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Contacting Honda Customer Service Center

Honda is an automobile company comprised of several divisions, including automobiles, engines, marine, powersports and power equipment. Each of the divisions offers a different list of customer contact information. There is also a Honda Financial department available for financing Honda vehicles.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

When looking through the contact information for Honda, customers need to recognize the difference between the forms of contact. Phone contact is the fastest followed by email and standard mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Honda Automobile: 1-800-999-1009
  • Honda Powersports: 1-770-497-6400
  • Honda Marine: 1-770-497-6400
  • Honda Powersports: 1-866-784-1870
  • Honda Power Equipment: 1-770-497-6400

Mailing Address

Choose the mailing address that best meets your customer contact needs.

American Honda Motor CompanyHonda Automobile Customer Service1919 Torrance BlvdMail Stop: 500-2N-7ATorrance, CA 90501


Honda Engines Group4900 Marconi DrAlpharetta, GA 30005


Honda Marine Group4900 Marconi DrAlpharetta, GA 30005


Motorcycle DivisionAmerican Honda Motor CompanyPO Box 2200Mail Stop: 100-4C-7BTorrance, CA 90509


American Honda Power Equipment4900 Marconi DrAlpharetta, GA 30005

Official Website

Links to all the Honda divisions are available from the main website located at You can find those links on the Contact Page . If you want to learn more about specific Honda divisions, you can click any of the links for those divisions on the contact page. The links take you to the dedicated websites for those specific divisions.

Customer Service Email

In place of a traditional email address or contact form, Honda offers a Twitter page for customer service. Twitter is a fast and easy way to contact Honda customer service.

You will need to sign up for a Twitter account before sending a message to customer service via Twitter. Simply visit X and fill in the information in the boxes above the Sign Up for Twitter button. Click the button and complete your sign-up. You will have to verify your email address before sending your message to customer service.

Our Experience

Customers must endure the traditional automated system. After enduring the system, customers will need to press 2 in the event they want to ask questions or voice general concerns. After the first set of options, customers will endure a second set of options. Overall, the process to speak with a customer service agent was rather lengthy. After waiting more than 6 minutes, we finally had the ability to speak with a customer service agent. We asked for information relating to recent recalls on Honda products. The agent explained customers could take their vehicles into the local dealer where in order to correct the recalled items. This information should have been readily available on the website or on the automated system.

We want to hear your stories about the Honda customer service department. Take a minute to express your thoughts.

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132 Comments on “Contact Honda Customer Service
  1. i am trying to get an email address to file a customer complaint. i am in Trinidad and Tobago and i am dissatisfied with the service. my steering rack in a honda civic FA2 model needs replacing in under 5 years. i dont think this is normal and i believe the company should absorb the cost. can you guide me?

    • I am or was a happy honda customer. I have a 2001 CR-V that I tow 4 on the floor behind my Motor Home and was ready to trade up to the new 2015 CR-V awd Touring with automatic . I almost signed the dealers paper work when I the 2015 towing guide from Motor Home magizine the stated that Honda was nolonger towable 4 on the floor because Honda wanted to improve milage and changed the trasmision. In towing for the past 14 years I find that 85% of the towed vehicles were Honda CR-V’s . It seem you have now removed one of the most popular tow vehicles from the list and shut us out continued purchase from Honda. Milage has never been formost in our minds but towing 4 on the floor with ease has been primary. Tow dollys wont due. I guess I will be forced to buy an inferior America model. I was also disapointed the the Three dealers I worked with didn’t tell me I couldn’t tow . I had my 2001 Honda on the lot and explained my needs. Bob Jakovina

    • From what i can read, there is NO email address to contact customer relation. Only a twitter account is available. And i find that annoying and superficial.
      I have a question I wanted to ask but I don’t want another stupid account to take care of.. A simple email ID would have worked now I have to take time to call them..

  2. Hello, my name is Adam and I just purchased a Honda Civic EX from the honda dealership on woodman road., and I just want to recap my experience purchasing my first ever vehicle.
    Everything started normal, I looked around the lot on a Sunday, and then on the following week made my way back to the dealership here in Colorado Springs on Woodmen road. I explained to the dealer how I did not want to spend anything more than $12,000 on a vehicle. As one might expect I was escorted around the lot looking at several vehicles priced at $14,000. After showing some interest in the Honda Civic EX I told the saleman (Isaac Kitchen) that the car was great but that I was serious about not spending anything more than $12,000 for the sale price of the car. Isaac then told me that we could meet in the middle which would have been $13,000, and after talking it over with my wife I agreed to the offer. That’s when things got interesting for me. Isaac came back with a pre-agreement which he wanted me to sign. I started signing before my wife stopped me and told me to look at the listed price, it was still $14,000. I informed Isaac that this is not what we agreed on, and he went on to say that the manager would not approve a sale decrease. Apparently he was never going to mention that part to me. No harm done I told him, that was fine we’ll do $14,000, but we are going to opt out of the extended warranty priced at $2000, to get our price down. Over the course of the next two hours I was offered and pressured a total of 12 times to reconsider the extended warranty (I did not reconsider). Next I was taken over to the financing office where I was yet again asked if I wanted the extended warranty (again I said no). The finance officer looks at me confused and says that Isaac had told them that we wanted the extended warranty and to include it in the contract. The finance officer calls Isaac in and relays the message, and we are told that the extended warranty was a really good deal (again we refuse). Next, we find out that the car is not certified, which we were told by Isaac on numerous occassions that the car was certified. After complaining to the manager he agreed to certify the car for us free of charge ($1500 it cost him to do we were told). Then our good friend and salesman Isaac comes back in and says that since we certified the car for us that we should do the extended warranty (we refuse). The finance guy finally sells us on extending the certification to 7 years for a price of $950. Overall we were at the dealership for 4 hours.
    The next day regretting that I had gone over my limit for what I wanted to spend I decided to try and return the car. Figuring that being at the dealership for 4 hours and the fact it was late at night had caused me to make an impulse buy. On the contract it states that it is up to the dealer if they will allow a return. To make a long story short I was told no, and that if I left the car on the lot that it would be impounded (Isaac said this). The funny thing about the threat was that I had never mentioned just leaving the car on the lot. I was frustrated that as a military member and so called valued customer that they would not take the car back when only 21 miles had been but on the car since the purchase. They demanded from me what my reasons were for returning the vehicle, and after I left to take a walk to cool down, and my wife returned with the truck we were trading in, they then talked to her with me not around asking why I was returning the vehicle.
    Needless to say, I do not plan on ever buying a Honda from a dealership again. I cannot believe how I was treated, and the sheer lack of flexibility of the staff. I was told time and time again that I was a valued customer, but in this case actions speak louder than words.

    • I agree the dealership I went to kept switching the agreed on price for the car. I tell everyone one about my experience buying a car from American Honda Motors. Now I have another problem to deal with; the car is a lemon. I turn the key and no start. It get worse from here. American Honda Motor case managers do not help customers with warranty claims. The managers seem like they are only interested in cost risk for Honda. I tell everyone about my experience with this. AMERICAN Honda MOTOR acts like customers come last to Profits!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Using twitter for customer service is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Most interactions with customer service are private and include customers’ personal information. Twitter is NOT an appropriate medium for customer service interactions.

  4. Hi;

    I’ve been trying via google to find an email address to customer service for honda powerequipment which made my lawnmower HRX217VKA that was bought in 2011 from homedepot. It will start with one pull but not idle for very long and engine dies.
    When I next email homedepot i’ll them if they have an email address to honda power equipment too.

    I’m getting very diappointted with my HRX217VKA which is almost new but useless to cut the lawn in it’s condition. And also not being supplied with an email address to contact customer service is very POOR!!

  5. Dear Ganley Honda,

    I am writing you this note to give kudos to your establishment and two of your employees. On August 15 I was passing through Cleveland on my way to Boston to drop my daughter off at college. I live in the Chicago area and loaded up my wife, daughter, and youngest son — along with a truckload of personal belongings — in my 2007 Honda Ridgeline.

    While driving just west of Cleveland my Ridgeline transmission was giving me an indication of trouble. The “D” indicator light was flashing on and off. Not good I thought and pulled off the road, checked my owner’s manual, and phoned the dealer were I purchased the vehicle hoping for some reassurance that nothing serious was wrong. Their shop told me that my transmission oil sensor/switch might be bad and to stop and restart the truck as this might reset and clear the problem. Well, that briefly cleared the problem only until I hit the toll way when once again and the light came on flashing.

    We were now in the Cleveland city limits and my daughter searched the area via her smart phone and we called your dealership. Someone on the line told me the same thing as the other Honda dealer and that it was probably not wise to continue driving until this issue is fixed as this may cause further damage to the transmission. By now it was about 3 p.m. on Friday and your shop was closing in the next couple of hours. Luckily my daughter navigated me to your shop about an hour before closing.

    As I walked up to your service desk I ran into Jay Gifford, your Service Advisor, and the one I just happened to be talking with on the phone before I came in. Jay greeted me with attention to my issue and explained what might be the problem and possible fix. The only questionable thing at the time was that your shop was closing within the hour and they had to diagnose the problem to see which of the two sensor/switches I needed — if that was even the case. Jay was also unsure if they had the part on hand and advised that it had already passed the cut-off time for that day to get the part ordered or shipped from another location.

    So, it looked like I was going to be spending the evening and most of the next day in Cleveland until my Ridgeline was back up and running. Fortunately, your shop had both oil sensor/switches in stock saving precious time. The only thing now was to get scheduled in for diagnosis and repair. This is where your other employee, Steve the mechanic, comes to the rescue.

    Even though the shop was winding down and getting ready to close (if not by now already) Steve seemed to pick up on the predicament that I was in. Steve saw my family and I, and the truck bed load of personal belongings and luggage that we had to maneuver through. I needed to sift through these belongings so we had things for the night and needed to secure the rest while my truck was waiting to get repaired. So, Steve took it upon himself to stay after hours to look at my vehicle and hopefully get me and my family on the road once again.

    Well, as things turned out it was one of the oil sensor/switches that my transmission needed and Steve diagnosed and fixed the problem within 45 minutes. I am so grateful that your shop had the parts on hand and that you employ such considerate, thoughtful and kindhearted people such as Jay and Steve.

    I know that they did not have to do what they did for me that day. I could have just been placed into the queue and waited my turn like any other customer just hoping for the best, but your two guys came through and got me on my way. This not only saved me time and money, but the frustration of finding a place to stay for the night in addition to getting my daughter into Boston on time.

    So please give Jay and Steve a BIG “THANK YOU” from me and my family. We truly appreciate that you have gone above and beyond.

    Thank You,

    Gary T

  6. i want to know about change my aviator engine which purchage 1 year before present new engine showing 65 km . how it is being done suggest please

  7. I purchased a new 2006 CRV and had to replace the headlight bulbs several times. For a Modern Car I feel like this is way too many times. Now there are bulbs that have began to go out also. Is this normal?
    I was quoted a price of over three hundred dollars to replace three bulbs in the instrument panel. I think this is excessive !!!! Five hundred dollars if they have to replace the harness. The bulbs are on the left side of the meter.

    Please Reply

    • I replaced my 2005 CRV head light quite often one/9months each time I used Sylvania (Made in China). Since I changed to Phllips(Made in Korea) last more than a year now.

  8. My family has been a “Honda Family” since the 80’s , but the Micheal Bolton commercial is as lame a commercial as I have seen in a couple years, find another rep for your products you are sure to loose maket share with your current holiday commercial line up

  9. Two comments: 1)Why doesn’t Honda have an email address? I do not twitter/text/twaddle/twinkle, nor any of that stuff.
    2) I know it is Christmas time and the holiday season……BUT…….PLEASE……..enough of Michael Bolton on your Honda commercials !!!! Thanks, Bob

  10. we suggest you change your ad agency, so we don’t have to keep changing tv channels! Your Michael Bolton commercials are annoying and certainly would not entice us to buy a Honda….just the opposite.

  11. I am a Honda Pilot owner and absolutely love the vehicle, except it is a little too small. Honda can you please make a larger SUV?? I will likely be looking elsewhere for a larger SUV to accommodate my growing family. Please make an attempt to keep an otherwise happy customer.

  12. I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey vin 5FNRL5H26BB010599 with 42306 miles on it. I am having an oil consumption problem. It is garage kept and there is no sign of oil leaking on the floor.
    29106 oil and filter change
    35450 added 48 oz of oil
    35507 oil and filter change
    42022 oil dipstick was dry NO oil level shown added 2 qt 6 oz of oil
    42050 oil and filter change
    42306 we are now doing an oil consumption study
    the local dealer has been unable to explain the oil consumption
    This is the vehicle my wife uses and I am VERY CONCERNED about the oil consumption. Do you have any idea what could be causing this and what we can do about it ??????

  13. I have had several Honda cars and was pleased with them. When I came into a significant amount of money from a patent sell, I could buy any car (with in reason) on the market. I had been looking at the Crosstour when having my Accord serviced for years. I said to myself, “who needs a cad or benz” and I bought the crosstour. It was the best decision I have made in a long time. I love the car. I call it my Honda on steroids.

    PS: Later I got my wife a Civic (puddle jumper) for her birthday. Another good decision.

  14. This is simply to commend Honda on superb craftsmanship on our 2013 Honda Ridgeline! I was broadsided by an idiot running a red light on Super Bowl Sunday and consequently slammed into a crosswalk pole as well. Helluva impact, side airbag curtains deployed upon on impact all around. Truck was totaled, and I am devastated as I invested almost $10K more on aftermarket upgrades. Had this truck absolutely beautiful! Soon as insurance takes care of business, I will be out to purchase a 2014 Ridgeline in same color way and model (Ridgeline Sport, Crystal Black Pearl! Thank you for making a safe, smooth handling vehicle! This from a guy whose owned only an Accord, two Passports and the Ridgeline, about to be two!

  15. i am from sri lanka. my most hero is sachero. then i would like to dedicate my life fore him. we like to travel as a respect for him from sri lanka to other country by motorcycle.if you Spencer we would like to challenge .

    thank you

  16. Honda Motor Company has a horrible process of customer relations service. I took my car for a wheel rotation and balance here, in the Bronx, NY area, and my wheels were damaged by the technician. The center area of my 2 front wheels were scratched and marked, clearly from the wheel balancing machine. I complained to the service advisor, who then called the manager. I was treated as if were an idiot, as if I did not know my own car.I was told it could be damage from the curb or another auto shop service or anything else except them. I am very meticulous with my car. I wash my own car so I know what marks or dings it may have and I know it did not have the circular scratches it came out with from their service dept.

    The manager’s attitude was,”well, what else did I do? did I damage your headlights which are also scratched?” He just did not care that my car was damaged as a result of their service.He then explained He couldn’t care less if I never returned.

    If that’s the kind of customer service HONDA MOTORS allows, then goodbye Honda!!!

  17. I have a doozy of a suggestion, right now 250,000 citizens (growing daily by hundreds) would consider my idea to be a great option, almost a mandatory one, no matter which car company offers it. This option would be almost as easy as installing mud flaps and your profit would be great.

  18. I want to complain about the design of the CRV. It keeps getting uglier. I began purchasing accords in 1983 and switched in 1997 to the CRV. Because of the power, I bought the 2003, which I still own,but have always regretted trading the 1997. Please bring back the 1997 model design, it was the best. I am currently driving the 2012 Kia Sorrento, with the exception of the land rover, it’s my favorite design these days. But, in 2 years, I plan to purchase again and would love the chance to purchase the 1997 design in the CRV and please don’t flatten the top, I hate the station wagon look. If u bring it back, I know it would sell like crazy, a finders fee would be great. Love the Jeep wrangler, but it uses too much fuel. You finally got the accord looking good again, bought 1 this year.

  19. I want to complain about the design of the CRV. It keeps getting uglier. I began purchasing accords in 1983 and switched in 1997 to the CRV. Because of the power, I bought the 2003, which I still own,but have always regretted trading the 1997. Please bring back the 1997 model design, it was the best. I am currently driving the 2012 Kia Sorrento, with the exception of the land rover, it’s my favorite design these days. But, in 2 years, I plan to purchase again and would love the chance to purchase the 1997 design in the CRV and please don’t flatten the top, I hate the station wagon look. If u bring it back, I know it would sell like crazy, a finders fee would be great.

  20. if Twitter and not email is only way to contact Honda you have already lost three car sales and mine makes four another fantastic Honda business decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bought Honda Civic IMA in the UK used it for 6 years low mileage then shipped it to Cyprus. The IMA batteries are failing after 4 years here. Honda customer service not good and even though the car has only completed 52,000 miles they would not offer any replacement or compensation for this. Ordered and paid a large deposit from the local main agent in Paphos who has so far taken 6 months not to supply and fit a Honda refurbished battery array.Needless to say my next car will not be a Honda.

  22. Our 2001 Honda Odyssey has served us faithfully for almost 13 years. On May 16, 2014, we registered 300,000 miles on the odometer. This is a composition of some of the memories our family has experienced over the years…
    Thanks for the memories!

  23. i have a 2006 honda civic.the roof of the car is fading and pealing the car is black. my roof of my car is turning white honda should paint the roof for free what will happen to the rest of the car

  24. I am a retired Honda employee (32 years as accounting manager for Hendrick Automotive Group) and I had the advantage of driving a new Pilot for many years. After retiring I moved down to a CRV which I like very much except for the two things that are missing from the CRV.

    #1 The automatic open and close of the deck lid.
    #2 The sensor for getting close to objects.

    I hope you can add these features to the new 2016 CRV.

    Pat Long

  25. Hello, may I have your email address(Director of the Honda motor cycle company).I have few suggestions for progress.

  26. I have Hondacity car V petrol model 3/3/2014
    Newmodel but i have few problem create by
    Parashonda Jodhpur RAJASTHAN
    Problem is Wallpaper sating totally bistrub or
    Delate by company staff or have no knowlage
    Kindly guide me or helpme to again restart

  27. LATELY I’VE commented about how mean spirited commercials are…some are very mountain dew ad with a race car, and bird hunters…’s so mean. Then your commercial with the movers and yard sales…so nice..thank you for something nice to watch. Fyi my daughter has a Honda..she loves it.(next time me). Your as nice as your cars… Tks

  28. Good day,

    I need to know the meaning of the following trims in your cars:

    1- DX
    2- LX
    3- EX
    4- SI
    5- VTi
    6- Vi
    7- VTi-L
    8- VTi-E
    9- VTi-S
    10- LXI
    11- EXI
    12- LE
    13- SE
    14- VTi-LN
    15- EX-L
    16- SE-R
    17- SEL

    And also I need to know the different trims that are available for (civic,city,accord,cr-v) in Saudi Arabia & GCC.

    Also I heard that there is something called GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) specifications for honda cars, so I need to know exactly what are these special specifications.

    Thank you and best regards

  29. I love my Pilot, Your website and customer service contact ability is very bad. I need an e-mail address for customer service. I don’t use twitter. I am trying to get my account updated, and your website won’t let change my ID.

  30. My 2001 Honda Accord had a transmission problem that Honda knew about and tried to rectify by extending a warranty. My car falls out of the warranty period by years but not by mileage. My transmission was obviously one of their defective types, but that doesn’t matter….you are out of the warranty sir. Well, Honda just lost a customer for life. I love my Accord, and so did my wife. We are both looking for new cars in the next couple years, and Honda’s lack of customer service for a known problem has guaranteed we will never buy another Honda product again. Don’t buy Honda products, they will not back them. Nobody should buy a product from a company that you cant even contact by email. Don’t waste your money on a company that does not care about you, your safety, or the safety of your family.

  31. I tried to google Honda’s customer service email address, but no luck. This is really odd. As a global company, it seems weird that Honda doesn’t communicate customers by email.

    They claimed using twitter is faster. I wonder if Honda employees use twitter to communicate instead of email. It does not make sense. Never put customer concerns in their consideration.

  32. Hello – I had a flat tire and gingerly rolled my car into the Shadyside Honda Service Center this morning. Frank Stifter quickly came to my aid. He was very personable and within an hour I was back on the road, tire intact. The mechanic who worked on the car was also pleasant. So often one runs into surly people. My experience with the people at Shadyside Honda served as a reminder that there are good people in the world.

    I had the same experience when I bought my car. Marcus Williams sold me the car and he was also very pleasant and easy to work with.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    Thank you.

  33. Will not ever buy another vehicle from the Honda dealership in West Burlington Iowa , salesman out right lied to me about cost of a car he had put on facebook for a certain price told me to find it an show him well he had deleted it so I couldnt find it but thank goodness my daughter had photo shot it so he coudnt get out of it . Love my car but will not be back.

  34. Hello
    I have Honda pitot 2011
    Suddenly there is gear problem
    And the dealer said is not include in warranty
    Because the car is passed 100,000 Km
    But this issue is major issue
    And unusual to have this issue in 2011 car
    Please I need support in this problem

  35. I was wondering will you ever come out with a normal pick up truck? I do not like that ugly stuff on the back of the ridgeline it looks standard like other vehicle companies little truck things that look like that. I would love to have a big manly HONDA pick up truck. I am very serious. thank you

  36. yes I hate the fact that there is no simple email to contact you all as well, why would you make or force someone to go on twitter to communicate with HONDA.

  37. I want to bring to your attention about my recent service repair. My car was making a LOUD growling noise from the back end of my 2013 Pilot. I took it in for service. A gentleman called and I missed his call so when I called him back on my lunch break he was at lunch. I could not talk to anyone else about my vehicle which I feel is very unacceptable. He called again but both times only said to call him back. When I got off work I called him and he proceeded to tell me my vehicle was done. I told him I would be to pick it up in a few minutes. He did not tell me there was a charge. When I got there he showed me pictures on his phone of ice build up on my drive shaft, and that it is going to cost me $90.35. I am sorry but I feel that $90.35 is a bit extreme!!!! I could have turned a heater on in my garage and melted it much cheaper!! This is exactly why I do NOT buy from my local dealer. I took it local because I was afraid to drive it.
    Honda customer for the past 15 plus years and this is by far the worst experience ever!!!!

  38. I have a 2008 Honda Accord 4cyl. I have noticed that I am burning more oil than what i should be burning. I am very concerned about this issue. I keep my car serviced as I should and only take it to a honda dealership. I am aware of the complaints concerning this issue but I see that Honda has not done anything to resolve this issue for the 4cyl cars. I bought this car because of the reputation Honda has had over the years. My father has a 1986 Honda Prelude that he still drives to this day and that’s why I bought me a honda because of the life of the car. However, I am very disappointed to find out that I’m doing everything I am supposed to do to keep my car up and I’m still having an issue, I am trying my best as a single parent to maintain the life of my car but upon doing research I found that I am not the only one dealing with this issue so I know that it is nothing I am doing wrong. I just pray that you all will listen to the voice of your customers and address this issue instead of ignoring the problem. I think that another class-action lawsuit needs to be filed regarding the 4cyl cars because I’m spending dollar after dollar and I’m still losing oil.

    Jasmine Coleman

  39. I purchased a 2015 Honda CRV back in November and immediately noticed a vibration in the seats, steering wheel and sun visors when the vehicle is idling when stopped. I went to my dealer and was told this is “normal”. I called Honda customer service and spoke with Chris who contacted my dealer and after numerous conversations told me there is a problem with these CRVs and my dealer’s service manager would handle this. I have left numerous messages for Gary Pio at Keenan Honda in Doylestown, PA and to date have still not received a phone call back. What does a customer have to do to get a response?

  40. Is there an email address where i can fill in a customer complaint? The Greek Honda dealer doesn’t support me and i am willing to hire a lawyer to solve my problem.


  41. I purchased a 2015 Honda Accord Ex. It has been my dream since I turned 16 to own a honda. Finally 10 years later I purchased my first one 4 weeks ago today. Yesterday my transmission went out on my Accord and now needs to be replaced. Let me remind you that Ive had it for 30 days and it already is having issues. I am not happy with Honda at all and am now Having buyers remorse. The dealership is giving me the run around and is not giving me answers. I am begining to regret ever walking into a honda dealership.

  42. Please go back and make a small toyota truck like the old Tacoma. I loved mine. Only it was a standard transmission and my 70 year old knees didn’t like it. I wanted a small automatic, but you made them huge and still called them Tacomas. Boooo. You will sell a bunch. I wound up buying a Honda. Fran

  43. A year ago my van battery went dead and was replaced. Immediately my surround stereo system in my car stopped working. Took it to Crest Honda the next day and their verdict: They would need to take the dashboard apart, send the radio out and this would start at $200 base fee; plus I needed to “rent a car for the two weeks this would take” Basically hundreds and hundreds of dollars to assess the problem while I am out a vehicle for two weeks when the radio worked fine until the batter was changed. Incredulous with this result, I called Honda headquarters for solution ideas….no luck. I decided to go without a radio/stereo system and have done so for a year. Took it today to Road Rats in Dickson to see about a radio replacement. The owner, Mr. Neal, replaced a fuse, and reset the code, restoring my perfect radio/CD Player again for $25.00. Thank you Road Rats for caring about your customer … .as for HONDA…YOU ARE DESPICABLE! WALL OF SHAME for you! Trying to gouge me with hundreds of dollars for a simple fuse they were too lazy or apathetic to check. Thankful for honest caring people like the Neals in Dickson.

  44. Please forward me the appropriate contact information for filing a complaint. I tried to purchase the navigation map update online, but was not successful. Called the number and talked to a total of 4 people over a few weeks. The last contact was no help, the $50 savings time has now come and gone, and still no map update.

  45. We recently had the pleasure of purchasing a new 2015 Honda Accord at South Motors Honda. We would like to commend Sales consultant Jody Sinanan. He was friendly,professional & knowledgeable. He made our car purchasing a pleasant experience. The best salesman I have ever had. He worked with us & got us a deal we felt comfortable with. No lies & were patient in allowing us to make our decision. Also Ridel Diz from financing department deserves recognition, he was friendly & made us feel comfortable with our car buying purchase.
    We have owned 3 Hondas and could not be any happier with our purchases.Can not thank you enough. We are very happy with our new car. You have earned yourself a lifetime customer.
    Vanessa & Richard Michelena

  46. I love Honda vehicles and I love my 2007 Element.
    Can you please tell me why Honda will not bring the Element back?
    It’s the best vehicle for everything. The frame could be made stronger for the car itself is made to do. I actually have to look at another make to find my next vehicle that will do what the element does since Honda does not have an equivalent vehicle in the line up. I plan to keep my Element but down the road I’ll need another and I’m disappointed that I can’t stay with Honda.

  47. I own 2 honda’s pilot 2007 and odd 2010 odyssey. I have talked at least 9 people to buy honda. i am in the process of helping my brother buy a 2016 pilot. Except now my dvd player went on the oddysey the van only has 29000 miles. I went to honda and the price for just a dvd is 2600 are you all crazy. its just a dvd player. as a true honda customer i believe that it not fair for a car that has little milage for a
    dvd player to go and cost so much to fix. Now i am going to have to tell my brother and all others to get toyotas. They always took care of problems for a good price. Not that you will care about me and what i say but i will cost yoour company many cars for my job is with the public. I cost lg so many custmors i lost count. Now its honda turn

  48. This may not be where I need to to complain or to get something done ,but ill try ,we are from Prestonsburg, Kentucky my husband has a 2005 Honda Goldwing with a motortrike kit ,we contact motor dealer for a drive line that had fallen out,they said we had to purchase it from a motor trike dealer, so they gave us honda of Richmond ,ky the guy there ordered us a drive line my husband put it in it had a little vibration ,so he called Honda of Richmond ,ky he said the shaft needed changed he would do it for 800.00 dollars ,he called the following week said the bike was done if we paid cash it would be 600.00 dollars ,we paid the 600.00 my husband ask about the old shaft he said he threw it in the metal pile, on the way home from Honda of Richmond ky the drive line came back out done more damage than before, they told him to bring it back ,keep it about a week call said there couldn’t fix it gave him 300.00 of his money back from the first time ,he call me and told me to call and talk to the manager because the guy told him he only straighten the shaft did not replace it , I ask him who was his manager he said he was , he tried to give back the other 300.00 dollars I told him to keep it , since he took money to stick in his pocket,I was going to talk to some , I call better business they said to contact Honda motorsports , hope you can help with our problem, I told the guy we would buy parts if they would fix it since he didn’t fix the first time

  49. I purchase my Honda 2 years ago brand new from the Christiansburg, VA dealership. I can honestly say the only positive experience I had was purchasing my car. The staff there is not helpful, are run, and can never give you a straight answer. And appointments…what are those? They never have your vehicle ready anywhere close to the appointment time. I would bring my car for oil changes, tire rotations and inspections because I thought I had to in order to keep the warranty. Now that I know that is not required, I highly doubt I will ever bring my car back. So disappointing.

  50. I absolutely love my Honda Pilot. How shocked I was to discover that my headlights are already getting that hazy fogged effect! What is worse is that my Pilot is a 2011 that I plan on keeping for a very long time. The dealership told me that it is not their problem but a Honda manufacturing problem. Please tell me that this is covered by Honda! I have sold at least 10 Pilots to family and friends and if I had known this would happen to such a new vehicle, I would not have recommended the Pilot.

  51. I have a Honda Ridgeline with 89,687 miles and recently took my vehicle to straub Honda in West Virginia for a check engine light.
    I was told cylinder 4 no longer had compression and would require a used motor to fix the problem. Never was told what could cause the problem or if the problem could re occur. I have used only Honda parts for any repairs and oil changes. I have found many other similar complaints. I was handed a bill for $5,263. I bought a Honda vehicle for reliability and it failed on me at the worst possible time I just had a son recently and moving into a new house. Honda has really let me down when I needed them to back their products. Thanks

  52. To Honda Customer Service:

    Hope you are well.

    I am writing you this letter regarding my Honda CR-V. In 2011, I bought a 2011 Honda CR-V, which I love. It suits my needs for my family of four. I would like to purchase a Honda Pilot but it is not in my budget for this year. I am the type of person who does and has done all the required maintenance for my Honda CR-V. I have approximately 98,000 on the automobile. When I bought the car I purchased the HondaCare extended warranty (Contract # V004168279).

    Unfortunately, on Friday, October 2nd there was loud noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. This morning, I brought my CR-V to my local Honda dealer, which is Honda of Freehold – 4244 Route 9, Freehold, NJ 07728, 732-462-5300. Upon arrival the dealer took my car in for service to see what was wrong. The service department told me that one of the rear brake calipers was seized. The lady at the service desk told me that the caliper was covered under my HondaCare warranty. However, due to the caliper seizing I need new rotors, brake pads and brake fluid service (only on the rear). She then told me that that the rotors, brake pads and brake fluid service would not be covered. I then called HondaCare to explain my situation and was told that they would only cover the brake caliper. I tried to explain to them that since the caliper had failed it caused the rotors and brake pads to get ruined. I strongly feel that I should not have to pay for the rotors and brake pads. The reason I need new rotors and brake pads is due to a faulty brake caliper. The brake pads, rotors and brake service will cost approximately $600.00, which is a lot of money for a problem that was caused by a faulty caliper that was covered under warranty.

    Thank you in advance. I appreciate your time and concern on this matter.

    Mitchel Galpern

  53. Since my wife and I were colege students, we have had 6 Honda vehicles. We lived in 3 states and had two kids before we came to live in Newark, DE 5 years ago. Our love for Honda disappeared after we started experiencing extremely bad customer service at the Martin Honda dealer. For that reason, we replaced our Honda Oddyssey for a brand new Toyota Sienna AWD. Today, I had an appointment to change the oil of my old accord and was planning to check the new Pilot during my wait. However, I forgot to take my cell phone where I had the email with the coupon for the oil change I was planning to use and the guy at the reception didn’t believe me I had received the coupon from the dealer. For that reason, I had to leave the dealer without changing the oil. Well, he did me a favor: I went to the Nissan dealer across the street and checked instead the new Murano. When I came back home I realized that all the discount I was going to have with the coupon was only $4! I will replace my old Accord so they lost a potential customer back to Honda. I will buy the Murano instead and will not go back to the Martin Honda dealer. Thanks for not believing me and letting me check a brand I didn’t consider before and please take my email out of your lists!

  54. Recently purchased a 2011 Honda Accord. I like the car and the way it handles. However, have discovered the noise level inside the car is extremely loud. At times, it is extremely difficult to carry on a conversation, listen to the radio or CD. This is particularly true when traveling 60-70 mph on the highway, but still a problem when driving 30 mph. It has been suggested that some of this noise is due to the type of tires. When I purchased the car, it had new Dunlap tires. I have never owned a car where tires produced this high of a noise level.
    How can this problem be resolved?

  55. I recently took my 04 honda civic to the checkered flag honda in virginia beach, va and my experience was horrible and unethical. I took my vehicle to them to have my seat belt buckle replaced and they informed me I had a blown head gasket. I went ahead and let them replace my head gasket, along with an oil change. The dealer had my vehicle for 8 days and would not call me to update my vehicle. I had to keep calling Shannon in services and leave voicemails in order for her to call back. I was told multipe incorrect days and times that my vehicle will be ready and on the day my car was ready they called and told me my car would be ready by the end of the day. Then the service manager informs me that my vehicle would not ready on 11/6/15 and they would need to keep it until monday. Not even an hour later I get a call back from them stating my vehicle is ready. I didnt want to believe it because the manager explained he didnt get to run the necessary tests needed after a head gasket replacement. I trusted their word because i went to them to avoid any mess or unethical macanics. Right aftet i pick up my vehicle i got on the road to head to DC and not even 30min of being on the highway my rubber cover underneath my car started to drag which forced me to pull off the road. Then i check my oil and it was extremely low, if honda changed my oil and charged me for it my oil should have been full. I feel extremely taken advantage off . I also provided my own oil and oil filter for the oil change and left it in my passenger seat. The oil and filter was left in the seat but whoever worked on my car cracked open my brand new oil and used some of it. By the time o noticed and call checkered flag back the service manager was gone for the day and the next day. Overall my experience was horrible and I never want to go back to them again.

  56. I had the misfortune of trying to get my Honda CRV repaired at the Juneau, Alaska Honda dealership about three weeks ago.
    I took my car in on a Thursday for repairs and when I called later that day I was told it would not be ready but that I would receive ‘priority service’ the next day. When I came to pick up my car late the next day it was clear that no one had looked at my car despite having it for two days.
    I asked that someone from the Honda dealership call me Monday so I could talk to them directly about this issue. It should come as no surprise that no one from the dealership bothered to call me the following Monday.
    If this were an isolated incident I could be more understanding, but this is the second time this year I have received poor service. Earlier this year I took in my car for general maintenance. As before they did not get to my car the day of the appointment, did not finish the work the second day, and finally finished the job on the third day.
    I note with a great deal of irony that the Juneau dealership has recently improved the physical appearance of the office and upgraded the customer service area. To me this is all window dressing; the time and effort to remodel the office would have been better spent on actually finding staff that can provide customer service or make phone calls as promised.
    My Honda CRV is a 2007 model and I am at the point of needing a new car. But why should I buy a new Honda if I can’t get it repaired or serviced in Juneau?

  57. Hi,

    My husband and I went to Capitol Honda in San Jose, CA two Sunday’s ago. We were interested in the Honda HRV. We inquired about rebates and was told there were none because of the fact t is a brand new car. While that is understandable that particular Honda dealer wanted to sell is the HRV with an extra package that was $5000 over MSRP. We asked the salesman why did we have to pay $5000 extra for something we did not want such as splash guards for tires. He tried to tell us the dealership has extra costs they need to make up for so they sell that package. We told him other dealerships had overhead costs and extra costs as well and why did they not sell above MSRP to cover those costs. They did not pass those costs on to the customer. We asked the salesman what was th final price we could get on the HRV. He spoke with a sales manager and was told $1000 above MSRP was the final costs. We were extrely disappointed that the sales manager would rather have a customer pay for an extra package that they did not want and also sell above MSRP. My husband and I were ready to buy a car that day. We had done our research and I literally had been to every single dealership on that strip for the past two weeks. I was excited to think about owning a brand new Honda and instead we left with disappointment and bought another car a couple hours later with a dealership willing to work with us. While you may not own the dealership they represent your brand and your service. I have owned Hondas’s previously and they are fantastic cars and have lasted me a long time and have always been reliable. I cannot express enough how trouble I am that we did not walk away with the car we wanted because of salesman who were more concerned about passing on costs to the customer rather than making an actual sale. Thank you for your time.

  58. Hi my name is Kevin money I had the most wonderful experience from hi my name is Kevin money I had the most wonderful experience from Rossi Honda in vineland New Jersey,I had a issue with my 2015 Honda fit and they corrected the issue with no problem at all,when the dealer that I brought the vehicle from could not,and that was Avalon Honda in swaiton New Jersey, I will never purchase another car from them again their service is terrible. I will get all my service needs from Rossi Honda for now on they are the best.Bill Taney and his service team are the best,so if anyone in South Jersey are looking for service from a Honda dealer I highly recommend Rossi Honda. so if anyone in South Jersey are looking for service from a Honda dealer I highly recommend Rossi Honda thank you .

  59. We Were contacted by our Honda dealer in August of 2015, to trade in our 2014 CRV EX-L on a 2015 CRV Touring model. THE DEALER contacted us. we had no intention on trading in our car but they lowered our payment and upgraded us to the Touring model. Sounded too good to be true. This being my 5th new Honda. The dealership had the car and paperwork ready upon my arrival and it was sign and drive. The CRV is my wife vehicle so I never drove it. My first time behind the wheel was about a month after purchasing it (1100 miles). AS soon as we backed out of the garage and stopped at the end of the driveway it felt like the a/c compressor kicked on. I looked at the control and everything was off. I then accelerated and about 30 mph 1900 rpm it felt like i ran over a rumble strip on the side of the highway. then again at around 50mph 1800 rpm. I just thought maybe it was in my head. then as i got to my first stop it started vibrating again….
    So I have read every forum, contacted Honda, contacted my dealer and there was no fix. 2 weeks ago the service manager called me and said the service bulletin had been released and asked me to bring it in.
    This morning I took it to the dealership. 3900 miles and 13 weeks old I was informed that the vehicle would need new motor mounts, the rear hatch would get a new part, the transmission would need shimmed up to meet the new motor position, the radiator would have rubber mounts installed and the software would need updated and i would lose 0.7-2 mpg in fuel economy…….OR
    the software update would fix it all. Two hours later my vehicle was “perfect” the service tech said and gave me the keys and I drove off. I made its to the end go the parking lot and noticed nothing was fixed and the idle was now at 800 rpm or higher.
    Livid. I went in the front door of the dealership to test drive a 2016 IDENTICAL car. Car performed perfect. Just as You would expect a $34k car to do. I Then exposed my plan and explained the situation to the sales staff who KNEW about the problem.
    Long story short to get my 2015 crv in an identical 2016 model with no vibration will cost me $62 a month to get a crv that drives as expected.
    I am a very loyal Honda customer. Have owned 11 Hondas 4 of them being brand new and this will be my last one. I would rather trade it in on a new brand and eat all the negative equity a 3 month old car obtains than have a bandaid put on the car by a service tech getting paid warranty rate, or increase my payment just for a vehicle to work as expected.
    15 year loyal customer and Last Honda I will ever buy

  60. 1 December 2015
    Read the Honda “Full Line” brochure today while waiting for airbag replacement. Did Honda switch to squirrel-cage powertrains for 2016? Back page of brochure says 5 year/600 mile Limited Powertrain Warranty! Got plenty of acorns in the backyard to keep the little critters happy, but y’all will have to price the vehicles accordingly.

  61. I have a Honda CR-V 2007. Underneath the drivers seat there is this yellow colored dust type thing that is coming from the underneath the seat. And the drivers seats foam form the door side is flattened and there is dust coming from the seat. So when I called the customer service number, they went through all my information and said that they could not do anything because my warranty was up. I know my warranty is up that was the reason I called the customer service. Both problems are manufacturing problems. If the cloth was stain then i could say it was my problem and i would pay. But why should i pay for the manufacturing problem. I went to the dealers and looked at many other used cars and they had the same problem.

  62. Honda CRV Touring 2015 has annoying vibration that Honda can’t seem to fix. Until they come up with a resolution I would think twice before wasting 32k on this vibrater..

  63. I am very UPSET. I have owned 1 accord, 3 Odysseys and 3 CRVs – all purchased new. I have never had to return any of them except for regular service. I just purchase a new 2016 Pilot – have 6000 miles on it. After the first oil change – it has been blowing BLACK STUFF out the tail pipe — messing up my garage floor. I took it in to Winter Haven Honda today, Dec. 26, 2015 to be fixed and they said it COULD NOT BE FIXED —– THAT ALL NEW HONDAS DID THIS. THAT IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER. AM I SUPPOSED TO CLEAN THE BLACK STUFF OFF THE FLOOR OF MY GARAGE EVERYDAY FROM NOW ON? — —- AND MESS UP MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS DRIVEWAYS WITH THE BLACK STUFF?
    I am very disappointed with HONDA. I NEED FOR THIS TO BE FIXED.

    Thanks so much,

  64. Greetings:
    I am an owner of a Honda Accord 2009 EXL. I am writing this email as my car is undergoing excessive oil consumption for the last 2 years and I am unable to use the digital read out in (%) for the same period of time. I have been in contact with the Honda service teams to look into this problem with limited to no success until now and I am wondering if you can help with resolving this issue in the timely manner. My digital read out would show ~70% and there would be no oil on the dip stick. I feel that I am in a reactive mode than a preventative mode as I am using weird signals to change the oil. Lets say even if the indicator shows ~60 to 70% I have to pay attention to my car making a humming noise and OR in other cases the oil indicator flashing intermittently which would mean that the oil was critically low.

    Some recent facts – December 2015:
    During a recent visit to Herb chambers Honda of Westborough, MA, they found that my car utilized ~1.7 quarts in ~2000 miles. With that said, they did show me a “Engine oil consumption test procedure and criteria” in which it seems like my particular situation falls within the category of ” If oil consumption is 1 Quart every 1000 to 3000 miles, and the vehicle is operated normally, contact tech line for an assessment and to determine if additional diagnostics are available”

    The manager at Herbs Chamber service department of Westborough MA, is helping me follow through the procedure as documented by Honda and I understand that. My concern is that I have been complaining about this issue for the past 2 years and at that time my car mileage was ~ 85K and now I am some where in the range of ~117 K. Throughout this tenure I do not know when exactly to change oil: should I even believe the % indicator? should I always keep an eye while driving on an intermittent flashing oil indicator or should I pay attention to the humming noise?

    Going to the dealership every so often with the same complain, taking time off work is really becoming annoying. I had bought a Honda considering that it is one of the reliable automaker but since last 2 years I am constantly having this oil consumption issue over my head.

    I am hoping that you would help resolve this issue as soon as possible

    Thank you

    Gaurav S.

    • Same excessive oil issue with my 2009 Odyssey EXL. Documented oil useage and dealership contacted Honda and says using one quart of oil every 1000 miles is not excessive. No fix/solution was proposed.

  65. Sir,

    Our 2009 Honda uses oil. I am aware of the recall for this problem. Something to do with “frozen oil rings”. We thought we were buying a good reliable car from YOU ALL but we have been VERY disappointed with the oil consumption problem. We bought this car new in November of 2009 At Airport Honda in Knoxville TN and paid cash for it. I took the car to you about a year or so ago and was told “we will check in to it” and never heard a word.
    Trust me, we will NOT be buying another Honda in the future as we both feel that we have been cheated out of a recall repair for a problem that was not our doing. Our Honda Accord has 147,000 miles and we were told in so many words” You are out of luck”.

    Thank you
    Steve and Sharron Fritts

  66. I would like to know why I had to pay to have my 2014 crv towed to the dealer to replace the battery. The crv had 26,665 miles on it and I had to pay for a battery that should have lasted as long as the lease.

  67. Question about my Honda Civic 2004 coupe HS the small light fuse keeps blowing literally every time I put new it’ll blow so my taillight is not working, I was wondering what seems to be the problem I did not change any bulb and what I did is I just install aftermarket radio . I remove the fuse for radio and put a full for small light and still it blows . Thanks for taking time reading it

  68. Hi Folks,

    I just wanted to share with you the positive comments that I just sent to Consumer Reports about my current, 2012 Honda CRV.

    Donald Foth, General Manager
    State of New Jersey
    Automobile Insurance Risk Exchange
    47 Deer Trail Lake Rd.
    Stockholm, New Jersey

    I’ve been subscribing to Consumer reports for more than 25 years, and really enjoy and appreciate your publication. You have been instrumental in our selection of products during a significant portion of my 72 years, and I will never cancel my subscription. My purpose in corresponding with you is to provide some feedback about a vehicle that I could not find listed in your April 2016 edition. I own a 2012 Honda CRV, my 4th Honda, whose reliability has been great. During my initial 40,473 miles, I have used 1,607 gallons of gas, averaging $2.94 per gallon (New Jersey prices) and a gas mileage average of 25.19 mpg. I also just replaced the original tires.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide this information, and I look forward to many future issues of Consumer Reports.


  69. Complaint lodged at the beginning of the month.Received confirmation from Hionda on 13th Feb 16 communicating id 1-3945719190..No revert received till date..Called up toll free no 1800113121 kept on hold for 15 minutes just now and then disconnected.
    Joydeep 9831356104

  70. I think your process for getting answers lacks the respect of a Honda owner. I have a 2014 odyssey lxi The navigation system is locked out to my copilot and navigator while on the road. It seems we have to use voice commands which distracts me while driving.. Is there a way to get full function navigation such as POI or change of routes while driving buy my copilot and navigator.. Your system SUCKS. My Roadmate GPG is a much better system !

  71. We just bought a 2016 honda civic ex and we love it. We were planning on buying one in the next couple of months but we had a 2008 honda according we had bought new. We took very good care of it ( regular oil changes, used only honda oil filters, regular check ups). The only thing wrong with it it was the console between the front seats needed replaced because it was worn. It was beautiful and still looked brand new. We had bought a 72 month – 100,000 mile warranty on it , which expired 11 months ago and we only had 97,000 miles on it. A couple of months ago we thought it started acting like it needed a tune up, kind of fluttering. We’ve had 5 other Hondas and never had any problems like this. We took the car in to be checked and they told us we had to have the transmission replaced ($4500). Granted we knew we weren’t going to get a lot of money for a trade in but ended up getting $2000. It took a lot of thought to buy another Honda but we did. We can never recommend to anyone to buy another Accord that we payed $30,000 for in 2008. We are very disappointed.

  72. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. March 28, 2016
    Honda Automobile Customer Service
    1919 Torrance Boulevard
    Mail Stop: 500 – 2N – 7A
    Torrance, CA 90501-2746

    Teresa Wilcox
    903 Mikapea Drive
    Johnson City, TN 37601

    Until May of 2006 I had never owned a Honda vehicle. My husband suggested that I consider getting one because of all the reviews, track record, and resale value. I purchased my 2003 Accord in 2006, a one owner with 38000 miles( Vin # 1HGCM8265A021198). My husband has always kept an impeccable service record on all our vehicles. “Take care of them and they will last”, is his philosophy. This vehicle has had full automatic transmission service 4 times and only has 102000 miles.
    After having the rear main seal replaced in January of this year, now I find that that the transmission needs to be replaced. I fail to understand why this vehicle turns out to be the worst vehicle I have ever owned, referring to mechanical issues, and yet I have babied this vehicle, serviced it when the service department recommended it(at least very close), and drive it with the utmost of care.
    I am 61 years old and have driven numerous vehicles in my lifetime, vehicles that were bought with many more miles. I am indeed very disappointed in my experience with my first Honda and at this point can’t seem to justify buying another.
    I certainly hope that this letter will not land on deaf ears, and that something can be done to make this right. My husband owns a 2006 Ridgeline. I certainly hope that his experience with Honda will be better than mine.
    Thank you for listening, My husband Don and I are loyal customers of Johnson City Honda, Johnson City, TN 37601. 423-282-5440.
    I can be contacted at or by phone at 423-747-5602


    Teresa Wilcox

  73. Hi,
    I am in nigeria and am a third generation user of a honda civic 2006 and my coolant has been leaking off. I read about it online and I found out that it caused by a crack engine block. I also foundout honda is replace such engines. How do I change engine as am in nigeria and the car was imported from america.

  74. I am a customer of townsend Honda in Tuscaloosa AL and just went to get my oil changed and was told they were not doing oil change at this time. On their website it says the service center is open till 1:00 on Saturday, it was 12:29 when I arrived and the guy told me they actually stopped doing oil changes at 12:00 my point is it can’t take that long to do a simple change if they are open till 1:00 then it shouldn’t matter if someone gets there at 12:45 they should do the oil change just very disappointed I and my family have been customers for a very long time! That is the only type car I have ever owned. This was the only time that I could do this service and now I am probably gonna have to take time from work to get it done! Just disappointed

  75. I would like your advice on a matter with my car. I have a 2010 Honda Accord . I received in the mail a extended warranty for a problem they are having with engine rings wearing and excessive oil consumption. I was having a problem with a noise that would occur when first starting the car in the morning. I was told that my serpentine belt was worn so I had it changed. The problem still existed but the problem was intermittently. I started looking on the Internet and found that the 2010 has a problem with high oil consumption. I checked the oil level before I brought it in for my next oil change and found the oil level down more than a quart. I put a quart in and told the representative at the dealership. He told me to bring my car back to him after I drive it 1000 miles. I checked the oil level myself after the oil change and again at 1000 miles. The oil level after the oil change was above the full mark and when I brought it back to them to check it was at the full mark. The people at Honda checked the oil level and they said it eas ok. I was told to bring it back to them after I drive it another 1000 miles and I was told they didn’t want me to touch the dip stick. They wanted to check it themselves. Now I didn’t say anything at the time until I checked with you to see if there was a reasonable explanation for this action. I will expect a answer from you on this matter before I take this any further.

  76. 2009 Honda Odyssey uses too much oil.. Documented excessive oil useage on my 2009 Honda Odyssey and was told using one quart of oil per 1000 miles is not excessive. Have experienced this issues starting when van was still under warranty (reprogram for oil consumption) , had subsequent experiences including plug fowling, and dealership document excessive oil use. No solution/fix proposed by Honda.

  77. Honda is posting in Twitter that, their car dealers are private companies, which means that Honda does take any ownership on the bad service their dealers deliver to the customers. Check @HondaCustSvc posting from today June 1st, 2016.
    Honda has delegated the customer interface on its car dealers and customers have no way to bypass them, or at least Honda does not make another channel available for those not buying in the US.
    Honda DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS, and the prove is that you cannot find any customer escalation procedure when a dealer does not answer you.
    Honda claims caring about customer satisfaction by making surveys, but these are not available anywhere and only the car dealers make them, so they can filter their own mistakes and show Honda headquarters good results, assuming they ever read the reports.
    Honda corporation has decided to stay blind and not care about car dealers bad service and us, the customers, cannot reach the decision makers who should fix the situation if they care about Honda brand.

  78. Dear Honda team- i purchased yesterday a new honda civic Ex for my son, and while picking up the car, noticed the joint on the driver side door very poorly done, and was concerned about the safety of the car. When talking to the manager, he told me that this is how it comes from Honda, and i can choose a different car. I had to wait for more than 4 weeks for the blue car, and could not afford to wait for 4 more weeks. He then told me to come back the next day and show it to the service Dept. I went the following day (today), and Mr. Roger and Mr. Shawn both were very responsive and concerned, and compared the joint to other vehicles. They acknowledged the issue, and told me that they will bring it up to the Honda representative. I am concerned about the safety of the joint, and not sure if Honda is doing enough to address. i have pictures of the my car joint that i can send it you. Please let me know which email address can i email the pictures of my car joint, and what can Honda do to address this issue?

  79. I’ve notice the list of vehicles configured for flat towing behind a camper is getting shorter. I own a 2013 fit with automatic transmission that I flat tow often, it works well for us.The current fit offers manual or cvt transmission, I no longer desire to drive a car with a stick and wonder why the cvt transmission was not designed to allow flat towing. The insurance industry released data showing that for the next 19 years 10000 baby boomers will retire every day, many will travel by rv some will want to flat tow a vehicle behind the camper. Are you going to alienate thousands of gray haired retirees who want to tow a automatic transmission vehicle?

  80. Hello. Pls I misplaced my Honda shuttle original key. Now I want to activate the spare. Kindly send me a detailed information to do that.
    Can you also send me honda shuttle manual in English?

  81. Presently, Honda Motors has purposefully re-engineered all 2015 and subsequent year Honda models to prevent any RV’er from towing 4 wheels down. The AWD 2014 CRV and FIT models were the only Honda models that were able to tow 4 wheels down.

    I’ve been a Honda customer for more than 20 years. I’ve owned 6 Hondas. My 1992 Honda with more than 400,000 miles is still running great with the original engine and transmission. I am a full time RV’er and have to tow a vehicle. Now because of Honda’s policy I will not be able to purchase another Honda because it can’t be towed 4 wheels down.

    Please Honda Motors, please redesign the new 2017 Ridgeline so it can be towed 4 wheels down. Of all of the Hondas I’ve owned my favorite was the 2010 Ridgeline.

  82. My experience these last 4 months with mistlin honda in modesto was unlike others I’ve had. I’m extremely disappointed in the horrible service technicians that claimed my car including brakes, routers and tires were perfectly fine! After taking it in fir the 4th time for the same issue thenow they claimed my routers and front brakes were bad and needed to be replaced. I know they couldn’t have done a thorough job the first 3x or they would’ve caught the issue from day one. I left a message fir the manager last week and am still waiting for a call back. I have purchased 3 vehicles from honda and never wI’ll nor will I recommend friends and family to buy. They are not honest and could care less about customers concerns. Shame on you honda!


    • My experience these last 4 months with mistlin honda in modesto was unlike others I’ve had. I’m extremely disappointed in the horrible service technicians that claimed my car including brakes, routers and tires were perfectly fine! After taking it in fir the 4th time for the same issue thenow they claimed my routers and front brakes were bad and needed to be replaced. I know they couldn’t have done a thorough job the first 3x or they would’ve caught the issue from day one. I left a message fir the manager last week and am still waiting for a call back. I have purchased 3 vehicles from honda and never wI’ll nor will I recommend friends and family to buy. They are not honest and could care less about customers concerns. Shame on you honda!


  83. I hate that you don’t have email. i do NOT like talking to a customer service rep hence, the need for email.
    My car just got totaled. I had a Honda. I’ve been very satisfied with Honda. I want to buy a Honda but I see (through 2nd Vote app) that you donate to United Way, w/c in turn donates to abortion facilities so I will be buying my next car at Nissan, thank you very much. Pls reconsider donating to United Way as there are so many other charities that truly value life. Remember, Honda: the more people in the world, the more customers you have; the more customers, the more “cha-ching”!

  84. Hi! I’m honda custome for severe years. That means in my house we always just had a honda. My wife have a odyssey 2006. Very good car, and if we trade we like to have the Good morning! This is your uber driver! I’m here alreary, thank you! . But i just trade my accord, and her car is in very good condition and we gonna wait little bit more. But her car the painting is pelling off it self. Is alreary 3 spot pelling and we is very abset about. We like to ask honda can take a look to see if can do somenthing about. Pelling like that is no normal for any car. We like to thank you if you guys can solve tbis fir us.

  85. We had an awful experience. I called the Carland Service Center Alpharetta and was accidentally transferred to Acura Service, then they transferred me back to an operator, who transferred me to the wrong service center. I did not know this when I asked Mary, the service manager of the Roswell location if she was in Honda service. I had a dead battery. She looked up my account and said my battery was from November 2013, and that it would be fully covered. She said she printed out my paperwork and to come in. I went to the Alpharetta location, where I had originally called. They told me mary doesn’t work there. A condescending man named Larry called 5 times to the Roswell location until he got a person. He asked about my battery, said “That’s what I thought it would be” and hung up. He said it was a warrantied battery so that they don’t cover it because I had a partial warranty on it when I bought a new. one. He said it would be full price. I explained that Mary said it was free, he said I could go see her then. He was extremely condescending. I called Mary and explained the situation to her. She said let me look further, “Oh yes, you do have to pay. I was wrong, but we have coupons. They did tell you that over there right?” I said no. Well we have coupons. At this point, I felt it was all a bait and switch, and was frustrated and bought a battery elsewhere. I fear I will no longer be able to go to Honda for service if this is how we are treated. My car now has 110,000 miles, and we will be buying a new car in the next couple of years – this lack of customer service will have to weight into our decision. I would like some feedback.

  86. I am 5’-6” tall and having lower & upper back issues. So I am looking for a cross-over or small SUV with a proper seat height and adjustments. I drive at least 20,000 miles per year on average and like to keep my car for at least 6-8 years. Searching on the internet and company website, It is hard to find any data on seating height. So here I have few questions regarding what you can offer without in your cross-overs or small SUV on basic models along with higher fuel efficiency:
    1. Question: What is the seating height of the driver seat from ground especially on smaller cross-overs and small SUVs for basic trims?
    2. I also wonder if I am just buying a basic model, how do I can get a power driver seat?
    3. Do you have any comparison or reviews of seating heights with other brands within smaller cross-overs and small SUVs for basic trims?

    I hope I can get some information regarding my questions so I can make a good decision on buying my next vehicle within a month or two.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any help I get.
    Have a wonderful Day!

  87. I’m very disappointed with Honda USA. Specifically, some time back I signed up to receive updates on the new Honda Clarity. I was very specific about wanting to receiving email only about the Clarity. Sadly, Honda USA chose to disregard this request and began sending a full court press, nonstop bombardment of marketing crap to my email inbox. On top of that, despite not providing it, Honda USA matched my name and email to my home mailing address and has started flooding my mailbox with even more marketing crap.

    This is NOT the Honda USA I remember, and from whom I have purchased seven vehicles in my lifetime. Sadly, there will not be another. I will not tolerate, for even one second, any company that so willfully disregards the express, written wishes of its customers.

    VERY disappointed.

    Oh, and don’t even dare accuse me of changing my email preference settings. Honda USA did that, NOT ME!!! Don’t bother telling me I can unsubscribe at any time. Been there, done that. The crap keeps flowing.

  88. Hello guys,
    I lost my first oil change service today because Sierra Honda representative told me they provide FREE first oil change only on station where you bought your car. Is that true? Surprise….

  89. When are you going to bring back the element. Or a car that is like it. At this time there is no car on the market that is like or replaces it. Bring it back It was before it’s time. I have old element will well over 200k on them. But have to keep fixing these one because I can’t buy a brand new one. And don’t recommend the crv to me. It doesnt come close to functioning like the elements. So does Honda have something coming out like the element or will I be working on this car forever cause my wife won’t give it up for anything. Except for a new one lol.

  90. I currently own a 2013 Honda pilot touring that I purchased new in 2013. The paint has started to come off the roof in front of the sunroof in random strips and I filed a complaint with Honda customer care. I was given a case manager who told me where to take the car (both Honda for pics and a local body shop) I was then called and told Honda would cover half of the cost before I submitted the quote from the body shop they sent me too. From this point the Case manager told me that the amount was more then they had figured and it would have to be reviewed. I never heard back from this person!!! Now the fact that they never contacted me back along with my agreement for payment was only for 30 days results in them not paying anything at all!!! All I can say is wow…. this is the 3rd new Honda I have purchased and it will be the last!! Here is my case # 05278309. I am disgusted by the customer service I have received where it is being blamed on me for not getting back with your rep in time (30 days) when they claimed they had to review it for further action due to cost. Unbelievable.

  91. I was surprised when the service manager of Don Wessel Honda in Springfield, MO told me I had to remove my seats before I brought my vehicle in for a recall on the rear seats. Is this standard? It sure doesn’t seem vert customer oriented!!

  92. On August 17, 2017, I decided to go to Honda Glendale located at 138 S Glendale Ave, Glendale CA 91205 for an Oil Change. I waited for six hours and was told that the service was done. However, when I was driving the car home, I noticed that the “Warning Sign” for oil change still showed. I even went to the point of wiping the dipstick engine oil and it showed no signs that an oil change was done. I went back to the Service Center and told them of the situation. The Manager, Mike Sanders, was so unyielding and insisted that the service was done. He, then, called the mechanic who told us that there was no oil change done. And the Manager did not even refund my payment outright. It would still be on Monday. Until now, I haven’t gotten my refund. This has caused me a lot of inconvenience plus the fact that I had to cancel an important appointment that day.

    How many customers have this Service Center ripped off? Is this your “Act of Kindness” as you claim in your ads?

    This kind of service will surely deplete the image that Honda tries to maintain and uphold.

  93. I purchased a 2017 CRV in April. I like the car very much, I will not purchase another Honda from Ron Bouchard’s in Lancaster Massachusetts again. I called my salesman 3 times and left voice mails to let him know I never received a survey from Honda and to ask about the referral bonus for my daughter who suggested I go there. She is the owner of a Honda Pilot. I never received a call back. I also spoke to one of the Sales Managers who was going to look into. I have not received a call back from this person. I am a long time Toyota owner, over 30 years and this is my first Honda. I’m surprised at the lack of follow-up and not having my calls returned. Anyway the next car will be a Toyota again.

  94. My husband and I have been Honda customers for many years. I had my last CRV for 14 years without complaint. We purchased a new CRV at the end of March of 2017 and I am the primary driver. We love the car and its new style. There is one big problem: every time we go on vacation for about a week, we come back and the car won’t start – battery dead!! this happened in June and then again in September. We were told that this is the way it is and that we should go and buy a “battery tender” to hook up while we are away. Apparently the batteries that are installed in these new cars are not powerful enough. I THINK THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISCLOSED TO US WHEN WE WERE PURCHASING THIS VEHICLE. The first time this happened we were treated “like idiots” by a person at Gardena Honda who basically told us this is the way it is and then suggested that we left the light on inside the car, his initials are EF.
    Just recently after our Sept. vacation we were helped by a efficient and personable young man, his name is Sader Gonzalez. Very knowledgeable and great with customer service. We got a new battery in case the other battery was defective. It is likely that the battery will be dead if we take another vacation. I hate to come home and face this problem and have my radio, pandora and clock go out of whack!!! It was implied that this is a common problem with these vehicles. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HONDA DOESN’T DISCLOSE THAT THIS PROBLEM IS COMMON.

  95. Honda of Riverside
    8/25/17 7:00-8:20pm
    I was just there and was treated like a piece of trash. We went there to see other options because my mom needs a car, as we were asking questions he had a very bad attitude. He was very arrogant and did not know the price of any vehicle we were asking about, now I understand he needs to check the price inside the office but when you tell some one ” the least payment you could do is 10.00″ ?? Seriously 10.00 .. are you kidding me! Then he says no maybe 5.00. Tell me what bank is gonna finance a car and give you a 10.00 payment. He was just mocking us or what? I am sorry but if he doesn’t know how to deal with customers then he needs to go home. I am never coming back. He said his name was Enrique, Stay away from this person because he doesn’t know how to treat customers.

  96. I purchased a new Honda HRV from Curry Honda in Atlanta GA in April 2017. The first time I took it in for service I wasn’t happy with the service I received and later meet with the Service Manager and he was very kind and understanding. We compromised and I left feeling he understood my problem. I moved to Texas last month and when I registered my Honda in Texas they gave me two license plates. I didn’t receive a front bracket so I went to First Texas Honda and the Sales Manager happily sent an email to my Curry Honda salesman Roy Neal requesting they send me a license plate holder for the front of my HRV. Mr. Neal and Curry Honda didn’t respond to First Texas Honda’s email by phone or email. So this afternoon I called Mr. Neal and asked him if he received the email and he responded yes but he had no intention of doing anything about it. He quickly became rude, abrasive, and accused me of being an angry customer who the dealership had been taken advantage of. He said that I received the frame and drove the vehicle off the lot without waiting for the dealership receiving the dealerships orientation. When I tried to talk further he told me he wasn’t wasting anymore of his time with my request. I then asked him to transfer me to the dealerships General Manager, he said the Curry had no interest in my situation and he hung up on me slamming the phone down. I called the dealership an hour later and tried to talk to the General Manager and
    was told to leave a name and number, which I did. First, I am writing to ask you to speak to your dealership people and insure that this type of degrading, insulting behavior be challenged and not tolerated. I would like the a front license plate holder that I paid for and did not receive. Rest assured I won’t ever go back to Curry Honda and I am removing there label from my car, the last thing I want to do is promote this type on rude insulting behavior.

  97. I purchased a new Honda HRV from Curry Honda in Atlanta GA in April 2017. The first time I took it in for service I wasn’t happy with the service I received and later meet with the Service Manager and he was very kind and understanding. We compromised and I left feeling he understood my problem. I moved to Texas last month and when I registered my Honda in Texas they gave me two license plates. I didn’t receive a front bracket so I went to First Texas Honda and the Sales Manager happily sent an email to my Curry Honda salesman Roy Neal requesting they send me a license plate holder for the front of my HRV. Mr. Neal and Curry Honda didn’t respond to First Texas Honda’s email by phone or email. So this afternoon I called Mr. Neal and asked him if he received the email and he responded yes but he had no intention of doing anything about it. He quickly became rude, abrasive, and accused me of being an angry customer who the dealership had been taken advantage of. He said that I received the frame and drove the vehicle off the lot without waiting for the dealership receiving the dealerships orientation. When I tried to talk further he told me he wasn’t wasting anymore of his time with my request. I then asked him to transfer me to the dealerships General Manager, he said the Curry had no interest in my situation and he hung up on me slamming the phone down. I called the dealership an hour later and tried to talk to the General Manager and
    was told to leave a name and number, which I did. First, I am writing to ask you to speak to your dealership people and insure that this type of degrading, insulting behavior be challenged and not tolerated. I would like the a front license plate holder that I paid for and did not receive. Rest assured I won’t ever go back to Curry Honda and I am removing there label from my car, the last thing I want to do is promote this type on rude insulting behavior.


  98. purchased a new Honda HRV from Curry Honda in Atlanta GA in April 2017. The first time I took it in for service I wasn’t happy with the service I received and later meet with the Service Manager and he was very kind and understanding. We compromised and I left feeling he understood my problem. I moved to Texas last month and when I registered my Honda in Texas they gave me two license plates. I didn’t receive a front bracket so I went to First Texas Honda and the Sales Manager happily sent an email to my Curry Honda salesman Roy Neal requesting they send me a license plate holder for the front of my HRV. Mr. Neal and Curry Honda didn’t respond to First Texas Honda’s email by phone or email. So this afternoon I called Mr. Neal and asked him if he received the email and he responded yes but he had no intention of doing anything about it. He quickly became rude, abrasive, and accused me of being an angry customer who the dealership had been taken advantage of. He said that I received the frame and drove the vehicle off the lot without waiting for the dealership receiving the dealerships orientation. When I tried to talk further he told me he wasn’t wasting anymore of his time with my request. I then asked him to transfer me to the dealerships General Manager, he said the Curry had no interest in my situation and he hung up on me slamming the phone down. I called the dealership an hour later and tried to talk to the General Manager and
    was told to leave a name and number, which I did. First, I am writing to ask you to speak to your dealership people and insure that this type of degrading, insulting behavior be challenged and not tolerated. I would like the a front license plate holder that I paid for and did not receive. Rest assured I won’t ever go back to Curry Honda and I am removing there label from my car, the last thing I want to do is promote this type on rude insulting behavior.

  99. I have a CRV 2007 and it has 83K miles on the car. I am experiencing stuff stealing wheel problem and occasionally my steering wheel vibrates. The car dealer at Hamilton Honda NJ WAS TO CHARGE ME 2000$ for replacing the entire steering column!!!! As they cannot find out what is the issue? And there is a stearing fluid leak.

    Are your dealers are money swindlers?

    I want to know if there are any recall for this or dump my CRV AND NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER HONDA MAKE

    Do your dealers ale

  100. I would like to comment on horrible, monotonous honda ads. They never change. The same bells every commercial. I am convinced honda ads will lead to dementia or brain damage because there are so many honda ads everywhere. The bells, bong, bong, before everyone sickening ad reminds me of all the people dying while driving a honda with a faulty airbag. Bong, bong. another honda driver is dies. And honda seems to enjoy it. I have blocked honda ads on my phone and zap the honda ads when I DVR my favorite shows. But, there are just too many honda ads. honda ads really suck.

  101. My name is Donna Johnson, I have been a loyal Honda customer for my last 3 Odysseys I have purchased and before that my dodge caravans. Looking for an email address to issue my recent complaint and can’t seem to find one anywhere. i had an accident 12/4 Thankfully i was not severely hurt but trying to get help from your dealership in Dartmouth Ma has been a nightmare. The GAP insurance we purchased through the dealer was so confusing trying to gather all the info
    needed. I am so disappointed i love my Odysseys but with the response or lack of that i have received i will No longer be dealing with Honda! To this date I am still in a rental for an accident that was not my fault. Thank you to the comment above I will definitely look into Toyota for my next car.

  102. On Friday I brought my van to Valley Stream, NY Honda Service for a 9.30 apt for an oil change. At 11.30 I called to make sure the car was ready bc I was going to pick it up. I was told that it would be ready when I arrived. When I hung up the phone, I got a sync up notification that my car had been moved. (It had been in the same spot for the last 2 hrs and had not been worked on.) Upon arriving to pick up my car, I was told by Sam the service manager that damage had been done to my car that would require 2 days in the body shop to fix (at Honda’s expense he said). Needless to say I was shocked. I was told by Sa. that when the worker was driving the car around the building, he scraped the side of the wall, which scraped off my paint and left blue Honda paint on my car. Sam said “Hey at least I told you it happened. I could have let you go home and you probably wouldn’t have noticed until Monday or Tuesday and then called me.” WOW…Is that a service manager’s way of apologizing that it happened?? What kind of a statement is that??
    I was told by Sam that Honda would give me a 2 seater loaner . That will not accommodate a family of 5 people. I took the weekend to think about this and reported the incident to Honda America on Monday. I also called the VS dealership to speak with the manager Ed and left a very detailed message with Brian at 12.15 on Monday 3/5. Ed did not return my call. I also left a msg with Sam the service manager and he has not called me back. What a terrible experience, especially when I only went there for an oil change ! It’s too bad I can’t upload pics of the damage to my car here. I called the dealership again today 3/6 at 10.30 and was told that Ed is not available (spoke with Brian.) Can’t believe in the 6 months that I have owned an Odyssey I have had two terrible customer service experiences. The only way the first issue got resolved was through Honda American serving as an intermediary bc Ed refused to return my calls. I have no idea how this will get resolved, but at least there are outlets like “7 on your side” to help consumers who get mistreated and their cars get damaged by Honda employees. Huge disappointment and my van looks horrendous with the gray paint scraped off and Honda’s blue wall paint on my car!!

  103. 3:30 appt this date oil change tire rotationservice.manager caused scene 2x service and 3rd timefollowed me to customer sales area from bay threatening me. customer and employees witnessed. Still yelling as walking back to get car! hes over 6′. I’m 5’2″ i’m 64. he might be 30. Oil light now on & unk . tires were rotated FIRST time new car buyer! Horrible,rude,threatening employee. Liability to dealership. I kept notes on this nightmare Cried frm humiliation!

  104. I had booked car Honda City Auto Car in July 2017 from Honda Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi Pakistan with booking number 0039001314. On initial quotation, I had been informed that vehicle will be delivered in Dec 2017, on confirmation of booking within same week delivery date extended upto Feb 2018 ( 9 months from booking date) which was not understandable that resulted a customer distrust on Honda policy/services.

    Anyhow, I waited till Feb 2018 but vehicle is not yet delivered and it has been informed by end of Jan 2018 that prices are increased which will be applicable on my 7months before booking as well. I have been compelled in the hands of Honda and after paying undue raised price, no delivery date yet been confirmed.

    I’m writing after having no response from Pakistan Honda Authorities and expecting from your side to resolute my complaint.

    Would glad to hear to fix the matter.

  105. I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey Van & it is a piece of crap! I have had nothing but problems out of it & poured thousands of dollars to have it fixed, repleaced timing belt, replaced transmission, replaced alternator, replaced serpentine belt twice, replaced starter, air conditioner compressor is bad, now it is back in shop with VSA light on & ABS & engine codes come up. I will never by another Honda, I had Honda accords that were great but this Odyssey Van has been a piece of crap. I had a friend tell me he has had the same things go wrong on his odyssey that I have had on mine. Maybe Honda doesn’t know how to build vans & should stick will accords & civics. But this has left a bad taste in my mouth & will I will never own another Honda again!! I leased a civic for my son which he loves, but I am going to be getting rid of this piece crap van & will never purchase another Honda!! My friends have seen all the trouble I have had out of this VAN!!!

  106. I cannot get anyone from service or American Honda to respond to my complaint of rust inside and outside of my new 2018 CRV. I have had it maybe 3 weeks. The Gillman service group states it is normal for all new cars to have rust in the inside and outside of a new car. I work with a gentlemen that bought a 2018 CRV same dealership this past weekend. We compared cars and his car does not have the rust I have. Mine was manufactured in 12/17 and his is 01/18. I would like for them to take the car back or since I have 5 yrs rust protection then repair the rust. NO ONE will call me back! Tells me that they know they sold me a HARVEY flooded refurbished car and did not inform me when I purchased the car. In Texas that is against the law. Guess I need to go to the news stations to get someone to listen to me. I have been a long term Honda customer and have dealt strictly with Gillman Honda in Rosenberg Texas. The treatment I am receiving is terrible. I am not going away. This car has rust and now the engine vibrates and brakes squeak in the rear. Maybe because there is so much rust in the wheels.

  107. I don’t really have a complaint per se. I just wanted to let you know I traded in my Honda for a Lexus the day after I found out Honda pulled adds from Laura Ingraham’s show because of intimidation by a 17 yo news hog named David Hogg. That’s all.

  108. Since you have decided to pull your advertising from the Laura Ingraham show I will no longer buy Honda. Just for your information my family drives a 2008 Honda and we are in the market for a new vehicle and we have looked at the new Accord. I will ask my extended family and friends not to buy Honda ever again (I have a very large extended family and many friends)….It is very disappointing that I have to boycott your product because of your support of a teenager…

  109. My husband and I both drive Honda’s. We will be watching to see if you have reconsidered your boycott of Laura Ingraham. Not a good business move

  110. went to Honda on sunday morning to have fuses replaced as door wouldn’t do unless hooked up to machine for 107 dollars told them would pay to put in fuses but not the 107 was told had to make money wanted to see if needed seems much 107 machine fuses and time payment seems like much to me once buy car all have left is service that is most important to most people called they were going to call back also sent other message to Honda I spent 20 years in customer service yours is terrible

  111. Can you please let me know why the dealer in Nampa ID. Says to have my oil changes while my vehicle info tells me I still have 45 percent oil life left??

  112. Honda was unrelenting and nasty in trying to deal with the payoff amount of a Honda Civic. They lied and cheated and then refused to send anything in writing for a payoff amount

  113. Honda ads have been on media forever. The ads never change and there are so many. Every time I am exposed to a honda ad, it feels like steel spikes driven into my brain. Honda ads feel like their killing my brain. I am convinced that honda ads contribute to brain disease. I have blocked them on my computer and Iphone. I tape my favorite shows, so I can zap honda ads. The honda ads are tedious and obnoxious, just like the automobile. Every time I hear that bong, bong! I shut the ad off. But, I still have to hear that bong, bong. Honda, you have the worst ads on any media.

  114. helloi have a 2016 accord ex and I have hear rumors about a DRL recall cause they keep going out mine both have gone out so well first the drivers side then the passenger side and what I have discovered this is turning out to be a big problem I had 1 side fixed was still under warranty soon as I got that side fixed the other 1 went out take it to the dealer and of coarse I wait 3 hours for them to tell me they have no idea on why this happened twice please let me know I need to get this fixed

  115. I own a 2005 Honda CR-V and just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the overall quality and dependability of the vehicle. I currently have 306,589 miles on the car and it still performs like new. I also own a 2011 CR-V with 148,782 miles. It also performs like new. Currently purchased a 2018 Pilot but have not had it long enough to make any comments at this time. I know you probably receive more complaints then compliments and just thought it would be nice to receive good news for a change.

  116. Dear Sir.

    Please Forward for necessary action related customer labour complaints . service had being not done clearly . water service not well done. Break and Bumper setting not well done. related boltas not tityting hence please to the instruction Bangloare Main Service center for necessary action related service enter of District Gadag. Most urgently . Re Service without Charge. or Refund amount as per invoice. Strictly .
    Related Bike CD110 Dream KA26W0906 GADAG SERVICE CENTER
    Warm Regard.
    Customer of HOnda Motor .

  117. went to a local honda dealer curry honda in Chicopee,ma for a recall and found out that I had missed a recall for my air condioning compressor recall. I asked to have that done and was told the recall was over. I have been a honda owner for over thirty years and my childeran also own Hondas. I would hope honda could do me a solid and give the go ahead and get it done. Hope to here from you soon.
    you can get me at KTJ Disney Thanks for your time. Randy Johnson
    413 537 0888

  118. We have purchased 2 Honda 2018 vehicles. One a year ago and one this week. I think your military discount program is disrespectful. You give 500.00 dollars discount only if financed. This way you get your 500.00 dollars back. Where is the discount? I believe all military active or retired should get a discount regardless of how the vehicle is paid for. We paid cash for our two so we do not qualify for a discount. It is not right. Not dealers decision as I was told this is a Honda policy. Thanks for your feedback.

  119. I sit on the phone waiting for customer service for 30 minutes for simple questions to be answered. I do not at all understand why Honda does not have email correspondence–this is a MAJOR flaw! I was with Volkswagen for 12 years and ALWAYS received prompt answers by email and NO WAITING. This is ridiculous Honda!

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