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Contacting Hoover Customer Service Center

Hoover is a brand of cleaning products with a storied history. The company began in the early 20thcentury out of necessity. One of the inventors of the product had a breathing condition and cleaning caused problems with his asthma. With a bit of tinkering and financial backing, the iconic brand began to hit the shelves of retailers across the country.

As rivals came and went, one thing remained the same; commitment to excellence. When customers have questions, Hoover has answers.

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Contact Info:

Hoover provides several ways to contact the customer service department. Customers can call, write, email or use social media I order to connect with the corporate offices or the customer service department.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm EST.

  • General customer service: 1-800-944-9200

Mailing Address

TTI Floor Care North America7005 Cochran RoadGlenwillow, OH 44139

Official Website

Customer should visit the official Hoover website to locate parts, learn about the applicable products such as carpet cleaners, vacuums, steam cleaners and air purifiers. You also have the ability to purchase new and clearance products on the main site. Customers needing detailed information relating to their product should review the Hoover Glossary of Terms  or visit the Customer Support page or the Hoover FAQs.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service team using the customer feedback form We addressed a common concern, availability of an inexpensive alternative. In particular, we wanted to find out if the company offered non-name brand alternative filters for Hoover products. The response generated stated a representative would respond as soon as possible. We are still awaiting a response. Although we cannot attest to the response time, customers can attempt to contact the customer service team through the following social media channels:

Our Experience

Customers should listen carefully to the applicable options on the Hoover customer care line. The first set will send you to the customer service department. When customers think they will connect to a live agent, the system connects to another set of options. After the second set, customers wishing to speak with a customer service representative will be placed on hold. In fact, we waited for more than 5 minutes before a representative answered our call.

When the customer care agent answered the call, we asked for information relating to the returning items covered under warranty. The agent recommended returning the product at the purchase location instead of attempting to return the item to the company; unless the item was purchased on the website.

The level of customer service is unacceptable. We were not pleased with Hoover or the customer care team. Were you impressed? Shout out your thoughts below in the comment section.

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7 Comments on “Contact Hoover Customer Service
  1. I would like to feedback to you concerning my UH60010 vacuum. I have owned approximately 4 Hoover vacuums in my lifetime and was very satisfied with them. However, the one I got now I am very DISSATISFIED with this model. I purchased this model 11/21/11 from Menards and it did not pickup dirt, nor did the sensor red light work and that is the main reason I bought this model. I took it to Kirby of Ingham County, 2702 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, MI and they got a replacement from Hoover Company approx. 3/30/12. I have had the replacement in the Hoover shop twice and it still doe not have the sensor working and it does not pick up dirt well. I am so sorry I ever bought this model. I don’t know if I could trade this in on another model or another brand that would do the job good for me or not. We have Berber carpet throughout our condo and we are 80 yrs. old and no children around so the carpet never gets dirty. We and all our guests take their shoes off when they come in the house so it is only necessary for us to vacuum once a month and it is not very dirty then. The employee where I took it in said that the filters needed changing and really we don’t use it that much. I clean the dirt tunnel every time I use it. He said he has had lot of problems with this model with customers complaining. I WOULD JUST LIKE A VACUUM THAT WORKED WELL LIKE THE HOOVERS I OWNED IN THE PAST.

    PLEASE GIVE THIS MATTER YOUR EARLIEST ATTENTION and hopefully you can supply me with another model that works well. I have another Hoover model I use for our lower level of our condo that I have had for quite a few years and the sensor works well and it picks up well. I did not what else I could do but let you know about my dissatisfaction with this Hoover model.

    I mailed in the request information on the replacement 3/31/12.

    Thanking you in advance for some action for me.

    Arthur F. Hartig

  2. I am writing this to let you know that I have been a Hoover consumer with vacuum cleaners and am very disappointment with my purchase of the Hoover series T model #UH30300 of the poor design and use of this particular vacuum…..when I take and use the hose the debris that the hose sucks up comes out the fixture that the hose goes into and on my old models there was a trap door that would close when you were using the hose attachment….this apparently was a bad engineer design and I would think that a reputable dealer like Hoover would have a fixture that you would attach to the vacuum to correct this …..I hope I have explained this as best as possible and hope to hear from Hoover if there is any solution to this situation……thank u

  3. I think I purchased a “lemon” vacuum just two years and two weeks ago (ironically the guarantee just ran out). I have had nothing but problems with this vacuum since I purchased it and the problems began immediately after I purchased it. Today, I again have experienced problems with it and have placed two phone calls for assistance as to why it will not run. I have done all of the actions necessary to make sure air flow is okay. AND this is not an easy effort – you almost need to be either a very strong man or a technician. However, since I have become completely dissatisfied with Hoover (and I might say I have always purchased Hoover vacs for over 50 years), I requested the technical transfer me to a manager following my second call. I held for five minutes or so and then was so nicely and I think purposely cut off. I would still like to speak to someone before I attempt to find out the name of your CEO and send a letter directly to that individual.

  4. I am extremely disappointed with Hoover vacuum cleaners. My next vacuum cleaner will be a FilterQueen Princess III. Hoover is probably the worst vacuum cleaner brand of all time. Stick with a FilterQueen Princess III vacuum cleaner as a good alternative.

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