. A 10piece meal w/2 sides. We like to get ALL 10 pieces BREASTS ONLY, 2 Original & 8 Xtra Crispy. I almost ALWAYS have to drive to at least TWO locations before I can find a store that is willing to fill our order!! Its quite a drive for me to go clear to 71 N.Nellis, LV, NV, but I AM WILLING in an effort to please these ladies. Last nite I was told there would be a 20minute wait, which I agreed to-having already been turned away from the store at 4924 Boulder Hwy, LV, NV. After 35minutes, I went BACK IN to the store & a different worker told me she’d be glad to “go ahead & package my order on up”!! From there, I waited ANOTHER 12minutes! The girl who originally took my order had left for the evening. When I got home, the 2 Original Style breasts were so SPICY(??) the lady was not even able to EAT THEM. 2 of the Xtra Crispy breasts were so DRIED OUT, TOUGH & RUBBERY that they couldn’t be eaten either. There wasn’t even an apology for the nearly HOUR LONG wait. And I have learned to unpack & CHECK my entire order BEFORE I leave the store with it, because its almost ALWAYS NEVER CORRECT. We live way too far for me to turn around & go BACK every time KFC screws up! And we spend WAY TOO MUCH $$ at KFC to have to put up with any of this nonsense.

  155. I am up to my EYEBALLS with KFC never getting my order right-I live way too far to be able to go BACK every single time!! When they told me it’d be a 20minute wait for 10breasts(8 xtra crispy/2 original), I was ok with that. But it wound up taking 47minutes to get out the door! And that was the SECOND store Id been to just trying to find one that would even agree to fill my order! I spend ALOT of $$ at KFC. We eat there 2-3x a month. I wish there were somewhere ELSE to get that style of chicken!

  156. To start with we love KFC, That being said the Manager at San Leandro,Ca. store #137 should get fired he is rude. Meal tonight came to $39.07, I called in a complaint tonight and we will see if anything comes of this. I own a small business and know exactly what I would do if an employee was like that to my customers. Keep it real KFC

  157. I’m sorry I forgot to mention KFC in Columbus Georgia on South Lumpkin Road truly enjoy your food. Its like a Celebration in your mouth…..

  158. Historically, I have really enjoyed KFC. However, the past two visits to the KFC in the Churchland area of Portsmouth,Virginia have been disappointing. I went through the drive-thru around 4:30 each time. I ordered the same thing each time, two 2 pc meals (white meat) with mashed potatoes and green beans. On the first visit, the chicken, which was extra crispy, tasted as if the grease had been over-used; not a good taste. On the second visit, the biscuits provided were stale and hard.

  159. Your food is not testy we take chicken pop corn it very extra masala & very salty so I am unsatisfied your food so take same actions and I want result fast

  160. The manager/owner in Hanford Ca, may need professional help. His name tag reflected the 1st name Eddy. He is immature, loud, rude , and has zero talent in communication with senior customers with a minor fixable problem and needs mental evaluation, I would hope that you get an unknown to him evaluator to do a quick study and or interview his co workers, better still, send your agent with a small problem for him to solve in a professional manner, He qualifies in common street language to be a ” smart ass, and is my understanding that other of your ex customers share my view. It will be interesting to watch your top management react or not to this notification, Hanford Ca. KFC used to be one of our family’s favorite places to lunch and will not be renewed until a change appears. Until a change is made, word could spread on this character.

  161. twice we have been to store #f275016 both times the food was not what it was before. I don’t know if you have new management there but you better get that person back. now your other store I don’t have the number to that one, the manager there sure does need to learn watch her launge. her name what I could see was lorie, after hearing that launge I walked out I don’t need to hear that and I don’t think the employees have to either. I sure hope that you take care of these problem soon thank you

  162. The new KFC in Baku Azerbaijan was eagerly awaited by most of us British expats working out here but it has been a major dissapointment, my 4th (and last) visit to this establishment was the same old story. They (Azerys) just dont seem to get the concept of people queueing patiently awaiting their turn, no no they just keep the head down and serve the first person that talks to them in there own language while we just stand about like idiots even when you try to attract their attention you are met with a blank look and still ignored untill you are the only person waiting. This is just not my view but also the view of many others, 3 off who walked out last night, I WONT BE BACK!!!

  163. I’m not usually the one to complain, but, this Thursday morning when I visited the Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, KZN, KFC, I was disappointed to receive what i think was the day before KFC chicken. The staff fried it again and it looked so burnt that I had to ask for another. They did give me another, but that they said would take another 15 minutes. The KFC food stores never take that long. They are made and kept in the warmer. When I got there there was no chicken in the warmer so they definitely fried the very stale KFC from the day before. Very disappointed…..This has happened before and hope the store will be contacted and sorted out so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  164. The KFC/Taco Bell in Rio Vista CA has been serving day old chicken. They put the old cold chicken back into the deep fryer, the results are burned, soaked in grease, hard to chew pieces. This is not one time thing,a much to frequent happening. Maybe they need to go to a training class

  165. I was just refused use of one of your coupons printed from a Yahoo home page Internet ad at the store on Parmer & Metric in Austin, TX. The coupon was for 10 bites, 1 side & a medium drink for $4.99. I was told that they wouldn’t honor the coupon since the bites were discontiued. Wasn’t ofered any change in product or price, just a “no, we can’t take that coupon”. Very aggravating after waiting for 4 cars in front of me placing orders and waiting in line.

  166. My concern is that management at the KFC store on state street New Albany, IN., fired a 82 year old woman who has worked for 12 that store was fired because the weather was so bad that she could walk to work, which she walked about 2 miles every day and put in a full days work and walk back home many nights at 8 pm when she got off work. I’m a customer and I’ve seen she work while other staff would be standing around. I want you to now that just isn’t right. If management says she didn’t work hard then that’s just wrong.

  167. well i hate kfc it sucks i became vegetarien because of them how they kill there chickens is sad and sickning if you eat meat cheak it out because i am sure you will hate it

  168. I was wrongfully fired from the k.f.c. here in galveston Texas because i brought to the managers attention that the food was expired and he hates to throw away outdated products….so his revenge was to write me up twice in one day about issuses i suppossedly done weeks ago….the store is ranned and owned by foreiners my hours has been cut on accassoins because i have no familty to provide for and also that he was told by one of the employees that gay people like myself party all night and want come to work on regular basis….i have been threatned to sign right ups in the past or iwill be terminated on the spot…..yeap discrimination still exsits in the work place….I plan to seek legal advice and actions…..raymond from galveston texas

  169. The customer service you receive is poor. How can a chicken place not have chicken ready at lunch time. You are charged for a combo and all you get is the chicken. Also, when you try to call to talk to a manager they will not answer the phone. I would recommend to anyone not to go the KFC at 2224 Madison Avenue Montgomery Alabama.


  170. This concerns the KFC on state street in New Albany IN. and the firing of a 82 year old woman who has worked at KFC for 12 years. This woman has walked 1.5 miles to work and 1.5 miles home every day for 12 years. She was fired because she was unable to walk to work for 3 days because of bad weather. The weather alert had said it was blizzard like conditions with visibility of less that 1/4 of a mile and warned everyone to stay indoors unless absolutely unavoidable. I have visited this KFC several times and this woman was always busy and a favorite with the customers. I had observed this employee several times handling trash bags as big as her while much larger younger employees were not loitering. I feel she was unfairly treated and will not patronize this location again, actually it changes my opinion of all of the KFC’s. I will share this with as many as I possibly can starting with facebook.

  171. I went to KFC today at 1:23. Walked in got my order taken yes the cashier was very nice guy he took my order I walked over to get my drink. Seen they had freeze Drinks so walked back over and ordered again they looked really good ounce again I ordered this time the manager in charge came to the cashier very upset that he was doing his job (waiting on me) she said to her cashier really nasty way your taken to long with her order first of all he couldn’t help that and she was very nasty month she needs to learn what costumer Service is she has none! Her name was Tracey Thomason Store number 910004 south side Paducah KY and it sad that the employee was in trouble because she dont know how to do her job! The employee did great but the manager shouldn’t be a manager because she has no costumer Service THATS BIG!!!!!!!

  172. I was returning home from shopping. I as my husband if he would like some chicken to take home. One of your KFC resturants is located about 6 blocks from my home. I had not had any fried chicken in months. Well, he said it would be ok. I went thru the drive thru in Clarksville, Indiana. I was going to get 8 pieces to take home. It came to $14.00 something. I did go ahead and get it. Where does your chicken come from? I couldn’t believe this chicken cost so much. I can go to Kroger right down the street about 4 blocks and get 8 pieces for $7.99. Your prices are way too high. I just can’t believe this. I just want you to know I can’t afford to eat at your KFC’s anymore. To make matters worse the chicken tasted like it had been left in a warmer most of the day. I was there maybe around 4:00 PM. Thank you. Adah Dahmer-Marsh

  173. KFC would be a very welcome addition to CUT BANK, Montana! Please come, build, and invest in Cut Bank; there is a great potential here. The growing city of Cut Bank serves a large area of Northern Montana and Southern Alberta, Canada. We sure NEED, and we’d sure LOVE, a KFC here!!!

  174. I used the drive through at KFC on Teal Road in Lafayette IN on 02/08/14 to pick up a 9 pc Family Meal. It was 6:00 in the evening, so you can imagine my surprise when the girl at the window told me I would have to pull forward with 4 other waiting vehicles, because they ran out of mashed potatoes and had to make more. I did and after 15 minutes noticed three of the waiting cars left. I had already paid $21.39 and was not going to just drive away! The car in front of me finally got his food, but after 10 more minutes without mine (25 min. now) I looked up their number on my phone and called them. I told the boy on the phone, who answered “hello”, (really?!)that I was still out where they told me to wait for my order 25 MINUTES AGO, and he said, “Oh, what did you order?” NEVER AGAIN!!!

  175. You closed the Kihei, Maui store and kept the Kahului one open, which is very poorly run. The chicken must be cooked in cooler oil because it is disgustingly greasy. The cole slaw does NOT taste like cole slaw in other stores, in fact it tastes a little like soap! The biscuits were also very oily on top. I miss the good food from years past and will not waste any more money. Too bad another franchise is so poorly run the food quality has fallen.

  176. Yesterday we ate at the KFC in Rowlett, Tx located on highway 66. We had their buffet meal. Within 30 minutes I started having severe stomach cramps and an upset stomach . I don’t know what is wrong with the food served there but you have a problem . Several of our friends say eating KFC always makes them ill. My sister-in-law says the KFC in Athens , Tx went out of business. She said she always got sick After eating there. So it was a blessing that it shut down. Sincerely

  177. Yesterday we ate at the KFC in Rowlett, Tx located on hwy 66. Thirty minutes after we ate there I got severe stomach cramps and a very upset stomach. Something is wrong with the food you are serving – theirs is buffet style. Several of our friends commented that every time they ate KFC they were ill. We ate KFC way back when the Colonel was alive and I don’t think he would appreciate having patrons ill after eating his food .

  178. KFC should consider a “will call” window for people who do not have time to wait in line or the drive up window. Think about it? You call on your smartphone or email the order in and are given a # and time to pick up and have 2 options, walk in or drive up to a separate window for “WILL CALL” only. The congestion the drive up and counter would be cut in half. FYI, I’m also sending this to BK/WENDY’S/McDonalds/TACO BELL. I think someone will bite!

  179. I visited your Pleasant Hill, CA store located on Contra Costa Blvd and the wait was a little long for a kfc bowl combo and a two piece white with fries… when I finally recieved my order I was given the bag with food but no drink and my wife said the fries were missing. So I get the drink remind them of the fries that are missing, drop the wife off at work and when I get to work and open my meal I see a leg and a thigh!! Now I’m stuck at work hungry thanks to your incompetent employees.

  180. I live in Lovington NM. I would like to tell someone about the KFC in Lovington. My daughter and I go to KFC about two times a week, and have done this for the past 4 months. Every time we go, the place is very clean, and not just one employee, but every employee, every time, is smiling, kind, and helpful. My experience at KFC in Lovington is so pleasant that I felt the need to contact someone in hopes that they could be recognized for their hardworking staff.

  181. I just LOVE your chicken! But I can’t have it as often as I’d like because I’m disabled and home bound. I have to depend on others to go and get it for me. It sure would be great if you’d start delivering it.

  182. Dear Niren

    I dont know whether i have reached the right email id or not but i would like to complain about the outlet which is opened in Kundly sonepat Haryana.

    I often visit KFC outlet as i live near bye but i have my worst experience that everytime they dnt have food to offer .for e.g Rice is not there when you order,no gravy many time catchup is not there ,pieces are not even somewaht hot to eat.

    I have told the staff to let me talk to Manager but they dnt even entertain that and even give false promises that with in few days it will be ok .

    Kindly look up in this matter at the earliest as it is very shocking to get this type services from a reputed brand like kfc to show these standards of customer service.

    # 09999996560

  183. My comment/question to the head chief in charge of KFC is this.
    Why does KFC not offer a discount to Military/Police/and Fire Department personnel? Is KFC anti-Military and so forth? Will 10 percent break the Franchise? Reach down in your heart and support us retired or active. We have done our part, try to stand up and show America that you will do your part.Thankyou.

  184. Went several times over the last year. Last 2 times I had very poor service. Waited 36 minutes for food last time and tonight I was told it would be 60 before I would get a 10 pc bucket value meal. I even asked the person twice “an hour wait?” And they said yes an hour. That is ridiculous. Will never go again……….

  185. An hour wait for 10 pc bucket value meal at Union City, NJ, 07087 location????? I could cook a meal at home or order from home and wait an hour for food to be delivered. What the hell is that?? What kind of management do they have there? I said no and left. Also the people don’t even act like they care what they are doing or how the food comes out. Never again!!!!!!!!!

  186. I purchased 30 hot wings at KFC in Norwich,CT to go. When I got home the chicken wings were raw. There was still blood on the chicken wings. I called the KFC in Norwich,CT spoke to a supervisor and she told me I can go back there and get another 30 pieces of hot wings anytime. She got my name and she said it will be listed on the supervisors book. I went today to claim the 30 pieces hot wings the supervisor named “Chris” gave me a hard time. He said that my name was not listed on the book. And when he asked how many wings was it I said it was 30 pieces. He answered me back he said “well I don’t have the much wings right now! And I’m not making it.” I wasn’t able to get back my 30 wings. So I left the store. So annoying!

  187. ?.On Friday Feb. 21, 2014, my family ordered 3 meals at the KFC in Richmond Mo. The store was not busy. It took 25 minutes to get our order. When we arrived at home we found our order was wrong! When we went back, they said ,no they were just out of items and made substitutions. No mashed potatoes, sub’d in fried okra. Instead of hot wings we got……hot thighs….? Instead of original recipe we got extra crispy. Instead of biscuits, we got cookies. Am I supposed to pour the gravey over a cookie? They said, well you can. Went next door and had pizza. Our dogs ate well that night.


  188. I tried to fill out the customer form on the KFC website, they didn’t put a receipt in my bag, so I tried the other form for complaints without a receipt. It won’t let me because I do not have a phone ! I guess that’s one way to blow people off !!!!!!!!

  189. This is the 3rd time in less then a month we have beed disappointed with our meals from KFC. I send my husband and son to pick up our dinner since the other 2 times recently they went thru the drive-thru this time they went inside to order,well that didn’t help. I don’t know what the problem is with this location but every time we go there our order is wrong, missing items,and wrong menu items, seems like we can’t go on Sunday’s and get our correct meals, so Popeye’s and Church will be our fav’s from now on!!

  190. Oh yeah, its the locaton on E. Willmill, Las Vegas, NV, the problem is since its Vegas no one cares about customer service because millions of people come here so why worry if we don’t come back plenty of vistors will.

  191. your k.f.c in Lincoln Illinois in my opinion is in need of new management. i can not tell you the last time that i ordered from there and my order was correct! i was just there 2 weeks ago and i wanted the family meal. i ordered for our sides, mashed potatoes, beans and cole slaw. the only thing avaiable was corn and potatoe wedges, really??? then i asked for the crispy chicken and i recieved original that was so grease soaked that you couldnt even eat it. i called and asked for the manager and low and behold the manager is who filled my order! Also the place is always dirty!! i will never go there again and i will never recommend any one to go there. for now on my family, friends and i will get our chicken from our local IGA!

  192. Hi,

    I writing this mail to express my extreme disappointment with your services at the “EDM Mall(Ghaziabad)” outlet.

    Today I placed a take-away order(Order Number: 35213076603) at your outlet. But later I found that the chicken pieces in all the Zinger Burgers were undercooked.

    This is not the first time I am facing such type of issue with that outlet; In the recent future they often used to miss some thing from my take-away orders.

    I am really very very disappointed with this experience and I’m afraid I will ever visit that place again. I request you to please think a little about the health of your customers and stop serving us raw(undercooked) food.

  193. I have been to the Montwood, 79936, KFC on 3 different occasions including today and found the place closed. I went at 11 when they say they open and twice at about 10 after and nobody was there, the doors were locked and nobody answered the drive through. I will never go to this KFC again and for some reason the one I like on McRae is gone.

  194. this should be of a very serious concern to you people,the issue is that i was served a non-veg burger instead of a veg burger by one of the employee working in your bandra outlet (hill road)…i had been to kfc on the 27th of feb 2014 at approximately 2.40 pm ordered for a veg burger i.e a combo of veg rocking burger along with the fries and a coke…i was served with chicken rocking burger which i had it mistakenly..this is no way to deal with people,you have to be bloody particular in what you are serving,how the hell can you hurt someones religion like this i have never had non-veg in my entire life,i am going through mental torture that i had non-veg since the last 2 days,can ull do something about it,i just broke by religion because of you peoples stupid mistake,i am extremely paranoid with the negligent behavior of people working there…i have the copy of the bill all the details of the things i had called for and also the pictures of the same…i will sue ul under the law of tort and have the right to sue youll right away with the facts what i have with me…you can cross check about this matter with the concerned ppl working there about this incident happening….i have contacts wherein i can publish an article about you people in the newspapers and other source of media as well…if you’ll do not get back to me about this serious concern then i will not restrict myself for doing anything which would harm you people’s image and can even break your customer base…it is a matter of serious concern..and i need to talk to the concerned person for the same..

  195. KFC at Fern Park, Florida has an management problem. Employees are allowed to curse at each other and to stand in back of kitchen and yell out to customers. I observed employees placing cooked chicken product on the same site they had placed raw chicken. They did not use a paper wrap to protect cooked chicken. Tables are washed with unclean water that has not be replaced. Rags are the same rags used to clean the kitchen. Employees do not wear hair nets nor gloves. Food on buffet is left out unattended for hours. Perhaps KFC should investigate before a customer is violently ill from your food and service. I shall not visit again.

  196. well i am highly dissatisfied with kfc i gave them another chance in the loris sc store went ordered a 16 piece meal 4 sides 8 biscuits.have always substituted legs in the place of thighs never been charged an up charge for less meat.i did not get my order because i am not paying more for less especially when they have never done it before.the girls on 3 /1 /2014 were very rude when asked why.

  197. Today I order two, two piece Meal, all white meat, and since I am s Senior and don’t drink tea and coke I ask for an extra biscuit. When I got home I found that I got one piece of breast in both in both boxes and a wing in both boxes. So I called the store and I was informed that the wing is white meat. Sorry folks, not in my 78 years will a wing be a piece of white meat and cost an extra dollar at that. Also the biscuits were not baked through, they were in a wad and sorry looking. I also notice from previous visits that you downsized you biscuits and
    that doesn’t make them any more tasty. I guess what I want to say to KFC, I am not happy and want my two dollars back. I don’t care how you post it on the board, I did not get what I had ordered at the store, #G410045 or K036007. When I called she should have said ok when I ask for my $200.00 back. Will come back? Will I share this with? C.M.Ellison

  198. Kfc customer sevice is great, but the only thing that concerns me is that they fry the fries and all other stuff in the same fryer as they fry their chicken patties in. Its not right because of religious reason, some poeple like myself do not eat chicken, as I am a vegetarian. I would request for KFC to tell all their branch to manage the items put in the fryers(ex: there should be seperate fryer for the chicken patty and the fries and other stuff such as apple pie and cinnimon sticks). I really hope they do something about it.

  199. Ivisited today to get chicken.its pretty bad when you stop serving boneless chicken because its too expensive.its not a matter of expense but a matter of what the customers want.everything today is costly ,is it worth the loss of customers ?when you have a great thing you always change it or stop carrying it.what’s wrong with you people?customers come first not the expense

  200. i was in your glengormley (uk) store at 8pm and when i ordered a bargain bucket i was told that there was only 8 pieces of chicken left. there was only one other customer in the shop. i asked the guy serving how long for more and the manager (stacy) answered him saying 20 mins. i asked him if the 2 missing peces to make it 10 could be replaced, he asked her and she didnt even look up and said no. i asked her why not and she ignored me. even the guy serving looked surprised. i asked her why it was ok to lose a sale for the sake of swopping 2 bits of chicken for hot wings or something else as i couldnt wait 20 mins and again she ignored me. i asked the guy where the manager was and he said “she is the manager” just thought id say “well done” on that choice lol

  201. For the last 3 weeks we have went to the Placerville, Ca. KFC on Wednesday to get the ” advertised $2.99 POT PIE,” , and they are conveniently OUT. This past week we went at 1:15 p.m. and the store was OUT….AGAIN. Tried to place order and come back later and the employee was quit disturbed. Wouldn’t even take the order, and said they would not be having them. What a scam!!! They had only been opened less than 3 hrs. Will not be going back.

  202. Second visit to KFC in Spartanburg, SC and second time order was wrong. I do not like spending my money and not getting what I ask for! I wasn’t a big KFC fan to begin with because I think for it to be a chicken joint, it’s too expensive. I will never dine there again.

  203. I want to compliment nigel kfc the one situated at Angelo mall in nigel, when I came in this morning there was a great vibe withing the store, clean and neat environment,.. The cashier by name of Wendy was friendly, great communication and good service given.. Wow for the 1st time I enjoyed kfc service in many years.. Its a weldone from me..

  204. I was at the KFC in Brandon MS. on Saturday night 3/8/14 at
    around 7:00. I placed my order at drive thru, I was asked do you want orig.,crispy or some other kind, I ordered original, 10 mins. later when I got to window, the girl said we are out of orig. will you take crispy, I said I wanted orig. she said it will be 6 mins. and handed my a drink, well I ordered two so I asked for other drink, she said I didn’t get that, I said when I ordered the famous bowl you asked what kind of drink I wanted with it and I said sweet tea. she said oh well I didn’t get the famous bowl either, so I gave her back my credit card, to charge me again. then she comes back and says I’m sorry we are also out of sweet tea. I choose something else, and move forward to wait on my order, that comes out 15 mins. later. then when I get home my sides are wrong, I ordered mac and potato wedges, and I got mashed potatoes and green beans. what a complete fiasco. never going back and have told all my friends.

  205. YOU need to stop the chicken abuse you cruel monsters I can not believe you treat chickens like this I want you to stop this and say you are sorry to the whole world and to your poor chickens.

  206. I want to thank KFC customer service for their quick response . Yesterday I had a complain , just a little after I post my issues I was being contacted by an Representative from KFC CSR dept , who apologise on the store behalf and was told I would get back the same order deliver at no extra charges wow…
    Thanks again for the quick response and makes me feel better about the free order lol…..

  207. I went to the KFC at Jansen Park in Boksburg in the 13/03/2014 @ 20h30. I went Drive-Thru. 1)I got to the order window and there were nobody to take my order so I had to wait. Then the girl came to help me and I had to repeat myself almost 3 times of what I would like to order she was very unfriendly and did not listen to me. I wanted the Var/Bucket with Chips…she then told me that they only have 13 wings and that I have to wait +/- 15min for 2 wings, I asked her for a piece of chicken extra I will pay for it and she told me that I can not do that, I then told her it’s ok I will go to Mc Donalds just across the street…after all of this I stoped and asked at the pay window to speak to the manager please because I was very unhappy about the way everything was handeled…because I always buy from this KFC…the manager then came and told me it’s all in order I can get a extra piece of chicken. WHEN I GOT HOME THERE WERE NO CHIPS….NO POPS…AND NO EXTRA PIECE OF CHICKEN…I’m very very unhappy and would like you to please come back to me as to how you going handle this matter….please come back to me a.s.a.p…..thank you Mrs. R. Marais…I await your urgent reply…

  208. This I about the KFC in front royal, va. I have been going there for 8 years and in the last couple of months I have seen a major decline in the way it is being run. I got sick from there just a few weeks ago as well. Sometimes I go there and service sucks. The workers not around, then suddenly all appear. Overheard oan associate wanting to go pick up a pill on his lunch beak. Saw one fella that was strung out on something. Doesn’t appear to have good mgnt. Very sad. Loosing my business.

  209. Went to Croxteth Liverpool KFC and was served by jav cashier 726095 you need to take a note from his book as his customer relations were second to none fantastic attitude and a pleasure to be served by ! We’ll done jav .

  210. We have been loyal patrons of KFC in Delhi, Pune and now Bangalore for several years. Infact I have to pick up from KFC for my kids almost every week. What I want to bring to your notice is that none of the KFC outlets are willing to home deliver here. I am in Bellandur area on Outer Ring Road which is very populated and busy. The nearest KFCs are in Bangalore Central Mall. Bellandur, and in Total Mall. Sarjapur Road. It is very irritating because they keep sending sms and fliers promising home delivery. Please look into it.

  211. I eat at your place in SeaBrook Texas , one to two times a week. I was in drive thru on 3/16/2014,I ask the kid what is on sale, he came back with 9pic. With 3 sides for $19.99 I think that’s what it was. So that’s what I wont ,but one thing he did not tell me was that was dark only. I went to get my other half from work got home and we had all dark meat. And nether one of us eat dark meat we get the me ed so power dog gets the dark, and the ck was not cooked all the way. And we are to far from it to go back. But on the other hands we all ways get great food from there,so good job to your many. And Thank you so much.

    Melba Pearson

  212. Just recently I went in to your establishment located on corner of Lewis Blvd & Singing Hills Dr. in Sioux City. My intention was to buy 6 pieces of chicken, potatoes (lg.) and gravy.
    I was told that the cost would be $1.89 for five pieces of dark meat and $3.89 for one breast. With the potatoes and gravy the cost was over $22.00.

    I was told that an 8 piece meal was $21.00 and a 6 piece meal was $20.00.

    I don’t think my math is wrong but if 8 piece is $21.00, I assume the chicken is priced at $2.00. Why then is 6-piece meal only $1.00 cheaper.

    Looks like it KFC ripoff. In the same vain you offer the buffet all one can eat for under $10.00.

    Is business so bad for KFC that they have increased prices such that it discourages one to even consider it as a choice?

  213. Hello my name is Brenda and I usually visit your 2601 Brice Rd Reynoldsburg Ohio location. The last three times I have visited this location they were out of the the wings I get.I either wait 8 to 10 minutes to get them or end up ordering something else. This last visit I decided to go 15 minutes after the restaurant opened to ensure I would be able to get the hot wings I like. And was told we are out. I was told yet again 8 to 10 minutes. The people are very nice just disappointed no wings. Thank you


  215. Ordered the 20 pc dip em combo. When i got home no sauce! Its advertised with sauce and having to go back my 30$ order was cold. Then your employee offered a 1$ cake and 1 of ea sauce. I said are you kidding me? I will get mcds chicken nuggets over your food any time. You have a chance to replace meal and make things right but i doubt you will.. bunch of scavengers.

  216. I would like to say the KFC in Azle ,TX is not the place to work or eat at one of the so called managers there Jeremy treats his hard working employees like crap ,including his customers i went in there one day to get the corporate # and he was very rude to me needless to say I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN.How can you run a business with a manager that treats ppl like this i feel sorry for the employees i do believe i will be contacting the BBB this place needs to find a different manager or shut the place down.

  217. We went to kfc at central mall near garware college on 31st March 2014.we had extremely disappointing experience. Floors were workers were chatting and ignoring the people requesting clean tables. Air conditioning was not working. Counter staff ignored us when we complained about lsck of air conditioning. It was very hot day.staff also was not very enthusiastic. .in fact appeared bored and exhausted. Is this a level of service expected from world famous food chain?

  218. The K.F.C at 6615 Marlboro pike district heights, md treat they worker very bad and talk mean to them and will fire them in a harry. some one need to look in to this matter because the workers do not look to happy working at that K.F.c

  219. I bought a family bucket of dip’em chicken with the fixings. It was awful. It tasted like salt, and when you cut them open there was fat riddled all through them. Absolutely disgusting. I was told by the cashier a number of years ago not to eat there, and I didn’t until the other day. Now I will never go back. She was right. Disgusting!!!

  220. Worked for kfc 5yrs treated like a slave was threatened by general manager before , nothing was done, girl at work threatened me nothing was done. They make me do everyrhing while managers are paid to sit in office on phone or facebooking. They don’t treat everyone the same people talk back do no shows yet still have there job. I get talked down too g.manager lets employees talk bad about employees. I worked my butt off during five years yet one compliant happened 2-3 weeks ago and on april 1 was told I wasn’t aloud to come back to work . People late call out all the time smoke weed on kfc property and all. Stealling food yet a dedicated employee of 5yrs I want a call or something back I bet u give them all a drug test no more employees . Dirrty co workers never washing there hands. And all. I’m ready to talk to a lawyer see what I can do. My opinion kfc don’t care about customers or employees just money shame shame shame

  221. I have a complaint about store#05 in New York. On Parsons Blvd. I eat frequently at this KFC because it is next to my job. Probably the only KFC that i can get to thats why i love that its in my conveience. One day when i went to eat lunch there, I had a $100 dollar bill. After placing my order, a very large order. The guy said they dont take large bills. And procceded to ask me for a card to swipe for the purchase. When i asked him for the sign that should be up on the wall explaining that he said they took it down. If i would have seen the proper sign telling that i would have honored the proper payment. And he continued to serve my food and demand some sort of payment method. I only had a $100 dollar bill. I strongly feel that as a good customer, not that im right but right is right. The sign should have been up on the wall. To prevent that misunderstanding.As a KFC representative he should have honored my money. And put the sign up as soon as he could. Please be advised that telling them about good customer service is expected at all times. The store was full of people and it was very direspectful for him to treat me as a customer that i didnt matter.

  222. I have gone to the KFC here on Pleasanton, CA several times and each time I have had issues with either the staff, the service and the food.
    One time I waited by the drive through speaker for about 10 mins and finally just drove up to the window. I told the person at the window that no one was on the speaker. The lady said “oh, that’s because I have it turned off.” ………So I ordered my food and when I got back to my office found that the order was wrong (as usual). Several other times, I was given food that looked as if it had been sitting for hours. It was dry, tough and cold. The only way I could be sure to get fresh hot food was to order it and ask them to make it while I wait. I stopped going to the Santa Rita Rd. KFC for several months. Today I decided to give them one last try. I did the drive up thing and was served fast. I had ordered a 2 piece meal with cold slaw. BUT when I got it back to the office again the order was not correct. One piece of the chicken was dry and tough the other, which was supposed to be a thigh, but was a back/breast was very underdone so I did not eat it. The cold slaw was strange tasting and I did not eat that either. My experiences with KFC have been awful. Rude cashiers, uncaring staff, wrong orders, bad food. Today is my last visit to KFC forsure. I will no longer pay for food that is inedible and treated as if the staff is doing me a favor by waiting on me.
    I work hard for my money and to throw it away on KFC is not ever going to happen again.
    D. Jacobsen

  223. Purchased a zinger burger meal and 3 pieces meal on Saturday 12.04.14 at West Gosford Branch. The pieceis of chicken were so small – bite size!!!!

  224. La Plata, MD store is dirty and the staff have no clue what customer service means. My chicken was half warm and the cole slaw was not cold. And, the cole slaw is not what I remembered – have they stopped using any type of dressing? Just cabbage and carrots?

    Is this store being phased out to closure? The franchisee should have his contract voided.

  225. I was a Northland Shopping Centre on Saturday the 12/04/2014, I had just finished shopping and instead of sushi as i usually get i felt like a snack, so as i was leaving to go to my car i noticed that KFC have Taster Boxes which i was thrilled with.
    As i proceeded to ask the sales person for a grilled Chicken fillet taster box, he looked at me and said ” do you know what the time is ” and i replied well Northland is neally closing so it is about 5.15 then he said there is only a small fillet and chips in that taster box!! and i replied aaand is there a problem with me ordering it, im on a diet and i just want a snack, then he yelled out are there any grilled chicken taster boxes left really loud in front of everyone, i was now starting to feel a bit embarressed, as all the customer’s were listening, i finally got my taster box thank heavens, but im shaking my head trying to understand why he did’nt want me to have a starter box at 5.15,or any time for that matter!! as the board behind the counter doesn’t say a time to have a starter box.Maybe he wanted me to purchase more from them, i dont know, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience i might stick to my Sushi for a snack from now on.

  226. I had the most agonizing time yesterday at the Maple Shade, NJ location…..ever!! While no one was impolite at all, I waited for a good 25 minutes for a very small order. No one seemed particularly bothered by the fact that I stood waiting while others came and went… excuse was given after about 10 or 15 min, but still nothing. No concession was offered: coupon, refund, extra food. Just sorry for ur wait…..OMG!!! Never again!! RUN the other way!!!!

  227. I went to one of your stores in Green Bay Wisconsin and got bad product Grease was running of the chicken and the skin on the chicken was so dark almost black. Store #H653074. Date I bought this was april 22nd. Time was 8:35pm ticket #2222.

  228. After waiting in a drive through for 20 minutes. I asked for the chicken pie and one $199 piece of cake, # cars ahead of me. Again waited for 20 minutes.
    I saw they gave my an entire cake as my charge was $10 dollars plus. I just didn’t feel like holding the line up as i had waited so long myself.
    I got home. Started to eat this pie? it was all mash potatoes, watered down corn, and a total of 2 small pieces of chicken! They didn’t have much of a choice for drinks. NO ice tea. Well i guess K.F.C will no longer be visited by me! that was terrible food and service….

  229. Yesterday April 26, 2014 I went into the KFC Restaurant located on East Bloomingdale Ave. Valrico, Fl. This is the KFC that I always go to as it is near my home. I went inside and ordered my food. While waiting I looked around and it was clean on the inside, the cashier at the counter couldn’t have been sweeter.

    However, as I was waiting for my food I over heard a manager and a female employee (I have the names of the 2 individuals but won’t type them so not to embarrass them) They were talking to an employee like he was a dog. I don’t know what happened or what this individual did, I do know that there is a right and wrong way to talk to someone and the way this manager and female employee spoke to this person was totally wrong.

    I certainly hope that someone from Corporate will be watching this store and sending someone to observe how they treat their employees. What a shame this was for me to hear it turned my stomach and I truly regret not saying something. Hoping this will get some action taken.

    A very concerned customer.

  230. I have been a customer of KFC for 50 years and like everyone else, had good and bad experiences. About 2 years ago, I received KFC coupons in the mail and went to the Kendall location (Miami, FL) where they refused to honor the coupons and made me feel like a fool in front of other customers. I stayed away from all KFC after that for a long while.
    About a year later, I decided to try another location on 152 St, Miami, where the service was pleasant and the food tasty. That was until I got half way through my meal and found a long fried hair in my chicken. That was good enough to keep me away from all other KFC until today, another year or so later, when there was a “Buy one, Get one meal” Coupon in the Sunday paper.
    Hoping there was new management in my neighborhood KFC on 98th Street and US 1, Miami, after more than 2 years, I decided to take a chance. The coupon was for buy one 2 piece dinner, get one free. The restaurant menu states that the 2 pc dark meal is $6.49 and the 2 pc white meal $6.99. I gave my coupon, ordered two 2 piece white meat meals for $6.99 and they charged $10.49 plus tax. The reasoning was that the meal was $6.49 and white meat was $1 per piece, per meal (even though 1 meal was free) extra. When I got nowhere with the girl, I spoke to the manager who backed the girl and told me they really don’t need stupid customers.
    I’ll let you guess if KFC will EVER see me or my family, or anyone I know, or anyone I can possibly tell this story to, again.

  231. April 28th. Went to KFC with two for the price of one coupon. At 110 West Hobbs Roswell New Mexico. What should have cost me $2.99 plus tax cost me $6.63 Where was the two for the price of one? You just lost two faithful costomers.

  232. I recently received a raw boneless chicken breast with my doublicious sandwich. I contacted corporate with no response. I also contacted a lawyer. I still have the sandwich in my freezer. This is negligence on the highest level. I will not visit KFC ever again & will do what I can with my 12,000 followers on Facebook to make sure no one else does either.

  233. On April 30th my boyfriend and I went to KFC in Burien. We asked for all dark meat and when we got home found out it was mixed. I love KFC but this was the worst I have ever tasted and the people that work their weren’t very friendly. While waiting there was another customer complaing about his service. Don’t let KFC go down hill.I probably won’t go back for a long while. Very disappointed.

  234. I went to KFC last evening. The young man taking the order was very pleasant. He took my order, wanting the 10 piece original combo then he politely explained that they were out of original. So I ordered the extra crispy. I waited in line for 25 minutes. When I got to the window to pay and pick up I was told “I am sorry, we are out of chicken.” I actually burst into laughter. I think I startled him with my laughter. He closed the window coming back and said it would be another 30 minute wait. I smiled and said no thank you. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, you sell chicken and you run out???? Really???There was no reason to get angry, but I did learn a valuable lesson. I will ask if the company before I order if they actually have chicken before I sit in line and wait another 25 minutes to laugh at a poor kid in the window. I was a nice customer but the way people were driving around the waiting cars I am thinking they were nasty to that poor young man in the window…

  235. Saw TV commercial for wicked wings at 50 cents a piece. Saw a notice outside the KFC store at B.P.Service Centre, Albion Park, NSW yesterday stating the same offer. On a visit to Sydney today went to Nothmead Store #6525 to try these out at such a good price. Store manager and serving staff knew nothing about the offer and I had to spend more that I wanted. Food was great as usual but I am an aged pensioner and not expecting to have to explain a food offer I saw on TV to the manager.

  236. I went to KFC on hwy. 365 in Port Arthur, TX 77640 on Saturday, May 3,2014. I drove to the drive thru and waited–no response–a man was taking trash out and I asked if the drive thru was working he said yes, to bent down and yelled hello–no response. He told me to go a head and drive around. I did. I got to the window and waited to no avail. I could see three employees talking and they looking at me and keeping on talking. I waited a little while longer as they continued to talk. I again saw them look my way and turned back to talk. I was NEVER waited on. I was buying food for a Kentury Derby party and KFC lost busineess that and I will NEVER return to KFC. This store is the only one in our area. I really like the chicken, but I went to Chruch’s where the service was excellent. I will go there from now on. I double anything will be done, but I probably was not the only customer that day that went away without chicken. I have never not been waited on. I am 63 and this is my first experience was such rude employees. I would fire the bunch and teach the next group of employees how to treat and wait on customers. If this policy continues your company will be closing the only KFC in our Jefferson County area.

  237. Navarre FL – Sat: arrived at KFC at 7:45 was in the door in line within 30-45 seconds. The Employees behind the counter were scrambling to prepare a large take away order of 15 buckets of chicken and there was one elderly couple in front of us. We waited until the take away order and the other couple were served and then tried to place our order for 3 adult buffet’s. The time now is 8:01 and was told by the person running the cash register that the buffet closed at 8:00 and he can not sell any more buffet’s. I told him I was in line for 15 minutes and if he had been running the front effectively I would have been served 15 minutes before the buffet closed. HE REFUSED TO SELL US a buffet and we left. {{{there were piles of food on the buffet. Also I guess it’s better we did not eat there because he store is beyond Nasty. We will not EVER return to this location and I will think 2x before ordering from any KFC

  238. I called the KFC in Sand Springs OK on May 5, 2014 at 5:15pm. A male employee answered the phone and I asked if they still had a chicken fried steak special on Mondays. He replied “yes we do. I am really busy. I’ve gotta go. Bye”. Then he hung up the phone. Very poor customer service.

  239. I visited KFC in tonbridge on the 5th of May and I was very happy with the lovely young man
    Who served me. I would like to say that Josh is a lovely and kind, caring man and I will be coming back again he is going a lovely job.

  240. why do you have tip option when u pay for your drive through orders. It really puts you in a spot, not to mention embarassment. People look around for coupons to gets a little better deal, if you put tip to your order, what’s the point of even looking for coupons and going for tooney-tuesday to have a KFC meal.
    You tooney-tuesday price is already going up and up all the time, you can’t call it tooney-tuesday anymore, in addition to your chicken pieces getting smaller and smaller.
    it’s like my sister says, “KFC tooney-tuesday is like their chicken have ‘polio’ because they are getting smaller and smaller.”

    Also, the attendants gives you orders of fries and never include ketchup pouches, unless, I remember and ask them. Sometimes they even give you items missing…you will their incompetance after you have paid tips for a service not provided. Remove the tip options, it’s a shame for KFC to have that option for the customers.

  241. Went to Nashville, Ar store and for the second time I was challenged by an employee. First time she got upset because she said I did not place an order before coming to pick up window. I did. Second, time she argued with me twice that I did not tell her that I had a coupon. I most certainly did! I worked in retail for most of my life and I know this is NOT how you treat customers! I doubt seriously if I go back to this store. A customere does not have to take this kind of treatment. There are other places to eat.

  242. Recently your service at many of your KFC restaurants is very poor. I love KFC but the service is bad. And this is why you are losing business. Recently we ate at KFC in Dublin Ca and the food was good but the service was not so good. I had to go back up to the counter four times after receiving our food. There was no dipping sauce there was no butter. And the store was not busy. The tables were not cleaned. I have had similar service also in Livermore Ca. And I believe the town is Lockeford Ca. I love KFC but lately your service is going down hill. Please improve your service. Or your going to be losing another customer.

  243. Dear Sir,

    On 5th of May 2014, we stopped at a food mall, by name Partha Food Mall, on National Highway No. 4 ie Pune -Bangalore route. This highway joint had your counter, but it is too unhygienic and unclean. Flies were in abundance. Do you expect that all Indians paying for your products, like to eat unhygienic food? The waiters were unclean with dirty habits of scratching the sweaty head, neck and back etc and not washing hand!
    Do the KFC ventures in US also serve the food in unhygienic way.
    KFC, please remember that Indians too pay for their food purchased from your counter. The joint is on the highway as written above and the name of the place is WAI, near Satara, Maharashtra state, INDIA, Pin/Zip-415517. Now left to your action expect your reply.

    Dr. Saleem

  244. Today is Mothers Day, so I went to kfc to pick up a bucket of chicken so I would not have to cook for my family, in addition I had a coupon for buy one get one free 2 pc meal that was going to exp 5/11/14 from Parade Magizine found in the Miami local newpaper a few weeks back. You can imagine my dismay when I was told they were out of chicken! I proceded to ask for a rain check for my coupon. The counter person told me she did not know what a rain check was and would get a manager. The manager told me they did not give rain checks. I ask her how a chicken place can run out of chicken at 5:30 on a Sunday which happens to be Mothers Day? She said another manager had not ordered enough. So maybe for Fathers Day KFC should up their order so this does not happen again. One good thing out of this was that she did tell me that they had called five other stores who were also sold out of chicken, so I did not waste my holiday or gas to try and locate KFC chicken in my area. Thank You, Disappointed Sheila Epstein.

  245. I am an enthusiastic customer and investor in KFC (Yum stocks). However, I am becoming very concerned about the quality of the chicken and the portion sizes. On May 11th I purchased chicken in Decatur IL. The extra crispy chicken was the worst I have ever tasted. It was extremely dry and not crispy at all. Sides are now extra and come in much smaller containers. The price has increased significantly. Needless to say I went elsewhere, to Kroger, and bought the sides there. Hope the stock doesn’t start dropping.

  246. I went to the KFC on East Street in Rockford, IL last Friday.
    I noticed it is dingy and old. Inside it is the same.
    I ordered a 2 piece meal. Got it home and discovered I had a tiny
    dried out wing, and a Breast that had been in the hot box (or under lights) for hours as it too was dried out and tough. The
    mashed potatoes were soupy and the gravy barely warm. The biscuits baked at a high temp so they browned on the outside and
    were not done all the way inside. I worked in Food Service for over 30 years. This is NOT good business. Everyone I have talked to, neighbors, friends, and family all said the same thing, Oh we NEVER go to that one anymore.

  247. Beware of KfC food under cooked.Box they put the food in breaks apart They don’t complicate for the money you spend.

  248. Today, May 13th, 2014 I visited your location that Is located in Norco California off Hidden Valley. I went through the drive-thrue and had I had 2 coupons to use. I asked if I could do two separate orders and they said no. so I placed my order using one coupon. I pay and decided to get off the car and go get the second order by walking in, as soon as I walked in the “MANAGER” name JESUS didn’t even let me say nothing when he said, “MA”AM YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT, BUT I WILL LET YOU” he didn’t even know what it was I was going to order or anything. I though it was so rude for a “MANAGER” to speak to me like that. If I am paying for my meal, I should be able to order as many times as I want whether I go through the drive-thrue or inside the restaurant. Very disappointed that they would have people working there with that attitude and to even have a “MANAGER” doing that!! I sure will not come back to that specific KFC!!!!!

  249. Today, May 13th, 2014 I visited your location that Is located in Norco California off Hidden Valley. I went through the drive-thrue and had I had 2 coupons to use. I asked if I could do two separate orders and they said no. so I placed my order using one coupon. I pay and decided to get off the car and go get the second order by walking in, as soon as I walked in the “MANAGER” name JESUS didn’t even let me say nothing when he said, “MA”AM YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT, BUT I WILL LET YOU” he didn’t even know what it was I was going to order or anything. I though it was so rude for a “MANAGER” to speak to me like that. If I am paying for my meal, I should be able to order as many times as I want whether I go through the drive-thrue or inside the restaurant. Very disappointed that they would have people working there with that attitude and to even have a “MANAGER” doing that!! I sure will not come back to that specific KFC!!!!!

  250. Todayat wwork Marlon Wiggins (moe) threw a big fit in front of the customers in the lobby and he got mad because I asked him to pay for what he rang up for his self at the register my register comes up short allot and half if the time I’m not even the one using the register .he got mad and asked me who I was talking to and went to grab the keys to the register to unlock it I have no clue what he was doing with the keys ..when he returned the keys he purposky bumped into me and called me a bitch …this is very unacceptable behavior and I didn’t do anything to him for him to act that way and the friendswood location doesn’t want to do anything about anything or any one it sucks

  251. On Friday, 9 May, I attempted to buy two “2 pc. meals” from the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant at 2205 South Broadway, Santa Maria, Ca. I tried to use a “buy 1 get 1 free” coupon which had been included in the Parade newspaper magazine and which offered meals consisting of “2 pcs chicken, 2 individual sides, 1 biscuit.”

    However when I asked for individual sides of potato wedges and green beans, I was told that the coupon offer only covered side orders of cole slaw and mashed potatoes. When I pointed out that the coupon didn’t say anything about such a limitation, I was told by the assistant manager that, since the photograph on the coupon only depicted cole slaw and mashed potatoes, that was all that a user of the coupon was entitled to. She then told me that the practice was in accordance with instructions from “management.”

    In my opinion, a decorative illustration on a coupon hardly constitutes legitimate notice to consumers of a limitation on use of the coupon. Claiming that it does seems rather dodgy.

    I didn’t realize that KFC management endorsed such sleazy bait-and-switch tactics. At the very least, the tactics seem to be unethical. I certainly am disappointed in your company’s policy.

  252. on several occasions, the KFC in Coolidge Arizona has NOT had grilled chicken available. The running joke around here is it’s a 50/50 chance of getting a full order of grilled chicken. Absolutely horrible way to run a National chain restaurant. Never again will i even attempt it. and i will tell everyone who will listen how Horrible the service and management of KFC is run. I mean really???? How do you not have enough Chicken on a Friday evening, at dinner time no less.

  253. I have been visiting KFC in Brodheadsville Pa, the past 6 months. approximately twice a month.I pick up a 6 piece bucket meal to take home for my family. I request 3 pieces original and 3 pieces grilled. No matter what time I come. They never have grilled chicken. Once I was able to get 1 piece I had to substitute with extra crispy chicken. I find this extremely inconvenient. I could understand once or twice but this happens every time. I wouldn’t write my concerns if I didn’t want this rectified. I will tell you my patients had worn thin over this situation. I am probably not going to return. I can never get what I ordered. It’s not like I’m ordering a 20 piece bucket. 3 pieces. I don’t see this changing!

  254. I was shocked when me and some others went in to a KFC
    Restaurant in Blackpool near the tower as the disabled toilets
    Are down stairs which I think is inappropriate as my friend was
    In a wheel chair and could not even get to the TOILET I am
    Disgraced with KFC and I think some thing NEEDS to be done
    About this problem and I’m highly disappointed with KFC.
    As it is not a disabled friendly place !!

    • No I worded that wrong the nomal toilets where donw
      Stairs and the weren’t any disabled toilets

  255. I have been eating KFC for years now. But it seems that KFC doesn’t value their customers. I bought a 2 pc meal (too much money) and I was SHOCKED to see that this Scranton store had sold a biscuit that was HARD AS ROCK, the 2 pc. chicken were SO SO small that it equaled to one, and the 2 sides were portion for an infant.

    WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE OLD KFC, where the meals were decent size and fairly priced???????

    Well from now on, when I craved fried chicken and a decent biscuit, I will cook these myself, KFC has just lost me as a customer. I know they won’t care, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that is getting BISCUITS that are HARD AS ROCK from that KFC store.
    Good-bye KFC, sad to say, forever……

  256. The KFC in Batesville, MS is about the nastiest place to eat! I think it gets worse the more I eat there. I tried to contact someone, only to be ignored. The food is cold; the store is nasty; the crew doesn’t go out of their way to be nice at all. The mashed potato bowl is not sold as it’s advertised- ever! They just cut up chicken strips & put in there. What happened to the chicken nuggets that are supposed to be in there…with the cold potatoes & the corn that’s obviously been sitting in the heat too long!? I think I’ll go across the highway to Popeye’s from now on!

  257. On May 24, 2014 I went to the drive-up around 5:00 p.m. on Main Street in Hendersonville, TN, requested a #7, young lady asked what sides etc. and gave me my total. Pulled around the building as requested, two other vehicles ahead, well it was my turn pulled up I waited and waited. I watched the inside front counter employee help others, for 10 minutes no one came to the window not to even take my money. When the young lady finally came she said, “May I Help You”, I said, “you took my order”,! Her response, “OH, I FORGOT, WHAT DID YOU ORDER?” I was floored not to mention, how can you forget something you put in the system, the order takers (Cooks) should have picked upon it. First, I said to forget, then I decided to go in and speak with the Manager, she did not seem to be disturb. Just said what did you order walked to the back apparently the cook was not there to drop the chicken strips. She proceeded back to the front counter started helping someone else, and yelled through the store “she needed some help with the cooking and to drop some “strips”. I asked her how long will it take, she hee-hawed maybe 6 minutes. Her attitude was not customer friendly and I finally said just to forget it, she apologized and said, ” I Was Going To Give Them To You”. Basically, I do not want to be given anything other than good old “Customer Service”. I had gone to this same store two weeks ago and I had over a 20 minute wait. I have resided in this city for over 30+ years and will never go there again and it’s sad it has come to this because my grandson loves KFC. Respectfully!!!

  258. I live in Summerville SC. I was not wronged. But it looks like it is just as hard to get in touch with you as your stores. I called 5 stores in my area and not one picked up the phone. I could not get through to some.
    I went on line to see what you served on your menu. This it itself was hard seeing that you did not have a menu per se. It does not say what your buckets are, how many in the buckets. What sides you have. etc.
    It did say you had salads. But when he got to the KFC they said that they did not have salads. I don’t think they even said if it was just them that did not have salads.
    The people at this KFC have always been nice. I wasn’t there this time so I am going on past experience.
    If I could have gotten them on the phone I would have found this out. My survey code is K03201960526143731
    I just think that if you going to say that someting is on the menu that the stores should have it. At the very least list what is on you menu on line.

  259. hi im iraj from iran.can I have kfc agency in iran because not boycott and also apple getting started in iran
    im ready had in iran kfc agency
    thank you.

  260. 1st complaint. The location we frequent states on the door and on the website that the dining room is open until 10 pm. (This the Buda, TX location) Every single time we’ve been there in the evening they’ve already locked the doors before 9:30 pm and tell people they have to use the drivethru.
    2nd complaint. On our last visit, on the back of our receipt, it gives you their website to enter a chance to win $1000. Not only does the form NOT work but it takes you to other spam type websites to do surveys in general, not just for KYC. NOT a happy customer, and I’d suggest not going to the Buda TX location

  261. Got ad for Wednesday special today. At 6:15 Brownwood Tx KFC was out of Wed. Special & offered no alternative. This store is always slow. I am disgusted.

  262. Brownwood Tx KFC was out of Wednesday special at 6:15pm and offered no alternative. Always slow service.

  263. This is the only format I could find to tell KFC about an employee of theirs.
    I stopped in to a KFC branch in Palm Coast, Fl on 5/29/14, to purchase a cup of ice. When I entered, the young lady at the counter smiled and greeted me (not seen that much anymore). I asked for a small cup of ice and was given the cup by a SMILING,courteous young lady named ‘Dorian’. When I asked how much I owed I was surprised when she told me, “nothing, we don’t charge for cups of ice”. I thanked her and tried to give her a couple dollars as a tip for her courtesy. She very sweetly turned the tip down stating it was against policy to receive gratuities. Now, there was no one else around to see or hear and yet she upheld your policy. I found that very refreshing in today’s world. You have a very honest, courteous, friendly employee with great integrity. I hope you appreciate this young lady, she is quite an asset in today’s market.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  264. I need to make a correction on my post…
    the employee’s name is ‘DARIAN’ and the restaurant ID is j718275

  265. we visited store # j718316 in Salem, Il on may 31 at 5:22 pm. ticket # 4880. I will say it was raining out, the floor was really slick. no wet signs out, the counters were very greasy. the tables we sat at we used our sanitizer to clean them. the window sills were filthy, we really enjoy eating here. the Centralia store has closed and the mt. Vernon store is very clean. I used to be a burger chef manager before and we keep our store very clean. I have always said if the food serving line is dirty, then the kitchen is worse. wont go back until we see a difference.

  266. I hardly ever go to KFC, but for some reason I decided to give them a try today. Big mistake! I ordered 5 hot wings and received 5 things – I’m not quite sure what type of minature wings these were. They were smaller than my little pinky. I literally took a photograph as I could not believe that they actually called this a “wing.” I was charged $4.53 for something that should have cost 50 cents. I have never seen such a pitiful excuse for food! This experience has convinced me that I should never, ever, never go to KFC again. I guess the rumor that KFC uses sickly, GMO fed chickens is true. If you were to see the picture of my wings…you would surely agree! What an awful, pitiful excuse for food!!!!!

  267. I have been a very faithful customer to KFC for over 20 years which is why I am so appalled at the commercials you are airing right now. There are two commercials one with a Caucasian he I presently live in Texas being military we move a great deal family and one with an African family it appears that you all think African Americans eat with their, because there are no plates on the table till the end and with the Caucasian family they begin the commercial with a set dinner What an insult we are not animals, being military and living all around the world we see a great deal of racism especially here in Texas. I will spread the word on the racism of your company and I will no longer give of my money to such a place.

  268. my name is Kirstin Papageorgiou i recently got fired from kfc by my boss Juan over at one of your stores and here is the address to the store i worked at 10272 Front Beach RoadPanama City Beach, FL 32407.
    I worked 2 days and got fired because i couldn’t make it in. i understand its life but when it comes to being fired because you can not make it in when it is a family emergency then it becomes something else i recieved new from my mom on Friday June 6th,2014 that a family friend that i have known all my life was just diagnost with advanced stages of prostate cancer yet, Juan fired me the very next day on Saturday June 7th,2014. Now if you ask me that was uncalled for. I honestly think i should not have been fired over that. It was childish of Juan to just up and fireme when he didn’t give me a chance to explain anything and honestly im very upset about this.
    Kirstin Papageorgiou.

  269. I went to the KFC in Chalmette,la I got a 8 pice meal & a6 piece tenders to go. When I got home to eat the biscuit was hard as a rock. The wedges weren’t that great either they were cold.

  270. My wife and I went into the store located off Fortuna Rd. in Yuma AZ. Tonight 6-10-14 at 6pm we live near by. The young man behind the counter greeted with a smile and was great! He offered suggestions to our order and really seem to enjoy his job. Its such a pleasure to walk into a fast food restaurant and receive the same customer service as a five star restaurant. Its not like it wasn’t busy! What a pleasure to go into to your place tonight. Please tell him thay you from Mr. & Mrs. Linares.

  271. after reading the news about the little girl being throne from your restaurant because she had scares i will be letting pepsico know that until this scum losses his or her franchise i will never by a pepsico product again the owner is the real monster and you know you will back him but if all of us stop buying anything from you with any luck we can put you out of business

  272. I will never eat at your place of business again. Read below!

    “I took her to the doctor and I went to KFC. I ordered a large sweet tea and her some mashed potatoes and gravy because she was hungry. She was on a feeding tube at the time, but I figured she could just swallow (the potatoes),” Mullins said. “They just told us, they said, ‘We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers.’ (Victoria) understood exactly what they said.”

    Mullins said she put Victoria in the car and left. She said Victoria cried all the way home to Simpson County.

  273. I will never eat at KFC again.Me and my family eat at KFC 2 to 4 * a week.if you would like our business again.I think you should fire everybody in the store that made that little girl leave. And make a public announcement of how sorry you are for the way your employees treated that little girl and her family.and I expect to hear something back from you. A pissed off parent Kenneth Herrin PS you should give that little girl and her family free chicken for life. To try to say how sorry you are that your employees humiliated her.

  274. KFC gets a poor review and ill never eat there.Kicking a little girl out and her family in Mississippi.B/c her injuries on her face from a dog. That little girl will go through enough emotional distress because what had happen to her and than KFC wants to add to that.Making this little girl feel not wanted and among other things, boycott KFC.What kind of people does this to any kid!

  275. JACKSON, MS – A 3-year-old girl who was attacked by pit bulls in April was asked to leave a restaurant in Mississippi because her scars scared customers, the girl’s grandmother told a television station there.

    The family of Victoria Wilcher took to social media to call out KFC because of the treatment the family said it got in a Jackson, Mississippi restaurant.

    “Does this face look scary to you?” accompanied a picture of Victoria Wilcher on the Facebook page Victoria’s Victories , which documents the child’s recovery from an attack at her grandfather’s home in which three dogs mauled the girl, police said.

    “The right side of her face is paralyzed. She’s got a lot of surgeries to go through and she won’t even look in the mirror anymore,” Victoria’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, told WAPT-TV . “When we go to a store, she doesn’t even want to get out (of the car). She’s 3 years old and she’s embarrassed about what she looks like. She’s embarrassed, and I hate it because she shouldn’t be. It ain’t her fault.”

    Victoria hadn’t felt that way until last week, when she was turned away from a KFC, Mullins said.

    “I ordered a large sweet tea and her some mashed potatoes and gravy because she was hungry. She was on a feeding tube at the time, but I figured she could just swallow (the potatoes),” Mullins said. “They said, ‘We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers.’ (Victoria) understood exactly what they said.”

    Mullins said she put Victoria in the car and left and that Victoria cried all the way home.

    “No matter what’s wrong with a person, if a person’s different, if a person’s scarred, or is a different color or anything, people shouldn’t be discriminated against,” Mullins said. “Her being 3 years old and already being discriminated against, it makes me mad, because I know for the rest of her life it’s going to be like that.”

    KFC officials sent an email to WAPT in response to the incident.

    “KFC launched an investigation as soon as we were made aware of this report. We take this very seriously, as we have zero tolerance for any kind of hurtful or disrespectful actions toward our guests. Our investigation is ongoing, but we have been in touch with the family and are committed to doing something appropriate for this beautiful little girl and her family. We will also work with the franchisee to take appropriate action at the restaurant once the specifics of the incident are determined,” said KFC spokesman Rick Maynard.

    Victoria is on antibiotics and still has more surgeries ahead of her, but she’s doing well, her grandmother said.

    “She surprised us. I think she surprised everybody. She’s a fighter,” Mullins said.

    I read this article and was appalled by the staff’s response. I am choosing not to purchase your products, or do business with any of your affiliates in the foreseeable future. An apology I would think is order to this little girl, and to the general public. I wonder if you would serve a disfigured U.S. Veteran? If the answer is yes, then why not the little girl? Sincerely, Tom Brown Phi Theta Kappa and Honorably Discharged Veteran of the U.S.N.

  276. Y’all need to cover all the out of pocket medical expenses for Victoria Wilcher. It’s the least you can do after the way your employees discriminated against her there in Jackson, Mississippi.

  277. I am appalled at the treatment of the 3 year old recently at the Jackson Mississippi KFC. I strongly suggest that the employee that initiated this turn of events and situation be automatically fired! I am personally considering now quite strongly to not frequent KFC in the future just because of how this child was treated under such circumstances of her age and injuries. This does not surprise me considering my living in Memphis and near vicinity for many years. This is the type of ignorance that I frequently saw let alone restaurants. Please fire that employee and anyone who hired that individual because they did not use good judgement. It also reflects the type of people that KFC hires and the management that hires them. How many other people has this person treated poorly? Please disclose nationally the firing of this person. The same embarrassment that this child and grandmother would have to endure don’t you think?

  278. I am a volunteer at a No Kill Animal Rescue in Cincinnati. We re 100% volunteer and a non profit organization. It is the Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue. Heard on the news yesterday about the little girl that was bitten by a dog all over her face. And a KFC employee asked the family to leave. After seeing the story on TV, I have printed it and will post at our animal rescue for all to see. I am sure, there will be many like me that will NEVER again eat at a KFC. Fred

  279. june 18th between 9p-10p I went to the KFC located in Waikele HI. I ordered the $9.99 8 piece honey bbg thighs, legs etc meal and a large pepsi. When i got to the window i was being charged $17 or so dollars and advised this was too much, apparently she heard me wrong and grumbled without apology asking her manager to make the correction, no acknowledgement or apology from the manager either. The employee came back with a bag with oil sulking through the box ( i can see it through the bag) and the napkins too were soiled. I know honey bbg does have the tendency of being “saucy”, I wish I checked the chicken before I got home to discover the box was falling apart and the skin on the bones looked soggy. It was disgusting, I asked everyone in my family to take a look, it was obviously not normal. I took enough courage to take a pinch of chicken and it tasted rubbery. My fiance’ and I decided to go back to the KFC drivethru but it was too late, I pulled up to the drive window to see the manager and she saw us but she turned away, ignored us, disappeared “hiding” I presume, how rude!? this is around 10:30p aren’t they supposed to be counting the money? Again… an act of courtesy to acknowledge us and apologize FAILED. So I took a picture, and recording of the chicken, and since online customer satisfaction web page will not display, this is the primary chosen place I’m making a honest gripe about. I love KFC, i love their honey bbg wings… but this was not it, who knows what the employee did to the food. I’ll be calling KFC’s hotline tomorrow to advise of the incident and hopefully they’ll send someone there to do an audit during the closing times and train the employees to be more courteous.

  280. I am writing about the KFC located at 3710 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD. The employees are rude, the store is dirty, drive thru is slow considering they are texting at the window. How is it possible at 7 p.m. To only have chicken available for customers. What is KFC chicken without coleslaw, biscuits, potatoes? Does KFC not care about their customers and stores? Someone needs to come in and properly train these people. Also there is a homeless gentleman camped out at the picnic table on the property. It absolutely disgusting!!!!

  281. I am a regular customer of kfc but when ever I buy take way ,there is always something missing.Even today it happened,when i went inside with the bag to show them that pepsi is missing,the guy treated me as if i was lying.And when i asked him for my bill it took ages and he tried to explain that he is right .It happened in aberdeen.

  282. I recently moved to the area and have been to your location on foothill in sylmar CA twice. Both times my experience has been horrible. The first time I went I was told that there was no chicken of any kind available and I would have to wait About 25minutes. My second time was last night around 10pm I placed my order and when I got tithe window was told if I can park in front for 3minutes and my food would be taken to me I said yes and asked if they could please bring hot sauce and honey well the 3 turned into 10 minutes and when I asked the girl if the sauce was there she said NO with a attitude and was upset because she had to go back in and grab it. When I got home my food was cold and the cole slaw was extremely dry and tasted like it had been left open all day. The costumer service was horrible!!

  283. We arived in Phalaborwa after traveling all the way from Polokwane, we stopped at Kfc drive-through in to buy us something to eat after the long road. We bought food for 4 people, as we came at the counter to recieve our food the worker could not recall our order and we had to give her our slip so she can see what is our order. After waiting for a while we recieved our food just to find out all our food is ice cold and the order was wrong. So we went through the drive-through again to ask them to give us the right order and food that is still warm. We waited 45 minutes for 3 chips and one burger wich is completely unacceptable. The cars behind us was complaing just as much for waiting so long. The customers inside Kfc had to wait outside for their order so kfc can close the doors so that other customers can’t come inside as it was almost closing time. Not only to speak of the bad service, the next day we all were sick of the food. Not happy at all. I will not suggest anybody to use the Kfc in Phalaborwa EVER.

  284. Hello, I’m just writing to you in concerns to this little girl who was asked to leave one of your stores story.

    I want to let your corporate office know that you all are so so awesome…… even though this degenerate of life grandmother of this child is making some elaborate story up to get a little money. Your company is so kind, even to pathetic people like this lady. Just one note, please try not to continue things like this because I strongly feel as if it just gives this type of person more fuel to proceed further in future events like this one.

    Thank you for being so awesome!!

    Rob Koller
    Phoenix Arizona

  285. I visited the KFC in Panama City Florida Tyndall pkwy on June 24,2014 I understand this was a grand reopen of this store but it was still no excuse for the service we received. I ordered a buffet a to go cup and a bowl and it took them 20 minutes to make the bowl and the go cup and that’s only because I went up to ask. And all the manager could offer was a chocolate chip cookie. Are u kidding me. Thanks but no thanks. And also when u put signs up advertising senior citizen discounts u should honor them a military veteran in front of me one who served our country clearly you could see his age asked for the senior discount and the cashier named Jennifer told him they were not doing senior discounts yet. I was very disappointed in the service it will be a while before I visit again if I do

  286. I’ve been following the story on the little girl, Victoria who was mauled by pit bulls and then asked to leave a KFC restaurant because she scared the other customers. I had a feeling this was a hoax! I do admire KFC for taking the correct action in hiring an independent firm to investigate and offering $30,000 for medical bills…..BUT….when it was determined this was a hoax and never happened, then KFC should not have given the $30,000 to these scam artist people! Now, everyone will start stories just to get money out of businesses. I understand you were doing damage control and trying to turn the KFC name around but this is a criminal act! My grandson was shaken by the babysitter at the age of 4 months and now has 65% brain damage. He is 4 years old now and does not walk or talk. I wonder if I come up with a story about KFC, I wonder how much money I can get out of you! I would never do it because it’s wrong. It’s lying! But you fell for it and opened up the flood gate for more people to pull this. KFC should have filed criminal charges against these people! Very disappointed!

  287. I just came from the kfc in homestead pgh,pa and I have to say I never have been treated so badly. pulled up to drive through and when ask what I wanted to order , I asked a question about something on the menu and the girl was like read the board I said I was but didn’t see if something came as a meal she was like read the board so I just ordered as I saw it then she was do you want the meal and I said that’s what I was asking if it came as a meal she was like well it does, then she said hold on left for like 2 min. then came back and said do you want any thing else I finished my order pulled around and she had her back to me and was talking to 2 other people ho were staring at me and laughing I waited about 3 min. then just pulled away worst service ever . I will tell every one to avoid this place .sorry for the owners but they need to hire better help.

  288. Never go to the KFC located at 2007 East Highland Avenue in San Bernardino,Ca…I put in a complaint and I was sent an email stating to contact the manager and they would replace my meal. When I returned I waited over 30min for the manager to tell me they don’t see the email in their system or my transaction so they couldn’t replace my meal. I had the receipt and the email with me. This place is a joke and should be shut down.The cashiers handle money and the food without gloves ,the inside tables and floors are filthy and there were clumps of dust on the side of the soda machine and ATM machine. I can’t believe this location is still in business.

  289. the KFC on north main in high point NC is the worst place to get fast food ever i have given the place 7 or 8 chances and every time i go there they never have any chicken cooked even at 6:00pm they always say it will be 15 to 20 mins before it is ready.
    you really need a new manger there

  290. Went to the  location on Ager Rd Hyattsville June 19th. This location closed early! We rushed to get to this KFC before they closed at 11. Got there at 10:55. Ready to order but the drive thru was shut down, so we went to the window. The cashier was clearly closing the register, counting the money for the close of business. So they must have started to closed a few minutes before we even got there, we then pulled up to the second window to the other associate who was handing food to her friend out the window, check the time….it was now 10:58, ask to speak with the manger, that’s when we were told that the first associate we spoke to was in fact the manger on duty…….I understand it was close to the closing time but I feel to have loyal customers you have to have good costomer service.  If we were even there one minute before closing we should be served.

    We were simply turned away, with a sorry for ya, she said her clock said 11:00!!??.. As they continued to hand food to there friends out of the window. I would avoid this location at any cost, save yourself gas and the aggravation

  291. The store at 917 W. South BLVD in Montgomery ALabama needs to inform their employees that senior citizens are aged 55 and older. I have visited this store more than once and the drive thru server tells me ” you have to be 65 and older for the senior discount” and then rolls her eyes with her false eyelashes on. Ms. Lakeshia, people 55 years and older are seniors. I’m not pleased with this location or the service here.

  292. There is probably no one there that has had the original KFC. The original was so much better than what is put out now as original. I read on the internet that KFC is the lowest rated chicken now. You need to go back to the original and serve the original rolls with the order. Why does everyone think they need to serve biscuits? You also need to adjust prices. People can not afford the prices you charge. I love wings and ordered a wing dinner. Those wings had to come from cornish chickens, they were that small. Bring KFC back to Number 1.

  293. Dear concern,

    This is to bring to your notice that as per the municipal corporation license to run a restaurant it is mandatory to provide drinking water to their customers with convenience. This is a serious issue.

    In McDonald restaurant Drinking water dispensing machine are situated behind the counter.

    I am regularly visiting McDonald restaurant across India but it is very difficult to get a glass of water easily. With many humiliation customer forced to buy a package drinking water available in store on higher price because customer cannot wait to get a glass of water

    Every time customer need to beg to get a glass of water, after several request the restaurant employee give half glass fill only. Even if you request for three glass for three different member they always give less number or make them wait.

    Employes are trained to overlook customers request for drinking water instead interested to sell packaged drinking water.

    Most of the time they are busy with attending customers to book there order,Which is equally important.

    Water vending machine is behind the cash counter so customer cannot do self service to get a glass of water.

    This is my feedback to put the water vending machine out side the cash counter which enables customer to get self service the above mentioned requirement.


  294. KFC/Taco Bell Eastman, GA

    I stopped and got a kfc bowl. There was only chicken and mash potatoes with no cheese and no corn. There was also 2 hairs mixed in with the food. Thanks for a meal that was thrown away.

  295. Dear sir

    We have visited your “resturant” located at 6061 Northfront Rd,180 Harmon-Vasco, Livermore, CA on several occasions,each time hoping that some improvement would be apparent.Alas this has not been the case. If this were the only KFC we had ever visited we would never darken your doors again.

    On every visit the service has been slow and the attitude of the staff rude and off-hand and that applies to those who can be bothered to acknowledge customers, as opposed to tinkering with
    their cars in the parking lot.

    Menu items seem to be mostly unavailable to the extent that it isn’t possible to order a full meal as advertised.The attitude of the staff is take it or leave it.

    Perhaps you should consider putting a functioning adult in charge
    and recruiting staff who are not illiterate high school drop outs
    with a chip on their shoulders. Whoever manages this excuse for a
    franchise should be ashamed of themselves.

    Yours in considerable disappointment

    Jon and Sandy Hayter

  296. The KFC in Saint Robert, Missouri needs to be checked out….I have gone for dinner 3 times..I thought the 3rd time would be the charm well I was wrong…chicken is always overcooked and hard and dry and then to top it off it was tough and my order was wrong…..I’ve gone to other KFC’s in other towns thru my life and was very good…but here in Saint Robert its horrible…I will also add that the workers are sloppy dressed….I will never go back there again and neither will anyone I know.

  297. Went through drive thru, ordered famous bowl. The bowl had a total of three small bites of chicken, the time before today I could not even finish it. Very disappointed the location was 9000 block of East Washington st. Indianapolis Indiana

  298. Went to KFC restaurant #D212096 for take out at 5:00 P.M. on Sunday, July 13th. Was told they had just sold the last pot pie and it would be 10 minutes…so I waited. At 5:20, I was asked if I wanted to buy a drink while I waited, and I mentioned that I had purchased a drink but nobody had given me a cup. At 5:30, I noticed a nice sign that said a pot pie deal was $5.00 w/drink & cookie, or $5.99 with just a drink. I had been charged $4.99 + $1.79. When I asked the staff, I was told that they had run out of cookies so they wouldn’t honor that deal. The pot pie came out at 5:50 P.M. The food was great, but I am so irritated that I will not go there again. Check your ticket #4901, which supports this event, and then order some training for that group.

  299. I am totally ,, totally sick and tired of going to the kfc site and filling out my imformation that takes atleast 15 minutes to do an get to the end and asked for a postcode and only American codes are accepted , then that leads me to a dead end , I have told atleast 5 stores that this happens and even today at gawler and was told yes we have heard this from a lot of customers , I have told managers this is happening on line and I am disappointed that this is still happening , just for a feedback for free chips and drink , I love kfc but im sick and tired of spending time filling out a servry for kfc and getting no where by doing this , I tried one more time today and said I would try again at gawler branch today , but again failure . please sort this out and get back to me , im very angry that this has gone on for to long .

  300. Three weeks ago local manager called I had called about the chicken we had had the night before, everything was so dry we could hardly eat it, even with gravy. The manager stated he would send me coupon for replacement dinner if I would return, Never received coupon. Last week we returned to pick up dinner with granddaughters, received order clerk promised or order was complete: 20 strips, green bean, corn, Cole slaw, and two mash potatoes, got home shorted one mashed potato, called and left voice message for manager never heard from him to this date. I love KFC but not enough to get ripped off every time I order. Not sure what the problem is there but obviously the employees don’t care about the customer. Reconsidering my KFC Love!!!!

  301. I tried for an hour to place an order over the phone no one ever answered. Went to the store tried the phone while I was in line and could hear it ringing in the store. Some guy cut in front of me and the girl took his order. When it was my turn she left me standing there for about ten to fifteen minutes. Finely I was so annoyed I left. That’s what happens when you hire young kids and no manager to run the place.

  302. Hello. First I would like to say that I really enjoy the KFC menu. I tried to use the Customer Feedback Form online, but it kept telling me that there was no KFC at the location that I’d just left. The nearest KFC to me is 3 miles and I just drove there at 8:30 p.m. this evening only to be told that they had no wings. Really? The chicken place with no chicken. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. There are 3 other chicken restaurants in my area that I will be going to in the future when I want wings.

  303. I live in Barnesville Ohio 43713 and visit your store here in Barnesville on occasion. When it first opened it was great. As time goes by it has gone down hill. My husband and I went inside to have dinner one night. I had to clean my own table as all were dirty. Around the edges of the table have not been cleaned for a long time…gross. My food was just barely warm..chili fries. The other day I went through the drive thru and ordered a coney dog meal. Asked not to have my hot dog steamed and my fries extra crispy. The hot dog was steamed even after I checked when I got to the window to pay..she said she told them. My fries were really gross..soggy and grease was old. Threw my food away because I could not eat it after I tried. Steaming a product makes it very hard to be able to hold and eat without it squishing in your hand and makes for a very messy product. I hate those steamers. If the hot dog is hot and the chili is hot and the bun in a warm drawer without the steam it can be handled with ease. Its not rocket science.

  304. This is regaurds to the KFC in Pauls Valley, OK. Today I went there at lunch time, there were not that many people there. I went up to the counter for some honey. They did not have any out and so I waited to talk to someone. When someone finally came to that part of the counter the lady gave someone their food looked at me pushed a button and turned around and left. No one else came to the counter. I gave up on trying to get the honey and sat down to eat what I could. Then the cookie wasn’t even cooked completely as is was still very doughy on the inside and was cold.

  305. KFC Mansfield UK. just to let you know that the chickens in Mansfield are no bigger than pigeons also the staff will get your order wrong 75% of the time,they repeat the order back to you correctly, they charge correctly, the receipt is correct, but when you get home the bird has flown or parts of it have.but who cares the staff don’t 75% error proves that.. thank you for listening, a pissed off customer think i will go back to fish and chips..

  306. I live near the maumelle, ar (near morgan exit). That location is the worst KFC I’ve been to. The last three times I was there they had no grilled chicken. There explanations were not adequate. Sold out, too late and griller broken. Food is not well prepared.

    On the other hand your Camp Robinson location in North Little Rock, AR is excellent. Always have your order, food is well prepared, good service.

  307. I have just been to Crewe KFC drive though for 2 x bites fillet box. I drove 8 miles home to find a fillet burger and fries missing from the order. I tried phoning several times the number on the receipt but no answer. Had to share my meal with my son – very disappointed. Order number 4079 date 21.07.14 time 2.26pm

  308. Seems KFC in Millington TN is always out of chicken breast, 4 times this year and numerous times last year I went placed an order only to have them come back and say they were out of chicken and couldnt complete my order with out substitutes. I end up going to Popeyes, for some reason Popeyes always has chicken sometimes I have to wait a few minutes but then I get fresh cooked chicken, never got the offer at KFC. Come on guys I like KFC but you are forcing me to to another brand.


  310. I filed a complaint a while back. No response. Either I get a answer or I contact the better business bureau.

  311. I filed a complaint a while back. No response. Either I get a answer or I contact the better business bureau. No one answered the phone for an hour and when I went to the counter I was left standing for about ten or fifteen minutes. I finely was so annoyed I left.

  312. Im very impressed with my visits at kfc miss danielle is always showing a positive additude and always makes sure i have everything which id say is excellent customer service Im sure Im not the only one who has had a great experience. Thank you

  313. On 6/15/ 2014 at 6:00pmwe had visited your kfc branch at FM529 Houston Tx .
    And we had ordered halal chicken .chicken was uncooked and horrible .
    I went back to them and explained the matter but they were so rude and were reluctant to admit their fault / apologies and replace. So i just left the things there and left, just…

  314. hi Kfc i enjoy eat your food . couple of weeks we oreder chicken nuggets to go the so bad so awful. could not chew it. i told my mother inlaw to take them back. so we did told the manger there in mesa on southeren and greenfild i belive. any she said they should never had given us them. so to please us they gave 2 new batches. thank kfc. manger should recomenede doing the right thing. also i no you have a menu to run on. that fine great but i would like to see if by any chane that you can come with white sausge gravy for Kfc bisic getting tired of brown gravy, choice go great with bisics. lol your friend breck reeves.

  315. I went to the KFC at 4758 S Kedzie in Chicago yesterday 7/26/14 around right before 7pm to pick up some chicken for dinner for my kids. I tried ordering a 12 piece meal and was told all they had ready was 4 pieces of chicken. I explained that I can take a mix of both fried and grilled chicken and was told I would have to wait 13 minutes. I tried ordering some nuggets instead and was told I would have to wait 10 to 13 minutes also. The girl behind the counter was smirking like it was funny and she went to the back and basically sounded like they were laughing at the fact that I asked what kind of chicken restaraunt not have any chicken ready. This is a Saturday Evening a little before 7 not have any food available for costumers that come in requesting their main product?

  316. KFC customer service number called twice about my complaint with N. Main St, High Point NC and never had a call back! This location lacks the true ability to be consistent. Very rude on telephone and I usually spend 30-40 dollars. South Main Street location has my business now!

  317. Your store in Ridgecrest California, is the worse KFC I have ever been in. The store was not clean and neat at all. I filed a customer survey to express my dissatisfaction with todays date. The crew there needs to be retrained or something. Firing all of them would just ruin other establishments. It took over 30 minutes to get a dine in order right then have a religious dig thrown at me to defuse my dissatisfaction.

  318. I am sitting here and I am seething, I am so very mad! My mother went to KFC-Taco Bell to get her and her the grandchildren supper Friday afternoon around 2:30 P.M. She came home in tears, my nieces and nephews told me. At first she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, finally the next day she told me how an employee embarrassed her. She was wearing a bandana on her head, as she was working in a hot house, she cleans for some rental agency in town, and it was a sweatband as she calls it. When the lady, Tina came to the window to take her money, she laughed hysterically at my mother. I mean flat out, cut out laughed at her and said she was sorry, but she looks so funny and my mom had made her day because she looked so funny. I couldn’t believe it, this woman totally has no class, my mom explained it she gets hot in a house and sweats, she didn’t see anything funny about it. I have tried to get her to contact someone, even the paper if she’s too embarrassed to go back to KFC, but she is very hurt. My mother is a 60+ year old lady, she deserves respect, not to be laughed at. This rather large woman (named Tina)has no class, and shouldn’t be working the drive-through window at KFC in Blackwell Oklahoma. I am very upset that they would allow such an uncouth woman to work around customers, she needs to be in the back of the restaurant cooking, not taking care of customers as she is has no manners, consideration or respect for others. Once my mom was upset, she signed this little customer survey card with her name and invited her to share her experience about the visit, it was pure sarcasm:Like I really don’t care what you say….That’s why I would seriously like to see her fired, but then one of the workers that is friends with my son said that they have had some problems keeping workers. So I really cannot see this KFC in Blackwell, Oklahoma doing anything about it. But I will share my view of what happened, on every message board, review site, etc. I will not go back to KFC because of this, maybe once this classless person is gone, but not until then.

  319. I live one block from KFC and will not return to this place again. When I had these issues I asked when the owner would be in so I could speak with them. I was told laughingly that the owner was never there. This was from the manager?
    To begin with I had a coupon and when I presented it is was told at the window they didn’t accept coupons.
    With the meal we were to get desert and was told they were out of cakes.
    The next day I called for the manager and found out when she was in.I was told the person at the window did not know how to use the new system. If I came back they would honor the coupon even though it was expired now. I go back and order the family. Meal only to be charged $4.00 more then the last time. I had my receipt
    But was told that is the price end of story. Well, don’t worry about the coupon or any other coupon I will not use them and will mention this to anyone that reminds me of fast food eating. It really is a shame because we like KFC chicken, but not enough to be treated poorly. This KFC is located on Lisbon St, Lewiston, ME.
    Maybe the owner should be more available and know what these people are doing in his business. Just my opinion. What brought this to mind again was I received coupons in the mail today.
    Stephanie Croteau

  320. I live close to Sandy,OR and we have a KFC in town. The next closest is 20+ minutes away. I don’t know who this franchise belongs to but they need to be made aware that not only is there food bad, the chicken looks day old, but it has made family members really sick. Today we had some nuggets and slaw and gravy and potatoes brought home. Don’t ask me why we keep giving this store a chance, but we do. When I opened up the box with nuggets there were 2 black hairs in with the chicken. I immediatley phoned the resteraunt and explained to the manager what had happened. He told me he had been cooking all day and he not only had very little hair but that it was red. Thats all fine and good but whoever boxed the product up came home with the nuggets. he was nice about how did I want to have this fixed, there’s no way to fix this. The owners need to know that this place may have great people that work there, and they may have the only chicken place in town but their food is nasty and KFC as a corporation should not put up with this rat hole.
    I’m surprised no one has died from their food. Needless to say we will not be buying any of KFC products from here out. It’s disgusting and someone needs to look into this.
    Thank you

  321. Today I went to the KFC located at the Lexington Hotel mall in Shenyang China as I always do when I go shopping to the supermarket down there. As always I went with my translator to have lunch at KFC. Saddly a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with diabetes so now I can’t drink cola. They don’t have diet coke option so I asked for cold water instead of a soda. They refused to give water saying “they didn’t have”. Of course they lost me as a customer because I found a real Italian restaurant with superb food for more or less the same price. Now I will never go to that KFC. I hope someone official to tell that manager and workers about this kind of REALLY stupid mistake!

  322. Store had sign posted “closed due to power outage.” Went to El Apollo loco directly across the street. Told them what was going on (cuz) they couldn’t believe how busy they were. Counterparts called the, told her what I said, and they immediately began to laugh stating that they are on the same electrical grid!!!hmmmm what an inconvenience for your customers!!!!!

  323. I am in the kfc located on ogontz in philadelphia. Horrible customer service! Very ghetto employees especially acesia.
    The employees argued about the food and who was getting what infront of the customers. No kne had a position they were working in. They were all over the place.. So the people taking cash at the cash register went right to handling food! I waited over 20 to get my food! Very bad and unprofessional! I will never go there again! Train your employees to not talk or argue infront of the customers and to be more organized! They obviously cannot multitask!


  325. We visited the KFC in Bullhead City with our two (2) great granddaughters and was really disappointed. First off, we believe the store has changed Managers as this would never have taken place with the previous manager. When I ordered for the Grandkids the food came in a bucket, (which is alright if placed in there nice) but this looked like it was thrown in. The employee who waited on us must have been new as he didn’t seem to know what he was doing as I was ordering. I have been a KFC customer for a long time but have been with a sick wife so haven’t been there to much in the past year for this reason. I don’t know what happened to the previous manager but whoever is running the place now sure needs some training of some kind to teach the people who are working there how to deal with public. Everyone seem to be running around not knowing what they were doing. My chicken was cold, the only thing good of the whole experience was the cole slaw..Hope you get someone to straighten the store out before everyone like myself doesn’t return. I am a loyal KFC customer but will return only when assured this mess is fixed. I have heard other people say “it isn’t what it use to be” !!!!

  326. Your store here in Granbury Texas is in great need of help the management asked that I please contact you and ask you to please send someone down here to get this store in working order . I was told there is so much wrong with this store ! The customers have know idea just how bad it is there and if they did they would not be eating there . O K every time I have been there NO CHICKEN or NO side no butter No tea or fryer is broke or we our short handed or I am sorry can we get you something else . tonight it was the fryer is broke and we don’t have any chicken this is every time . So I spoke to the manager and he asked if I would please contact you and help this place. small town not much here to pick from but I will not be going back to KFC in Granbury and I am going to post on my page that every one stop eating here till you send some one down here and get this place fixed. Thank you and PLEASE HELP OR KFC !!!!!!!

  327. This is a complaint. On Monday July 29, on the way home from work I stopped at the drive up at the KFC in Valley Stream NY to get some food for dinner for the family. They were running a special that provided 2 extra large sides (total of 4) if you got a 10 piece meal or larger. I opted for this deal and ordered 2 side orders or corn, one mac and cheese and potato wedges. The kids love the mac and cheese and the wedges.

    When I got the order home I had 3 orders or corn and an order of cole slaw. No mac and cheese or wedges. I had some VERY disappointed faces in my house missing these two items. It was a little too far to drive back so I just called. I spoke to a woman named Stephanie who identified as the manager and was apologetic and told me to show her the receipt next time I was there and she would do something for me.

    Hey, I know mistakes happen, but, I have found, how a company reacts to these things is what makes than a good or bad company. I was happy she made the offer. I put the receipt in my wallet jotting down Stephanie’s name on it.

    Two days ago, Wednesday Aug 6 we decided we wanted KFC for dinner so I stopped into the Valley Steam, NY location. Instead of going to the drive up like I usually do, I parked and went in so I could see Stephanie, show her the receipt and remind her of our conversation.

    I waited in line and when I got to the front I noted the name tag “Stephanie” on the woman in front of me. I showed her the receipt and recounted the story. This is where things got a little crazy. Stephanie started talking about a woman who came in with the same receipt the previous Sunday and she had given her some free sides. I really did not understand what she was talking about. I asked what this had to do with me. After a few minutes I realized she was accusing me of scamming KFC out of free food and someone else had brought in the very same receipt with the same story.

    The conversation got a bit heated. I assured her the receipt had been in my wallet from the day of the initial purchase until that moment. She insisted she was right and I was some kind of scam artist. There ended up being a bit of shouting between myself and Stephanie in front of all the customers and workers after which I stormed out and picked up Italian for dinner than night.

    I do like KFC. My wife likes the grilled chicken and the kids love the potato wedges (but not that night). Personally I vacillate between regular and extra crispy. I will probably go back to KFC but never to the location in Valley Stream.

    I have never had an experience where someone accused me of being a liar and a scam artist. Honestly doing something like Stephanie accused me would never even have occurred to me. It’s been my experience if a person can imagine something like that happening, there’s a good chance, if given the opportunity it would be something they would do themselves.

    If I were you I would keep a close eye on Stephanie.

  328. I just visited KFC in Orange, CT. And they have the worst customer service ever. And that includes the Managers attitude as well. They act like they’re doing you a favor. My question is: if you don’t know how to treat people, why would you be a customer service representative or work a window for that matter? Get a job that don’t involve people like work in a factory or something. Really KFC?????? You have to choose your employees more wisely.

  329. In Grenada for lovely holiday, friendly & helpful people everywhere but KFC. Won’t be going back. Ms Modesste the manager was plain rude. Saying no politely is a skill. How can she impart this staff if unable to demonstrate this herself.

  330. I went through drive through in North Olmsted Ohio, ordered a bowl. When I got home there were big chunks of chicken in it, not even cut up (like strips), there was supposed to be corn in it and there was none. The bowls used to be good, I don’t know what happened to them.

  331. Customer service was terrible at the KFC on Snelling Avenue near the MN state fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN. I was waiting to order and was completely ignored by the 2 girls behind the counter doing their own thing. The one short heavyset mexican girl left and when she came back to finally take my order, she was very cold. I was very surprised because normally Mexicans have warm and bubbly personalities. Anyway, I tried to be friendly, but never got a single smile or kind word. I am extremely disappointed in their personal relations…not sure if she is racist against white people or what. I agree with Raymond, discrimination definitely still exists. These people seriously need some training on how to treat customers. I will never go back to that KFC.

  332. KFC, Brighton, CO, Bromley, 8/23/14 Customer service was extremely poor. Women’s bathroom was dirty, floor, fixtures and out of hand towels, toilet paper roll was on top of dispenser. When food was ordered employee said they were out of buns, shrimp, cold drink machine did not work. There were not straws, lids or condiments. Customers asked for specific things were handed a stock (lids for example) which they put into appropriate containers, and handed out to other customers who did not have them. Meals took exceptionally long in preparation, when served were missing part of meal. Employees rotated breaks rather than restock or clean tables. Extremely sad as it is not how I have experienced other stores. Appears to have inept general manager as well as shift manager. Will not return.

  333. I went through the drive thru at Morris ill KFC . Ordered a three piece meal and three chocolate chip cookies. I did not get my cookies. I told the girl at the window I didn’t get my cookie. She says the manager said he pt the cookie on top. I Sid no I didn’t get my cookies. She Sid the manager says he does not give out free cookies. I returned my order and said take it back. The manager gave me my money back mines the price of the cookie. Watch out for the KFC in Morris. Rotten rotten mangers..

  334. Went to KFC in Tucumcari, NM 88401. The workers were walking around , talking with each other and definitely saw me, no one said hello or offered to wait on me. I stood there aprox 5 minutes then walked out went across the street to McDonald’s. Will be not be going back anytime soon !!

  335. I was overcharged for my meal when they did not put the Cole Slaw in the package. I was miles away before I knew it.

    Your survey code on the receipts do NOT work – you are saving money.

    Your store codes do NOT work on line – you get no complaints that way. This is about store number J295031

  336. I am 79 years old and have several grand chrildren. Yesterday I picked up KFC and took them home with my grandchrildren for a snack. My grandson unpacked the bag and placed the KFC box on my dining room table. I got the drinks out and went to the table. When I tried to pick up the box it was stuck to my very good oak tably. After being very careful I was able to pick up the box but a large piece of the box was stuck on the table. I soaked the piece and was able top remove it. It has taken the finish completely off my table. I polished it to no avail. I feel KFC has some responsible here. thank you

  337. Approx. 2 weeks ago at 9:45 PM my granddaughters and went to KFC meadowview & Freeport blvd in sacramento via drive thru. The clerk said we have a special 10 pieces mixed for 10 bucks. Sounded like a deal.we went for it. 10.85 with tax. Got home about 20 minutes later super ready for chicken. Put chicken in bowl and it was the worst looking I’d ever seen. We were given all the old chicken not sold all day and perhaps the day before. One leg was so swiveled up, it look like and old black thumb. You couldn’t tell the beast from the thighs. I called the KFC and they were closed. The next day even with receipt the refuse to refund my money. Col.Sanders you owe my family and I $10.85. I still have the receipt. The girl that waited on us was willing to give us more chicken but not our money. She worked late shift and I refuse the off. (To late in the evening, couldn’t take that chance again) So Col.Sanders where is my $10.85?

  338. My family and I stopped at KFC at the Brownsville exit#56 on interstate 40 on the way home from Memphis Tn Sunday around 1:30 Sunday Oct 7th. I actually felt sorry for the manager (Marcus) he was taking orders and trying to keep the lobby clean as well as other duties. He asked for the food bar to be restocked at least 3 times while he was waiting on customers. All the other employees seemed to be only interested in talking to each other and ignoring him. The store was not that busy and we had to wait on chicken twice.

  339. Nicole was so funny and talkative
    she was well dressed and was very out spoken and polite and made sure my order was correct she was clean and neat she made me and 5 other customers laugh she was awesome I’ll be back soon. ..

  340. here I am again writing you about the kfc store in covington ga the staff was fighting and were rude to customers One of the staff said they were off the clock and some one better take care ov the customers so we went to churchs chicken and we will be going there from now on no more KFC I know you don’t care but we use to go there at lest 2times a week but no more Good By KFC

  341. As a Veteran and Catholic, I am extremely offended that KFC has chosen to pander to the Muslim community. Funny that they are not reaching out to me as a Catholic. Are they reaching out to you as a Jew or Protestant or agnostic/atheist? No! Funny that they are reaching out to those that are associated with the terrorist who have killed millions around the world in the name of “Allah.” My wife and I will take our business elsewhere…where we are not relegated as “not important enough” to reach out to like we are at KFC. KFC will pay a price for seeking out our enemies and lying down with them. KFC are a bunch of commies! Oh yeah…tell your lawyers to stick it! This is my opinion…I am not stating anything as “fact,” rather, as “My opinion!” Besides…if I want extremely tiny chicken breasts to eat, I might as well just seek out the bones…just about as much meat on them as your worthless chicken.

  342. I had called a couple of weeks ago regarding my complaint of a very rude cashierand horrible half gallon lemonade half gallon ice tea. And I was told that something was going to be done and that they would get back to me and never did. I still have my receipt intact and I took back the lemonade but half lemonade half gallon lemonade half gallon ice tea back that were barely just drinked and that were disgusting they taste like water. I took them back full and they kept them. No one ever returned a phone call or a letter. I’m disgusted on how no one took matters in this situation. I still have my receipt and did not even take product home ….way to go KFC! you might think you don’t need my money because everyone eats there but we eat out every single day and KFC will no longer be or dinner or breakfast or lunch.

  343. By sure the worst service I have received at any fast food restaurant ever. I arrived at the KFC/TB AT 5:35. There was only one order in front of me. My order did not get taken until 6:06. By the time I was walking out with my my it was 6:17. A little slow would you say. The workers seemed more interested in how they looked than getting out any orders in a timely manner. All These fast food places got going for them is there service, and if that is no good, what do you do. I will not be going back to this establishment ever.

  344. went to store #E791014 in San Bernardino, CA., (2007 E. Highland Ave.) The manager said they discontinued the special 7 pieces for 7 dollars, ok so I bought the 12 piece chicken for 20 dollars. However, upon check out this so called American Co. did not have any military or senior discounts. What, do they not support the military? Looks like they are only out for your money!!!!!!!!!

  345. KFC China….I have had YUM brands for a lot of years and have made a lot of money with them but now Im working in China and I have went into several KFCs in Shandong Province and NOT ONE…NOT ONE KFC can I buy more than 2.Mostly a leg-short leg and that’s all but chicken burgers….You cant or they wont let you even buy more than 2…You have no 9 piece bucket….No 5 piece but 2 is all……I walked all over the back streets looking for benders who sell food and they were every were but not one place sold any fried chicken…NO ONE..and when you go into a Chinese restaurant and order something with chicken its “Feet'”Back’Head” “Ribs” and just a few others and that’s it……..KFC….You have a market to see at least 5 piece s…DO IT or if “Popeyes” comes or “Chesters” they are going to get your business because it looks like your to lazy or something to at least show the Chinese people what you have to offer because compared to NO FRIED CHICKEN places any place on any street=YOU HAVE A GOLD MIND….and do something that no restaurant or western restaurant has done yet and that’s put the Drink section outside of were your order at and let the people come and get refills….Its just good service because I got a bottle of coke the other day and it was half the size of what was in a coke can….The Chinese people just don’t drink much of anything because they are small and it doesn’t take much for them to do and you KFC people in those offices…GET OUT IN THE WORLD AND SEE WHAT IM SEEING….and L.E.A.R.N. because you sure don’t seem to smart……

  346. I sent a complaint to you by customer survey and I have NOT had the
    courtesy of a reply. It was the worst of any kind of take out ever. I am sorry you have so little respect for your customers. Needless to say we will never be back.

  347. We have visited the KFC in Cynthiana, Ky. twice now for the dinner buffet, and both times the food looks like it has been left over from the lunch buffet. This second time, there was hardly anything on the buffet, that wasn’t empty. Someone else reported that the apple dessert was empty. When we ask about it, we were told it would be an hour before it was ready. The manager then proceeded to ask if we would like a cookie, are you for real here? I paid for a meal and i expect to get just that. Apparently the owner of this franchise doesn’t check his store very often. The employees were nice, but management may need to be changed, asking if we would like a cookie instead of what should have already been on the buffet. Needless to say we will not be patronizing this establishment again.

  348. Good Morning,
    I wish to enquire about the burger sauces.
    Have you ever considered selling them?
    Putting them into a 100ml bottle with the nutritional information on the back and selling them? There has been multiple times I have gone into KFC trying to get these sauces and failed every time. I thought I was the only one but after today after a discussion in the workplace, I found out more then half of our team thought the same too. These sauces are amazing ( sweet chilli mayo, pepper mayo and supercharged) and I can imagine would be very profitable for the business. There has been multiple times when for lunch we have brought chips and drove to Oporto just because the seel sauces.
    I understand that there might be some underlying causes but not everyone eats burgers and if you have something that’s can earn your business a lot of money why not take advantage of it? Today for example we tried paying $20.00 for a potato and gravy container full and were denied :(. P.s your site doesn’t actually let you send enquiry’s through. Needs adjusting.

  349. Good Morning,
    I wish to enquire about the burger sauces.
    Have you ever considered selling them?
    Putting them into a 100ml bottle with the nutritional information on the back and selling them? There has been multiple times I have gone into KFC trying to get these sauces and failed every time. I thought I was the only one but after today after a discussion in the workplace, I found out more then half of our team thought the same too. These sauces are amazing ( sweet chilli mayo, pepper mayo and supercharged) and I can imagine would be very profitable for the business. There has been multiple times when for lunch we have brought chips and drove to Oporto just because the seel sauces.
    I understand that there might be some underlying causes but not everyone eats burgers and if you have something that’s can earn your business a lot of money why not take advantage of it? Today for example we tried paying $20.00 for a potato and gravy container full and were denied :(.

  350. I visited the kfc on west main and as I entered the store the cashier who name was nyjah did not greet me with a smile she act like she don’t like her job and I rember her from mcdonalds she was not friendly their either customer service is not where she needs to be she is very rude and she gives the sign that she don’t like her job this is not the first time that she has done this to me but, I can stay away and then I wont hath to deal with her attuide and her moving slow like she don’t wont to wait on the customers.

  351. it is bad enough that the last time i bought chicken at kfc it was literally rotten, you are now supporting muslims. when it is the americans in this usa that have made you rich by buying your product. you should be ashamed of yourselves for disrespecting the very people that have supported you all these years. you are supporting a people that have killed the very people that have given you their hard earned money everyday. the last time i looked without the americans in this country you would not be the million dollar business you are and now you have done this. i will be sure your business does not get another dollar from my family or friends again and i will be sure to encourage anyone else to do the same. i ashamed to know an american business would do this to its own people

  352. I just heard that KFC has banned alcohol wipes from it’s stores so as not to offend muslims. I now will ban KFC from my list of restaurants as it is proving that it is associating or aligning itself with terrorist!

    islam is a theocratic terrorist organization & NOT a religion!

    1) The Koran, which I have read and studied thoroughly and (which all muslims align themselves with), contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam. Read those verses of violence here.

    2) Notable acts of terrorism from islam:
    * The barbaric act of beheading an innocent American in Oklahoma by a muslim
    * the Boston bombings(by muslims)
    * the Fort Hood mass shooting (by a muslim) that killed 13 people and injured over 30 people
    * and the murder of 3000 innocent people (by muslims) on 9/11
    This is more than enough loss of life on my home soil at the hands of muslims to substantiate my position that muslims can and will follow the directives in their Koran and kill here at home.

    3) * Muslims, who belong to and, or, support ISIS, are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
    * Muslims, who belong to or support AL Qaeda, are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
    * Muslims who belong to or support HAMAS are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
    See a common thread here?

    4) I have no way of looking at Islam other than as a theocracy, not a religion. Islam is undoubtedly the union of political, legal, and religious ideologies. In other words law, religion and state are forged together to form what Muslims refer to as “The Nation of Islam.” Once again it is given the sovereign qualities of a nation with clerics in the governing body and Sharia law all in one. This is a Theocracy, not a religion.

    The US Constitution does not protect a theocracy. The 1st Amendment is very specific about protecting the rights of individuals from the government, as it concerns the practice of religions, not theocracies. It clearly differentiates between government and religion. Again protecting the individual’s religious beliefs and practices from (the state) government. In Islam religion and state are one.

    We are a Nation governed by laws, or the law of the land the U.S. Constitution. We are not a Nation that is governed by religion, politicians or clerics.

    How then, can anyone say that, the practice of Islam is protected by the U.S. Constitution?

    The muslim brotherhood has a documented plan for the destruction of America from within, discovered by our own government during a raid of MB operatives in America. In addition, I am very cognizant of the civilization jihad under way in my country by American muslims. In a number of states Muslims, through our legal system, are trying to force us to accept Sharia Law over Constitutional law. I do not wish to do business with people who stand against the Constitution and are fighting to replace it.

    5) islam allows Muslims to kill their own children, (honor killing) if the behavior of those children embarrasses or dishonors the family name. ( did you know that dating outside of the faith is justification for murdering their daughters and this has already occurred on American soil?) Why would I want people (who believe its okay to murder their own children), be in the presence of other children?

    6) In the 14 hundred year history of Islam, muslims have murdered over 270 million people. Not all muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists in the world right now are muslim. Since you can’t determine by visual assessment, which ones will kill you and which ones will not, I am going to go with the line of thought that ANY HUMAN BEING who would either knowingly or unknowingly support a “theocratic terrorist organization” that commands the murder of “ALL” people who refuse to submit or convert to the beliefs of that organization, is not someone I want to know or do business with. I hold adults accountable for what they align themselves with & I will not do any business with groups who show support in any fashion for such groups!

    KFC will NEVER see me enter it’s doors again!

  353. Live in Mississippi during the past two years and let me say this about KFC, not good like it use to be, prices really gone high and chicken pieces got smaller. KFC need to up date there status and restaurants, have been to four KFC in a 25 miles radius and all is about the same. I have been eating KFC since I was 8 years old and now i’m 56 years old today, so I decide to leave KFC behind and go with Popeye’s Chicken. Waiting time is no more the 5 minutes or ten depends on how many customers is ordering, KFC is at least 20 minutes or more and that’s with a couple of customers. And the chicken pieces at Popeye’s is LARGER and good. So my saying is “Good-bye KFC Hello Popeye’s”. Oh yea, the best KFC place that I know is in Hartselle, Alabama good and fresh and the folks who work there is great, could not ask for better folks then them. If only the Colonel was here.

  354. The food in middlesbrough kfc is disgusting bought pulled chicken wraps and ultra burger still looking for chicken found dripping brown sauce stuff that does not con you into thinking you have ate chicken.also this takeouts chickenis greasy and bears no resemblance to original reciepe.kfc in Spain superb in middlesbrough it’s garbage.please visit this store and see for your self.but like attitude on phone your firm is not bothered

  355. Dear KFC,

    I am visiting China and discovered that one of your KFC stores in 丽水 (Lishui, in Zhejiang province) does not change the menu. Despite breakfast foods being advertised all over the internet and the city, the KFC in Lishui, next to Lishui University, does not offer any breakfast meals. This upset me greatly, and made me wonder why you advertise a product that you do not provide.

    I hope you will look into this so that your company does not become one that I can no longer trust. I was very interested in your 6/7/8/9 deals for breakfast, but if you are not going to offer them, then please stop advertising that you have them. Just admit that you only serve dinner 24/7, and stop lying to Americans and Chinese.

  356. We were vary disappointed with the Buckeye Az. store.
    My husband and I could not wait to enjoy the extra crispy chicken with mash potatoes and gravy.
    What we got was a bucket of RAW CHICKEN.
    It never fails when you go through the drive through.
    They just throw the food right out the window and tell you to have a great day.
    NO QUALITY CONTROL. Always forgetting something is one thing, but RAW CHICKEN…… I must not of ben the only one. They wouldn’t even answer the phone. Raw Chicken … Don’t they know that could kill some body.

  357. I talked to one of your manager at one of your locations and she advice me to call in atleast 30 minutes ahead of times for picking up the pot pies. So I did and they still made me wait 15 minutes outside. WhTs the point of calling it in if its not ready. They said cause the oven was being use but that’s not my problem she should have told me that on the phone. Very disappointed!!!!

  358. **Totally Unsatisfied!!**
    In Suisun City, California on Sunday 10-5-14 between 8:40pm to 9:10pm I got off work and went to KFC for a side of wedge cut fries. Nope, what I received is 20 wasted minutes, and a Male Employee thought it was funny to tell the customer at drive thru as I was approaching about 10’a way from the window that he just gave him my fries. then disappeared from the window, I knock three times before he came back out to the window. Acting like noting was wrong and as if he didn’t know why I was standing there. Then I said,”Where are my fries?” and he said, “Oh, Ya we are giving you an extra side!” which I said no way I don’t have all night to wait for fries just give me a refund.
    He seem more worried about where the other female employee was at the time I first reached the window to pay for my ordered and he told me it will take five minutes for the order. I said no problem only five minutes I’ll wait. He handed me my change and NO RECEPT! You just Lost Me as A customer! I will no longer us that address to get any food from again and I’ll let my friends know too! NO Amount of Coupons or Sorry, Will do or make up for My Experience.

  359. I am from the UK and travelled most of the world and always relied on KFC to bring me the same food with country variations, but KFC 2nd Road, Pattaya, Thailand is probably the worst food, staff and conditions ever.
    They only do Hot Spicy KFC, chicken portion like small sparrow, fries from day before(rubbery), staff do not clean up and very rude.

  360. I bought a breast, coleslaw and beans from the KFC located in Phoenix on 40th St. Bell Rd. to go. If I had gotten it in the restaurant, I would’ve taken it back for sure. It must have been the smallest, toughest, grilled cold and probably old chicken I’ve ever had. The beans even tasted bad. I was very disappointed and still hungry.

  361. I went in to the KFC in Florham Park, NJ tonight. I have, in the past, went in several KFC’s in the US. After tonights experience I will never go to another KFC, regardless of location. The attendant was rude, the food was not prepared, waiting time was extreme and it was 8:30pm eastern time — I was the only person in the place. This service was on the extreme worst experience and this location should not have your name.

  362. Every time I go to my local KFC they get my order wrong from a burger to a peace of chickin how do the staff not know the diff between a chicken rib n a thigh or a simple filet burger to a BBQ burger the staff on the drive threw can not even under stand English then wen u ring n conplaine they think it’s ok to go all the way back it’s a joke

  363. KFC/Taco Bell in Clinton Indiana: HORRIBLE SERVICE
    Ordered, waited 10 minutes at the speaker before line moved!!!
    Pulled out went to McDonald’s, 5 min TOTAL!!!! From the time ordered to pulling out onto 63!!!! Service is not #1. Not going back

  364. i got the Krusher flavored chocolate in KFC before i really like the taste of it but now i bought again it was really different. krusher now is very bad taste like you know it was like make of too much sugar. you cannot even taste the real creamyness of chocolate in it.

    also the staffs there were not accommodating and giving their customer wrong orders. i really hate this KFC in Abu dbabi airport road. what bad experiences.!

  365. Just ordered a family meal deal and could not believe what we received. 8 piece meal and two pieces were smaller than a chicken wing. Also most the original recipe chicken was either missing the breaking or fell off the chicken therefore it was plain. What I just paid $30 for was not an 8 piece meal it was 6 pieces of chicken and 3 without breading!! I cannot even believe KFC would stand behind service like this let alone the employees serving this to a customer and thinking its o.k. I know I work very hard to earn a living so once in a while a nice family treat was turned into disappointment and discuss. KFC you should be embarrassed!!

  366. Dear sir,
    Herewith I introduce as Ratna, staying in Medan,
    I need to enquiry, about my email.
    That I had sent to complain about what that I faced at Penang Airport KFC ,
    On 2/oct/2014.
    But until today, I still never recieve any reply,
    Here is the machine replied .
    Ticket ID XOP-921-89814.
    Hope to hear the answer soon.

    Best regards,

  367. I don’t appreciate my 5.00 Fill up with a small mashed potatoe ,every time I go to this KFC they act like they saving mashed potatoes …3620 Altamesa Blvd,Ft Worth ,Tx yall wonder why they always empty terrible service. Workers lookin like they just woke up and dusty looking.

  368. To all KFC lovers, KFC Corp don’t give a care about the quality of their food any more, just the money is their concerns. One day in the future KFC will be no More. Sorry to hear them to go and decade away.

  369. Not happy with the Albion, NY location, # g685001. We go there often and they never get our order correct. I called the manager and he took my name and address and told me he would send me some coupons. Never saw them!
    Then today, paid 20.51 for a 12-pc. tender meal, and got no biscuits! This is the poorest customer service/satisfaction I have ever seen in my entire life and I am spreading the word. They do not check the orders, and even the manager lies!


  371. Dear KFC,
    My wife and I were traveling together, and she suggested a place to eat. I said, “no” and suggested the KFC near highway 8 and 35 in Wisconsin. I have not eaten KFC for a long time and I was hoping for a treat with your special spices.

    The chicken we received was either acceptable (me) or very dry (my wife.) Unfortunately the spices were terrible… My mashed potatoes were average, but the corn was very dry. My wife and I spent the last 15 minutes of our meal complaining about the poor quality of our food and dumped about 25% of it as we were leaving. Needless to say we left extremely disappointed.

    We continued our trip to see our adult children and talked about our experience. All the adults in the room confirmed that they had similar experiences and opinions!

    Please, bring your quality up to enjoyable! It will be a long time before we try KFC again….

    Your costumer, Keith

  372. HEALTH WARNING about KFC biscuits: The packets you think are honey are actually about 90% High Fructose Corn Syrup. High Fructose Corn Syrup is the Next-To-Worst sweetener you can put in your body. It’s used for one reason: It Is Cheap! Only Aspartame is worse. To get off the hook legally, KFC calls these packets “Honey Sauce” but what a slap in the face! A really low-down thing to do to customers, especially children! Thoroughly disgusting. I will not be back because I have essentially been lied to.

  373. My local KFC in Macon, Missouri has horrible wait times in the drive thru. A few weeks ago on a Monday evening I placed and order and right after (while waiting in the line) received a cell from my son. He and I spoke until I got to the window to pay for my meal – when I looked at my phone to see how long I had waited (which was also how long I was on the phone) it showed 46 minutes. Then today at 12:29 I placed and order in the drive thru again, at 12:50 I actually pulled over into the parking lot to check on it. They informed me that it still wasn’t ready and looked at me like I was nuts for being upset about the wait – it was lunch time, food should have been ready -they had maybe 4 people actually eating inside. They should have informed me there was going to be over a 10 minute wait – it would have been greatly appreciated since I was on my lunch break, Taco Bell received my business instead. I will not enter another KFC drive thru line, my daughter loves KCF chicken but she will not be receiving it from me and yes, I will spread the word

  374. Hi,this mail is coming from Trinidad W I the reason why i am writing you’ll is because no one from K F C cares about our complains, for example the branch at C R h/w & S M Rd Curepe always have a lot of flies i mean a lot (over 50 – 100) also the branch at S M Rd Cunupia always out of chicken especially on Friday & Saturday nights and most of the time the person that are cashing has to do everything while the rest of them hides in the office. Please i am humbly requesting that you randomly send someone to investigate K F C in Trinidad & Tobago W I Thank You in Advance.

  375. After my last visit to KFC I swore I would never go into another one, but today I had a taste for some original recipe and fell into the trap. The prices are outrageous for what you get and you hide your drinks behind the counter, also only legs and thighs, huummm? Now you know why you are losing the Chicken battle, to be honest in my opinion you still have the best taste just your portion control is weak. In any other Chicken joint if I order a 3 pc dinner it comes with a drink, but not KFC you pay an extra dollar and get one refill, and you have to go up and ask for it. When I look at what you used to be and what you are now and see how the others are flourishing I think it can’t be much longer before you have to close the doors. I just left the restaurant and the holding racks were totally full at 2.30
    unless you have a 2 to 3 hr hold time that is waste. I was the only customer in the facility for over an hour. I am currently living in Hawaii and your stores here are the terrible except the one in Honolulu near or on King street.

    Never again!!

  376. I arrived last night at the kFC in San Antonio Texas at 1050pm at the drive through another car pulled up at the same time and their was one car ahead of us, by the time I got up to the window the drive thru operator using her most she was bothered voice stated she would be with me in a moment when she returned 3 minutes later she informed me they were closed I asked her if she was serious and why she didn’t tell me the first time she said she was helping a customer, really young lady if you knew I was there before 11 pm you should have taken my order as your customer I know you were just waiting for it tool be 11pm, she acted like I did something wrong, that is shameful customer service. Location FM 78 San Antonio Texas

  377. Yesterday,a friend and myself decided to give the little ‘cup’,tenders and WEDGES! The last times we got little tiny THIN pieces of crust that were served as Wedges!! This cup started out as a very good item and I got it alal the time, but for the 2nd time yesterday,We received these VERY thin little pieces of crust, and possibly 1 regular wedge, having enough potato to actually see and feel in your mouth. plus the TINY tenders were SO TINY. This was the ‘talk’ of the place after I mentioned it to a fellow luncher, and she spoke to someone next to her and we all complained, but got NOTHING, no return of $, and no food!! Of course I didn’t want more of those little pieces of crust, with NO potato. WHAT started out as a very nice little meal has turned into a real GYP!! KFC, you’ve always been and done better than this. I will NEVER BUY there again, after this. I worked at KFC as a teenager SO many years ago and how I’m a Sr. and I cannot afford to lose my money there any more. SHAME ON KFC, and I intend to write this up in the Neighborhood Newspaper I write for!! I’d appreciate some response from KFC on WHAT HAPPENED to the potato slicer?? We went to Vons, a supermrket, nearby and got chicken strips, very good, and some wonderful WEDGES, actual POTATOES!! That’s where we’ll be from now on.
    Carolyn Pearson

  378. I was at the Baya store in lake city florida to order dinner only to find out they only had wings left and it was going to be another 30 minutes it was only 7:00 pm.very upsetting I left and went somewhere else.this is a chicken restaurant and your out of chicken!!!!

  379. I got hired at kfc south main street middletown ct on my second day of trainning there the emplyes were vert rude to me they were yelling at me because i didnt memorize the menu in my forst 3 hours of trainning . They were extremely dosrespecful infront of the costumers That the costumers themselves had to speak up an tell them that the way the employess were treating me was disrespecful and unaceptable. The employes have a very strong accent there that the costumers cannot understand what they are saying when they speak to them while taking their order. Employees have no patience when it comes to trainning new employes. The rudest employee is mahamed.

  380. i visited a kfc in johannesburg noord taxi rank it is the most filthy store ever, no clean tables and the take away boxes and servietts all over the flow the toilets are not in good working condition, im a pregnent woman i felf very much ofenderd whe i had to use a ladies room,and the lady is suppose to clean she was dreaging her feet as if she was forced to work

    please just train ur staff properly and get the mannagement to be active during woking hours.

  381. Saddened and disappointed to hear that my daughter had a bad experience at KFC in Anniston, Alabama where employees are not familiar with service dog law. I look forward to hearing that progress is being made educating managers and crew. What is the KFC policy regarding service dogs?

  382. I went to KFC tonight to pick up dinner. I was the ONLY customer. No one else in the drive up and not one customer was inside either…and they still messed up my meal. Didn’t realize it until I got home. I wanted to take the survey, but I couldn’t read the receipt to even get a store number. I tried calling customer service and couldn’t get through there either. NOT happy with KFC tonight!


  384. 11-20-14 My husband and I bought two chicken pot pies and neither one had any chicken in them. We have had these several times and no problem, but tonite they were really bad. All potatoes, peas and carrots. Great disappointment when the price has been increased. $9.79 for two. Concord, Ca clayton road store. order #213.

  385. Visiting in Portland tx we went to the KFC on hwy 181 at about 10:27 pm. They didn’t close till 11. Took them a while to answer us at the drive through but when they finally did we were told that all they had was 5 pieces of chicken left. We couldn’t get anything else because their fryers were already turned off . She was rude and told us straight out that was all they had and they wasn’t gonna fix anything else even tho they had 30 minutes left to close. There was 2 cars behind us. Y’all lost business on Saturday Nov 22 2014. Might want to check into this!

  386. I will try not to use profanity this time soo my view is not rejected. I will never eat at KFC again since the Muslims are allowed to buy into the franchisee and change the chicken and oil which also makes the food taste really really bad from the original recipe.KFC no longer has standards.

  387. I had some chicken livers,the livers had such an after taste. They were old I had to throw them garbage they had been setting up a long time with a lot of grease

  388. I purchased a meal this evening and didn’t receive all my sides and all the biscuits based on my order. I live a half hour away and it is not convenient for me to drive back (or there for that matter). I tried leaving a comment on a different kfc website and it kept telling me to enter all the info even though I had. Bad enough if I go to a competitor and they forget my fries. But when I spend $45.00 I expect the order to be correct. And when I try to e-mail website should be a little more user friendly.

  389. Yesterday I went to KFC in san fernando and Truman in San Fernando city 91342 I a family Meal and they took 20 minutes drive thru because they had food put away at 7:00pmso I wait it.I got my food Iet a bisket at it was so hot that it burn my mouth it was oK I wait for it to look down and it was really hard I go back to restaurant they didn’t want to give me any Bosket’s I try talking to manager I hear the girl say dad.It was like a family job site everything there way well manager never came out an hour later so I went home.

  390. I wish to praise the staff working at the Cedar City, Utah KFC/A & W the night of December 4th. They were extremely busy and were working at optimum efficiency. I especially commend the co-manager for maintaining her cool while being bullied by an employee of Rocky Mountain Power. The customer received exactly what he wanted, a free meal for his family. His actions were out of line. But your staff was outstanding!!!!!!! Kudos to them.

  391. i am very upset customer, i went to the kfc in pontiac illinois, i waited 25 minutes in line after ordering which it always takes forever in that drjve thru, i ordered chicken original bites 10 of them she repeated it back to me twice bc their speaker sucks and needs fixed been like this for a long time. then when i get up to window they take my card and then a guy comes over n ask for my card back because they charged me for the person behind me foe $32.34!!!!! i was pissed they said they credited me the money right back and then to make it even worse this girl then hands me a big bucket of chicken i said what is this she said your order i said these are not bites, the guy comes back and says they dont carry bites anymore i said what when i ordered she should of told me, n i was charged $19.15!!! when i was told $8 i will never go back there. very poor service

  392. I ordered lunch at the KFC on Airline Blvd in Portsmouth, Virginia on 05 Dec 2014. I took it home to my mom in Virginia beach and opened the box to see that the chicken was burned and the biscuits were crumbled up in the box. I normally receive good service from this KFC so I was surprised. I could not find my receipt so I did not fill out the survey. This is the only KFC on Airline blvd in Portsmouth, Va so it should be easy to locate. I would like a refund if possible.

  393. First, I should acknowledge that my husband and I have been supporters of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise for as long as We can remember. We always appreciated the distinct batter used on the Colonials chicken, as well as the fresh crisp cole slaw. However, the past 3 or 4 experiences have been less than favorable, and yesterday was the final straw. We will no longer patronize with KFC, and here’s why: 1) the original fried chicken batter has been altered beyond recognition, and there is no longer a taste of distinction, 2) the cole slaw is made from old/tuff cabbage that is difficult to chew and/or digest, and 3) customer service is no longer a priority for KFC. My spouse is 70 and I will be 69 next week. We don’t demand much in the way of respect, but common courtesy appears to be lacking.

    KFC’s recent poor food quality and disrespectful staff is an indication that our patronage is not welcomed. It is apparent that the staff is so busy with personal issues that our satisfaction is not a priority for them. It is also evident that the “original recipe” has been compromised. What is now being served is beyond recognition and the Colonial would be appalled that this new recipe is being served under his name — we are certainly disappointed.

  394. this goes on all the time at the lake Elsinore ca store…Dec 6th ” 5:30: pm…. In drive thru large order several items one item two piece :orig: Brest and wing….out… 6:00 min wait…. It’s dinner time at a fast food place… Only few customers in store no drive thru line… This happens all the time…. Next door in-out customer service person outside taking orders all fast food places ready for dinner… As usual off to pollo laco the have never been out of anything ever!!! This store allways seem to be under stress…I’m done … No response necessary


  396. The names you have listed under previous winners of $1,000.00 sweepstakes is a “phony” or “scam” like everything else !!! I don’t believe anyone win anything!!!

  397. our local KFC is very bad.they need retraining on the preparation.We order extra crispy and it is soggy and overcooked it also has the flavor of old dirty grease..and then we order tender grill and it is dry and flavorless.not to mention that “original recipe at all your stores ,tastes nothing like the ORIGINAL”.I truly believe that in your attempt to make things healthier, You have ruined your chicken.I think that the oil that you use SUCKS!!!.I truly am never gonna eat it again.

  398. after reading the comments here I have surmised that the batter and the oil that you use has made you chicken very,very bad.KFC should be the next fast food chain to fold.

  399. on 12/12/14 we went to KFC on Blossom Hill Rd. This store does NOT know the meaning of COLD Never any heat !!!
    We ordered dinner along with another person, they did not have enough meat for either party , they offered for us to wait 4 min OR they would substitute another style of chicken they were not good pieces and the fries were not fresh. KFC E720133 The event was disgusting and it is the 3rd time for service in the cold I will never go to this store again. By the way the stores is OLD and dirty,

  400. I went to KFC on 12-16-14 in tulsa ok on admiral blvd and I purchased a 5 pc rotisserie chicken dinner. For $9.17 I received 5 little pcs of chicken and the wing and leg was so small i could not belive it. For $9.17 including tax. I have never go back to KFC. My sister-in-law had told me about the size of a wings were so small, but I had to see it for myself. I’m done eating a KFC and so is she.

  401. Spent $7.85, 2-piece leg and thigh dinner. Thigh was all skin and bones. And the 2-sides with the “scam” cups with the cupped up bottoms, hold 2 tablespoons. (if your lucky). Chicken is so small I’ve nick-named your store KFP, (Kentucky fried pigeon). Because I’ve seen larger pigeons than the chicken you serve. Bottom line went away hungry. Adding you to the never get scammed and eat here again list. Vegetarian Bell..(Taco Bell) is another place on my list. You get only lettuce and cheese, which is why I call it veggie bell. I took the meat off a taco and it literally was less than a teaspoon..literally. Corporate greed is ruining this country.

  402. I order chicken an my chicken was bloody ass hell and on top of that am pregnant but I will be reporting this to the news and lawyer I am so upset right now I promise I am

  403. Corporate greed has taken over. 32.99 plus tax for a 12 piece meal? Really? Chicken is the cheapest food to produce. Wholesale 50 to 70 cents per lb. So a 12 piece meal has less then 2 lbs of chicken. You figure it out. I not now or ever go to KFC again. Maybe when the stock holders lose money they will get back to fact that it is low income and middle income people who eat this garbage.

  404. I have a complaint against Kfc..Location Lakeland tn hwy64 east.I just recently went there with a 11 piece chicken only coupon..Why they wouldn’t honor my coupon tell me I have to go to a memphis store..That not right at da bottom of the coupon it states all kfc locations.And I didn’t appreciate that from that Manger telling me that..So I had to drive further and I live down the street from the one that wouldn’t accept it.That means kfc coupon that being sent in da mail isn’t true to ever location. .and da Manger at the second location said they was suppose to accept it..And I’m going further with this cause I use extra gas going to another location and I didn’t like thst at all.And I’m threw with kfc.I can get better chicken some where else.

  405. Went to KFC restaurant in Ridgeland, MS for their lunch buffet. Only problem was there was no chicken available for 20 minutes. After the first inquiry at 10 minutes, I finally had to get up ask the manager to stock the buffet trays. Geeez.

  406. Went to kfc in Pratt ks The boy took an order before me turned and left the register The girl at the window finally went and ask him if he took my order he came back took my order ask for a potato meal he just ordered the potato without drink. I took him I wanted my money back Told the manager it was a piss poor operation and left in my opinion that place needs looked at and a new managerial staff in place Will not eat at that place again

  407. just went to kfc in Shallotte north Carolina and they were asking for tips at the drive thur. they had a small piece of paper tape to the window saying tips r welcome.when did kfc syart this and at a drive thur

  408. we could not find KFC outlet in sri lanka Matara and Akurasssa cities. also in northern cities. can you open some KFC outlets in these cities.
    it would be appreciated. we thanks also opening KFC in’s great.

  409. we could not find KFC outlet in sri lanka Matara and Akurasssa cities. also in northern cities. can you open some KFC outlets.
    it would be appreciated. we thanks also opening KFC in’s great.


  411. What can I say about the horrible food I just encountered at KFC in Albany, Ga on Dawson Rd..I ordered chicken strips..the chicken was tuff and cold, the mountain dew was so sweet it literally taste like syrup..I ordered potatoe wedges and got mash potatoes say the least; it was horrible and I will never go again.

  412. I went to a KFC #E720223 in Northglenn Colorado today with my son. He was going to use his KFC gift card that he got for Christmas to pay for the meal as a treat to his Dad. The cashier said that they don’t accept gift cards. They apparently only accept gift certificates. I think a reputable company such as KFC should honor all GIFT CARDS and GIFT CERTIFICATES in ALL stores.

    Very Dismayed, Tim Fairbanks

  413. I went to the KFC on 17 Blanding Blvd,Orange Park,Fl. at about 2 PM today, Monday Jan.5,2015. A smiling woman named Jacqueline greeted me and took my order. She then made sure my lunch was prepared correctly and gave it to me. I sat down to eat then noticed that she came from behind the counter and cleaned all the tables. It was mid afternoon and very slow customer-wise. Then she removed the plastic trash bags from the containers and replaced them with new ones. I noticed that as customers would leave she would call out “Thank you,goodbye!” I thought I had seen it all until she came out with a bottle of glass cleaner and cleaned the front glass doors. You would think that this lady owned stock in the place. I could tell that she genuinely liked her job and was happy to have it. Do you folks actually read these comments? I hope so. She is amazingly deserving, at least of something like “Employee of the month.” Thank you.

  414. To Whom This May Concern,

    I’m sorry to inform you that the KFC in Danville KY is not fit to be in buisness due to drugs and unfit druggie managers.. They do drugs on and off the job. Ji##ie is the only one I see fit to manage, the only problem is he looks away to much. An###a and Ri###rd “crack and pill problem” need to be off the job untill throughtly tested and treated. Wich even then I’d never eat there knowing what has taken place there.. I’m only telling you this to help your buisness prosper. But there is many flaws that need attention in this matter. Sorry to bother you but this needs to be taken care of before someone takes it to the BBB. Just trying to help.

    A Concerned Customer,

  415. I’m disappointed and super upset. I ordered the famous bowl fill up from location in oceanside on mission and only got two tiny pieces of NOTHING. Would have been nice if it was chicken like it should have been besides only getting two tiny pieces but it was just crispy skin. I am beyond frustrated that employees don’t have that drive to provide the best customer service and food quality. I might as well order a side of mash potatoes it’s cheaper if that’s the kind of quality and quantity I’m going to here. Not going back for sure and I don’t recommend nobody does either. Poor customer service poor food quality.

  416. the KFC in Medford Wisconsin have about the poorest service I’ve ever been to for a KFC again on Monday I stopped to get a lunch they did not give me my soda so I drove back through the drive thru again which besides away couldn’t use the snow plow truck got my soda then I get 10 miles down the road and find out they didn’t give me my cookie

  417. Largo Florida Walsingham Road January 25 @12:30 pm.
    Could not make a 8 piece bucket of grilled. 2 of 4 grilled pieces available were wings the size of a piegon wing.Had to substitite half crunchy.Had only 3 biscuits. Store 1/3 full at most.Made me question why I owned Yum Brands Stock.
    Alfred King

  418. Once again I get home and I don’t have what I ordered and paid for. It has happened several times tonight paid for 16 pcs got 12. I would think this is just poor service and being careless if it wasn’t ALWAYS LESS THAN I PAID FOR.

    KFC Bloomington, Indiana (east side) have also been screwed at the other store (west side)

  419. For the 4th time- 3 on the site…
    I took a sick child thru the Simpsnville SC drive thru and ordered an additional mashed potato with her lunch order – got it home and I paid $1.99 for a small clear plastic container with a pink lid with approx 1TB of product. It was obvious, that this was not what she got in her meal. The container was not even filled with potato. If your staff does not like filling special requests (they did with the basic order) they should let customers (or former YUM customers) know. All she asked for was potato without gravy. Then to get kicked off the site 3 different times in 30 minutes after going through ALL OF THE DROPDOWNS, just enhanced the experience.

  420. Tonight we went to KFC in Blaine MN approximately 7:55pm there happened to be one car ahead of us and we could see maybe 6 orders going on inside. The woman taking our order totally messed up our order from get go. We ordered one kids meal, chicken leg, mac and cheese and a chocolate milk. A 2 piece (white meat) meal with mashed potatoes and potato wedges also a Pepsi and a side of mashed potatoes. The woman repeated the order 3 times getting it wrong each time. Asking us to pull forward a gentleman now was taking our order at the window. We repeat our order again, he states it will be 7 minutes for the Mac and Cheese we say forget the Mac and Cheese for the kids meal make it wedges for the kids meal but keep the rest of the order the same. The total came to 15.39 We get home and realize that my granddaughters chocolate milk is days past the expiration date! I contacted KFC the young man that answered the phone just went “Wow really, you gotta be kidding, I’m gonna get the manager.” Ashley got on the phone and stated, “Well how would you like me to handle this?” Ashley also stated she would have to talk to her DM to figure out how to handle this situation. This is something Ashley should already know how to handle if she is in the “Management” position. If she doesn’t KFC should be doing a better job of training their management. I was stunned by that statement, how would I like HER to handle the situation? I stated first I feel you should look and see if you have any more expired milk next you need to send out a certificate for a free kids meal. She then stated they don’t send out certificates they only take names and the next time a person comes in then they will give them a free kids meal. So I gave them my daughter-in-laws name so that my granddaughter would be able to get the kids meal. So I felt that the entire situation we mishandled from start to end.

  421. went to kfc in wv the other day and was thrilled to see they had livers again. So my husband and I ordered two orders of livers. To my surprise they had our order with in a minute. To my dismay the livers were cold and that night my husband got very sick. There should be a time put on food left out that long. I willm not go back to kfc again. my rating is -4stars.

  422. I ordered a 2pc grilled chicken meal and paid approx. $7.50
    What I receieved was a chicken wing the size of my thumb and a drumstick about the size of my index finger with a side and buscuit. I had never seen such small pieces if chicken like what I had received. KFC should be ashamed of themselves.
    Never agsin will I waste my hard earned money on such a meal. I said “you’ve got to be kidding. I paid almost $8 for this”.

  423. Went to kfc on thunderbird and 35 th ave in phoenix. They said it would be a 35 minute wait for any chicken. They had a lot and ran out and had to get more chicken because there was none left in the store.
    To me that was incompetent management. You would think the manager would plan ahead so that didnt happen. Other customers left as well. Thought you should know. The last kfc we used to frequent closed due to poor management.

  424. i would like to get a free meal for me an my familey as our food waz so not hot an i had to pay for a taix to get home an then to top that of we did not get what i payed for i had 2 box meals when we payed for 4 of them an one kids meal an we got 2 of them then had to bye the chippey as we had no food an i am so mad

  425. on your website says chicken fried steak mash potates and pick a side

    establishment says i have to have cole slaw no pick a side

    i hate cole slaw and on top of that they dumped the cole slaw

    on my chicken fried steak had to throw away

  426. on your website says chicken fried steak mash potates and pick a side

    establishment says i have to have cole slaw no pick a side

    i hate cole slaw and on top of that they dumped the cole slaw

    on my chicken fried steak had to throw away

  427. I was at 523 Wyoming Avenue Kingston Pa .. kFC and I will say the young lady that took care of me I asked for her name she said Melissa .. She was so pleasant and very helpful.. I had a coupon on my phone and I guess they don’t have access to this particular coupon.. Well she respected my coupon and gave me 10% off .. Melissa was very professional and always had a smile.. It’s so refreshing to see someone that young very professional and pleasant and always a smile.. Thank-you Melissa… And the cashier I see on my recipt his name was Jeffrey very pleasant and polite… Also the food was delicious… I highly recommend this store

  428. The one thing KFC can do when a customer decides to choose your establishment for dinner is to GET THE ORDER correct!! Now that I’m home and see the error, I call the Manager in Medford OR Bartlett Street and he offers to replace the incorrect item. Well, what about the hassle for the customer, the unhappy person who didn’t get what they paid for, and what about the additional time! Your establishment needs to take accountability and comp at least the one meal to make it worth it. Bad taste in my mouth for KFC!

  429. KFC SAN JUaN CAPISTRANO picked up a 8 piece original legs/thighs bucket. When I got home, it was mostly backs and wings and I paid $15 for it! Seriously? Is that how your doing business now? You won’t be in business for long. They did make it right, but I had to drive back there. What ever happened to the ethic of doing it right the first time? I’m sure they assume most people won’t return it. They also asked me for my receipt (that they never gave me) but it had only been an hour since my original purchase. Perhaps they were confirming so if I did complaint to corporate, I couldn’t prove I was there? That wouldn’t surprise me. Tip: Check your order completely – unpack it if you have to – before you leave to confirm you’re getting what you paid for.

  430. The KFC in Eaton,Colorado. Constant,on-going Lousy Customer Service,try and get the Correct order in a reasonable amount of time for the Correct amount.Good luck,do your self a big favor and stay away from this Podunk business.You have to suffer to get a chicken dinner or taco bell.Do they do this deliberately?Been going on since business opened.Try and be a Plus in a town of 4000 instead of a nuscience.

  431. The KFC/Taco Bell in Henderson,TX is just terrible! We got some $5.00 boxes and the clerk would not give us the drinks, which are supposed to be included. I pointed this out to her on the menu, but she would not give us our drinks. I like the taste of the food, but the service stinks! We never get exactly what we ordered and the workers are slow and distracted. I don’t plan to visit again.

  432. I went to KFC on donaghey st conway arkansas the person at the drive Thur was about stupid she wouldn’t listen to what I wanted so I say don’t want anything and left call corporate office and a gut told me there was no need in me to tell him what happen cause I have the wrong office so I hung up then he call back I didn’t answer the reason I didn’t is you work in corporate office and you don’t care that your stores are stupid they don’t care about there customers well places are a dime a dozens so my business went else ward

  433. About 5 years ago I got my usual kfc potato bowl with extra popcorn chicken. About 3 to 4x a week. About 4 hours later I thought I was going to die.i had food poisoning bad almost went to the hospital,contacted kfc to tell them what happened,they put me in contact with a man that was refurbishing kfc stores,weird. I told him what and where it happened ,he had a free 8 pc chicken meal with my name on it,to the place that almost killed me.needless to say I have not had kfc again and never will.

  434. There ARE NO MORE 11 HERBS and SPICES any more. What ASHAME:( KFC was my favorite place for GREAT TASTING FRYED CHICKEN). NOT ANY MORE- IT SUCKS , ITS SO BLAND IN FAVOR. The Local grocery stores have Better, Cheaper Chicken. I will never go to KFC Again for my Chicken. Shame On Them

  435. I purchased a 8 pc grilled chicken meal on 2/25/2015. I got home and my family sat down to eat and the chicken was horrible. NO flavor at all. The skin was rubbery and tasted terrible. I eat at many KFC’s and usually the food is great. My survey code for the ticket I received last night is J9700230225153113, Restaurant # J970023, Ticket # 3113. This location surely is not following protocol for your receipe for grilled chicken. My total bill was $25.83 and the meal was horrible.
    Tammey Weaver

  436. I had stopped in KFC in athens tenn there was a lady working there that was the most amazing person I have ever seen the way she was with everyone she came in contact with I had to stop her to ask her name I will return to kfc of athen tenn on my next trip that way and hope to see here again I have never felt so welcome as I did that day

  437. I visited KFC store at Spencer, Ok, 73084 on 02/25/15 AT 7:11 pm at the drive thru,I ordered a 3 piece meal extra crispy w/mashed potatoes, corn and oreo pie, the chicken was bloody, mashed potatoes was lumpy and undercooked, corn was cold, biscuit was gooey and under cooked. I will never eat at this store again. This is not my first bad experience at this particular store, count me out as a customer !

  438. just picked up a bucket at your lindsey and main st in mesa, az.
    apparently the chickken had been sitting for hours, it was very dry,tasteless, terrible. I stopped going to this location over a year ago because it was so bad, i thought maybe in that time frame it possibly has improved but apparently it has gotten even worst.

  439. I recently pick up a bucket of chicken, it was the worst I’ve ever had, dry and tasteless, tough. I stopped going there about a year ago, I thought in this time frame maybe it had gotten better…….wrong it is worse. I would like to know how this place stays in business I have heard nothing but complains about this place it is located at Lindsey and Main st in Mesa,az.

  440. Had a issue with a 37 minute long order on 4-14-15 spoke with chuck the manager. He offered to replace my order free of charge at my convenience. I go in yesterday was informed chuck no longer works there by bianca the manager. She says she’s not sure what store chuck went to. She also doesn’t know how or who her general manager is. Did I mention bianca doesn’t speak English? She informs me she will contact someone and take care of my issue in a couple hours. Its 27 hours later and bianca still hasn’t called and nobody answers the phone at the store. Imagine that poor service on top of poor service. Never waste your time or money at the KFC on college and horizon in Henderson! They are clueless!!

  441. Re; Store located in Benson, Az At junction of Hwy. 90 & I-10. Wife went through drive thru & ordered 8-piece combo, all white meat, meal. Idiot doing drive-thru, said, “We can’t do that” After an exchange, manager explained to her they can, w/ xtra charge. No problem. Get the order, 50/50 dark meat discovered when we got home. This after attendant couldn’t remember sides we ordered. This KFC/Taco Bell is the nastiest I’ve ever been to. Chicken is consistently dry, restaurant is dirty & under-staffed. We are done with going to this one & will let everybody we know the same. The management here is a joke.

  442. i went to the kfc in south hill, va. and my experience with the restaurant was dispicable.The cashier was extremelly rude and i ordered the 12 piece chicken and was charged 21.00 with tax.that is very high for a bucket of chicken.And on top of that i didnt even get any biscuits with the chicken.I WILL NEVER GO TO ANY OF YOUR RESTAURANTS EVER AGAIN!!!!

  443. We have enjoyed meals from KFC in Farmington, NY ever since it opened. However, at today’s visit, we experienced lousy service & the worst chicken we have ever had. The chicken was not completely cooked so it didn’t pull away from the bones & the skin was not crispy (we always get the original). We also noticed that the prices have gone up & portions & quality have gone down. Perhaps the quality of ingredients have changed & are inferior to KFC standards. It will be a long time before we choose to treat ourselves to KFC as this experience was not a treat.

  444. Was at the KFC/taco bell in Marion Va today,was in the drive thru 2 cars ahead of me,ordered,set there for 15 minutes,2 cars behind me got mad and sped away.When I got my food which was a nacho belle grande,received chips with a glob of refried bean over to side with small amt of meat sauce and a few tomatoes on side,very disappointed in the service received there today.

  445. Kfc in Malibu cal worst experience ever sercive sucks manager told me ohi need two sauces only missing my orders

  446. Hi my name is Neil and i live in the UK and want to say how rubbish the restaurants are we are expected to sit on chairs that are from primary schools with paint chips out of the legs and hard wooden seats all inside a drab uninspiring interior the booth section is just a wooden box with a high back . You are trying to sell KFC as a premium product but the setting is rock bottom . My advice is to fire the so called interior designers and look for new ones maybe you could hire Mc Donalds team .

  447. I hadn’t been to KFC since last fall. When I ordered my favorite chicken tenders and biscuits, the chicken tenders are NOW HALF the size they used to be and about 15cents more each than before. I can’t believe how much smaller they were. Definitely not worth over a dollar each for a FEW OUNCES of chicken and a lot of breading. St. Peter, MN

  448. I visited your store located at Sevierville,TN on 3-3-2015.I ordered two 2 piece chicken meals and one med drink. The menu board said the meals were $ 5.49 each, and I remember looking at the register and saw the drink rang up $ 1.00. Well as I was coming home my husband was complaining about the cost, and said we could have went to Ryan’s or the Wood Grill in Pigeon Forge and had the all-you-can-eat-buffet (good home-cooked food)for $17.00 including two drinks and ate for that price. And I ask him how much it was and he told me.I WAS SHOCKED !! So I ask to see the receipt to see what all they charged us for.The only receipt they gave him was just a credit receipt with the total sale on it, not the detailed receipt showing what all was purchased.THE TOTAL FOR THE MEAL WAS $ 23.43. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT,SO I CALLED THE COMPLAINT LINE AS SOON AS WE GOT HOME.THE LADY TOLD ME SHE WOULD TURN IT IN TO THE FIELD OFFICE THAT HANDLES THOSE SITUATIONS AND SOMEONE WOULD CALL ME BACK.WELL HERE IT IS MARCH 10TH AND I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CALL BACK YET.THAT CASHIER RIPPED US OFF.I DON’T KNOW WHAT ALL SHE CHARGED US FOR BUT IT WAS VERY WRONG AD DISHONEST.

  449. Casher did a very good job.
    Order was write-on.
    Had a happy smile.

    KFC in Baltimore MD.

    Casher Name:linda Burke

  450. KFC in Vandalia Illinois 2737 veterans ave 62471 and by the way on the website for customer feedback,where is the restaurant code because it will not allow you to go any further until you provide it you think the KFC locater would do that but all I could find was an “s” by the phone number. My husband and I went through the drive thru and then went home to have a kfc meal with in 15 min of eating it we were so sick with diahreea and vomiting. That is not the first time at that kfc. I have been inside and it was disgusting, do those restaurants get an inspection each month or once every 2 years. I will never eat there again and I did not want to because you have too many issues with buying chickens from slaughterhouses that involved torture and abuse. shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  451. We’ve enjoyed your product over the years and now with grandchildren we find us there more often. This is about to change, the kids like your fill you up boxes but more times then not there isn’t a cookie in the box as advertised. And who gets to hear them? Me!

    This trip just made moments ago was for myself as my wife is working late. I too bought the fill you up box and once again no cookie, but it me so fine. More important to me is two of the three chicken strips could do been taken from the popcorn chicken bin, very small. Also and I hope I’m wrong, are you taking donations for MD? They asked and I agreed to donate a dollar, I didn’t think anything of it at the time but the cashier said he dropped my receipt and asked if I needed it. Which I told him no. Then after no cookie, tiny pieces of chicken etc. it made me think, they would ask for a donation etc. not ring it up and keep the dollar. It’s just a buck but would add up quickly so? I sure hope I’m wrong.

    On the good side everyone seemed clean and friendly and although I got shorted on the food what I did get tasted great. I hope this helps to make things better for all.

  452. I have had problems with orders being filled correctly/unacceptable customer service at KFC in Royersford, PA over the years and stopped going there because of that. We tried again last night and were again disappointed. We ordered two three piece meals original recipe with dark meat – one with mac & cheese and coleslaw and the other with mashed potatoes/gravy and corn for take out. When we got home, there was only 1 with a biscuit, and the sides were wrong. There were 3 coleslaws and 1 mac&cheese. The coleslaw was completely dry and tasted “off”. We also recieved extra crispy for all of the chicken instead of regular recipe.

    I called immediately and asked for the manager and she was beyond rude. When I explained what got, she replied with “So” “Not my problem”
    That is a totally unacceptable response from management. I would be terminated for that type of behavior. Additionally, I dont feel that you should have to take your order completely apart to completely examine it before you exit the premises.

  453. Someone needs to go check out the store in Norwalk,Calif on Alondra Blvd.Their bathrooms were disgusting,dirty walls ,doors,trash all over the floor .The day I was there their wasent any toilet paper or paper towels.It smelled like a sewer,This was this dirtiest KFC I’ve ever seen .I worked for KFC as a teen as my very first job and our store never looked like this nasty place.

  454. Dear Sir/Mam,
    yesterday (1-apr-2015)i visited your kalkaji kfc outlet with my friends for having dinner and i picked leaflet which was lying on the table there and i ordered for the same which was written there on leaflet that get free pepsi with any zinger and paid that amount, but at the time of receiving my order they denied to give pepsi free said that particular offer was valid only till 31st of march 2015, and that date limit and any condition indication was not there on leaflet. i feel so embarrassed and cancelled my order after a long arguments with them and went out and visited your other kfc outlet(nehru place)and ordered for the same and they serve me that order along with free pepsi. i want to ask few questions:-
    1. if that offer was valid only till 31st of march then why leaflet was lying there on 1st of april.
    2. if that offer was valid till 31st of march then at the same moment why other dealer is giving me the same.
    3. do u have uniform policy in all of your outlets.
    see i don’t have any problem with any individual but i have problem with that policy which was explained to me by your kalkaji outlet’s person.

    please reply back to me hoping for positive and prompt reply from you.


  455. I drive 12 miles one way to my nearest KFC in Gun Barrell City, TX. I ordered 2 # 6 which is the 5 hot wings meal. I am informed they only keep 5 wings cooked at a time and it will take 8=9 minutes to cook. That should have been my first clue. I told them that was fine and I would wait. The server brings out the first order and hands it to me and says it will be about 7 minutes before the other is ready. I asked could they please keep this under warmer while the other cooked I should have demanded that two orders be cooked at the same time.Once home I try to bite into my chicken and it was so dried out and tasted so old it almost made me sick. I have no idea how long the chicken had been sitting out but I was afraid to try and eat the food. I might also add I work for Texas Health and Human Services and I am sure the food would be considered dangerous to consume. Now I have no dinner for self and out money for something uneatable.

  456. Last week I went to KFC in Camden AR on 04/02/15. I made my order and the they said it would be 8-12 minute wait time because they had to cook me a 10 piece hot wing. Well once I got to the window after waiting with 3 cars in front of me-the lady said oh the cook has not even dropped your hot wings yet do you still want them after I had already waited 20 minutes in line. That is bad service because I normally eat there every week and I was seriously disgusted with them. Well, the same thing happen tonight 04/08/15 same people working drive thru lady with an attitude and not smiling-like she did not want to be there. I ordered my hot wings at approx. 918pm, she told me it would be a 81/2 minute wait -I said that’s fine I will wait because I like my food fresh anyway. Well once I pulled up to window-she came after about 2minutes and said-oh the cook is running his grease it will be a long time before he can drop your hot wings. I just looked at her with disgust again-then I said thank you-she sighed like she did not care at all. This is bad customer service especially if no one else was there ordering. I do not know what’s going on with this store but the service has really changed. I have heard other people complain but until these last two weeks I was very satisfied. I will not be eating there anymore because I feel like she could have explain the situation a little better and been more friendly. My daughter eats there every week also. It is good food but something needs to be done. I think they just be trying to get out by ten but I have worked at restaurants before and you do not close until the last customer is satisfied. We had that happen a few years ago with a McDonalds locking their doors early until they were reported but the problem was fixed ASAP. Very disappointed customer.

  457. My dad had a taste for some KFC so I went to the one in Marlow Heights Shopping Centre in Suitland,MD. When I went to order my chicken they had a 10 minute wait on original and no ice for the drinks. I cancelled my order and decided to go to the one closer to home in Clinton, MD. I got there at around 8:30pm people were leaving, which I thought would make my wait shorter…it didn’t I finally got to the window at 8:55pm I ordered an eight piece, lemon cake and a Pepsi. The cashier proceeded to hand me a twenty piece, I repeated my order at the window..then they tried to give me an eight piece meal…I repeated my ordered again, when it came time to give me the lemon cake they claimed had none so I had to make a choice between red velvet and chocolate…not cool. They had lost my order, and did not put in in until they handed me my food at 9:06pm
    The only thing I got was my soda free.
    My meal should have been half off for not only the wait but losing my order.

  458. Friday evening went to the Pittsburg Kansas location and ordered buffet for the family… For the price we paid it wasnt worth a penny! Nothing was fresh or restocked on the buffet bar…. What food was there was food that had sat out for half the day. It was disgusting!!!!!! The, what I assume is the manager there, was outside smoking when she could have been filling the buffet back up!!!!!!!

  459. Hi I went to buy two burger crunch at Sunnyside KFC close to Sunnypark once I got home I started to at the burger and it was very hard to so I called to complain and I was told its not a tuck shop its a business so I should go to hell and the lady just dropped the line, so I called again and asked to speak to the manager instead and told him about the lady and the burger I was disappointed at how some people behave.

  460. I visited our local KFC in Tullahoma, TN, and I was upset by what I saw. First of all, a female employee,who was collecting dirty trays from the dining area, entered the area behind the cash registers with her hair in a loose bun and began to play with her hair right by the food in the warming trays. The buffet bar was disgusting with numerous food spills and there several areas with food just sitting out, the floor was dirty, some of the people handling food weren’t wearing gloves and their hands and nails were dirty! Please do something to remedy these problems.

  461. On April 9th,2015 my husband ate at KFC in St. Joseph, Mo. He is 64 yrs of age. As he got up to visit with a friend who was also eating there, he slipped on a wet spot and went down very hard. There was a couple of ladies also in there eating and they jumped to ask if he was ok and said that they told a worker about the spilt liquid several times and nothing was done. The lady was very angry and said something to a worker, who came out and looked at the floor and returned to work WITHOUT even asking my husband if he was ok. Where was the manager? It’s sad that the young workers of these establishment aren’t trained and managed properly, and do not take responsibility of their job seriously. My husband has badly bruised knees and sore hands from the fall, and could barely get around for a couple of days. The one lady was going to call the corp office and complain, I hope she did and said she would be a witness. More and more it’s getting difficult to eat at these “fast food” establishments. Please train your staff better.

  462. For my lunch I picked KFC at the 6251 Hulen bend location which so many other fast food of choice. My order was drive thru the person taking it was so rude as I was a bother.I felt hurt and hope the next time I go its a different feeling.

  463. I’m at location beltway 8 and hwy 45 location..sabo..been in line at drive thru 30 minutes..came in no one waiting on counter had to ask..then he got attitude..this is no way to do business..

  464. I have gone to k f c in bloomington ill for the past week and can not get waited on so I have walked out that’s to bad for you something needs to be done about this

  465. On April 23 and 24 i went to KFC on Broad Street and the one on Liberty Street Sumter, S.C. At both locations i was treated rudely and intentionally was served bad food. The sandwich’s were terrible and the chicken was fried hard, and the bread was hard also.No mayonnaise was on the bread it was dried.One Chicken was old as hell, i am disgusted because i have wasted my money.

  466. My experience with KFC store at Cutelr Bay FL, was a disaster. To start with, trying to understand the employee taking the order. His attitude was inappropriate, he was lazy, inpatient and completely distracted, not to mention no gloves, and that the uniform was not the cleanest one. The food preparation counter was dirty, pieces of food all over, even on the floor. It was disgusting. The way he was managing the food, on my order and the order before mine, with NO GLOVES, after touching the money, his fingers touching the food, and putting his hands inside the box to fix the paper. None of the employees were wearing gloves, not even the manager on duty, and when I ask the manager why, he said that is normal not to wear gloves, especially because they have to work with the tongs, makes no sence. After all, one of the orders was wrong, we asked for the original recipe chicken breast and we got crispy, we changed. At the end I was looking at my phone, searching for this website, and the same employee, with very rude manners, said that I was not supposed to take pictures, and call the manager..Really.. I was frustrated and disgusted, we got home and the food went straight to the garbage, as I couldn’t have my family eating something so contaminated. Please your close attention to this store is highly requested. They need training, sanitization, they need to enjoy what they do, and lear how to deal with the customer.

  467. Today I went to the Citrus Heights California store (E720167) and ordered 3 dinners to go. I asked for my senior citizen discount and was handed 3 drink cups. I told the server Elexus that I didn’t want drinks. She said that is their policy. I asked to speak to a manager. A very young woman came to me, I asked if she was the manager, she said the manager was busy and could not come. I told her the issue, she offered no alternative, and I asked again to speak to the manager. She left. I had to wait quite a while because one of the chicken pieces was still cooking and in all that time the manager, named Bernie, never did speak to me. I think KFC is missing the mark on the intent of a senior discount. It is supposed to help seniors, most of whom are on a fixed income, to defray costs. In no way does giving them a free soft drink meet that intent. I think KFCs policy is petty and bad for customer service. I look forward to your comments.

  468. 4/29/15 once again went thru kentucy fried fort gratiot michigan 5 pm. At order post I was assured they had the 8 pc dinner in the grilled chicken. After waiting behind 3 cars pulled up to window and was told they were out of grilled. This has happened the last 3 times I’ve gone there. Then I get home and they gave me 4 legs 2 thighs & 2 round greasy ball tidbits. I’m done with Kentucy Fried.

  469. Hello,
    My name is Maxwell and i am writing from Ghana.I would like to know how i can get the Human Resource management of KFC international or Ghana for an important enquiry.Thank you

  470. Today, after a long day and still needing to get dinner on the table for 6. So off to KFC to save the night right. Wrong after spending over 40 dollars on dinner my husband and myself get home only to realize that the extra side of potato wedges we ordered for our kids were not in the bag. So I called and spoke with the manager, he said his name was Scott. He wanted us to go all the way back. I said to him that then our dinner would be cold and it was not worth the 3.43 that we would just not go there anymore. THE KFC AT 6300 Ninth street, N Saint Petersburg, FL. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  471. Do not wish to get anyone in trouble. I visited one of your two sites in our town today. When I pulled into the parking lot a KFC clerk was beside the door smoking a cigarette. They saw me and quickly put it out. They even held the door for me. They followed me in and dished up my order, WITHOUT WASHING THEIR HANDS. I WON’T say any more about this, but I know a health department that would love to know about it.

  472. I’ve just started seeing commercials about your new rice bowls, I’ve tried the Bar-B-Q one and love it, went to KFC the other day to get one and was told they no longer sold them that they had been discontinued, was so disappointed, can’t understand why it’s not being sold any more and it’s just now being advertised 🙁

  473. hi we just had an experience at your restaurant here in Bend Oregon the service is crappy it was dirty there was barely any meat on the chicken people were scrambling for places to stay because all the tables are dirty and there was water spilled all over the floor and nobody would clean it up no matter how many times they were told me and my family will definitely not be returning to KFC

  474. After last week experience getting home to find no biscuits in our 10peice meal but they were on top of giving me butter and honey on that visit.Then tonight going and getting a 12peice meal i nicely informed them that the biscuits did not make it with me last week they gave us 4 extra biscuits alright (you could have broke glass with)and on top of that the chicken you couldn’t even tell apart from original or crispy from sitting so long its like the chicken that at the end of night stuff but it was only 6pm.Since the KFC is about 5miles from us after working all day im not about to drive back and hear a line of crap that i have no energy for.
    For the prices that are on the meals these days paying $60.00 in 2week time really ……NOT good…service..Independence Mo. Noland Rd. My ticket #1584 from 6:10pm.

  475. On 05/05/2015 ticket number 1018, at 4pm I placed an order for the 20 piece meal. On the sign it said ANY 10 piece or more you will receive a red velvet cake. I placed order for the above meal. I was sitting in line with no one to take my money much less tell me anything about my order taking 20 minutes! I literally shut off my car and waited to get my order where they proceeded to tell me, that even though I ordered the biggest item on the menu that I wouldn’t be getting the cake for free. When I asked why it took so long I was told it was a big order; big orders take time. I understand that but ANY communication would have been nice. I will not be returning to KFC. You need to FIX your sign. It is far too misleading. Had I not already been late from the 20 minutes it took to get my order I would have spoken to a manager!

  476. kfc in beaver wv, on Friday evening at 5:30 pm no original chicken. on sunday evening at 6:40 pm no original chicken, she said I would be short two breast really fix this, will you?

  477. Col. Sanders must be rolling over in his grave!!! There used to be good food and service at KFC. We (party of 4) along with a couple other customers waited 25 minutes for our meals and there were hardly any customers in the restaurant. One gentleman made the staff redo all of his because his partial order got cold before the rest of it was complete. Too few staff – no supervision. Restaurant #J718246 in Williamsburg, VA is off of our list!

  478. ordered bucket nuggets @5.00 and to go nuggets @ 3.49 was 9.20 should have been 8.58 gave 20 $ bill and exact change she gave me back $1.00 I told her she owedme 10.00 she took receipt and $ 1.00 and gave me a 10.00 as we drove away i opened box and found drumstick and thigh bisquit drove back and told her i ordered bucket. she then gave me a small cardboard of nuggets ,bisquit and mashed potatoes and cookie. i did not order this. but i drove on. oh she told me when she handed me final order i owed $1.65 .I told her i only got $5,00 and 3.49 0rder and she said oh i rung that up. this lady had no business being at window. very disatified !

  479. How can the largest fried chicken chain in the USA have NO wings at 2PM on a Sunday????? NOT ONE! No Original. No crispy. No grilled. NOT ONE WING! That’s impossible isn’t it???? It should be!!!! Store at 9510 S. Main & Buffalo Speedway in Houston, Texas needs help. Please help them do better or shut it down!

  480. Hi I have a suggestion I am staying in china..I think you should start vegetarian also like in many countries you provide vegetarian food too but why not in china…m sure people will like this…..
    Just to convey my message what I feel rest upon you only I kne KFC is known for non veg but m just trying to add on not to delete because you provide in many countries too.

    Kindly do the needful if u can.

    Thanks a lot

  481. why the hell would you use that way to young kfc spokesman in your new ads!? especially when you have the old colonel on your main page! don’t try to change the colonel ! what high paid idiots are making these decisions…. p.s. i’m available

  482. My family has had KFC since I was a kid. This was a Sunday dinner everyone came to expect. This
    Sunday was a little different. The chicken was sour. I understand that any meat can sour for various reasons right down to the slaughterhouse. I was raised on a farm. I just cant beleive your employees at the Dublin, Ga store couldn’t smell the putrid odor while cooking the chicken. It was still evident when the bucket was opened 10 minutes after buying it. Goodbye KFC.

  483. the kfc I went to in el paso tx 8830 n loop dr sucks I got thee best family meal the best part of the meal is the mashed patatoes and gravy well turned out that the gravy was just water sucks I know they know what they are serving no one can be that stupid not to know what they are serving and if they don’t know that just makes them a stupid monkey and the want to make 15 an hour idiots.

  484. I’m very disappointed with the service I received from one of your branches (KFC 1) in Bethlehem ( Free State Province, South Africa)on Sunday afternoon (24/05/2015). The stuff didn’t allow my wife to use the toilet and asked her for a cash/till slip despite her telling them that I’m waiting to buy on the line. I was told that its an instruction from Management. This is very unprofessional and can you please assist in investigating.

  485. We ordered the baked beans to go with the eight piece bucket. They had chicken in them and tasted nothing like the original baked beans. I won’t order them again.

  486. Is anyone else twitered because of the kfc commercial with a guy dressed as our beloved late colonet harland sanders? he says he is the colonel.. and anyone who has grown up with kfc knows this is an imposter.. could they come up with something else for their commercials… anything to being in the new but remembering their start. not this comedian pretending to be colonel sanders.. which is a slap in our faces and not a tribute to him

  487. Is anyone else twitered because of the kfc commercial with a guy dressed as our beloved late colonet harland sanders? he says he is the colonel.. and anyone who has grown up with kfc knows this is an imposter.. could they come up with something else for their commercials… anything to being in the new but remembering their start. not this comedian pretending to be colonel sanders.. which is a slap in our faces and not a tribute to him

  488. My husband and I ordered food from the location on 19th ave. and Union Hills in Phoenix, AZ. I was enjoying my chicken pot pie when I chewed something hard and it poked the bridge of my mouth! I took it out of my mouth and it was some kind of a bone, like the shape of a rib bone? I have a picture of it, if needed. But I could not finish the rest of my food due to losing my appetite and the top of my mouth feels bruised. I would appreciate someone in management to contact me as I would like for this situation to be redeemed in some way possible. I did not spend my hard earned money to eat bones. This is disgusting!

  489. I have seen the commercials with the “new Col. Sanders” and I think the way he is portrayed is rather sleazy, sort of like a bad used car salesman. It is very disrespectful and does nothing good for the KFC image to dishonor the memory of a fine gentleman and very successful businessman. Shame on you, now, I’ll have to go to Popeye’s.

  490. It’s amazing how the commercials or the menue displays portions looks and how it compares to the meal portions that’s ordered!!! does not look like anything that as seen in that commercial or the menu display. Especially the chicken fingers bad business!!! O’yea I do let them know about this. COME ON KFC DO IT RIGHT. STILL EXPENSIVE CHICKEN….

  491. Your new commercials are lacking BIG time. They don’t even come close to the original Col. sanders especially in voice. It’s kind of annoying to watch. KDC

  492. Your Comercial treats the Colonel like he’s a joke. BIG MISTAKE, unless you think that’s accurate. The chicken is one of the most flavorable I’ve tasted so treat the man with respect and respect his story and the cHickenlooper and try again.

  493. just wanted to say that the new Colonel Sanders is terrible. It was better not to see him at all, than the new one you have on the air.

  494. Your new commercial is horrible and your Col. Sanders character is just down right creepy. Please don’t let him speak.

  495. I am very disappointment with KFC Waukegan,IlI ordered the 8 piece dinner summer special and used my American Express to paid. I asked for 1/2 fried and 1/2 grill. Mac/cheese and green beans. The sales person did not give me a recept for this purchase.when I got home I had all grill chicken. The mac and cheese was fill half way. Therefore, this was not enough mac/cheese feed my family. When I tried to call back, information does not have a listing for the store in Waukegan. I tried North Chicago’s number and I got a fax machine! I would like for you to duplicate this order and have them to get it right this time and not cheat me how of an side order!

  496. Hi, I was a regular customer at KFC in Fort Lee, NJ, but for some unknown reason to me, it has closed. It was always a good place to catch a nice meal and I miss it. I currently now go to the KFC at 83 plaza in Secaucus instead. I lost the customer survey link, but I wanted compliment on the experience I get whenever I go there. It is also well run, and everybody there are extremely nice and this should be reported to KFC. I only know the name of one person, Wanda, but its important to me express my thanks for the great food and service I get every time I go there. The shift manager there on June 1 at 18:18 o’clock is also particularly pleasant. I don’t know any of these people, but I am treated like a friend. An over all great job by all, indeed.

  497. Dear KFC,

    As a resident of Delaware I can choose among KFC, Popeye’s, and Royal Farms. Your current advertising using a fake Colonel Sanders has made my choice much easier. It is now a choice between Popeye’s and Royal Farms. My guess is that there are plenty of other former KFC customers who have made the same decision.

  498. The Rock Springs Wyoming KFC/Long John Silvers is the worst I have ever been to, the customer service is next to none. After being asked to wait for what I was told would be 5 min. at over 10 min I backed up to the window and was noticed by several employees they went out of thier way to ignore me going so far as to hide out of sight. I will never go back and that is sad because I like the food.

  499. We went to the KFC in Clive for lunch today. The cashier told us she had to help some other associates. We stood there for 5 minutes. I asked her if someone could take our order. She said she had to help other associates because the product hadn’t been ready and there were people waiting. Well HELLO, what were we doing? We left. It will be a long time before we try that restaurant again. The address of the KFC is 11406 Forest Ave, Clive, Iowa.

  500. Decided to do KFC for dinner, went to local KFC in Wimington, Ohio. Ordered $37.00 dollars worth of food, got home & the biscuits were harder than a rock, ended up throwing them down the garbage disposal as they were totally inedible. The rest of the dinner was fine, just hard to believe at 5pm, the beginning of dinner time that the biscuits wouldn’t be completely fresh. They just had kids working in there, so maybe it just got by them.

  501. I can get more chicken and larger pieces at local restaurants at cheepet prices. And the chicken tastes as good or better then yours

  502. Worst chicken ever today. We bought 3 breast dinners, chicken so dry we couldn’t eat it. We wanted a bucket as we use to get, but we were told no sides come with a bucket anymore. We used to love going there. No more!

  503. Please, please, please… get rid of the new commercials with that fake Colonel Sanders… He is really bad, or if not him, the writers for these commercials are bad.. These embarass the legacy of KFC and of Colonel Sanders.. each one is worse than the other, so please get rid of them…..

    • Worst colonel Sanders ever. He’s creepy. Please replace him. He doesn’t make me want to go to your restaurants.

  504. The new Colonel Sanders on your commercials is terrible! It would be better to not have one than to have one that is too young, trying to fake an older voice, and is just not a good actor.

  505. Could someone from KFC please contact me on the above e mail address. In January I purchased a takeaway black coffee from KFC here in Australia. While getting into my car I spilt it on my thigh. I had 5 trips to hospital to have the burn dressed, I have photo’s. It is now 4 months later and it looks like the scare will be there forever, it is not fading.KFC Australia are not even going to cover my out of pocket expenses.Yes, I spilt the coffee on myself, but, it’s called duty of care, it should not be hot enough to do this sort of damage. Please contact me

  506. KFC in Renton Washington – the vents were completely clogged with dust. There were flies hovering over counter area as if a dead animal was in the rafters…..

  507. The new Colonel Sanders is a repulsive, disgusting, degenerate. Gives me the creeps! What exactly is your target market? Even the people working in your restaurants are disgusted with him and embarrassed.I won’t be patronizing KFC anymore. And, you should fire your marketing dept/firm.

  508. Why are you making fun of a great man? Your commercial with the fake Sander is doing nothing but making fun of a great man that founded KFC. I wish you would remove the commercials and apologize to every one for making fun of a man that’s no longer alive and was not that way. Please do something to make this wright ,he was a great man and should be remembered that way and not mocked fun of. Thanks

  509. new Colonel Sanders dishonors the memory of Colonel Sanders disgraces and the company should be ashamed of them selves.
    I can not support your company while this is going on.
    ThIs is NOT FUNNY

  510. Just opened the 12 pc bucket of chicken that I purchased at noon and was seriously disappointed! Instead of having the listed content of 3 breasts, 3 legs, 3 thighs and 3 wings: what I had was 1 small breast, 5 legs, 5 thighs, and 1 wing. My family was extremely upset because I have some white meat eaters. I will not drive all the way back to the only KFC in our area at this point, suffice it to say I am not a happy man. FYI it was #K032011 at 3864 Savannah Hwy ticket #3893.

  511. on June 14th at 2:34 pm I ordered 2 fish…people at window tells me am I sure because it takes 5 minutes…I say its ok…I had ordered other meals also…well I waited well over 15 minutes .. the woman brought it out to me and I brought the bag home …at home I open the bag and no 2 pcs of fish that I waited for…This was the New Windsor, NY KFC….now what the heck is that! I am quite a distance away from that KFC so I ate the money not the fish if you know what I mean…

  512. We chose to eat at the buffet in Hastings MI today.6/15/15. Over half of the tables were dirty. The potatoes,gravy, corn and green beans were cold and the chicken breasts were dry. Was not a good experience!

  513. I agree with the previous comment I just read. I grew up in Kentucky. The new spokes person for Colonel Sander is embarrassing to The Colonel, Kentucky and KFC. If you are going to use an impersonator, find one that stands up to the standards of the orginal Colonel. He was not just a colonel, he is a Kentucky Colonel.

  514. please ditch the new guy. His voice grates on your nerves and he’s an absolute disgrace to the itiginalColonel Sanders. He’s rolling over in his grave listening and watching the fake out.

  515. I am thoroughly disappointed with your new advertising campaign featuring your new “Colonel”. Growing up with the original Colonel, i always felt comfortable and trusted your product. This new Colonel with his snicker that makes me think of a pedophile turns me off to your product completely.

    I happened to participate in a discussion on social media today regarding your new advertising and realized that I was not alone in my thinking. Unfortunately the consensus was your new campaign has turned off most viewers. I find it hard to believe that you tested this campaign on your loyal customers.

    I wanted to bring it to your attention because I have been a loyal customer for well over 35 years, until now

    Thank you for your time,
    Mike Sloan

  516. I was in you store today at Mill St. W., Tilbury, Ontario. The staff was courteous and friendly. The restaurant/store had to be 90 degress fahrenheit. I hate to think what it what like in the back for your staff cooking. There is no excuse for that restaurant being that hot. If the air conditioning was not working then someone should have been called in to repair it or close it and send the staff home. It’s a wonder your staff didn’t pass out. Where was the manager? Too hot for him/her? I should contact the Ontario Labour Relations Board and file a complaint as the heat in there was unbearable and I was only in there a few minutes. At the very least, you should pay that staff extra for working in inhumane working conditions.

  517. I posted a long comment on here earlier and I was # 528…But I see it has be removed and I have not been contacted about it. I would like to know why it was removed ? I just told the truth and I do have my receipt and it is on my charge card. I tried to get a comment card in the restaurant and they had none so I came to this site. I didn’t post it on Face Book or nothing.I think I should be able to post the truth…I am the one who had to endure this meal…I will repost here or somewhere else,I’d like some kind of response from this company at least.Thank You

    • Never mind the last post…my other showed up after I posted this one. ??? don’t know why it wasn’t showing before.

  518. My parents got chicken at KFC in Cave City Ky earlier this month and then took it over to Mammoth Cave National Park to have a picnic with their grandson. My Dad has always been one of the biggest KFC Fans. He said the chicken was so bad they had to throw it away! And the pieces looked like they came off a pigeon, they were so small. Didn’t have time to take it back to town. So basically threw away $20. I’ve had bad experiences every time at KFC’s in Beaver Dam & Leitchfield Ky. Also the KFC over in Tell City, In. So many bad experiences, I won’t go back to either of these location. The new store on Hwy 54 in Owensboro and the store on Frederica St., in Owensboro ky are both pretty good. But I have been eating KFC since I was a little girl (I’m 48)and I know that something has changed about our favorite chicken. I don’t believe the Colonel would approve what has happened to his chicken. I’ve tried filling out the complaint form and can never finish it because it won’t let me.
    And I may as well join the bandwagon. The new commercials are awful! Makes the Colonel look stupid and he was not stupid! I think the reason they are advertising so much is because they know people are not happy with what has happened to KFC. The commercials probably will make it worse.

  519. New commercials featuring new Colonel Sanders are down right eerie. The character portraying Sanders is SO NOT RIGHT that the entire ad series comes off as a spoof. Everything is WRONG about the character. Voice, stature, facial shape, you name it. It’s all a very far cry from the original character portrayal. Based solely on these ads I would not enter one of these eateries. They come off just too creepy.

  520. visited store #C242027 in Newport, Ky. on June 18, 2015. I ordered 3 piece chicken from LJS. the chicken was the driest, hardest pieces of something that was awful. I ordered for my 90 year old mother and she could not eat it.

  521. As a U.S company discontinuing amenities and service to customers in leiu of offending Muslums is nothing but a disgrace. You can expect corporate profits to reflect that.

  522. I nor any member of my family will eat at any kfc as long as you continue to belittle Col. Sanders in you advertising. He was a gentleman and distinguished Kentucky businessman.

  523. RE: your latest commercials, featuring a colonel…I must tell you that my Grandchildren request that I turn the creepy, stupid guy off! I totally agree with them and we will no longer go to any KFC establishments.
    Don’t insult us with your poor excuse for advertising…SO ANNOYING TO BE TREATED LIKE AN IDIOT.
    BTW, my Grands range in age from 15 down to 5! Just lost 16 customers.
    Our local KFC has closed, because of poor service and terrible quality. Wake up before they all disappear!

  524. Stopped at KFC Manchester Tn. Bath rooms were terrible service was unbelievably bad. I orded 12 pc Bucket stated have no Chrispy Chicken
    original only wanted lemon aide, stated out of lemonade. When paying was told had shortage of cooks been waiting 20 Minutes. Suggest big changes or this customer will never Visit KFC again. Never had service this bad at any business 30 min now still waiting on 12 piece bucket order. Just came to my vehicle asked for receipt to see what I had ordered. Told them I wanted my money back.

  525. Please get rid of that sad excuse of a new colonel. He is disgusting and not even near who the real colonel was. He is sleazy and gives me the creeps. Definitely not the warm fuzzy feeling, I would assume you would want with a family oriented restaurant.

  526. How in the world would you think the new KFC commercials with the new colonel Sanders are good? When I think of KFC and Colonel Sanders I think of a sophisticated southern gentleman. This clown that is in those commercials now are a disgrace to KFC. I always like KFC chicken but because of the new so called Colonel I will not buy it anymore. Come on get the terrible commercial.

  527. hey folks, I love KFC, My dad used to work for Colonel Sanders in late 60’s or early 70’s, I was a child of about 10. One of my family members may have the pic of Kenneth Horton my dad with the Colonel. My point is I really do not care for the new colonel. It would not be so bad if he did not talk. I’m sure the younger generation don’t mind. WHY DON’T YOU DIG IN THE ARCHIVES AND THE RECORD KFC MADE BACK WHIN I WAS A CHILD. I AM 56AND I REMEMBER IT WELL HERE WE GO

    Fried chicken and a country tune they go together like a moon in June, Finger lickin chicken an a diddle I do, fried chicken and a country tune. Colonel did not sing it.

    Thank you for listening.


  528. I recently saw the commercials with the new Col Sanders. I would like to give my opinion regarding your Col, “he’s very Creepy!”

  529. My entire family hates that new cornel sanders! What with the whinny high pitch voice????????
    Cornel sanders should have a calm manly voice. The minute your commericial comes on we change it… His voice is so annoying, it does not make me want to buy your food.
    What corporate moron made this bad decision.

  530. I agree with Richard. Please get rid of the new commercial with that fake Colonel Sanders. HE IS REALLY REALLY BAD the VOICE IS VERY ANNOYING. The writers need to go back to the older KFC commercial and see what the real Colonel Sanders sounded like. If I can I mutt these commercials every time one comes on so they will not keep turning me away from wanting to even go to KFC anymore.

  531. Please spare the nation from any more commercials with the new colonel Sanders. He is a real creeper. I expect to hear him say, “want some candy little girl”? OMG what were you people thinking?

  532. The Colonel Sanders commercials are so degrading to the deceased real Colonel Sanders that I feel sick when one airs on tv. I knew the real Colonel Sanders and I assure you he would not find it humorous nor helpful in furthering sales. He knew only clean restaurants and good chicken served to increase sales and popularity. I don’t think KFC would be able to publish what the real Colonel would voice about his image,as he never held back his colorful language. Please stop the stupid commercials. They are beneath standards.

  533. The current actor portraying col Sanders is deplorable, the accent is an insult to the southern dialect and the commercials themselves are inane.

  534. I went to the Kfc on Harrison in shawnee, Oklahoma today. I asked about veterans or military discounts the manager was kinda hateful and said we don’t give military or veterans discounts. That offended me greatly as I am a disabled vet. Seems like a company as big as yours would offer that kind of discount, doesn’t have to be much just something that says thanks for your service. I’ll never go back to that certain store again. Depends on your answer if i will ever buy kfc again. I know losing my business won’t hurt your company one little bit, but I would rather buy from a business that offers that discount

  535. Can’t stand that actor playing Sanders (sounds ugly gay and get the feeling he’s pervert) I change the channel every time it comes on.
    And I don’t want chicken in my lemonade. .. blah !!!!
    Please get an actor with a colonel worthy voice!!!!!!
    I won’t be visiting KFC until I get that actor out of my head so hopefully soon you get a Colonel Sanders worthy actor … please!!!

  536. KFC advertises on TV about Monday’s Special, and says nothing about only at participating locations. I’ve walked into my local KFC twice now, 3090 McKee Rd-San Jose, CA., and both times they have told me that they don’t participate in the Monday Special. Too me, this is not right, and only degrades KFC’s public image.

  537. I use KFC quite often as my kids like it!,but after going to your Boscombe branch it’s put me off the food looked like it had been made hours ago!, when ordering I had asked if it had been made fresh she said yes but I know fresh food!, the chicken just wasn’t to your usual standard!, very disappointing!. Samantha Benachour

  538. I eat at KFC a lot at the San Antonio N.W Loop 410 location, since it is very convenient to where I work. Today (7.01.2015) I went at lunch time thru the drive thru. but had a very bad experience with the lady at the register. She was not very friendly and rushed me thru my order as if to get rid of me. She closed the window without a thank you. Sad to say I will not be going to that location again. Young people need better customer service training. The receipt says the girls name was Destiny

  539. The new Col. Sanders has got to go. He has a weird laugh and a weirder voice. Also, he looks too young for the part. He is not the Southern gentleman type he is trying to portray. You can do better.

  540. We bought food on 6/26 and did not receive our complete order. I called and called to report the missing items and no one picked up the phone. We did not receive our side of mac and cheese and our biscuits. Our ticket # is 4312. We spent over $40 for the order and the chicken was old and cold. The tenders were uneatable. We will not return to that store for a long time. Thanks for your time.

  541. Well it seems corporate KFC does not really want you to contact them-total pain to even find this area. I want to e-mail direct…
    Anyway-the new commercials “star” the creepiest actor I have ever seen!!!! What an insult to the originator of KFC!!!! This actor reminds me of a cross between a weird laughing clown child molester and a deranged George bush…I don’t think I can eat at KFC again as I will just hear and see this creepy guy! Yuck!



  543. I just want to comment about your new Ad’s that have just come out.
    The man that is playing Col Sanders is creepy. every time an ad comes on I mute the TV. He makes me feel like he would hurt children. I am sorry but he is nothing like the original Col. He does not make me want to come in to our local

  544. I just want to comment about your new Ad’s that have just come out.
    The man that is playing Col Sanders is creepy. every time an ad comes on I mute the TV. He makes me feel like he would hurt children. I am sorry but he is nothing like the original Col. He does not make me want to come in to your local restaurant! We have a food review on Facebook in our town and many people have commented on the commercials. I felt that you should know how people feel about him. If you have to use him then don’t make him laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  545. Please please please please PLEASE!!!!!! Get rid of that sorry excuse of a Colonel Sanders in your new horrible commercials!! He sounds like a GW Bush imitator!! I understand you need a spokesperson but I think you’re going in the TOTALLY wrong direction!!!

  546. The actor doing a terrible impersonation of Colonel Sanders is so offensive.

    His laugh reminds me of a dirty old man looking for small children. His actions reminds me of a child preditator.

    Colonel Sanders would be imbaressed by what is being done.

  547. I went to the 2801 N.E. green oaks Arlington 75050 location ordered large grilled chicken family dinner , got home and there were NO sides ,No recipt called store 5 times before girl picked up phone I asked for manager she told me he was in the bathroom but he did not speak english she took my phone number to call back , after an hour I’m guessing he is not going to call. Our family has always enjoyed KFC but since I speak english I can not go back again, Norman P. Carmack ,American

  548. I had Kentucky fried chicken this year.l notice the chicken has these little specks of black pepper on them. There’s a lot of people can’t eat black pepper on their food. It’s fake pepper and the chicken taste like steroids, mash potatoes fake, biscuit are very tough when there cold etc. I will never eat there agian make everything at home.

  549. I just visited the restaurant on Ms.63 Service was unacceptable. I paid for a buffet and there was maybe 4 pieces of chicken had to go ask for biscuits and another plate. The woman behind the counter just looked at me like I was bothering her cause she had to put her phone down

  550. Good evening. I’m from the New York City metropolitan area and my friends, colleagues, and myself, have been wondering for years, why KFC haven’t developed a fish menu. Your secret traditional seasoning would be great on Whiting or Tilapia. We realize that chicken is part of your name and is your legacy and defines who you are, but we think the addition of a fish menu would increase the customer’s selection for healthy choices. We here in New York have embraced low calorie and reduced fat dieting without sacrificing good taste. KFC has great flavor! We wait with eager anticipation. Sincerely, Mr. Sanford Kelly

  551. I went into the KFC Hadley,ma to buy a gift card for my grandchildren, everyone including the manager. The cook try to help the counter person with my gift card, she kept saying what size bucket? I thought I was in a third world country. When they figure out the gave me a dirty gift card with no even lope and a receipt that didn’t say anything about the gift card. Franchise owner needs to step it up.

  552. Regarding KFC new TV commercial with the new Colonel Sanders Person. KFC needs to get another person to be Colonel Sanders. This new man is a really a poor replacement for the original Colonel Sanders. He is almost scary. His looks…his laugh is eerie. He reminds me of an un-trustworthy used car salesman. I want to turn him off when the KFC commercial comes on my TV. I wonder how many other viewers feel the same way. Just my opinion. Thanks for listening.

    • I have been a faithful customer for around sixty years and have dearly loved every store I have visited. But unfortunately with the new ad campaign for K Fried I have tried to keep an open mind on the newly created “Southern Gentleman”. I found myself offended by his portrayal. I have never seen such a nasal twanged wimp in my life try to potray a Southern Gentleman, he offends me being from the south as much as the people are screaming about the flag in South Carolina offends the rest of the world. Thank you for reading my message and would appreciate your considering changing this figure for a real Southern Gentleman, a suit ,white hair ,and a cane, let’s face it he needs more. Thanks Ray Campbell

  553. Who had the idea of putting this new colonel on TV.
    He is an insult to the original “Colonel Sanders”
    Please get rid of this clown!

  554. I am old enough to remember the real Colonel and your current ads are particularly disturbing and an insult to his memory. What is especially disturbing is the ads with the actors strange laugh. I will return to Kentucky Fried Chicken when your current ads disappear! A cardboard cutout of the real Colonel in your ads would be preferable to the very strange character you are presently presenting. Next time do a better job with your focus groups.

  555. I have been a faithful customer for around sixty years and have dearly loved every store I have visited. But unfortunately with the new ad campaign for K Fried I have tried to keep an open mind on the newly created “Southern Gentleman”. I found myself offended by his portrayal. I have never seen such a nasal twanged wimp in my life try to potray a Southern Gentleman, he offends me being from the south as much as the people are screaming about the flag in South Carolina offends the rest of the world. Thank you for reading my message and would appreciate your considering changing this figure for a real Southern Gentleman, a suit ,white hair ,and a cane, let’s face it he needs more. Thanks Ray Campbell

  556. Your commercials are just stupid! I’m from the south and no one talks like that. The way the colonel is portrayed seems to be more of a joke rather than the real man. Its a slap in his face!!! Just saying….. I loved KFC until the new commercials came out now I pass right by.

  557. kfc needs to do something about the Burnsville, MN location. My 15 yr got a job there with her friend and I found her drinking and with almost 18 yr old after hours on the property. Next day I called and went and talked to the manager(district) he said he would handle it and there is nothing he can do when after hours. When I went to kfc the kid that was giving my daughter alcohol was working. I also found out some of the managers and employees are offering the young kids drugs. They are “smoking” and coming to work drunk. I told the police they need to investigate that location. I wanted to also contact the headquarters for kcf.

  558. I used to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken when Colonel Sanders was alive, I really am disappointed in your advertising department in putting some guy on the air to immitate the Colonel. That is a disgrace to the Coloner! He does not even compare to the founder. I think that you should take him off the air and come up with something else that could refelect back to the original founder.

  559. This evening I lined up for about 40 minutes and then after placing my order waited a further 25 minutes to eventually get my order. The staff were friendly and professional but it is becoming a habit having to wait for food at Kingaroy.

  560. What were you thinking?! The Colonial would be embarrassed and humiliated by the representation you have plastered on your commercials. I can’t even stand to watch the commercials. No disrespect to the actor but the Colonial was not a sweazie, squeeky wimpy guy. Have you read any of the comments floating around social media?? NOT Good!!!!!!

  561. KFC Store in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 7/14/15 7:27pm (drive thru window)

    There was a confusion with my order with the young man working on your drive thru window. I ordered the 4 wings & biscuit, but was told that the only wings available would be 2 original wings & 2 spicy wings. I asked the young to change the order to 2 orders of wings (3 for $1.99, plus a chicken pot pie combo. I don’t know if there was a miscommunication between him and I but when he advised me that my order was over $14. I asked him what did he charge me for. He advised me that I had the 4 wings & a biscuit, 2 orders of wings (3 for $199, and the chicken pot pie combo. I then advised the young man that I didn’t want the 4 wings and a biscuit. He then became upset saying to me “I wish you had said that you didn’t want the 4 wings and biscuit”. I advised him that I did say so. He did attempted to apologize, sarcastically and no empathy. He then started saying words like “ok ma’am”, “here ma’am”, as he accepted my payment. I then said to the young man, “if it’s a problem that he could just void my order”. I then apologized to him for the confusion. This young man never acknowledged my apology, just so rudely handed me my order, without so much as a smile on his face. I then told him that I was coming inside for a full refund. I have worked in customer service for over 16 years and my managers would never tolerated this type of behavior from me. I can’t understand why this miscommunication disturbed him so. It was my money that was being spent, not his. I know that everyone have bad days, but his whole attitude was unacceptable to me. I’m in this vicinity a lot, but would prefer to bypass them, and go to another location, for these reasons. Needless to say, I went to another KFC location (Oakland Park, FL), who always have great service. I would very much like to be contacted via email, by KFC Headquarters.

  562. While this is not a reflection of KFC Customer Service, I just felt I needed to reach out to you. Can you PLEASE get rid of the guy who plays the General on TV? I don’t care if the General laughed that way, but it’s creepy. Generally I blow off commercials I don’t like, but I’m serious, I have two grown boys, but if I had young girls, I wouldn’t want them to watch that commercial…or go to KFC.

    While I feel your prices have gotten out of hand, we occasionally get your chicken, because it’s just great comfort food.

    Please get him off the commercials or change the message.


  563. While this is not a reflection of KFC Customer Service, I just felt I needed to reach out to you. Can you PLEASE get rid of the guy who plays the General on TV? I don’t care if the General laughed that way, but it’s creepy. Generally I blow off commercials I don’t like, but I’m serious, I have two grown boys, but if I had young girls, I wouldn’t want them to watch that commercial…or go to KFC.

    While I feel your prices have gotten out of hand, we occasionally get your chicken, because it’s just great comfort food.


  564. I have always enjoyed the occasional bucket of KFC, but I have to say that the new Colonel Sanders is just no good. He looks alright but he should never, ever, open his mouth to speak, hum, or sing. Not a good choice.

  565. I just want you to know that your colonel is a disgrace to the original colonel. I cannot stand these commercials and they make me want to boycott your establishments altogether.

  566. Regard to your new col sanders. He as to be the poorest excusse for a col sanders his laughs etc in ads is very poor he just is not good for the job

  567. We recently visited you store in Mt Vernon, Ky and although the food was very good, the store was dirty. There were only two tables that had been cleaned. This was around 1 pm on July 18, 2015. You would think they would do a better job of keeping the place clean since they weren’t very busy.

  568. I wish you would someone new for your spokesperson, my first thought when I saw him and heard him talk was a pervert. REALLY, you could not get anything any better, we turn the sound off when your ad comes on and don’t watch it, several people have told me the same thing, he is disgusting, but then the two kfc’s we go to are not much better, maybe that is why you don’t care who does your ad, hire a nice old man not a perv looking thing, I know one thing your reputation is really goig down hill, becauseof the managers of your stores, we have one more prob and we are done !

  569. I am writing ie your KFC/Taco Bell in Herkimer NY 13350. The place is a health hazard waiting to happen. Has anyone in your company taken a look at this place? Paint is chipped, walls are filthy, everything is antiquated & in sore need of refurbishing. It even smells in there & not a good smell either! Bathrooms are old, dirty & in need of replacement. Then there is the staff who make more mistakes than McDonalds – yep, that’s correct even though we thought that was impossible! There never seems to be management present and if they are, they clearly do not care. I know this is a scathing email but someone needs to do something before there is a health crisis! Food is never up to temp and simply sub-par. Please take me seriously & look into this location and strongly consider doing something before the board of health closes them down! If you need any further info or pics, let me know & I’ll be happy to do it. We LOVE your 2 restaurants yet we prefer to not patronize until it is clean & made to serve healthy food.

  570. I am very disappointed in your TV spokesman. Harlan Sanders had a rich voice and folksy manor. This guy is creepy. The first time I saw it I paraphrased the line from “Airplane.” “Little girl, have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

    I’m know he is doing what he is directed to do, but you chose the wrong ad agency and the wrong director.

  571. Taco Bell/KFC in Oak Grove, Mo is an absolute mess. Cleanliness- fail
    Food Quality-fail, Managers Ability to Manage-fail
    Won’t eat here unless something is done. If someone from the corporate office cares to email me I can forward some comments from social media backing up what I say….

  572. When are you going to get rid of that creep playing the latest Col Sanders? Not good for your business!!!

  573. what were the execs thinking when they chose this creepy looking Col. Sanders. He looks like someone I would avoid and cross the street if I were to encounter him. His laugh, if that is what it is supposed to be, sounds evil and sinister. Every time it comes on I mute the TV and look away. I find it very hard to believe that this was the best choice for your campaign. I for one will stop at Mr Chicken until this creepy character is off the air..


  575. I just had to write and say how much I HATE the new ads..It makes me not want to go try the chicken for fear It may make me as ignorant as the commercial..This is by far the worst commercial I personally have ever watched..

  576. Your new col.sanders is really creepy. He talks like he’s deeply mentally perverted. He gives me the yucky shivers. I’m sorry I can’t eat at your restaurants as long as I see him in my head. He makes me want to throw up. Not a big fan of throwing up wial trying to enjoy some finger licken good chicken. Hope I’ll be able eat kfc again. Thank you for the memories.

  577. Im justin i ordered hotshots last night take out near entertainment center trinoma mall but your product is Not Good it considered WASTE PRODUCTS your hots shots is dry tough.and pure coated of breader not white meat inside of your chicken im very dissapoint im a regular customer.around 8pm yesterday dated 7/22/15.ref no. 522 TAKE OUT HSHOTS-L 1 GRAVY 1.0′ the crew get my oficial receipt yesterday clamed area.

  578. Received the worst service I’ve ever had and feel compelled to tell you the Hawthorne store is broken.i waited a half hour to place my order and another 15 minutes to get my four peice meal.
    My side were were cold and the corn was terrible, stale.thecasheir was handling cash and then filling orders without washing her hands or putting on a glove
    Transaction 3009
    Really sucked terrible I won’t go back to another KFC

  579. Why in heavens name did KFC decide to change the wonderful “11 herbs and spices” recipe for the old original KFC? The new coating is more like Bojanglrs or Popeyes recipes, much less yummy.

  580. This is not about a restaurant experience. This is about your current advertising! Do you monitor how people feel about your new KFC representative? Do you monitor what is being said on FaceBook and other social media? People please!! This new man representing you is creeping out everyone. If we had a KFC here in Kerrville, your store would be boycotted. I would be afraid to take my grandkids in fear of him showing up. PLEASE find someone that represents a REAL southern man! This one is too creepy to even think about…NO FINGER LICKING at my house ever again…Or at least until this weirdo is GONE! I hear his laugh in my nightmares!!

  581. I just want to say the guy you have doing your commercials is so extremely creepy. He looks like a perfert. You are ruining your image. Everyone at work was discussing it today, so I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I can not even watch your commercials! Maybe that’s the image you want? If so, good luck. Are you trying to advertise chicken with sex? It’s creepy. I can not even stop by my favorite KFC! Makes me want to completely cover up or take a shower!! I have never in my life left a review or comment to any franchise, but felt very compelled to leave this message with you. What kind of message are you sending young kids? It is disgusting.

  582. I visited your West Lebanon NH store on July 23rd. I ordered the five dollar meal deal with chicken tenders at the drive through. I did not check the bag until I got home. When I opened it, I discovered that there was a hole in the coleslaw container. The coleslaw dressing had run out soaking the chicken and biscuit and the bottom of the box. When I took the box out of the bag the bottom fell out and the food fell on the floor. As it was soaked with dressing and had been on the floor, I discarded it. I called the store to complain about that and also that I had not received