Contact HUD Customer Service

Contacting HUD Customer Service Center

HUD, also known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development, provides shelter assistance and home-buying aid for low-income or income-qualified US residents. The main HUD website can help navigate the visitor to the correct information for a specific locality where application must be made for service. HUD operates on a federal level, but all money is based on local income limits and need.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main phone number for HUD customer service connects the caller with the office in Washington, DC. This number will NOT help you apply for local HUD assistance, but if there is a problem on a local level this agency may be able to help.

  • HUD – Main Office: 1-202-708-1112
  • HUD – Main Office (TTY): 1-202-708-1455

There are various programs operating under the HUD umbrella. Here are some of the (800) numbers for these programs.

  • FHA Resources: 1-800-225-5342
  • Housing Counseling: 1-800-569-4287
  • Fair Housing Information: 1-800-767-7468
  • Community Improvement: 1-800-998-9999
  • Housing Discrimination: 1-800-669-9777
  • Native American Programs: 1-800-735-3239
  • Policies and Research: 1-800-245-2691
  • Directives: 1-800-767-7468
  • Fraud: 1-800-347-3735
  • HUD Business Partners Support Center: 1-800-697-6967

Mailing Address

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th St. SW
Washington, DC 20410

Official Website

The official website for HUD is This site links the consumer to HUD programs, but all programs are operated on a local level. HUD does a great job of describing the programs and helping consumers connect with local agencies. There is quite a lot of detailed information about program qualifications on the official website.

HUD is one of the government departments that operates social media sites and pages for customer support. You can visit the Facebook or Twitter page for more information and news updates.

Customer Service Email

We were unable to find an email address or contact form for HUD. You can use the Facebook and Twitter pages listed above to ask questions or find the contact website for your local HUD office to reach them by email. There are thousands of local HUD offices in the United States.

Our Experience

The HUD customer service line does not allow you to press 0 to transfer the call to a customer service department. If you press 0 your call will be disconnected immediately. You will need a touchtone phone to complete your call. If you do not have a touchtone phone call 1-202-401-0388. You must choose one of the nine options or your call will be disconnected. We were unable to reach a customer service agent on the day we called.

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24 Comments on “Contact HUD Customer Service
  1. I have to file a complaint about the west Chester office in Pa.
    I have tried to call my case worker 40 times in the past 4 days and she has not answered my calls or returned my calls. My housing voucher is up for re-instatement and I had to get a friend to take me over there to deliver the paper work because the so called fax number did not work!!! We went into the office and no one wanted to see me or answer my questions so I did leave my paper work so I can get my renewal. Both of the case workers are horrible to not see me. They were there but they are not doing there jobs!! They really do not give a damn about anything. Someone needs to look into this – why people like this are not doing there jobs. Thanks

  2. I am trying to get in tough with HUD regarding another unfair increase from he housing authority. I am a senior with multiple disabilities: congestive heart failure exacerbation, crippled with scoliosis, have spinal stenosis, colitis, diabetes, hypertension, nerve damage and I have very serious financial problems and need to talk to someone in HUD about these unfair rent increases and monies I just do not have. The people at the housing authority treat me so terribly that there is no point in trying to talk to them any more, so I am trying to get in touch with HUD. I have not been able to get through to HUD as their fax number does not work and their emails do not work. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

  3. Dear “HUD Customer Service”
    my concern are a bout our safety,a House Such as ours should have a back doors, and we don’t to me it unsafe because of our disability we will not be able to climb out of that back window, if a fire start in the kitchen, and our bed room is in the back, i have an iron rod from my right hip down to my right ankle, and a torn ligament,with bone rubbing against bone, in my left knee. and a bad spine, with congestive heart failure, i love where i am at,and i don’t want to move, i just want changes, so i will feel safe, we need storm doors, so we can see the “Snakes” before they see us,and other animals. in fount of our door. there are other organization who will add the doors on to our building and it will not cost you _HUD, and it will not cost us,Tenants, not one dime , they also build car -port professional for our community fellowship.that we can sit out side, will you please respond to this comment. thank you Edna Jones

  4. Gentleman,

    your sites seem to be well organizeed, but heaven help those who want to get specific info or just a plain # to your customer Service center.

    Why cant you just put out a clear specific customer service number in bold letters, so those wanting to talk to one of your able reps, can do so with out getting ulcers trying to find the right number.

    Thank you.TO.

  5. Is have an issue with the apartments in Tulsa Oklahoma. My daughter has an apartment out there and it’s a two bedroom.I have her kids the apartments know this she has destroyed the apartments and another Peron resident so then they send me a papers to fill out why is she still in this apartment please tell me I see lots of rules broken.My phone number is 918-402-1697 and they have a copy of the paperwork.

  6. I am trying to reach HUD to make a complaint about bed bugs in the building I live in and I am getting nowhere fast. I have made many phone calls and just get another phone number to call. I am TIRED of living with bed bugs. The exterminator comes out and finds the bugs and then we have to wait weeks before they come back, in the meantime we are living with the bugs which are multiplying very quickly. I can’t reach anyone to file a complaint. This is totally CRAZY and not fair.

  7. im now homeless because,i was evicted a week after I paid my daughter $300,for aug 2017,she got mad because I refuse to babysit her 3 kids,i had lights in my name and I receive $735.00 a month

  8. these issues need to be looked in too asap. building 15 has a lot of water under building coming out on lawn area and side walk. Blackburn comes out but there not fixing the issue fast enough this has been going on for months. we have a safety issue there is this young man who is trying to get in too apartments he stoled a ladys purse right out of her apartment she did call the cops this happen these past Friday. when you come out to do your inspections you all need to pick the apartments cause this manager picks the ones that don’t have many problems. there is another issue with a lady in building 15, she lives in 15 b she has called fire department there was no fire false call. she called and did not find anything wrong her yard is a mess she has stoled from residents yards police said we have to have prove but she does it really late at night when everyone is sleeping. she throws trash around in her yard manager says nothing, but manager is singled out one resident about her yard and tells her to get rid of her things and clean it up, but does nothing to the lady in 15b I don’t think it is fair, there are a few people out here that have a lot of stuff in yard and manager says nothing we feel she is picking favorites. both manager and assistant manager are not at all friendly they don’t aknowledge you when you walk in office they are very cold. and I want to know why some residents get two pets and when my family member asked if she could get her pet a friend manager said no. but there are others who have 2 pets and those who just passed away had 3 or 4 pets in one apartment why is she pick favorites. please help us . we deserve to be happy and safe.

  9. I needed to talk to someone about our local HUD office. They ok’d a requested rent increase in which ALL of the increase has been passed on to me. Needless to say, I can’t afford a $79 increase and will be homeless(thanks to HUD) on March 1st. This is the time of year(winter) when no one is moving so there won’t be anything available until late Spring/Summer. I think that if HUD ok’s a rent increase then they should absorb at least some of the increase. Forcing a 64 year old medically disabled person to live on the streets(I don’t have a car to move into like a couple of other tenants in our senior apartments) in the middle of winter is inhumane..

  10. I saw a work from home job with HUD for processed Government fliers and be PAID UP-FRONT, handling sensitive government information, fliers and mailings regarding located property owners who are overdue a refund from the U.S. Treasury. Completed mail will be forwarded to U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.
    I am retired, 19 yrs Fed Gov service, Letterkenny & USASAC, New Cumberland, PA (secret clearance). I desire work from home and am willing to help with this project.

  11. I can never get any live person to talk with concernning, my complaint I field back in July 2017 it was sent to the HUD office on Philadelphia,PA, Case . From there it was sent to State of Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.
    Both have done nothing but file paper work as my Civil Rights continue to get worse and my emotional state, is at the point that I have been diagnosed with Depression, on top of other other disabilities, bone, join disorder, and I have not been able to control some of my mood swings which I suffer with Bi Polar Disorder.
    As a result of not getting any
    type of assistance from HUD and State of Maryland the acts of discrimination continues, and the form of retaliation, bulliedind, not addressing my work order complaint, and bullied my the Manager and one of the Maintenance men.

  12. Detroit property tax home foreclosure crisis!

    Does anyone monitor what is done with the tarp funds designed to keep home owners in their homes….now is used for demolition?

    thousands applied for funds / denied….


  13. I am looking for a place i calhoun or dalton i am on disability i only make 735.00 a month i really nee s help dor a yall to help me. Please. Im looking for an apt or home. You helped my gramdma so i was hopin you would help me i have mental problems and hip replacement please help me get a place. My name is shannon page

  14. I mailed Snyder County HUD my SSI benefits starting February 14, 2018. I retired December 29, 2017. Without an Interim Reexamination from HUD they raised my rent February 1, 2018. After they finally did the Interim Reexamination it was lowered April 1, 2018 which it should have been lowered to in February 2018.

  15. We are trying to get a reverse mortgage and was told we had to do counseling. We set up an appointment with Quic Cert. Informing them we do not answer calls from people or telephone numbers we Do not know. I was told the call would be from their 888 number on last Thursday at 7:15 pm. By 7;30 We had not received a call from that number. So I called the 888 number and was told the session was cancel with no reason. I ask what number would the call have come from and was told the 888 number. I made an appointment for the next day at 7 pm and received the call on the 888 number for the counseling. The next day I received an email with the sign certificate and the bill for two sessions one being a missed session that I never received a call for. When I check my voice mail Thursday night after the missed calls I found three message from a 501 are which I deleted because I don’t know anyone with a 501 area telephone number. On Friday when we did the counseling session, we found out that Quic Cert was in Oklahoma. And the 501 called showed Oklahoma as it location. Which doesn’t mean you are calling from Oklahoma but that you have an Oklahoma telephone number. That why we were told not to answer calls from people or telephone numbers we Do not know. Therefore, we shouldn’t be charged for a session where the call was not made from the 888 number. Hopefully, you can get this corrected because Quic Cert is giving me a run around transferring my call from person to person and finally to a voicemail that never called back at least not on the 888 number.

  16. Hi My name is Kay Nation Iam looking for a phone number for the in Indy Indiana for the village apartment in Mt.Vernon Indiana. can you please help Thank You!

  17. my name is Cleveland Wright and would some information on this porperty in andrews s c 29510 this address is 501 S Farr Ave andrews s c 29510 i would know how i can buy it {843}344 5461

  18. I live at Eden Housing called Cambrian Center in San Jose California
    We have experienced nothing but problems with Hot Water.
    I have to boil water to wash my dishes to get grease off.
    I have to carry boiling water to bathtub for hot baths that have been ordered by my doctor for help with back (disk Damage) I have been told by management that have turned down Water heat because Hud housing said it would scald Seniors.
    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME? I am afraid I will hurt myself carrying boiling water to bath then I will have Big major concerns with HUD

  19. I have tried to find information about home repairs for seniors. My house is becoming unfit to live in and I cannot afford to pay for repairs. I tried to find my regional office but the only offices i can find is Pitts. and Phila. I contacted the Pitts. ooffice and they cannot help me. I am not in their region. I cannot find any help or information regarding my needs. Please help find information I need.


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