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Contacting Kaspersky Customer Service Center

Kaspersky is on the forefront of technology, as it relates to Internet security. The company is one of the fastest growing and largest Internet security companies in the world. Based in Russia, Kaspersky reaches to millions of customers throughout the world. With a reach of more than 100 million customers, the company is committed to providing the best customer experience and world-class customer service.

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Contact Info:

The company provides several ways to contact the customer service department or the corporate headquarters in the event you have a question or concern. Customers can contact the customer care division by email, phone, traditional mail, Live Chat or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service (U.S.): 1-866-328-5700
  • Customer service U.S. direct line): 1-781-503-1800
  • Customer service (Canada): 1-866-295-8503
  • Customer service (Latin America): 1-954-331-8125
  • Customer service (Argentina): +54 (11) 1590-2200
  • Customer service (Brazil): +55 (11) 3443-1706
  • Customer service (Mexico): +52 (55) 2881-0430
  • Customer service (Moscow): +7 (495) 797-8700

The Moscow office is open 10am to 6pm Moscow time, Monday through Friday.

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to the corporate headquarters around the world.

Global Headquarters – Moscow10/1 1st Volokolamsky ProezdMoscow 123060Russian Federation

Mexico OfficePatriotismo No. 229 Piso 8Col. San Pedro de los PinosC.P. 03800México, D.F.

Brazil OfficeAv. Queiroz Filho, 1.700Torre A, Conjunto 307, Alto de PinheirosSão Paulo – SP – Brasil05319-000

Argentina OfficeIng. Butty 240 – 4ºBuenos Aires, C1001AFB

Argentina Latin America Headquarters1560 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway 4th FloorSunrise, FL 33323

Canada Headquarters15 Allstate Parkway, 6th FloorMarkham, ON, L3R 5B4Canada

Americas Headquarters500 Unicorn Park, 3rd FloorWoburn, MA 01801

Official Website

The official Kaspersky website allows customers to view products designed for home and business. Customers have the ability to download the free trial as well as utilize the free scan to detect potential threats on your computer. For customers unsure of the product need for their device, the website features a customer support section

Customer Service Email

Go to to send a support ticket directed to the customer support or the technical support team. In order to access the support for, customers must first use Ask Sasha, the Kaspersky virtual directory agent. We sent an email asking for the hours of the customer support department, considering this is not listed on the website.

We found additional ways to communicate with the customer support team, including:

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we encountered the automated system which detailed the options. Within less than 90 seconds, the call went directly to the customer service department. We asked what the system requirements for Kaspersky were; considering this information was not available on the website. The representative explained all existing and new operating systems support he product.

We received the answer and the representative was knowledgeable. Our experience was good, but was your experience similar? Take a second and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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70 Comments on “Contact Kaspersky Customer Service
  1. I am PISSED that after purchasing close to $200 in software that I cannot get free assistance but instead need to pay an additonal $299 to get help. This is my last year in ourchasing kaspersky products.

  2. I am having a lot of trouble getting assistance to get the software working that I paid for. I tried installing it again. I spoke with a PC support technician and was told I would have to pay over $200 at the minimum to get it repaired. I am now waiting on the phone trying to talk to a person. In the meantime, I just tried online and I am being asked to pay again to get help to get software I already paid for to work. At this point, I am extremely unlikely to purchase this software again.

  3. Complaint
    I have a complaint that Kaspersky is supposed to be stopping Spam from coming through on my computer that
    each day since purched I am getting an average of 20
    items in my mail. Also when I try to reach someone at
    your Support group I either can’t get through due to waiting or end up with somone that does not speak clear
    enough English that I can’t understand them. If the above
    cannot be IMMEDIATELY corrected CANCEL my subscription to Kapersky and send me my full refund.

  4. Kaspersky tech. support is the worst I have ever encountered in my life … and I aint no spring chicken. All they do is send an incident number and no follow up, requests to either help or refund my purchase price have been ignored. If Kaspersky is unwilling/unable to help with an installation problem with their own product how can a customer trust that Kaspersky internet security is actually protecting their computer ?

  5. My protection has been disabled for 3 days. No way to enable it and it is paid up until the end of the year. So far nothing or no one has helped me resolve this. Send me a way to resolve this now.

  6. I placed a 3 year contract with Kaspersky. My relationship with them has been been problematic. I started with a three year contract initialy and shortly before it ended experienced problems with updates sent by them where they wouldn’t update and initial contract vanished according to them. I eventualy renewed for another 3 years and with under 300 days left on contract got a message to update databases clicked on message and went imediately to a subscription renewal. After multiple contacts with their support team where they want me to become their unpaid employee to add new program because 2011 program won’t except 2013 update. I have asked them to send me a disc to resolve this problem. No response they contine to ask me to delete this program add this program blah blah blah. my bottem line is fix the program you sold me, don’t ask me to do it for you. As a company you are worthless when it comes to customer support. I didn’t create this problem unless you consider entering into a contract with you is my culpability. I will not renew with you or offer any positive feedback to others about your service.

  7. Kaspersky technical support is probably the worst and most confusing there is. Unable to contact someone despite several hours of trying. The on line support is similarly useless. I have paid for 3 computers but I’m only supported on one. I’m never buying Kaspersky again.

  8. Kindly assist me to uninstal kaspersky 3.0 from my computer. it keeps asking me to enter password.I do not remember the password. your customer in zambia, thank you.

  9. you keep sending me note thatsays my kaspersky virus protection does not have a current protection for my computer. I have printed copy of when I renew it December 2013, order and billing imnformation is as followed Order Number 8748902238 order date decimber 10,2013 subtotal $39.95 which I paid Activation code G7KXF-G67ZXR-SA3Z7-GMXs6. Please send me an e-mail that my virus portection in in force. I am not going to pay twice for it as I did last year thinking you would let me know what is going on I need an answer thank you

  10. I bought this hp computer 2 1/2 weeks ago and installed Kaspersky 3.0 Pure total security. I wanted the best computer software and this was suggested by the technicians where I purchased the computer. However, all of a sudden appeared in the address box instead of I checked on line and found out it is a hijacker and can bring in viruses. I contacted the number for Kaspersky to ask why that happened. I was told they would fix the problem for $200.00 I do not intend to invest that money on a problem I felt Kaspersky should have protcted my computer from. At the present I would not encourage aneany

  11. I bought this hp computer 2 1/2 weeks ago and installed Kaspersky 3.0 Pure total security. I wanted the best computer software and this was suggested by the technicians where I purchased the computer. However, all of a sudden appeared in the address box instead of I checked on line and found out it is a hijacker and can bring in viruses. I contacted the number for Kaspersky to ask why that happened. I was told they would fix the problem for $200.00 I do not intend to invest that money on a problem I felt Kaspersky should have protcted my computer from. At the present I would not encourage aneany

  12. ns.
    Customer: Hello I received a notification through me e mail “” where to report that my license automatically been renewed, but I’ve bought a new kaspersky, so I do not need this renewal.
    I have not used the activation code as you can see. just want my money back to my account

  13. I am thoroughly disgusted with your company! What kind of an operation are you running? I have been trying to talk to a REAL PERSON for two days and cannot get a phone number that will connect me to someone in billing. I preveiously canceled a subscription for your anti virus protection and after I canceled it AND received an email from your company that a refund was processed I then received two other emails (two days later) telling me that you were going to automatically renew my subsription! What is going on? I find your business ethics to be terrible and harassing. I want the emails stopped and I DO NOT want to subscribe to ANY of your products! My next step is to file a formal complaint with the agency that regulates Internet and Business practice regulations.

  14. I had one of my machines need a clean install of a paid for one year three computer software. Kaspersky refused to help with helping me with a GOOD license! I have two computers with 80 days left and I will Never use or endorse this horrible product again.

  15. I don’t trust Kasbersky. They told me that I have problems because I didn’t purchase their Anti hacking software. They wanted to charge me $200.00 for it. I didn’t do it. I purchased a three user of Kaspersky pure 3.0total security. Well what the bell does Total security mean?. The tech found 321 viruses on my pc.

    That was the tech from another. Kaspersky did exactly nothing forme.
    They are fakes.don’t buy Kaspersky

  16. i agree this was a waste of money. there is no one there to answer questions. i keep receiving alerts that my computer is not protected…what…why

  17. I am disappointed. I renewed my anti-virus protection online Nov 06, but still I am always told that my subscription has expired and my pc is no longer protected, so I demand for refund.

  18. Very dissatisfied with your company! We purchased Kaspersky band tried to install it on my computer, but it tells me I have an invalid code. I called technical support and all he wanted to do is sell me more stuff. He was rude and was of NO help. After 1/2 hr of him yakking and me saying I don’t want to purchase anymore coverage I finally hung up. I ALREADY paid for protection that I cant install. I don’t want more. Please send me a new activation code that works. You have my email address Thankyou!

  19. you are the absolute worst customer service in the world there is never anyway to get help your stupid websites sends people in frigging circles and there is never any HUMAN VOICE to answer questions if you are lucky enough to get one they immediately try to send you back to the internet to go in more circles wtf is wrong with you???? going back to Norton at least their customer service is helpful don’t bother sending one of your asshole generated replies

  20. I already should have coverage for three computers two laptops one desktop however when i go onto my desktop the same message pops up as if I have no coverage the activation code..It was paid with my visa debit card with my name jill Kelly Velasco..please resolve this ASAP before i have to deal with a virus in my computer when i should have coverage as of two weeks ago!thank you hope to hear from you soon

  21. I just purchase your software yesterday and I tried to download it. What I didn’t do was close the other anti software I had. I had thought what I had was expired. I don’t know what happen I had Kaspersky before but it said it had expired. I was just wondering if you could help me fix this problem by instaling the soft ware for me with your tech.

  22. I had a bad experience yesterday. Tried to install Kaspersky Internet Security with the CD. Ran into a problem and contacted the Kaspersky support site and somehow got connected with an organization called ecomputersupport, who, through their technicians on chat tried to sell me one of several expensive plans to protect my computer. (That’s what I thought I was buying when I purchased the Kaspersky product in the first place.) Look up this organization–a very shady group. Advice: If working with Kaspersky support technicians be wary of their connecting you with this organization for technical support. And I will never again buy another Kaspersky product because of my experience.

  23. Probably the absolute worse Internet Security I have ever encountered. Useless customer support. Called for help with issues and was told they needed credit card number on file for any additional charges. Why would I be charged anything?
    The updates caused several problems. Sounds like a credit card scam to me. My next step is to file a complaint with consumer affairs of the OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL. If you are being ripped-off by Kaspersky file a formal complaint with your attorney general’s office

  24. Lousy service. I can’t get anyone on the phone and every time i try to send them an email it doesn’t go through. Will not be renewing when the time comes.

  25. You accepted my credit card but cannot download and Icon still says expired.Called support but need 4 digit extension code?? what is it?

  26. I had a wonderful experience with the support team. She was patient with me I know nothing about computers. I was walked through what to do and was activated on the spot..

  27. I purchased auto renewal online. They charged my credit card but did not provide me with the new activation code. I spoke with tech support and they told me to speak to sales in order to receive a new code. I spoke to sales; they cannot provide me with a new one and requested that I put in an inquiry so they can investigate the problem (which would take 2 to 3 business days). It didn’t make any sense since I previously had the software manually installed last year. I spent a few hours on the phone with them. The departments don’t communicate with each other; I was told to call another number, which I did and vice a versa. They gave me the runaround. Lastly I decided to cancel my subscription. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I tried to call about the auto renew and couldn’t get through to anyone, therefor I do not wish to renew this subscription, and I would appreciate it if the funds were refunded back to my account asap. Thank you

  29. Please assist me with getting touch with billing dept. , I have to talk to them about – bill.
    -You have my e-mail address,please help

  30. Did an update through the internet on 5/27/16. Worked GREAT until today. Now I get a message that my subscription has expired. LIES! used the rescue disk that arrived 6/6/16 – says to UNINSTALL my brand new Kaspersky so it can load. NO! NO! Yesterday I started getting a zillion spam emails on my personal account. I call you (America office). NO ANSWER! Either fix this so it works on 6/10/16, or I have no further option to get a different protection package from your competition. I AM HAVING A VERY NEGATIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. If you can’t provide American-Speaking Customer Service 24/7, then you took my money under false pretenses.

  31. Your Customer Service is non-existent! I cannot talk to a real person….let alone get a reply from an email. I did NOT get the “warning” that my subscription would renew…..until after it renewed. I want it cancelled but guess what… way to contact anyone and I can’t seem to find the “refund” button….shock shock.

  32. I had kasperskys Internet Security I up grated to Total Security Now my computer is so slow I tried to play a game on Publisher Clearing House it took 20min. to get one hand dealt on black jack. It worked fine with my other protection plan. Why do they call this a up grade it is not my computer freezes up a lot, I have been trying to wright this for the last hour. I am not kidding this really sucks. I have had there on line Tech. support 2 times none of them seem to have a clue as to what to do to solve this problem. They have you fill out a survey at the end to see how they are doing. What a joke how am I suppose to know if the problem is solved. I need to be on the computer for a little while to check it out. I want my MONEY BACK. I have had this new plan for 21 days and I am not happy. I have been a customer for years you think they would want to make this right with me. Looking into other protections plans.

  33. I down load antivirus on 3-27-17 I press the wrong button to remove USA I don’t live in Canada. I live in USA. Please correct this for me.

  34. The question everyone is asking today – – Does the Kaspersky Security I have on my device protecting me from the cyber attacks hatched over the past weekend?

  35. I am very concerned about Kaspersky Security . I have been told by a un named expert ,that the KBG of Russia monitors Kaspersky by a divergance to the CLOUD and then encripted for there people to View,or control. If by Finance Accounts get hacked I will assure BEST BUY a LAW SUIT will be filed . KASPERSKY is a dangerous system .and would like best buy to replace my GEEK SQUAK contract with an AMERICAN SPY WEAR

  36. Kaspersky has billed me three times for a product never ordered or received.
    at their request, I supplied them with the requested documents that my credit card company had not reversed the charges, I called back several weeks later to confirm they had credited my account as they agreed to do. After a lengthy wait, I was told the credit had been processed and I should see it on my statements. NOT only was I lied to and the credit was not processed well over a month later, THEY CHARGED ME A THIRD TIME. Based on what customer service told me today October 1, I will see my credit for all three charges within the next two days. If not, this case will get moved to FRAUD status with my credit card company. I have spent hours trying to get my money back — $261.00.

  37. Although I bought this program at Best Buy, Kaspersky accessed the information it had about by credit card numbers and made unauthorized use of my credit card to automatically renew my subscription. This is currently in dispute but I think this may have been illegal.

    TO ME.


  39. If I ever get a mailing address to send to request a refund on my charge account, you can be sure I will post it everywhere I can. No one will help and if I get a human, they tell me to look it up on line. Lots of luck on that one…….

  40. I nust purchased and installed kaspersky se urity mainly because I ve had trouble with some jackoff somehow getting into my phone. Im at work today and somehow my secure connection has been turned off.Im hoping you can do something to stop this or ide tify tbe jackoff.Tha ks

  41. Hi….We are not getting Kaspersky this year of 2018 because you constantly bug us about renewing after a year and a half. You also threatened to not secure the computer unless it was renewed 6 months prior. Besides, you originated from Russia and we do not like Russia. So we will be getting another company and you can take us off your list!! My daughter, Tracy Christie, has paid for this for 4 years and she feels the same way.

  42. After 10 years your renewal banner keeps offering me 40% off but your customer service offers no discount and you send me a 15% offer. Time to move on. If you can’t get your offers correct how can I rely on your services. Too bad. You were great once

  43. I renewed my account with you yesterday but a notice has been posted for renewal of security again. What happened to my info posted including billing

  44. just inquiring what happened to my renewal of security completed yesterday all what has been asked for yet today another notice has been posted that I have only 3days
    more to renew.

  45. My bill is wrong. Would some one please correct my account and put a credit on my Vista Card. My bill should be $97.14 not $183.53. Please do something about this as soon as possible.

  46. After researching e-mails, I realize that $97.14 was the wrong amount. The discount was not taken out. The correct amount was $86.39. Would you please take $97.14 off my Vista Credit Card.

  47. I do not wish to renew my Kaspersky cover. I have an e-mail with reference KMM69652668 which is not recognised and a password HnxZOu which is not recognised Please pass on this message to your accounts section

  48. Disappointed big time.. I renewed my security and never received my activation code. Had problems like this last time. Nightmare to trying and get any help from this mob. Will go back to Bullguard which was so much easier.

  49. I am Edward L. Hunt
    I canceled service several and was told that it was taken care of and yet, I am still billed for service that I am not using.

    I have spent an hour trying to reach Kaspersky and cannot get through; the numbers that are listed are not working or you get a recording. I will tell everyone I know about the bad service

  50. I have just purchased Kaspersky virus protection for $31.94 (3-30-18) on my
    Visa card (0211), but than on 4-1-18, I was charged on my Chase card (9341) for
    $58.56. I should not have the charge for $58.56 nor should 2 credit cards be used
    by your company. Thank you.

  51. I no longer have Kaspersky coverage, but I have been charged on my
    credit card. I want the charge erased.

  52. Customer support consist of ‘automated’ responses. There does not seem to be any ‘intelligent human response’ able to assist.
    I bought Kaspersky’s protection for multiple (2) computers. I installed just 1 and missed their arbitrary deadline for completing installation by 3 days. (OK, my mistake I missed this tidbit). I have been going back and forth now for some days, and cannot seem to get this settled, done, as even the choie of an direct email will get you nowhere, ..but just an other auto direct link. Perhaps, Kaspersky is just overseen by one person? That would make total sense?

  53. -When I called 866-328-5700, the message for your company states “test test test test test test” then it finally goes to a prompt. Something is wrong.

    I am also not happy that I went to a scam website and when I realized it I immediately started a full Kaspersky scan. It is going to take three days for the scan to complete, on less than 1 terabyte of data. That is unacceptable. If the people got into my laptop, they will have stolen data and be gone before you can protect me. What the hell kind of protection is that? I’ll tell you. It is NOT protection at all. I am at risk now because I chose your product.

  54. I will never again deal with Kaspersky! I received an email stating my Discover card was charged $91.05 for a renewal, I did NOT authorize a renewal nor did I want a renewal. 4 hours and $79.99 later I was able to cancel the renewal. I feel I was scammed. Was told they could not credit until I cleaned my PC. This is a new PC, they claimed if I didn’t clean, I could crash. What a nasty way to obtain revenue. I will advise all I know to stay away from Kaspersky! I will also file a complaint with BBB.

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