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Contacting IHOP Customer Service Center

IHOP, International House of Pancakes, is a United States based company specializing in breakfast foods. The company also expanded its offerings to include lunch and dinner items. One misconception relating to the company is the term International. Although the IHOP serves millions of customers each year, the company is still based in the United States. The company has plans to expand into the Middle East in the coming future.

Eating at a restaurant is about the quality of the food and service as it’s about the overall experience. When customers feel their experience is not at the highest level possible, you have the ability to contact the customer service department or the corporate headquarters.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to communicate with the customer service department can do so by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open Monday through Sunday 7am to 7pm CST.

  • Customer service: 1-866-444-5144

Mailing Address

IHOP Corporate Headquarters450 North Brand BoulevardGlendale, CA 91203

Official Website

Visit the official website in order to discover the best parts of IHOP. Customers can view menu offerings, order gift certificates and share your experiences with a diverse community. Customers wanting to find the closest IHOP should visit the store locator. In the event you have a specific concern, prior to contacting the customer support department, we recommend visiting the FAQs page.

Customer Service Email

In order to send correspondence to the customer support team by email, customers will need to utilize the feedback form We submitted a question asking who the best point of contact is in the event customers have a concern, the store management team or the customer service team. We received an immediate response thanking us for contact the customer support team, but the message gave no indication as to when a representative would address our concern.

Customers can attempt to contact the customer support team on the company’s social media pages:

Our Experience

The customer support at IHOP is one the easier companies to contact. The automated system was straight forward and provided an option for the customer service department. Within 3 minutes, we were speaking with a live agent. When the agent answered the call, we asked if the company could provide us with information relating to allergens. The customer service agent not only listed the allergens, they provided the following link addressed the allergens in the menu item.

We feel as if the customer service team went above the beyond the call of duty. Were you impressed with your encounter with the IHOP customer service team? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I was dining in the Wildwood location and they charged my debit card twice and when confronted about it they were rude and said they did not. So with that said, I took my laptop into the resturant and they said they can’t do a thing, i have to return in the morning to speak with the manager……. I was only there because I was traveling. Well finally he said that he would cancel it but it would take 3 days to get my money back. Terrible customer service!!!!!!!! I will never return to an IHOP and will pass on this bad experience on to all my friends and family and I doubt they will ever eat at another IHOP again.

  2. And they was no busyness only 3 tables with customers.
    And I hear they was pets control there and they say
    Why is food there probably we spray in it but the cooks was talking on Spanish.

  3. My brother and I eat there two to three times a week.
    I really like the fish and he orders different things but likes the fish too. Today I stop by after church and Kristy waited one me. She was great. It was at the 1838 U.S.1 and by the way their telephone number is not in the book. For the first time the poatoes were real salty. I could not eat them but the broccoli and fish were good. On the weekend you probably have added cooks or help in the kitchen. From now on I will go Mon. thru Fri. I prefer to eat there and so does my brother. Today I got a take out because I was alone. If I had been in there I would have sent the potatoes back. (mashed) You may want someone there in the kitchen to take a spoon and check them before sending to customers. Many people have high blood pressure, diabeties or over weight and do not need extra salt. Best to leave out and let them salt their own. If we go back this week and I expect to and the potatoes are that salty we will find another place. This is the first time in many trips. Thanks for having a I Hop close. You have one way west of town but to far for us to travel. Thanks.


  5. Was told that Ihop has free meal on your birthday. Went to local ihop ( benton harbor, mi) – was told “No, just ice cream as desert” was the ‘freebie”
    CAN NOT make Ihop “customer relations” website page work.
    i can only assume that they DON’t want to hear from me !

    • Yes , had the worst meal ,or you could say an average frozen dinner at IHOP in portland, or, today, tried to complain online and there complaint dept, keeps kicking me out , the have probably heard it all

  6. Worst customer service ever! Nobody helped us at the table for over 15 minutes. Then, at the checkout, we waited almost 10 minutes while they purposly ignored us and chose to help the customers who came in after us. The cashier kept glancing at us, then turned around and walked away. She never came back. Maybe they prefer certtain group of customers over others. The feedback page on the website does not work. They must not want to hear from us because they get too many complaints.

  7. we eat breakfast every Sunday at i hops and we use like the skillet dinners at i hops before they took them off the menu. It would be great if you put themback on the menu they are missed a lot

  8. Just wanted u to know about the vist me and my friends had at one of ur restaurants store #1497 first of all we had to sit at a dirty table took 15 min to get our drink order in and then 20 min later we got to order our food an hour later we are still sitting there waiting for our food yes i said an hour finally after another 30 min we got our food talked to the manager and she didnt even apologize so felt the need to complain

  9. We ate at the one in Greenville, Tx (store#1445). This was by far the worst service at any establishment we’ve ever been to. I waited for over 10min for a water refill, which she had came to the table 3 times before bringing me water. One of those times she brought what the table needed next to us while I was still waiting. I watched as 3 tables got there after we had ordered our food and received their food before we did. My daughter was out of milk, the waitress even knocked the glass over on accident and still didn’t even ask if she wanted more. My sons bacon was cooked to a crisp and was half crumbled. The only reason I didn’t ask for another piece was because i didn’t want to wait 20min for one piece of bacon. My last complaint is that with my plate I was suppose to receive sugar free syrup which she never brought out. I’m usually not one to write a complaint since my husband and I both have worked in the food industry but this was just horrible! Never again will we eat at ihop!

  10. IHOP 651-Santa Clara Ca 95051. Was surpised survey had no section to comment on server. Marisol, was friendly, courteous and efficient making an excellent impression. Noticed receipt indicated Team instead of server name. I like team comcepts but it’s individuals that make up a team and they should be recognized. This IHOP should be a role model for the chain as it’s obviously well managed considering some of the comments.

  11. Bakersfield, CA – IHOP Service was great, Management polite and I would recommend a stop there, but only if they have a restroom for people stopping for gas and people who are eating at the restaurant.
    I was terribly disappointed when I had to use the restroom to find that only one restroom was available out of 3 as two were completely out of order. The place smelled terrible, it was filthy dirty. I spoke to management on the way out and he said he had a plumber coming. This would have been solved if the restaurant had their own restroom. You should never eat in a restaurant that has a dirty restroom. If they cannot take care of their facilities, what is the kitchen like?

  12. Just wanted to let you know about one of your waitress at our Ihop in EAST ellijay GA. she is one of the best always smiling takes great care of her customers. we will wait as long as need just to get her. Sne needs to be in management. a lot of your people can learn a lot from her.Don’t every let her go .Her name is cynthia.

  13. I know my sisters are enjoying there day but this has to be said
    I decided to go to IHOP in Jersey City on 440 to eat breakfast…I don’t have a racist bone in my physical structure but this has to be said. Number 1 it is ran by a predominantly Latino Americans. If their were any African Americans or any other people of color they were working so far behind the scences near the dishes and the trash vendors..of course it was packed but I was rolling with the kids so its imperative I feed them.. I asked for a table sat and waited to be called… I noticed that we were sitting for a while. I also noticed that there were a a lot of customers who were of Latino descent being seated before me at I then got up and ask the Anglo Saxon lady in the front why haven’t I been called… She said its because I ask for a table..I sat down after my inquiry but it didn’t settle with me and being from the south it didn’t feel right.. It felt a little Jim Crowish being exhibited because the Latino family next to me we’re seated and they came in the door 10 mins ago in comparison to my almost 40 min wait..they were
    Seated at a table….wow.. I had to voice this and ask why are you seating customers that are coming after me before me and you skipped me on the log sheet.. And your putting the families with 5 or more in the group combining the tables?So your saying because its more of a profitable for IHOP to keep me waiting to service large Latino families who arrived after me?and there’s an empty seat available and I haven’t been seated.. The manager then says oh yeah I’m sorry there’s a seat over there…
    I said I told you how is it not visible to you..
    So we sat down I was heated but for the kids sake I calmed down.. But when I saw more of the Latino Americans being seated when arriving..I know this because I watched them from the window come directly in….to the table!!! Window view. When the African American families came in the gave them seats in the back no frontal window view only Latino s and yours truly only because I applied pressure to the manager in front of other customers….wow… I told two different waiters to tell the manager I wanted to make a complaint about the distasteful service being displayed by her management. Her name was Amanda.. She never came to the table once to talk… After being informed twice..Ive been to a lot of restaurants and I’ve never seen anything like this…I wasn’t looking for anything free.. It was the respect and consideration a customer should feel when they come to your place of establishment not being promoted….I’m never eating there again…I will be calling cooperate Monday ASAP….
    Again this isn’t an attack against my Latino brothers and sister… Who are some of my closest associates who know my heart so does the most high.
    Sometimes we as people of color lose sight of the struggle to be treated as equal and some chose to embrace separatism to be accepted by the majority. But to the majority you will always be minority….

  14. I went to the ihop at South Padre Island at Greenwood and this is the second time we heard profanity coming from the kitchen area. It is an awkward situation when you are with family.Also, a hair was found on my tea glass. Hopefully this matter will be resolved. Thank You
    Sergio Duenes

  15. Hello, I live in west chester ohio and have 2 ihop reasteraunts in the area, one off cox road, 45069 and one in mason Ohio, I have went to both many time, On Cox road the restaurant out of about 15 time has not one time gotten a order correct, missing items, or mixed up order, with only 6 tables active takes over 40 minutes to get breakfast items, last week i went and ordered a sausage gravy and biscuit, it came out and had a lik sausage broken in 4 parts dropped on top and they said this is sausage gravy, the gravy was hard and congealed. Eggs over cooked or under cooked. at time the serving portions are pitiful, three weeks ago went and the child’s meals was the same size and proportion as the adult meals. To date I have becomes accustomed to having the manager come over and discuss the experience and then crediting back half the check do to the poor service and food preparations. This is the similar tot he one in mason. Now the interesting part, I went to Sever ville Tenn, and went to a ihop and it was the a great place, i ordered the same as i order here at these locations, and was wonderfully surprised, food was prepared well, proportions was excellent, and the food was hot when it hit the table, Any way you can get the manager from there to come and train the local ones? I have eaten at a ihop for years in Florida in Clear water and was great, I have been so disappointed in these here that i refuse to go any further, Waffle house , Perkins and Pob Evans puts ihop to shame (at least these two in Mason and West Chester)

  16. The place was busy for a saturday night so we took in consideration for the amount of time we got our food. When we finally got our order the hash browns were cold and the eggs were rubbery. The special with the graham crackers and bannana nut pancakes were really good other then a piece metal in them. The waitress as soon as we got our food way over 45 min of waiting brought our check and did not say I will be your cashier when ready or came to check on our table again. Had to ask another waitress to take pancakes back because of metals and the bus person helped us get someone to take our money. I have never had a problem with this ihop before today and I was very disappointed. Store #2914 in hot springs arkansas had bad food and very displeasing service. Waitress name is 149 Mickie D. I will return to ihop again I will wait awhile before I do. Thank you.

  17. I was at IHOP at Zion cross rd on June 24at 7:30 pm my husband and I. He ordered the jelly donut combo and I ordered the French toast combo. First of all the food was ice cold my husband ordered his eggs over med and got them sunny side up. As he preceded to eat his eggs and hash browns , he started pulling something out his mouth it was a long blonde hair. I started gagin and told my server to get the manager , she told the manager what was going on ,the manager which was Melissa came to the table laughing didn’t see any thing funny she did say she was sorry but still laughing, WHAT KIND OF MANAGEMENT IS THAT, THEY WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT me GOING TO ANY MORE IHOP

  18. My family and I recently went for a trip to Orlando and stopped by Ihop located at 6005 International Drive, 32819 and had such a bad experience. We were seated in uncomfortable spot right by the area where the waitresses come out with the drinks. But we thought ok lets just sit here or we will have to wait much longer. When we received our order our hash brown were white instead of brown and toasty, the egg whites was without taste and the turnkey bacon was not cooked all the way. I complained to the waitress who in turn brought us new hash brown but it was the same. But it does not stop there we also order harvest pancakes and they looked like kids silver dollar pancakes and worst of all they were not even cooked throughly and my son had to spit it out. Even though we did receive some kind of discount from the manager that we complained to, I felt i needed to submit my comments so you can let the manager know that being that this Ihop is located by many tourist attractions and they should be giving the customers the best experience ever and it is not all about the quantity of customer they receive but the quality of food they serve especially representing Ihop. I love Ihop I always go to my local one in Hialeah located at 1645 W 49th St, 33012 where Toya our waitress always is very attentive and the chefs make sure the food is the very best for their customers.


    Sandra Antunez

  19. whats funny is that I had a terrible visit at ihop and emailed them with no response so I emailed them again and in turn I got a phone call that left a message for me to call back today when I called back a man pulled up my complaint and said well he didn’t think they had anything to say how sad an i’m sorry would have been appropriate but if u higher up guys don’t care don’t expect your staff in the stores to care

  20. I visited the location in valley stream NY. I just came from vacation and was feeling for ihop which is only a 5 min drive away from my house. when me and my best friend got there the hostess tried to sit us at a dirty table. I expressed my disgust and she tried to tell me that it wasn’t dirty. there was syrup on the table and the seat and there was still the tip left on the table for the waitress so obviously that table wasn’t ready. finally the bus boy came and cleaned the table and chair. we looked at the menu for 2 min and was ready to order. we sat there for about 10 mins. the whole time I was looking at the manager in hopes he would come to the table. but nope didn’t. so I went up to him and asked him who’s the waiter for the table we were sitting. he pointed on of the waitresses that kept walking back and forth past us. if that’s your table why wouldn’t you tend to us or do your job? she told us Tony was going to do it. Tony was the manager. so I told him that is very unprofessional of her. I got the waitresses name which is Trina. that was very rude, unprofessional and unorganized. this is very distasteful seeing it was so close to my house and the fact I had to leave and go elsewhere where I got better customer service.

  21. We just ate at ihop in Anahein on Harbor. General Manager refused to honor the ihop coupon for buy one get one meal because it was not printed! This is absolutely unacceptable advertising!! Your website advertises the coupon to be shown to cashier on mobile or may be printed. Does not say mandatory printed coupons only. This is not only poor customer service, false, misleading advertising. I will not return and I will now let my friends, family and Internet users now how ihop screws their customers. I was lured in due to the coupon and then was not allowed the discount. Spent over 50.00. Cashier was rude, food edible not great, waiter screwed up the order forgot who ordered what and wait time to get food was poor poor!!! Asked to speak to manager was refused the opportunity and he was in the building!!

  22. Hello There.

    I’m writing to let you know that your restaurant in lougheed mall does not know what customer service is. My visit happened 2 days ago and I’m still upset about it. I wasnt going to write anything but being this upset after the 2 days I think you guys need to know. I never felt more ignored and unappreciated in my life. Every one was rude and not caring what so ever. We order coffee. It wasnt that busy but we didnt get our coffee untill 10 mins we placed the order, she was too busy cleaning the tables. when i ordered my omelet i stated no salsa what so ever they over loaded salsa on the omelet and gave me salsa on the side. The chicken in the omelet was disgusting. It was supposed white meat instead i got pieces of chicken left overs. our server said sorry and asked if i wanted another one. I said no. Manager came not introduced himself and accused me of not liking it when i explained the problem that chicken isnt the quality breast he said oh its not and just took the plate and left last i have seen him. To later give my server receipt so she can tell me that my meal was taken care off.. Manager made me feel like its my fault and I was a brat for not liking it. I never had this happen before. When i came to ask for his name Asian cashier ( not having a name tag ) told me she cant tell me. I was simply shocked the way I was treated. I will never come back and I will be sharing this story because of the lack of costumer service. People like that shouldn’t even be in this industy

  23. My mother was visiting from NY and I took her to one of our Favorite places from NY which is IHOP. We went to the one in New Bern. Our waitress was mad at the hostess from the start and had an “I don’t care attitude from the start”, We felt rushed in ordering our food as she wanted to know what we wanted the moment we sat down- we asked for a few minutes. After we ordered she disappeared for like 15 minutes, meanwhile we were seated so that I could see the food come up. By the time she finally came from a back room with other wait staff and served us our food- it was luke warm, drowned in whip cream, no butter was offered and said that our bacon would be a few more minutes( we both had the briosh berries) Our bacon arrived by the time we were almost done with our meal and it was burnt. We ordered pancakes and egg whites to go for my son- when she brought that our she gave us our check $26.61- we went up to pay and got told to wait someone would be there soon. After about 5 minutes someone showed up and the waitress was chatting in her ear. They took the receipt and money and kept the receipt, they said that they needed it for their records. By the time we got home we were all in the bathroom throwing up. It was the food from your store. I was truly looking forward to making this IHOP a regular stop like I had in NY- but there is no way I would ever step back into that place. Something needs to be done about it.

  24. Worst experience ever !! Ihop in Woodbridge va on smoketown.
    nobody ever waited on us only sat us down ,, crazy
    And food was gross , my 30 dollars down the drain , next weekend
    Panera bread for sure ! Even McDonald’s is a thousand times better !!

  25. My family visited IHOP in Scottsdale AZ. Had really bad experience.
    We were asked to be seated , no cleaning on table, no one to take order . People who came later than us were taken order. We asked that we are ready to place order and need to check out soon.
    Yet after 10 min no one showed up. Finally we left the place out of frustration. No courtesy to inquire why we are leaving. Never going to visit IHOP again

  26. I took my mother and family to eat at IHOP in Kenner,LA. My server name was Chris to nice to be working at this restaraunt. The food,lord we asked for turkey sausage the cook fried pork sausage. Not only wss it the wring sausage. The meat was hot on te outside and ice cold on the inside. The server brought it to the attention of the mgr. Not once did the mgr come to my table. My server had them to fry turkey sausage. After they finally got my order halfway straight. I made an order to go. I ordered my husband banana pancakes to go. Another server tried to asissist my servver by bring te order to my table. My mom told te young lady no thats not our order. She walked around to 4 tables asking the people if tis was their order. Finally she asked someone else where is table 3. When the lady pointed to my table. I was extremly pissed. I asked for the mgr. The mgr came to the register, asked me. i told him everything about the sausage and my to go order. He blamed everything on the server not the cook. I stopped patronizing the Kenner restaraunt because they are never consistant. You can never get good food or service. IHOP spend millions of dollars on advertisement to have this type of stuff going on at this place. I stopped going here years ago. I live closer to tis one than the Metairie establishment. People work hard for their money. I SHOULD NOT BE PISSED OF TO SPEND MY MONEY!!! I don’t know if the owners care about what the public feel about this place. People are talking and when word of mouth get around people will not patronize this place. I spent $31.69. I AM NOT HAPPY!! I could have given my money to Dennys and been very, very satified. Times are hard and people want to spend money and enjoy their food. The mgr Hashim was not at all concerned about the un-cooked meat. He wanted to blame the server. Even after he said the server was new. So now your mgr tells me, he has a in-experianced server. I thought my server Chris was the best server I evet had at that location. IHOP HAS A SERIOS PROBLEM AT THIS LOCATION? I donated money and got jacked ip food. I really hope you guys listen to customers. I was at the Kennet location on 10/26/13 from 10:00 pm until 11:07 pm.

  27. Today was the worse food & service at the i hop #1552 in alb. nm.
    First there was only three of the cokes working or out, then it took 15 to take the order then 25 min to get the order which the food was over or under cooked. Then to top it all off they didnt have everything to cook it the way it should be served. Then to add more salt to the wound they over charged me which the manager was as rude ever and I had to write it and show her the difference. It was a total waste of my money and time and I posted the experience on my facebook page. The place wasnt busy now I know why. I should get refunded for the worse drinks and food we had and our time.

  28. Horrible wait time, over 1 hour and 40 minutes at IHOP on South Western in Amarillo, TX. Evening shift manager sat behind reception the entire time, did not log new, undertrained wait person so food was not in computer, no drinks. Two other couples were there longer than we were.

  29. My Fiance and I stopped by to eat at our local ihop in Fredericksburg Va. It was very late about 3am we had just got back from visiting family in another state and we were looking for a good warm meal. BUT I WILL NEVER RETURN TO IHOP AGAIN! The Employee’s were ALL so Disrespectful Loud towards each other unprofessional TOO MUCH WAS GOING ON! So we ask to be moved away from the entrance area and sat near the kitchen. HOWEVER that was no good either. Some male employees were play fighting, our waitress was so unproper, a male employee was walking around with rolled up toilet paper in his nose because it was bleeding and was walking in and out of the kitchen like it was nothing. He later came 2tables away from us to pick up dishes and clean the table when he suddenly started a dry nasty cough all over the table and dishes. At this point i couldnt even enjoy my drink or food. Once we got the check it took 15minutes for her to come pick up the cash. At this point we were really iritated and ready to go but even leaving was a struggle there. MADE IHOP LOOK TERRRRRRIBLE.

  30. I am REALLY disappointed that IHOP isn’t offering the seasonal gingerbread hot chocolate this year. Last year after I had it for the first time, I actually made a special visit to IHOP to get it again. And I had 2 cups (no free refills). This year you have something different. I’m sure it’s just fine but I really miss the gingerbread hot chocolate.

  31. Recently stopped at an ihop on 31st and s memorial street in tulsa ok. Right after we were seated, two employees started to argue. One of the employees was trying to be professional but the second employee was saying rude remarks and being very unprofessional to the other employee. This was done right in front of the customers.

  32. Ok so seated in 5 min…greeted…15 min…order received…25 min later as others around us arrived after us greeted and received their order before us….never again…also got excusses – they let staff go.really on a sunday, at lunch…not a ( im sorry)

  33. I visited the IHOP in Prattville, Alabama around 12:30 am. They were out of all food except breakfast food. This is unacceptable for a chain restaurant. I need someone from IHop to contact me.

  34. Location in Irving, Texas. Me and my family were dining there on a Saturday evening. We were just seated at a booth. Not even 5 mins after being seated, a Waitress came by our table and said to my husband,”I hope you do not think you are the father, THAT baby looks nothing like you”. HELLO…. Me and my husbands mouth dropped! We were so shocked, how she just shouted that out so loud. You just had to be there. The other waitress heard her, and seemed a bit embarrassed. Now, I am AA and my husband is Bosnian, and the waitress was Caucasion, so you do the math…. I will be contacting cooperate in this matter. So sad how our world is.

  35. I was just at your new location on old country rd in west bury New York and I had a horrible experience. I put my name on the waiting list and clearly stated six adults and one child with a stroller. I was not told at that time that a stroller could not be accommodated. I waited the 30 minutes with my guests. Once my name was called, my guest and I went to the counter to be seated. I was then told that my child’s stroller was a fire hazard and we needed to remove her and put her in a high chair. My daughter is not old enough for a high chair, which is what I told the manager Willis. He then stated to my guests and I that restaurants are not made for strollers. This, I feel, is completely ridiculous, considering two weekends ago I attended the same location and was seated, with my stroller, in the back corner. I told the manager Willis this as well and he just continued to stare at my guest and I and state that strollers have no place in a restaurant. Several other guests that were waiting to be seated, at this point, began to state to Willis and the other employees that there should be a sign to state this policy and how unfair it was for us to wait this long to not be seated. My guest and I left extremely embarrassed and with a vary bad taste in our mouths. My guests stated that they will never again go to an IHOP, especially this location. I love IHOP and have never had any issues with your locations but as of this point I am extremely disappointed with our treatment and refuse to every come back to one of your locations. I felt ostracized and neglected just because I have a child. This is something I have never felt before and my husband and I are frequent restaurant visitors and we have never had an experience like this before. I needed to let you know because I am extremely disappointed with your locations policies and attitudes toward adults with children.

  36. I am sitting here in the Midvale, Utah on 1300 east. I have been sittong here for about 30 minutes watching the employees on and off the clock along side the who I would assume be the manager. As they all huddle behind the partition I see 4 dirty tables with dishes, food all over the floor and customers calling out to get service. The manager standing at the service counter with her foot up on the bottom shelf and just tolerates this poor service. Unfortunately management like this makes big companys like IHOP a poor customer service record. Unfortunately after this visit O wpnt be back to this location even of its 5 mins away from my house.

  37. We have enjoyed many good meals at IHop. Several years ago, the local IHop changed managers several times, till we had to quit going there. It was no longer clean. Another manager, it took 45 minutes from the time we were waited on till we were served the food. The poor little waitress was so embarrassed she kept coming back to assure us it was being prepared. (However, the manager apologized and only charged 1/2 price.) Next, another manager, and we tried again. The scrambled eggs were burnt and the bacon nearly raw. It was no wonder the parking lot was usually empty. After waiting another couple of years, we noticed there were cars in the lot so we went back. The food was good.
    Now, yesterday, a small stupid thing happened. We had received a $25 gift certificate for IHop for Christmas, so we decided to use it. The service was great, the waitress helpful and friendly, the food was good and we were satisfied. It was only $20 for two so we listed a 15% tip of $3 on the bill to equal $23. The waitress took the billing with the $25 gift card and never came back. We waited a few minutes and then asked another waiter where she was. He found her and she came out from the kitchen asking “what’s wrong”. My husband asked where the card was. She said very loudly “Is there a problem?”. I mentioned the change and she responded that it was only a couple of dollars!. We were shocked–granted that the $2.00 was not a life-threatening crisis, but what if it had been a $50 gift card?? My husband was properly embarrassed and said that it was okay and we left. I was angry about the attitude (not the money). I asked my husband, and he agreed that he did not want to go back there ever again. Sorry, but if it is policy not to return cash or credit on a gift card, she should have told us. We have used many gift cards and if our bill was under the amount, they have always used the gift card and then adjusted the balance amount on the gift card to be worth the amount of the change so we could use it. Either your employees need to be instructed on gift card procedures, or they (or management) is practicing cheating the public.

  38. A group of musicians (guitar, drums, harmonica) came into your South Oklahoma City (I-240 & Santa Fe) restaurant to practice this evening! I came here to eat, study, & have coffee, as I often do, & was not expecting the distraction or the noise. I was not offended by the content or music, and none of the musicians were out of line, but I don’t believe I-Hop is the appropriate venue for band practice. Your thoughts?

  39. Me and my girlfriend were out on a late night date and decided to stop by the Ihop after leaving the river rink. We waited to be seated for several mins, even making eye contact with the hostess a few times only to have her roll her eyes at us. Then another couple came entered and we were immediately seated. Within a few mins the couple (sitting behind us) orders were taken and 15 mins later their food was brought out. Our menus were down 30 secs after being seated so we were looking ready. We sat for another 10 mins even noticing a family standing at the door not being seated at all. Oh did I mention the staff was (black) the couple behind us that was served was (black) My and my girl friend are (white) and the family at the door was (white). It’s pretty damn obvious the staff here is definitely (Racist). I work in customer service and if I ever treated someone, anyone like that, I would be fired on the spot. If you hate people, and your job, than they should be removed from that position to make room for people that want to work. I will never go there again. I think in a good way it’s better that we didn’t get served, I don’t like spit, dirt, and hair in my food. It just makes me sad that everyone fights for equality, and to be treated right without discrimination, only to have people like this to keep that frame of mind going. It’s scary to know people like this are able to work in the customer service field. Back round checks, and a better evaluation should be a must if you want a business to survive.

  40. Hello,
    I’d like to give praise, applause and a hats off to the 2 waitresses, bus guy, cooks and manager of the Sandy Springs, Ga. IHOP. My friend, Margaret Yates and I were literally stranded in the horrible freak of Mother Nature snow/ice storm dropped in the metro Atlanta, Ga. area on Tues. Jan. 28th. After sitting in traffic some 5 1/2 hrs. we finally were given the chance to turn off that major traffic snarl and ended up at the IHOP in Sandy Springs, Ga.. Thank goodness they are open 24 hrs. We were ushered to a small off to the side eating area. We had a nice dinner and were told we could and should spend the night there due to the tragic weather/road conditions which were continually getting worse as hrs. went by. We and I believe 12 others spent the night in that room. Watched the sun come up the next morning. We all ordered 3 meals and paid for them while there. When leaving the next day, we thanked everyone we saw who helped wait on us while there. The staff were all in to their 3rd shift as the other staff members could not get to work due to the road conditions. They never skipped a beat, always had a smile and literally treated us like family. I cannot say enough good things about them. We complimented the manager and told her she had a wonderful crew. Altho it was a nightmare for us traveling or trying to. IHOP turned the experience into a wonderful time while there.

  41. I went into the IHOP at 2508 n central ave in phoenix as on Fri Jan 31 2014
    for the all you can eat fish and waitress put in order.After 25 minutes found out
    that cooks never put in order.Restaurant had about 12 people in it second time
    this happened too me talked too mgr didn’t want too make this right with me.If IHOP
    will not do something about this my lawyer tells me too sue.I just want the right thing
    too happen.Don’t answer three days I will provide,feel this is predegess what do you think?

  42. Where is my free meal? On January 24 I become member and Im waiting,waiting and waiting. I recieved a notification email but they forgot the free meal promotion.

  43. IHOP in Reisterstown MD definitely could hope for better times. 5 minutes to get noticed and another 10 minutes to get sited. Refused to provide manager contact information, had their usual excuse–too busy with being understaffed, under-equipped and under-qualified. Same excuse every time. Service quality just keeps deteriorating.

  44. I called in an order to the IHOP on 802 S. Dale Mabry during my lunch break. They put me on hold and I ended up calling back three times until the young lady officially took my order. She was going to place me on hold again until I mentioned info about the corporate office. She stated that IHOP didnt have a corporate number for customers to contact head quarters. When I arrived my order wasn’t ready at the estimated time given to me. My food was of poor quality so I had to wait longer for my order to be remade. They did refund my order but I just felt the experience along was the worst ever. I will NOT be returning back to this location due to the lack of service and professionalism. I had no choice but to google the customer service website and what do you know, a number for head quarters. I definately wanted to make Christina Walker who is the general manager aware of the reputation they are setting for her store.

  45. The service was bad we waited for ten minutes to place our order and when our meal was brought out to the table the main entree the soup cold and the waitress didnt even come and asked how we were doing or if we needed anything else to drink you have lost lonf time customers

  46. DID love IHOP till now,on Feb8 2014 weekend, look at bill in the car to see why it was so high, the coffee was $4.58 for a cup and a 1/2 maybe my husband drank a cup I did about 1/2 cup, know need to pay for a full cup, BUT $4.58, come on now, well you can have it !!! I bet other don’t know this,if they don’t read there Bill,well I will tell people, sad, takeing people.

  47. End of Senior BOGO/Carrollton, GA

    My husband and I are collecting Social Security & watch every penny, so once a week we would go to IHOP for a great, inexpensive meal. Sadly you have ended that for us. We figured it would be a good birthday dinner & was surprised @ how empty the parking lot was until we read the sign on the door notifying us of Senior BOGO end. First, we had been there the prior week & no one mentioned it would soon be over. Not only is this the wrong way to treat seniors, but I’m sure corporate will notice the drop in revenue and the servers will see smaller tips. Even if you make it one or two days a week would be appreciated or Steak ‘N Shake serves breakfast all day w/ a 10% Senior discount on Mon. & Tues. Remember one day you too will be a senior citizen, God willing.
    P.S. Had problem submitting this on the Contact Us on the IHOP website.

  48. I visited IHOP in Hapeville Ga with some friends & was totally turned off by the company. It was 1am on a Friday morning with 4 tables dinning & enough workers some where jus hanging out. So I couldn’t understand why the bathroom was ridiculous with trash everywhere. The salt &pepper shakers were so sticky &disgusting I had to wipe it down with hand sanitizer. If that wasn’t bad enough the three of us all found floaties in our very used glasses. One glass was so old it had a permanent stain around the rim. Not worth my $43 late night snack. Kimberley the waitress wasn’t appetizing either. People who serve your food should have a clean appearance period.. -1 star HAPEVILLE

  49. 2178 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096
    (770) 623-9626

    I had a late dinner at this location on Friday night around 9:50pm. I must say my experience at IHOP is usually good but this one was horrible. My waitress first of all seated myself and spouse we requested coffe. She brought us cold coffee and my glass had someone’s lipstick stain on the side of mug. She was so focus on filling up her station she kept on forgetting little request light extra sugar, or souffle cup for syrup. Then she handed us a ticket we gave her the money to pay , she came back and said we were given the wrong ticket . This experience has made me think twice before spending my money at another IHOP rstaurant.

  50. I was a customer at your 135th street location in New York yesterday. Not only was there mouse feces on the toilet seat in the ladies room but I have been sick as a dog since yesterday evening and unable to keep any food down. I will not be visiting this location ever again. It needs to be shut down until it has a health inspection cleared.

  51. I went to lo loganville I hop 03-03-2014 took my daughter daughter in law my four year old granddaughter and two year old granddaughter and to start it off it took a few minutes to get drinks and we started to order two year old kept telling waitress what she wanted she told her to be quite so she could her everybody order then waited thirty minutes at least then she comes to table I asked her to at least bring the kids food they were getting restless she said I was going to ask you that and about ten minutes later she brings kids food no refills no water another ten minutes go buy she starts to bring food then gives me plan French toast I tell her that is not what I ordered she tells me yes it is so I ask for the cream my food is cold she does not bring cream she brings me food I ask for water the manager sees me ask me is everything ok I say yes he sees that is not we finally get our food cold pot of coffee and they forget my daughter in-laws food by this time my granddaughters are bouncing of wall ask for my bill they apologize the whole time they took $13.00 off my bill I go pay lady ask me if everything’s ok I tell her no she says oh your the ones manager comes over again I tell him my t as ble is full of food I was not eating it he said do not hold it against us I said we will not be back we e ill drive a hour away instead of there as I pay a $30.00 dollars for food I would not eat and my daughter in law did not get great job

  52. I have never been so upset about customer service provided to me. I have always wondered why the Idaho Falls Location was empty so often! The manager not only was rude and out of line for his actions! but did not even ask us to see what had happened during our visit! He told us we needed to leave, all over there being black slime and grease on our eggs! The waitress decided that it would not be harmful and did not want to get us new eggs I seriously could not believe with as many times as we go there and as much money we spend there we were treated so poorly!We came there because they sing for your birthday ! it is my sons 12th birthday I was trying to make it fun and instead we were embarrassed in front of a whole restaurant full of people! due to a lady another patron thinking I was being rude because I refused to eat black slimy eggs! and refused to let my children eat them! I could not believe how we were treated! just 2 weeks ago we came into IHOP with a party of 12 and spent close to 200 dollars ! we left a very nice tip for the waitress and had no complaint! and we do this frequently! We will never visit an Ihop again! when I tried explaining to the manager what had happened he threatened to call the police if we did not leave. I asked for my check he threw his hands up and said it was on the house my poor son and daughter way to ruin his birthday I was the one verbally abused there I was called all types of profanities and I was threatened by the other patron just due to some black slime on my eggs that I asked to have corrected !

  53. We ate at IHOP in Mesuite Tx on 101 Grand Junction blvd. We were greeted immediately, 1-2 minutes. Our server introduced herself and her co-worker who was working the tables next to us. Her name was misty. We got our drinks in less than 5 minutes along with a suggestion of strawberry lemonade, which qas great! Our meals were hot and prompt service was astounding and ww never hurt for anything. We did not have to ask for refills or to go boxes. Our empty plates were removed. We left a $10 cash tip, and i did notice that some other tips left on tables near us were like $1, or $2. Which is not appropriate considering there were only 2 of us while those other minute tips were from parties of 3,4 or possibly 5 patrons. We were ask how everything was by the manager and we were treated politely by everyone whom worked there that we encountered. We will definitely return!

  54. I worked at IHOP a couple of months ago. I had surgery years ago and due to my surgery ,my stomach makes me look pregnant .One day i was coming to pick up my check when one of the employees said are you pregnant. and I said No..The manager told me if you’re pregnant Don’t come back…you’re not going to be welcome back…Reading the handbook it says Ihop doesn’t discriminate against pregnancy ..Obviously they do…I need to talk to someone about this particular manager.

  55. I would like to write a review for the Ihop in denham springs la on the
    Home depot ave. Store number 3159 tonight I brought my wife and three kids to eat at ihop the waitress did good at first with the drinks then I took our orders thats when it went down hill I ordered the appetizers an we waited for ever then my appetizers came out the same time as my food did 2. We were barely starting to eat when she came back to the table an wanted to kno if we were ready for the bill she insisted on putting it on the table not even 10 mins later she came an started trying to clear off the table she picked up one plate an wanted to know what other dishes she x ould take I told her nicely its ok plz leave them where they are we r using all of them 3.. she left with the plate an in 2 or 3 mins she came back an wanted to know how many to go plates were we gonna want I started turning red an told her3 we were still all trying to eat nobody was finished she showed up to the table put the to go box down an started loading my to go box for me she grabbed the plate with the apappetizers on it an dumped it into
    The to go plate I told her stop we were still eating she said oh I was jus trying to help ……..
    This is so dumb we went there to enjoy the food an instead our food was late an the waitress stalked and harassed us then rushed us out
    It was a horrible experience we had to come home an finish our food if u want ihop dont go there

  56. Horrible service.! Went to the the columbus ga. Location and it took from 10:45pm time we got there to 1:00 am to leave. The waiter poured a whole drink out between my table and on me and ruined my cell phone then they tried to make me pay for my full meal. Had to ask to speak to manager atleast 3 times and finally when I did she said it would be on her but as for my cell phone have my insurance replace it.! After the waiter knew he messed up my phone when he spilt the drink.! Never will return there again.!!!

  57. On April 11th 2014 me and my family dined at I hops in Pittsburgh pa. The waitress trista w was awesome. But the food was horrible!! My daughter fish was still cold in the middle. My sister apple crepes tasted like bacon fat. My other daughter onion on burger was dried looking. The mgr did replace my daughter fish. But by then she was grossed out. My sourdough sand witch was bland. I’m never one to complain. But this experience had to be addressed! The mgr didnt charge us for the raw fish dinner. I’m so disappointed I. This restaurant.

  58. I was at the Massillon Ohio restaurant. I asked for my favorite waiter who is Randy and he was on break and had like 8 minutes to go left and we waited. He came off his break early to wait on us as usual. I like his service he provides and gives the utmost friendliness. I even recommend him to several of my friends.

  59. My son went to IHOP on Busch boulevard after prom 4/12/14, because the parking lot was full at IHOP, “people were still be allowed in and seated”, even though it appeared to be “at capacity”, he parked at the KFC next door , where his car was promptly towed. KFC doesn’t want the customers of IHOP parking in their lot and yet IHOP was not turning anyone away. No one from IHOP allerted anyone to the fact that KFC and IHOP do not have a professional working relationship with each other and cars would be towed. I do blame IHOP for being over capacity and still allowing people to enter the restaurant even though their was no parking available.

  60. Went to IHOP in Kyle Texas this evening 4/18/14. I have the worst experience ever. I had visited this restaurant several times before and had wonderful experiences. The staff was not friendly tonight. We ordered and waited 45 min for our meal and then was told the order was never put in. There was a host of other problems with the staff. All in all worst experience I have ever had at an IHOP. Very disappointed with the Kyle staff.



  62. April 23,2014

    As I way eating my food..I pulled a hair outta my mouth w/egg on it…threw up, still nausea from it…This was at the Lancaster, Tx the manager took my meal off ticket but so nasty..not eating at IHOP again…

  63. I stopped at the new IHOP in Tyler and ordered a meal. They served the meal on a saucer because they were out of dinner plates. Also they were out of bacon which came with my meal and said that it would be brought out later. After 10 minutes I went and got the manger. He went after the bacon and brought me a large plate. I do not feel like taking that type of service with no feeling of caring from your staff.. My wife and myself left. The people appear to be completely unconcerned about the customer

  64. I really do not know how the Cox Road location in West Chester, Ohio is still open. This has got to be the slowest and worst place for decent servers ever. It seems like every time I go its something, kind of wonder why I keep trying. Maybe, cause I hope it might get better. There has probably been one time that I left and thought that my server was just amazing. I wish I got his name so the guy got some recognition. So like I said not sure why I keep trying considering I have plenty of options real close. I walked in this morning and the place was not busy at all so you would think the two people at the hostest stand would drop the conversation and great the guest and make them feel welcome. Well they were discussing what tables were dirty so I let it go. It was me and my daughter and she only wanted the small pancakes with fruit, and powder sugar with no eggs or bacon. The server was trying to figure out how to ring it in and was discussing it with another server. I was hopeful that nice this lady is actually trying. The register was right next to the booth so I could hear everything. The girl told her there was no way and to see if we wanted anything like fruit or something, so I started talking to my daughter to see if she wanted it. Well the server decided to never come ask. Instead she desided to stand around at the register with the other servers and complain and talk about dirty tables. It became very aggravating sitting there trying to enjoy our morning with a bunch of servers just standing around doing nothing but complain. I been in the restaurant industry before and was there for over ten years and there is always something to do and clean and especially all the dirty tables they kept discussing. She brought our food and my kids pancakes had no powder sugar and there were 5 pancakes on a little side plate. That aggravated me me its ok to miss little things on an adult but with kids you try to be more careful and kids are messy so give a bigger plate. I asked for the sugar but left the plate situation alone we can manage just a bigger mess for her to clean up. It just felt like no one cared if we were there or not. She went back to standing at the register complaining. I looked down and there was a mushrooms on my pancakes witch normally would not be a big deal but considering she decided nto just stand around and not even check on us was the last staw. I got boxes took our food paid and left. The server got no tip. Being that I have been in the industry I dont like not leaving a tip but tips are errand not just expected. I have no problem tipping 15-25% to desent service because great I atleast try 30% but I was so disappointed that I truly believe that she didnt deserve anything. I used to hate the stereotypes of o young kids do not tip well not that was never the case its on how how hard you work. This lady was past her 50 so I expected way more from her but apparently not. The young kids were working and the older people were just standing there complaining. This is nothing major but why go somewhere where you are not appreciated, if they were busy maybe id be more understanding but I do not go to a restaurant to pay for food and watch servers stand around and complain, atleast take it to the kitchen so guests do not hear you.

  65. On 4/26/14, my husband & I had the worst dining experience at one of your restaurants. There was hardly anyone there, a black waitress came to our table and asked what we wanted to drink. I asked for coffee. She asked me if I wanted cream and I said yes. She brought the coffee (which was lukewarm), but no cream. Then a different girl (a white girl) came to take our order and I asked her if she could bring me cream. After a few minutes it appeared that she had forgotten and my husband asked her again Still no cream and she had an attitude. I finally got up ,walked to the back and asked another waitress (there were only 4 girls working the front) and said that I needed cream and had already asked four times. Our waitress finally brought it, but again with an attitude. We waited 45 minutes for our food. I ordered eggs/bacon, my husband pancakes. He got up to go to the bathroom and our order was sitting there. We were pretty sure she was letting it sit on purpose. Ten more minutes went by. We decided we had had enough. We got up to leave and just then she was bringing our food. It looked like it had been sitting for a long time. We told her we were leaving. We decided to go to Cracker Barrel and on the way I decided to call the Mgr (Jamie Lee). They said she was not there which might explain the poor service. I called Monday twice & again on Tuesday & Wednesday and was told she was not there. The person answering didn’t even ask to take message. The worst service & coffee ever.

  66. I was at 1394 Ihop I am there almost everyday. Today mother’s day was not good. Service as usual was great. Kim is great.. the food was substandard..when I talked to mgr. He said they were busy today and nothing could be done to correct the problem. My eggs were overcooked. And hash browns were burnt. Bacon was soaking grease.toast was good.

  67. We think the dinning experience was lacking they t need better management .the steaks both were not cooked correctly .We sent one back them the pancakes where cold the coffee was warm the other steak I took it home to the dog great Mother’s Day

  68. Just sending a word of outrage to you Regarding you IHOP in Grandview, MO of 71 Hwy. Apparently a young lady who seemed to be an employee there came in during her off time with several of her friend to eat.
    The woman that came over to serve them Definitely knew her. It was also apparent the she (the server) was having a bad day or something. During the visit this person who I took as a server proceeded to display either extreme disrespect, dislike, and/or her general unhappiness that the girl and her friends were there, or all three. The young lady tried desperately to ignore the onslaught of rudeness but it inevitably began upsetting her friends. So the young lady got up and walked over to the server to address things. Turns out, that server was the manager! And because the young lady tried to address the woman’s rudeness (quietly I might add) there was yelling and venom spewing from this manager. The young lady returned to her table obviously very upset and had the humiliating task to inform her friends that they were no longer welcomed in the restaurant and that SHE HAD BEEN SUSPENDED FOR TWO WEEKS!
    Now these young ladies did nothing but come in smiling and giggling to have a nice meal together. The girl was obviously OFF DUTY! I had just been seated just prior to their arrival and I don’t believe the manager had noticed me yet. I do not recall if there were other patrons or not, my head was reeling! I immediately left. One further note: I am Hispanic/native American, in this neighborhood patrons are primarily black. Your rude B**ch of a MANAGER was White and the girl and her friends were black.
    I’ve heard rumors that an IHOP had been recently shot-up twice. With a little research I’ve learned the this was the place. Is it any wonder why? I for one will never set foot in any of your restaurants again, until, PERHAPS, I learn that things have improved generally in all IHOP’s!!

  69. Disappointing visit to the IHOP located on George Dieter in El Paso, TX. If you go to this IHOP they treat kids as half person when it comes to seating. They stuffed our party of five into a booth meant for four. However, without asking, they bring adult sized drinks out for those same kids in order to increase your bill. Additionally, this IHOP charges gratuity on parities of five. Lastly, if you ask for water with lime, you get water with lemon. Basically this IHOP tells you what you want – to sit crammed into a booth, more OJ than you can drink, lemons over lime and to pay 15% tip.

  70. I eat at the IHOP in Montgomery TX (Lake Conroe) all the time. It is always a joy to be seated in Shelly’s or Tiffany’s section. They are wonderful waitresses. So personable and considerate. I’ve eaten here many times. Always a pleasurable experience. I watch thes ladies always treat all of their customers with the same level of kindness.

    Management in the other hand reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. I’ve been in your restaurant when it is so busy, these ladies can hardly keep up. All you hear from management is this voice from behind the wall. They never greet the customers. Never help when it’s fast and I think it is a darn shame. You have wonderful property right on the lake. The space must cost you a premium. If there was better direction, I think you would do a lot better.

  71. Dear Sir:
    I would like to commend both Travis, our server, and Lyn, the manager, for outstanding service on our visit to the Gainesville, Georgia IHOP April 17, 2014. I had broken my foot on the way to the doctor. We then had our usual lunch at your restaurant. They were extremely helpful with special diet information, service, and help to the restroom so I would not fall again.
    They made a trying day much better.

  72. I was disguised by the attitude if my server Courtney in the Hays kansas ihop. I also become sick when I saw the bug get picked out of the glass and in the icebins. I use drive a server at this establishment and I have picked out numerous bugs out of ice and drinks and hairs out of foods and can stay quite no longer. Our new management has done a horrible job and has gotten two bad inspections already. The back door is always open for things to crawl in and the cooks never wear gloves. The bus people don’t mop correctly and never out wet floor signs when they do. The restroom has had a gassy almost vomit smell for months and yet nothing has been done about it. This is a horrible place to eat.

  73. On Sunday June 1,2014 my husband and I had breakfast at I HOP #4776 around tinton falls NJ. We needed a place to eat where we new we would get a great breakfast because we were traveling back home to PA We wanted to tell you that we waited 40 minutes for our food. when we finally got it, was not good. We called the manager to our table prior to the food being slow. She said the kitchen was backed up. It came out shortly àfter. My husband had eggs bendict. They were so well done they were hard boiled. My platter of scrambled eggs were not hot. To top it off the pancakes were overcooked. Please look into this location. We love I HOP and eat in I. HOPS in PA all the time. The manager was a women and was not very nice. The waitress was very nice. I hope I never have to write a message like this again.

  74. I have been a good customer for years and all of a suddenly they dont have tabasco sauce. I will not eat there again. Took my own tabasco today. Bob evans across the street is pact but not a couple at the next table could not eat, food was cold and steak was sweet, I overheard this and the only thing they ate was there tabasco you wont see me again.4 times I went there and no tabasco.fix this or bob evans will get more of my money.

  75. I went to the ihop store in Lake Elsinore.We have a few Breakfast places here.We have been visiting Dennys for a long time but decided to stop on that part of town.My husband and i have no children we really enjoyed talking to the young folks there.They said they were very happy working there and its a great way to make money for school and incidentals.We are really enthused watching these kids work so hard with a smile.Every body was hustling.We met the hispanic Manager Duane he was very pleasant .He called himself the go to guy if we had any questions.He was cruising the tables helping out and joking around with the guests and supporting the kids work on the table cleaning.My husband and I will be back.

  76. Everytime I come to the IHOP in burlington, nc there is something wrong with the food. This time I came because I had a coupon for my birthday and I was a day late using it and have had stomach problems and not able to eat. The
    Manager was not understanding and wouldn’t use the coupon being only a day late. This seems ridiculous to me as I work in retail and always try to make my customers happy and she was rude about it. Had it not been for my daughter wanting pancakes I would not have stayed.

  77. Tonight we ordered a carry out order. My order was 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, white toast and a side order of fresh fruit. My eggs were good. That’s all I could eat. The bacon was undercooked, close to raw, hash browns were undercooked and greasy because raw bacon was placed on top of them in container, the toast was very light toasted with some type of margarine on them which made them “gummy” and weird tasting. The fresh fruit was just plain left off the order. The cost of the entire order was 19 dollars. All I was able to eat was the eggs. I am ill. I have been ill for some time and the ability to eat has been challenging. This sounded (and would have been) very good and made me feel a little better if it had been properly prepared. To call and complain would do nothing but the manager telling me to have someone drive back again and redo order. I didn’t feel I could ask someone to go back out again wasting more gas and their time. I would like to think upper management will take the opportunity to make the staff understand it doesn’t matter what your job is, you should always try to do your job well and CARE about the finished product. I worked in medicine and I HAD TO BE CORRECT EVERYTIME. If I made an error, someone could get sicker or even die. I don’t expect everyone having to be perfect, but it was obvious they didn’t care. If they had, It could have made me feel better and I could actually say I ate today. The job they do is important and you never know how you may effect others. I worked my way through school by working in fast food places. I always took pride in what I did. Everyone enjoys good food and just because it’s carryout doesn’t mean you can give it less attention because the customer isn’t in the dinningroom. I expected better from IHOP.

  78. I am the general manager for a restaurant. Specifically went to IHOP instead of Waffle House in North Little Rock Arkansas for the mozzarella sticks. Placed two orders with the waitress never received the appetizers. Asked the waitress to speak with the manager on duty. I asked the manager Amanda what happened she said she would find out. She never returned to the table. When the waitress brought our tab she told us they just took the motzzerella sticks off the tab. I then requested to speak with the manager again. She refused to speak with us. I then asked for a corporate number on wich the response was that I had to look it up online. This is unacceptable in the hospitality industry i would hope you can coach and develop this person. Otherwise you should think of employing staff that takes care of the guests and have integrity. Needless to say we will no longer take our business to IHOP.

  79. Military discount does not apply for Veterans at this location because today’s veterans haven’t done as much as current military. But I’m in my early 30’S, I will never eat there again. Fort Wayne Indiana Coldwater road. How can you openly discriminate between active duty and veterans?

  80. Ihop in Howell, NJ is the worst experience I have ever had as an employee. Never have I been so embarrassed to say I worked somewhere. Not only did guests have to wait over 45 mins for a table on Father’s Day they were then informed that the wait for some eggs and pancakes was going to be another 40 mins. No I’m not exaggerating. The kitchen is a disaster and obviously cannot handle volume. It’s a disgrace. They don’t care 1 bit because they don’t have to be out in the floor bringing half orders out of cold eggs. IF the other half comes at all im the other members already finished eating and are pissed. So the end result? Whole checked comped and no tip. WAY TO TRAIN IHOP!!!!

  81. i wrote a review recently and it is not here!! whats the matter ihop you’re not posting anymore horrible reviews?? all you folks that had an awful dining experience are just the tip of the iceberg! i am a former employee. ihop hired me for 7-3 pm shift. no break no food no nothing for 8 hours. when 3 pm comes they then tell you you arent leaving unil your replacemet comes. my replacement doesnt come till 5!!! i was forced to work 12 hour days with no break no food no nothing and i cant just walk out because i am carrying a server bank which includes all their money from the days business. i belive it is their intenion to push you so hard so that ou leave because it is not legal to fire you for no reason. they hired anyone who applied to oprn the howell nj location. guess they expected less people to hang i

  82. the food was not what i ordered and the fires were under cooked, the waitrss never cam back with my order when i reordered the fries. One of the male employees was standing at the register rubbing his back with the back of his hand under his shirt, then he started rubbing the fron of his body under is clothing in plan view while others were eating, after 10 mintues of this and getting tired of waiting for our order we went to check out after standing at the register waiting to pay my wife had to go to the table where the waitress was sitting talking to other employess to let her no we were leaving, I told her i wanted to pay for only half of the sandwich but she got the manager who wanted to give me a order of fries to take out for free. i am gald everyone there is happy with there jobs it would be a lot better if they were thinking about the coustomers being happy.

  83. Purchased a frozen IHOP at Home Omelet Crisper Bacon & Cheese.
    Had two pieces and they were tasteless, crust bad, omelet no taste at all. Had other breakfast items, this was just really bad.
    Just thought you would like to know.
    Thanks, for your time. Miriam

  84. I went to a IHOP in Nashville,Tn. We ordered Pick 2, Colorado Omlet, Siver 5, and the Fish and Chips. After about 30 minutes, they came out and said they didn’t have any fish
    All together it too approximately an hour and they were not even packed. The last couple of times we have been to the Franchise I have been displeased with the length of time it took for the kitchen to het the food out.

  85. I came to this establishment today for lunch because I wanted something different. Well that is exactly what I got!! I ordered a bowl of potato soup and a cobb salad, the soup was cold and the salad was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Lots of brown lettuce that was like eating grass!! A good salad is ROMAINE LETTUCE, not spring mix, and romaine is cheaper than spring mix. You really need to change the lettuce. THE WAITRESS TOOK MY SOUP BACK TWICE TO GET IT REHEATED AND IT WAS STILL JUST WARM. I paid for my soup and a soda and left a tip for the waitress my bill was $10.00 and the only thing that was good was my pepsi.I will never come here again for lunch it was terrible. I paid $10.00 for a pepsi and service.

  86. Ihop in amarillo, tx is horrible at both locations! It takes 20 minutes to put in a drink order and when your food comes out its cold. Management sucks and they don’t even care about customers unless it’s someone they know and when you have a complaint nobody does anything! !I received soggy hash browns and asked for different actual crisp ones and they came back and brought me a plate of burnt leftover pieces of hashbrowns. Is this how ihop wants to treat people? Will never go back!!! Cracker barrel treats their customers right and the place is always clean, I would rather go there! Lesson learned!

  87. As an employee of IHOP I am so sorry for all the complaints you guys are having. As a cook I myself do take pride in making sure your food is as delightful as the service youre entitled to no matter the experiance you had my heart goes out to you.I hope if you decide, your next visit brings a sense of satisfaction and new change of heart to your opinion about any location you’ve visited. We DO appreciate your business. I am not a representative just an employee over viewing the site. For the ones whom experienced less dissatisfying service I hope you will visit again ALL OF YOUR OPINIONS COUNT AND WHEN YOU WRITE IT DOWN THAT IHOPS OWNERS AND CORPORATE OFFICES RECIEVE THE NOTICE I KNOW THIS MYSELF BECAUSE EVEN AS COOKS WE CAN BE REPRIMANDED ON THESE COMPLAINTS HAVE A NICE DAY ALL:)

  88. My family and I visited the Stockbridge, ga. location this morning and I have to say it was by far the worst dining experience I’ve ever had- which I shocking because I’ve been to this IHOP before and never had a problem. When we walked into the establishment, no one was at the front to greet or sit us. We waited for a little while and I even suggested going to chick-fil-a instead, but my dad wanted to sit down and eat so we stayed (even though there was a foul mold/mildew smell in the lobby). When we were seated, it took awhile for the server to greet our table, so when she finally came we put our drink and food order in. Before the food came, my boyfriend went to the restroom and said it was very nasty and he stepped in urine. We were going to bring this to our server’s attention, but she didn’t return to our table until she brought the food- at which point she realized we still didn’t have drinks. She apologized and said she would be right back with our drinks so we waited…and waited. Another server came by and asked where our drinks were and I said she went to get them awhile ago. Our server returned during our conversation with the other server- and she had our drinks; however I ordered chocolate milk and was given white milk with a tiny amount of chocolate syrup in the bottom of the cup. Since we at least had drinks I finally took a bite of my sandwich and had to spit the bite out because the cheese on the sandwich tasted old. My dad only ate half of his meal because he said it wasn’t good either. I was so nauseated by the whole experience, I told my dad I was going to wait outside while he paid the check. I waited outside for 15 minutes, during which time I witnessed a family leaving who had been waiting in the lobby. They said they were going elsewhere since no one obviously cared to greet or sit them. When my dad finally came outside I asked him if he spoke to a manager or got any of our food comped, and he said the manager was busy at other tables with complaints and the manage was acting like nothing was wrong. He didn’t want to waste anymore time so unfortunately we left completely unsatisfied. Needless to say, my family will NEVER return to this location again!

  89. This was my last time to eat at an IHOP restaurant. I will not be back. Third time in last year to eat breakfast there. I had the 2 plus 2 on the 55 plus menu. Each time the food arrived cold. Eggs and pancakes that won’t melt butter are just not very good. I ate and did not complain. I believe in second chances, but three time in a row, that it for me. First was in Shreveport,LA, I-20 West. Last two were in Tyler,TX at new Loop 323 west location.

    Tried to eamil this to thme, but can’t get the email to work.

  90. I was in for breakfast at the ihop in Vero Beach on US Hwy 1 and the server that was serving the table next to me was having problems with the customers, now from my view and I was close the young woman’s table she was very nice even to me she smiled and was very polite. The people had the manager come over and what happened next was a shocker the young lady came back crying and I told her that I heard and seen it all and not to worry because they were very rude and the tables around were upset because they seen nothing wrong and now their server who was happy now was unhappy because she did her job.i enjoyed but that young woman should be rewarded for her trouble with rude and senseless people.

  91. Absolutely Terrible Service and FOOD!!!! we used to visit your restaurant probably twice weekly. Ever since about a 2 months ago. I asked Shauna to make sure my eggs where SCRAMBLED soft. So, when she came back with my order the eggs where like rubber! She stated the MGR that night was new ( a talk older white guy) and for me to give him a break! anywayz. here we go with Tonight! My eggs cam out right this time, however my pancakes were hard , so, I asked shauna to send them back, she did, after I had eaten my eggs, and bacon, My wife Teresa ate her waffle, and my son ate his hash browns . Shauna came to the table and gave us our check, Teresa mentioned to her about my pancakes ?!? She went and got some, HARD AGAIN!! And by the way HOT syrup is NICE !!! WHEN YOUR SERVER BRINGS AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR FOOD ARRIVES! NOT bring your food and about 7 minutes later brings the HOT SYRUP !!! woodstock , Ga / 12 am / 10/11/2014

  92. I hop in milledgeville Ga is awful customer service really sucks after 12:00am they treat you like crap the have no respect for people they act like they have to wait on people after 12:00 they act like they have meet there budget so they don’t give a crap something really needs to be done about this

  93. IHOP #3030, Kyle TX. Server 30039 Ernest A. Wife ordered a turkey sandwich with melted cheese. Got the wrong turkey sandwich, wrong cheese and it was not melted. Turkey was real cold, almost frozen. Had to wait at least 20 minetes for correct order to be served. I had to eat my entrée while my wife watched. They said it took a while to thaw out the turkey. Manager came out and did not apologize for the inconvienice. Simply said that they do not normally warm up the turkey. What a bumber.

  94. October 18, 2014 Saturday 1:54pm est. would like to know about IHop’s brochure for the public. Can this be emailed and gotten at an IHop location? Requesting for this service Suggestion to IHop for specifically, but not limited to, the Volusia County area of Florida. Requesting for visitors to this area. If need assistance in distrubution of your brochures would be available, just give me an email message with information on when this assistance would be needed. I will look for a reply from International House Of Pancakes. Thank You. And Happy Holidays!

  95. I went to IHOP and received cold food. I told my waitress and she said she would tell her manager…. she didn’t even take my food with her, then she NEVER came back. Finally I was able to flag down the manager and when I told him about it he said “I don’t know what you want me to do about it” and finally offered to get me a new plate. There was 2 or 3 other tables that had problems with their food also, which is sad considering that there was maybe 8 tables there total.

  96. I love going to ihop. But friday night oct.17th was the worst customer service i had ever received. We waited a hour just to find out our waiter hadnt put in our order then iur food tasted rushed n tasted like crap n we didnt get everything that came wuth our order. And all we got was free drinks. Im very upset!

  97. I was’t bottering anybody there! i just got sleep for some minutes leaning back on the sit while I was waiting for a friend and this “Manager” named Mrs. Beverly just came and said “I can’t let you Know sleep here!!! Can you imagine an old, slow and rude women acting like that?? she better needs to take care about her job and have a better actittude with customers.

  98. My husband and I visited ihop in Chalmette, LA.on Sunday 11/02/14. Far most the worst service we’ve experienced in dinning out. Our server argued with the hostess at the table next to us about who’s customer we should be. Received our food with no table set up asked for it and waited 10 minutes for that. Just terrible service all the way around. Will never visit ihop again…

  99. First off let me say that we go there every Sunday, almost the same time each Sunday. The place is always clean and being clean. The waitress service is nothing but OUTSTANDING. They give it their own personal touch almost like family. I cannot say enough about Jamarya other than she should be commended for her outstanding customer service she provides to each and everyone, no matter the circumstances. I have been there and seen rude and obnoxious people (customers) and she still maintains her smile and polite customer service (I would never be able to tolerate those people and often want to say something). She (Jamarya), Briana and Christyn do outstanding customer service. They truly are an asset to your business that makes wanting to come back time and time again. We look forward to Sundays and being at IHOP. Please pass on our comments to her (them) they truly are wonderful people and our people friendly. We (the family) often have dinner there too, everything is okay, but you can tell the difference in wait staff and Management completely. It appears that some care and some don’t, but overall somewhat good (probably could use the three of them as customer service trainers, always smiling, kind and courteous).

  100. Food is the first complaint. I asked for the whites to be cooked/done, the whites were slimy runny . I did not ask to have new one cooked, because the rest of my food would have cold, since we were sitting close to the front door, where cold air was coming in with new customers. The second complaint is that I was told that if I wanted picante, it would cost another $1.00. It is some kind of joke to have a discount 55+ menu then charge extra for condiments. We had lunch on 12/11/2014 at Cracker Barrel for the same price , with more food. We do not even have to pay for condiments at the Waffle house, who might I add has better coffee than IHOP. The coffee was tasteless and weak. Needless to say, we do not intend to return to any IHOP, ever! I tried to send this on the IHOP form to contact the company but the form’s button to submit failed to go, so I am posting this here for the company to read.

  101. Food is the first complaint. I asked for the whites to be cooked/done, the whites were slimy runny . I did not ask to have new one cooked, because the rest of my food would have cold, since we were sitting close to the front door, where cold air was coming in with new customers. The second complaint is that I was told that if I wanted picante, it would cost another $1.00. It is some kind of joke to have a discount 55+ menu then charge extra for condiments. We had lunch on 12/11/2014 at Cracker Barrel for the same price , with more food. We do not even have to pay for condiments at the Waffle house, who might I add has better coffee than IHOP. The coffee was tasteless and weak. Needless to say, we do not intend to return to any IHOP, ever! I tried to send this on the IHOP form to contact the company but the form’s button to submit failed to go, so I am posting this here for the company to read.

  102. Worst experience ive EVER had! Cook actuallu CUSSED NE OUT on the way out the door because i would not wait anymire. 2 hours!!! Only three tables! Insulting. I was a restaraunt industry worker for 15 years and this is a SHAME!

  103. Your online customer feedback does not work! From Barry the manager, to Edgar the cook, and down to Julienne the server; this IHOP missed every opportunity to provide any type of customer service. The evening started off great as it was a celebration following a local high school swim team’s first ever swim meet. Julienne was very sweet to our area however quickly dropped the ball with slow service, forgotten drinks, and items/meals ordered but never delivered. Not wanting to spoil an evening and letting the girls handle their evening, I refrained myself from speaking out until finding out 3 girls had also never received their meals even after telling the server, and long after the rest of us finished our meals. I not only then spoke to the server but also took it to the manager with our disappointment. Unfortunately, the meals did not quickly show so I decided to revisit the front and speak to the manager again. Meanwhile I had noticed a lot of coming and going of men in and out of the store to the kitchen. The cook was easily seen from the patron area on his phone – remember, we still were missing dinners, and I realized he was one of the ones in and out of the store. There was little explanation or apology from the manager, and it makes me wonder what really might be going on at night in your store! This was far from the normal weekend lunchtime great food/service that we usually experience at this location (Date of Visit: November 12, 2014 at 10P, McDonough GA Store #3048).

  104. Yesterday (2/4/15), I ordered a “ham and cheese omelet” around 2pm, I got a cheese omelet and this was to go. I did not realize until I got home and started eat, where is the ham? I could not take back because I was having hip service today @ 7:30am on 2/5/15, this omelet was for today; I ate half yesterday and half today. My procedure can be verified at Candler Hospital. Look up at this store name and refund my money plus reprimand workers because they ate my food. (Who ordered ham and cheese omelet round 2pm, takeout) Workers don’t think customers will complain when located in certain neighborhoods, “the devil is a liar!” GIVE ME MY MONEY!

  105. I seen the newest I hop in Pomona,so I decided to go try this place,well it was a week day noontime,,we had to put our names on the list,wait 10 minutes plus when I noticed the young lady was calling other names we where there before them,so I mentioned it to her and she replied I’m going down the list,not true second thing I was unhappy about was we got sat,she didn’t offer any drink her or our waitress until thought about it,and came back to offer,third of all no straws were given and a dirty fork,wrapped up in the napkin gross,I then walked out…never again these new gals need to be more advanced,especially in a place like this…

  106. I went to the IHOP in New Orleans East off Bullard. The place was not crowded tables over 2/3 open. Taking names for seating. One couple before us. He seated that person and ten minutes later took there order. It was half hour later before we were even seated. People came and left. Later told the computer system was down. That’s a poor excuse for any restaurant should have a backup of taking order manually until the system comes on again. Then was told they only had two cooks and three waiters. That too is a poor excuse for management during Mardi Gras and Valentine day extra help should be planned for even if they hirer students to help the waiters bust the tables and assist them with bringing out the food. I have a daughter who has been looking for work and I guarantee she could run this restaurant better than the manager last night. The waiter was fine. The kid busting the table please ask him to pull up his pants who wants to look at someone underwear while eating.

  107. I complaint and I call the company but get What They don’t care at all about you and me as a costumer please please people don’t expend you money there ,if you whant better food. In jail they will serve you 1000 better so you can image the tips of food and service you recib from this “Restaurant”?? Please don’t waist you money,you time and heath

  108. I should have know better, but I’m new to Penrose and I am on a special diet but am allowed a treat every two weeks or so. My treat is pancakes. They served me cold pancakes that had seemingly been sitting along time. Bad experience but at least I’ll never got there again and I’m just done with IHOP – caliber of employees and poor food is enough for me to stay away! IHOP Store #3514,Trans key: FIF003472299001, Feb27’15 12:21PM, Table 11/1

  109. To whom It May Concern:

    My husband Victor & I went to I Hop for your dinner .
    We ordered Tilapia.I asked for Tartar Sauce and the waitress
    went to look for the tartar sauce and was told you do not carry it any more.
    Y ou might as well take fish off your menu as well.
    I will not be coming back to I Hop. I can go to other restaurants and get tilapia with tartar sauce.
    Michelle Levin

  110. Is the Del Rio Texas IHOP RESTurant a part of the IHOP CORPORTION?
    The food is served cold.
    The kitchen is at least an hour slow in cooking the food
    Food sloppily served
    The a titis of all staff is heavier than the syrup .
    There is no organization for servers. There is one pErson directing all operations and even she is disorganized.
    I travel plenty and have eaten at I hop but, this place absoluy SUCKS. My grand kids start asking to leave after an hour of waging with no concern for the customer. I arrived here at 11:35 am it is now 12:42pm. And I have yet to get my food.

  111. My family and I went to one of your establishments on Friday evening. When we walked in, 3 children in tow with my 68 year old mother, the cook was blaring explicit music while cooking and doing his job. I found it to be very disrespectful, out of order and distasteful. I happen to frequent this location a lot and always have a fabulous experience with great food and service. However, this night, March 13, 2015 was totally unacceptable. Not only was the cook unsure of his position in an establishment, the service was very slow by the servers and it wasn’t remotely busy. Please FIX this situation because it will definitely change the outcome of patrons

  112. I when to ihop in corona ca the server name was areli she had an additud she had all her hair inher face her begs so long allway to her nose she deliver food and toching her hair all over after no save policy was following

  113. Store 1516 in Phoenix, as cactus rd. Sunday April 26 this place is extremely packed and manager will not even show her face on the floor and instead stays out back smoking she should have been up bussing tables or whatever it takes this is been going on for quite some time. Corp does not care, I have made complaint regarding her treatment of employees before.

  114. I live in grand rapids, mi. I am at IHOP right now with my man and our two kids. I’m seeking a healthy way of life by ordering a baked/grilled chicken breast, with broccoli on the side. I was later told that i “have to purchase either the FRIED chicken or FRIED chicken tenders.” This is crazy, don’t tell me what i have to eat! Are you making medical recommendations too? Contact me someone

  115. My family and I visited IHOP in Niagra falls,Canada.The worse dining experience ever.My husband,I and our 2 daughters were seated and ordered.Our 2 sons came 20 minutes after us and were seated at the next booth.They ordered,got their food and left and we were still waiting for our food.We inqured twice and were told it was coming.Our food was horrible.The pancakes were burnt and dry,the eggs were burnt and the brocolli was limp and stringy.We told our waiter and all he said was I’m sorry.We asked for a manager.He took 1 meal off.Big whoop.There were 6 of us total,3 of us ate and it cost $90.00 for 3 breakfasts.Needless to say IHOP is off of our places to eat.Horrible food,lousy service and management that didn’t care.

  116. My wife and I regularly eat at your Boise, Id. store and enjoy the food and service. This evening we went to your #3034 store in Nampa, Idaho and ordered meals, not breakfasts. I was given a pot of coffee that was so weak it tasted like water in a used coffee cup. I exchanged it for a glass of tea. I would have preferred coffee, but that apparently wasn’t an option.

    When the meals were served, I pointed out to the waitress that the mashed potatoes on the chicken dinner plate were not only cold, there was nothing on them such as gravy or butter. Something I have never encountered in any public establishment in my life. She said she’d tell the kitchen about it but made no effort or offer to remedy the situation. Otherwise, she and the two other employees we interacted with were great. Noel may be a new waitress and I tipped her more than 10% of the tab total. I didn’t eat the mashed potatoes. They reminded me of the paste we used to eat in kindergarten. Not real appetizing, so I took the majority of the other food home for a later meal.

    This is probably the 3rd or 4th time in my seven decades of life that I’ve taken the time to write about this kind of thing. We will continue to visit the Boise store, but Nampa is no longer an option when we’re out for a meal.

    Jerry Crosley
    Star, Idaho

  117. I visited the ihop in Spanish fort the server Debreka was great but the management there sucks the manager looked at me and finished his conversation on the phone didn’t say hey or anything didn’t go to any other tables nor mine the waitress had to go outside many times looking for the manager from the looks of it you guys need more experience managers with customer service skills he looks like he just want a check he didn’t help that poor girl not one time

  118. I have been going to IHop longer than I can remember. I have never had a bad experience. The people, I’ve never met a bad one. The I have for Ihop is GOOD.

  119. My family and I had a nightmare of experience at the Laredo facility you have. We have to wait over an hour for our 4 dish breakfast, never received refills for our waters and coffee. The waitress was absent all the time and couldn’t give us a reason why it was taking so long. The restaurant was half way empty. Her only answer was that she was new. We requested thee manager who made us wait over 10 minutes before she decided to come to our table.

    Her attitude was challenging to say the least and her response to out critic was “there is nothing I can do.” I have visited many IHOPs all over the USA and have never received such an indifferent treatment and catastrophic response.

    This ordeal happened today at 1 PM.

  120. We recently traveled to Texas & tried to eat at an IHOP east of Mt Vernon off highway 30 & couldn’t even park our dualy Diesel truck in the parking lot so we left! I thought everything was bigger in Texas???

  121. On June 28th I took 18 family members to lunch at IHOP in Martinez, CA. We were placed in the large room in back, which is what we wanted, so that we could all sit together. I have to tell you that the service we got was exceptional! The waitress, Ericka, was fabulous and the food was wonderful. We could not have had a nicer time and I look forward to going back again.
    Thank you for such a wonderful restaurant and such great servers.
    Irene Swank and family


  123. Went to the IHOP in Garland, Tx off of 30 and Beltline, and we had a big party, about 15-20 people. We were sat at separate tables because they said it would be better to accommodate us this way. The lady named Carrie who came up to us turned from nice to very rude when she learned we were on someone else’s check, because it was “the kids” sitting at the table I was at. She went up to the manager and said very loudly, “I’m not serving them. They are all on different checks.” Basically it was that she thought she wouldn’t get a tip. I don’t understand why she had to be extremely rude to us, and say it loud enough for us to hear. How did she know we wouldn’t leave her a tip? But okay.
    Thankfully since she refused to serve us, we got a different server named Lashonda who was just the nicest person ever. I have had her before and was happy she was serving us. This was also my aunt and uncle’s first time visiting IHOP and they were disappointed at how we were treated by the first server. Thankfully Lashonda made the experience better for them! Guess who missed out on a great tip?

  124. Awaken at 3am had a taste for pancakes at ihop at 5170 memorial drive, stone mountain, Ga. arrive go in already uneasy because no one speaks. as I noticed about 6 young gentleman already waiting to be seated, I stand by waiting to be seated stand as the waitress rings up a customer and then swiftly just walks way to an empty table. she looks at me, still doesn’t say anything, so I wait 3 more minutes, I walk up to her and ask do I seat myself… she says that she had to seat the others first so that 10mins wasted . Mgr approaches and ask am I dining in, I think “finally I get some service” she sits me down 5 mins later ask for my order I give my order and I ask for coffee, after 5 more mins I noticed she never put in my order and I haven’t received my coffee at least, but as a gentleman is leaving , she is eager to run outside and chat with him , but after watching them chat for 2 mins, I politely grabbed my things and walked out, she was so into her conversation outside that she didn’t even acknowledge my leaving the restaurant. Still no service and not even a coffee????

  125. Dear IHOP:

    This am I told you about a very poor meal at the Aiken IHOP recently. Someone telephone a while ago. I was not home, and my wife answered the call. She cannot recall what the person calling said.
    Additionally, the meal made my wife sick. Someone needs to do more than a phone call.
    Harold Blevins.

  126. can believe what i discovered that there is a sex offender working as a manager at a tucson location near tmc. will not be taking my family back there anytime soon.

  127. I Paulette Jordan went in to store#3352 in Picayune Ms and my waitress Dawn M server#1232 was my waitress we orderd our food food came they sat another couple a booth from us and Dawn and the couple start talking then they start talking about this girl and how she looks and start saying she looks like A Monkey with a big butt then the couple which girl she say the black girl that works at another place my thing is you shouldn’t talk like that about people I heard her and so did my husband the walks back over like she wasn’t just talking about a black girl she didn’t refill our drinks or anything cause she was talking about the black girl that looks like a monkey I was very offended I didn’t leave a tip paid and left I won’t be returning to IHOP in picayune again.

  128. Having worked in the restaurant industry, I hate to complain and I understand that things happen. I went to my local IHOP in Beaufort SC the other night with a friend. We had a new waitress still in training so we knew to be patient, we ordered onion rings to share and our meals. The onion rings were tasteless and overcooked but whatever, we knew the meals would be good. I ordered 2 fried eggs w/corned beef hash and hash browns – evidently that’s a special order so it took 3 IHOP employees a few moments to input it. When it finally arrived, it was scrambled eggs, 2 hash browns and no corned beef hash! When I said something, she took my plate; when she returned, she clearly had scraped one hash brown off and gave the rest back to me cold.10-15 minutes later, a plate of corned beef hash arrived. By that time, of course, my friend was finished with her meal. I was going to complain as we were leaving but several employees, including the managers involved in entering my “special” order, were standing off to the side in deep discussion. It was fairly busy so I just left without saying anything. I usually enjoy IHOP but in this case, the service and the food were sub-par.

  129. I went to the ihop in Northboro MA today for a late breakfast. I have never been so disappointed in the service.. We had to wait 8 to 10 minutes for a server to come to even take a drink order. Then when our food finally came another woman brought it , showed me the plates and said ” which one is yours” which I found rude . Then our server never came back and after another ten minutes I had to go to the front stand to ask for ketchup and maple syrup.. I don’t understand how that is even ok. Then the server just dropped our check off like she couldn’t even be bothered. I felt like my table was an inconvenience to her because she had a table of about 15 people she was serving also.. She may have cost that location a regular customer…. I was beaide myself upset and just wanted it to be known..
    Thank you

  130. My daughter and I got a good case of food poisoning at your Navy Blvd location here in Pensacola, Fl today. We ate there at about 10:00 am this morning, it it’s now 4:38 and my daughter is still feeling poorly, even after puking, diarrhea and pepto bismal. I contacted IHop manager, Fred, who stated he was sorry we were sick but needed to get back on the floor because it was busy today being labor day, etc… to let him know we’re there next time and he’d make it right. I spent $50.94. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and she had a sleepover. We had two of her friends with us. She ordered a bacon temptation omelette, I tried it as well, she was sick as soon as we got in our house. Her friends had to go home, all of our labor day plans ruined by an omelette. I ate about 2-3 bites, she ate most of the rest. I still feel like Crap 5 hours later. I will NEVER go back but I feel really cheated. Not just the money, but the loss of a holiday. Can you verify my complaint and refund me my money? I would really appreciate a response. My phone# is 850-341-9812 or you can respond to my email. Thank you.

  131. Myself and friends have visited two of your locations in the last two years. Both times I have had to wait at least over an hour to get my meal. Excuses have been the result of short staff or the fact that a portion of my meal was not available due to an item running out. Cleanliness was at an all time low. Even the food sever was embarrassed that the steak gravy was burnt. The two locations are Williamsburg and the Labrum Ave Richmond. Both in Virginia.

  132. My grandson picked the IHOP in North Charleston SC. He took us there to celebrate Grandparent’s Day… the service was poor. .the wait dropped his bacon in the table.. brought my food with tomatoes on it, after I asked for no tomatoes when I ordered. …by time my food came out every one else was finished eating. .the manager came over telling me that I didn’t tell the waitress and that nothing will be coming off my bill, and that was after the waitress already told us the bill will be adjusted. ..never again will I eat there. ..the new management SUCKS…..

  133. I visited ihop in alb,nm at 1500 mercantile today 9-17-2015 and last week as well at around midnight both times. Your night crew is outstanding considering there is 1 cook, 1 server and an on call host/MOD. I finally felt bad for the cook and server and asked for the GM name I was told his name is Nick. I feel that this man should not be a GM or be employeed with you. I say this due to me calling several times to compliment the 3 man crew who were slammed but kept calm and worked together. Never was he there nor did I get a call back. I would appreciate a call from someone willing to talk to me about this I can be reached

  134. Today was my husband’s birthday at IHOP #922 I talked with the manager about giving him a birthday cake that he agreed to provide, asked me to show him who my husband was (he was seated already) and assured me it would be taken care of. Our meal finished and we took our receipt to pay and the manager was at the register at 10:26am. I asked him what happened with the cake and he said he was too busy and forgot.
    This upset me very much because we obviously came to IHOP to have a mini celebration and for the manager to promise the cake and then to forget it the definition of terrible customer service. He didn’t even apologize or did anything
    to rectify what had happened.

  135. IHOPS was always my favorite place for breakfast–until recently. I am disgusted and angry. three Sat. and Sundays in a row, Our servicer and food was horrible. Come to find out, the waiters were cooking the food because they had no one else in the kitchen to do it. Yes! No cook. Our waitress was new and was cooking our food and screwed it all up-it took 45 min. for our order and the place was half empty. We should have had not to pay at all. I am talking about the IHOPS in Loganville, Georgia off hwy #78 Never go there again.

  136. I just wanted to make you aware I had the worst experience at one of your Ihop restaurant. I had never been to an Ihop and I’m sure I will not be going back. The service was extremely slow and when we received our food it was cold. I ended up talking to the manager and she apologized and I had to suggest some type of discount on such poor service. She ended up giving us a 20% discount which still didn’t make me happy of make for the extremely poor service. I had to get my own napkins and it took our waitress over 30 minutes to even bring me a straw for my water. I had to ask another waiter for a straw. I could see our food had been ready for over 20 minutes on the counter. She did indicate they were 4 waiters short, but that isn’t my problem. If I’m paying for service, I expect a certain level of service, not excuses. I can promise you I will not be patronizing any of your restaurants in the future.

    The restaurant we visited was:
    11222 Fuqua St, Houston, TX‎ – (281) 922-9908‎

  137. Can you tell me why your restuarant in Spring Hill Florida doors are not wheelchair accessible. I just witnessed a patron having to be pulled out of a wheelchair and seated on a chair so the wheelchair could be folded up o it could fit thru the door.

  138. I just left store #4451 which is located down the street from where I live, I figured I’d give them another try ! Fail this store needs a complete over haul in management & staff. The lobby was full, but the tables were empty, I watch three different families leave because they waited over 30min and there was no turn around. I ordered something to go (waffle) waited twenty five minutes then had to ask the two hostesses who were talking to what looked their class mates instead of bussing tables & assisting waiting/paying customers (we don’t count anymore so I get it) then I waited another 10min for my cold waffle. The service is horrible in this location. I will from now on drive to Smyrna if I continue to patronize your restaurant but honestly ar this point I’m about done with IHop the customer service & quality has steadily declined in this city!

  139. Worse initial to ending customer care at IHOP #1487 on 10/4/15 @ 3:00 pm. No one greeted or acted like I was waiting at the counter for about 5 minutes. In that time I was able to see 4 employees sitting. I understand we all need a break, but that is a good percentage of your staff. Finally got approached and informed them I had a call in order. By the way, the place is only about 1/8 occupied. Was asked who I talked to and was told it was almost ready. Ten minutes later was told they lost the ticket. I love IHOPs food and am going to wait and hope I get my order soon! Please fix this staffing problem!

  140. Location 3312=El cerrito ,CA date 10-10-2015 10:05 am Saturday morning link this survey 3312101024032 .check out receipt is same 2403 bottom of receipt #2403 GENNIFER AND MAY OR IS IT MAY ..I came in at the location at 10:02am and waited in line to talk to the hostess Nay or is it May .She was taking seating reservation and tongue people at the same time .I waited in line for around minutes.while I’m waiting this lady comes in and walks straight in and right past me and goes straight to the front counter and Gennifer. Comes from out of nowhere and ask this Spanish lady how manors in ur party .Mind u while still waiting to be helped next in line and she never said a word to me.and walked off and then I said something to nay and she said don’t worry I’ll take care of u .I finally was seated 30 minutes later this was a terrible visit to the location these team members are a joke .they even seated 6 parties before me and they came way after me I believe I should be compensated for this terrible service by these to poorly train IHOP EMPLOYEES WHO WORK AT THIS LOCATION AND THEY NEVER SAID THEY WERE SORRY AT ALL .AND I WANT A CALL BACK BY THE DISTRICT MANAGER OR WHO EVERS IN CHARGE OF THIS DISTRICT.MY NUMBER IS 510-829-6854.DATE SENT IN 10-10-2015.

  141. Nay seated 6 parties way before me and they came in way after me .and this other lady Gennifer wow o wow she’s even worse than the other .she just walks off and does not even says hi or anything to lag of respect for their money base THE CUSTOMER THESE TWO LORAL AND HARDY TYPES TAKE THE CAKE OF WHAT NOT TO DO WHILE ON THE JOB JUST HORRIBLE.

  142. I went to the ihop in fair lawn nj and the wall where we sat has a wood trim which was sharp and it cuaght on my guests shirt. I would like this to be repaired it can cut someone and def ruin the shirt my guest was wearing.

  143. I went to the Neptune location on rt 66, was seated and sat there for ten min without being seen…two other couples came in after me…and both got water before us… after 15 minutes we got up and left..Def wasn’t a good experience

  144. I hate complains, but I really have to say something this time.
    Love going to Ihope love your pancakes!.. But this is the third time I go and walk out because they won’t seat me where I would like to seat, when 70% of the restaurant is empty, went today I waited like 3 min to be seated, they offered a seat next to big families with kids, I asked if I could seat some where else (half of that area was empty)with no kids (I only asked because I knew it was possible) she said you are gonna have to wait for that, I looked around and said sure I’ll wait.
    I did wait, another girl comes and offer me a half chair half booth, I said sure!, she takes me all the way back, next to a couple, we were like 3 feet away from each other “awkward”, I told the girl ” you know what just forget it, I am gonna go”.
    I was mad! because I was hungry! and I waited to be seat at the table I wanted it, which it was empty the whole time (10 more were empty)..
    I just don’t understand why they have to seat me where they want, i am there to spend my money to leave a tip, and like I say is the third time. I go by my self to read and eat peacefully, always go when it’s not busy so I can request a nice seat, but It Doesn’t happen!!!.. One time it’s fine, 2times give it a try again, 3 time it’s ridiculous!, they obviously don’t understand the word “customer service”.. They made me feel like, just because I made them work extra, they were going to give a worst seat so I don’t bother them again, so wrong.
    I went 10/15/15 at 11:15 am
    The location- 44 st and Thomas Phoenix Az.

  145. Took my family to the IHop on University Drive in Huntsville Alabama yesterday for dinner and we went to one thats further from our house than our “regular” IHop and Im glad we did. Our server Edward was the absolute best ever and the Manager, Mike had the best customer service. Store was clean and the food was so much better than the one in Madison Alabama. These 2 guys worked so good together and I can say this is our new “regular” IHop. It might be 10 miles further to this location but well worth the drive for service and food like they have. Thank you Edward and Mike for really taking pride in what you do.

  146. At the IHOP in Brookhaven ms. We waited a hour an a half for food that was cold. And we didn’t get all our order. Found out others where unhappy also.

  147. My family and I recently just left an IHOP restaurant at 119th in Overland Park, KS. We have never experienced such poor customer service I felt like it was appropriate to make a corporate complaint. The server’s name was Kelly as it was posted on the receipt. Complaint#1– If she would’ve introduced herself or had her name tag on we wouldve been able to identify her better. Complaint#2–she acted uninterested/disengaged and bothered by customer requests for extra napkins and Creamer for coffee. Complaint#3–after she took our order and brought our food, she dropped off our ticket and didn’t check on us anymore. Complaint#4–my husband called on her 2x for water refills and she ignored us. My husband called another server for water but never got any water. The 3rd time we called our server for water, she rudely asked who needed water(we had only needed water refill once but were ignored 3x, so it is not like we bothered her all throughout our stay at IHOP); usually in customer service driven restaurants when customers ask for a refill of water, the server assesses the table to see empty water glasses and brings a pitcher to refill glasses. Complaint#5–this server during the time she was working, went to a male customer’s table 2x and were talking and displaying affection during the time she ignored us 2x for water refills.
    I am in management position for a customer service oriented national company and know when customer service is lacking in a company. I hope this email will suffice in letting you know this IHOP location in Overland Park, KS is in great need of customer service Inservice!
    Thank you,

  148. I recently stopped at I Hop in Pamlico Beach, FL while traveling. Our waitress Mimi was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I am from NC and love sweet tea and they didn’t have it. She actually made me some. In a world where customer service is becoming nonexistent she was an example of how it can still can be. Great customer service!!!

  149. I do not think I have ever been so disgusted!!!! My family got a to go order from your Dothan al. Store and the cream that came with it has 2 pubic hairs on it. I have pics to prove it. Needless to say we will not be back!

  150. I put these negative comments in the feedback site of IHOP and never got a response. They did give me a number for a free pancake for participating in the service. No, thank you! I found this open site and I am registering my comments again. I’ve gone through the other customer comments registered here and noted that most were horrible feedback (just like mine), so why am I not surprised? Here it is again. I don’t know if I’ll ever be favored with the decency of a response but I am filing anyway, at least for other customers to see, just in case IHOP is not interested to know their customers’ comments. Maybe the other customers will !

    “I normally don’t do surveys. We go regularly to the IHOP along Peachtree Parkway in Atlanta and our experiences there have been generally good. We visited IHOP recently in Orlando and Kiki, our server in the IHOP along Vineland Rd was excellent. She had such a friendly smile and quick service that we all thanked her sincerely for. Then we flew into Atlanta and went to the IHOP express in the airport. Our experience there was horrible! 4:12pm 10/20/15. We were killing time and ordered 4 pancakes. The server, Amanda, delivered them with 2 sausages. We proceeded to eat the pancakes and the sausages. Halfway through, she returned and said she served the sausages by mistake. We said we thought they were included in the order. She then asked to take them back since ‘we didn’t pay for them’. I said first, she made a mistake, then, instead of graciously allowing us to proceed and finish our meal (which all other restaurants would have done), she humiliated us by literally grabbing back the food she had served. My wife was horrified at the treatment and told her so. Later, she had the gall to come back and mechanically ask if ‘everything was ok.’ Of course not! she told her. Later the manager came by and told my wife that the server was just following ‘standard policy!’ Is it standard policy of IHOP to humiliate their customers in this fashion?? She apologized but said in effect that rules are rules. What happened to the sausages they got back? They threw them into the garbage anyway! I must say in one unpleasant experience, IHOP completely erased our good view of the company and for what?? For 2 bloody sausages! Is that what your company reputation is worth? Will I ever come back to IHOP? Maybe not! Will I tell all my friends? Certainly! And they are now all horrified as well.
    My suggestion: revise your rulebook, then train your incompetent servers and managers in the rudiments of good Customer Service. That is what this site is called, right?

  151. I visited the IHOP here in Seguin Texas. I waited 20-25 min after I was seated and no waiter or waitress came to our table. It was me and my wife. I called the hostess that sat us and ask her what the problem was. She apologized and sent us a waiter. The waitress that had our table did not want to wait on us. A couple that sat next to us was waited on within a minute after sitting down by the same waitress. Waiters or waitress that are discriminating against customers should not be allowed to work at IHOP. The same white waitress overcharged a Hispanic customer over $13 dollars and the manger in charge, Richard, had to come to register and correct ticket. Richard spoke to me and verified the waitress. I am not asking for anything, but employees like the waitress that was responsible for table #52, my table, on Sunday 11/1/15 @ 10:20 am should not be allowed to wait on tables. She needs to be reprimanded or terminated. A follow up email would be greatly appreciated. I was not charged for 2 coffees by the replacement waiter.

  152. N Chouteau Trafficway, KANSAS CITY, MO64117-1724US Store# : 5334
    I and 5 of my family members visited this IHOP location around 12:15 am. We were seated quickly near the restroom but the area was dirty with food in the seats and underneath the tables. The hostess was very nice (she wore a pink wig) I didn’t get her name but she moved us to another table which was near the emergency exit. Our waitress was dressed as a witch and had long brown hair with glasses I didn’t get her name but she was very rude. She took our drink orders and skipped someone in our party when she brought the drinks back. When we asked her for the extra drink that belonged to our party she said she knew she skipped him but couldn’t give it to us because she had to balance her tray. All of the drinks were the same so I don’t understand her logic. My husband asked for a stirrer for his coffee and she rudely said it’s in your silverware but she failed to place silverware on the table so we didn’t have any. She finally took our order and left and never returned. We made it through our drinks and my husband made it through an entire pot of coffee by himself and she never came back to check on us. After 30 minutes we asked another server who was a male dressed in a Royals jersey if our server had forgotten about us because we were still waiting on our food. He rudely said “Well we’re busy” and walked away. We soon found our server at the register serving someone else.

    We finally got her attention to come back to the table and asked for the status of our order she allegedly went to check. There was a couple who arrived the same time as our party who had already been served and was getting ready to leave and we still hadn’t received our food. Our server disappeared again for another 30 minutes so basically we sat for an hour watching people who came in with us and after us getting served before us and our server nor did her coworker show any remorse. We finally left unnoticed. I would hate to think because 6 African Americans entering your establishment changed the tone of your staff but that is how it appears to be. We weren’t loud or unruly we were just trying to get a meal like everyone else. The service at this location is awful. Out of all of the IHOPS I’ve patronized this was the worst experience I’ve ever had. This location needs a makeover and those two servers should be walked out. If you google this location you will see that the ratings are horrible. Corporate should evaluate this location immediately. They are giving IHOP and bad reputation.




  155. Hello I was able to visit our jenkintown ihop. This location and facility needs to be done over. The restaurant is old and very unpleasant . The cooks are too close to the restroom. The restaurant is totally in need of renovation. The food was cool. The staff looks tired and not healthy. However they were mannerable. Ihop has been part of our family tradition for years. I love breakfast food. This location needs corporate office to take a look at immediately.7515 Tulpehocken Street
    Philadelphia Pa 19138

    Teresa Elaine McIntire

  156. second complaint in 10
    days not good. 30
    minutes to get food. food cold clearly it had
    been sitting for awhile.!just about every table was dirty with food on the floor.

  157. I came into IHOP for breakfast their were ten people in the restaurant and only one server. I waited 35 minutes for the lady to take my order and another 25 minutes for my food. The service here was awful this morning. Lagrange, GA IHOP.

  158. I went into ihop on 125th street Manhattan NY on thanksgiving morning me and my family It was a long wait and that was understandable. The greeter was very unpleasant while we waited to be seated. Our order was taken about 30 mind from the time we were seated. We finally got our food as the server place the last plate down we saw a live bug crawling around in our pancakes. We quickly called the waiter back over to inform them she quickly looked and took the plate. We didn’t get an apology at all after seating there for 20 minutes to see if the manager would come over to apologize we never got one until I demand to speak to one and I told her what happened and we still felt uncomfortable about it seem like she blamed us for the bug in the food. We will never go back to ihop ever again and this was once my son’s favorite place to eat.

  159. Went for diner tonight with husband and son. I ordered bkfst with two pancakes.I told waitress bluberry pancakes without compote and no whipped cream,just plain. She brings it to table with compote on it. I exp I wanted it plain she said I should have said blueberry only inside. She proceeded to get two new ones.well half hour later she brings us the bill I said what about my pancakes,she said shed check. Well as I saw the cooks dancing in the back and playing on the cell phones, I finally see pancakes come out again with compote. Thedy scrape it off and put it on the that point my husband wants to talk tgo the mgr. Original waitress comes and says the mgr took off 20%. She wasn’t even going o come over! My husband demanded to speak to her.she apologized and said it takes longer to cook because of the fruit, really???? 30 mins???we paid the bill and did not leave a tip since the waitress wrolled her eyes at us when we demanded to speak to the mgr.not a nice experience at all.


  160. On Dec Friday, 11 Dec at approximately 10a.m., , in the Yukon, Oklahoma restaurant, I witnessed an incident between a server named Zack and a female hostess.
    Zack forcefully grabbed the female’s arm and spoke to her in a very sarcastic manner. Upon our departure, I further witnessed the same two people in the parking area and heard the male cussing loudly at the female.
    This conduct on behalf of the male should not be tolerated! Assaulting and demeaning female employees by male employees within your restaurants should not be condoned and could result in law suits! I hope not to see such unprofessional sexual harassment and abuse in the future!

  161. We live in McAllen TX five months a yr. We eat at I hop at least once a wk. The service is good and the good is great. But at the one in Mission TX the music is very loud and when ask to lower it a bit they say ok but fail to follow thru. And at this location and both locations on 10th st in McAllen TX the cleanlyness is poor, especially in the restrooms. They are old and dirty!!

  162. I quit coming to ihop because of how redicoulus that store is ran into come in almost a year later and I’ll be damn if I don’t see the same girl managing after I quit going to Dennys because of the way she ran it now You have Put Both Of The Worst PEOPLE To MANAGE IHOP I WILL RETURN To IHOP When You Guys Get PEOPLE THAT care about there place of employment and clean it up . GET RID OF your PROBLEM NATALIE AND BOBBY. Find real managers that know and care about their place of employment

  163. IHOP

    Hello ,

    I am a customer who normally does not complain but when I get treated less than honorable by the manager/owner and they do nothing about my grievance, I have to let you know as a corporation. A few months back I went to this IHOP store # 780 on Chatsworth CA, A few months ago the delivered my husband burnt bacon, he requested his omelette without the pancake batter splash and they did not serve his request and was upset but to add insult to injury, the same manager/owner did nothing but wanted to argue with my husband we paid the bill and vowed never to go to IHOP again…well yesterday I went with my daughter who loves your pancakes and ordered a salad. They delivered disgusting old wilted lettuce and had no chicken whatsoever, I had to separate all the bad lettuce and showed the owner who did nothing who said to the waitress that we will not do anything about it because she ate some of the food…I was appalled at this behavior how you allow someone to own the franchise and behave in this fashion and I am reaching out to you because this is not right and this person does not care who is representing the face of your corporation. The first thing that came to my mind was no wonder they closed the IHOP in Simi Valley some years back because of many complaints. I please need you to please respond and do something about this because these are two family meals that were ruined by the owner of the Chatsworth location and I am so upset that I am ready to take the time to blog all across the Internet to whomever will respond and make sure everyone boycotts that restaurant. My family and I spent about $89 between the two meals for a rude and obnoxious owner who has no customer service skills again representing the face of your corporation. I hope to hear from someone higher up in your corporation with some kind of resolution…

    Elena Korac
    A tired and fed up customer who for the first time in my life am writing to a corporate entity.

  164. I am sitting in an IHOP restaurant right now. I have watched more than one table complain about the service. The restaurant is not half full. My waiter just came to my table and told me that my meal would take longer because the kitchen is out of bacon. He said they would have to make fresh bacon so it is going to take longer to make mine. There are literally more employees here than customers!! This is pathetic!!! I ordered a “quick 2 egg breakfast” and it will be served after everybody else’s food. I hope you understand how ridiculous this really is. I would be embarrassed to have my company’s name on this establishment. Now what are you going to do about it. I should have gone to Denny’s. Even the Waffle House is better than this.

  165. We had lunch today, 12/24/2015 around 12:30 pm at your Fresno St. and Herndon Ave. Fresno, CA location. I ordered the citrus and pecan salad with orange vinegerette dressing. What I received was a salad with tons of bacon, chicken chunks, citrus dressing and Roquefort chunks–no citrus slices nor pecan bits. I questioned the waitress and she said, yes, that was the citrus pecan salad. She graciously brought me some pecans, but no citrus slices. I would have ordered a different salad if I’d known I was not getting the salad I liked. Sincerely, Janet Safreno

  166. Hello my family and I ate at I-Hop Restaurant #2061 on 12/26 at 11am. Our server Elisa was a horrible waitress. So when we asked for the manager. We were told, Camille (the manager on charge),left to go pick up some merchandise. So I wanted to speak with the next person in charge. (We were told no one was in charge because the manager left) I thought that was very unprofessional. Our waitress Elisa did not show any interest to us-the customers. Shr never checked on us after the food came. We had drinks that needed to be refill. The service was just horrible

  167. Hello my family and I ate at I-Hop Restaurant #2061 on 12/26 at 11am. Our server Elisa was a horrible waitress. So when we asked for the manager. We were told, Camille (the manager in charge),left to go pick up some merchandise. So I wanted to speak with the next person in charge. (We were told no one was in charge because the manager left) I thought that was very unprofessional. Our waitress Elisa did not show any interest to us-the customers. She never checked on us after the food came. We had drinks that needed to be refill. The service was just horrible. We were unsatisfied as customers that always frequent this franchise.

  168. Horrible quality from the minute I walked into the Saint Louis, MO Brentwood location. There was standing water on the floor with soaking mats so the minute I stepped off of the matt I slipped and fell. Popped my rib out of place and the management laughed at me. Wasn’t worried at all. I had to scold them in order for them to do anything to clean it up. Then, proceeded to seat other guest in front of us for 10 minutes, when the place was empty so we left. Absolutely unexceptable and I will never be dining there again.

    If you are so worried about the quality of experience then you need to focus on your stores. The management there was disgusting. I work in the restaurant business and would never let my establishment be mistreated the way that location was. Embarrassing for your company.

  169. Dinned in Stevens creek Blvd, Santa Clara this morning .. So shabby and rude service by attendee named : “Lilliana”
    First she doesn’t care to take order even after waiting for 20 mins and when requested her to help us check on Order she talks so rude and says you got to wait .. There is always a polite way to talk to customers.. Very disappointed and did not expect this kind of service from IHOP .. Definitely would not come again as there are many other chains that offer decent service…

    • However the store manager was good to pitch in and thanks god at least the managers are trained well… But overall experience could have been much better ….

  170. My order was 80% wrong. I ordered the create your own omlette. I asked for white cheddar sauted onion, mushrooms, bacon, spinach and tomatos. I was given yellow cheese no onion no mushroom no spinach. The wrong cheese alone was bad. I did eat partial to give it a try. I thought the other ingredients were in there some where. Waitress said she would take it off. Manager asked to remake it. I said no. So he said he would take off the ingredients. I didn’t argue. I just said ok. But I feel he should have removed whole thing because the cheesecwas wrong and it comes with the omlette.

  171. We went to IHOP new years day thinking we would start the new year with an amazing brekkie, how wrong were we:( the bill for breakfast was 90.93. for four. My son is allergic to eggs and we asked for a link of sausage instead of egg on kids meal and they plopped an egg in front of him. An apple juice and not even a real milk chocolate came to 9.00$, and no refills. My son got Jr rooty Jr. And they brought out a yogurt tube and a pancake, no sausage or bacon or butter for the dry pancake, the egg Sunnyside up was on another plate, which out of the four of us was the only yolked eggup egg..we all ordered over easy, they could have been slapped on a wall they were so hard. The waitress did bring my son one sausage link and a piece of warm bacon, it was slimy and not cooked, the meal I had Sr rise n shine had two mangled pieces of bacon, bread not toast, and the hashbrown? Made me vomit it was so horrible. With only one bite, top was burnt and bottom was raw. I am disgusted by the food that was placed in front of us, my partners sampler had sausage that was raw and wet in the middle with pancakes so dry he used almost a pot of syrup for the one he could stomach. The bacon was shriveled and literally disintegrated when he went to eat it. When we asked where his toast was the reply we received was this is an IHOP, we serve pancakes not toast, meanwhile I had two slices of bread on my plate, can’t call it toast because it wasn’t toasted. We would love a part of our money refunded but can guarantee if the food and service is any indication of any other part of this company we won’t even receive a reply. I will never recommend your establishment to anyone as we had to leave the falls early due to illness from your horrible slimy half cooked food. Vacation ruined. NOT a happy new year at all.

  172. Traveling through from Texas to New Mexico we decided to stop at ihop #3003 in Amarillo . Extremely disappointed. My meal cost $8.59 and the only edible part was the pancakes, I could have possibly choked down the hash browns and over cooked scrambled eggs , but when my “meal” arrived the waitress informed me that the entire restaurant was out of ketchup! I only ate the pancakes and the waitress saw that, she never offered to take it off the bill. This will be my last ihop experience. I wish there was an option to upload pictures of the gruel I was served.

  173. The worst customer service for the second time. First time I was a mystery shopper. This time took my grand kids. Kids were happy me and my husband no. He ad two pancakes in a 2 hour period, more communication between themselves and customers than serving. There were 2 that were actually doing their job. Very in sanitary procedures: cleaning with cleaning agents while preparing drinks, no hand washing between customers, cooks eating at service window, I watched a manager talking to some customers at their table for an hour with dirty dishes in her hands, no plates available to serve on, tables needed busting for new customers coming in like 7 tables wow we had pancakes and bacon. That’s it all u can eat pancakes my husband only had two. Mercury Blvd Hampton VA store dissatisfied grandparents.

  174. I was highly upset over my experience at the Danville Va IHOp restaurant.please change that salad!!!they brought out some horrible looking and horrible tasting museli mix its awful!! Please go back to regular salad mix.the server took 15 min to get drinks I think our meal should have been free!!!please help!!

  175. Sunday January 10th, at 330am after visiting the Florissant, MO location on 5 north highway 67. The servers decided to sit next to our table and talk about the 7 of us while we were eating our entrees. There was a lady with red hair named Brittany, a man named Michael and another lady with dreads. They kept turning around to laugh at us while we are and commented on our appearances.

  176. Me and my husband usually don’t eat at ihop because of bad experiences in the past. We did however receive a gift card for ihop at Christmas so today we decided to use it there at the Robinson Ohio in Pennsylvania. We were still not impressed. My husbands food was cold, my breakfast meat wasn’t what I ordered, we ate it anyway. There was no salt or pepper to be found on the table. We had to ask for a straw .The waitress was very nice but the quality of the food wasn’t that good. Another couple near us had some complaints. I overheard him asking about the green cards at the table. The guy taking our check mentioned that it’s something new they are doing and you flip the card over to the red side when you need something. Well our table didn’t get one neither did the other couples table . I feel like it could be a decent place if it was managed better. I saw about 4-5 people standing all together just talking at one point. It would have been nice if I was asked if
    I wanted a refill or needing anything else. I really think this is the last time we will go here it was disappointing.

  177. Im usually very pleased with my service at the IHOP in JC Tenn.But the last two times Ive been very disappointed….The first occasion was the first or second Sat in Dec around 7 pm.We had asked to order the hot chocolate and was told oh we just ran out i didnt even get mine today.I then asked to order the new pancakes,she proceeded to say they were out of those as well…That bei,g the reason we chose to eat there !!

    It was in Dec on a Saturday !! And a new items on the menu !!! ,I feel there should have been alot avaliable .at only 7 pm and they had already ran out …..staying open 24hrs think of how many disappointed coustomers there must have been !! I decided to give IHop another chance….SO….
    The second occasion ,,Was on Jan 2nd ..I had ordered the bacon blue cheese burger..Having never tried it looked awesome on the menu.Just before the waitress was ready to bring it to our table,she said oh we are out of blue cheese …would you like another kind .. The blue cheese was the reason i ordered that burger.And then I get the burger there is no bacon are u kidding me !!! I ask since it was a blue cheese bacon burger wasnt there suppose to be bacon ???She then brings two very small pieces of cold bacon IT WAS the worst hamburger ever so dry i could barely eat it.I added barbaque sauce to get a bit of moisture and taste..At that point i should have gotten up,and walked out…I regret paying for my meal.Needless to say it was a horrible experience ..The worst ever !!!!

  178. Had breakfast at your location in the Palisades Mall in West Nyack NY last Sunday and it was the filthiest restaurant I have ever been to. Please clean! You have lost a customer!

  179. WE visited the Beavercreek, OH IHOP on Jan 16, 2016 at 5:39PM. We were served undercooked bacon the first time and burnt bacon on the second. The pancakes were doughy and could not be eaten. The eggs were wrong twice. Management did nothing to correct the problem. We will not visit this IHOP again unless the problem has been corrected. WE have visited the IHOP in West Chester and have never had this problem. The server (Rachel K) was friendly and tried to help, but management did not do anything. Someone needs to visit this IHOP and observe the cooks and correct the problem.


    Penny and Nicole Weikle

  180. We recently went to one of your locations in Niagara Falls Ont on Lundys Lane and will never go again unfortunately! My lady friend had wanted to go because she had had a certain crepes dish there before and even though we knew it was overpriced thought it was worth it because we were on mini vacation.She noticed that the menu had changed and what she wanted needed to have several ingredients taken out ( chicken was one ) and asked the waitress if this could be done.We were assured this was no problem. When her meal came we both noticed that the hollandaise sauce was a burnt brown color not a light yellow and that it had been garnished with oregano and smelled off. She cut into it only to find some of the original ingredients which had not been asked to remove weren’t there plus the sauce tasted awful! We informed our server and she apologized profusely saying it was her mess up but as we told her that the hollandaise sauce and strange choice of garnish wasn’t! She asked if she could bring something else and my friend ordered bacon and eggs and ate some of my pancakes while waiting. Our server came with her order and said that someone else had said something about the sauce but her manager assured her that this was made from an order from Cisco the day before so it shouldn’t have been a problem. What really irked us is that she brought the bill with the crepes still included! After talking to her she took the bill to the manager and had that voided! At no time ddid the manager visit our table to see what the problem was or how it could be dealt with!They should be ashamed with the quality of the crepes and sauce they served! For that money we could have gone to the Hilton and had them made table side with a sauce made from scratch! I worked for Delta Hotels and if thus had happened in any one of our restaurants the manager would have come to the table to at least talk to us and see what could be done to make us satisfied. In my my we should have only been charged for my breakfast and probably a reduced price ( or comp ) on my lady friends replacement meal.We had a wonderful time in Niagara Fall’s but this wasn’t one of them.We have both traveled extensively around the world and know what good food and customer service is about.This was definitely bad food bad customer service and we certainly expected more! Thank you Brian Kuzmich


  182. Went to location #749 on Jan 29,2016. It took half an hour for me to just get coffee. Then when our food arrived my sister was beginning to spread syrup on her pancakes when she noticed that her bottom pancake looked like someone had taken bites out of it. We waited to inform our server and when she came over and we told her, her response was “don’t worry, it must have been from when they flipped it with the spatula. They’re safe to eat.” and she walked away. Really? We all saw teeth marks and all she had to say was “don’t worry it’s safe to eat”? We were shocked and did not touch the pancakes. Ihop customer service has really gone down hill.

  183. I came to the new store in Beavercreek Ohio, not impressed. Actually this was my second visit the first time I came in and there were about 3-4 people standing at the front servers I think mostly. But, I said one and they didn’t have a server seating assignment yet and the girl said let me go find out who is serving you. I sat for longer than I thought needed, I got up and left. So, today I came back better at the door. When I got to the table it was dirty the server spent and got a towel and cleaned it. Then I sat and order service was good, the music was to loud and some type of station of dance music a little much to relax to.

  184. I filled out form for birthday reward and never received a response my birthday was 2/2/43. I received a reward for Rose LeBarbara same e mail and same birthday. We are twins. Please acknowledge. Thank you

    Marie Trimboli

  185. You really need to do a undercover boss type deal on I hop in Russel Kentucky start weeding out the bad management team n wait staff. There is a couple really good waitresses n they deserve bettertreatment then what they get. You have people talking loudly about customers people darting in that store n not afraid to show it. I love hoops food but the staff in this place needs major help

  186. I go to the IHOP in Edinburg, TX about once a week, same day, same time. There is one hostess within this timeframe that I do NOT like. Terrible, terrible service from her. Basically, just ignoring us (who were ordering carry out, not even to be seated), headphones in her ears, then rolled eyes and attitude the rest of the time. I actually tried contacting the email for customer service listed on a giant placard behind the front register, but surprise, surprise, it is invalid, as is virtually all of their customer contact methods.
    Then today, I go in, I am told my total of $17.48, I sign the receipt for that amount, putting a huge line through the “tip” area as I do every time I sign the receipt, and all is well. Get my food, leave.
    I check my card balance a little later, to find that I had been charged for $20.98 somehow. I called for a manager at the same IHOP, I tell them my order, they pull it up, and I explain what I see on my statement. He just kept telling me “no, no, you’re wrong”, then proceeds to tell me what it shows on the machine. I’m aware of the total it shows! I have the receipt in front of me!
    I tell him that I don’t know if she pressed something by accident, or what the deal is, and I refrain from telling him the issues we’d had with this specific hostess before, but eventually, he tells me I have to come in in two days to talk to the GM. Awesome.
    I first asked before explaining anything, if gratuities are required on carry out orders: no they are not. The gratuity amounts for 15, 18, and 20% come out to $20.71 at the very most. I was charged $20.98, which is exactly $3.50 more than my total, tax and all. None of this adds up. I’ve NEVER had this happen in the weekly visits I’ve been having for months now.
    My card does not charge fees for anything with this, there was no fees disclosed to me or on my receipt, the receipt I signed and the copy I received show the original $17.48 amount. So, though it is extremely unlikely, it could be that the amount will adjust when the transaction is completed, but if it doesn’t, I will be filing a dispute and finally making a greater effort to put this hostess in her place: which ISN’T working with the public, at IHOP. I’m almost positive she stole it me how and has likely been doing this to other customers too.
    I JUST lost my job this month, got screwed on my final pay (meaning got nothing), late on rent, broke, and I don’t need some little thief suckling on my every diminishing income every visit there.
    If my visit to the GM Friday doesn’t go well after showing my bank statement, copy of receipt, and looking at the signed receipt, I will be filing a dispute and possibly filing for fraud, as I signed for one amount, which shows in their systems as well, and was charged more. She also used another employee’s card to sign into the system. I noticed this is a common practice there when they need manager approval for a transaction, but if she isn’t blamed for this, then that guy will be, as his name is on the receipt.
    I don’t even know her name. No name tags worn. I know the only other lady I’ve worked with there at that time before is Ruby, so I suppose they will have to narrow it down.
    However, if you work in customer service, NEVER, EVER tell a customer “no, no, you’re wrong” over and over after they tell you they are starring at their bank statement while on the call, with a different charge. You don’t know for sure they’re lying, you don’t see what they are. Customer service skills are severely lacking in my local area for businesses, so that just infuriates me more. It’s honestly pathetic that so many major employers/businesses are turning so damn rotten to their customers and their employees these days. /rant

  187. To I-hop Personnel:
    Hi my name is MRS. Tonni Titcomb, I would like to tell you the about the “”Horrible” experience my husband and I both had… At the National & Sepulveda I-hop 2912 S. Sepulveda blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90064 (The CHEFTS GET RID OF ALL OF THEM” The were not busy @ all… We ordered a senior combination breakfast w/ all you could eat ( pancakes) ( Wrong ) We finally got our food after 30min. After we were sited and the main reason we bought went there is for the pancakes…. It took the cooks 45min. For my husbands two pancakes and twenty min. for mine ???? We Will Never Go Back “There Again…Never

  188. I live in Rapid City South Dakota , and I have a question about the store hours . It clearly states on the door summer hours open 24/7 and winter hours Sunday thru Thursday 6am to midnight, fri/sat open 24 hours . So my question why is it it’s always close d at midnight sometimes earlier. I went there today Feb 13 th to treat my wife to breakfast cause she works late at the hospital and we wouldn’t be able to spend Valentine’s together . So we get there at 2 am and of course the doors are locked but there’s cars in the parking lot and all the lights are on . Something seems fishy to me . I took a picture time stamped of your front door . So I’m stuck going to Dennys and we hate Dennys , and the worst part for you guys is that Dennys was packed and I asked the table next to me if they tried I HOP and yep they did and a few other tbls as well so we sat there and bashed your restraunt while Dennys is reaping the cash , it’s amazing to me that you guys are still open . I will never and I repeat never try to attempt to go to I HOP again and with this economy and so many options that’s a death sentence for a restraunt good luck

  189. Not long ago you opened in Pascagoula , ms. I have never been so disappointed in ihopp before now. This is the most disappointing place I’ve ever had service when you get it!! May be a good time to send secret rep

  190. I am not leaving your ihopp again without eating !!!!! Unreal !!! Four times now since you opened . Today I got here at 10:55 am and walked out at 11:43 only having coffee . If this is the way you conduct business here you need to close and let another chain into our town . Cracker Barrel getting my breakfast again I guess .

  191. Forgot to mention I was alone,party of one and ordered 2 eggs,2 bacon,1 hash brown and French toast . Oh and coffee , which is all I got . Thank you ( Pascagoula, ms ) ihopp

  192. December or first of January , went to eat , there was 2 tables with patrons and 1 waitress , which stayed in kitchen while I stood at register for 10-15 min waiting to be seated. Well that never happened either. I left them and went somewhere else to eat. By the wY there was a couple still seated in lobby waking on waitress to seat them at table. I hope they got their food since I didn’t

  193. I went to the ihop of 3196 union city no on Valentine’s Day of 2016. I ordered 3 orders of the ultimate bacon ang sussage combo n noticed that the portions were smaller than usual. I ordered French fries instead of the hash brown n I got about 10 fries. I called for the manager and he told me that those were their portions. He was not polite and he just walked away without trying to resolve the issue. I’m very u satisfied with the service and Custer service skills!!!!

  194. Yeah hi. I had sent a complaint in on February 5th about a terrible experience my sister and I had at your flower mound, Tx location and we never heard anything back.

  195. Ihop is my favorite restaurant ! I recently took my mom and grandmother to my local ihop . The store is brand new its located in Malbis Al (daphne ) . We were greeted by a man with a ripped up pack of cigarettes in his front pocket . He sat us in a booth where I sat in syrup and upon getting up put my hand in syrup also. The table had food particles all over it and the syrup caddy was covered in syrup . I asked our waitress for a wet towel and the manager . I wanted to inform the manager because I thought this is something management would like to know so they could fix it . I was wrong , the same man with the cigarettes in his pocket came back to the table . After I told him the issues I asked him who was the GM and he told me he was . He never apologized for the mess he never offered to move us . Then on top of not receiving an apology he never came back to the table to see if we were ok . I was thoroughly disappointed because I always pick ihop over every other breakfast restaurant around me and now I can’t bring myself to go somewhere, spend my money and to not be treated warmly . Like I said he never apologized for the mess or tried to give us a cleaner booth . Thank u for listening .

  196. My family and I usually go to IHOP at least once a week at your location on Middlebelt in Livonia MI. I can’t believe how bad the service was tonite we had to wait 45 minutes for our meal and there were 4 of us – two of us received our meal then 10 minutes later the other two recieved theirs and all we ordered were the 2X2X2 egg and hashbrown and pancake meal. Then my husbands and mine orders were mixed up and we had to swap a couple of items. Then we had to wait to get our coupon cleared from the manager and the bill and that took another 15 minutes. I think we will be finding another restaurant for our weekly dining experience because how awful and rude the waiter was. Thank you for listening. BTW my husband never complains about the food or service anywhere but he even complained tonite.

  197. My family visited your location at 7017 S Clinton Greenwood Village Co.on Feb. 17,2016. Our experience there was atrocious. I called your customer service number to complain they said I would be contacted by your corporate offices I have not been contacted yet. We entered the restaurant at noon there was only 2 other customers in the restaurant. We ordered our meals at 12:00 at 12.39 we recieved our our meals. The plate the chicken tenders were on was so hot you could not touch it the vegetables and the potatoes were so cold it was like they came out of the Refrigerator, the chicken tenders were over cooked. The burger was still frozen. My granddaughters cheese on her grilled cheese was not melted, she was so hungry by this time we let her eat. We talked to the manager and told her we were not eating our meals and to take them off our bill, we left without eating. They charged us for the kids meal and our tea. As bad as this experience was I feel we should not have had to pay for anything. We eat at IHOP often but will never go to this IHOP again, and think twice before going to others. Also I was told by your customer service I would be contacted by the corporate offices, I have not been contacted to date.
    Sincerely , Gwen Gower

  198. My fiancee our daughter and I visited the IHOP in Williamsburg via on valentines day being we have a daughter spending it with her. The service we had was terrible for one they only had two server’s on valentines day and was very busy. We waited for almost hour for our food after we ordered then my fiancee was waiting for some of his food that we never received until we were about to leave and the salad had frozen tomatoes in it. We will not visit this IHOP again even though we love IHOP. I didn’t think we should have paid for such bad service and food that we didn’t even eat much of. I have my receipt info if its needed.

  199. I seen a post on Facebook about one of your stores in Texas that had on a receipt from a customer that dined in… on the top of the receipt was the words “black ppl” guest 2. I’m just wondering why that would be on a receipt.

  200. I went to i hop on 50th and wadsworth in colirado. Th waitress did not bring out my salad before my meal. Checked in once with us throughout our meal. We got refill as she never came by. But did get a refill as she saw we were done and ready for the bill. Worst part is we can see into the kitchen any my food sat there for almost ten minutes. We got it dry and disgusting.

  201. I was told the wait was ten min , after twenty min no table was available . The staff gave three tables to a five party and two tables to a four party . I am a seven party and still waiting . It is now 35 min

  202. I was at IHOP in pompano beach, fl today with my daughter and her children. We waited to be seated, I ordered the T-bone steak breakfast so did my daughter after about 10 minutes the waitress informed me that the only had one steak left which seems odd being such a big restaurant chain so I had to change my order it was a very horrible experience. I don’t think I will be back as this is not the first bad experience with this location. They should be better prepared for customers in the future.

  203. Before I made this complaint I did call and was told that the manager was too busy to speak with me, the young man who answered the phone name was Daniel. That morning as we arrived to iHop, my husband, 7 month old, and myself; we chose to stay because we enjoy the food. The wait was not long. We were seatedand greeted. Rose preceded to ask me what I wanted to drink, she then walked away when my husband tried to order his drink. My husband did not receive any attention to order a drink until 10-15 minutes later. I was floored, but I’m pregnant expecting and did not want to loose my temper. I’m not sure if she didn’t like the fact that we were African Americans, but I didn’t appreciate the service I received today. I didn’t appreciate the fact that when I called I was told the manager was too busy, by an employee, Daniel. I’m a mom and I work full time, my husband works hard as well, time is very precious… I wish I would have chose a different iHop to dine in at today. I used to be employed at a country club and although this isn’t a high end establishment, there is a proper way to serve an individual and their family/friends.

    Thank you,
    Monet Duncan

    IHOP store 36035

  204. Went eat at at the Lafayette location in Louisiana. The waitress was great it’s about 45 minutes to get our food. All of his food didn’t come at once. He had the crunch French toast black berry. I kept hearing the waitress ask for it. Finally I heard another rude lady assuming a waitress say no that’s my black berry real loud. Then I heard the cook say you did not say you needed a French toast. Minded my table is by the cook window I can hear the whole conversation. I hear my waitress say . Yes I did.its on my ticket You said it was down. Then I heard that rude waitress again I’m not leaving my table with nothing to eat. Mind you my son is done eating. Plus it’s his birthday. The only reason I didn’t get so upset I knew and heard that it wasn’t this lady’s fault. Plus she took the grits off my ticket. It took so long to get his French toast we had to leave and she put it to go. If we do come back and that’s if it’s only because of the service we received from her.

  205. We decided to have lunch
    (4girls)At Ihop today.
    We were seated promptly and ordered 4 coffees and 4 waters. We took one sip and couldn’t believe how watered down our coffee was. Our waters were better tasting.
    At $2.19 for a cup times 4.
    $8.76 we would of been able to have a mean cup of Joe at home.IHops coffee use to be famously delicious.
    If you want to continue pouring creek watered coffee,You’ll be losing customers left and right.
    Sorry to say we won’t be back.Consumers are smart and know what coffee is suppose to taste like.
    Really people?I was really embarrassed today taking my friends.

  206. Today April 3rd 2016 I went to breakfast about 12 noon at IHOP at the location in Pembroke Pines Florida and I had a very bad experience as they brought my breakfast IHOP sampler under the hash browns had human hair all over …The manager did not do anything but discount the hash brown. I was sitting on Table 6 cubic 3 very bad experience, I will not visit IHOP again.

  207. I recently went in to the IHOP in Pensacola, FL to pick up my order to go and I was allowed to stand in front of 2-employees, the greeter and a cashier for approx 5-7 min without so much as a good morning…no people in line, no other discussions ongoing with managers ,nothing just ignored…I left the store,I left my order, and am still trying to process the whole ordeal…the asst mgr (jennifer) called and spoke with me…and the resolution is when I return to that store..if I return to that store..we will show the two in question what right looks like in regards to customer service. I would like to see some cust svc retraining documentation of corrective action on that incident from the store mgr when I return …

  208. I want you to know what poor services and food quality you have at one of your resturaunts. The location is either listed as Greer SC or Taylor’s SC. This is out local location, Its only been open a little over a year or so. We arrived tonight around 7:30pm there were aprox 5 tables in use. We didn’t even receive our food for almost 45 minutes when the food arrived it was cold and not correct. I ordered cinnamon swirl French toast combo it came out in parts and cold not to mention. When I asked where the icing swirl was the waiter replied she didn’t know and didn’t think it came with that on it. Do they even study the menu to know something doesn’t look right and it’s obviously Burnett and cold. The mananger on duty handled this whole situation poorly and was not satisfactory and blamed staffing issues on 5 tables! I don’t believe We will ever go to ANY IHOP again with this type of quality and services that’s provided. Very poor services and cold food that’s not even prepared correctly. By the way I asked for the corporate contact information and was told I needed to contact the General Manager, why is this so they can try to hide these issues And corporate not be made aware of these issues? As I stated we are severely disappointed in the entire experience!

  209. I am VERY dissatisfied with the service I received at the newest York, PA location tonight. I say there for twenty minutes before anyone came over to help me, and waited another hour to get my food which never came out, so I left and would have told the manager but he was too busy goofing off and being very unprofessional, our server, Faith only checked on us twice and the staff was out of control and a bunch of young teenagers crowding in an inconvenient spot and smacking each other and being unprofessional as well. I will not go back there unless you will compensate me for the terrible experience I had my first time ever at an ihop

  210. I cannot believe how long we had to wait to be seated at the Roosevelt Blvd. and Adams St. IHOP.
    There were several tables available, but no greeter came to seat us for almost 30 minutes! Even the MANAGER was on her cell phone talking! I had to get up and take silverware off another table because the waitress didn’t bother to give us some. I’m at rhis location at least once a week, and never received service like this!

  211. We went to the IHOP in Saint Joseph Missouri at about 9:45 pm on May 1 2016. The place was dirty just about every table was dirty. We had to seat ourselves. We had to ask for menus. Could not even get cream for coffee. The girl came over and said the other server would wait on us when she gets to work. Very poor. It should not be my problem having to wait for someone to get to work. After about waiting 20 minutes to be waited on we left with their attitude of not caring. We decided to take our business to Perkins.I am a manager in a restuarant in different restuarant that would not fly. I am totally disgusted.

  212. Mothers day. Waitress named Liz at IHOP pleasant on tx. Ordered coffee had no silverware to stir sugar and cream. Cold coffee when she came back. Ordered breakfast sampler. Had no butter brought butter back when pancakes were cold didn’t get to eat them IHOP really has gone down. We never see management at all where are they. Is anyone running it?

  213. Splurged for breakfast on 5/15/2016 on Internal Speedway..Daytona Beach Florida…was seated…waitress bubbly ,,,gave us the menu…overheard the table near us complaining to the manager,,,should of been our sign,..placed order…waitress brought our order…we had to ask for utensils so we could eat…once receiving the utensils and starting to eat …food was cold…I ordered 2 scrambled with cheese, bacon ,hash browns and white toast…wasn’t asked what kind of cheese…but oh well…so told the waitress my food was cold…complained about the toast…about 2 minutes later I got my plate back…been nuked..toast still cold the waitress brings me cold butter to put on my cold toast,,,,ihop sucks…just sayin..

  214. I just have to say, I live here in Colorado, and I had some bad experiences with the managers and the cooks at two different ihops. The one in Castlerock, Colorado and the one in Aurora, Colorado. After complaining to corporate, I received a call from the GM, running those particular stores, and he sounded very apologetic.He asked me if I would come to meet him in person at their store. He turned around and treated me really bad at the Aurora, Colorado Ihop, I went their because I didn’t know that the owner owned that franchise also. My food was purposely messed up, I had gotten it to go and when I opened the container, it was not the way I ordered it and the to go cup, which water, when I took the lid off, their was hair in the water. I know that it was done on purpose. I really hope and pray that they will realize that GOD has watched everything that they did to my food and me, and he will talk to them one day. I will not return to any of the Ihops in Denver, Colorado. I don’t know which ones those manager will be working at. I don’t trust them anymore. My most recent experience, was in Castlerock, Colorado. I went with a couple of people on a Monday, around 5 weeks ago, I ordered some egg whites with my meal, and I had eaten half of them, then I decided to look through the other half, and their was a black piece of hair in between the egg whites, I did not finish my meal.

  215. Twice I have visited your Madison St. Location in Clarksville, TN. Both visits were disappointing, beginning with a less than enthusiastic welcome and extremely slow service from the kitchen. My waitress did her best, but when my breakfast finally arrived, it was already cooling. There were very few customers present__ I wonder how long it would take the kitchen staff to get the orders out if the dining room were close to capacity.

    While this will not prevent my trying other IHOP locations, I will never go back to the Madison St location.

  216. IHOP store 36-215 at Hialeah Fl.

    POS 2151 Elizabeth Chk No 1247

    This store never gives back correct change, I was told that they were trained not to give back coin change at all. This is not good business practice. I thought that the first few times it was an oversight until Inactially asked for my coin change back. I will take my business to Denny’s from now on.

    They don’t have cash registers and make change from pants pockets.

    Please address this matter at once or you are looking at a law suit soon.

    receipt # 51/6427

  217. Finally an ihop in Walterboro South Carolina waited to try it out til 3rd week after opening went mid day 3 pm 10 customers in entire restaurant ordered omelets eggs were scorched dried out ,did not complain what’s the use , typical . Very disappointed

  218. Store #5457 in Branson, Missouri. Service sucked. We had to ask for the manager, to find out why we had not gotten our food yet. It took awhile for the waitress to find him. Then took another 10-15 minutes before he ever cane to ask us how he could help us. All in all we finally got our food 1 hour after entering this ihop. We will NOT go back.

  219. I was very disappointed last night when I went to the IHOP near my house. It is on FM 78, San Antonio, TX. It was about 6 pm, when I first walked in no one was there to greet me. I saw three tables with families. It was about 2-3 minutes before someone came over to see what I wanted. I asked for a table and normally when not busy they will seat me at a regular booth. Last night they took me to a small one. It took awhile for the server to take my order (she only had one table and me); the other server by now had a third table (now a total of 4 families and myself). I ordered a Diet Pepsi because they did not have Coke Zero or Diet Coke. She brought me a Dr Pepper. I ordered the Turkey dinner and when she brought it I told her it was missing the loganberry sauce. I told the server she went in the kitchen and I never saw her again. She never came back to check on my drink or to see how I was doing. I work in a restaurant part time and as a server I always check back with all my customers checking on drinks, how the meals is going and if they need anything else. Normally the service is good, maybe she was new but to just ignore me, and not even bring the missing sauce just very poor service. Did not see a manager/supervisor. All servers should be trained on the menu and what comes with each meal. Where I work we are all trained that way and nothing leaves the kitchen it it is not platted correctly (to include sauces that go with each meal). Just very disappointed.

  220. I was at my local IHOP Newark, NJ Bergen Street. I wanted to celebrate in the 58 cent pancakes however the wait was more than one hour and it seemed to be extremely short staffed which would be okay however although you were in the door before 7:00pm. I requested the manager Elsa sit me and my two sons next because we were not going to be eligible for the pancakes and she refused. I don’t think this was a rational move to make because I didn’t want the promotion do why should I have to wait behind those who did. I was super excited about this IHOP because they serve beef bacon and because I am Muslim this is a plus, also it’s located around the corner from a Mosque.

  221. Had a terrible experience at ihop in Waite Park, MN. Ordered turkey dinner and served without gravy or dressing. Told they were out. Provided no silverware. Will not go back for any meal but breakfast again.

  222. I just completed a survey from me recent visit to IHOP Pgh. I did not do it to get anything free but wanted to tell management what the issue was. I was not asked for my name, phone number for someone to call and respond to my complaint. You folks need to get better in customer communication. My complaint was we were up charged for what we were substituting (not told) and then the pancakes (2) were small with the top one hiding a tiny one underneath. This is not how you get return customers. Very disappointed

  223. Ihop on Forman dr. Va. Beach va.
    Can never get my food correct, I think it’s really sad I have 2 drive 15min to an ihop up the road when I have a ihop location 2min away…

  224. Fui a desayunar al ihop 8555 vesper ave salio d e abajo de la Mesa una cucaracha asquerosa y se metio en la pared y la manager solo dice nunca a pasado y ya q clase de disculpa es esa y el asco q llevo q lo ciento pero mi visita no fue nada agradable

  225. Ihop, SE, DC
    Poor management. GM sells weed, makes cook come in & work 14-15 hour days. No raises, pays cash once a week to come in. Never let cook leave on time.
    Cooks come in to work smelling, poor hygiene from employees.

  226. Open Letter to IHOP: I can see now why many of your restaurants are empty. The first thing I saw when I looked at my pancakes was a hair cooked into the top pancake. My coke was watered down and was undrinkable. IHOP Store #2110, Athens AL. My family was able to eat their food. However, could not drink their watered down cokes. I detected “suspicion” on the manager’s face after I POLITELY returned my order. My husband is in management for a 61 billion dollar corporation. I resent being treated as if I am a low class white trash customer. EVERYONE should be treated WELL. I like IHOP’s pancakes. We have no problems, in fact quite the opposite, at the IHOP’s in Indianapolis.

  227. Thank you, IHOP, for listening.
    From: One Million Moms
    IHOP’s advertising on “Impastor” has been pulled.
    IHOP has responded to our concerns and issued this response:
    “We are no longer advertising on Impastor. Thank you for sharing your concern and we hope you & your family dine at IHOP in the near future.”

    IHOP has been thanked on your behalf. No further action is needed, but you can keep their decision in mind when your family dines out.
    Again, thank you, ladies & gentlemen of IHOP for hearing the concern of the public. I’ve always liked IHOP … great food and excellent service. And now, knowing that the values of IHOP are genuinely family oriented, I like IHOP even more. I will make sure all my family and friends know how truly good IHOP really is. Thank you very much for your concern & attention.
    — Rich Brown
    — Americus, GA

  228. my meal was very nasty I had chicken fried steak told waitress and she said oh sorry would u like a container for that no I replied this is nasty now what makes you think its going to be better when I take it home lol. really spoke to manager about experience coldly she asked why didn’t I send it back I told her I was never offered that I was offered a container and given my bill 28.00$ down the drain and then I asked her for a customer complaint number she told me it was on my receipt which end up being a number of ratings for food but did not get to speak to a rep in reference to the awful food and hospitality never again!

  229. Poor service at Covington ga location today! Manager never resolved issue of our food never being received even after over 45 minute wait! Waitress wouldn’t respond to us ! Why order food and be totally ignored as a customer waiting to eat!! Several customers left with no service given.please oversee their operations at this location! Signed very disappointed customer:-(

  230. We dined in on 6/25/17 at the Ihop in Chillicothe Ohio, it was horrible. It took and hour to get our food, when we did finally get it, it was wrong and cold. When we asked the server about the wait she said it was the kitchen that they were mad and back there yelling because they were busy. It was a little busy but there were a lot of empty seats open. We had to ask the server to get us refills. Obviously our food was cold because it had been setting, at one point my husband saw food setting and there was no staff on the floor, assuming they were probably on a smoke break. When we brought up the issues to the server she said she would talk to the manager. She came back and he gave us $9 off the bill which really doesn’t cut it because our meal was $48.00. The manager never came to our table to address it or apologize which is unprofessional.Upon leaving right outside the kitchen staff was smoking and the manager, while other people were still waiting on their food! This is very unprofessional and gross they need a different area to smoke in. We work very hard for our money and it is a treat to take my kids to dinner. This is usually our go to restaurant, not anymore. We are very dissatisfied.

  231. I saw a manager and server kissing at the Davis blvd location in Naples Florida. I spoke with the gm and apparently she knew this is going on. I just wonder how the other employees feel about this. Very unprofessional.

  232. The new IHOP in the Loves truck stop on Circleville,Ohio Is a disaster I don’t think food should be served as a fast food .this is not the type of service or way to serve.My experience was bad the counter was full of food getting cold no one taking it out to the tables we waited 20 mins diced to leave too they had to stop orders taking a long time. Like I said not a good way to serve this type of food…4 people walked out while I was there need to get waitress make a bar counter . very bad idea of how to serve your food. they were not busy. 4or5 people at tables waiting for there food….BAD BAD IDEA…THANKS

  233. This was my first visit to IHOP. I went to Arlington Rd in Akron OH. First the waitress set a cup of hot coffee in front of a 2 yr old, who promptly picked it up and spilled it, burning himself. She did not even bring us a rag to wipe the mess. My granddaughter cleaned it up with napkins on the table. The waitress left the soggy napkins on the table for the entire meal. The food was not cooked properly. Sent it back and got the exact same thing again. Overall, the service and attitude of staff was terrible. If it was a businessman I think it would have been handled differently. I think when they saw an elderly woman and a mother with 3 kids they thought they were not going to get tipped and treated us accordingly. I will never go to another IHOP. I have never had such poor service and attitude in my life.

  234. I go to the Ihop in Kokomo Indiana. The service is really bad and I just paid another visit there on Wednesday Oct. 25th and there was a waiter in there that was excellent and was hoping you would make him a manager to straighten the place out. I don’t want to lose the restaurant. I have set in there for 20 minutes and never been waited on. I can’t tell you how bad it is and just wanted to give it another try on Oct. 25th and he went far and beyond of waiting on customers. If you have bad service people won’t come back no matter how the food is. His name is Derrick. I know he would be a good manager and he told me he was a manager before.. Please don’t lose him as a server

  235. I had the red white and blue pancakes free for vets today at your location in Lexington SC. ( store # 3184 ) I want to commend the manager and staff for the outstanding meal and service! The location was packed with veterans but they were fully staffed and every thing was perfect.

  236. Very disappointed to hear that IHOP has made the decision to pull advertising off the Hannity show on fox. You have lost a customer for life unless you change your mind. This is so ridiculous that a leftist funded group can convince a company to pull advertising. What about all the Liberal left shows who have said and done much worse. Are you pulling advertising from them. I am sure this will hurt your company. Consumers are not putting up with these companies decisions. Look at the NFL it is falling apart.

  237. Been wanting to have the Cheesecake stuffed French toast ever since I saw the 1st commercial. Came to have breakfast at the Benton Harbor MI restaurant this morning & they were all sold out! The waitress said all the restaurants have been sold & this was the 2nd time. They had trouble getting the bread in! Such a disappointment!!

  238. We had breakfast at the IHOP in North Charleston at the Tanger Mall. The restaraunt’s tables were half empty yet individuals, along with our family, were made to wait 20 minutes before being seated. The young lady seating folks seemed disoriented and not sure of what she was doing. There were many groups that got tired of waiting and walked out. Then when we sat down, our drinks were served in dirty glasses and our food was served cold. My husband said it was his last trip to IHOP. Sadly, it is our daughter’s favorite place to eat. Just felt the need to inform someone that this location has some major issues.

  239. I ate at IHOP 494 yesterday in Statesville, NC. My server was George M. He was efficient and did a wonderful job making sure my wife and I had everything we needed. The food was fine, but the service was what I found to be worthy.

  240. I went to the I Hop on Westover terr in Greensboro, NC and I was so dissatisfied the service was HORRIBLE, the food was ice cold no server came over we sat for awhile then the food came out and it was cold, the restaurant was empty. The wait staff huddle and talked among themselves some were on their phones. You heard arguing in the kitchen area. Nothing was done no one came over and asked if the food was ok no refills of coffee. This location stinks. Its in serious need of help or mgmt. I will be sure to tell my friends not to go there they can be better off someplace else.

  241. Went for breakfast at the IHOP in Charlotte near I485 and prosperity church. To start with there was many tables open and not seating anyone. Many people got up from their tables and walked out before ordering. Also they had all you can eat pancakes advertised on the window but would not honor it. This restaurant has been very slow the last few times I have been there. Not sure if they are that understaffed or that the staff is that bad. I will not be going back to this location anymore. Something needs to be done because IHOP lost a lot of business just in the time we were there. Not good

  242. On December 6, 2017 I went to IHOP in Lansing, Illinois for breakfast. I paid for the bill with a card. After paying the bill, I didn’t think anymore about it. I figured the business transaction was settled and cleared. I found out later that the bill did not clear until January 29, 2018. IHOP had not fully sent the transaction through. Unfortunately, I had assumed that IHOP would make sure that the funds would be collected, paid, and cleared within 3 to 4 days of the actual transaction. This transaction resulted in a $ 34.00 NSF fee that I was responsible for. A lesson was learned that IHOP does not conduct business transactions in an organized, timely manner and to check your transactions regularly. On that day as I was leaving out of the restaurant I saw stacks of receipts left on the counter. I should have known something was wrong then. In addition, when the brown sugar was brought to the table, there was hair in it. I did speak to the manager regarding it. The manager apologized and said she would check to see if the workers in the back had on hairnets.

  243. February 19th, 2017 Visited the IHop in Gainesville, Va. today to have breakfast with my daughter. We had fasting appts. that morning with nothing to eat. It is around noon time. We were sat in a booth rather quickly and host took our drink order which was two waters and one coffee. We were brought one water and two coffees. We then had our order taken by a waiter with a very bad attitude we said “Thank you” and got no response back. After waiting 30 minutes and being told that our order would come out soon we decided to leave. I had just drank one cup of coffee. I went up to the desk and the host was going to charge me for the coffee even though I had explained that I was leaving and never got our food. At that point, I asked to speak top the Manager. I was told the Manager was cooking in the kitchen. At that point I left, only to have the hostess come into the parking lot and tell me the Manager was available now. I went back inside and still no Manager. I started to leave when the Manager comes out of the kitchen. I told him what happen and he states well your food is ready now. I told him that the was the second time that this had happen to us at his facility and that it was just unacceptable. I would never go back to this IHOP ever. The cups & dishes are dirty as well.

  244. My family has stopped at the Millington Tennessee IHOP within the last 3 years 2 times heading to Memphis airport back to Dyersburg Tn.

    Both times we have had the worse service and we will never stop there again. This time was on 2/18/18 Sunday when we were headed back to airport with my cousin and it took the waiter 20 minutes to even come to our table and that was after I asked another associate.
    So he came to our table finally and then he couldn’t find a ink pen that worked to take our order. So he leaves to get another pen and after 10 minutes he comes back and says Im so sorry we are short handed. After ordering our food it came out soggy, bacon not cooked the way we asked the second time and I even got our own ketchup and slat and pepper because no-one was paying us attention at all. Even tho there were several employees on their cell phones or in the bathroom.
    I don’t know who manages this one but OMG it has to be taken care of.

  245. National free pancake day couldn’t have been better!! My family and i had the best service ever from Courtney!! She really went above and beyond and was a breath of fresh air literally. While i seen and heard a lot of other unhappy waitresses complaining that they were not making any money Courtney was all smiles. And made sure my family and I left with all smiles.she will always be my go to waitress for now on!!!

  246. We had a party of 6 on March 3, 2018 at the Springfield, Ohio Ihop. This was my 2nd time going to the restaurant. Our first time was not good but this 2nd time was just AWFUL! WE waited about 20 minutes before a waitress came to our table and got our drink order. Then she proceeded to take our food order which was a disaster. When we ask about the side orders she told us they did not have side salads, no soups and no fruits. The only sides were corn and broccoli besides a French fries or onion rings. I also had to ask twice for my mom’s coffee which she said she was making and was taking app 20 minutes. We had 2 older ladies at our table drinking coffee. She finally got our order. We sat for app 25 min and here she comes to the table with 3 orders. Three people got to start eating. After app 5 minutes the next 3 came out but lacking ranch dressing for the wraps. When we ask she said we didn’t ask for them which we did. We also ask for extra napkins which we never got until after our meal. As far as our food taste? It was TERRIBLE. I believe Waffle House has IHOP beat! Cold food is just not worth going for. One lady got pancakes and The butter would not go on for the reason the pancake was completely cold. We did tell the waitress and she took it took and microwaved it to the point of it was so rubbery she could not even cut it. Everyone that we have spoke with has had the same problem. Bad food and bad service. This is a restaurant that we will not be returning to. I have been to the Beavercreek,ohio Ihop and it is great!

  247. I recently retired and was given a $25 gift certificate for our local IHOP. My husband and I visited the one on John Hawkins Parkway, Bham, AL last night and it was not a good experience. He had the 3-egg b’fast and I chose one of the salads with the avocado and fried chicken pieces. I specifically asked the waiter if it looked like the pic on the menu – he assured me it did…..oh how wrong he was. The chicken was bite-size pieces (highly over-cooked) and there was NO avocado…when I asked the waiter about the missing avocado, he brought back 3-4 “slivers” of avocado and told me the “manager” said all I was to get was 1/3 fan avocado…I would have hated to see the entire avocado. Trust me, we will never visit that IHOP again, let alone any other IHOP restaurant. There is one location 5 minutes from our home but we had to stop going there 5 years ago and were having to drive 10 miles from home to get to one. Our dinner came to a total of $28 and we used our $25 gift card………as for the server, he was ok, but your manager NEVER stopped by our table to see of we were having a problem.

  248. My husband and I were at the ihop in Brockton ma and sat for 30min before anyone came to greet us very poor service ! Others came in after us and were served !

  249. We stopped into ihop this morning. We were seated about 915 am. Sat for about 30 min and no one came to our table, finally someone that cleans tables and seats customers took our order. sat for 35 min and nothing, it was like we were not there. after over an hour nothing so we walked out and will not return.

  250. 3 VISIT each one very bad. I use to go to I HOP in Reno all the time, and enjoyed my meals, but not at the one in Helena, Mt. I moved her to Mt and in Oct was piut shopping, stopped in for Lunch, the waitress and cook were shouting at each other, she took my order for a hamburger, came back and said they were out of hamburger. so we got up and left. Last of Feb. I tired again, I had a very early apt, after I wanted breakfast , so I stop in and order ham & eggs, I got two postage stamp pieces of ham, my eggs were so hard to could hurt someone if you thru them. So this last time Mar 22, ordered a veg omelet, wow looked at is was scraped off the floor, spinach gooy, cheese just place then microwaved. Someone needs to instruct these cooks in Helena, how to cook. So that is my last time. They can fix pancakes, because you have that all fix for them and that is hard to mess up. Every time I have been in there only been a few people in the place. Someone from corp. office needs to train, and get this place back up to I HOP standards.

  251. Store # 1385 need serious cleaning. the other IHOP’s I have eaten in have been clean as a pin. this one to put it nicely is nasty. It even smells bad. The carpet is nasty.

  252. Our 3rd visit to the new IHOP in Rosenberg, Texas and it was a disaster. We were seated next to a table of eight, who were just leaving. That large table remained filthy the entire time we were there. The Manager must have walked by that mess at least a dozen times but did nothing. Then my husband’s meal was served with hair on his plate!. It was Easter Sunday so I understand they were a little busy but the experience was so bad that I am not sure we will return. Our server was Majesty and she was good.

  253. We had a coupon from our Sunday paper for a free meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We had 2 meals from the senior menu. When we presented the coupon the manager/waitress told us the coupon was not valid for senior meals. We can’t find anything on the coupon that states that stipulation. This was at the IHOP in Dodge City, KS. Is she correct?J

  254. Good Morning…I just wanted to express my disappointment in the breakfast we just had at the Culpeper, Virginia IHOP. Whenever I eat at IHOP I always order the same thing the Colorado Omelette. I went to IHOP with 2 co-workers and we all ordered the same thing; when we received the omelette’s we noticed there was nothing except for a little bit of cheese and a sprinkling of green peppers on the inside of the omelette’s. When I mentioned this to the waitress she said that maybe the cook didn’t know that the stuff was suppose to go inside the omelette and next time we come in to let her know that we want it on the inside. If you look at the picture on the menu it shows the stuff on the inside and on top. I did take pictures of my omelette showing basically eggs with some meat toppings.

  255. We have probably eaten our last meal at IHOP in Sequim, WA. After several visits we have said no more. It takes way too long to get basic service…coffee, water, order taken. Food takes too long and isn’t hot when it finally arrives. The server never comes back to check on us or fills our water or coffee. They don’t even bring the bill in a timely manner. One time we finally got up and went to the lobby area hoping they would see us and bring our bill. We had to wait forever still. When I mentioned to our server that they needed more help she said we just came at peak time. Her sales were down too much as it is so she didn’t want more help. (She can’t possibly be getting good tips the way things are) If they recognize when peak time is then they need to staff it accordingly to give customers good service. It is disappointing to us. We like the menu at IHOP but our experiences there have turned us away from this store.

  256. I am a long time customer of IHOP on West Sahara here in Las Vegas. This time since I was shopping at Wal Mart I had breakfast at your Fort Apache branch. I eat the same breakfast every time I eat at an IHOP. This time, however, it was brought to me on a child’s plate. The bacon was hanging about 2″ off of the plate, the egg was on the very edge of the plate and there was no room at all to mix the potatoes! I brought it to the attention of a waiter who was passing by and all he said was, “I’m terribly sorry” three times, yet he never suggested giving me a larger plate since I hadn’t begun as yet to eat. I sat there doing the best I could do until I began to get angry. I asked to see a supervisor at which time she came over and also apologized. When I asked her why I got the child’s plate, she asked me if I had ordered from the senior menu at which time I said, Yes, I had, then she said oh that is why you got the smaller plate. Now we put the senior orders on that size plate. You know, we are seniors, not stupid old people. We know that the senior menu is a smaller amount to eat, and we also know we should have the respect of you people to serve us a large enough plate on which to move things around if need be. I might make a suggestion if I may. Either put it on a circular dinner plate rather than the oblong plate, or make a note on your senior menu that “These meals are now being served on child’s plates”.

    I will continue to eat at my West Sahara store from now on as they have enough respect for me and my age not to serve when the bacon is 2″ hanging off the side of the plate!

    Patsy Little
    Las Vegas (A proud old lady)

  257. On May 13th, I stopped to eat at the IHOP in Hoover AL during a road trip across the country. It was a strange experience, as I ordered the BLT WITH avocado and it came minus the avocado. It was a good 10 minutes before the server finally came back (must have been doing side work in the kitchen) and my husband was already done with his meal. I told her the sandwich was missing the avocado. She took it back to the kitchen and when she returned with the remade sandwich, she mentioned that the cook said he swore he put the avocado on the sandwich the first time. Are they really accusing me of eating the avocado off the sandwich and then sending it back? Really? I think what is more likely is that that particular location is trying to save on food costs and purposely left it off hoping than no one would notice.

  258. Your name should be International House of Proposal that will spark people’s interest in what you have to eat.

  259. IHOP becoming IHOB? Is this a joke? I travel to IHOP to have breakfast with pancakes, not burgers. I do not need another dime-a-dozen burger shop. A horrible decision by a Board that cannot pass a GED. I shall now go elsewhere for BREAKFAST.

  260. I was in one of your stores at BelAir, Maryland 21014. The manager at the time was Brooke around 7 p.m. with my father for fathers day. She was obviously under the influence of some type of drugs. So I went to the bathroom right after her. Same stall all, and there was dust on the sanitary box . Then I went back to the table to finish my dinner with my father and she was falling asleep standing up. I feel like this needs to be addressed. I would like to know how you run your store with a employee who is under the influence. I am a store manager and I know this is unacceptable

  261. Tucson, AZ services their food cold! The gravy on top on of the chicken, and eggs were cold. We asked the cook to remake our hash browns because they were burnt on top and not cooked underneath and he refused. We ordered a turkey wrap and received a turkey club. The only hot item was the coffee and pancakes. This was not at all Arturo’s fault which was our server who was more frustrated than us. We had to get our own ketchup after asking 3 times. The manager wasn’t very sorry as she offered to give us a discount. Is she going to give us a discount on toilet paper when we get diarrhea? Probably not! So we told her to comp the whole meal. Then she said again that she would discount us. The place was not full with people. Now I know why. We left this IHOP, 7/14/18, 2:45am very disappointed and will NEVER go back again!! Next time Waffle House here we come.

  262. from mr todd byrnes hi how are you doing im doing fine im fileing multiply complaints about no 3 road Richmond bc as a employee .I was fired from ihop a s a employee by Kelly and bruian and I have a disability medical disability of battleing my depression and you cannot fire me when I have disability medical conditions and I want my job back else where as a parttime dishwasher working else where 15 to 17 houers a week .and im not happy with ihop and I went to employment law lawyer and ihop Richmond is wrong of my fireing no written notice and no phone call im fired and mi want to work else where and where im going to be treated properly with m a handycaped disability and a permament disability and I deserve to be treated better .a nd I want transferred to another ihop as a dishwasher and I want apolgies and I filed a labor code complaint with employment stanards branch .and im entiled to damages and temateion pay and my holiday pay and ihop never apolized to me and this has benn mishandled by ihop and same with my ireing has been mishandled and I wont talk to Kelly or brian Richmond location .so im file multiply complaints with ihop headoffice m[r todd byrnes and not happy with ihop Richmond and no 3 road

  263. This morning, the IHOP in Olney MD 20832 wasted my time and caused me being late for work due to their manager being inresponsive regarding clarifying the matter of today’s 60 cents Short Stack promotion. The promotion in itself does clearly inform the consumer of the restrictions. And at this location the employees were not sure about the restrictions, so this morning they took too long to figure it out. I am very unhappy with the IHop service today and this experience will not be forgotten. Your managers need to be more responsive to the customer and their employees need to give out accurate information.

  264. IHOP #4690 – Server 999102 Kelsey D Date: 07/17/18 Chk#7545

    I went to IHOP with my cousin, daughter in law and her daughter, there were four of us. There was an ad on the table that they are serving $0.60 hotcakes for their 60th anniversary – we all got excited and decided we will add hotcakes to our order. My cousin and I (we are both seniors) ordered from the 55+plus, my daughter in law from the regular menu and my grand kid from the kid’s meal.

    The server told us that she will have to ask the manager if we can order the $0.60 pancakes since we ordered from the DISCOUNTED menu (with an attitude – stressing the word “DISCOUNTED”). I asked, “What if I only came for the pancakes, will that be allowed?” Anyway, she served us the pancakes.

    At the end of our meal three of us had left over food and pancakes. We stacked our left over and the left over pancakes together for easy take out. The server told us that if we did not touch our food – WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE HOME OUR LEFT OVER. We nicely told her that the pancake stack is everybody’s left over.

    When she handed the bill, we asked for containers for our left over, again she said NO TAKE OUT ALLOWED. We did not want to make a scene and cause attention – I told her that we paid for the food, we will bring home our left overs and to please just bring containers – it was obvious that she was not happy when she dumped the containers on our table.

    Is this the way at IHOP? or only this server 9999102 KELSEY D? Jjust need to go back to Training 101 not to discriminate age. I felt that she was just making her own rules. She does not belong to any IHOP restaurant with this kind of behavior.
    No tip for her bad attitude.

  265. We went to the International drive one in Orlando. We were seated and it wasn’t crowded. We ordered an appetizer sampler along with our regular meals so we would at least get the appetizer first. Two other families sat down after us… and got their food, mind you we still hadn’t gotten ANY of ours. We waited an hour and still nothing! No one came over to explain or anything. The other two families also ordered appetizer samplers which they got. I complained and the waitress said it’s coming it’s almost done…. My husband went to speak with the manager because we already had drinks but we had told the waitress we no longer wanted the food. She kept trying to get us to wait but we told her no. The manager didn’t charge us for the drinks but didn’t come around from behind the kitchen to speak with us, nor were we given an apology. I am also going to file a complaint with the corporate office if one exists. Worst experience ever!!!

  266. I visited your Exton location this Sunday the 5th. Our bill was $46. My card was supposed to be charged $15 and my friends card was supposed to be charged $31. I noticed that my account was charged $15 and $31 my friend also got charged $31. I called the restaurant after and the lady said she knew it happened and that it should drop off the next day. The $15 charge dropped off the next day when the $31 charge was the one that was supposed to. So I called AGAIN and they said they would look into it. So today I checked my account and I got charged $46. The entire bill went on my card. I don’t understand what is so complicated about this, I have now called three times and nobody seems to be able to get this situated. This is very inconvienent and I have been told it would be fixed three times now and it hasn’t.

  267. Ihop#3257 833 canal st. 70112 server#48
    Check#8724 ,tbl14/1 10/06/18 7:56am
    Ordered breakfast sampler did not recieve pancakes unit food was completed for at least 5-10 min. It was ordered with bananas in and on top as it always is offered and was offered this time. I was served with only 2 slices of banana in pancakes . I complained after i was charged 2.50 extra. No one should have to complain about quality after poor performance of time by the kitchen. The waitress had to offer to pay out of her pocket. (VERY ADMIRABLE BUT NOT ACCEPTED) For the price of breakfast in IHOP it should be a pleasant experiance. Managements lack of demand for quality from staff seems to be what flaws your business. Aleast From my experiance in multible locations over the past few yrs. Limiting my desire to even con sider Ihop as a dinning experiance as it was in prior years.

  268. We used to use the iHop in Murfreesboro Road in Franklin, TN. The service is soooo bad we and many others stopped going there. You can’t get seated, then you can’t get waited in and to-go orders are a disaster. Nothing is right. Can’t even get butter or the right syrup never mind the right food. We tried to phone in a to-go order today and gave up after phoning five times with no answer. This place is a disaster. Please mystery shop them and get some new management.

  269. just did the guest survey not sure if I will actually be contacted// first I love IHOp and have contacted you in a positive way before today was different// Yes My husband Army Vet got the freebie you generously gave Vets / but I felt the whole time I as a customer was not valued at all/ when others we were seated after us got similar type food ate and left before we got our order was like what never had that happen before/ had to ask several times for brown sugar for my grits// I know they were very busy

  270. Never in my life had I ever had such a disgusting experience in my life as I had on november 22,2018. The location was the Rosenberg, texas store on Reading road.

    I have emailed three times and called twice and to this day have received no response.



    • I will never eat at your trashy restaurant ever again.
      Your food is awful.
      The service really sucks.
      And now that you are refusing to have your commercials on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox,you will be boycotted.
      The story about this has already gone viral.
      You do know that can ruin your business,right.
      You will lose business over your decisions.

  271. I will never eat at your restaurant again for the boneheaded decision to pull advertising from Tucker Carlson. You will regret your actions.

  272. I am a Food Inspector for the federal Government, and we have about 14 Dining Facility on the military Base. I inspect food codes, and sanitation.
    I took my wife to one of your location after we return from a late flight at 1200am on 12/26/2018 at:

    10622 Culebra Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 521-1225

    That restaurant is disgusting, and it smell like mold. Customer service was terrible, I order an omelet (Colorado) it was over cook, and I refused to eat it, the meat was cut in large chunks, jalapeno was in whole pieces, cheese was so hard you could not pull it apart. I ask the waiter for hot sauce, and he gave me a large dirty bottle without the top on it (Tabasco) How profession that was. My wife bacon was raw, and cold, it appeared that it was under cooked. Her food was terrible also. I thought food supposed to be 135 degree and above serving to customers.
    I could not believe what I have experience that night at IHOP from observing all of you guys commercial. I will contact the state, and reach out to someone to have that place inspected, because they are not following the Food Code, and sanitation is terrible. I will never go to another IHOP again, and it only 3 miles from my house.

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