Contact Jitterbug Customer Service

Contact Jitterbug Customer Service

Contacting Jitterbug Customer Service Center

Jitterbug was once the go-to cell phone company for elderly and aging individuals, but GreatCall bought out the company though Jitterbug service and devices are still available. In the beginning, Jitterbug was all about providing basic cell phone coverage, which boiled down to talk time with text message options for some customers. Today, Jitterbug offers traditional and data phones.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Jitterbug customer service is available 24 hours a day every day of the week. There is no mention of holiday hours, though the company may also be open on holidays.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-733-6632

Mailing Address

For customers who are more comfortable writing to Jitterbug customer service rather than calling or emailing a member of the support team, letters can be addressed to the San Diego office. It is important to call Jitterbug customer service if there is an issue with payment or service as the letter can take 10 business days or longer to reach a customer service agent.

Great CallAttn: Customer Service12680 High Bluff Dr. Ste. 310San Diego, CA 92130

Official Website

We found information on the new Jitterbug and Jitterbug customer service on the Great Call official website at There are currently four phones available with Jitterbug coverage, as of August 2013. The phones are listed at The purchase price for the phone does not include service. You are responsible for paying a monthly service bill to maintain coverage.

Customer Service Email

Visit the Great Call support page to contact Jitterbug customer service by email. Remember to include contact information in the email if you want Jitterbug to contact you back. Double check your email address to ensure communication is delivered to the correct address.

Contact Form:

Our Experience

We gave Jitterbug customer service a call to test out the customer service department. The call was answered by an automated system for Great Call. You can press the number 1 on your keypad to reach general account information or 2 to upgrade your handset. If you need assistance with your device, press 3. If you wait on the line you will be connected with a customer service representative. Our call was placed on hold at the one minute mark. We waited on hold for more than three minutes before a customer service representative finally answered the call. From time to time messages reminded us that we were important to the company.

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